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Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Item # RVS-5350-W
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Backup Cameras and Alarms
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Rear View Safety Inc 4.3 Inch Display Backup Cameras and Alarms - RVS-5350-W
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Call 800-298-8924 to order Rear View Safety Inc backup cameras and alarms part number RVS-5350-W or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Rear View Safety Inc products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors. Backup Cameras and Alarms reviews from real customers.
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Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - RVS-5350-W

  • Backup Camera Systems
  • Wireless Signal
  • Dash Monitor
  • Rear View Safety Inc
  • Standard Camera System
  • 4.3 Inch Display
  • 120 Degrees

  • Rear View Safety backup camera system
  • 4.3" TFT LCD color monitor
    • Wireless connectivity allows for quick and easy installation
  • License Plate Backup camera with built-in sensors
    • 120-Degree viewing angle
    • Audibly alerts you of objects in path
    • IP68 Rated - keeps out dirt and moisture
  • 1-Year warranty

RVS-5350-W Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Installation Details RVS-5350-W Installation instructions

Video of Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Backup Camera Systems - RVS-5350-W Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the rear view safety wireless backup camera system with built in backup sensors. A backup camera system allows you to easily see what's behind your vehicle. This is going to help increase your awareness, it's going to increase safety, and it's going to potentially prevent accidents. The wireless connectivity of this system allows for a very quick and easy installation without having to run cables through the vehicle from the camera to the monitor. I know that you're seeing a lot of wires right here. That's because everything is going to need power, so when we talk about wireless connection, what we're talking about is that there is no cable that connects the camera to the monitor. These two units talk to one another wirelessly through the included transmitters.

Each unit's going to come with a transmitter, and those transmitters are designed to only talk to each other, which also helps eliminate interference from any other type of systems that could affect the wireless signal. The wireless signal for this system is good for up to 50 feet. Again, it does feature wireless connectivity, and that's going to allow for a very quick and easy install without having to run cables through the vehicle to get the camera connected to the monitor. This system is really going to feature a few main components. You're going to have the camera, with the built in backup sensors. You're going to have your monitor, and you're going to have an external speaker. The camera is going to feature a 120 degree viewing angle.

It's going to feature an IP68 waterproof rating, allowing it to function perfectly in all weather conditions. It's going to have your built in sensors. These are built directly into the camera's housing. Then, this system will alert you audibly from obstacles behind you, which is going to keep you protected in all situations. Again, it's going to come with your external speaker. This is going to offer three functions.

You got this switch right here, you're going to have off, low, and high. This would actually mount inside the vehicle at the rear. You want to put it in a place where you can easily hear it. The camera's going to offer night vision, which is going to provide a good image, even in low light conditions, and then this is designed to mount together with a license plate using the included hardware that comes with the kit. It's also going to come with anti-dismounting caps, so once you have this installed, those caps should go over the hardware, and it's going to prevent anybody from being able to come up and pry those out and then take off, or run off with your camera. That's really nice.

It's also going to protect the heads of those screws. It's going to keep out dirt and grime, which is going to prevent rust and corrosion to your hardware. Those anti-dismounting caps are a really great feature that's included with the kit. It's also going to come with the appropriate hardware to get the speaker installed. It's going to come with an adhesive pad and mounting hardware, so you have a couple different options to get that installed. Then, for the monitor, it's going to have an adhesive base that we can easily stick it to a flat surface, such as your dash. The monitor is going to feature a 4.3 inch TFT LCD display. Again, wireless connectivity means that the camera and monitor connect wirelessly to one another. This will display distance, so it's going to display the distance behind the vehicle. That's going to be displayed on the monitor, as well as distance grid lines. Again, it does come with the stand and the adhesive mount, or the adhesive pad to get that mounted. The system's also going to come with all of your power cables. It's going to come with all the necessary mounting hardware. It's going to come with your wireless transmitter and your wireless receiver. Again, transmission distance for this system is up to 50 feet. There's a lot of wires here, but it really is an easy installation. I'm going to walk you through the wiring here in a moment, but before I do that, I simply just want to go over some basic measurements with you. The monitor is going to feature a 4.3 inch display. Measuring edge to edge going this direction, that's going to give us a measurement of about four and nine sixteenths of an inch to four and five eighths. Up and down, the monitor is going to measure about three inches to three and one sixteenth inch tall. The thickest point, which is right here at the top of that shade, that's going to be about 13 sixteenths of an inch. That shade is designed to come over the actual screen a little bit and prevent glare. The overall height with it in this position, that's going to give us a measurement of about three and five eighths of an inch tall, and that is adjustable, so you can see there that you can adjust the angle of the monitor to best fit your particular setup. When it comes to the camera, the camera is going to give us an overall length measurement of seven and 11 sixteenths of an inch. Measuring this direction, we're looking at about one and a quarter, and then the thickness is only going to measure about one inch. Okay, so to go through the wiring setup, we'll start with the monitor. The monitor is going to have a cable coming from it right there. Plenty of wiring, so you got this bundle right here, the bundle is going to have a red wire, or a red connector, and two yellow connectors. The yellow connectors are designed for cameras. Today, we're going to be using AV2, so it's labeled AV1, AV2, and then your power cable, which is the red one, connects to the red extension that runs to the transmitter, or to the receiver. Then on the other end of that unit is going to be more extension wiring. At the end of that's going to be a red and black wire. Your red wire runs to a 12 volt power source, black wire runs to ground. Then when it comes to the camera, it's going to have a power wire that connects into another power wire that connects to a filter and fuse box. The filter and fuse box has a yellow wire on it, connects to another yellow connector, and it's going to have a red one that connects to another red connector. That's going to be your power wire. Again, that's going to have your transmitter receiver on it, and then on the other end of that is going to be the same wiring setup, a red wire and a black wire. Red is going to run to the 12 volt power source. Ideally, you'd want to tap that into the reverse lights on your vehicle, that way the unit kicks on when your vehicle engages the reverse gear, and then the black wire would run to ground. The speaker has a quick connect on it that connects into that wire extension for the camera. Now that we have everything connected, we're going to go ahead and hook it up, turn on our power, and then you can see here on the screen, I'll bring you in a little bit closer. You can see there that that clearly shows what's in front of the camera, so I'm going to turn the camera around. Camera's got a really nice response time to it. You're going to have your distance grid lines there, and up top it's going to show you how far away the object is behind the vehicle. Right now, all the wiring's pretty close, so that's why it's reading zero. I'm going to go ahead and turn our speaker on, that way you can hear how that sounds. Right now it's off. Beep Turn it to low. The closer you get to an object, the more constant that sound becomes. That was low setting, and you're also going to have a high setting for that audible sound, as well. That's going to do it for today's look at the rear view safety wireless backup camera system with a built in back up sensors.

Customer Reviews

Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors - RVS-5350-W

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- RVS-5350-W

Finished install 10-23-18 Fed Ex delivered new monitor as original had broken mounting tabs Thank you to Lisa who sent info to get replacement from manufacturer As i,m not a computer whiz it took 2 days for some one to send pics of faulty product to verify damage All fixed now and wife is as happy as she gets Again thanks Lisa D ! Product functions great 557887


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    The Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera # RVS-5350-W can be wired to any circuit to supply its power. If you'd rather connect it to the running light circuit you can. Then it will operate whenever you have the trailer's lights on.
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  • Can Wireless Backup Camera Be Paired to Factory Monitor in Vehicle
    We do not currently have a wireless backup/observation system available that's able to display the camera's view on a vehicle's factory monitor. I wasn't able to find exactly what the TRAILER icon on CarPlay is referring to but it unfortunately isn't related to a backup camera. Wireless systems like the Rear View Safety # RVS-5350-W that you were looking at still need to be paired with their own monitor, which comes included. I have attached a short video demonstration on this system...
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  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter Recommendation for Use with Rear View Safety Backup Camera RVS-5350-W
    Rear View Safety actually makes a cigarette lighter adapter that you can use with their # RVS-5350-W. For that you'd want the part # RVS-505 and you'd be set.
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  • Aftermarket Back Up Camera Recommendation for 2018 Dodge Journey Crossroad
    While we can help you install an aftermarket backup camera in your 2018 Dodge Journey Crossroad we aren't aware of the backup wiring that your vehicle would or wouldn't have. If the camera is not preset on the rear hatch I would assume it's not there though. We have the Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera system part # RVS-5350-W which would save you the hassle of having to run a wire from the rear of the vehicle through the interior up to the dash area. I attached...
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