CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance

CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance

Item # CTEK56191

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CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance ATV,Lawn Mower,Motorcycle,Snowmobile,Trailer CTEK56191
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Product Images

  • Battery Charger
  • CTEK Power Inc
  • Wall Outlet to Vehicle Battery
  • ATV
  • Lawn Mower
  • Motorcycle
  • Snowmobile
  • Trailer
  • Charges/Maintains
  • AC to DC
  • 6V
  • 32 Ah
This powerful four-step charger uses a patented, pulse-maintenance system to charge 6V batteries as often found on older vehicles. Patented technology keeps your battery ready to go when you are. Call 800-298-8924 to order CTEK Power Inc battery chargers part number CTEK56191 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all CTEK Power Inc products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance. Battery Chargers reviews from real customers.

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CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers - CTEK56191

This powerful four-step charger uses a patented, pulse-maintenance system to charge 6V batteries as often found on older vehicles. Patented technology keeps your battery ready to go when you are.


  • Reliable, maintenance-free, 4-step system constantly monitors and maintains 6V battery charge
    • Won't overcharge or undercharge like common trickle chargers
    • Switches automatically to pulse-maintenance phase when full charge has been reached
    • Reduces risk of overheating, sulfation and premature battery failure
  • Easy-to-use, quick-disconnect system
    • Includes 2 battery-cable attachment systems w/ Comfort Connect end plugs - charger plugs right in
      • Eyelet-terminal cable permanently attaches to battery terminals
      • Clamp-terminal cable temporarily clamps to battery terminals
  • Safe, versatile design
    • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
    • Prevents reverse-polarity mistakes
  • Convenient accessories (sold separately) provide additional security and convenience
    • Reduce the hassle of charging multiple vehicles w/ additional battery-hookup cables


  • Application: most starter and deep-cycle, 6V, lead-acid batteries - including wet, MF, AGM and most gel batteries
    • Charges batteries w/ capacities from 1.2 Ah - 32 Ah
    • Maintains batteries w/ capacities up to 100 Ah
  • Charge cycle: 4-step, fully automatic charger w/ pulse maintenance
  • Dimensions: 5.5" long x 2" wide x 1.5" tall
  • Includes:
    • 6V Battery charger (w/ 5' battery-connection cable and 6' power cord attached)
    • 1 Set of 16" battery cables w/ battery-terminal clips
    • 1 Set of 16" battery cables w/ M6 (6.4-mm) eyelet terminals
    • Owner's manual
    • Protective case
  • 5-Year warranty
CTEK UC 800 bulk charging time chart

This CTEK charger comes w/ two battery cables: one w/ clamp terminals and one w/ eyelet terminals. The 16" eyelet-terminal cable can be left attached to the battery, and the clamp-terminal cable is great for temporary connections.

CTEK UC 800 charger w/ clamp and eyelet cables

Whenever you want to charge the battery, just plug CTEK's patented Comfort Connect attachment terminal into the receiving end on either of the provided battery cables.

Close-up of CTEK's Comfort Connect plugs

CTEK UC 800 Charging Process

Safe, four-step process uses switch-mode, pulse-maintenance technology.

  1. Desulfation stage is the initial charging phase. This stage uses electronic pulses to desulfate batteries by converting lead sulfate crystals back to usable sulfuric acid.
  2. Bulk stage is the main charging phase. This stage accounts for 80 percent of the charging process and uses a constant charge level.
  3. Absorption stage completes the charge (to virtually 100 percent) using diminishing current to prevent battery damage.
  4. Pulse-maintenance stage begins 18 hours after the battery is fully charged. In this stage the charger maintains the battery at the optimum charge level of 95 to 100 percent by recognizing any drop in voltage and sending a corresponding pulse of current to keep the battery properly charged. Pulse maintenance can be continued for months at a time.
CTEK UC 800 charging process chart

A goof-proof design distinguishes CTEK's new-generation chargers from the competition - you don't have to be a mechanical guru to keep your battery working at top efficiency. CTEK's patented charging system monitors your battery, providing exactly the charge it needs during each unique charging stage!

Protects the User

Your personal safety is paramount, and CTEK's spark-free, short-circuit-proof design incorporates a feature that prevents reverse polarity, keeping you safe. You simply cannot make a polarity mistake: The charger will not operate if it is attached incorrectly. In addition, the red alarm light on the charger alerts you if there is a reverse-polarity problem.

Protects the Battery

CTEK's patented, switch-mode, pulse-maintenance charging system is scientifically engineered to safely charge your battery by employing the most up-to-date technology. Using carefully monitored, low-grid voltage, CTEK's patented process differs from competitors' chargers in its ability to provide the precise final voltage that your battery needs to maintain optimum charge level. This sophisticated, interactive device will never overcharge or undercharge your battery. You may leave it attached to the battery for months, making it perfect for seasonal vehicle storage.

Won't cause overcharging or overheating. These together can cause gassing and excessive acid concentration that shortens the life of the battery by corroding the lead plates. When overcharged, the battery cells become dried out. Electrolytes "boil dry," generating excessive heat that can cause a fire.

Won't cause undercharging or sulfation. Undercharging can be just as damaging to your battery as overcharging because chronic undercharging leads to sulfation. Sulfation occurs when the lead and lead dioxide of the battery's plates react w/ sulfuric battery acid to produce lead sulfate. This in turn is converted back to lead, lead oxide and sulfuric acid. A small, unavoidable amount of sulfation and gassing naturally takes place as a result of the chemical processes occurring in lead-acid batteries. However, extensive undercharging causes extra lead sulfate to accumulate on the lead plates of the battery. Because the crystalline form of the sulfate cannot hold an electrical charge, excessive sulfation greatly diminishes the charging ability of the battery, eventually rendering it unusable.

Provides desulfation w/ a patented process. Desulfation is the reversal of sulfation damage. The CTEK charger's unique process not only prevents the undercharging that produces excess sulfation, it also includes a desulfating step that can often "revive" a lightly sulfated battery. It accomplishes this w/ carefully monitored electronic pulses of energy that help to break down the lead sulfate crystals, allowing the battery to accept charge once again.

Ensures consistent charging w/ low ripple-wave percentage rate. Ripple-wave percentage is the quantity of disturbances exhibited in current and voltage. Even minor variations in household current can cause undercharging or overcharging, but CTEK's low-ripple design regulates the incoming current before passing it on to your battery. This process can cause the charger to be a little slower than linear chargers but results in a healthier, more productive, longer-lasting battery.

Protects the Vehicle and Its Electronics

The charger is also safe for your vehicle. Its sophisticated circuitry is designed to be compatible w/ today's sensitive electronics and audio equipment. You can confidently charge your battery while it is still in the vehicle: no more hefting heavy batteries or dealing w/ tiresome system resetting! CTEK's low ripple rate eliminates the danger of damaging electronic devices connected to the battery, and it prolongs the battery's service life.

Additional Specs:

  • Model: 56-191 (UC 800)
  • Input voltage: 100 VAC - 120 VAC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
    • Output power is reduced at lower input voltage; a perfect charge will still be achieved
  • Output voltage: nominal 6V
  • Charging current: 0.8A rms (at full charging current)
  • Back current drain: less than 1 mAh per month
  • Charging voltage: 7.2V
    • Nominal charging voltage: 6V
  • Ripple wave: less than 2 percent variance (max 50 mV rms, max 0.05A)
  • Battery cable fuse: 15A
  • Ambient temperature: -4 degrees F to +122 degrees F
    • Automatic reduction of power at increased ambient temperature
  • Cooling: natural convection
    • Do not cover the charger

56-191 CTEK UC 800 6V 4-Step, Pulse-Maintenance, Lead-Acid Battery Charger for Motorcycles

CTEK56191 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details CTEK56191 Installation instructions

Video of CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers - Battery Charger - CTEK56191 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the CTEK UC 800 6 Volt Battery Charger with the Pulse Maintenance. Now this is a reliable maintenance-free 4 step system which will constantly monitor and maintain your 12 volt battery charge. Won't overcharge or undercharge like your common trickle chargers will. Switches automatically to the pulse maintenance phase when the full charge has been reached, and it does reduce the risk of overheating, sulfation, and premature battery failure. It is a very easy to use quick disconnect system. Does include these 2 battery cable attachment systems with the comfort connect end plugs that'll plug right into the charger. Basically, you can see on the one end is the plug to plug in your charger and the other end is the comfort connect plug.

All you have to do is take one of your cables, just push it on, and just like that when you push it on enough that lever will lock it into place and keeps it connected. Then when you're done if you want to detach it you just go ahead and push down on this lever and then pull it apart just like that. Now the 2 different cables it comes with, this one here, this is the clamp terminal cable which will temporarily clamp to your battery terminals. In other words, that's your plug that plugs in, and then here's your positive and negative that you clamp. The other one is more of a permanent cable. It's an eyelet terminal cable.

Right here these eyelets will connect to your battery permanently and then you can leave this in your vehicle. Both of them, if you notice, do have inline fuse holders with included fuses in there. On the permanent one you can see it actually even gives you a cover, because when it's left in the vehicle you don't want just the connectors out in the open. With this cover you can push it right on to protect it. It is a very safe, versatile 00:01:37 design. It's approved for indoor and outdoor use, and it prevents reverse polarity mistakes.

Now there are a couple convenient accessories that we also sell separately that CTEK offers, they do that'll provide additional security and convenience. Basically, you can reduce the hassle of charging multiple vehicles with additional battery hookup cables so these cables are sold separately if you want to get a couple extra ones for different vehicles. Again, the application on this, this is for most starter and deep 00:02:04 cycle 6 volt lead acid batteries including Let 00:02:07, MF, AGM, and most Gel batteries. It charges the batteries with capacities from 1.2 amp hour to 32 amp hours. It'll maintain batteries with capacities up to 100 amp hours. The charge cycle is a 4 step fully automatic charger with the pulse maintenance.

Again, it comes with everything shown here. The 6 volt battery charger has a 6 foot power cord attachment, has a 5 foot battery connection cable with the comfort connect on the end, and again the 2 extra cables, 1 set of the battery terminal clips, 16 inches long. The other one is the eyelet terminal, is 16 inches long also. Comes with a nice detailed owner's manual, describes how this works and how to connect it, and this nice protective case that you can open up and it's large enough to carry all your parts in here and keep it in one spot. Last thing I do is just want to give you a dimension on the charger itself so you got an idea of how large it is. The length of it edge to edge is right at 5 3/8 inches long. The width is right at 2 inches wide and then the height is right at 1 1/2 inches tall. That should do it for the review of the CTEK UC 800 6 Volt Battery Charger with Pulse Maintenance.

Customer Reviews

CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance - CTEK56191

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

This powerful four-step charger uses a patented, pulse-maintenance system to charge 6V batteries as often found on older vehicles. Patented technology keeps your battery ready to go when you are.

- CTEK56191

The product arrived in great condition. Works as advertised 584055

- CTEK56191

Arrived as promised and quality was exc ellent 130848


Ask the Experts about this CTEK Power Inc Battery Chargers

Do you have a question about this Battery Charger?

  • Charging System for 6 Volt Battery and 12V Battery
  • The CTEK MULTI US 3300 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance # CTEK56158 is only a 12V charger that will allow you to connect the lead wires to the battery terminals with either spring clamps or ring terminals. If you need a 6V charger, you would instead use the CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance # CTEK56191 or the NOCO Genius UltraSafe Battery Charger and Maintainer - 6V/12V - 0.75 Amp # 329-G750. If you are wanting to charge between the two...
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  • CTEK Battery Charger that Can Charge 6 Volt Battery Bank
  • If the batteries are wired in series so that that output voltage is 12 volts then yes the CTEK part # CTEK56353 will work. If for some reason the output voltage was 6 volts then you'd need a 6 volt charger part # CTEK56191 instead.
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  • When Replacing 12-Volt Batteries With 6-Volt Are They Run In Parallel Or Series
  • Your system could be 12 volts with the batteries wired in parallel or it could be 24 volts which requires wiring in series. If you have a 24-volt system you will need a quantity of (4) 6-volt batteries. If you have a 12 volt system and you are using 6-volt batteries you will need to run the batteries in series. You will need to run a wire from the positive post on one battery to the solar panel. Then run a jumper form the negative post of that battery to the positive post of the second...
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  • Recommended Battery Charger For 6V Batteries
  • Most of the battery chargers we offer are for 12V batteries and have a range from 4 to 8 step charging process. From my research I see the Trojan T-105 battery is a 6V battery. We offer one charger for 6V batteries. The 6V battery charger we offer is the CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger, part # CTEK56191. This is a 4-step charger that automatically switches to pulse-maintenance phase when full charge has been reached.
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  • Battery Charger Recommendation for Charging 2 6-Volt Batteries
  • You need to find out if the 2 6-volt batteries at a time are wired in series or in parallel. If they are wired in parallel then the batteries will have an output voltage of 6-volts and would need a CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger # CTEK56191. If they are wired in series the output voltage of the 2 batteries will be 12-volts. The CTEK Multi US 7002 12-volt Universal Charger # CTEK56353 that you referenced would be an excellent choice if this is the case. I attached a review video...
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  • CTEK Battery Charger # CTEK56353 Recommendation for Charging a 6 Volt Battery
  • In order to charge a 6-volt power system you will want to use a CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance, part # CTEK56191. I attached links below to a review video of this product and installation instructions for you to check out also. The reason you should not use a CTEK 7002 is because it designed for use on 12 volt battery systems, and would not be compatible with your 6 volt system.
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  • Can Two 6 Volt batteries Connected in Series be Charged at the Same Time
  • Honestly the best solution is to charge each battery individually with a 6 volt charger such as # CTEK56191 or a charger than can charge multiple batteries individually at the same time such as # 329-G4. The reason you'd want to charge the batteries individually is because if you charged then while connected in series it would take a lot longer to charge up both of the batteries. With the NOCO charger # 329-G4 you could still charge the batteries while in series since it does both 6...
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  • Battery Charger Recommendation for Two 6-Volt Batteries Wired in Series
  • Since your batteries are wired so that the two 6 volt batteries are in series and produce an output of 12 volts the part # CTEK56353 would be a great option. The part # CTEK56191 that you referenced would be the charger to use if the output voltage of the two batteries was 6 volts.
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  • Recommended Battery Charger to Charge Two 6-Volt Batteries in Series for 12-Volts
  • The CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger # CTEK56191 that you referenced is a great option. This will charge and maintain your batteries. It's designed to avoid over or under charging and will switch to pulse-maintenence phase automatically when your batteries are fully charged.
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  • Can CTEK Battery Charger Charge 6 Volt Batteries Wired in Series
  • If the batteries are wired in series so that that output voltage is 12 volts then yes the CTEK part # CTEK56158 will work. If for some reason the output voltage was 6 volts then you'd need a 6 volt charger part # CTEK56191 instead. I attached a diagram that shows the difference between wiring batteries in series and in parallel too.
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  • What Charger to Use for 6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries
  • It is possible to use a 12-volt battery charger like the CTEK MULTI US 3300 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger # CTEK56158 that you referenced with 6-volt batteries only under specific conditions. Two batteries at a time can be given a maintenance charge from a 12-volt charger provided they are wired in series to present a 12-volt load to the charger. They also have to be in good condition and fully charged to do this. You cannot charge depleted 6-volt batteries with a 12-volt charger. My...
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  • Charging Two 6 Volt Batteries in a Series to Create a 12 Volt
  • Charging two 6 volt batteries by your alternator through your starter via a Blue Seas switch isn't going to work because 6 volt systems are not as common anymore. Blue Seas currently only offers 12 and 24 Volt switches. Actually, your best option and what I recommend is the CTEK UC 800 6-Volt charger # CTEK56191. It's a pulse maintenance system to charge 6 Volt batteries. If you wire the batteries in series that produces an output of 12 volts, then the CTEK 7002 12-volt battery charger...
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  • Can 2-6 Volt Battery Chargers Be Wired Together in Series to Charge a 12 Volt Battery Charger
  • I spoke with my CTEK representative, who said that you can indeed rig up the 2-6v charges in series, but your output will only be 1 amp. If your battery is under 15aH, it'll work pretty well for you. If the battery capacity is greater than that, you'll want to return your chargers for a 12-volt model. We offer the CTEK # CTEK56158 that works great on most starter and deep-cycle, 12V, lead-acid batteries - including wet, MF, AGM and most gel batteries. The charger has 3 12-V modes, a Motorcycle...
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  • Charger Recommendation for Charging 2 6 Volt Batteries in Parallel on Trailer
  • 6 volt batteries ran in parallel will have an output of 6 volts so you'd just need a 6 volt battery charger like CTEK # CTEK56191 connected to the battery in parallel and you'd be set.
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  • Does CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger CTEK56191 Shut Off When Battery is Charged
  • Yes, the CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger # CTEK56191 that you referenced will automatically shut off after the battery is fully charged. Basically once it's fully charged it switches to a maintenance mode that keeps the battery topped off.
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  • Battery Charger Recommendation for 12 and 6 Volt Batteries
  • What you need is an actual battery charger like # CTEK56158. I own this charger as well, as do several of my co-workers, and it works beautifully. The great thing about this battery charger is that it works to recondition the battery while charging it and it will not overcharge the battery like traditional trickle chargers. For the time it takes to recharge a battery it depends on the amp hour rating on the battery. There is a chart on the product page that shows the charging times based...
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  • Charger Recommendation for 6 Volt Trailer Battery
  • You would need to use a 6 volt charger like part # CTEK56191 as a 12 volt charger would not work on a 6 volt battery.
    view full answer...

  • How Long Should it Take for a CTEK Battery Charger to Charge a 6 Volt Battery
  • It should only take 1 night at most for CTEK battery charger # CTEK56191 to charge the 6 volt battery. It is capable of charging batteries with 1.2 to 32 amp hour ratings. It will only maintain the charge if the battery is rated for 33 to 100 amp hours. Sometimes the ground connection can cause the charger to not charge properly which has happened to me. Make sure the ground location is clean and free of dirt and corrosion or try moving to a different ground location. If that doesn't...
    view full answer...

  • Battery Charger for 6 Volt Deep-Cycle Batteries
  • If you have two separate 6 bolt batteries and they are not wired in series then the best option is to use two of the CTEK UC 800 6-Volt Battery Charger w/ Pulse Maintenance # CTEK56191, one for each battery. This will fully charge and maintain the batteries for both. If you only want to use a single charger, that is certainly an option so long as you don't mind wiring your two 6 volt batteries in series, like in the accompanying diagram. That diagram shows a pair of 12 volt batteries...
    view full answer...

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