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Best Ford Fiesta Car Tow Bar Braking Systems

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SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System Installation - 2014 Ford Fiesta

Today, in our 2014 Ford Fiesta, we'll be installing the SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System, part number SM99251. To begin our install, we'll first going to go ahead and pop the hood, find a suitable mounting location for the operating unit. Now, for this application, you can see there's plenty of distance between the top of the engine and the bottom of the front cowling. What we're going to do is set the box in position under here, mark the attachment points, drill it out. Then, we'll remove the fasteners for the plastic cover, install our hardware, and then secure the box into place. Now, in cases where you're unable to mark the mounting locations, hold the box in place and just run your drill bit into the attachment point. Now that we have the attachment points drilled out, we'll go ahead and remove the clips here along the front of the cowling.

SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System Installation - 2013 Ford Fiesta

Speaker 1: Today in this 2013 Ford Fiesta, we'll be having a look at, and showing you how to install, the SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO supplemental braking system, Part Number SM99251. The Stay-IN-Play DUO is a great solution for those of you who are flat towing your vehicle and need a supplemental braking system. Here's what the Stay-IN-Play DUO looks like installed. For video purposes, we have our fascia off right now, so you can actually see everything and know what each component does. The reason you're going to want the Stay-IN-Play DUO over other braking systems is because this is a permanently-installed solution. You don't have to worry about setting it up every time you want to tow your vehicle.