Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack w/ 2-1/4" Tubing - Drop Leg - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack w/ 2-1/4" Tubing - Drop Leg - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Item # UF38-944014

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Camper Jack

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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack - UF38-944014
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Electric jack features a drop leg for 4-1/2" of lift on top of the 18" of screw travel. Front-facing lamp has long-lasting LEDs. Extra-large footplate minimizes sinking. Jack can be welded or bolted onto any A-frame trailer tongue. Call 800-298-8924 to order Ultra-Fab Products camper jack part number UF38-944014 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Ultra-Fab Products products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack w/ 2-1/4" Tubing - Drop Leg - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs. Camper Jack reviews from real customers.
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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack - UF38-944014

  • A-Frame Jack
  • 4000 lbs
  • Ultra-Fab Products
  • Electric Jack
  • 22-1/2 Inch Lift
  • Bolt-On
  • Weld-On
  • 2-1/4 Inch

Electric jack features a drop leg for 4-1/2" of lift on top of the 18" of screw travel. Front-facing lamp has long-lasting LEDs. Extra-large footplate minimizes sinking. Jack can be welded or bolted onto any A-frame trailer tongue.


  • Tongue jack positions quickly and easily with integrated drop leg
  • 12V Motor powers jack, eliminating need for hand cranking
    • Built-in toggle switch for easy operation
    • Integrated circuit breaker prevents motor damage
    • All-steel gears are strong and durable
  • Large front light makes it simple to set up your camper at night
    • LEDs last longer and use less energy than incandescent bulbs
    • Lamp is positioned so that it directs light downward to better focus on ground
  • Emergency, ratchet-style crank socket
    • 9/16" Deep well socket inserts into end of drive collar - ratchet clockwise to retract, counterclockwise to extend
  • Zerk fitting on the lower stem assembly allows access to grease the threaded rod which leads to a longer jack life
  • Easy bolt-on or weld-on installation for A-frame trailers
    • Hardware not included
    • Mounting holes fit 2-1/4" spacing
  • Extra-large footplate provides excellent stability
  • Die-cast aluminum cap resists corrosion
  • Sturdy steel construction with black powder coat finish


  • Bracket height:
    • 9-1/2" Retracted with footplate retracted
    • 27-1/2" Extended with footplate retracted
    • 32" Extended with footplate extended
  • Total lift: 22-1/2"
    • Screw travel: 18"
    • Drop leg travel: 4-1/2"
  • Lift capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Footplate diameter: 6"
  • 5-Year warranty

38-944014 UltraFab Tongue Jack - 4,000 lbs - 2-1/4" Outer Diameter

Video of Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack w/ 2-1/4" Tubing - Drop Leg - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at and also showing you how to install the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack, offering 18 inches of lift and a 4,000 pound capacity. Part number is UF38-944014.Now, this jack is designed to make connecting and disconnecting your trailer from your vehicle a much easier task. We've got the simple button over here that allows us to either raise or lower the jack appropriately. As you can see, the switch itself is going to have the rubber housing around it. I like that it's located down here on the bottom, so any rain or anything that might come running off of the jack, very, very unlikely to get in there and cause any corrosion at our switch. Now, it also is going have an LED light here, you can see.

This has eight LEDs on it. It's really quite bright. A lot of the jacks that we have, you'll see that they do provide some light, not a ton. This one seems to provide more light than most of them out there. That will make it easy to see your coupler, even your weight distribution setup during hookup.

Now, that light's going the be controlled with the simple rocker switch, you can see here on side, making it easy to find even in the dark.Now, to power our jack, we're going to need a 12 volt power source, so on campers and closed trailers, things like that, a lot of times there's going to be an onboard battery or you can also power it through the seven pull plug on your truck. Now, the construction of the jack really stands out above most other jacks as well. We have a full, aluminum upper housing. It's going to go down, all the way down to this point here. Compared to other jacks, most of the time, those are going to be plastic, so I really like that for the strength and durability factor.

Then, the main tube of the jack and the motor housing here, they're going to be connected up from the bottom. Where they make that seal, you'll see the rubber gasket there, so we're going to have really good protection from the elements. We won't have to worry about water and things getting in.Now, to go along with the quality construction, the outer tube of our jack, it's going to have the black powder coat finish. You can see we've got the band, it goes right around the hole here. That allows us access right into the screw so we can grease it.

That's going to really help to extend the life of that screw and our jack.Now, the front plate is going to measure six inches from outside the outside. That really helps to dissipate the weight of the trailer over a greater area. It's really going to reduce the risk of it sinking down into the ground. Now, it's not a major concern on concrete like this, but if you get in dirt, gravel, or even asphalt the weight on that inner tube can sometimes push it down into the ground. Also, this is going give us four and a half inches of adjustability. We've got four holes to choose from with an inch and a half between each one. Now, with the jack fully extended, and our foot plate fully out, it's going to measure about 32 inches to the bracket or to the mounting surface. If we we're to retract our foot plate, we're going to lose about four and a half inches, so we'll be down about 27 and a half.Now, as a safeguard, whether we're all the way raised or all the way retracted, once our jack gets to the end of its cycle, it simply stops. We don't have to worry about stripping out anything or ruining any gears. Now, if for some reason, your battery on our trailer we're to fail, maybe the seven pull on our truck quits working, you're not going to be stuck with the trailer on your truck or vice versa not being able to get the trailer onto your truck. It's provided with a 9/16 socket. You need the 3/8 drive ratchet, but that'll go right down and allow us to raise and lower our jack.To begin the installation process, of course you'll want the old jack removed from the trailer, properly chock your trailer and support it. You can see we're using a couple of jack stands. At that point, we're just going to remove the foot plate from the jack by pulling that pin we saw earlier. Set it aside. Now, we'll slide tube of the jack down in the hole in the A-frame. Now, you want to ensure that you're hole is at least two and a quarter. That's going to give you the proper amount of room. Then, we'll place that down and in.Now, unlike other jacks out there, the frange is designed so we can mount it setup to either side. This way, you can mount it so it's setup this way or the more traditional, just straightforward style mount. You'll notice those holes are oblong to make up for any variances in tolerance. Now, for the installation, you do want to reuse your existing hardware. If your hardware is messed up or if you need replacement, you just want to be sure you choose at least a 3/8 diameter bolt, and that should be at least a grade five in hardness.Now, we'll begin to snug those down. It doesn't require a whole lot of torque. You want to check the instructions to the specifications there, and also get them torqued down properly. We'll slide our foot plate back in position there. We get it pinned there. Now, as far as the wiring goes, you'll want to route it so it's going be out of the way. I like to use a few zip ties just to get it on the outer tube of the jack here. You want to run this back to your power source. You're going to see we've got a red power wire, and then the black ground wire. We've got our wires routed here where we want it. The next step is going be adding on our fuse holder. This is designed to give us protection, so we don't overload anything. This is going be the first thing to blow. We won't have to worry about damaging our vehicle, our battery, or our trailer. We cut it at about the four o'clock position there. We're going to strip both ends of that back. Just give it a good twist.And then, we're going to use part number DW05745. That's a heat shrink butt connector. And since this connection is going to be on the outside of the trailer, it's going to give us superior moisture resistance. We really won't have to worry about corrosion. We'll add it other side to the wire coming from our jack. Now, we'll use a heat source to get that shrunk down. You can use a heat gun, a mini torch, or a lighter, just be careful not to overheat the plastic. We'll kind of gently heat it. As you do this, it's kind of going to turn a little bit more clear and start to shrink down on your wire. Then, we're going to add on a 1/8 inch ring terminal. We're going to a junction box. You may need a slightly larger ring terminal if you're going on to one of your battery posts. Now, for the black wire, we'll just need to add a ring terminal on the end, and again, you want to get one that matches your setup. Now, if you have the option of running to a junction box or to a battery, I like the idea of going to the battery, just so you get a good connection there, and that will work your trailer whether it's hooked up or not hooked up to your vehicle.Now, each junction box maybe wired up differently, but what we're going to connect to is our black to ground, as are here on this end, and our power or our red is going to go to our power, which is going to be here on this end. Now, ours uses 3.8 socket. Yours might be a little bit different, but they're all usually pretty close to that size. Let's get these loosened up, and we'll get our connectors in place. Once you have your wires connected, any excess wires you might have, feel free to get that zip tied up and out of the way. You might need it later if you have to make any type of repairs.Now, we're ready to run the jack down, let it support our trailer, we can take our jack stands out. That's going to complete our look at the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack, part number is UF38-944014.

Customer Reviews

Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack w/ 2-1/4" Tubing - Drop Leg - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs - UF38-944014

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Electric jack features a drop leg for 4-1/2" of lift on top of the 18" of screw travel. Front-facing lamp has long-lasting LEDs. Extra-large footplate minimizes sinking. Jack can be welded or bolted onto any A-frame trailer tongue.

- UF38-944014

George has installed the electric jack purchased and finds it to be exactly what is needed. Great service....from ordering assistance to delivery (we ordered the wrong part first try, but noticed it overnight and called for assistance the next day.) No problem....original order was cancelled and new order handled perfectly....part came in 2 days! Thank you! Good to know online service plus customer assistance can work!! 506751

- UF38-944014

easy installation and performs well 282208

- UF38-944014

Our team who needed this part loves how it works for us!! We definitely recommend it. 255772

- UF38-944014

We use this on a portable egg mobile in Maui, HI with very rough agricultural terrain. It gets moved 2 times a week and it is working like a charm! Saves lots of time in the field. Mahalo Nui Loa - Thanks very much, for a great product. Attached is a construction photo of the egg mobile. 225636

- UF38-944014

We like the lift very much very easy to install .makes lifting the tonge on the camper very easy. 202582


Still very happy with it.

Janal H - 07/08/2016


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  • Replacement Light And Toggle Switch For Ultra-Fab Electric Jack.
  • If your jack is an Ultra-Fab 3500 Series jack, then the replacement utility light you need is part # UF38-101102. The Replacement Toggle ON/OFF Motor Switch, part # UF38-75-1037 is designed for Ultra-Fab # UF38-944014, # UF38-944016, and # UF38-944017 jacks.
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  • What Is Distance From Mounting Plate To Top Of Motor Housing On Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack
  • The distance from the top of the motor housing down to the mounting plate for the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack # UF38-944014 is 18 inches. I have attached a photo of the jack that shows the measurement you asked about.
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  • Powered Tailgate for Trailer that Weighs 4,000 lbs and Allows Folded Tailgate Clearance
  • Your picture didn't make it through but we do have great powered a-frame jacks like the Ultra Fab part # UF38-944014 which will work well for you. This jack has a lifting capacity of 4,000 lbs which will easily be enough for the tongue weight of your trailer that will most likely be right at 400 lbs. When it comes to having clearance to allow a tailgate to open the best solution is to go with a longer ball mount like the part # 80232 which is 15-3/4 inches long and will give you more...
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