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Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

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tekonsha brake controller 2 - 8 brakes 90 degrees voyager trailer 1 to 4 axles proportional
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes voyager trailer 1 to 4 axles
tekonsha brake controller electric 2 - 8 brakes
tekonsha brake controller proportional 90 degrees
tekonsha brake controller electric 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller electric 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 90 degrees voyager trailer - 1 to 4 axles

In Use/Installed

2014 jeep grand cherokee brake controller tekonsha proportional 2 - 8 brakes voyager trailer 1 to 4 axles
2014 jeep grand cherokee brake controller tekonsha electric 2 - 8 brakes 39510
2014 jeep grand cherokee brake controller tekonsha electric 2 - 8 brakes in use
2014 jeep grand cherokee brake controller tekonsha proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510

Customer Photos

tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes voyager trailer 1 to 4 axles
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes 39510
tekonsha brake controller proportional 2 - 8 brakes voyager trailer 1 to 4 axles


  • Tekonsha
  • Proportional Controller
  • Electric
  • 2 - 8 Brakes
  • Manual Leveling
  • Indicator Light
  • Vehicle Mount
  • 90 Degrees
Call at 800-298-8924 for expert service. We are your Chevrolet brake controller experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. carries a complete line of Tekonsha products for your Chevrolet Suburban 2010. Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional part 39510 from Tekonsha can be ordered online at Complete brake controller installation instructions and technical support.

2010 Chevrolet Suburban - Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Proportional brake controller can be mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. LED monitor indicates braking action of trailer. Fine-tune power adjustment lets you set braking intensity to suit your towing needs.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your Chevrolet Suburban's braking action
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
    • Activates immediately - no pausing like with time-delayed brake controllers
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Position within 90 degrees in the vertical plane
  • Fine-tune adjustment for braking power and aggressiveness
  • Green LED monitors a secure connection with trailer
  • LED monitor changes color to alert you to braking action of trailer
  • Built-in, slide-bar manual override
  • Plug-in, vehicle-specific brake-control adapter (sold separately) can be used for certain applications to reduce installation time


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric brakes only
  • Dimensions: 3" wide x 5" long x 1-1/2" tall
  • Mounting: between -20 degrees and 70 degrees in the vertical plane
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Proportional Braking

With a proportional brake controller, you can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically. The intensity with which your trailer brakes are activated and the rate at which they are applied are dependent on the deceleration of your tow vehicle. This means that, unlike time-delay controllers - which send the same amount of preset power to your trailer brakes every time - proportional controllers are able to adapt to every braking situation differently. So, if you slam on the brakes in your truck, your trailer brakes will activate with that same extreme intensity. And if you merely slow down as you approach a red light, your trailer will gradually brake in the same manner.

As long as the Voyager controller is mounted properly and is pointed in the direction of travel, it will sense - via an internal inertia sensor - how your tow vehicle brakes. This inertia-based sensor responds to the deceleration of your tow vehicle as you brake by signaling the controller to send out enough power to your trailer brakes so that they are activated with an intensity that matches. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

Power and Sensitivity Adjustment

Getting the braking power you need for your application is simple with the Voyager. First, set up the controller as indicated in the instructions, making sure that the internal sensor is properly leveled. Then set the overall power by adjusting the power knob while you test out your rig. The power should be just enough to achieve maximum braking without locking up your trailer brakes.

Once you have the overall power set, you can fine-tune the power output by adjusting the sensitivity of the internal sensor. Use the level knob on the side of the Voyager to achieve your desired degree of intensity. Move the knob toward you (clockwise) to delay the power output, creating braking sensitivity that is ideal for lightweight setups. If you are towing a heavy load, you may want the trailer to brake more aggressively to prevent it from pushing your tow vehicle. To get more intense stopping action, turn the level knob away from you (counterclockwise).

LED Indicator

On the front of the Voyager there is an LED indicator that is designed to keep you aware of the braking action of your trailer. Typically, this light burns green to indicate that your trailer and tow vehicle are securely connected. When the light is green, only 5 milliamps are being drawn, thus minimizing drain on your Chevrolet Suburban's battery.

As you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, the LED will change to red. This indicates that power is being sent to the trailer brakes. The light will also burn red whenever you activate the manual override lever.

During installation and setup, this light is used to ensure that the Voyager will be able to function correctly. Proper leveling of the internal sensor is crucial to the operation of this brake controller. When the sensor is level, the LED will change to a shade of orange.

Simple Installation

The Voyager is designed to be mounted in your cab at a vertical angle that is between -20 degrees and 70 degrees.

Correct Voyager mounting90-Degree Voyager mounting

Note: The Voyager must be mounted on a level horizontal (side-to-side) plane and must be lined up with the direction of travel for the internal sensor to function properly.

Once the controller is mounted, you must level the internal sensor. First, set the overall power to maximum using the knob on the side of the controller. Then, while pressing the tow vehicle's brake pedal, adjust the level knob on the other side of the brake controller (this is the same knob that is used to fine-tune the power output) until the LED monitor is a shade of orange.

Installation requires that you either purchase a custom wiring adapter designed to plug into the Voyager or that you hardwire the controller directly into your Chevrolet Suburban. To hardwire the Voyager, you must remove the plug at the end of the integrated wiring harness.

Installation Accessories

For easier installation, a vehicle-specific wiring adapter (sold separately) is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your Chevrolet Suburban, and the other end plugs into the controller - no hardwiring required.

Note: If a custom brake-control wiring adapter is not available for your Chevrolet Suburban, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your Chevrolet Suburban.

9030 Tekonsha Voyager Electric Brake Control

39510 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 39510 Installation instructions

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Video of Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller Manufacturer Review

Congratulations. And thank you for owning one of the most sophisticated trailer braking systems available today. Whether you tow for work or play, you can depend on Tekonsha to enhance your towing experience by working to make sure both your tow vehicle and the trailer it is pulling slow down and stop at the same time. Over the next several minutes we will show you some important set up steps to be sure you have the smoothest braking experience possible. If you have questions or need more specific information, please refer to the installation and owners guide enclosed with your controller. If this is your first installation, please listen for a moment for some important tips. Performance braking controls are directional.

This means that the back of the control must be positioned toward the front of the vehicle or in the direction of travel. Locate the mounting position on the face of the dash in the most convenient position possible and within easy reach. Many brake controls have a primary operating range, nose up or nose down. Refer to your installation instructions for the range that applies to your control. Most newer vehicles have a brake control vehicle plug in point located in the primary electrical harness under the dash. Use the vehicles specific wiring harness, sometimes provided by the automobile manufacturer or available separately from your brake control supplier, to connect the break control wiring. Then plug it in under the dash.

If your vehicle is older, or does not provide a plug in point, use the generic wiring instructions provided with the brake control or see your dealer for installation details. If you have questions, please refer to the owners guide. The first step in positioning the sensor for a Tekonsha Voyager brake control is to park the tow vehicle and trailer on as level a surface as possible. With the trailers connector connected to the tow vehicle, the first thing that you will notice is the bi-colored LED on the front of the control will be glowing green. This will let you know that you have a complete circuit between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Next, find the power control knob on the right side of the control and turn it clockwise toward the front of the vehicle until the maximum setting is reached. Next, press the brake pedal and hold it. Look at the bi-colored LED on the control. If the light is green in color, find the level knob on the left side of the control and rotate it counter clockwise toward the front of the vehicle until the LED begins to pulsate between green and orange. You will want to move back into the green by rotating the level knob on the left side of the control clockwise toward the rear of the vehicle just a little at a time. What you are doing here is setting the sensor at the transition point just between the green and the flashing red. Tow the trailer at about 25 miles per hour and do a couple of slow speed stops as if coming to a stop sign. And notice the feel of the trailer.

Does it seem to pull a little at the end of the stop? If it does, your sensor setting is a little too aggressive. Simply move the level wheel clockwise very slightly and repeat the stop. Repeat the procedure until you feel the truck and trailer brake smoothly together. If you feel a pushing sensation from the trailer it is because the opposite has occurred. And you have a delayed setting on the sensor control. Simply move the level knob counter clockwise slightly into a more aggressive position. Once this is done the control is set and should not have to be reset until such a time that the road conditions change or the trailer weight changes significantly. Keep in mind that the power knob should never be used to fine tune your control. Harsh, aggressive braking at slow speed stops is usually caused by an improper sensor setting. After you have driven several miles and the trailer brakes have warmed up, you may want to repeat this process to further refine your stops. Please refer to the owners guide on warming the brakes. Because every trailer is different, your brake control needs to learn the weight of the trailer and condition of the trailer brakes. This is required to determine the optimum power necessary during an emergency stop without trailer wheel lock up. First, rotate the knob on the right side of the control so it is in the 12 o'clock position. Tow the trailer on as level a surface as possible and attain a constant speed of between 20 and 25 miles per hour and engage the manual slide bar found in the front of the control.

You will notice that the bi-colored LED will turn from green to orange to red indicating an increase of current to the brakes. Hold this for a few seconds and release. If the trailer brakes did not lock up, increase the power by turning the knob on the right side of the control clockwise toward t he front of the vehicle and repeating the manual engagement. Repeat these steps until such a time that the trailer brakes are just below wheel lock up. If at anytime the brakes do lock during this procedure, reduce the power by turning the knob counter clockwise toward the rear of the vehicle. Now the setting has been made so that the power output is just below wheel lock up. It is that easy. For information to fine tune your system, for optimal performance, check your owners guide for details.

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 39510

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (246 Customer Reviews)

Proportional brake controller can be mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. LED monitor indicates braking action of trailer. Fine-tune power adjustment lets you set braking intensity to suit your towing needs.

- 39510

by: Dave B.07/14/2013

Appears to work so far but too early to tell for a long term assessment. Liked that my vehicle had a ready plug under the dash so no wiring hassles were experienced. 89499


Thanks Patrick and I like it just fine although have used it only once. Is actuated by the use of the brake pedal and can be utilized manually by moving the lever horizontally to the right. Much of the credit should be given to the gal that took my call with the order. Originally was going the cheap route with no proportioning on the TBC and she indicated that I would be very disappointed if more money wasnt tendered for a proportioning TBC. It always helps when your sales staff has technical knowledge on the products.

Dave B - 07/16/2014


- 39510

by: Steve E.08/26/2015

Seems perfect. I'll put 5000 miles on it over the next month. The three controls are easy to adjust without looking, though I'd prefer the side mounted knobs to stick out a little more, so you can grab them easier. 221933


They work great. I actually had the controller stolen out of the truck in Albuquerque this summer and replaced it with the same unit. \Unfortunately, I had to buy it quickly traveling so I paid more at a trailer supply store.At least the thieves didnt get the truck! A friend in the same parking lot wasnt as fortunate.

Steve E - 08/31/2016


- 39510

by: Robert G07/15/2016

Completely plug and play installation and works flawlessly, very happy with this unit. I also ordered the exact harness for my 2005 f150 with tow package. Here are a couple of hints that may be helpful. My installation also required a 30 amp cartridge fuse to be installed in the fuse panel in location #105(electric trailer brakes) under the dash on the passenger side. I also installed a relay in location r05 (trailer tow battery charge) but I don't think this is needed for the controller to function. I still had the original trailer brake kit and it had the additional fuse panel instructions and the relay. The owners manual showed where the 30 amp fuse and relay plugs in. You cannot test this unit until a trailer with brakes is connected, ie the led will not light up until it senses a brake circuit. 272082

- 39510

by: Greg M.07/30/2013

I have had several of these over the years. I currently have 3 controllers on different trucks. I pull 5 different trailers with completely different weights. The controller works really well. I definately recommend this controller. You level it on the left side, which allows for placement in alot of areas of the truck. When I am towing I can adjust the brakes with the dial on the right side. Obviously the brakes need to be lighter when the trailer is empty. Simply turn the dial back until the brakes don't lock up. When I get it loaded I turn the dial forward until I can feel the brakes take hold. The lever on the front lets me manually apply the trailer brakes. I use this in cases where I am going downhill and it is better to let the trailer slow me down. If I ever need another controller, this will be it. Great price also. 92292

- 39510

by: Aaron02/15/2014

Installed easy and feels like its made well. I won't get a chance to use it for another week. The etrailer staff was very friendly and the shipping was fast. 116639


The brake controller has worked great over the last year. I have had no problems.

Aaron - 02/15/2015


- 39510

by: Karen01/15/2015

This purchase was a gift for my son in law. He says the installation on his new pick-up was quick and uneventful. And he's towed the trailer great. 169039


Bought this for my son-in-law as a gift. Hes quite happy with the product.

Karen - 02/17/2016


- 39510

by: John F06/29/2015

Very reasonable price and can be purchased with an adaptor designed specifically for my new Silverado 1500 truck! Very easy install! I recommend this item. 208077


Excellent easy install and works great!

John F - 06/28/2016


- 39510

by: Richard P.03/01/2011

This installation is in a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat The installation was very easy. It helps to have a 90 degree screwdriver to install the screws on the right side. The screws will install easier if you install them first, remove them and re-install after the bracket is installed on the vehicle. 8161

- 39510

by: Al W.09/02/2016

I chose the Tekonsha Voyager inertia activated brake controller because i wanted the inertia system rather than the time delay system but needed it at a reasonable price. I have not tried it yet but it checked out electrically. I have two minor issues: it did not come with a wiring adapter. Maybe none of them do but one is needed to make wiring easy. Fortunately, I ordered one at the same time. The other issue is that it requires the metal bracket for mounting but on my vehicle it sticks out too far and I bang my knee on it when I slide behind the wheel. I think I can use double backed tape for mounting and still have it positioned so the inertia part will work okay. 290689

- 39510

by: Al05/23/2014

In terms of this brake controller, it may have been an early failure as after hooking it up and following the setup procedure, the LED came on and then, during adjustment, got bright and then went out permanently. I will update this review when I debug the problem more fully. I know my wiring is correct but I may have a 12V feed issue that is causing this. One thing I will say is that overall is outstanding! I do all of my business with them and tell people about how great they are every chance I get. Every aspect of their operation is excellent from technical information and support to customer service. Great company! 132219

- 39510

by: Joshua H01/18/2017

I loved this controller so much I put one in my other vehicle. For the price you can't beat it. Just don't forget you need the wiring harness item 7894 ($$) to go with it. Pros It is really easy to dial in how much brake you need. I dial it down when I get off the highway to prevent the trailer from pulling hard and increase it for higher speeds. Also you can pinch the lever the engage the trailer brakes without braking your vehicle to see just how much braking the trailer (only) is doing. Also there is an led indicator that turns from green to pink to red as more break is applied and serves as a good visual indicator. 333539

- 39510

by: Teebs Wheatfield NY05/05/2016

I installed this in a 2014 Nissan xterra, The xterra has a white plug in under the dash near the computer plug in. This brake controller was very easy to install when used with the plug in wire adapter. I tried the brakes, they worked fine. You do need to fine tune & ADJ the controller, but not a big deal. When the lights are green on the controller you have brakes. E-Trailer sells this as a kit with both items, I think at a fair price. The shipping was fast and it arrived 2 days faster than expected, Thanks George! If I ever need trailer related parts, that will be my first place to look. 248615

- 39510

by: Jason N.04/03/2017

After a year, the Tekonsha Voyager is working great. It was easy to install in my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500, what took the most time was my deliberating on the best spot to mount it. The unit is very sensitive to your vehicles loading. So changes in stance under load or unloaded may cause you to have to adjust the unit for more efficient trailer braking, which I needed to effortlessly do the other day while towing. I just needed to remember that. A great product and etrailer is a great company. I was at etrailer online browsing my lastest parts list for my camper trailer just today. CA. 362421

- 39510

by: Theresa03/20/2017

Received product this weekend, installed, and tested it. Everything is working great! We have installed this same brake controller on several trucks and it works well. Website was super helpful because we could enter make and model of the truck and it told us which wiring harness to use. On top of that, we had a video to review on exactly how to install it on our truck. Finally, the company sent me an email to follow-up and make sure I had everything I needed. If only every website was so customer service oriented. AWESOME Purchase experience! 356070

- 39510

by: Matt Z06/29/2013

Just as described. I had a four pin and that plugged into this wire harness and then I had two wires to run to front of car. Once under the hood there are a few other wires to run to battery and through fire wall into vehicle to connect to a break controller. My local shops wanted over $400 for parts and labor. I saved over $250 doing it myself. It took me about 3 hours. At least an hour was running wires through the fire wall. The engine compartment was very tight near firewall in my 2006 Toyota Sierra. 86763

- 39510

by: Pat Eaing04/26/2015

I have installed and used several different types of brake controllers over the years, and this on is hands down the best I have used. Installation is typical, no real issues. I will say that unless you plan to remove your controller often, save the cost for the plug in pig tail and hard wire the unit (I wondered why I needed that part...) The beauty of this unit is the set up-easiest brake controller I have ever set up! Great price and works as advertised... unprecedented! 188411

- 39510

by: Andrew W09/26/2011

I'd had one of these before so ordered for my current install, they're a good controller, however, it's limited to 20ยบ nose down on the install, so it didn't fit my current dash. My mistake, I should have checked before ordering. Decided to order a P3 to replace it, etrailer customer service was awesome, issued an RMA (I hadn't attempted to install it yet, just read the instructions and saw the limitation). I'd deal with this company 100 times out of 100 for my trailer needs! 24628

- 39510

by: Kelly Gustafson09/01/2017

This is the second one that I own. Works great for what I need. Easy to use. 427714

- 39510

by: Walter Calloway05/24/2015

The product was easy to install with the help of the F-250 adapter. I followed the direction and the product worked just as it was advertised from If I had to give the Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Break Controller a star rating from 1-5, I would give it a 4.5. 196497

- 39510

by: Steve06/22/2016

It is inexpensive for a proportional controller. Unfortunately, there is no way to test it with out having it attached to a trailer. It makes a clicking noise when you apply the brakes or use the manual over ride, so I guess I have it hooked up correctly. I won't be able to test it until I drive across the country to pick up new trailer. You Tube videos are great. I would not have tackled this very time consuming project if it were not for the detailed videos. 263746

- 39510

by: Walter Calloway/ Donna Calloway07/15/2017

The break controller was what I ordered but the wire harness that was sent with it did not have a wiring diagram so I could wire it to my truck correctly. I had to go to a YouTube video to get the correct information so I could wire the harness to my truck without hurting the controller or the vehicle. Question: Does your company not send a diagram with all of your harness? Customer should not have to go to a YouTube video to install the product. 406364


Hi Walter and Donna, since brake controller wiring harnesses are not universal, manufacturers do not provide wiring diagrams in their packages because they do not know how or if your specific vehicle is prepped for a brake controller. However, we do have a help article on brake controller wiring, and general trailer wiring. I have included links for your reference. If you have any other issues do not hesitate to contact our tech experts.

-- Sarah H - 07/17/2017


- 39510

by: Chris03/04/2013

Installed in 2006 Toyota Sequoia towing 5000 lb camper. Nothing fancy with this brake control unit, but I wanted simplicity. I have exact same unit in 2000 Silverado used for towing 5th wheel camper. 13 years of towing various trailers, never a problem braking, this unit gets it done! Easy to install and set up. was great, ordered from website, had the unit 3 days later, installed and towing on day 4...Thank you. 68653

- 39510

by: Scott H06/03/2016

Etrailer has the best website with all the tutorials on the product and installation. I received my Tekonsha trailer brake controller within 5 days. Everything was as advertised and easy to install and setup. I had this same controller on a 2002 Chevrolet 1500 HD and it worked great. Many trips to the mountains. Now installed the new one on a 2009 Ford F150. I will be purchasing more items in the near future from Etrailer. 256597

- 39510

by: Todd D07/24/2015

Easy installation and seems to be a great product. I also used the harness for my 07 new body Silverado for a easy install. Videos are a great help as well . I will purchase all of my trailer and RV needs from ETrailer from now on. 214149

- 39510

by: Patrick Magers05/06/2013

I installed this controller on a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Installation was easy (as I had also purchased the adapter cable for my Jeep), adjustment instructions were clear and the controller worked perfectly. 79126

Comments also looking at installing on my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Am in Australia....not sure what the adjuster cable is and whether it is something I should mention to my Auto Electrician. Are you able to clarify?

-- comment by: Terry B - 08/07/2013


The adapter cable referenced is for plugging the brake controller into a port under the dash that Jeep provides on models with the factory towing package, in this case, it is part 3045-P. Please note this port will only be present and active on models equipped with a factory 7-Way trailer connector at the rear. These harnesses are also developed and designed for North American Market vehicles and if your Grand Cherokee was built for sale in Australia, it may not be compatible and could potentially damage the vehicle electrical system. In that case, it may be best to have the installer hard-wire in the brake controller and use an ETBC7 kit to complete the install. It would give the installer all the parts needed to add a 7-Way and wire the Voyager in.

-- Patrick B - 8/7/2013

- 39510

by: Kyle R.02/06/2012

I have not used this product for trailer brakes yet as I have not bought my travel trailer. Installing was very easy even without a factory stock plug to connect to. The only problem I had with the unit is there is no way to know if it works until you have a trailer plugged in (or you jump the connections at the plug). I had to hook up to a friends trailer just to know if it worked. Other than that, no complaints. 31165

- 39510

by: darren07/06/2017

great product my dad is old school so this fits him well i ordered it on line great price shipped quickly works well he is happy with it note i buy all of my trailer needs here please give them a try great customer service easy to order online and Gwendolyn was a great help to me i am a return customer and i will keep returning because you have everything in stock check out the web site you will be glad you did 402071

- 39510

by: Jeff S.03/03/2014

Product installed easily. The calibration seems straight forward and I was able to do the preliminary setup. Due to weather and time, I have not done the road test 'fine tuning' but I imagine it will work great as well. This is a very good mid price range controller. I rarely buy the 'very best' nor do I buy the 'low end'. Mid range is usually a good product for the money and this seems to be just that. 118238

- 39510

by: Dan C.09/10/2014

Awesome controller. We use them often our our equipment. Only problem we had this install, was locating the right wiring to tie into the brake circuit. New 2014 Chevy express van. Chevy only uses a 5 volt switched supply at the brake pedal. Ended up locating and tied into the brake light circuit for the 12 volts needed for controller to see the brakes are applied. 150511

- 39510

by: Dan B04/06/2014

Great brake controller. I installed it in a 2003 F350. I mounted it inside the compartment under the 4x4 shift knob. I had to remove the pins from the connector to feed them through a hole i drilled in the back of the dash. I did this so there were no exposed holes drilled in the dash face. Then i mounted the controller inside the compartment using velcro. 123947

- 39510

by: Jerry Ryan09/29/2017

I don't have any pictures to show, but I had one on a vehicle I just sold and it was excellent. On the previous vehicle, we towed everything from a garden tractor trailer to a 24 ft. enclosed car trailer, and the adjustment features were easy to use. The ordering was simple and was handled quickly and easily. Great people to do business with. Jerry 437805

- 39510

by: ward05/19/2017

This is the same controller I have in my '99 k1500. The installation video made this simple to install in my wife's '10 Yukon, which is factory wired, but GM did not provide the connector. The controller is simple to install, adjust and operate, it works like it should, and it cost less than the competators. What more could I expect? 382498

- 39510

by: Mike11/16/2013

Easy to install and works fine. I was a little confused though. I watched this vied which was extremely helpful and told me exactly how to install the device however, the video says the wire butts are included, and they were not. Otherwise, all is good. 107567


That video is for a different brake controller, the Prodigy P2 part 90885. The installation will be similar, but not all the same parts are included. The P2 does include a loose wire pigtail and butt connectors. Plug-in connectors and the loose wire pigtail connector are sold separately for the Voyager controller.

-- Patrick B - 11/19/2013


- 39510

by: Ed M04/18/2017

I was nervous about wiring into an Outback with 100 miles on it, so I ordered by phone. I was given everything to make it an easy, safe job. That, along with the online videos, made it easy. At the dealer, i was quoted 450 for the hitch and another 450 to install a brake controller. Through you, I did both for less than 300. Thanks much. 369350

- 39510

by: Steve Z09/02/2015

Meriah was fantastic in handling my order. She assisted me (as did other's on previous calls) in ensuring that I was ordering the right pieces. She made sure that my order was filled quickly as I was under a time constraint to get the hitch installed to go pick up a new camper. It has arrived and waiting on the install. Thanks! Steve 223573

- 39510

by: Nick T04/19/2016

I already had a Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake controller on my wife's vehicle. Why not keep it simple and put the exact same kind on mine. I don't haul trailers too often, so the simplicity of this one makes life easy. If you don't get enough help from the trailer, turn it up. If the trailer brakes too hard, turn it down. Perfect. 246128

- 39510

by: Howard M.04/30/2017

Great brake controller. Easy install. Good costumer support. Installed in my motor home. 2017 Liesure Unity Murphy bed. Mercedes 3500 Sprinter. Mercedes dealer wanted over $800.00 to do install. I did it myself for the cost of Tekonsha voyager controller and pigtail wire harness. Plug and play as they say.. Thanks Good Support team. 374269

- 39510

by: Stan B.03/25/2017

I'm in the car hauling business, and use two diesel Ford Excursions, pulling enclosed car hauler trailers. I have used the Tekonsha Voyager electric brake controllers with great success, and this is the 3rd unit I have purchased, and will install it in my son's 1999 F250 diesel that he will pull his new 5th wheel camp trailer with. 358526

- 39510

by: Bob Mc08/24/2016

very good service and product. I already had a tow package on my Nissan truck and the connect pigtail sent was a perfect fit. Took me about 1.5 hrs to install it and check it out. Very easy to adjust and the electric brakes are great. The unit and pig tail were less than $100 and that included shipping. Thanks 287349

- 39510

by: Stuart R02/27/2017

Tekonsha Voyager Trailer brake controller was purchased to replace the one I installed in 2003, which finally failed after 14 years of service. Everything works great once again on my wife's horse trailer, she is safe once again hauling her horses, and life is good! Fast, efficient service on my order was greatly appreciated. 346515

- 39510

by: Leo S03/31/2017

Follow up review: I just used this controller again this last week while pulling my camping trailer, and for the last year it has performed flawlessly. I know there are other brands that sell for up to double the money but I honestly can't see why you need to spend more in this case. I am a "happy camper"! 361034

- 39510

by: A. Jordan07/11/2013

Top notch service and sales. Installed in less than 15min and works great. I will never buy anywhere else. 88928

- 39510

by: Derek B.03/30/2017

I've used this controller on and off for the last year on my 2010 Rav4 pulling a 3000 lb enclosed trailer. I've had no issues with the controller other than bumping the adjustment wheels getting in and out. It took a bit of time to get it installed but it went smoothly and has worked great ever since. 360608

- 39510

by: JCS07/14/2016

I pull a small camper with a VW Touareg. The electronics in the T'reg don't play well with top of the line brake controllers. I spoke with the Tekonsha rep and he recommended the Voyager. The Voyager is a very simple controller, easy to install, and works well. I don't miss the fancy display. ICS 271698


Still works great. Pretty much set and forget.

JCS - 07/14/2017


- 39510

by: Gary L07/03/2017

With the information gathered from etrailer's website, I was able to find the right brake controller and installation kit for my truck. etrailer had a video specific to install on my 2001 Ford Ranger, very helpful. Received my delivery in three days, with free shipping. Thanks etrailer. 401332

- 39510

by: Greg C12/16/2015

No frills, quality brake controller. This is my third one. Had this one installed in our Toyota Tundra in about an hour. I also have one installed in a 1996 Dodge Ram, and a 2007 Chevy Suburban. They work great with my trailer, they are simple to adjust and have been trouble free. 233892

- 39510

by: John Steele09/12/2017

This is my 2nd boys get. It's an excellent product. Thought it might come with pigtail connector. [Other sites have] the neat little reminder. People who bought this, also bought this. I needed an auto fuse anyway. My 1st unit was hard wired. Just a little imputed. Love you guys! 431743

- 39510

by: Dale P.05/22/2017

Installation was a breeze with the adaptor wiring for my truck. 20 minutes and the unit was installed. Once the truck was hooked up to our 24 foot trailer, setting the brake controller took another 10 minutes. A quick test drive to fine tune the brakes and we were good to go! 383479

- 39510

by: David H05/12/2015

Easy to install and hook up. I used the GM adapter so there was no wiring, just plugged it in. Videos on website and written instructions make the install pretty much fool proof. Will be hauling the trailer next week, so will have to save review of actual performance 192327



-- comment by: ian - 01/29/2016


- 39510

by: Joan H08/15/2017

Our Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller arrived a day before it was scheduled. It fit perfectly into our Sequoia. Adam was very helpful in helping me know exactly what to buy. Now we need to get out and use it. Thanks much for the help and the quality product. 420524

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Ask the Experts about this Tekonsha Brake Controller
Do you have a question about this Brake Controller?

  • Wiring Diagram Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller # 39510
  • Yes we can help. To the right there is a picture that has a diagram of how most brake controllers wire up, if you click it you will be able to see an enlarged version of the picture. Below you will find a link to the installation instructions and to wiring instructions for wiring brake controllers. All brake controllers wire pretty much the same with a white ground wire, a black power wire a red brake switch wire and a blue brake feed wire that goes to the trailer brakes. If you would...
    view full answer...

  • Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller Not Activating Trailer Brakes When Brake Pedal Is Pressed
  • Yes, we can help you test your brake controller and determine if the controller is bad or if there is a wiring issue that is causing the problem on your 2003 Ford F-250 pickup. Lets start with the easiest things first. Be sure that when you are testing the trailer brakes with the brake pedal that the vehicle is moving. The trailer brakes will not apply with the brake pedal if the vehicle is not moving because of the proportional sensor. The first thing I would check is the red wire that...
    view full answer...

  • Brake Controller Wiring Instructions for the Tekonsha Voyager # 39510
  • Depending on your vehicle year make and model, I will be able to provide instructions for wiring the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller. I have included the instructions for the Voyager, an FAQ article that features a basic diagram near the middle of the document, and an article on wiring a brake controller from scratch. The wires coming out of the Voyager attach as follows. The red wire attaches to the brake light switch wire that carriers a signal only when the brake pedal is pressed....
    view full answer...

  • Fuse Location to Power an Electric Trailer Brake Controller on a 2005 Chevy Silverado
  • The Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller with GM Wiring Harness, # 39510 and # 3015-P, itself does not have a fuse. Since it is connected to the truck via the factory port under the dash, the fuse for the brake controller 12 volt power is located in the power distribution box under the hood. We actually have an FAQ article that explains the installation of a brake controller Chevy and GMC trucks that includes your 2005 Silverado. It covers the connections that need to be made under the hood...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Knob on the Left Hand Side of the Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller # 39510
  • On the Tekonsha Voyager, # 39510, the knob on the right hand side of the controller is the power knob. This adjusts the amount of power output to the electric trailer brakes. The knob on the left hand side is the level knob. This sets the brake controller sensors to level which is and essential part of setting up the brake controller was it is installed. With the brake controller installed and positioned properly (see instructions linked below), you will then need to set the level....
    view full answer...

  • No Green Light on Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller on 2010 Honda Pilot when Connected to Trailer
  • The green light on the Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller, # 39510, indicates that the trailer is connected to your Honda Pilot, so it will not come on unless a trailer is connected. If the green light does not come on when the trailer is connected, then there are a few things that could be causing the green light to stay off. The first thing I would check is the trailer brake fuse in the secondary under hood fuse box. There should be a 20-amp fuse in fuse location # 14. If there is...
    view full answer...

  • How Much Voltage Should Be Applied To Brakes on Trailer w/ Electric Brake Controller
  • Your brake controller should be getting 12 volts of power going into the brake controller. The wire that feeds power to the brake controller is the Black wire. You can test this wire by using a multimeter, part # part # BTMT15. The amount of power coming out of the brake controller depends on the adjustment of the gain on the controller. To test the voltage at the highest gain setting, you will want to sever the Blue wire a few inches from the back of the controller. Then, you will want...
    view full answer...

  • Installation Instructions for Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller
  • I have attached a basic brake controller wiring diagram for you. You will want to make sure that you ground the white wire to the negative post on the battery. The black wire will attach to the positive battery post. The red wire will tap into the stoplight switch on your vehicle's brake pedal. The blue wire will run back to the trailer connector. The brake controller will come with the universal 4-wire harness. I have also linked the installation directions for the Tekonsha Voyager...
    view full answer...

  • Adjusting the Power Level on a Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller
  • I have included a link to the manual for the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller for you, # 39510. On the right hand side is the power knob and on the left side is the level knob. The power knob adjusts how much voltage goes back to the trailer brakes. Rolling it forward towards the front of the truck increases the power. the level knob will need to be pointing straight up and down (with the truck on level ground). Since you bought the truck with the controller already installed just...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting LED Indicator Light on Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller 39510
  • The green light on the Voyager brake controller # 39510 should come on as soon as you plug the trailer into the vehicle. If it does not come on at all, this indicates that you either have some corrosion inside the trailer or vehicle plugs that is causing a short, or you have a loose power or ground connection. Check the plugs on both sides of the setup for any white or green corrosion. If you see any, clean the plug thoroughly or just replace it. If you don't see any buildup in...
    view full answer...

  • Tekonsha 9030 Voyager Brake Activator Wiring
  • You should have four wires coming out of the back of your Tekonsha #9030 Voyager Brake Activator, part # 39510. They should be white, blue, red and black. The white wire is grounded. The red wire must tap into the cold side of your vehicle brakes. The blue wire will run to the trailer connector on the back of your vehicle. The black wire must run to your battery to power the brake controller. If your trailer has 1-2 axles, use a 20 amp circuit breaker, part # PK54520, for this power...
    view full answer...

  • Blue Wire Showing Voltage with No Trailer Connected and When Not Applying Brakes on Brake Controller
  • It does sound like there is a short to the brake controller through the wiring or in the internal circuitry of the brake controller. Since your brake controller shows no red light this indicates a short to the brake line (blue wire). If you are using wiring harness, # 3040-P, make sure that extra white ground wire is attached to a clean bare metal surface. If it is hardwired to the truck, the ground needs to be connected to the negative battery terminal. Sever the blue wire a few...
    view full answer...

  • Where Does a Brake Controller Install on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500
  • The correct adapter to install the Brake Controller part # 39510 you referenced in your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 is the part # 3020-P. This adapter plugs into the 4-pin connector on your vehicle's built-in brake control wiring harness. The harness is located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, taped to another harness near the emergency brake pedal. I attached a picture of the blue connector plus a link to an install video that will walk you through the process.
    view full answer...

  • Indicator Light on Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller Does Not Come On when Connected to Trailer
  • The white wire on a brake controller is ground and should not show power. If it is then this indicates a short to ground and most likely the controller will need to be replaced. The white wire needs to be directly connected to the negative battery terminal. The black wire should show 12 volts of power. The indicator light should glow red, with or without a trailer connected, when you apply the manual override lever. If it does not light up it means that the controller is not sending...
    view full answer...

  • Factory Port Location for a Brake Controller Wiring Harness on a 1999 Dodge Ram
  • I show that the Tekonsha Plug-In Brake Control Wiring Adapter, Dodge, item # 3020-P, and it works on all Dodge Ram Pickups from 1995 - 2009. You should be able to use the adapter that is connected to your Tekonsha Voyager brake controller, item # 39510, on your 1999 Dodge Ram. I believe you are looking at the wrong connector under the dash. You will need to look under the dash, near the emergency brake pedal for a white or blue connector that is above a white junction box. This is where...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting LED Indicator Light Issues on a Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller # 39510
  • It sounds like you are experiencing issues on the ground circuit of your Tekonsha Brake Controller, part # 39510. I would check to make sure that the white wire from the # 39510 is making good contact on the ground circuit. If you find corrosion or the wire not connected properly fix it as you deem necessary. If everything looks fine on the ground circuit I would next check the condition of the brake output (blue wire) looking for the same loose connections and corrosion. I attached...
    view full answer...

  • Fuse Location for Electric Brake Controller on 2003 Ford F-350
  • According to the owner's manual for the 2003 Ford F-350, the fuse for the brake controller is location 22 in the power distribution box which is in the engine compartment. Take a look at the snap shot that I have included for you.
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Brake Controller Installation on a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500
  • The red wire on the Tekonsha Voyager, # 39510, is for the stop light wire on the cold side of the brake switch. In order to find it, you will need a circuit tester, # 3808 if needed) and then probe the wires on the brake switch above the brake pedal. You will need the wire that carries a signal only when the brake pedal is pressed. If you find a wire that also shows a signal when the lights are on or turn signals engaged it is not the correct wire. You need a dedicated brake light wire...
    view full answer...

  • Installing 7-Way Connector on 2004 Ford Expedition with 4-Pole Trailer Connector
  • You are correct. That blue wire carries the output from the brake controller. To convert your 4-pole to a 7-way, use an adapter like part # 37185. The connector on the adapter would connect to your existing 4-pole. The remaining wires would connect as follows; the white wire would ground to the vehicle, the blue wire connects to the blue brake controller output wire and the black wire would be extended to attach to the positive battery terminal using an inline 40 amp circuit breaker like...
    view full answer...

  • Which is Best Digital Brake Controller at the Lowest Cost for a 2000 Chevrolet C1500
  • Brake controllers are divided into two categories, time delayed like the Draw-Tite Activator IV Electric Trailer Brake Controller, item # 5504, that you mentioned, and proportional like the Tekonsha PRIMUS IQ Electronic Brake Controller, item # TK90160, which has a digital display. These are the two lowest cost digital readout controllers in each category. A time delayed brake controller sends a predetermined amount of braking power to the trailer and then there is a delay as the unit...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Trailer Brake Controller Port Location on a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500
  • The brake controller port on a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 equipped with the appropriate tow package is located under the dash near the emergency brake pedal. It will be taped to another wire bundle and will have the harness, part # 3020-P, connected to it. I have included a link to part 3020-P so you know what it looks like as well as the instructions that describe where to find the brake controller port. The Tekonsha Voyager 9030, part # 39510, should only light up green when there is a trailer...
    view full answer...

  • How to Install an Electric Trailer Brake Controller on a 2008 Toyota 4Runner
  • If your 2008 Toyota 4Runner came with a factory 7-Way trailer connector, all you will need to connect the Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller, # 39510, is to use harness # 3040-P. The port on the vehicle side should be located under the dash. I have included a link to a video showing installation on a similar vehicle for reference. If the vehicle did not come with a trailer connector, you will need to first install a 4-Way, # 119178KIT, and then a 7 and 4 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7....
    view full answer...

  • Locating Cold Side of Brake Stoplight Switch to Install Brake Controller on 2007 Lexus RX 400h
  • According to my contact in the Tech Services department at Tekonsha, you are looking for a blue wire coming off of the brake stoplight switch located on the top of the brake pedal. Simply follow the brake pedal up under the dash, you should find the switch attached to the upper portion of the pedal. You can confirm this by using a circuit tester like part # 40376 on the wire. The wire should only show power when the brake pedal is applied, not with the turn signals, headlights, etc. I...
    view full answer...

  • What Do the Level and Gain Setting Do on a Tekonsha 9030 Voyager Brake Controller
  • On the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller, part # 39510, there are seven levels of brake intensity. You will need to decide how much brake you want applied to your trailer in relation to the amount of brake you are applying in your vehicle. For instance, let us say you are hauling a trailer that is heavier than your vehicle. If you are only lightly riding your brakes, you will need a little more power going to the brakes on your trailer to accomplish the same effect. In a case such as...
    view full answer...

  • Is the Orange CHMSL Wire Used to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2013 Chevy Silverado
  • The orange wire you found is the CHMSL circuit. This is the center high mount stop light wire. It is not used by a brake controller so you can tape it up and stow it out of the way. The wires that you will need with be 12 volt power, output to trailer brakes, input from brake switch or stoplight circuit, and ground. On a brake controller the black wire is 12 volt power, white is ground, blue it output to the trailer brakes, and red is input from the brake switch. On the vehicle the...
    view full answer...

  • Brake Controller Installation on a 2002 GMC Sierra Pickup, Possible Wire Colors and Functions
  • You might have a port on your truck, driver side, to the left of the emergency brake pedal in a power distribution box. If so, you can just plug in wiring adapter # 3025-S and match the colors on the other end to the brake controller. To complete installation and to activate the tow package (if it has not been done already) there are some connections that need to be made under the hood. I have included an FAQ explaining the process below. Wire colors are not an exact science, even on...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing the Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 and Tekonsha Envoy Electric Trailer Brake Controllers
  • The Envoy is an older brake controller that Tekonsha does not sell any longer. I do not know much about the Envoy controller so I asked my Tekonsha rep what he thought about the two and he stated that the Voyager is a more effective/reliable and user friendly brake control unit than the Envoy unit. The Tekonsha Voyager, part # 39510, is still sold by Tekonsha, and it has proved to be a valuable brake controller. I have added links to the Voyager instructions as well as a video review...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Brake Controller and Wiring for 2003 BMW X5
  • Don't worry I can help, but for a boat trailer with a 4-way you shouldn't need a brake controller because they do not have electric brakes. A standard brake controller is not recommended to install on your vehicle due to low voltage brake light switch. A standard brake controller like the Voyager will not be able to be used on your X5. If your planning on adding electric brakes to your boat trailer then you will want the RF brake controller # 90250 (mounts on the trailer) and the 7-way...
    view full answer...

  • Installing an Electric Trailer Brake Controller from Scratch on a 1997 GMC Sierra 1500
  • To install the Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller, # 39510, or any brake controller in your 1997 GMC C/K series 1500, there are a couple of items you will need in addition to the brake controller. First, if the truck does not already have a 4-Way trailer connector, you will need to add one, # 118315. Installation is easy. This harness plugs in line with the vehicle tail lights. After making that connection, you will just need to attach the white ground wire to a clean, bare metal surface....
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