Ball set with stainless steel 1" diameter, 2-1/4" long shank. Three hitch balls with 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16" diameters. 10,000 lbs GTW. Superior corrosion resistance. Call 800-298-8924 to order Convert-A-Ball balls part number 902B or order online at Free expert support on all Convert-A-Ball products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball Set - 3 Balls - 1" Shank - Stainless. Balls reviews from real customers.

Price: $79.95

Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball Set - 3 Balls - 1" Shank - Stainless

Item # 902B


Our Price: $79.95

Orders above $99 qualify for free shipping

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs


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Product Images

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Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball
Convert-A-Ball Ball

Customer Photos

Convert-A-Ball Ball


  • Hitch Ball
  • 1-7/8 Inch Diameter Ball
  • 2 Inch Diameter Ball
  • 2-5/16 Inch Diameter Ball
  • 1 Inch Diameter Shank
  • Interchangeable Ball Set
  • 10000 lbs GTW
  • Class III
  • Stainless Steel
  • Convert-A-Ball
  • 2-1/4 Inch Shank Length

Convert-A-Ball Balls - 902B

Ball set with stainless steel 1" diameter, 2-1/4" long shank. Three hitch balls with 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16" diameters. 10,000 lbs GTW. Superior corrosion resistance.


  • Changing out your Convert-a-Ball for another ball size is easy - just pop out the integrated pin and replace ball with any size Convert-A-Ball trailer hitch ball
  • Includes 1 shank and 3 heavy-duty, interchangeable hitch balls
  • Stands up to weather and moisture with the unbeatable quality and durability of pure stainless steel
  • Made in USA


  • Fits ball mounts with 1" diameter ball hole
  • Shank diameter: 1"
  • Shank length: 2-1/4"
  • Ball sizes: 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16"
  • Towing capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Diagram showing operation of Convert-A-Ball integrated pin

Changing your hitch ball size is as easy as pushing out the integrated pin.

Photo showing the underside of Convert-A-Ball integrated pin

No need to get out the heavy wrenches. Convert-A-Ball's interchangeable balls are equipped with integrated pins, making it easy to change out your hitch ball for one of another size.
To switch balls, simply push in the integrated pin (using a pen or your finger) to release and remove installed ball. Then just replace with different-size ball, reversing the process.

This Convert-A-Ball interchangeable ball set exceeds THMA V-5 ratings in all categories and meets SAE standard J-684.

902B Convert-A-Ball Stainless Steel 3 Ball Set - 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16" Diameter Balls and 1" Diameter x 2-1/4" Long Shank - 10,000 lbs GTW

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Video of Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball Set - 3 Balls - 1" Shank - Stainless

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Convert-A-Ball Balls 902B Review

Today were going to review part number 902B. This is the Convert-A-Ball interchangeable ball set; contains three different hitch ball sizes and a shank. The shank is a solid stainless steel one-inch diameter shank; comes with a three different size hitch ball the 2 5/16, the two-inch and the 1 7/8 and they all are stamped on the top with the size of the hitch ball. This is a nice item to have if youre towing different size trailer couplers. Youd be able to change out your hitch ball size for another ball size very easy. You just pop out the integrated pin that is on the hitch ball and then replace with any size hitch ball unto the shank.

Includes the one shank, the three hitch balls and well include the 1 inch nut that uses the 1 inch wrench to attach the shank to the ball mount and the washers included. I would go on there and you need to tighten it down to the ball mount. It also comes with a cotter key that will slide through the hole and we keep the nut on the shank. This does stand up to the weather and moisture with the quality and durability of pure stainless steel. This part is made in the USA and, again, I want to show you this shank will fit ball mounts with a one inch diameter hole.

Theres the diameter, its one inch; give you the shank length which will be 2 inches.The towing capacity on these shank and the hitch balls is 10,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. This part does come with a two-year limited warranty and just to give you an idea of how this would attach to the shank with the shank mounted unto your ball mount. You will find the side of the pin that has the dimple in it and you could just actually could push it out with your finger and do it that way sometimes with your finger or it might not push out enough, you can use a pin to do it but this integrated pin will stay in there. And the nice thing on these pins because if youll notice theres a rubber O ring on each end of the pin; on this end and on this end. So when this is installed and pushed in, it will actually seal both sides of the hole so no dirt or foreign material wil get in to here and cause any problems.

So basically you push the end with the dimple in it, take your shank where the hole is, line it up with the pin, just push through all the way until its flush and boom, you have a hitch ball of 2 5/16 in size. Now if you need to switch it out, just take the two-inch, find the side with the dimple, push it, pull it all the way, line it up again with the holes all the way until its flush and you have another size on there. And again, you can do it with the smaller, push it open line it up, all the way and in a few seconds youll change out all three different hitch ball sizes. Again, this part comes with a two-year limited warranty and that should do it for part number 902B. .

Customer Reviews

Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball Set - 3 Balls - 1" Shank - Stainless - 902B

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (74 Customer Reviews)

Ball set with stainless steel 1" diameter, 2-1/4" long shank. Three hitch balls with 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16" diameters. 10,000 lbs GTW. Superior corrosion resistance.

- 902B

by: Doug09/17/2015

Have a set of these convert a ball and love the fact I don't have to have two or three different hitches or ball mounts for each ball. Or a ball mount that you have to rotate to get the ball size you need. 225951


I love the product. I already had or own an ball mount and theconvert a ball setup. That is the reason I purchase another one but with the four inch . I have and will to continue to recommend the product.

Doug - 09/21/2016


- 902B

by: Big Al01/11/2011

The kind of balls you need... A little pricey maybe... But then again they are stainless. I feel it's worth it. Buy them! Buy the case to put 'em in and store it behind the seat of your truck. If there is ever a chance that you will use them it is cheaper this way than any other. I have towed trailers that require all 3 of these sizes, and use 2 sizes on a regular basis. Just came back from a 200 mile bumpy dirt road trip with 3,000lbs and my 2" ball is still shiny new. I also highly recommend the "cushioned" ball mount to go with it. I have used the $250 aluminum rapid hitch setup and now I won't use it again. This setup is the way to go. No sloppy jerky movements and aluminum that chips and dents and needs to be polished. Great Product, Great Price, Great Experience, Great etrailer!!! 5371

- 902B

by: Skip09/18/2014

I am familiar with the product, I'm just replacing old ones that have worn out. They work great 151863


It still works great. I like it fine.

Skip - 09/18/2015


- 902B

by: John D.03/24/2015

This is the best solution to towing I know of. This is my second set I highly recommend it. 180708


Still the only ball I use.

John D - 03/23/2016


- 902B

by: David C.05/23/2014

Exactly what I wanted. Stainless is the way to go. I will say I have had this type ball before. (steel) the rubber o ring on the cross pin appears to be the only thing holding the pin in when not being used to tow a trailer. After 7 years the o ring rotted out and the ball bounced off. Lesson: when not in use keep it out of the elements and this thing will last forever!! Awesome product! E trailer has the best customer service around. Ordered online and had this in hand in 4 days! And that was choosing the cheapest shipping option possible! Thank you E Trailer!! David 132244

- 902B

by: Randy12/24/2011

I have these on my vehicles, and bought this one as a Christmas gift. It's the only way to go. It takes seconds to change balls, and they work flawlessly- as long as you take the ball off the stud each time you use it. My first set, chrome plated, froze in place after a month in a Minnesota winter. I had to throw it away. If you can afford it, get the stainless steel. But even it will freeze up if you don't remove the ball after using it. Removing the ball or the receiver is a small price to pay for versatility of the system. 28669

- 902b

by: JT02/14/2009

Always prepared The 3-ball convert-a-ball system and cushioned ballmount was the first first and so far only ballmount and ball set I've purchased. I normally only use the 2-5/16" ball but it's nice to know the others are there when I need them. I went to go pick up a trailer from a friend once. He told me it had a 2" hitch but it was really 1-7/8". I had brought the complete kit just in case. He was amazed at how fast and easy it was to change ball sizes. With the 10k rating it will easily handle anything I'll ever tow. 1576

- 902B

by: Daryl E06/04/2016

The product is of the highest quality and the delivery timetable is as fast as could ever be expected. Not only did I get a great product but pricing was so good I will never buy from anywhere else. And it was so easy, not needing to go looking at one store then another. I ordered from my home not taking very much time at all. If I had to do this over again, I would do exactly as I did this time. is the way to go. 257100

- 902B

by: Gwen C.12/29/2011

I was looking for the Convert-A-Ball trailer hitch that was made in America. This web site came up and I liked what I saw. It was easy to use. I ordered on Tuesday the week of Christmas thinking I wouldn't get it until after Christmas. However, I recieved the package 2 days later! WOW! My husband and I were very impressed. Good quality, fast service and good customer service. We will recommend this company to our friends! 28883

- 902B

by: Tim M.04/29/2014

Excellent product. My previous convert-a ball system was chrome plated but I much prefer the stainless . The chrome plating wears off after a few moths of use and you are left with a rusty hitch ball . The convert-a ball system is the ONLY way to go if you have multiple trailers with different hitch ball sizes. Great price and extraordinarily quick shipping from the good folks at etrailer. 128015

- 902B

by: Mike B.04/07/2012

The Ball Mount and Convert-A-Ball are of top notch quality. I applied both on my receiver and they fit perfectly. The lock for the mount is state of the art. Furthermore I received emails when the item was picked, shipped and given a due date and I received it right on time.This company is on top of there game and I will be doing business with them in the future. 36445

- 902B

by: paul v01/14/2011

EXCELLENT i own four trucks and they ALL have this style ball on them i for lack of a better word love this product,im always the guy who gets stuck towing the toys and not one friend has got the right size or type of ball they need for there own trailers but i always come prepared its knowing you never have to make a second trip that gives comfort 5520

- 902B

by: Donald F06/17/2015

This is not the first one I have had, I don't remember who I got the first one but I like them a lot better then the three ball welded. You know I do or I would not come back for another one. Thank you for your great service on getting it to me so quick. dwf 204011

- 902B

by: 902B08/26/2015

This is great I love the concept of not having to change out a different ball or have three hitches laying around every time I pull something different, ( i have three different trailers ) I'm also happy I went with the stainless steel it looks great and should remain that way for years to come! Thank you! 221798

- 902B

by: Vic A.06/02/2016

Excellent product overall! I constantly tow various items that require different size hitch balls. This conversion ball system has made switching ball sizes extremely easy and a time saver. After a year of use there is little to no signs of wear. I would highly recommend this product to a friend! 256051

- 902B

by: KMS06/24/2013

These are very nicely made and well machined. I like the versatility this set provides for towing multiple trailers. I have a travel trailer that uses the 2 5/16 ball and a utility trailer that uses a 2" ball. I no longer need multiple ball mounts. Just swap the ball & go. 85721

- 902B

by: Robert04/17/2012

The order arrived complete as expected. The hitch looks of high guality and hopefully will resist rust as it should being stainless steel. Only time will tell for sure. The storage box is a "very nice to have" item to keep the loose ball sizes stored out of the way. 37530

- 902B

by: JR T07/28/2011

Excellent product. Well worth the price for the convenience of switching out ball size without having to have two large wrenches. I have multiple trailers with different size couplers. To change out ball size takes less than 30 seconds. I bought 3 for each vehicle! 20392

- 902B

by: NELDA09/24/2014


- 902B

by: Pete O.09/26/2011

Purchased and installed on a B and W Tow and Stow Pintle Hitch. 24645

- 902B

by: Karl H.07/30/2014

Just received the balls yesterday. Installed the spindle on my hitch fit like a glove. Should be the easiest transition between trailers that I ever had in the past. Now I have (2) extra receivers that I have to store or give away :) Thank you, 143439

- 902B

by: FDRMaine08/22/2013

Everything is precisely machined, all parts interchange easily and snugly. Nice finish on the stainless steel. Looking forward to having no rust. Having alternative size balls will be a plus for the occassional need to haul a different trailer. 96332

- 902B

by: Sparky07/21/2012

USA MADE PRODUCT! Quality throughout. I kinda wish the nut, split washer and cotter pin were also stainless. (They're not... they're all zinc coated.) I like the idea of the o-rings on the locking pins. Keeps the crap out. I'm happy. 48783

- 902B

by: Robert Pair11/22/2013

While I was very impressed with the quality of the stainless on the trailer shank and the ball tops, the 1" hex nut and lock washer were a cheap zinc plated finish. Very disappointing! 108163

- 902B

by: Bill E08/24/2011

This is an excellent product if you have more than 1 size trailer coupler. Works very well.This is my 3rd set of these for all of my tow vehicles.I would highly recommend this item. 22703

- 902B

by: John L.12/04/2013

This is my third set for my third vehicle. I hate rust, so I always buy the SS. I highly recommend both the product and etrailer for always exceeding my expectations. 109124

- 902B

by: Chris A11/05/2014

Excellent customer service from eTrailer and super fast shipping! The Convert-A-Ball stainless steel balls are great. Top quality and easy to swap out ball sizes. 159612

- 902b

by: Jim M09/02/2009

FANTASTIC PRODUCT For a muti-trailer owner this is the way to go. Its simple and easy to change balls and they are very high quality. Makes my task alot easier. 2332

- 902B

by: Kristen T07/28/2011

Very impressed with! Kept me informed via email every step of the way! Great website! The product speaks for itself. Good product and easy to use. 20394

- 902B

by: ED S.03/04/2017


- 902B

by: Shawn02/21/2013

Great product! I will never use a standard ball again. These are made of great quality and save a great deal of time when I tow my different trailers. 67239

- 902B

by: Dick N01/23/2017

Order was exactly as advertised and delivered two days earlier than expected. Absolutely will do business with these folks again ?????????? 337296

- 902B

by: Mark c.06/15/2016

I needed a multi ball for my trucks pintle hitch and Lexis at etrailer hooked me up with a convert a ball that works great. Thanks lexis 261455

- 902B

by: Tim P.09/01/2015

I really like this product and would have given it an excellent rating had it came with a stainless steel lock washer and cotter pin. 223261

- 902b

by: Keith W02/04/2007

great product I love it I love the convience of this item it works great and is the most usefull hitch item I own. 65

- 902B

by: Chris C01/22/2014

easy to use, saves space from having three sets for the 2" receiver. Good towing capacity. Thanks!! 114462

- 902B

by: Michael Heusser02/23/2012

Great product to change non rusty balls in a snap. This was a great investment for the money. 32285

- 902B

by: Beer Guy01/05/2017

These interchangeable stainless hitch balls work and look great. I am very happy with them! 330032

- 902B

by: Christina C.10/06/2011

great prices great product and fast shipping a real pleasure to shop with you.... thank you 25165

- 902B

by: Ken W06/16/2016

I owned one of these earlier and ordered the stainless steel ball. Excellent quality. 261953

- 902B

by: GART B.08/10/2013


- 902B

by: Mike09/16/2016

Have used this brand for years and very good quality, would recommend the stainless. 295641

- 902B

by: Andy S04/01/2015


- 902B

by: Steven Trinkaus10/07/2016

I love it, my friends love it. It has never failed. What more can you ask for. 305479

- 902B

by: Chris09/05/2013

Great for having the right ball for the right job. Always there when needed. 98495

- 902B

by: Mark R02/26/2017

This product works as advertised - easy to install - easy to change balls 346046

- 902B

by: Jim C12/07/2012

Neat product! Looks great mounted to the polished stainless ball mount! 60916

- 902B

by: Tommy D02/10/2017

Quick fast iand on time Product was everything that was advertised 340712

- 902B

by: Keith Morgan05/05/2014

Second set I have bought, super easy to use and they never rust!! 128888

- 902B

by: Reid M.11/21/2013

Easy to install. Simple to switch. Great shipping and service. 108051

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  • Availability of Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Trailer Hitch Ball w/ 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Shank
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  • Torque Spec for the Nut of the Ball 3 Ball Convert a Ball set part # 902B
  • I spoke to my contact at Convert a Ball and he informed me that the nut of the Convert a Ball 3 Ball set part # 902B needs to be torqued down to 120 ft lbs. We have a torque wrench that would work part # ALL944001.
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  • Can the Convert-a-Ball System be Left on the Draw Bar when not Towing
  • The ball pin uses rubber o-rings to hold it in place, the friction holds the pin from moving. I would suggest using a ball cover for a couple reasons. First since it wraps around the ball, the pin would not be able to come out so the ball will stay on. Second, I have ruined a couple pairs of pants by brushing up against greasy hitch balls. And third, a hitch cover will keep water off the ball, which is not as big of deal with stainless, but it is a good practice. I have added a link to...
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  • Will the Shank Length for the Interchangeable Ball Set 902b Work with a 1 Inch Thick Drawbar
  • Yes, the # 902b hitch ball set is compatible with ball mounts with a 1 inch thick ball platform.
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  • Recommendation for Replacing Broken Pin on 2
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  • Does Orientation of Pin Hole on Convert-A-Ball 902B Matter
  • The pin hole orientation of the Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball Set # 902B should be parallel with the rear bumper. That is what the manufacturer recommends.
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