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ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Item # 297-7RSDB
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Ratchet Straps
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ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2 1-1/8 - 2 Inch Wide 297-7RSDB
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Shock absorbers ensure that these straps stay tight around your motorcycle, UTV, or snowmobile so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. No need to pull over and re-tighten. Zinc-coated S-hooks have retention clips. 3,000-lb Max load. Lowest Prices for the best ratchet straps from ShockStrap. ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2 part number 297-7RSDB can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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ShockStrap Ratchet Straps - 297-7RSDB

  • Manual
  • ShockStrap
  • 6 - 10 Feet Long
  • S-Hooks
  • Soft Ties
  • 851 - 1200 lbs
  • 1-1/8 - 2 Inch Wide
  • Trailer
  • Truck Bed
  • 2 Straps

Shock absorbers ensure that these straps stay tight around your motorcycle, UTV, or snowmobile so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. No need to pull over and re-tighten. Zinc-coated S-hooks have retention clips. 3,000-lb Max load.


  • Shock absorbing ratcheting tie-down straps lets you secure cargo in your truck bed or trailer
    • Great for tying down a UTV, motorcycle, or snowmobile
  • Built-in shocks absorb impact to ensure constant tension, even as your load shifts
    • Urethane-based material stands up to extreme temperatures, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals
    • Sturdy Grade 8 bolts and nylock nuts hold the shocks in place
  • Ratchet mechanism makes it easy to tighten down each strap and maintains tension on strap
    • Plastic-coated handle and release lever ensure simple, safe operation, even if you're wearing thick gloves
  • 3/8" S-hooks with wide openings allow hassle-free connection to anchor points
    • Rubber coating on hooks prevent scratches and scuffs on your gear, truck, or trailer
    • Retention clips keep the hooks connected to anchor points
  • Corrosion-resistant yellow zinc chromate coating on steel hardware holds up to hot, cold, and wet weather conditions
  • Durable polyester webbing is UV resistant and withstands abrasions and water absorption
  • Black color
  • DOT approved


  • Dimensions: 1-1/2" wide x 7' long
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 1,000 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 3,000 lbs
  • Minimum usable length: 29"
  • Quantity: 2 ratchet straps
  • 2-Year warranty

Note: Tie-down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). The weight of the secured cargo must not exceed the combined WLL of the straps being used. For example, if you are using straps with a WLL of 500 lbs each to tie down a load weighing 1,000 lbs, then you need at least 2 straps to safely secure that load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

ShockStrap Ratcheting Tie-Downs

Bike tied down using the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

These one-of-a-kind ratchet straps from ShockStrap are great for nearly any application, from securing your cargo on your vehicle for your next weekend getaway, to strapping down your favorite toys on your trailer. The 7' length of these straps is perfect for securing a motorcycle, UTV, or snowmobile in your truck bed or trailer.

Unlike traditional straps, which don't stretch or contract, these tie-downs are uniquely designed with built-in shock absorbers that allow the straps to maintain constant tension on your load as you travel. This is great for toys that have suspension systems that can compress and rebound when you travel rough terrain.

Built-In Shocks

The webbing of standard straps can't stretch or contract to absorb impacts. As a result, standard tie-downs might become detached from their anchor points, or they may become slack around your gear as the load shifts.

Close-up of the shock on the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

But these ratchet straps feature built-in urethane shocks that are designed to absorb impact and to allow give. This ensures that the tie-downs stay taut and won't loosen over time. The built-in shocks helps to keep the tie-downs from coming loose or failing, which could result in lost or damaged toys.

In addition, the shock ensures a longer life for the strap webbing. If you use this to tie down a motorcycle, for example, the constant compressing and rebounding of the bike's suspension during travel can wreak havoc on ordinary straps. The webbing is likely to experience more wear and tear as it rubs along your gear. But the ShockStrap's shocks absorb these jolts so that the webbing of the tie-downs stays put instead of wearing over the edges of your equipment.

Easy-to-Use Ratchet

Close-up of the ratchet on the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

Each tie-down features a commercial-grade, heavy-duty ratchet. To release the ratchet, grab the oversized handle and pull on the release lever. The release lever is positioned on the outside of the ratchet to ensure safe and easy operation, even if you're wearing gloves.

How to Use the ShockStrap Ratchet Straps

Close-up of the retention clip on the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

To use the ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down strap, first attach one of the durable S-hooks to a desired anchor point. Then stretch the strap over your cargo and secure the other hook to a point on the opposite side of your truck or trailer. Each hook has a wide opening, making it hassle-free to maneuver and attach the hooks to your anchor points. And the retention clips on the hooks ensure that the hooks stay in place on the anchors while you're loading, as well as while you're traveling.

Close-up of the soft loop on the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

Soft loops, which are on both sides of the straps, can be used to tie down a piece of equipment that may otherwise be difficult to secure. So instead of using the hooks, which may scratch or scuff your toys and might be difficult to run through or around other cargo, you can easily cinch each tie-down around your gear. Just wrap a soft tie around the axle of your UTV or around the handlebars of your motorcycle, and then secure the tie-down to your anchor points as usual.

Once the hooks are in place, tighten the webbing around the cargo and activate the shock. To tighten the strap, crank the ratchet mechanism until the webbing is taut around your load. Be sure not to overtighten the strap. If your hand cannot fit between the shock and the safety strap, the strap is too tight.

To activate the shock, tighten the strap a bit more, stretching the shock until light is visible through the bolt holes in the shock. In warm climates, the shock can stretch up to 2", while in subzero climates you may only get about 1/2" of give.

Finally, after tightening the webbing and stretching the shock, make sure your cargo is completely secure and then tie off any extra slack.

Strong, Durable Construction

The sturdy, UV-resistant polyester webbing of these tie-down straps has a high tolerance for abrasion and water absorption.

The shocks are made of urethane, which can withstand elements such as sunlight, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals. These shocks can function in nearly any temperature, holding up to hot and cold weather conditions without losing elasticity or becoming unyielding or brittle over time.

The rust-resistant, yellow zinc chromate coating on the ratchet and hardware holds up to the varying weather conditions.

Close-up of the safetystrap on the 1.5-inch ShockStrap ratcheting tie-down

A safety strap is also built into each tie-down to provide peace of mind should something happen to the shock. This safety strap ensures that if the tie-down is used improperly, overloaded, or unduly stretched, your cargo will remain secured.

7RSBKP Shock Strap Ratcheting Tie-Down Strap with Built-in Shock Absorber - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Replaces ShockStrap 7RSBB

Video of ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Strap with Shock Absorber Review

Hi, everyone, Adam, with etrailer.com. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the shock strap ratchet strap system. And what these are going to do it's going to be ideal for your power sports like ATV, dirt bikes and UTV applications. And basically it just has a shock absorber here. That's going to take a lot of that rattling around that you get when you're going down the road, whenever you have a dirt bike, ATV, or UTV that has a shock system. So as you're going down the road, those shocks are doing what they're supposed to do and compressing.

Whenever that happens and we don't have a shock absorber in our ratchet strap, a lot of the times some of our hooks are going to come undone because the tension doesn't stay tight the whole ride. This way, it's going to eliminate that problem altogether.So when I first heard about shock strap and the fact that they have a shock in the ratchet strap, it blew my mind. Then I started using them and then I realized how useful they are. Whether it's a dirt bike or whatever you may be hauling, it doesn't even need to be on wheels, this will just get you the best fit for strapping down basically anything. Not only is this going to properly secure your dirt bike or ATV down, it's also going to think about your machine that you may be hauling.

A lot of the times you're going to blow seals in your shocks. If you have no shock absorber in your ratchet strap system, it's going to put too much tension on it and then you're going to blow seals, and that's honestly a couple of grand. Another great thing, I remember one time I was hauling a dirt bike in the back of my truck, I slammed on the brakes and basically these hooks got all the tension out and they fell out of the loops and it fell into the back of my cab, scratched my back window.And it could have been a lot worse. It could have shattered it. And I did have friends in the back and they could have gotten injured.

So I honestly think this is the safest route. Whenever you're carrying an ATV, UTV or a dirt bike around. So currently we do have the two inch by nine foot long ratchet straps, and these are going to have a capacity of 2000 pounds. So it should be ideal for our 250 that we have here. And as you can see, we do have a decent amount of excess.

So if you don't plan on strapping anything more than just your dirt bike, I think the nine is definitely going to be the right size. We do have it in an 18. So for using it with a side by side, I do suggest getting the 18 foot long ratchet strap. So we do have three different 2000 pound ratchet straps on this dirt bike.And it might be a little bit of overkill. So if you are planning on only strapping down a dirt bike, we do have another kit that is going to be an inch and a half thick, and will have sizes seven and 15 foot as well. And both sizes will come with the soft strap feature. And what that's going to be good for is whenever you don't want to put these hard metal hooks onto your bars and scratch them up, you can actually just wrap that strap around and then hook our hook into this loop here. What that's going to do, you won't have to worry about scratching your handlebars. And if you don't want to use these soft strap feature, these hooks are big enough to where they're going to be able to get over your factory handle bars, even your fat boy bars or any type of suspension linkage or frame on your side by side or ATV.And the gap in between this hook is going to be about an inch and a quarter. So these two hooks are going to be about seven, eight of an inch wide. So just be sure if you have any loops like you see here, make sure they're at least that size as you can see here, we're pretty snug, but we definitely got them in there. So these J hooks are spot welded. So you don't have to worry about these straps working their way through. They're definitely going to stay inside this housing, so you don't got to worry about that. So the shock absorber is made of a urethane based material. And what that's going to resist against is a lot of different things. It'll resist against all that salt on the road if you're hauling in the winter. It's also going to resist against oil, so if you're faucet is leaking, or you get a little bit of engine oil on it, they will be totally fine.On top of that, after a ride if you have a dirty bike, you bring it to the power washer or the drive in washer, any type of cleaning materials that you spray onto your bike won't affect our shock absorber here. So you can just be assured it's going to last quite a long time. So as you can see, all of our metal components here are going to be zinc-plated. So they're going to be extra strong and resist against any rusting corrosion over time. So these straps are going to be extremely durable. They're made of a polyester webbing, which is going to protect whatever it is touching and rubbing against when you're driving down the road. It's going to resist against UV, so if you leave them out in the sun, you don't have to worry about that. And if it starts raining, these will not retain water and it won't damage them at all.They're going to be able to withstand all those different elements that you put them through and still work just as good as the day you bought them. So on our ratchet strap handle, we do have a plastic coating around it, just so it's easier on your hands when you're ratcheting down. Also there is quite a bit of space so if you have your gloves on, you don't have to worry about not being able to tighten these down properly. There's plenty of rooms so you can go ahead and crank her down just as if you didn't have any gloves on. So when your warmer climates, we are going to get about two inches of stretch out of this shock, but if you're in sub-zero temperatures, we will only get about a half an inch of expansion. To activate the shock, you just got to ratchet it down enough to where you see that gap in between our bolts and our shock. Once we get that there, then we should be ready to go.And if you're a little weary about the shocks, we do have a safety strap that goes over top of it. So just in case these do break we do have a second set of insurance here. So in my experience, I've hauled plenty of bikes around and a lot of miles traveled with a bike, either in the bed of my truck or even on a trailer. Almost every single time I come back out when I get to my destination and my bike's either laying over or just barely hanging on by a thread. The fact that there's finally a solution for that just makes me very happy. And I will recommend this to all each trailer neighbors, please go ahead and grab some of these ratchet straps because they really do make everything a lot easier and keep everything more safe. Well, I hope this helps and you got some good information out of it. And again, this was the shock strap, ratchet straps, and I'm atomizing best. And thanks for watching..

Customer Reviews

ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2 - 297-7RSDB

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (203 Customer Reviews)

Shock absorbers ensure that these straps stay tight around your motorcycle, UTV, or snowmobile so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. No need to pull over and re-tighten. Zinc-coated S-hooks have retention clips. 3,000-lb Max load.

- 297-7RSDB

I've not used them yet but they get rave reviews from folks who tie motorcycles down in their Toy Haulers. Looks good. Like the 'dog bone' rubber that forgives a shock. Great service from Etrailer.com!

- 297-7RSDB

Straps work great. I have used them many times hauling side by side on trailer. My only concern is the life of the straps. They are already beginning to show wear and will likely soon need to be replaced. Have used them for only a year. If this becomes an annual expense, might be too costly to replace.

- 297-7RSDB

Great straps, dont come loose while tra ilering

- 297-7RSDB

These straps work awesome when it come to holding the fourwheelers and generators in place inside the toyhauler, no need to stop and check the straps after leaving every construction zone.

- 297-7RSDB

- 297-7RSDB

Have a set of the camstrap shockstraps. and couldn't seem to pull them tight enough(old age), have another brand of ratchet strap, easier to tighten, but have to keep checking them to make sure they don't loosen up going down the highway. Ordered a set of these last year from shockstrap, was impressed with the quality, so I bought another set from etrailer. They had the best price for a pair, plus very helpful, and fast shipping.Can't wait for warmer weather, to give these a try. I'm sure they'll keep the atv's safe and secure on the way to the trails.

- 297-7RSDB

These are the best straps I’ve used. Never get loose. Have the 2 inch for my UTV so now have the 1.5 inch for atv

- 297-7RSDB

Easy ordering. Fast delivery. Quality merchandise.

- 297-7RSDB

- 297-7RSDB

- 297-7RSDB

Great prices and super fast shipping on quality products!

- 297-7RSDB

Received in timely manner and a quality product as advertised. Looking forward to using and confirming my high expectations. Will provide feedback when available.

- 297-7RSDB

Awesome straps! Use them on my side by side

- 297-7RSDB

These are GREAT! Work exactly as advertised! I will be purchasing more.

- 297-15RSDB

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

When it comes to hauling a UTV on an open trailer, there is simply nothing better than these ShockStraps. They don't come loose and they maintain tension. My favorite feature is being able to loop the strap around something and hook it to itself. This is so much more secure than typical cheap tie down straps. I also use these to fasten my fishing kayak to my kayak trailer. For that I need to stick a rag under the metal ratchet but that's no big deal considering how well it holds my kayak in place.

- 297-9RSBB-M

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

Like everyone else I would go through the efforts of strapping down a utv only to see my ratchet straps hanging off the trailer as I look at my review mirror 10 minutes into my trip. Never again! Used these on a 200 mile round trip down all kinds of roads (freeway, country roads, dirt roads, etc) and never had to adjust or tighten them. A must have.

- 297-9RSBB-M

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

These straps are very durable and strong. I am using them in my enclosed trailer for BMW motorcycle and Polaris Ranger for tie downs. Best straps I have ever purchased.

- 297-7RSBB-M

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

Nothing better in my experience. I've hauled motorcycles for 20+ years with all kinds of tie downs in trucks, vans, trailers and toy haulers. These straps are the best I've used. In march, used my trailer with locking front wheel chock to carry a 400+ pound bike over 2000 miles. Checked them for tightness at 100 miles and could not believe they did not need a little adjustment. Never tightened them once in the whole trip.

- 297-7RSBB-UTV

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

This is the best tiedown strap I have ever used. I originally purchased 4 and was so impressed with them that I bought 4 more and cleaned out all those old straps that we all keep around. What ever you use them on doesn't move .

- 297-9RSBB-M

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

Love them except the ratcheting mechanisms sometimes won't release and one already had to be replaced under warranty. When they are tighten down to hold my UTV in the trailer it keeps them from coming loose. The previous straps I used sometimes became slack and allowed the UTV to move around in the trailer. The only complaint is when I pull back on the ratcheting mechanism to release the tension on the straps it doesn't release as it should sometimes.

- 297-9RSBB-2SLY-ATV

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

These straps are hands down the best tie downs I have ever had! I am likely going to purchase another set for my trailer. I use them to hold my ATV on my Diamondback truck cover. Very Solid even on long trips. I highly recommend them!

- 297-9RSDB

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

These are great!!! Just got back from a 1200 mile Round trip to Tennessee. Used these to strap down 2 SXS. These straps didn’t loosen on bit.

- 297-9RSDB

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

Fantastic straps - they do not loosen up over rough roads. Great buy!

Shock Straps are absolutely the best! I pull my ATVs off road a lot on some pretty bad dirt roads. They have NEVER loosened up. They are great!
Dan H - 12/28/2020

- 297-9RSDB

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

First time purchase from etrailer.com and it sure won't be the last!!. They had in stock what I was looking for at a very reasonable price with free shipping, doesn't get any better than that. I give them 5 STARS ****

- 297-7RSBB-UTV

Review from a similar Shock-Absorbing Ratchet in Ratchet Straps

These straps are great. The are strong and allow for some movement of the motorcycles without have the straps break or come loose. The Harley was transported to Las Vegas and back, 2500 miles with no issues.

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    The ShockStrap Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps w Built-in Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1K - Qty 2 # 297-7RSDB are not available in the retractable style. This is simply because the shock absorbing element wouldn't be able to be retracted to the spring loaded coil. The manufacturer doesn't make a semi-retractable option at this time. If you would like a retractable strap instead of the shock absorber, then I recommend the Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w/ Push Button Releases...
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  • What Is The Minimum Length The ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps 297-7RSDB Can Be?
    I reached out to my contact at ShockStrap and the ShockStrap Ratchet Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1-1/2" x 7' - 1,000 lbs - Qty 2 # 297-7RSDB has a minimum length of 29". Now this will work just fine at 32" that you were needing, but for a strap that will work at 20" you will need a different strap. I recommend the Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w/ Push Button Releases - 2" x 10' - 1,100 lbs - Qty 2 # EM34416 which will work perfectly at 20" like you were needing. I included...
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