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Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum

Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum

Item # 315-FXK
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Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum Silver 315-FXK
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Marine motor support bracket is designed to protect your transom, motor, and steering components from shock and vibrations while you tow your boat. High-strength aluminum construction is corrosion resistant. Telescopes to fit your application. 1-800-940-8924 to order Jif Marine boat motor accessories part number 315-FXK or order online at Free expert support on all Jif Marine products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum. Boat Motor Accessories reviews from real customers.
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Jif Marine Boat Motor Accessories - 315-FXK

  • Transom Savers
  • Aluminum
  • Silver
  • 25 - 36 Inch Long
  • Jif Marine

Marine motor support bracket is designed to protect your transom, motor, and steering components from shock and vibrations while you tow your boat. High-strength aluminum construction is corrosion resistant. Telescopes to fit your application.


  • Support bracket protects the transom, motor, and steering components of your boat from shock and vibration while it is being towed
    • Attaches to trailer frame and extends out to support your boat's outboard motor
    • Great for boats with large motors
  • Telescoping shaft adjusts to match distance between trailer and motor
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
    • High-strength aluminum exterior is rustproof
  • 15" Rubber strap with hooks holds the motor to minimize movement
  • 2 Options for fast, easy installation
    • Quick-release, bolt-on bracket attaches to trailer frame
    • Over-the-roller bracket attaches to the center roller


  • Telescoping length: 25" to 36"
  • Collapsed dimensions: 25" long x 1" thick
  • Rubber strap dimensions: 15" long x 3/4" wide x 1/4" thick
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Transom savers are designed to protect your boat's transom from road shock, vibrations, and other undue stresses while the boat is being towed. This is particularly important for boats with heavy motor-to-boat weight ratios like johnboats, bass boats, and other small vessels. This type of support will be more effective than your boat's standard tilt-lock feature, which wasn't specifically designed to deal with the stresses of road travel.

Installing the Transom Saver

This transom saver can be installed on your trailer in 2 different ways. It comes with both a quick-release bolt-on adapter for your trailer's frame, and an over-the-roller attachment.

Roller Mount Bracket

If your trailer has a center roller mounted on the frame at the rear, you will want to use the over-the-roller attachment. Simply attach the mount to the support and place it over the roller. Once the transom saver is in position, the weight of the engine being supported will apply enough pressure to stabilize and hold it in place.

Quick Release Adapter

If you don't have a center roller, you will need to bolt the quick-release adapter onto your trailer's frame. Once the bracket is in place, you can easily attach the support to the bracket using the included bolt. To install the bracket, just drill a hole in the center of the frame and bolt the adapter in place.

Setting Up the Transom Saver

Once you have the trailer-end attachment of the support mounted, you can set up the support to prop up your boat's motor. The V-shaped end of the transom saver is what will cradle your boat's motor. It fits around the lower portion of the motor. To get started, remove the pin in the support and telescope it out until it spans the area between the trailer-mounted bracket and your motor. If your motor is equipped with a hydraulic tilt and/or trim, you will want to have it raised while positioning the transom saver.

Once the support is in position, reinsert the pin and lower the motor to ensure that there is enough pressure on the transom saver to hold it in place. Then hook the included rubber strap around the motor to hold it in place in the V-shaped cradle. This will help ensure that movement during travel won't cause the transom saver to slip or lose its position. Be mindful to remove the transom savor from the motor once you have arrived at your destination to prevent damage to the trailer, motor, or other equipment as you launch.

FXK JIF Marine Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" - Aluminum

Video of Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Jif Marine Comfort Ride Transom Saver Review

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're gonna be checking out the line of Jif Marine Transom Savers. Now, these transom savers are really simple components but, they really do help out a ton whenever you're pulling your boat down the road. What they're gonna do is help support your motor. That way, all that weight isn't bouncing around on your boat's transom. It's really important to keep your transom in good shape.

You know, that's obviously where it's holding your motor on. And so it's critical that that stays, in good condition. And a transom is one of them things you really don't wanna have to deal with. You know, it's, a lot of times if you get cracks in 'em or they rot out, whatever the case may be, get soft on ya. At times it's expensive defects, and, time-consuming, need a lot of special tools, so, to help reduce the risk of causing your transom to prematurely fail, you can use one of these savers.

And what's this is gonna do is kind of stop your motor from bouncing all over the place whenever you're pulling, you know, pulling it down the road to the boat ramp or storage, whatever the case may be. But these outboards on here typically, you know If you got relatively small boats and pretty heavy motors. Especially nowadays, these, you know, larger four-stroke motors have a little more weight to 'em than the older two strokes. They're getting more and more popular. So it's important to keep this thing braced and prevent it from bouncing around.

So, to give you an example of that today we have our motor trimmed up, which is great, it helps out a little bit, you know, it helps get the weight of the motor, you know, more towards the front of the boat over the center of the transom, but that's only gonna do so much. So, even if I just kinda grab our motor and I'm barely putting any pressure on this. So imagine if you're on 50 hitting potholes. You know, you can see it just really work in that transom. I don't wanna do it too much, but you know, there's nothing holding this.

This is kinda flapping around and, something like this is going to prevent that from happening and save you a lot of time. So, one thing that is pretty nice about the setup here is there's actually a spring inside of this sleeve in between your two adjustment pins here, your pin and your bolt. And what that's gonna do is give you a little bit of cushion, okay So this isn't just one solid firm piece. The spring is tight. So it stays hard unless you really hit a big bump or something like that. So just to kinda give you a visual let's say, if we put this on our trailer, which we're acting like the wall is and put a little downward pressure on it. It takes some, pressure to move it. But you can see it has some give there, and some movement. So it's just gonna, you know, provide with a little more of a smooth ride and won't allow everything to be so rigid and firm. So the little feet here that go around the lower unit are made from rubber. It's relatively forgiving, so it'll kinda absorb some shock and vibration. And you're not gonna have to worry about these scratching up your lower unit, or, you know, really digging into the casing or anything like that so, not much to worry about there, you know, this is gonna stay in place help hold onto that motor and do a good job of it. So I went ahead and put our transom saver in place, and I just kinda wanna do a comparison here with this in place versus when it's not in place. So, if I apply the same amount of pressure, don't get me wrong, there's still a little bit of movement. But the majority of it, is actually, in our transom saver itself. So you can see it kinda rebounding in and out from the spring that's in there. And so most of that energy, when you are hitting bumps, is getting transferred through the saver onto the trailer where, it's not that big of a deal, if that moves around a little bit Same thing if I try to pull it out, it comes up this strap here, it's pretty thick actually. And same deal. Little bit of movement there but it's mostly in the transom saver itself, so it does a pretty good job of taking some of that strain off the transom. And, although it's not perfect, it's definitely an improvement. So one of the big questions that we get asked with these is what size transom saver do you actually need And that's because they are available in multiple different lengths. And there's a pretty broad spectrum within those lengths, if that makes sense. And one quick way to at least kinda get you in the ballpark and get you close, it's just to take a quick measurement. And so what you would do is tilt your motor up to where you want it. Usually something like this is pretty normal. And you would measure from either the roller, if you had if your trailer has a roller on the back of it, or measure it from the frame itself, kinda go at your angle and measure to the edge of your lower unit here. And, that'll get you in the ballpark, like I said. Most of the lengths are pretty adjustable. So, find one that's kinda in the middle of your measurement if you can, and that'll give you a little bit of wiggle room, not only in, but out as well, and probably give you the best results. So the transom saver's gonna work with pretty much any size outboard motor. Generally speaking. Today, we have it on a 115. But you could use this on a 9-9 all the way up to 250, or possibly more so. As long as you have a spot to connect it to your trailer and to the lower unit, it'll do its job and help support it. One thing I do wanna mention, not a probably a super common scenario, but something to think about is if you have a jack plate or something like that which, brings your motor up a little bit higher something you need to think about is where your motor sits when it's on the trailer. So, if it's way up here say your lower unit is sitting up here, you know, think about the angle from where this connects to the trailer. You know, it might be too steep of an angle and hit the bottom of your boat, whatever the case may be. Just something I wanted to mention. I know everyone has a little bit different set up. And so it's worth thinking about. Another thing too. My boat, I actually have an outboard jet conversion on it. Okay, so I don't have this V-shape here on the lower unit or what where would be the lower unit. I have a rounded outboard jet and so, a saver like this really isn't optimal, it really aint a whole, a lot of places to kinda grab onto. So if that's your case, it's something to think about as well. I know it's kind of an, not a super common situation but people definitely run across that and, something just to look into. Something I do wanna mention. This part here that fits around our roller is going to be three inches wide. That's pretty common size. Most of these rollers are pretty generic. And so chances are pretty good this will work out with your, setup. If your trailer doesn't have a roller like this you can always pick one up here at etrailer, and put one on there. Or you can mount this up a different way as well. It actually comes with this little bracket. And what you can do is pull this bolt out remove this a U-shaped piece that goes over the roller, and simply bolt this to the trailer frame itself, all right So this would be bolted there, like so, and then this end would bolt to it. And that would be your attachment point there. So, regardless if your trailer has a roller or not you're gonna have a way to give you a connection point whether it be going around the roller, or directly to the trailer frame itself. The transom saver is gonna be made from aluminum as well as stainless steel. So, the part here is, feels like a cast aluminum. It's pretty solid, actually. There's nothing hollow about it. But then we're gonna have an aluminum square sleeve, that runs down. And this part here that goes inside of the aluminum that's your stainless. Part down there's also aluminum casting but, I think it's kind of a cool design for, one, you're not gonna get, you know, any rust or anything like that going on. But, I feel like whenever you're going down the road the aluminum is supporting this and it's kind of taking in those light vibrations almost. But when you get some serious weight going on and hitting some serious bumps, it's going to take that energy, apply it down here. This is where the spring is inside, and push down on the stainless itself. So, when you really need it that stainless is gonna be there, be solid. But kinda in just that resting position I feel like the weight on this maybe a little more forgiving, and should work out well, whether you're going slow, fast, or anything in between. So I figured we'd hook up to our tow vehicle and just kinda run our boat around through our test course. So over some bumps, and a little bit of evasive maneuvering there and see how it does. Once we kinda get going over the bumps, you do see the motor moving a little bit and that's okay. But for the most part, it looks like our transom saver is doing the job. If you look, you really don't see any flex or movement at all on the transom. And, that's the, potential issue, that this transom saver is resolving. Without that being there, you could just tell that that motor moving up and down would really put some strain on the transom. So, with the saver being in place, something we're not gonna really have to worry about too much. When we kinda start doing a little bit of evasive maneuvering, even on pretty much flat ground, you can tell that it's still supporting everything nicely. You know, the motor wants to kinda shift one side or the other, and up and down and the saver's kinda eliminating that, you know, gives it that solid attachment point to keep everything in place. So at the end of the day, if you trail your boat a transom saver's almost a must have. You know, it's going to really help keep your transom and everything else in good shape. That way you can be out on the water doing what you enjoy, as opposed to in the repair shop trying to get your boat fixed up. But with all that being said, that will finish up our look at of the line of Jif Marine Transom Savers..

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Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum - 315-FXK

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

Marine motor support bracket is designed to protect your transom, motor, and steering components from shock and vibrations while you tow your boat. High-strength aluminum construction is corrosion resistant. Telescopes to fit your application.


Both products came in today, fast delivery. I ordered a transom saver and a roller to attach to boat trailer. Not exactly sure if the roller will work but tired kneeling down to pin transom saver into place. I had to drill holes into the frame of trailer, hardest thing was finding bolts and nuts that would fit.


fantastic transaction


Have a small motor with long lower unit that I want to use on a 14 foot aluminum boat. Need to make sure things stay up for transit and get weight off transom.

Leigh H.


Works well getting weight and bounce off motor and transom when transporting. A must have in my book.


Good Quality


Does the job as expected. Will say more after it is used.


Works as described. A must have for boats with outboard motors.


Tourney Transom Saver - 25" to 36" Long - Aluminum
Item # 315-FXK. I ordered this and received it very fast. Good product and it didn't take me long to install it at all. I've ordered from before and just like then I was very satisfied with the purchase and fast shipping. I'm positive that I will be ordering from in the future.


Quality products, fast shipping, and excellent communications. Would buy from etrailer again.


As always when I place an order it was fast, easy and exactly as advertised. Thank you again for such excellent service.



Fast shipping and great service! Thank you!


better than advertised,unbelievable fast shipping!





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  • Dimensions For End Of Tourney Transom Saver # 315-FXK To Fit On Mounting Bracket On Boat Trailer
    I went out in our warehouse and measured the Tourney Transom Saver # 315-FXK. The end that you would use to connect to the trailer has a 3/4" by 3/4" inner diameter. The bolt hole is centered 1/2" in from the end of the tubing. Based on your image it appears it will fit onto the shank but I do not see a mounting hole.
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    Image 1 for
  • What is the Warranty on the JIF Marine Tourney Transom Saver
    The Tourney Transom Saver # 315-FXK comes with a 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty that will cover any breakage because of faulty craftsmanship. This particular unit is made from a high quality and high strength aluminum that helps resist corrosion, which would be a primary cause of most malfunctions. I'll also say that from what I was able to find, I haven't found any specific instances of this transom saver malfunctioning for any of our customers. For peace of mind, it might help...
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  • Replacement Motor Support Toggle For Old Transom Saver
    The Replacement Motor Support Toggle for Jif Marine Transom Saver # 315-FXL is designed to fit Jif transom savers # 315-FXJ, # 315-FXH, and # 315-FXI. If you have any of those transom savers, then # 315-FXL will work for you. Alternatively, if you have the Tourney Transom Saver # 315-FXK, then the correct replacement is # 315-FXK-1. I wouldn't be able to confirm or deny that either of these will work/not work for you without a little more information.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Transom Saver that Can be Used with Mercury Outboard Motor
    We have a few options for transom savers but they are not fitguided to outboard motors like you mentioned. We have the # 315-FXH which is 27-36 inches long, part # 315-FXI which is 31-40 inches long, as well as the part # 315-FXK which is 25-36 inches long. You'd need to measure your setup to see which range would fit the best.
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  • Picking Out Transom Saver for CE Smith Multi Sport Plug Boat
    We have a few transom saver options that would work well on your trailer but it really comes down to what would fit your setup the best and I don't have a way to look that up. We have the # 315-FXH which is 27-36 inches long, part # 315-FXI which is 31-40 inches long, as well as the part # 315-FXK which is 25-36 inches long. You'd need to measure your setup to see which range would fit the best.
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  • Transom Savor Recommendation For Small 8 Plastic Boat With 2.5 HP Motor
    I recommend the Tourney Pro Transom Saver # 315-FXJ for your 5'x8' plastic boat. The transom saver is definitely recommended with the lightweight plastic boat you have. With this transom saver you can mount it to the trailer by sliding it onto a Keel Roller # YR12244-125EC or attaching the quick release adapter onto your trailers frame. It can extend from 24" to 36" in length by 3" increments.
    view full answer...
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