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Hollywood Racks Bicycle Parking Stand - Single Sided or Double Sided - 6 or 12 Bikes

Hollywood Racks Bicycle Parking Stand - Single Sided or Double Sided - 6 or 12 Bikes

Item # HRPS12
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Park or store up to 12 bikes with this heavy-duty stand. Rust-resistant steel has zinc undercoat and powder coat finish. Use as a single-sided, 6-bike stand or a dual-sided, 12-bike stand. Great for commercial or residential use - can be bolted down. 1-800-496-5010 to order Hollywood Racks bike storage part number HRPS12 or order online at Free expert support on all Hollywood Racks products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Hollywood Racks Bicycle Parking Stand - Single Sided or Double Sided - 6 or 12 Bikes. Bike Storage reviews from real customers.
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Hollywood Racks Bike Storage - HRPS12

  • Floor Rack
  • Wheel Mount
  • 6 Bikes
  • 12 Bikes
  • Hollywood Racks
  • Black

Park or store up to 12 bikes with this heavy-duty stand. Rust-resistant steel has zinc undercoat and powder coat finish. Use as a single-sided, 6-bike stand or a dual-sided, 12-bike stand. Great for commercial or residential use - can be bolted down.


  • Heavy-duty, commercial-quality bicycle stand lets you park up to 12 bikes
    • Can be used as single- or double-sided unit
  • Accommodates most bike tire sizes
  • Rugged steel tubing and welded grid and side rails provide strength and stability
    • 1-1/2" Diameter, 14-gauge steel side rails and horizontal tubes
    • 1" Diameter, 16-gauge steel vertical tubes
  • Rust-resistant zinc undercoat and black powder coat finish
  • Pre-drilled holes allow unit to be bolted down to concrete
    • Included plugs let you seal off unused holes in tubing to keep out water
  • Easy assembly with included hardware


  • Single-sided capacity: 6 bikes
  • Double-sided capacity: 12 bikes
  • Dimensions: 74" long x 31" wide x 30" tall
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

This heavy-duty bike stand is perfect for parking or storing up to 6 or 12 bikes on either commercial or residential property. It features rugged, rust-resistant steel tubing; a welded center grid and side rails; and pre-drilled holes that allow you to bolt it down.

6- or 12-Bike Capacity

The stand can be configured as a single-sided or double-sided unit.

Bike Stand Single-Side Setup

To assemble it as a 6-bike, single-sided rack:

  1. Mount the center grid using the holes on the side braces near the back of the rack.
  2. Attach the inside floor brace to the side rails, leaving 12-1/2" of space between the brace and the center grid.
  3. Attach the outside floor brace to the side rails, leaving 7" of space between the brace and the center grid.

Bike Stand Dual-Side Setup

To assemble it as a 12-bike, double-sided rack:

  1. Mount the center grid using the center holes on the side braces.
  2. Attach the floor braces, leaving 12-1/2" of space between the center grid and each brace.

PS-12HD Hollywood Racks Dual Use Bike Stand for 6 or 12 Bikes - Replaces PS12

Installation Details HRPS12 Installation instructions

Video of Hollywood Racks Bicycle Parking Stand - Single Sided or Double Sided - 6 or 12 Bikes

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hollywood Racks Bicycle Parking Stand Review

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at the Hollywood Racks bicycle parking stand here at etrailer. So this is a parking stand great for multiple bicycles. So let's say you're a commercial business and you want to be more bike-friendly, especially in your green cities. This is a great way just to set up a stand so that your customers can park their bikes safely and securely.

But also for residential use. Let's say your garage is full of bicycles. They're on the floor, they're on the wall, they're scattered everywhere, this will really help organize your space. Now if you are using this outside of your business, I highly recommend using the mounting holes that come with this bike stand. That way you can have it mounted permanently to the ground, keeping it secure.

So I own a couple bikes, but we have Joe here who owns a lot more. How many bikes do you have JoeI have way too many of them. Okay. I can fill this rack up though, I can honestly say that. There you go.

So would this be helpful for youYes. If I, this will be helpful for me if I actually wanted to give up one lane in my garage for like, I could park my truck on one side, of course she's gonna park her car on that side. So my truck would be outside. So I'd park all my bicycles on the other side of the garage. Okay.

So that way you free up a little bit more of your space, so you can actually use your garage to park your cars. I have bikes that are hung up on the walls right now, currently. And lighter ones you want to put up, and the heavier ones, I got a mountain bike that's hung up on the wall, from the front wheel, but a lot of the stuff, if you use, like interchange bikes a lot, like unfortunately I do sometimes, it's easier just to roll something in and out like that. Like I can easily see using my cruiser one one afternoon. And then if I want to use my single speed, I just grab it and go. Okay. So that way, instead of them being on your walls, they're on the ground, but like accessible and not laying on the ground. Yeah, it would be cool to have this thing on the ground, and then maybe a shelf, put a shelf in the garage. When you want to ride it, you just grab and go and get out. Awesome, all right. With it set up here outdoors, you can see that it's holding up well with the wind and the sun. It's also going to work well in your winter conditions. So even with the snow coming down, we've had people that had this outside and it works really well out there in the cold. Now you do have a coating on your stand. That's going to keep it rust-proof. So if you do happen to scratch it up after using it a bit, please try to touch up those scratches so that you can maintain its rustproof ness. So this is the kind of stand that you're going to see outside of your coffee shops, your local restaurants, basically your bike-friendly businesses. I do like that look, it's nice. It's clean and it works well. So if you want this inside your garage or at home too, and you want to match that look that you see outside, you can pick this bike rack up really easily. So here we have our different bike stands set up. Our first one is going to be the bike stand that can carry five or 10 bikes. The second one can carry six or 12 bikes and our longest bike stand can fit eight or 16 bicycles. You have two different configurations, depending on how many bikes you want to park. So you have the single-ended configuration or you have the double-ended one. So right here, we have it in a double-ended configuration. So you can put bikes on either side for a maximum of 16 bicycles. But here we have it where it's single-sided, so all of your bikes, which is up to six for this one. It's all on one side. Of course, if you are using it where you're going to use both sides, make sure that it is perpendicular to your wall. So you have space on each side to park your bikes. So this is what my garage usually looks like with my bikes just strewn around, leaned up against the wall, maybe against a desk or something, or with its kickstand in the middle of the garage. Now let's take a look at what it's going to look like if we organize it with a stand. As you can see, that took no time at all. I was able to just park my bikes here on our stand on both sides, big difference compared to when they we're just strewn around and lying or leaning on random walls. Here with our stand, it doesn't take that much space. And we can get all of our bikes organized as well as secure. This is what it's going to look like when you're going to use a double-sided configuration. So one bike is going to come in on that side, while this one is on this side, sorta going to be side-by-side, facing the other direction. Now it is still a tight fit. As you can see, our tire is kind of touching the tire of the other bike. So I would still recommend using the spacer in the middle if needed, just to give yourself a little extra clearance between your handlebars, as well as your tires. Now, this comes with all the bolts, all the nuts and washers that you're going to need to install the bike rack itself. It's going to use a nine 16th socket or a 14 millimeter socket to tighten those nuts down. This is a sturdy stand with rugged steel tubing, as well as welded rails and a welded grid. Now your tubing, they're all made of steel, but they do have different diameters. Your side rails, as well as your braces are going to be the sturdier part of this stand. So you have an inch and a half diameter steel tubes, and those are going to be 14 gauge. Now as for your vertical tubes, those are going to be an inch in diameter and 16 gauge steel. Now some of my coworkers had some questions about these stands and how to use them. So we had a little bit of a discussion about that. Let's take a look at that. Hi everyone, so I set up three different stands for you today. I have the five or 10 bike stand. The six or 12, and the eight or 16 bike stand. So they work the exact same way. They look the same, they just differ in terms of how long they are and how many bikes they can carry. So do you guys have any questions about the bike stands we haveMan I initially questioned whether this would work with a fat bike. How far apart are the slots to put the tire inSo we have the fat bike set up right now. So this is our fat tire bike, and then you have different slots. So if you have a normal bike, big win here, your fat tire bikes go in here. In terms of how far apart, I would say the width for that tire bike is five inches on the inside. And then this is about two and a half inches for space. If that helps. Man Yeah, I will say I, one of you may actually know, I don't believe genuinely these are specifically for fat tire bikes. They're just to give the bikes actual room in between. So, but it is one of those things. You can still use it for that, but you won't be able to have as many bikes as if you're just using normal bike wheels. Man Yeah, that makes sense. And then, Say like for six or 12, I'm assuming that that means the bikes go in the opposite directions. Yeah. So we have, you can have them double-sided like what I have it here, where the bar is on the inside of the stand, right over there. So that gives you space on each side for a bike. I've compared to this one, which is, I installed in the single sided configuration. So your bar is at the very end, or your grid, your grid is at the very end. So that's where you get to use only one side. Man And as you can see, basically we just kind of moved up the grid a little bit on this one and there's no room on the other side for any bars. And then it's kind of even on this side. So that's what makes them six or 12. Man All right. And then how easy are they to lockDo you mean like mount to the groundMan Well, like no, no. I mean, for your bike to lock to the rack. Man I mean, it's basically, you're just going to have to use a cable lock. So. So we we're talking about that with Joe and he's like, usually if you're a cyclist, you have your own favorite kind of lock and you would use a cable lock with this kind of stand, because that would go around in your frame as well as your front tire. Man There's nothing special on these that is going to make it easier or harder for a bike lock or a cable lock. It's just like any other bike rack you would see. Yeah. Any bike stand you'd see at the park right It's just going to have, you're just going to loop it around the stand and the bike kind of thing. Man Okay. And then keeping on the topic of security, is there any way to secure the rack to the ground Like say if it was on dirt, could you drive a spike in Or if it was on a parking lot or concrete, would there be any way to,Each has mounting holes or they just have holes where you put a bolt through. You'd still have to get your own mounting hardware though but it's just a hole for a long bolt. It's going to be the same kind of bolt that they give you to install the rack itself. And that's what they said is going to be used to mount it to concrete or to the ground. So not like a stake into dirt, but I guess a bolt. Man I would say you'd have to have a pretty complex setup if you ever wanted to do it in kind of like a dirt or soft ground setup, because somebody could literally just pull those out and pull. It's not, these aren't very heavy. I can pick one up with one hand. It's something that you definitely could just put a little force into and then pick up. So I would say actually bolting them to something hard. They're not super, super light though. It's going to be difficult to carry with one hand, especially with bikes on there. We use two people to carry it, but yeah, definitely into concrete or to make a plate underneath. So that that's what you're going to use to bolt through the holes in the bike rack. Man So if we had it set up like at a park and it was just sitting on the grass somewhere, how easy would it be for that to get knocked around or you know, accidentally relocated to somewhere elseSo I would, when we had it in our parking lot, like I would just sit on the bike rack, and it held me up pretty easily. And we could mount our bikes together. So it wasn't like the slightest push is going to move it around. If you have two fit people, like lifting it up and carrying it around. Yeah. If you have a car that, you know, drives into it, that's definitely gonna push the rack out. Man I would say definitely one person could move these. Bobby was actually in earlier and he picked it up by himself. It's still got weight to it. So it's not going to move around if you're leaning on it or anything like that. Leaning is not going to push it over. Man But if you're, you know, pushing right here, even with those bikes on, I'm able to move it with one hand. So it's not going to be one of those things where you want to just like, go in all speeding with your bike and just push into it. You kind of want to be a little bit easier with it if it's not bolted. Man Sure. That makes sense. Man Yeah. Okay, good. Man For bikes, I go on the same side. If you we're to just, like put them all on the same side, how sufficient is the space betweenMan They aren't, it isn't the worst. We we're able to fit, when we we're out there, a couple of bikes right next to each other, but it really depends on what kind of handles you have and just the bikes in general, if one's a little bit taller than the other or shorter. I think if they have to push this aside to get this through,Man Yeah. And if I wanted to park it right beside it, we might, it might be a little trickier. Man I would definitely say if you're planning on having like, say you have six bikes that you're planning on doing, or 10 bikes, I would go with the size up just so you have some extra room in between your bikes. Cause you'll be able to fit them in there, but there's always that chance of one's going to get you know, scratched when you're pulling it out kind of thing. I just recommend having a little bit of space in between some of the bikes. But you can definitely get them all in there if need be. Yeah. Man I like that idea, I just wanted to know just in case because it doesn't look like the price is too crazy between them. Man No. It's kind of a, I might as well go with the bigger option just in case you do get even more bikes later on. But yeah. The only thing that would limit you with being a size up would just be like, let's say your garage space is limited but if you have that many bikes, really, you know, that's what you're going to have to work with anyways. It's still neater to have that for your multiple bikes, then having them all side by side with their stands down and all that. Man So say if you only have, say the static U bolt or the U-locks, like the U shaped locks, are you able to use that with this rackSo, I believe for those, because a U-lock, some people might put them around like their front wheel and the stand. And that's not ideal anyways, because you could just take off that front wheel sometimes. And if you just wanted, let's say the bike frame. So people that cycle around already kind of know that. Other things they do is they just, U-lock their wheel to their bike frame and not even, well. So. Man I would say for this kind of thing, I wouldn't recommend it. But if you're like in a pinch, you forgot your actual cable. Maybe you just want it to look like it's secure. So there's maybe a would-be thief the first time doesn't know anything. They think it's, you know, you can't get it away. That's probably the only way, but definitely if you actually want protection, you're going to have to go with the cable. A cable lock is recommended with this. It's still going to work. I mean, locks are just theft deterrents anyways, pretty much any lock can be broken into. But so, you know, if that makes sense. Man Do you guys think this is more like some kind of private use over like a commercial site getting thisMan Commercial. I definitely see a business using this because some places or some local laws require that bike stands, like especially green cities before they give an occupancy permit, they require there be bike stands available for the public. So this even fits 16 technically bikes on here. So that instantly increases your bike-friendliness without taking up too much space. Man I will say the only time I would really see, especially the larger ones being useful for like a private setting is maybe if somebody has like a duplex with a ton of family members living in it or something like that. And there are multiple bikes. You just want to keep this outside of that duplex. That's the only situation I would say, unless you like are hardcore. Yeah. Or in your garage, if you're a hardcore bike fan, that would probably be the only ones for the bigger ones at least. Man I'm also envisioning like maybe BMX areas where maybe they don't want to spend a lot of money, they can just erect these and the guys can just keep their bikes around. Hard to say, cause I'm not a biker, so I don't really knowMan I could see this if somebody like, has a lot of people come out to their private property on the weekends and have like people that like to mountain bike or anything like that. And you have friends that come over and you're like, oh, I'll just leave this at the beginning of the trail or something like that. Or if you're tired of all your kids leaving their bikes on the lawn, then you want to set this up behind your house so it's easy to park it and then grab it and go. Man But definitely business is definitely who's going to be using this more. This would be very, very useful for the commercial use. Yes. So that was our discussion with my coworkers. I hope that helped out with any other questions you may have about the stand. If you have more questions, you can check out our product pages, which has all the information about our bike stands. So my personal thoughts about these bikes stands is I really do like how rugged they are and how heavy duty they are. It's great that they can be configured into single-sided or double-sided stands, which gives me options. It lets me pick and choose how many bikes I want to store and what I want it to look like. Now one thing about this stand is it is a bit more quantity focused. So if you want something that has a bit more design, for let's say your coffee shop or the curbside of your business, this may not be the best option for you. This is a classic look with your basic slot design stand for your bikes. But if you want something that's durable, can be mounted permanently, and is going to stick up under extreme weather conditions, this may be a good option for you. And that was a look here at our Hollywood Racks bicycle parking stand here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..


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