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  4. Disc Brakes
  5. 2 Inch Ball Coupler
  6. 8600 lbs GTW
Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout - Disc - Zinc Plated - 2" Ball - 8,600 lbs

Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout - Disc - Zinc Plated - 2" Ball - 8,600 lbs

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Brake Actuator
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8608611 - 8600 lbs GTW Demco Brake Actuator
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Surge-type actuator features easy-to-use eZ-Latch coupler mechanism, a corrosion-resistant composite master cylinder, and durable zinc plating. Electric reverse lockout activates automatically to keep trailer brakes from actuating when in reverse. Call 800-298-8924 to order Demco brake actuator part number 8608611 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Demco products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout - Disc - Zinc Plated - 2" Ball - 8,600 lbs. Brake Actuator reviews from real customers.
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Demco Brake Actuator - 8608611

  • Surge Brake Actuator
  • Disc Brakes
  • 2 Inch Ball Coupler
  • 8600 lbs GTW
  • Bolt-On
  • Demco
  • Electric Lockout
  • Straight Tongue Coupler

Surge-type actuator features easy-to-use eZ-Latch coupler mechanism, a corrosion-resistant composite master cylinder, and durable zinc plating. Electric reverse lockout activates automatically to keep trailer brakes from actuating when in reverse.


  • Hydraulic actuator activates trailer's brakes when tow vehicle slows or stops
  • Electric reverse lockout lets you back up without actuating trailer brakes
    • Solenoid activates automatically when you shift into reverse
  • eZ-Latch coupler mechanism ensures simple, secure hookup and disconnect
    • Lets you hook up when latch is in closed position - just drop coupler over hitch ball and latch will snap into place
  • Zinc plating offers corrosion resistance
    • 200-Hour salt spray rating
  • Composite master cylinder is durable and efficient
    • Glass-reinforced nylon construction resists rust and corrosion
    • Large reservoir provides increased capacity for brake fluid
    • Automotive-style diaphragm cap creates completely enclosed system to help prevent contamination of fluid
  • Large rear rollers allow for easy movement and smooth operation
  • Spring-loaded pushrod assembly ensures controlled brake line pressure
    • Rubber boot on pushrod guards against dirt and moisture
  • Breakaway included
    • Snap hook on safety cable ensures secure connection to breakaway lever
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with sturdy, reinforced outer casing
  • Bolt-on installation
    • Requires 1/2" x 4-1/2" Grade-5 bolts (not included) for mounting
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: trailers with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Ball size: 2"
  • Gross towing weight: 8,600 lbs
  • Maximum tongue weight: 860 lbs
  • Mounting: 3" wide channel tongue
  • Model number: DA86B
  • 1-Year warranty

Demco Actuator Dimensions

When you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, deceleration occurs and momentum pushes your trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. With surge brake systems, the hydraulic actuator is triggered as your trailer moves forward, once your tow vehicle starts to slow down. When this happens, the actuator contracts, applying force to its master cylinder. This in turn supplies the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage your trailer's brakes.

Electric Reverse Lockout

The electric reverse lockout on this trailer brake actuator is automatically activated when you shift your tow vehicle into reverse. The solenoid wires into your trailer connector - which connects to your tow vehicle - so that it can detect when you are in reverse. When your vehicle is in reverse, the solenoid ensures that the hydraulic actuator does not activate your trailer's brakes, thus allowing you to back up your rig. To use the lockout feature, you must have a 5-pole flat, 6-way round, or 7-pole trailer connector.

eZ-Latch Coupler

The coupler portion of this trailer brake actuator features a simple-to-use latching mechanism known as the eZ-Latch. With this mechanism, hooking up is as easy as dropping the coupler over your trailer hitch ball. The latch does not need to be tugged or manually activated to allow the ball into the coupler socket, nor does it have to be secured in place. Just make sure that the coupler is properly lined up with the ball when you lower it, and the rest is automatic.

Demco eZ-Latch in Use

Sturdy, Corrosion-Resistant Construction

Made of sturdy steel, this hydraulic trailer brake actuator features a durable zinc coating that is designed to limit rust and corrosion. This zinc coat has a 200-hour salt spray rating. In addition, the composite master cylinder is made of corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced nylon to further ensure durability.

8608611 Demco DA86B Hydraulic Trailer Brake Actuator for Disc Brakes with Easy Latch and Electric Lock-Out - 2" Ball Coupler - 3" Channel - 8,600 lbs

Video of Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout - Disc - Zinc Plated - 2" Ball - 8,600 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Demco Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - 8608611 Review

Today were going to review part number 8608611. This is the Demco DA86 Hydraulic Actuator with the 2-inch easy latch coupler. This is a bolt-on surge brake actuator which will control the disc brakes on your trailer. It is a bolt-on installation, uses these three mounting holes on each side of the coupler. It is designed to fit a straight-tongue coupler that has a channel width of 3 inches, and it fits on a 2-inch hitch ball. It does have an electric solenoid which is for reverse lockout.

Now the surge brake actuator couplers they are designed that when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, this will attach to the hitch ball on your tow vehicle, so when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle and you slow down, the deceleration occurs, the momentum of the weight of the trailer will move forward toward the rear of the vehicle, and this will cause the actuator which is right here underneath, right here is the actuator, so when that compresses it will cause that actuator to apply pressure to the push rod of the master cylinder which in turn will supply hydraulic pressure to the brakes on the trailer. So the weight of the trailer will brake as this will be hooked to the tow vehicle and as this compresses you can see the slots right here where it will slide and compress. That actuator will control the master cylinder which will then apply the brakes and cause the trailer to stop. This part does have a zinc plating which will help protect the actuator in marine application, does include I mentioned, the electric lockout which is this solenoid right here. Now this solenoid does have two wires, one of them would be grounded, the other one would need to be connected to the reverse light circuit on your tow vehicle so when installing this with the electric solenoid you would have to have at least a 5-way connector on your vehicle so you can connect in to the reverse lights to actuate the solenoid.

And what that solenoid does is its actually a reverse lockout feature. In other words, if youre in your car or truck and youre backing up with your trailer connected, you do not want the brakes to be applied as youre backing up so it would automatically apply them. What this lockout does is when you connect this to your reverse light circuit when you put your vehicle in reverse, it will actuate this solenoid right here on the back. That solenoid will actually block the pressure going to the trailer brakes so then you can reverse and the brakes would not be applied on your trailer. It also comes with this nice cover you can see bolted on that will protect the solenoid from any damage.

A few nice features on this, has the master cylinder cap right up here which if we can remove it I can show you. It has a nice rubber diaphragm which is like an automotive-style diaphragm which will completely enclose the brake system. The master cylinder right here has a raised fill plate which will prevent any dirt or grime that might be built up on top of your actuator so when you take the cap off it might fall in. With it being raised like this it will keep that from happening prevents it from entering the master cylinder. Now the master cylinder itself is made of a long glass fiber which is a reinforced nylon and this is a composite material which will add strength and the nice thing is it will eliminate any rust or corrosion because being a composite material theres no chance for it to rust or corrode, and the cylinder itself actually has 20% more capacity to insure adequate fluid supply.

Also on the master cylinder there is a bellow boot which in on the push rod of the master cylinder and this will help prevent any moisture and dirt from getting inside the cylinder. Youll see on the very top here, it has this breakaway lever and it is color coded. You can see where it says, Red. Brakes on. Do not tow. Green it will says, Brakes off. Towable. And basically what this breakaway lever does is just to show you how you hook that up and this is required, has a hook on one end with a keeper and a cable connected to the lever. What you will do is take this, hook it up to the tow vehicle so that in a case of where by chance if the trailer happens to become detached from the hitch ball and is loose, this will pull on the cable which would pull this lever, this breakaway lever, and what that will do is again this will allow the master cylinder to allow pressure to go to the brakes to actually stop the trailer from a runaway situation. So thats why you would need to for safety reasons hook up this breakaway lever thats on top. And, one of the nicest features this has, very unique feature, is called the easy latch coupler and the nice thing about that is this is designed to fit on a 2-inch hitch ball as I have an example right here. So what you would do is most couplers when you go to attach it to the hitch ball on the tow vehicle youll have to pull up on the latch just like that and hook it up and then close the latch and lock it into place. This one eliminates having to lift up the latch. Basically, what you can do is go up and put this onto the hitch ball and using the weight of the trailer it will just automatically push down and latch the ball into place, automatically lock. The only time you need to use this latch is to pull up on it to release it from the hitch ball. Otherwise, again, just to show you how this connects again, put it on to the hitch ball and just the weight will push down on it and connect it. Its called the easy latch coupler. Very nice feature. That should do it for the review on part number 8608611, the Demco DA86 Hydraulic Actuator with the 2-inch easy latch coupler.

Customer Reviews

Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout - Disc - Zinc Plated - 2" Ball - 8,600 lbs - 8608611

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Surge-type actuator features easy-to-use eZ-Latch coupler mechanism, a corrosion-resistant composite master cylinder, and durable zinc plating. Electric reverse lockout activates automatically to keep trailer brakes from actuating when in reverse.

- 8608611

It fit directly over where the old one was and all of the holes lined up perfectly. Wiring the reverse lock out was easy. I spent about 30 minutes on the installation. I would recommend this unit and would order it again. 664992

- 8608611

I received this Demco surge-brake hydraulic hitch within 3 days. It came very well packaged and in perfect condition. I installed it fully in 10 minutes, another 20 minutes to bleed my brakes. I put it to immediate use hauling my tandem axle trailer for my 23’ boat. Worked perfectly. I love the “quick coupler” feature, which is the way the hitch clicks onto the ball. It makes one-man trailer connection a breeze. I am very pleased with the Demco hitch, as it is heavy duty and very well constructed and finished, and I am very pleased all around with etrailer.com. Thank you. 500332

- 8608611

The bolt holes in the coupler didn't line up with my frame where I removed old part so had to cut. And the new coupler only has two bolt holes while the old one had three. I thought it would have been standardized. 141283

- 8608611

Great quality and price. 117858


Ask the Experts about this Demco Brake Actuator

  • Where to Connect 2 Yellow Wires for 8,600 lb Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator w/ Electric Lockout
    The 2 wires for the electric lockout on the Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator # 8608611 are just power and ground. One needs to be grounded to the trailer frame while the other needs to be connected to the reverse light circuit on your tow vehicle. It doesn't matter which yellow wire is connected to which function.
    view full answer...
  • Can Disc Brake Actuator be Used with Trailer Drum Brakes
    For a disc brake actuator like the Demco # 8608611 to work with drum brakes you need to replace the master cylinder otherwise the pressure will blowout the wheel cylinders on your drum brake assemblies. If you were to have this specific actuator then you can use the Demco Actuator Replacement Master Cylinder for Drum Brakes # 5650 to make it compatible with drum brakes. If you have a different actuator let me know what it is. If we carry that brand then we likely have the master cylinder...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Actuator Solution for Trailer with Atwood 85778
    Since Atwood is no longer around (they were bought out) exact replacements for their actuators aren't available but we do have similar actuators that will work well as a replacement like the Demco # 8608611 which is a 8,600 lb rated disc brake surge actuator. It also comes with a reverse lock out solenoid and fits 2 inch hitch balls.
    view full answer...
  • Is a Brake Controller Needed for Trailer with Hydraulic Actuator and Brakes
    An electric brake controller is not required for use and would not serve any purpose with regards to the function of a hydraulic actuator like the Demco # 8608611 you were looking at. Hydraulic actuators send power back to the trailer brakes by using the trailer's natural momentum when starting/stopping. When you step on the brakes in your vehicle and start to slow down the trailer will push against the actuator's master cylinder to send pressure back to the brakes. Nothing is needed inside...
    view full answer...
  • Can Drum Brake Actuator Be Used Temporarily on Trailer with Disc Brakes
    The problem with using a drum brake actuator with disc brakes is that it's not going to supply enough pressure to fully engage the assemblies. Drum brake actuators typically put out around 1,000 to 1,200 psi (sufficient for drum brake assemblies) but disc brake systems require around 1,600 psi, thus an actuator specifically designed for them. Because of this your braking power is going to be greatly reduced with your current setup. With a tandem axle trailer this could cause some issues,...
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  • Using an Electric Trailer Brake Controller With Boat Trailer Hydraulic Brakes
    The 2012 BMW X5 has a rated towing capacity of 6000-lbs according to my research and for this vehicle we offer several Class III hitches (viewable on the link provided) that share this same maximum towing capacity, along with a tongue weight limit of 600-lbs. Note that these hitches do not fit the M model. You'll want to be sure that your fully-loaded boat/trailer does not exceed the towing or tongue weight capacities of either the vehicle or the hitch (your hitch should have a sticker...
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  • How to Determine if Kodiak Disc Brake Kit K2R35DKG Will Fit a Trailer
    As long as your axle has 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern idler hubs plus a brake mounting flange the Kodiak Disc Brake kit part # K2R35DKG will fit it. Look for a plate behind the spindle with 4 bolt holes in it for the flange. As long as the hubs of your trailer take L44649/L68149 bearings the bearing kit part # BK2-100 will fit them. As long as the trailer has a 3 inch wide frame channel the Demco part # 8608611 will fit. The tandem brake line kit part # 24TA-BLKIT will work with the...
    view full answer...

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