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Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Mountain Bike

Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Mountain Bike

Item # SR34FR
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Bike Storage
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Space-saving storage rack holds 1 mountain bike or E-bike vertically on your wall with no lifting required. Hinged brackets let you swing bike against the wall for compact storage. Fits tires up to 2.81" wide. Mounting hardware included. 1-800-940-8924 to order Steadyrack bike storage part number SR34FR or order online at Free expert support on all Steadyrack products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Mountain Bike. Bike Storage reviews from real customers.
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Steadyrack Bike Storage - SR34FR

  • Bike Hanger
  • Wall Mounted Rack
  • Steadyrack
  • Wheel Mount
  • 1 Bike
  • Black

Space-saving storage rack holds 1 mountain bike or E-bike vertically on your wall with no lifting required. Hinged brackets let you swing bike against the wall for compact storage. Fits tires up to 2.81" wide. Mounting hardware included.


  • Storage rack holds 1 bike vertically on the wall of your garage, home, or office
  • Space-saving design - rack swings to the side with bike loaded
    • Perfect for areas with limited storage space - allows you to use multiple racks close together
    • Tensioned hinge only moves when you apply pressure so bike won't swing on its own
  • Easy-to-load bracket holds your E-bike or mountain bike securely by the front wheel
    • V-shaped brim is designed to hold most standard-sized bike tires
  • Rear-wheel bracket helps to keep your bike straight on the rack
    • Can be positioned to accommodate any wheelbase
  • Brackets fold flat for compact storage
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Black color
  • Constructed of durable, ABS plastic and zinc-coated steel


  • Maximum tire width: 2.81" (71.43 mm)
  • Wheel diameter: 20" - 29"
  • Weight capacity: 77 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24" tall x 25" deep x 4-1/2" wide
  • Distance from wall when folded up: 4-3/4"
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Rack must be fixed to stud framing or masonry. Fixing to drywall only is not recommended.
  • Not recommended for bikes with permanent or fixed front fenders.


The Steadyrack allows you to store 1 mountain bike or E-bike vertically on the wall of your garage, home, or office. A folding bracket with a V-shaped brim holds your bike securely by the front wheel, and it requires no lifting to load. A secondary bracket holds your bike's rear wheel in place. And the rack swings to the side with your bike loaded for compact storage.

Space-Saving, Swiveling Design

Steadyrack space saving

The front-wheel bracket is hinged so it can swing nearly 180 degrees from side to side. This lets you reposition your bike for compact storage, and it allows you to store multiple bikes close together against the wall. And the tensioned hinge requires pressure to move so your bike won't swing freely on the rack.

Steadyrack space saving

The Steadyrack's space-saving design allows it to fold flat and out of the way when you aren't using it. Simply push the brackets toward the wall until the upper bracket snaps into the retaining clips on the lower bracket.

Simple, No-Lift Loading

Steadyrack swivel

The Steadyrack's front-wheel bracket consists of 2 interlocking pieces of corrosion-resistant, 3/8" thick zinc-coated steel. To load your bike, simply fold the brackets down, hike the bike up on its rear wheel, and roll it forward so the front wheel rests in between the brackets. The steel brackets support your bike's front wheel from the bottom and on both sides to prevent movement. If you've positioned the rack to hold your bike up off the ground, the rack will do the work of lifting your rear wheel when you roll the front wheel onto the brackets.

Steadyrack Rear Wheel Bracket

The Steadyrack's rear-wheel bracket helps keep your bike straight on the rack while still allowing it to swivel as needed for storage. The rear-wheel bracket is a separate piece, so it can be installed at any distance from the front-wheel bracket to accommodate your bike's wheelbase.

Easy Installation

Mounting Hardware

The Steadyrack installs easily with included mounting hardware. Simply choose the spot on your wall that you want the bike to hang and mount the front-wheel holder. Load your bike onto the front-wheel holder, mark the spot where the rear wheel contacts the wall, and install the rear-wheel bracket.

B-SRMTB-001 Steady Rack E-Bike Storage Rack - Folding - 1 Bicycle

Video of Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Mountain Bike

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Review

What's up, everybody. It's AJ with Today we checking out the Steadyrack. This is a wall-mounted bike rack. It's going to get your bike up off the floor, your E-bike or your Mountain bike and mount it to the wall, but you can still move it to the side if you have limited garage space and pull in your vehicle. Let's check it out.

This is what it looks like on the wall without a bike on it. When you're not using it, it folds up into itself. You see, the cradles, just fold back there, they snap into place too so you don't have to worry about hitting it and having to fall out or anything. It's not going to do that. But you will pull it out like that.

You see these catches here Will catch it and hold it in the right spot. You have these tabs to make sure it doesn't ever go too far back and then loses its strength. You can keep it here. It's nice and strong, ready to add our bike. So, I'm going to go ahead and grab the bike and show you how to do that.

One thing I noticed is, we have the hooks in the studio that hold the bike up on the wall, so you kind of have to lift it by here and hold it up to get it on one of those hooks. This isn't going to be like that. This one, all you need to do is roll it up on its back tire, with it tilted up like this, I'm just going to tilt it back, get it started and you just push it into place. You don't have to lift it. It's that easy.

It just glides right on there. This version of the Steadyrack is made for your E-bikes and your Mountain bikes, so those are usually your heavier type of bikes. The bike itself is probably about 50 pounds with the battery on there. We removed the battery today but when you have something with that much weight, you don't want to have to lift it up and set it into place and that's the whole point of this. You just wheel it up to it like you saw me do. There's going to be a little bit of friction when you first put the tire in there and it's going to feel like you might have to lift it to set it in. You don't have to do that. You just push, the tire rotates, it goes right into place, stays in a place too. I can move it back and forth. You don't have to worry about it falling back out or going anywhere. You see, it's not moving. I'm moving this back and forth quite a bit and there's no movement in the bike. This cradle can handle up to 77 pounds. So, it's going to hold up for those E-bikes and Mountain bikes just fine. Another advantage this has over the regular wheel hooks is when you mount those, your bike stays in place, it's staying like this. It's up and out of the way, but you can't move it. This side rack allows you to move it, towards the wall, either way you want to. And the base, you can either put the rear tire in, but if you're worried about the spokes hitting the end of that, you actually back it out and kind of use it as a stop. Put it on the side. So, when you keep that in place, it's still not going to go anywhere. Get you a little bit more out of the way and tilt it to the side. So, if you have a smaller garage, you're going to pull your car in, you don't have to decide if you want your bike up like this, or put your car in the garage, you can just move to the side and park right next to it. I'm going to give you a couple of different measurements to think about to see if it's going to work in your garage or not. I'm going see how far it sticks out from the wall itself. I'm going to go from the base of our rack here. The rear end looks to be about 25. 25 inches from here to here is about how far it's going to stick out. But when you're not using it, you can fold it right back up, and stab into place, and now it takes up, we'll go from, this looks like it's the further point, about five inches. So, it really takes it down considerably when it's not used, giving you more room to park around it. It's really easily to install too. So, let's check out how we installed it. Before we started installing it, we need to get some measurements. And how we're going to do that is, I laid the Steadyrack down on the ground and put our back tire up against the wall. We're going to pretend that the floor is actually the wall so we can get this measurement, to see exactly where we need to mount the Steadyrack at, because when we go to put it on there, we want to be able to just to lift it up and walk it on and get it on that hook. We don't want to have to actually lift the bike up and set it in the hook or anything like that. So, that's going to get us the exact measurement we need so we know where to mount it here on the wall. So, I already got the tape measure set up. We're measuring all the way to the back of the back tire or the wall here actually, to the top of the Steadyrack. So again, picture this being on the side of the wall. It looks like it's going to be right in between 68 and a half inches. I'm going to go have the 69 inches just to get that little extra space. I think we'll be good. You can see that we've used this to install many different wall-mounted racks. All these holes in a row, tell me that this is where the stud is because it's where they've all been mounted. You at home, will want to make sure you find the studs in your wall before you started drilling. With our hole mark, we'll go ahead, and run in our first bolt. We going to follow it up by adding the one down here too. With it's screwed in at the top, we're going to just do the same thing here at the bottom. Now let's see how it works. We're going to tilt the bike back, get it started rolling, rolls right into place. I didn't have to lift the bike at all. It hits this little bump here. Then you just walk forward and the wheel will turn and go right in the cradle. I'll even show you. Easily moves side to side. It doesn't seem like it's going to roll out. It's down in that cradle. I'll try and move it a little bit. It's not going to fall out. Same thing on this side. That's something you may notice, is that back tire is moving around just a little bit. Well, that's where we got this base for that we can install to help hold that tire in place. So, let's go do that now. With the bike in place, it'll be easier to figure out where you need to put this base. I'll set the back tire in there and it looks like the good spot for it, is right there. It'll help it pivot in place and you're not going to have that tire walking around on you. So, we're gonna mark that with my pen like I did before. Now, I know that it's all installed and it's nice and sturdy and we're going to pop the caps back on the top and the bottom. You hear them snapping into place. We'll give it another test. Now, if you need a little bit more, when you go to lean against the wall, you can set this aside and kind of use the base as a stopper on the rear wheel. That also gives more room for the spokes. You can see in here, when I go to turn it, you might be worried about your spokes hitting, you can easily just use it as a stop instead. That way the spokes don't get involved. With this installed, let's check out a meeting I had with a rider earlier, going over the different types of Steadyracks. Interviewer You want to go ahead and talk to us and let us know what you think about it overall. Anything you found that works really well and anything you found that you would possibly think it might not work as wellIt was a really simple install earlier today when we did the video. A couple of screws on the top and the bottom. It's nice and secure. I'll try and move it around and see only the arms for the cradles themselves are moving. I pull it down to place very easily. I push down on it, its not moving. It does go side to side, but just don't do that. It moves side to side pretty easily. Interviewer The cradle that's holding the top wheel in place, the arms that come out, they look pretty heavy gauge metal. They look like they're pretty thick from looking at them. I don't know the exact thickness, but it looks like they're a pretty good size. Oh yeah, they definitely are. Interviewer If you had to guess on thickness, what diameter you think those areQuarter inch, maybe. Interviewer Quarter inch. Okay. Do you think that, other than it's swaying side to side, whenever you're trying to load it, did you find any other issues when trying to load the bike into that cradleNot past the initial, the fighting the habit of lifting it and then putting in the cradle. I guess because we have the hooks here. I naturally go to lift it and set a new place. You don't have to do that. You hit here. Right where you put the tire there, just a push of a little bit, then it holds right up into there. So, it's just finding that initial instinct of lifting it and setting it. Its like, "Oh, I don't have to do that." Push it on and rolls on by itself. Interviewer Right. There's just like a little tiny bit of resistance when you go do that the first time that makes you think, "Oh, this isn't going to work."Interviewer 1 Right. I guess my question would be to you, because you know we carry some of the floor mounted models where you can just roll it in with your front wheel and hold it in place and those take up a little bit more space. Do you think it would be more beneficial to use this wall-mounted version or something on the floor I guess it all depends on the person and space. But if you had to choose between the two different types, which would you lean towards knowing what you know about this oneI think if you have the space, I would go with this. I was honestly thinking about it using it in my apartment, in a small storage closet, right beside my patio. And I have a bike that's wedged sideways in there taking up the entire closet right now. I don't have any space for it in the apartment but I was trying to figure out if I had enough room for this to actually move like that, so I could move it out of the way and get to the rest of the stuff in the closet. But I think that's more helpful than having it on the ground and taking up all that space where you can't exactly move it, if it is in the way, to get to something. Interviewer 1 Right. Interviewer 2 That's a really good idea like actually by the closet. So, it's not just blocking the door. Because I was thinking something like this, if you want to keep your garage organized, maybe you have a smaller garage. Sure, it makes sense, but honestly, if I had an apartment, I don't want it on the ground taking up more space. I've seen people who've had pulley systems arranged in their apartments, it was a loft, but still, to just pull their bike up off the floor to get it out of the way. But I didn't think about that too, the apartments with the patio outside and you have that closet that whatever you put out there will get in the way, if you could pivot that out of the way of the door. I could see that being really helpful too. Interviewer 1 I think this is a great alternative because I know in our garage we have like the J style hooks in the ceilings that we've screwed into the studs. So unfortunately, I have to most of the time get up on a 10 foot ladder and then hoist the bike up over my head and get it lined up on the hooks. So, whereas this is going to be a lot more easier, a lot less detrimental to my health if I come off that ladder. So, that was what I was definitely interested in. If you feel like it's definitely worth saving the space and not dealing with a situation like that too. Interviewer 2 It could save lives. Interviewer 1 That's what I was getting at. 10 foot doesn't sound like a long fall, but on concrete, it still does hurt. With the bike on top of you probably. Interviewer 1 Yeah, an E-bike on top of you. Exactly. That's the good thing, it stays in place. I can fit it. It's not going to come out of that cradle. So, I liked that too. I was worried that it would roll right back out if I hit it the wrong way or something like that, but if you push it around, it's not falling right back or anything, out really gets into that. Interviewer 2 So AJ, you we're saying, there you guys just store them on hooks. Like all the bikes are just on hooks, is that rightMm-hmm. Interviewer 2 If you had the ability to order these in, would you replace the hooks for these or at least for the E-bikes or are you guys okay with the hooks and it's not a big dealThe hooks are probably better because they're universal. We don't exactly put the bikes back in the exact same way every time. Depends on what people are using. It might be more helpful because we have to get the specific Steadyracks for the specific bikes we have. We'd have to get the fat tire one for that one. Get the small one for the road bikes to use for that one. We don't have anything fenders on us so we don't have to get the special fender one or anything. I'd be afraid that we would set that up and people would try and put other ones in the wrong ones anyway. And then bikes would fall. Not me of course. Interviewer 2 No, everyone else. Yes. Yeah, everyone else. Interviewer 1 All right. Well, I think that wraps it up. We appreciate you guys taking the time to show usCool. Interviewer 1 If you need anything, feel free to reach out and let me know. Awesome. Appreciate it. Interviewer 1 All right guys. Go well. Interviewer 1 You too. So, all in all, I'm pretty impressed. I thought when we first we're going to go work with it, it mounts to the wall, it's just going to hold the bike up. I'm used to the hooks that we have in one of the other bays, you have to run it up there, attach the hook, and sometimes it gets in the way because it's universal. But I was impressed that this one's made specifically for E-bikes and Mountain bikes. It rolls right up there. I didn't have to lift it at all. It goes right into place and it's sturdy. I can move it a little bit here just to show you. Even if you just run into it or something, it's not going to fall out and fall onto your car or something you have in your garage. So, that gave me confidence in it that, it is fine to move it side to side. Or if somebody accidentally bumped into it, it's not going to move. You have to actually push it for it to go anywhere. So, its not going to swing back and forth or anything either. Overall, very impressed with it like I said. I think it's going to be great way to get your bike up and out of the way in your garage. I hope this helped..

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Customer Reviews

Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Mountain Bike - SR34FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (19 Customer Reviews)

Space-saving storage rack holds 1 mountain bike or E-bike vertically on your wall with no lifting required. Hinged brackets let you swing bike against the wall for compact storage. Fits tires up to 2.81" wide. Mounting hardware included.


etrailer was very timely with my order. They shipped quickly to the west cost. The packaging was excellent. The product arrived in perfect condition.
This is the best bike rack on the contest. I own 3 steady racks from The are very. very easy to mount. I have 3 e-bikes on the steady rack. The ebikes weigh 56 pounds, no problem. The big 2.5 inch knobby wheels fit perfectly. The easy racks fold against the wall when not in use and when in use you can swing the bikes left or right to increase room for walking by next to your car or trucks. Simply put...if you have a bicycle go to pick your rack. buy your rack online. has your back. The easiest and best rack youll ever buy. not even close.



This is the best and mist convinient bikr rack ever made. I store 3 ebikes and they work perfectly 365 days a year. Weve had the Steady rack fir one year now.


Great bike rack design and execution. Bike remains secure. Swivels from side to side easily. Easy to install. You may have to adjust the top bolt/screw (1 of 2 lag bolts to secure the device into the wall) higher or lower depending on how much ease of swiveling from side to side you desire. The rear tire holder is a plastic, not steel V shaped piece that although it works OK, could be better if the designers used more of a C shaped piece. That way when you do swivel your bike from side to side, the rear tire won't slip out. Regardless of the rear tire does slip out, the bike remains firmly in the grip of the Steadyrack. This idea is an improvement on the design and would keep the bike more secure and allow more freedom of movement without changing the design much. I will be making my own rear tire holder out of metal just for my own convenience. Great product. Definitely recommend.

Cartwright B.


Excellent, would buy it again, best option available for storing my bike vertically.


The Steadyrack works great and I'm glad I got a couple of them. The installation is a bit tricky though because the rack works best if the bike's rear tire is about 1"-2" off the floor. Lower and it can drag and it is amazing how the difficulty increases, for rolling the bike onto the rack, without lifting, if it is higher. Since there is a little flex when the rack is loaded you may have to mount it, load a bike, and then remount it once you see the actual sag based on the bike's weight. If you have more than one bike, check the sag for all the bikes with the first install, (of the largest bike), then you'll probably be able to estimate the mounting height for the remaining racks. If you plan on mounting the rack higher, and just lifting the bikes, rather than rolling them on, then the exact height isn't so important.

(Rolling them on means holding the rear brake, walking the bike backwards to lift the front tire until the bike wheelies up to the 12 noon position, and then easing off the rear brake in order to roll the bike forward to the rack, then just pushing forward until the front tire rolls over the "V" of the rack and into place.)

We have e-bikes that are about 50 lbs and the racks handle that weight well.



The racks are working well and I still have the same thoughts from my original review.


Great way to store bikes with easy access! Be sure to get adequate hardware if not mounting to a wall stud.


Easy to install and work great to save space in garage!


Arrived with all pieces intact. Very good and simple mounting instructions--better than the goofy 3rd-party [online} video I watched and should've skipped. It would be nice to add slotted stud-mount holes to allow small adjustments up and down. The rack is solidly built and operates as advertised. It is definitely easy enough for my wife to use with her bike. I am mounting these on 16" centers. The swing allows you space to get another bike on or off by just moving one out of the way.



No problems after using a year. Very solid, useful product, easy to use


Bought the MTB version to test. Mounted easily, holds the bike perfectly and love that the bike can move to either side. I will be ordering 2 more for road bikes and 2 more for MTB.


These are amazing devices. So easy to install and our two ebikes now take up so little room in the garage. We installed the two racks on studs 16” inches apart, staggering the height by 8” and both bikes fit well.


The Steadyrack racks are excellent. Good design, and made very well. Nice and sturdy. I bought two. After putting up the first one, I found that the bike didn't go quite all the way down to the wall. The pedal would touch first, leaving the handlebar several inches from the wall. I needed the bike to go all the way to the wall to get my pickup in next to it. I decided to try mounting a 2x6 on the wall, edge first, and mount the Steadyrack to that. It moves the pivot point out just a bit to get the bike as far in to the wall as it can. On one bike, I put the handlebars in the corner to make the best use of the space. Hopefully the pics will make it clear.


Great product and easy to install.!











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