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Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Item # RVS-5350

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Backup Cameras and Alarms

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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Camera Systems - RVS-5350
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  • Backup Camera Systems
  • Hardwired
  • Rear View Safety Inc
  • 4.3 Inch Display
  • Dash Monitor
  • Standard Camera System
  • 120 Degrees
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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - RVS-5350

  • Rear View Safety backup camera system
  • 4.3" TFT LCD color monitor
  • Backup camera with built-in sensors
    • 120-Degree viewing angle
    • Night vision
    • Audibly alerts you of objects in path
    • IP68 Rated - keeps out dirt and moisture
  • 1-Year warranty

RVS-5350 Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

RVS-5350 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RVS-5350 Installation instructions

Video of Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu

Today in our 2015 Chevrolet Malibu we'll be installing the rear view safety backup camera system with built-in backup sensors, part number RVS-5350. Here's what our backup camera looks like installed. As you can see it provides a nice, large screen, yet doesn't take up much space on our dash. Now let's go ahead and put our vehicle in reverse and see what it looks like. You see, we have a nice clear image here. Now we'll have somebody walk towards the vehicle to demonstrate our proximity sensors.

As you can see, the closer he gets, it shows you the distance warning meter and gives you a great noise to alert you that you're about to back into something. Now let's pull away from the person and we'll see what it looks like. The beeping stops once you're further away from an object. As you can see our backup camera gives us a nice, clean display and we have a nice wide view, so we see our entire surroundings behind us really nicely. Now this backup camera is a great addition for cars that don't have a factory backup camera, and you're looking for an inexpensive option to add one that's a clean install. The backup camera will allow you to see behind you when you're backing up without having to rely just upon your mirrors, and for things that are below you that you can't see when you're looking out your rear window.

Also, with the backup sensors, for something that you can't judge distant on that well, a nice audible alert will alert you if you're coming close to having an impact. Okay, here's what our backup camera kit consists of. First off, we have our camera system here. You see our camera angle is adjustable just by sliding up and down on the rotating lens. To the side of that we have our park assist sensors here. We have one wire that comes off this that makes our connections to our main wiring harness here.

We have our plug here which will provide power to our display screen here. As you can see we also have two camera inputs that we can put. Our display can be adjusted as we need to get the right viewing angle that we want, supplied to our dash with some double sided tape that's already pre-applied. Now that we've gone over what's included, let's show you how to get it installed. We'll start our installation on the back of our vehicle by removing our license plate here. Your screws may vary depending on what came with your vehicle when it was purchased, ours are some Phillips head.

We'll take this off here and grab our camera assembly. When we install this we want to make sure we have it facing the correct direction. The flat surface is the bottom, the rounded edge is the top. Our wire plug here, we'll just slide through this existing hole already in our bumper cover here. It will come out the side, behind it, where you can get to it easily later. We'll take our plate back here with, install our screw, making sure we don't pinch any of our wires behind the plate, slide it back up, install our other screw, run them back down a bit. That gives us a nice solid mount for our license plate and our camera. Now in the driver's side of our dash we have a panel right here, we just pop this off. Disengage the clips behind it and slide it on out of the way. That will give us a place to run our wires through for our camera. Now we want to find a good place to stick our display so we can see it while driving easily. Right here should be good. We'll peel off our double sided tape here and stick it down to the dash. Press down firmly so it sticks. Now open this door here and we'll pop it down, remove it, that way we have access to our fuse box here where we can make connection. We'll take our plug here, this applies power to our monitor, plug it in. We'll put some electrical tape on this so we don't have to worry about it coming disconnected. This part will feed in behind this dash panel here, so that's inside where the fusebox resides. Now our door seal panel here, we will just lift up on it. Sometimes they're stuck in there a little bit and you have to persuade them. Okay, that will work. At the end of our wiring harness that we run back to the back of the vehicle, we will make our connections. I'll plug in this one here too. It's keyed so it only goes in one direction. Once it clips in place we will know we're solid. Now we'll tape these up with some electrical tape here. Now these wires, we'll just tuck them back in here and zip tie it to the wiring harness that runs to the back of the vehicle underneath here once we're ready for that. Okay, so there's a wiring harness here, we'll zip tie the two wires too that are running to the back, just to help secure them out of the way, and we'll do the same right here to this ground cable, and again to this main wiring bundle here. Now our two wires we'll just tuck up under our carpet here. We got our wire underneath the carpet by our driver's seat and we're going to tuck it underneath this panel towards the back to keep our wires protected and hidden out of sight. Now lift up on the bottom of our backseat and that'll give us some room to get the wires inside the trunk. Keep running our wires back underneath the plastic. Now we'll go into our trunk and pull them through. Lift up on our spare tire cover here, pull it on our, set it aside. Fold down the back seat and we'll make sure our wires are tucked up underneath our seat, and we'll feed them underneath the hinge for the backseat and pull them on through. We got our wires around our hinge now. Okay, with those here underneath our hinge, they're not going to get pinched by anything. We'll place them in the trunk and we'll fold our backseat on up, it locks into place, and we can push back down on our bottom seat so it secures itself in position. All right, with our seat reinstalled, we'll carry on the installation in the trunk. We need to gain access to our reverse light. Our reverse light in this vehicle is on our trunk right here. We're going to peel back this panel a little bit and gain access to that. It's held in place with some push pin fasteners, just work them out like that. Our reverse lights are this bottom bulb which is this plug right here. Now, because there's only two wires going here and we have a black and green, and the fact that the light is on our trunk lid which moves up and down, if you follow down our wiring harness, it goes down through this tube here inside the vehicle. We're going to make a connection inside the vehicle because it won't move around, so we'll just pop off the panel here. Down here we can see that there is already a green wire that's been spliced into, more than likely this is the wire that will be hot when our vehicle is in reverse. We'll test and make sure that this wire has a reverse signal down here. This red wire that is attached to the green wire that we suspect is our reverse signal input, we'll strip back some of the installation and here, and we'll conduct a test by sticking the vehicle in reverse to see if this wire had power when the vehicle is in reverse. We see we have no power going to it while someone is shifting it into reverse for us right now, we'll double check. As you can see our test light is lighting up, we'll have them put it in park and make sure it goes off. Okay, we did identify that this wire that's attached to our green wire with a white stripe is our reverse signal output, so we'll use that to make our connection. Our vehicle already had a connection made to it at some point in time, so we'll be using that for our signal. Now we have a grommet inside of our trunk right here. We're going to temporarily remove this so we can pass our wire from our camera inside the vehicle. Here's our camera wire here. Now we'll make a slot in this grommet, we'll go through it, push our grommet back into place. We'll just lift up on the carpet and tuck it behind it. Open this battery door here for your auxiliary battery and we'll hide the slack in that compartment. This connector can only go in one way, so we'll line up the two dots right here, actually they're arrows, and we'll push it in and secure this with some electrical tape. All right, so we're tucking our wires up inside this compartment as best as possible. Okay, so we got these bundled up, let's wrap the zip-tie around them now. Cut off our excess zip ties here. Now we'll drop them inside our compartment. We got an extra segment of red wire here to make an extension to connect our two red wires together. The one that was already installed in our reverse signal output, then the red wire that comes from our harness that goes to our backup camera. You need some butt connectors to do this. I'll crimp that on there and come over here to this wire, strip off a little bit more of the insulation, twist it all together, then we'll fold it back in half on itself to make it thicker so our butt connector can grab onto it better. Install it in our butt connector, crimp that down, then we'll drop this wire on down and it will come out right here. Strip off the other end and we'll install another butt connector on it, crimp it down. Now our other wire, we'll move a little bit more of the insulation since this is a thinner wire and we're fold it back upon itself, thicken it up a little bit. We'll make our connection to our butt connector and we'll crimp it down. Just drop that down inside the vehicle here next to our battery. We only use this for our ground. Now for this, we have a couple of different options. What we can do is unbolt this, put a ring terminal on this and just make our connection. This battery goes straight to ground here anyway so it's a perfect grounding point. I'll strip off a little insulation here, we'll double back our wire here and make it thicker, stick on a ring terminal, crimp it down. All right, so we use a 10mm socket, loosen that bolt up and we'll attach a ring terminal underneath it. Stick it on our bolt and back onto our battery, then we'll tighten the bolt back down. All right, with all of our connections made in the trunk, we can reinstall the panels that we removed. Push back in the carpet and secure the fasteners that hold it in place. We'll put our little battery door back in place and that locks it. Now we'll put a little black silicone sealant in where our wires pass through on our grommet, just to keep any moisture of exhaust fumes from entering our passenger compartment of our vehicle. We'll place back in our spare tire cover at this time and we can close our trunk on up. Now we're going to extend our black wire here which is our ground. We'll just strip back some of the insulation like we did before and twist it all together, and we'll fold it in half once it's all twisted up. We'll take a butt connector, insert a wire into it, now we'll crimp it down. Make sure our wires secure inside. Take a piece of black wire we had laying around, strip off the insulation from one end, then we'll insert it into the other end of the butt connector. With that extended, we have something to work with. Here's our fusebox, we'll check a couple fuses. Okay, so these fuses here are hot all the time. Now we'll turn the key in our ignition, turn the key on. See this fuse here, this 2 amp at the top left has power now. Turn the key off, take it out and you can see it slowly powers down, so this 2 amp fuse at the top left will be the one we're going to use. Pull out the fuse, now we're going to use a fuse tap to make our connection. This fuse tap just slides over the tip of the fuse and we'll work it down, all the way. Okay, with that down all the way, now we'll reinstall our fuse in the appropriate spot. Now we'll take our red wire here and we'll strip off a little bit more of our insulation from it. We'll take a spade terminal here, slide it over the wire and we'll crimp it down. Make sure it's on there nice and tight. We'll slide this on the terminal fuse tap just like so. We'll bundle up the rest of this wire here and secure it up behind our dash with a zip tie. Now our ground wire, just run down here. We'll measure about how much we need and we'll attach it here with a ring terminal. Right about here will be good, cut off the excess, crimp that on down. Remove this nut here, slide a ring terminal onto it, reinstall the nut. Okay, with all of our connections made we can test our system and make sure it works. Start our engine, put our vehicle in reverse, all right, we have a backup camera. Now that we know it's working, we'll put everything back together. We'll reinstall our fusebox door and storage compartment here, slide the hinge back on it, push up, it latches in place properly. Put our one panel in here, kind of slide it in behind the weather stripping, push it back in until the clips engaged. All right, now we'll slide our threshold cover back in, making sure the hood latch goes through it properly like that. Line up all of our pins. I'll just push it down into place. Make sure the weather stripping goes on top of it like it did originally. All right, with that our car's all back together. That completes our installation of the rear view safety backup camera system with built-in backup sensors, part number RVS-5350 on our 2015 Chevrolet Malibu.

Customer Reviews

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors - RVS-5350

Average Customer Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

- RVS-5350

Just installed the “Rear View Safety” license plate video and sensor model # RVS-5350. Installation on my 2014 Chrysler 300 was not fun. Some of the problems I had were: (1) Monitor does not swivel to compensate for the dash that is not level. It does swivel up and down but not sideways so my monitor is not level where the manual suggests you mount (that’s where I wanted it also). (2) Sensor lets you know on the monitor the distance to the object you are getting close to but, it is in meters. This Alabama redneck needs feet or yards. (3) Monitor has four rather large connectors about 9 inches from rear of monitor. If mounted where the manual suggests, the 4 connectors are about half way down the left side of dash. These rather four large connectors are hard to hide. If instead of 9 inches, if you had another foot, you could hide the four rather large connectors under the dash and the wires going down the left side of dash could be hidden easier. (4) One of the rather large connectors is not even needed. Apparently the monitor can handle two cameras but with this package only one is included. (5) It just seems strange you have to connect the camera to a power source and monitor to a power source and ground . Looks like they could have engineered a common power source. The 12 volt and ground wires in the wiring harness are very small and hard to work with. A larger diameter wire would have made installation a lot easier and faster. i did call customer support when after installation, i had a horizontal line scrolling up the reverse image on the monitor while in reverse. They said i had a ground problem and I did. After reworking both grounds (angel hair wires), the problem went away. After installation, besides the monitor being a crooked and the distance being measured in meters, the system works as advertised. There is a button on rear of monitor that cuts the sound off and on. There is no sound adjustment. This is my 2nd rear view camera/sensor installation so I will compare the two. The Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera System was installed on my 2009 Titan pickup. Installation was much easier. (1) Hopkins used standard size wires, no angel hair. (2) Hopkins also used a single source of power and ground for both camera and monitor. The Hopkins monitor had only one connector to hide going down the left side of the dash and it was smaller than any of the four for the system I installed today. 318603

- RVS-5350

Excellent service. Ordered several hitch cameras from other vendors but had to return. This hitch camera is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to follow installation instructions. Have a 2007 Ram 3500 mega cab and this camera works great. Highly recommend! 492814

- RVS-5350

Good clear picture . The only problem it get dirty often because it is mounted to your license plate 489610


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  • Custom Mounting the RVS-5350 Backup Camera Monitor
  • The Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors # RVS-5350 can have the base removed from the back of the monitor easily using a screwdriver. The base itself is a molded unit, so it would need to be removed. The back of the monitor will have two molded tabs that stick out. If you wanted to grind them down that is an option or you may want to utilize them and utilize a portion of the base to fit in the ProClip. The change in mounting will not effect the function...
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  • The cable of the Rear View Safety Camera part # RVS-5350 is about 20 feet long. For most vehicles that's more than long enough. You shouldn't have a problem at all on your Ford F-150. We do have a 9-1/2 foot extension though as well which is part # RVS-101N.
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  • The Rear View Safety Backup Camera System # RVS-770613 will work on your 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan, but I don't believe it is the best option for your vehicle as the camera mount isn't the most ideal for your mini van. Instead, I recommend the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors # RVS-5350. This will give you a similar monitor, but a camera that will mount to your license plate for a much nicer look. I've attached some videos to assist.
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  • Will Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Fit a 2006 Chrysler Crossfire
  • Yes, the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System # RVS-5350 will fit your 2006 Chrysler Crossfire. Backup cameras are not vehicle specific so it will just need to be mounted onto your rear license plate and then hardwired into the reverse light circuit. This system includes the audible back up sensors, as well as night vision. Take a look at the review video I've attached.
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  • Ideas for Finding Keyed Power Source for Installing Rear View Safety Backup Camera System
  • You will have to find a circuit that only sees power when the key is on. Typically the ignition circuit at the fuse box will work well for this. You can use a fuse tap to tap into that circuit. We have a fuse tap that would work too. For that you would want the part # F2526. Or if you want to find a circuit within your vehicle typically the radio circuit or cruise control circuit can be used for this.
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  • Will Rear View Safety Backup Camera System # RVS-5350 fit 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
  • Yes, the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System # RVS-5350 that you referenced will fit your 2001 Chevy Silverado. This kit was designed to basically fit any vehicle since it's very universal so it will work great for your truck. I attached an install video that shows it installed in a smaller vehicle but the install process would be exact same.
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