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Best Volkswagen Jetta Tow Bars

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Volkswagen Jetta Tow Bars Questions

  • To determine if your 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Automatic can be flat towed you will want to check your owners manual or with the Volkswagen dealer to see if it can and if there would be any restrictions. I checked in our information available and it says the 1982 to 2011 Volkswagen (all models) FWD Automatics can not be flat towed. A tow dolly like the Roadmaster Tow Dolly, part # RM-2000-1, is required. It does say that all Volkswagen 5 speed manual transmissions are safe...
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  • For the 2003 Jetta Wagon we offer no base plates for flat towing but we do have them for the 2003 VW Jetta sedan. The Blue Ox base plates that fit the car are part # BX3827. These are fully compatible with the Aladdin Tow Bar # BX4325. Safe and legal flat towing requires a number of other components too, including safety cables (which come with the Aladdin), a wiring/lighting kit and a braking system for the towed car. Also a high/low hitch adapter is often needed to keep...
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  • When flat towing any vehicle you will need at least 5 items: base plates on the vehicle, tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. Tow bar # 63180 is not an option I would recommend. It does not come with the attachments needed on the car (base plates) and it has a speed restriction of 45 miles per hour. For a more functional set up you can start with Blue Ox base plates # BX3827. Then for an inexpensive compatible tow bar you can use # BX7322 and for safety...
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  • Motor Home mount tow bars are considered more versatile and safe than tow bars that connect to a ball. Also the motor home mount will store on the motor home and not the vehicle so you won't have to disconnect the tow bar from both to drive the vehicle. Like you said, base plates # BX3814 will fit your 1998 VW Jetta with air conditioning but without a turbo. For a compatible tow bar I recommend the Blue Ox Alpha # BX7365. This tow bar has a 6,500 pound capacity so it can handle...
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