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Surco Products Hitch Cargo Carrier Review - 2011 Ford Fusion

Today, on this 2011 Ford Fusion, we're going to be test fitting the Surco Cargo Carrier, part number 52017. This cargo carrier has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. It has this mesh floor, which makes it easy to clean, and around the borders of the cargo carrier, we have this rail which can be used as a tie in point for either your ratchet straps or your bungee cords. I'm going to go ahead and you give you some measurements. Measuring from the bumper to this rail here, we've added about 23 inches to the rear of the vehicle. For our ground clearance, we're at about 11 inches. For our closest point, which is this edge here, we're at about a quarter of an inch from the vehicle. Now, the exhaust of this vehicle's going to be on the passenger's side and it is close to the cargo carrier so you do want to be carrier whenever you're loading any heat sensitive material to make sure to keep it on the driver's side. We have total access to the trunk with the cargo carrier installed.

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