Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2" Hitch - 12-1/2" Drop - 16K

Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2" Hitch - 12-1/2" Drop - 16K

Item # 325-GH-1424

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325-GH-1424 - Drop - 12-1/2 Inch,Rise - 12-1/2 Inch Gen-Y Hitch Ball Mounts
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  • Adjustable Ball Mount
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 16000 lbs GTW
  • Drop - 12-1/2 Inch
  • Rise - 12-1/2 Inch
  • Gen-Y Hitch
  • Two Balls
  • Stacked Receivers
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Built-In Pintle Hook
  • Steel Shank
  • Steel Ball
Install this shock-absorbing, adjustable mount to get 4 stacked 2" receivers. Flexing rubber cords limit shock. Tongue weight scale shows if load needs to be adjusted. 2" Ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook and stabilizer kit included. Call 800-298-8924 to order Gen-Y Hitch ball mounts part number 325-GH-1424 or order online at Free expert support on all Gen-Y Hitch products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2" Hitch - 12-1/2" Drop - 16K. Ball Mounts reviews from real customers.

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Gen-Y Hitch Ball Mounts - 325-GH-1424

Install this shock-absorbing, adjustable mount to get 4 stacked 2" receivers. Flexing rubber cords limit shock. Tongue weight scale shows if load needs to be adjusted. 2" Ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook and stabilizer kit included.


  • Adjustable ball mount lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle
    • Shank slides into hitch receiver on your vehicle
    • 2" Ball, 2-5/16" ball, or ball paired with pintle lock provides connection point for trailer coupler
  • 4 Stacked receivers accept included ball mount and pintle lock, as well as other hitch-mounted accessories
  • Shock-absorbing design ensures a smooth, steady ride
    • Technology functions like a torsion axle to limit transfer of road shock from trailer to vehicle and vice versa
    • No airbags to maintain and fewer moving parts to repair or replace than with other shock-absorbing solutions
  • Adjustable height lets you tow trailers of different heights with the same vehicle
    • Drop ball mount lower or raise it higher to match your application
  • Ball mount can be used in drop position only
  • Tongue weight scale is built in to help you balance your trailer
    • Meter lets you know if your load needs to be adjusted before you tow
  • Stabilizers attach to vehicle's frame to brace ball mount and distribute load
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Zinc primer and powder coat finishes resist corrosion
  • Hitch pin and clip or hitch lock for securing to hitch receiver sold separately
  • SAE J684 certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Built-in receiver size: 2" x 2"
  • Maximum drop: 12-1/2"
  • 2" Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 12,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 1,500 lbs
  • 2-5/16" Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 16,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 1,700 lbs
  • Optimal ride tongue weight (when used with 2-5/16" ball): 1,200 lbs - 1,700 lbs
  • Hitch pin hole diameter: 5/8"
  • Accessory pin hole diameter: 5/8"
  • Stabilizer bar adjustable length: 24" - 33"
  • 10-Year limited warranty

This unique adjustable ball mount from Gen-Y Hitch has a vertical shank that is made up of 4 stacked 2" receivers that can accept almost any hitch-mounted accessory. This lets you easily adjust the height of the included ball mount, or any other accessory you choose to use. This mount also has built-in shock absorption to ensure a safe, smooth towing experience. Using technology similar to that found in torsion trailer axles, the Gen-Y mount absorbs road shock, isolating any rough jarring or chucking at the connection point. This prevents the rough motion from transferring from the vehicle to the trailer and vice versa.

Built-In Shock Absorption for a Smooth Ride

Driving over bumps, potholes, and uneven terrain causes road shock, which can result in a rough, bumpy ride and even potentially damage your vehicle or trailer. This Gen-Y Hitch torsion mount is designed to absorb road shock at the connection point to create a safe, smooth ride. This is thanks to the internal construction of the mount, which is similar to that of a torsion axle.

torsion w/cutaway

Pivot points are built into the Gen-Y mount. This allows for movement between the base, which slides into your vehicle's trailer hitch, and the stacked receivers, which provide the connection point for your trailer. When your trailer hits a bump, the stacked receiver portion of the mount will move up or down accordingly.

torsion diagram

Built into the Gen-Y mount are tubes with inner bars that are surrounded by rubber cords. As the receivers rise or fall, these inner bars twist inside of the tubes, attempting to follow the receivers' motion. But the rubber cords prevent the bars from twisting too far. And as each bar turns, these cords compress to absorb the shock. This means that any shock experienced by your truck can be absorbed before it reaches your trailer, and the shock experienced by your trailer won't get transferred to your truck.

This type of shock-absorption system is easy to maintain. Just regularly apply grease to the built-in zerk to keep the components in working condition. No airbags to fill. No small parts to repair or replace. No hassle.

Multiple Stacked Receivers for Easy Adjustment

stacked receivers

This unique mount from Gen-Y Hitch includes a ball mount that can be easily positioned in one of the 4 stacked receivers that sits along the vertical shank of the unit. This dual-ball mount lets you tow a trailer with a 2" ball coupler or a 2-5/16" ball coupler.

pintle hitch

Also included is a pintle lock, which can be inserted into the receiver directly above the ball mount to create a pintle hitch for hooking up a trailer with a lunette ring. Unlike other adjustable pintle hooks on the market, there are no nuts and bolts to remove and retorque when you change the positioning of this hitch. Just move the ball mount and pintle lock up or down to get the proper height and secure them in place with the included pins.

With the 4 stacked receivers, not only do you have the ability to adjust the height of the included ball mount, but you also have the ability to add various other hitch-mounted accessories. Insert a bike rack or cargo carrier. Mount a spare tire carrier. Use a tow bar to flat tow your vehicle. Or just add a fun hitch cover.

Stabilizers Eliminate Wobble and Help Balance Your Load

stabilizers installed

Because this mount has such a significant drop, a stabilizer kit is included to prevent any wobble and to keep the mount stable and sturdy as you tow. Simply bolt or weld the brackets onto your truck's frame, and connect the stabilizer bars to the back of the Gen-Y mount. The stabilizer bars can easily be adjusted to span the distance between your vehicle's frame and the Gen-Y ball mount.

If you remove the mount from your hitch, the stabilizer bars can be disconnected from the brackets using the included pins and clips so that you can remove the bars from your vehicle as well.

Note: Because of how the stabilizers install on the ball mount, this mount should only be used in the drop position.

Easily Check Your Tongue Weight


This mount features a built-in mechanical tongue weight scale. The highest arrow on the scale indicates the mount's maximum tongue weight (1,700 lbs). The lowest arrow indicates no tongue weight (0 lbs). There must be a minimum tongue weight of 1,200 lbs for the built-in shock absorption to function. This means that the tongue weight scale's white indicator marker should be between the highest arrow and the middle arrow when you hook up your trailer to tow.

GH-1424 GenY Hitch Adjustable Torsion Drop Hitch with Pintle Lock and Stabilizer Kit - 2" Hitch Receivers - 12-1/2" Drop - 16,000 lbs

Video of Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2" Hitch - 12-1/2" Drop - 16K

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Gen-Y line of torsion hitches. Now these are available for 2 inch shanks, and for the 2 1/2 inch version.Now the Gen-Y torsion style hitches are coming along at a perfect time, with the trailer weight ratings of our trucks getting higher and higher and higher, we're really starting to build a lot of pressure at the connection point.By having the torsion flex system in between the connection point here at the truck and the tongue of our trailer, we're able to drastically reduce the amount of energy that's being forced into the back of the truck. So we're going to save a lot of the wear and tear on the chassis and the components, but also as a driver it's going to feel smoother. It's going to feel safer, and it's going to be easier to drive.On the trailer side of things, a utility trailer you're probably not too concerned with, but as these forces are generated it puts a lot of strain on the welds and the construction. The biggest benefit I think you're going to see out of these on the trailer side though, it's going to be your big bumper pull campers or your bumper pull horse trailers. Being able to keep the contents of that trailer safer, through reducing the amount of impacts they go through, are really going to add up over time.Now the torsion flex system this uses, is a tried and true system that's been used on trailer axles for a very long time.

Basically you can see the outer square tube here, well there's an inner square tube as well. In between those tubes, on all four sides, we've got cords. Those cords as the energy is applied, kind of squeeze together and expand. That's going to help reduce that effect. So all of that energy gets absorbed right inside of the torsion setup.Now let's take a look at the Gen-Y torsion hitch in use.

You can see cruising down a normal road service, as long as it's smooth and flat, the Gen-Y hitch is just going to make minor corrections. As we go from the paved surface on to the rougher surfaces of campsites or maybe gravel roads to get to our end destination, you can see it's going to have a lot more action. The pot holes, the wash boarding, things like that aren't felt nearly as much. Even out in field, we're going to have the much rougher surfaces and even ditches, the Gen-Y hitch does a great job of keeping everything in line.Now our 2 inch version is available in the 1200 series for the off set, or the 1400 series for the deeper drops. These offer a 1700 pound tongue weight rating, and a 16000 pound gross trailer weight rating.Once we go to the 2 1/2 inch version, we're going to have the 1300 series for the off set, and the 1500 series for that deeper drop.

These are going to offer a 2400 pound tongue weight rating, and a 21000 pound gross trailer weight rating.Now on the 2 inch variety, we have 2 series. You're going to have the 1200 series, which is off set, meaning the shank is going to be in the middle of the system. That's going to always give you, regardless of the drop you pick, a 2 1/2 inch rise. It's going to give you a level position, or even with the shank. Then you're going to have a 2 1/2 inch drop, 5 inches of drop, and 7 inches of drop.Now the 1400 series is going to be for the guys that have really tall lifts on their truck.

Instead of it being off set bringing the system up, it is actually swung under. So from the receiver tube opening on your truck, the top opening here is going to be 5 inches lower, and then it's going to go at 2 1/2 inch increments. You can pick from the 12 1/2, the 15 inch, or the total of 17 1/2 inches of drop, which would give you a 6 receiver tube opening down here.Now for the drops that exceed 12 inches, so the entire 1400 series, the stabilization kit is going to be provided to stiffen everything up and keep you hauling safely.Now the biggest difference we're going to have on the 2 1/2 inch series, as compared to the 2 inch series, is going to be the drops. The 1300 series, which is the off set, has a 3 inch rise, a zero, a 3 inch drop, a 6 inch drop. This is going to be available all the way through 9 and 12 inches. When we go to the 1500 series, it's immediately going to start with a 6 inch drop, and that can go all the way down to 21 depending on the amount of receiver tube openings you require. And just like the 1400 series, the 2500 series will have the stabilization system included.Now each of our torsion style hitches are going to have the dual ball set up. It gives us a 2 and 5 1/16ths inch ball on top, and a 2 inch ball on the bottom. Now this is a solid shank material, and you can see there's a hole that's been drilled through the middle of it here, that's for use with the inch and 7/8ths add on ball if you decide you have a need for it.Now on each of the series of hitches, they're going to come equipped with two pins. One for our clevis lock here, and one for the ball mount. The one for the actual pinning it to the truck, you'll have to provide. That part number if you want it to match, would be 325-GH-096.One thing I'll add there, is that if you're not going to be using a clevis hook style trailer, you can simply remove the clevis holder here and use that pin in the back of your truck.Now these are very desirable hitches, and you don't want yours to disappear. So if you'd rather everything in position, part number RH5-XL, is going to give you plenty of length to be able to go through there. And if you decided to get three, you could get them all keyed alike, so one key would operate the entire hitch.I like the unique design of the clips, basically you'll have to rotate it to pull it out. So we won't have to worry about these accidentally coming out.Now each of our pins are going to be 5/8ths of an inch in diameter. You'll see the end has been milled, so it gives you a really nice area to hold onto. And the hole here on the end, our clip is going to slide into.Now when using the pintle hook style set up, you want to be sure you're using the 2 and 5/16ths inch ball, and that you've got your keeper. So you just want to pull that pin. We're going to slide that forward. You're going to slide it all the way until your pinhole lines up, and re-secure it with your clip. That's going to keep everything nice and secure, and we're safe and ready for travel once you hook up your electronics and your chains.Now the hitch itself is going to have an extremely durable hammered finish powder coat, gives it a really nice look and a little bit of a silver and gray touch to it. All of our working components, like our pintle keeper and our balls, going to have a black powder coat finish.Now as the torsion system flexes, we've got pins here on the top and bottom that are going to rotate. You can see Gen-Y has added a grease circ there, to make keeping those lubricated very easy. It's going to extend the life and improve the operation of our hitch.Now to help maintain safety, each of our Gen-Y hitches has a built in scale. On the 16000 pound version, it's going to have a 1700 pound tongue weight scale. On the 21000 it's going to be 2400.Now this is adjustable, and periodically you will want to make sure it's centered with no load on the ball.Now for adjusting the scale, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver. You just want to loosen the Phillips screw, and you want to align the center point with the white line marked on our hitch. Once that's set, you're going to tighten that back down to hold it's position. The smaller point here will be 850 pounds worth of tongue weight. The larger point will be all the way at our max of 1700, or 1200 on the 21000 pound version and 2400.Now these heavy duty applications, having the appropriate tongue weight is going to be important for safety. It's going to prevent the trailer sway, or overloading on our truck.Now since we've had the Gen-Y torsion flex hitch out in the field, they've made some nice upgrades to it. We'd like to go over those with you.To start with, they're now offering a 3 inch by 3 inch shank, this is to keep up with the newer trucks that have those larger receiver tube openings. You'll notice they have both size pinholes that those 3 inch can come with as well, you've got the 5/8ths and then the one slightly larger.And of course just like the 2 and 2 1/2 inch to maintain the strongest possible setup, we're going to have a full solid steel shank.Another thing they've added that I really really like, our hitch originally when it came out these would move a little bit, just generates a little bit of noise and most of us are probably very used to that with having items on our hitch, but you'll notice on each of the receiver tube openings, there's now a threaded hole. This is a very welcome edition. By using a 3/8ths wrench, we're able to snug those up and you're going to eliminate any of that play. So it'll go from this having a slight bit of movement, which really wasn't a terribly big deal, to now being able to completely eliminate that.Now those set screws aren't just something you're going to see on the 3 inch version, it goes to the full run of the torsion flex hitch, whether it's the 2, 2 1/2 inch, or 3.So regardless of whether you're hauling the heavier equipment trailers, you got a big horse trailer or camper, there's going to be a Gen-Y torsion flex hitch available that'll make you're towing duties safer and easier.

Customer Reviews

Gen-Y Torsion 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2" Hitch - 12-1/2" Drop - 16K - 325-GH-1424

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (12 Customer Reviews)

Install this shock-absorbing, adjustable mount to get 4 stacked 2" receivers. Flexing rubber cords limit shock. Tongue weight scale shows if load needs to be adjusted. 2" Ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook and stabilizer kit included.

- 325-GH-1224

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

Best hitch ever... performs above and beyond as advertised. Will never use straight or drop hitch again. We pull our bobcat up the 4wd drive beaches of North Carolina which are often bumpy. This hitch separated the trailer movement from the truck. Well worth the money. Do it once and never do it again! 672606

- 325-GH-1324

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

I have yet to tow with this hitch because I just received it today. Upon receiving the box I knew this hitch was not for the faint of heart. It felt like a massive hitch weighing in at 118lbs. Taking it out of the box I could see that this hitch is built like a beast and will likely be more hitch than I will ever need, but I needed a drop hitch and after asking etrailer questions and doing my own extensive research, I decided this was the hitch I should buy. I like the fact that it will give a little more space between the trailer and the truck, it can be used as a pintle setup if the need arises, and it comes with two ball sizes. Using this for my enclosed landscape trailer I am hoping it extends the life of tires and suspension components. I will try and update in the future after towing with this hitch. 475244


Product is still amazing. Really takes the bounce out of trailering. It’s almost like the trailers aren’t there. The real noticeable difference is my dump trailer when it’s loaded up. You can really notice the difference between this hitch and a regular hitch. Just in comfort it’s worth the money.

Peter - 02/12/2019


- 325-GH-1825

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

I won't repeat what's already been stated. Indeed, the last hitch you will purchase! It's a heavy beast - shipping weight was 138 pounds! My load towing with this is actually a bit under-rated for the sweet-spot of this hitch, but I did not want to use a reducer on my 2019 F-450 to operate the lower-rated Gen-Y. It has definitely made a positive difference on rough terrain (especially off-road). In my case it is mainly to prevent the truck from roughing up the trailer with it's super-stiff nature. Of course this functions in either/any fashion. This will absolutely cover anything you could ever possibly tow with a conventional style trailer. Anything heavier and you'd be looking at gooseneck (which they also make a torsion hitch for - which I am also strongly considering). Not any fault of the hitch, but it will set off your reverse proximity sensors. No way around that with a hitch of this size. I would suggest that it be mentioned that use of this hitch is probably going to require most users to extend their safety chains a good bit. I had 24inch chains with a standard hitch and they fit fine, but this Gen-Y required me to use 38inch chains minimum to not only make it to the receiver chain openings, but to also make it around the hitch itself! Just thought that it might be helpful to others to know that. Luckily I had some longer Grade 70 chains already! Overall, no complaints what so ever. I know what if someone happens to rear-end my truck they are going to get an engine block full of Gen-Y (sort of passive perk I say). 588160

- 325-GH-1224

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

Very nice, well built hitch, but the torsion part of it only works well when towing near the upper load limit of the hitch. Buy the same hitch without the torsion if you are not going to be pulling heavy loads near hitch capacity. You'll save lots! 610413

- 325-GH-1125

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

Great heavy duty adjustable ball mount. The only negative is lifting it to put it in the receiver... It's heavy! One unit does the work of 3 pieces that I used to have to carry with me. 564757

- 325-GH-1224

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

I received my torsion hitch as promised from etrailer. The hitch is built with quality And very simple to install. I will be using it for the first time in a coupe of days. 658671

- 325-GH-1224

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

Excellent Quality, better driving while you with trailer and Made in USA. I love it Thanks to the company 628593

- 325-GH-1325

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

This thing is built like a tank. I have towed a few items that have been reasonably heavy (although not at 21,000lbs). I can say that it does a good job at limiting the aftershock of terrible roads that I have been on. It does a good job and is easily versatile to use with the adjustments available. The hitch should endure travels towing for quite a long time considering how well it is built. 607077

- 325-GH-1825

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts


- 325-GH-1324

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

This hitch is a beast. You will not need any more hitches; last you will buy. When received the packaging was a little damaged. I suspect this is due to the overall weight. I figure the hitch alone is about 75-80 pounds. I tow trailers almost every weekend. My enclosed car trailer weighs in at about 10K pounds. My Ram 3500 DRW would buck slightly due to all the road construction. First tow was for about 160 miles. Not once did I feel any push or bucking. If you tow a lot, this is your hitch. Little pricey but worth it. 575908

- 325-GH-1224

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts


- 325-GH-1824

Review from a similar Gen-Y Hitch Stacked Receiver Torsion Drop Hitch in Ball Mounts

Great hitch .. quality built. 494705


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