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Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - Qty 2

Item # UF21-001091

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Product Images

ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer super grip chock wheel stabilizers for tandem-axle trailers and rvs - qty 2
ultra-fab products camper jack wheel stabilizer
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer super grip chock wheel stabilizers for tandem-axle trailers and rvs - qty 2
ultra-fab products camper jack wheel stabilizer uf21-001091
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer super grip chock wheel stabilizers for tandem-axle trailers and rvs - qty 2
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer wheel
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer wheel
ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer super grip chock wheel stabilizers for tandem-axle trailers and rvs - qty 2

In Use/Installed

camper jack ultra-fab products stabilizer uf21-001091
camper jack ultra-fab products stabilizer super grip chock wheel stabilizers for tandem-axle trailers and rvs - qty 2
camper jack ultra-fab products wheel stabilizer in use
camper jack ultra-fab products wheel stabilizer uf21-001091
camper jack ultra-fab products stabilizer in use

Customer Photos

ultra-fab products camper jack stabilizer uf21-001091

  • Stabilizer Jack
  • Wheel Stabilizer
  • Ultra-Fab Products
Designed for tandem-axle trailers with up to 10-1/2" wheel spacing, these wheel chocks will rid your rig of rocking by stabilizing your trailer or RV. Simply place the chocks between tandem tires and expand them until the give is gone. Call 800-298-8924 to order Ultra-Fab Products camper jack part number UF21-001091 or order online at Free expert support on all Ultra-Fab Products products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - Qty 2. Camper Jack reviews from real customers.

Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack - UF21-001091

Designed for tandem-axle trailers with up to 10-1/2" wheel spacing, these wheel chocks will rid your rig of rocking by stabilizing your trailer or RV. Simply place the chocks between tandem tires and expand them until the give is gone.


  • Wheel chocks eliminate give between tandem-axle tires to prevent rocking when parked
  • Pivoting louvers on arms grip tire tread to prevent slipping
  • Included E-Z ratchet makes it simple to expand units
  • Lockable to deter theft - padlocks included
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc plating


  • Quantity: 2 wheel chocks
  • Application: dual-axle trailers and RVs
    • Wheel spacing 1" - 10-1/2"
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: The purpose of the Super Grip Chocks is to limit front-to-back motion on parked tandem-axle trailers. Do not use as brakes or wheel wedges.

Eliminate the annoying rocking of your trailer or RV no matter where you park it. The Super Grip Chocks brace your tandem wheels against one another, stabilizing your trailer even on uneven terrain. No more front-to-back motion.

Pivoting Louver Technology

Pivoting Louvers

The pivoting louvers allow each Super Grip Chock to get a stronger grip on your tires as they hug the surface of each tire. The raised ridges grip onto the tire tread to keep the chock from slipping. The louvers can also swivel to conform to the exact curve of your tires, creating a better grip on the tires. As a result, the Super Grip Chocks are able to apply the force necessary between the tires to provide excellent stability for your trailer or RV.

Mounting the Super Grip Chocks

The included E-Z ratchet makes it fast and easy to set up the Super Grip Chocks. Simply place a chock, in the open position, between the tandem tires of your trailer and use the ratchet to turn the nut on the rod until the width of the unit fits the spacing of your tires. Once the chock is firmly in place, lock it with one of the included padlocks.

21-001091 Ultra Fab Super Grip Chocks - Tandem Axle - Expands 10-1/2" - Qty 2

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Video of Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack UF21-001091 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at Part Number UF21-001091. These are the Ultra-Fab Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs. The wheel chocks are going to eliminate give between the tandem-axle tires to prevent rocking when parked. We're going to have the pivoting louvers on the arms. These are going to grip the tire tread to prevent slipping. They got a nice grip design and they rotate to conform to that particular area of the tire when you're tightening them in place.

That's going to include the E-Z ratchet. This is going to make it simple to expand the units. It's going to come with two padlocks. That way you can lock each one to help prevent theft of the trailer or the chocks, so it is lockable. Each one's going to have a nice, convenient carrying handle. That way it makes for easy transportation.

It makes for easy placement and easy removal. These are going to be made from a heavy-gauge steel construction with a corrosion resistant zinc plating so they're going to last a long time. They're going to stand up really well against rust and corrosion. Ultra-Fab's going to put a lifetime warranty on these products. With this part number, you're going to get two chocks. These are designed for dual-axle trailers and RVs with the wheel spacing ranging anywhere from 1" to 10-1/2".

With it fully compressed, you can see that we have a really narrow design right here in the center, so you can just take it, place it in between your tires, and then rotate it up. Then you can expand it to conform to your particular width in between your tires. Once you have it set, all you have to do is hand-tighten the tightening bolt. Once you get it snug in between your tires, to finish the tightening process, that's when you'd use the included ratchet. That's why that's provided.

These are going to conform to that particular area of the tire making sure that we get a nice grip. It's going to offer really great security, as well as stabilization. Now keep in mind the purpose of the Super Grip Chocks is to eliminate front-to-back motion on parked tandem-axle trailers. You do not want to use or rely on these as brakes or wheel wedges. Once you have it all the way tightened down, simply close the cover over the tightening bolt and then you can lock it. It's got a small hole right here. You place the padlock through, lock it in place, and that's going to help discourage theft of the trailer or wheel chock. That's going to do it for today's look at Part Number UF21-001091.

Customer Reviews

Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers for Tandem-Axle Trailers and RVs - Qty 2 - UF21-001091

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (99 Customer Reviews)

Designed for tandem-axle trailers with up to 10-1/2" wheel spacing, these wheel chocks will rid your rig of rocking by stabilizing your trailer or RV. Simply place the chocks between tandem tires and expand them until the give is gone.

- UF21-001091

by: Troy H.10/04/2015

Great website makes it easy to find what your looking for, lots of info that helped me make sure I got what I wanted. Got the parts when they said I would, the wheel chocks work awesome on our 26 ft traval trailer and way sway control mounted easy with instructions, also there were some helpful videos available if needed. I will definitely check Etrailer first for anything I need from now on. 229162


Still working excellent no problems what so ever when people in the camp ground ask where to find items for their camper or truck I tell them to check out

Troy H - 10/03/2016


- UF21-001091

by: Tim S.06/21/2017

Initial impressions are that these are very solid, sturdy pieces of equipment. I installed them on my dual axle travel trailer and was happy with the stability they provided. I cannot comment on the long term durability at the moment but their construction indicates that they should last me a while. I docked them a star for two reasons, 1, the wrench that they provide with these things is a hunk of junk, and 2, the padlocks they provide are also a waste of material. The ratcheting mechanism in the wrench is prone to slippage even at low torques and I will be replacing it. The padlocks supplied don't work with the product. Simply put, the shackle is too short to reach through the padlock area and lock. Unless the equipment I received is an outlier be prepared to address these two areas. 396922

- UF21-001091

by: Don B11/09/2016

I found the Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers to be exactly as advertised. These fit perfectly and stabilized my travel trailer. The locks are a nice feature. I couldnt be more pleased with my purchase and the quality of the product is more sturdy than I expected. Some of my friends have the plastic ones and I fully expect they will be upgrading to these very soon after they see the difference. I will be recommending for the fast shipping and great customer service! 315302

- UF21-001091

by: Nathan L.08/21/2017

The chocks work great only reason for the 4 stars is the locks that came with the chocks don't fit very well, and the wrench that was included with them slips. I Replaced the wrench with a good ratcheting open end from the local hardware store and all is good. 423242

- UF21-001091

by: GQ08/13/2017

Quick and easy to use, however don't trust them solely to keep your rig from moving. Had an incident about a week ago when I was using just them to chock my toy hauler but while unloading my second MC the trailer moved backwards some and the tounge support slid off their blocks. Fortunately no one was injured and only slight damage to the tongue support. These are good but I will always use in addition to my original wheel chocks. 419691


Glenn,Thank you for your review. I also emailed you in hopes that you would get the email first. These Ultra-fab wheel stabilizers are designed to prevent rocking of the trailer when it is parked and to deter theft. They are not intended to replace wheel chocks/wedges or brakes. We do recommend to use additional brakes or wheel wedges.

-- Heather A - 08/21/2017


- UF21-001091

by: Mike10/29/2016

The brackets work perfectly for my dual axle trailer. Helps to keep the rocking to a minimum. The down side, the ratchet that comes with them is junk. It lasted for two trips the would not work anymore (tried to lube etc still will not work). Thank goodness that I had my tool kit with me so could get these off. The two star rating is because of the ratchet. Using my tools these work perfect. 311881


Mike, thank you for your review and your business. We are sorry to hear of any inconvenience with your ratchet and have forwarded your review to our customer service team to see if we can resolve this for you.

-- Laura E - 11/07/2016


- UF21-001091

by: EricR09/09/2017

Looking for something to secure my 24' travel trailer. I had inexpensive plastic block type wheel chocks that just didn't work the way I wanted them to. These secure the trailer, steady movement previously present with ground chocks, just elevates the sense of security when parked on any slope. Handy rachet included is a bonus. 430527

- UF21-001091

by: Mark M.10/25/2016

I took them out of the box and installed them on my trailer. They seem to do what they are supposed to do, and the price was reasonable. I chose Ultra-Fab over other brands because of my positive experience with Ultra-Fab products. The chocks arrived in three days with E-Trailer's free shipping. Great service. 310501


One year later, they still do what they are supposed to do. Thanks Ultra-Fab and ETrailer!

Mark M - 10/25/2017


- UF21-001091

by: Dave G.06/25/2017

These made a big difference, even with a stabalizer system. People ask me how my RV is so stable, and this is definately one of the reasons. Great sales experience from etrailer. Love the web page, and all the information and videos. Gives me a lot of confidence that I'm getting the right product the first time. 398893

- UF21-001091

by: Will W.09/19/2017

Only reason for 4 star instead of 5 is because like everyone else I feel that the wrench included is almost worthless. It is nice they include it but either include a better one and raise the price or remove it and lower the price so I can have more money to buy the ratchet wrench I am going to end up using. 433910

- UF21-001091

by: Steve L.11/29/2016

These chocks work great and definitely do the job. Once installed keep in mind that you should check them in an hour or so if tires are hot when installed. Tire's will shrink when cooled causing a loose fit. I have used them for a year now and wouldn't go without them. Awesome service from etrailer too! 320484

- UF21-001091

by: Johnny12/16/2016

Just got these. I ordered them for my son to use on his trailer. So we won't know how good they actually work until spring when we can take it out. (That's why I only gave it a four star now). They are well built and will work great as I have a pair that I use on my trailer. 325539

- UF21-001091

by: Mic56002/14/2017

These things do what they say there going to do, definitely help stabilize my travel trailer. I also like that it gives a thief something else to have to deal with... the locks are cheapies, yet keyed differently??? Really like the stabilizers/chocks, would recommend. 341978

- UF21-001091

by: Art A07/17/2017

Had problems getting my first order but etrailer got me a new order on the way and everything is good. Product description is a little off these are very tight to squeeze into 2 inches let alone 1 as decribed but I got them to work and all is good, Thank You George 406773

- UF21-001091

by: JP01/05/2017

The wheel chocks work great. Easy to install and use. We noticed a change in RV stability immediately. Installed on a 2013 Montana 37' fiver. This is a good product, good design and shipped quickly for the best price on the internet. Thanks. Happy travels. 330092

- UF21-001091

by: Ron Kammer08/22/2017

Jacks are easy to install and remove although a little difficult to get centered correctly between tandem wheels. I am a little disappointed in experiencing some movement in trailer yet when jacks are installed despite experimenting with tension on tires. 423919


Ron,Thank you for your review. The wheel stabilizers are only designed to keep the trailer from rocking while parked and to deter theft. They are not intended to take the place of wheel chocks/wedges or brakes for the wheels. Although these wheel stabilizers work well for what they are designed for, we always recommend to still use additional wheel chocks to keep the trailer from rolling.

-- Heather A - 08/25/2017


- UF21-001091

by: Judi12/07/2016

The stabilizers are just as described. They fit between the tires exactly they should. The shipping was incredibly fast! I was very pleased with how quickly it was received. Will use again for our camper needs. 323061

- UF21-001091

by: Russ C10/09/2016

These are exactly as described and although yet used them, they appear sturdy and will clearly to the job intended. E-trailer shipped promptly and I received my order sooner than expected even with their free shipping! 304823

- UF21-001091

by: Megan M.03/31/2017

Haven't had the opportunity to use these yet but the product arrived quickly as described. Installed at the house just to make sure everything fit and it looks like they will serve their purpose. 361016

- UF21-001091

by: Dixie04/03/2017

Very happy with the fast service this is the 2nd we have ordered from them and we got the product faster then what they said it would be to us... that was nice would recommend this company... 364248

- UF21-001091

by: Turbo08/11/2016

Those Grip locks are substantial without being overly heavy. They are easy to install and really hold the double wheels in place. Now my travel trailer feels more sturdy after I level it . 282681


After a year, the grip locks are still working well.

Turbo - 08/11/2017


- UF21-001091

by: KHR09/29/2017

Installed them on our trailer and immediately noticed complete stability while walking around inside the trailer parked in our drive. Easy to install and I think we're going to love them! 437679

- UF21-001091

by: mike b06/05/2016

use them this past weekend worked great made my camper alot more solid and not rocky very easily installed very satisfied would recommend them to anybody well worth the money thanks alot 257848

- UF21-001091

by: Randall T09/26/2017

The x brace wheel chocks work great my trailer doesnt rock at all with them in place. They are good quality and havent gotten any wear signs at all after 1 year of having them! 436668

- UF21-001091

by: Bill11/21/2016

Gear product.easy install.clear instructions. Installed on 2008 f150 and towing 21 foot toy hauler. Worked great, would recommend to anyone hauler a trailer. Also fast delivery 318458

- UF21-001091

by: Scott M.04/14/2016

Absolutely worth the money. Quick fit, and holds the trailer without rocking. Although, if you have a wheel spread of 10" like mine, you may want to consider the next model up. 244300


A year later, problem free!

Scott M - 04/14/2017


- UF21-001091

by: E. Turner09/21/2015

I couldn't ask for better service and the quick delivery of my purchase. The quality of the wheel chocks stabilizers well exceeded my expectation. Thank You etrailer ! 226727

- UF21-001091

by: Carol M.12/18/2016

I placed my order and had it within a couple days. Very pleased with the web site and delivery. We have not used the product yet because it is a Christmas present. 325987

- UF21-001091

by: Bill P02/18/2016

Order was delivered promptly with everything well packaged for a clean delivery. These chocks really work well to take the "wobble" out of a trailer. 238149


Again, another fantastic product. My trailer has 16 wheels and G rated tires. Not a whole lot of room in between the tires to slide a chock in between and this is the only one Ive found that folds flat enough to get between the tires and stabilize the camper. And folding as flat as they do, they stow easily as well.*

Bill P - 03/12/2017


- UF21-001091

by: C.F.06/14/2017

Works real well. Note: snug back up after being in and out of camper a few times as they loosen up at first. Other than that love them. 394190

- UF21-001091

by: Russ06/03/2017

tried out on one side in driveway. improvement in stability is noticeable. I will update review upon using both sides while camping. 388461

- UF21-001091

by: excellent07/29/2016

These chocks work even better than I thought they would. They make the RV very stable and are very simple to install. Thank you. 277450

- UF21-001091

by: RHK07/14/2017

These work great I prefer them over the typical wheel chalks for our RV. They are easy to use and stay Tite. 405963

- UF21-001091

by: Bob C11/09/2016

Great service, and fast shipping could not have been better Thanks for the prompt and courteous service 318699

- UF21-001091

by: Dan D.06/12/2017

Etrailer folks go out of their way, to do a great job!!!!!! Very happy to have dealt with them. 392324

- UF21-001091

by: Don07/20/2017

Very prompt delivery and excellent pricing,,,looking forward to using these products,,,,thanks 408524

- UF21-001091

by: arizona09/07/2016

Worked well and easy to install the only complaint was the quality of the wrench they supplied 292103

- UF21-001091

by: Bob12/04/2016

Fit great love the locks system to double secure trailer. Price was great and quick shipping. 322099

- UF21-001091

by: Monte05/16/2017

Just what I was looking for. Haven't been camping yet to use it, but appears to be well made 381400

- UF21-001091

by: Pat S09/29/2016

ordered on a Monday and received on Wednesday very pleased with product and arrived unharmed 301594

- UF21-001091

by: Tim H.09/15/2017

stabilizers work great and keep trailer from rocking. Very solid, Wish I had them sooner. 432891

- UF21-001091

by: Jeff07/13/2016

Worked as stated was built pretty descent. Kept 26ft. trailer from front to back wobble 271540

- UF21-001091

by: Dave M.06/25/2016

Works as stated easy to install and remove, wish I would have purchased them long ago . 264831

- UF21-001091

by: Jesus P05/03/2017

no issues, great at preventing the annoying rolling effect from walking around the TT. 375496

- UF21-001091

by: Gary L08/13/2016

Solid. I put them on the camper in the driveway and the should hold the wheels solid. 283446

- UF21-001091

by: KochLawnServices08/16/2016

I like the product, not needing to have 4 choker that someone can easier kick/take/ 284194

- UF21-001091

by: Kyle I09/27/2016

Great fast service!! Knowledgeable staff! Will keep buying from 300252

- UF21-001091

by: CJ Arnold04/17/2017

Arrived exactly as expected. Will not test/use them until April 24-May 6 368584

- UF21-001091

by: Robert E.05/17/2017

Easy to use and set up, just get a better tool to crank it with. 381745

- UF21-001091

by: Ken12/31/2016

Sturdy construction stopped front to rear motion. Wife now happy 329019

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