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K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision

K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision

Item # KSVS-8
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Backup Cameras and Alarms
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KSVS-8 - Replaces Existing Mirror K Source Backup Cameras and Alarms
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In Use/Installed

Backup camera relays images to the full-color, 3.5" LCD screen that is built into the included rearview mirror. LEDs surround the watertight camera for night vision. Camera mounts to license plate, and mirror fits most factory mounting plates. Call 800-298-8924 to order K Source backup cameras and alarms part number KSVS-8 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all K Source products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision. Backup Cameras and Alarms reviews from real customers.
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K Source Backup Cameras and Alarms - KSVS-8

  • Backup Camera Systems
  • Hardwired
  • K Source
  • Rearview Mirror Monitor
  • 3.5 Inch Display
  • Standard Camera System
  • Replaces Existing Mirror

Backup camera relays images to the full-color, 3.5" LCD screen that is built into the included rearview mirror. LEDs surround the watertight camera for night vision. Camera mounts to license plate, and mirror fits most factory mounting plates.


  • Backup camera and rearview mirror system minimizes blind spots and helps you avoid accidents
  • Full-color, 3.5" LCD screen is built into the rearview mirror for a clean look
    • Brightness can be adjusted
    • Mirror image is displayed for a precise view from the driver's perspective
  • Rearview mirror replaces your factory mirror
    • No separate monitor on your dash to attract thieves
    • Fits most factory mounting plates
  • Watertight CCD camera mounts to your license plate
    • 88-Degree horizontal viewing angle
    • Anti-glare lens provides a high-quality view
  • 8 LEDs on the camera housing provide nighttime vision
  • Wired system prevents the interference and static that can occur with a wireless camera system
  • System activates when you shift into reverse
    • Monitor disappears from rearview mirror when you shift out of reverse
  • Installation
    • Monitor hardwires to vehicle's electrical system and reverse lights
    • Built-in mounting flange on camera for attachment to license plate
    • Power and camera wiring harnesses included for hookup
    • 12' Camera extension cable sold separately


  • Overall mirror dimensions: 10-1/4" long x 3-1/2" tall x 2" thick
  • Operating voltage: 9V - 16V
  • Monitor:
    • LCD display screen size: 3.5"
    • Visible display size: 2.71" x 2.02"
    • Display resolution: 960 x 240 pixels
    • Screen resolution: 230,400 pixels
    • Viewing angles: 120 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical
    • Wiring harness length: 13'
  • Camera:
    • Overall dimensions: 2-1/2" long x 1-1/4" tall x 1-1/3" deep
    • Viewing angles: 88 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical
    • Wiring harness length: 18'
  • 90-Day warranty

Rearview Mirror with Built-In LCD Monitor

Closeup of VS-8 Rearview Mirror

This backup camera system minimizes blind spots and helps you avoid accidents. A full-color LCD monitor is built into the included rearview mirror, which replaces your factory mirror. This enables you to have a backup camera without needing a separate monitor on your dash, which can attract thieves. The screen automatically activates when you shift into reverse and disappears when you shift out of reverse.

Installing the Backup Camera and Rearview Mirror

The rearview mirror fits most factory mounting plates. If the mirror doesn't fit your existing mounting plate, you can use the included mounting plate to install it.

VS-8 Backup Camera Installed

The watertight camera mounts to your license plate using the existing mounting hardware. Just remove the license plate, and align the holes on the camera's built-in mounting flange with the mounting holes on your license plate. Then tighten all the hardware down to secure the license plate and the camera.

VS-8 Wiring Diagram

This backup camera system comes with 2 wiring harnesses for hookup. The first harness hardwires to your vehicle's electrical system and reverse lights and then plugs into the rearview mirror. The second harness connects the rearview mirror to the camera. For longer vehicles such as motor homes and travel trailers, a 12' camera extension cable (sold separately) is available to add extra wire length between the camera and the rearview mirror.

VS-8 KSource Vision System Rear View Mirror and Back-Up Camera with Night Vision

Installation Details KSVS-8 Installation instructions

Video of K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for K-Source Back-Up Camera Installation - 2013 Dodge Durango

Today on our 2013 Dodge Durango we're installing our K-Source Vision System Rear-Mounted Camera and Rear-View Mirror Display Monitor, part number KSVS-8. This is what our mirror looks like once it's installed. For normal operation I'll put our car in run mode without starting it. I'm going to push on the brake, put it in reverse, and our camera should turn on. This is where you can adjust it. If it's not pointing in the right direction where you want it to be, this is where you can go back on the camera and you can move it down or point it up a little bit further. This stays on as long as you're in reverse.

When I'm done being in reverse, I'm going to push on the brake, I'll put it back in park, and our camera should turn off. If you're just sitting still and you want to see what's behind you, in case there's a kid on a bike or something, we've got a little "rev" button here. It stands for reverse. Push that black button and our camera comes on. When you're done looking behind you, push it again, and it turns off. First off, we want to take off the original mirror.

I'm using a torques bit to do so. What did there was I popped this away from the roof, and then it slides up. This pops off. We need to take out our wiring harness. Open the little door.

There's a tab right here, I squeeze, and the whole mirror just pops out. We can set that aside because we will not be installing that again. My first step with the new mirror . I've loosened up our screw here. I've taken out our base plate, it just slides off the back.

I match that up with our factory one, and it looks like it matches up. Now I'll just slide this on from the top down. I'll hold it in place while I tighten our screw. You want to make sure it's decently tight because you don't want this mirror to pop off while you're driving. I used a flat-head. There's a little groove here. Get in there and pop it open. Our next step it going to be using the same torques bit. There's one bolt holding this in place. The nice thing is when you close this cap it'll keep our bolt in the inside of it, so we won't lose that. Pull this open. However you need to move this out of the way, then you can use . Again, I'm just using a flat-head, a tiny one, to get behind this trim piece. It should just pop off. Then we'll need to get a hex-head socket to take that off. I'm going to use the cup holder to keep all my hardware together. There's another one right here, then the last one's right here. I'll go ahead and grab my trim panel, and pulling directly towards the driver seat, it should pop out. You do want to be careful, there is a strap here. Basically what this does, it's a little clip. It slides around in this panel so it doesn't pop off all the way. The way I get it off is I pull down on the bottom of the tab and then push it through the hole, so that the tab sticks on here. I push down and push back towards the top of the vehicle. Now I can get my headliner down. This is the bracket that holds it to our liner. It just slides off. Use my little flat-head to lift and pull out. I'm going to grab my headliner here, getting my fingers as close to my panel as possible. It should just pop down low enough that I can get my hand in here. These are the ends of the wires that we're going to be working with. One's an S-Video and one's a 3-prong. I go ahead and plug it in. We've got this little T-shape here on one side and a little tab on the other. You want to match that up with our plug. Now it won't come undone. Take our S-Video. I'll use the little rectangle as my guide and find the little rectangle hole here, and just plug them in. I can tuck it up underneath my ceiling panel. Then, an optional thing, you can either leave this hanging or you can tuck this underneath. I'm going to tuck it underneath, just for a cleaner look. Now our kit comes with a few small zip ties. We will be using more than what came in the package, so if you want to match what we're doing, I would suggest grabbing some more zip ties as well. I'm going to tie these to the existing cable, and I'll throw one or two up here as well. Now that I have everything tied in place, go ahead and pop everything back in place. I'm going to grab my visor. Grab our harness here. Clip it in. Again, just lining up everything. We've got that plastic side, it only fits in one way. Pull it back through. Start threading your screws in. Need to make sure we line that up again. Now we can put our hook in place and thread it in. Again, this is another bolt you don't want to go too tight on. When I pulled this out, our seal needs to go back over the edge of our ceiling. We're going to ignore our video wire for a little bit, and we're going to take our three wires and route it to the engine compartment. To do that I'm pulling off the side panel here. It just pops towards me to release. I can wrap my wires along here behind the vent because we don't want to get it in the way of the vent. We can route it the underside of our dash through our hole right here. I'm zip-tying it to our drain that runs to the outside. You don't want to get it too tight, just get it snug so our wires won't droop. For our video wire, it needs to run to our rear hatch. I'm going to zip tie a U-shape in it. Got my little loop. That just helps direct the wire to the back. Now as you go, if your seal comes out from over the top of your headliner, go ahead and tuck it back in. When you're doing this you can feel where the wire's going. You don't want it to just sit in this little crevice right here. You want to get it up and over the headliner, otherwise it'll pop out on you and that's no fun. Back here where there is some plastic trim panel I don't have to get it underneath the headliner, I can just get it behind the plastic panels. It does get a little tight at this corner. You can pull this panel back a little bit, it just pops out. Tuck it in and then continue working your way over. When you get to this point, you're going to try to get your fingers underneath here. I'm using my fingers for most of these trim panels because I don't want to scratch the headliner. As you can see there's a yellow push pin here. I just work my way and pull straight down. Most of the pins came out with it, the other ones I'll just have to pull out with a tool. Once I pull them out of the roof they'll just slide back into their slots for when we're ready to put the panel back in place. Finished routing my wire. Our grommet right here. I push my grommet up and out so it's easier to mess with. I'm going to run my two plug-ins out. I've got one of my cups out already. It's the hand-holds here, just a plastic cup. You can see on the one I've taken out, this will push in, and it has little clips to hold everything together. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take a plastic tool here to try and get underneath this edge and pop it out. Our next step here is to remove this panel. The way I got behind it is I used a small flat-head to get it pried out just enough that I could stick a plastic tool behind it. There's one, two, three plastic clips on the top. My guess is there's two more on the sides here. To pop my pins out I'm just going to wedge something long under here, long enough that I can gentle pry out. Just need to work our way around, gently prying, making sure we don't break our panel while we're doing this. If you see a post, there's probably going to be a clip there. That's where you need to gently pry. When you pry this all the way off you may have to replace some pins. I broke a couple, but they're cheap enough at the auto store. You do have to remove a couple clips here with your harnesses. I've got a metal clip here. Basically I just stuck my pry tool in here to pop it away from the side. I'm going to work my way around. If you have a plastic tool this would be the perfect time to use it so you're not scratching up your paint. All it is is these metal clips that push in and hold it in place. Once you have all those popped out you can set this out of the way. I'm going to pull my grommet down here a little bit. What I'm going to do is I'm going to use one of the existing holes. I'll run my pole through. Whatever you have laying around, I've got an old plastic air hose that I can use. You got a coat hanger, you can use that, just got to be careful you're not going to poke through your overhead. I did my best to line this up as straight as possible to push my hose through. I'll take the ends here. To make it a little bit easier I'm going to stagger the thicknesses here because it can get a little cumbersome to pull through. I'm going to take my electrical tape. I want to make sure that I'm covering the end here, and try and make it more of an angle so it doesn't get caught. With that taped in place I can go ahead and pull through. I want to hang onto my grommet here. I just put a little spray lube in there and it pulled right through. I'm going to run my pole wire through here, doing the same process, pull it nice and slow. This one should be a lot easier. There's a lot more space there. My grommet up in place, start with the backside and work my way around to the front. You can hear it click in place, and our grommet's back in place. I can take out my pole wire. We're done with the pole wire for now. Finish getting off my tape here. I'm going to take some zip ties. Any time I come out of a hole I've got it zip-tied, and any time I'm going through a curve I'll probably put on before, one in the middle, and one after. You don't have to do it that way, I just feel like it's more secure. You won't hear it bouncing around. I'm going to tuck inside this hole here. I'm actually going to have to close the hatch. I'm going to tuck my wires up in here so they don't get caught. Then I'll remove my license plate. Now I'm going to remove one of my license plate light covers. It's just a little tab that pushes in and should pull down. Now I'm going to see where everything lines up. I'm going to thread our license plate screw into our camera so we know where it mounts up. As you can see we've got a little wiggle room here. It looks like a wire lines up right about here. I'll make a little mark. Then I want to make another mark side to side. I've got a mark. We'll see on the back side of this plastic panel, make sure there's no wires or something that I'm going to drill into before I drill my hole for my wires to go through. There's four 10 millimeter screws here, just take these off. On the backside our panel pops out. As you can see there's really nothing going to be in the way there. I'm not going to hit anything. Instead of using the mark that I already have, I'm going to stay in line with it and go as close to the bottom here as I can. Make myself a nice little hole. Take my razor and turn it into a slit. That way I have the smallest possible hole because I would not be able to fit these through something that small. Line up my slit with my wire, and then walk this over to my grommet. Go ahead and pull my grommet out. I've got my grommet pulled off of this plastic tab it attaches to. I'm going to have to take some of this electrical tape off so I can run my wires through it. I've got enough of the tape off that I can shove my ends through one at a time. Now that I've got these through I'll push them through this plastic grommet holder, and put the grommet back. I wind it all back up. I need to open up my hatch and put my nuts back in place. Before I snug those down and get too far, I want to find the wires that we pushed through our grommet. I've got my wire ends over here. I'll take the two ends of the wire that we routed from the front and go ahead and connect them. These are color coded. The yellow connector goes with our yellow wire, which I'll have to do behind the panel, and then our black connected goes with our black wire. Now that I've got those connected up I'm going to take my extra wire here and zip tie it to my panel. Now that I've got these tucked up and tied out of the way I'm going to finish wiring the entire system before I start putting our back panel back on. We ran into a problem up front. Our reverse light circuit up front at the fuse would not turn off. There's a constant power kind of thing. Anyway, I ran our white wire all the way back just like we had our video wire run. I pulled this panel, it pulled straight down and then out right here, so that I can tuck our white wire behind our panels along the way. I've run out of length, so now I need to add some length. I've already crimped this one in place. I've stripped about a quarter inch off the end here. All I have to do is put it together and crimp it again. The ultimate goal here is we're going to run this wire to our reverse light back here, that way the circuit will actually work. I'm going to finish tucking the wire in here. Now I've got it through all our panels. Got the end of my length that I added. Now I'm going to route it through this plastic grommet down here. Here's my plastic grommet I'm going to drill through so that we can run our wire down through the bottom. This wire does not come with the kit, so if you also need to extend like I have, you'll have to pick some up. Now that I've got that run through I can go ahead and put this back in place, but before I put this back in place, that hole that I drilled, I want to seal that up. We have some RTV on our website. I'm going to use that to fill in the gaps there. Our next step is to take out our two push pins here. Stick your flat-head in the little groove, and pull off on the head here. You can see that head has the thing that pushes these out. Now it's loose enough that it just pops out. You can pop your light out. In this case I think I'm actually going to run it from the bottom up, feels like there's a few things there it can get caught on. There we go. Now there's just a little pocket right here by the exhaust, and that's all I stuck it through. I'm going to tuck my wire in my air hose here. I'll tape it in place. I'll take my pole wire and pull it all up. Before I go cutting anything I'm going to grab a zip tie and zip tie that to the rest of our harness. I've got my white wire. I'm going to attach it to our white and green. I'm going to clip it off with some extra so I can play with it, in case we make mistakes, and I'm done with that extra down there. I'm going to remove our tail light here so I can mess with the harness. I'm going to push up on this red lock tab here, and then I'll squeeze the black tab there, and it pulls off. Same thing with this one on the bottom. Push that tab up, squeeze, and release. Like I said just a second ago, going to mess with this wire right here. Our kit comes with a wire that we can clamp on. This is what comes with the kit. The way this works is you can put it on one wire. I'll have this traced along here, figure out where I want to put it. Think I'll put it right there. I'll clamp the one side in place. Now that I've got that side in place I can run my other wire through the other side, clamp this over, and I'll squeeze this side down, too. Wrap it up. This will help make sure that this doesn't come undone and keep some dirt and debris out of it. With that in place I can go ahead and hook my light back up. Clips in place. I push my red tab in to lock it. Again down here, just clip in place, and I lock it with the red tab. Pops back in place. Line up our push pins. May need to try and squeeze them together. Then just press the pad back in. I'll zip tie this and get the slack away from our exhaust. Got it going around this wire harness that's already there. Clip the extra off here. Again, the big point here is to make sure that we're not touching the exhaust. We're keeping our wire as far away from the exhaust as possible. We don't have any factory grommets that I can run our wires through to the engine compartment, so I picked up a grommet at the store. I'm going to use a drill bit that's as wide as the center section here. I picked the spot where I want to do it. I checked on the backside, and there's nothing behind it. I've gone from the brake booster, and I'm going to drill a hole directly down underneath it so that I know that I'm not going to hit anything. Now that I've got my hole drilled I'm going to take my air tube, my push wire here, and I'm going to run it through to the engine compartment. Found my brake booster there, a big, round can. I'm going to take my hook, go directly below it, and grab my air line here, and pull it to a place that I can grab it with my hand. Now I'm going to take my grommet and feed my wires through that first. Use some electrical tape and tape my wires to our pole wire here. I'm ready to pull our wires all the way through. Pulled this panel off to get these wires run out of the way along with this here. I'll put this back. Clips over here. Lines up there. I had a small plastic nut right here. Also, need to tuck this back in place. There's a little push pin at the end here that pops and holds everything down. I came straight up from the brake booster. I'm just going to tuck it along back here. I'm going to pull up. There's a little push pin in here. Pull this up, a little bit of weather stripping. Pull this panel off. This little latch on both sides here, just pull those out of the way. It allows me to route my wires along with this existing wiring harness. Can put this back in place, just push down. Need to get into my fuse panel, just pop this up and off. We've got our power wire here. I'm going to hook it to our power host coming off the side here. I'm going to strip this back. This is a thinner wire, so I'm going to strip a little bit more off than usual. I've stripped off just under a half inch. I'm going to fold it over, give us a little bit more to grip on. These don't come with the kit, but we've got a couple ring terminals that I can use. I'm going to crimp this in place. Every time I crimp something I give it a little tug to make sure I've got it on there pretty tight. Now with our ground wire we're going to strip it off and do the same. With our ground wire we can put it anywhere on the body. Actually got a ground post here. Looks like somebody else has grounded something down here. Really any place that's attached to our body itself, any metal pieces that you can attach this to, should do the trick. I'm using a 13 millimeter wrench to take this one out. Now that I've got my ring terminal on there I can go ahead and tighten this down, just want to make sure it's nice and snug. We've got the power posts in place. Go ahead and put my nut back down and tighten it on. To check our system I'm going to hit the start button once, turns on our accessories. Push it again, get it into the run position. I'll push on the brake and put our system in reverse. As you can see our reverse camera turns on and it's giving us the visual of where our camera's at in the back. Take it out of reverse, it turns off. Now that we know our system works we can line up our tabs with our slots and start putting these panels back on. With all those in place we're ready for this panel, they'll just push in place. Now that I've got that popped in, make sure our seal is back around it. Our last piece. It doesn't take much to tap it back in. Our last part of our install is going to be to put our license plate back in place. Make sure to put it through our camera first, then through our license plate and whatever else we have over our license plate, and line it up with our hole. I do want to get it pretty snug because I don't want the camera to start sagging on us driving down the road. Now that we have everything in place I can peel off our protective covering here, and make sure it's aligned the way we want it to be. We've got our post here that we need to cover back up. If you remember this is just a little strap. I'm going to slide that in place. This tucks back under the dash up here. When putting this back in place, this fits over this. This little flat piece fits in this groove here. Then we'll tuck this edge underneath our weather stripping here, and then pop all our pins back in place. That's it for our installation of the K-Source Vision System, part number KSVS-8 on our 2013 Dodge Durango.

Customer Reviews

K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision - KSVS-8

Average Customer Rating:  3.8 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Backup camera relays images to the full-color, 3.5" LCD screen that is built into the included rearview mirror. LEDs surround the watertight camera for night vision. Camera mounts to license plate, and mirror fits most factory mounting plates.

- KSVS-8

Great to work with! Easy ordering, fast delivery! 717556

- KSVS-8

First of all I order this with a tow hitch and they shipped it in the same box so you can image in what conditions it was delivered. I was surprised everything still worked after I installed it. I was not happy with the quality of the product thin wires,mirror and camera did not seem very strudy. Also the camera can only be adjusted up or down not side to side so my camera view is side ways. The mirror is a little dark when the screen is not on. I do not think it was [worth the price] could of got something similar for around [less]. But it does what is says I just hope it last me at least a year. 667253

- KSVS-8

Our backup camera has been doing consistent good work. The size of the mirror based image could've been larger, but I feel safer for having it when I back out of a parking spot in a retail center. The cabling from the back to the front of our van was 8 feet short, so had to purchase another cable from a local stereo shop to complete the installation. 606007

- KSVS-8

The camera works great but the mirror did not fit my Ram pickup right, it was not the right size for the window 588654

- KSVS-8

This was the third time I’ve ordered parts for my van from eTrailer. Each time the shipping has been faster than expected. Good customer service, fast shipping and free shipping, and a low price, all reasons to order from eTrailer. 556602

- KSVS-8


- KSVS-8

picture is not big and clear enough. not very good at night 459073

- KSVS-8

Great Product it works 459038

- KSVS-8

Works great, about the only “concern” I have is the wires are tiny, works fine, just if they were larger, they would be stronger, and easier to work with. 458236

Wires broke - got caught on something or other. Haven’t hooked it back up, so , need to find a wiring diagram and redo it
Michael - 12/08/2018


If you use the provided links, you can see an install video as well as the installation instructions.

-- Mike L - 12/8/2018

- KSVS-8

Does not work anymore 456490

- KSVS-8

I bought three sets and so far all are intact and I will give further feedback after I install one of them. The mirrors are a very good size. Items got here quickly 456139

- KSVS-8

Great product, nice clear picture on the mirror display both day and night. I like the feature of being able to turn on the camera manually even when not in reverse. I took my local mechanic about 2 hours to install this product, he drilled the hole for the camera wire behind the license plate and ran the wires in the headliner to the mirror. The only downside of the mirror is the reflective surface, its not as sharp as a regular mirror. Other than this minor issue I definitely suggest this product. 386164

- KSVS-8

product works great as advertised. I had previously bought a different system from another company but never installed it because I didn't like the extra screen. This one however works very well. The field of view a wide and the video image very clear. The only "wishlist" item would be the guide lines in the display, that indicate distances to whatever is behind you. its still a 5 star product since it delivers what is advertised. 382574

- KSVS-8

easy to install , sometimes hard to see due to glair. bought to help aline trailer when hooking up. good price. overall like it . thanks 382180

- KSVS-8

Nice looking kit, have yet to install but looks easy 380336

- KSVS-8

Was delivered promptly and in good shape. Installation was relatively painless and seems to work as advertised. However, not real satisfied with final product. I thought it would be nice to have the screen incorporated into the rear view mirror. Problem is that glare is a real problem with screen up so high on mirror. It is very hard to see the video on sunny day. I now think dedicated screen located lower down on dash or even down near center console would be more practical. 326068

- KSVS-8

Just received my back up camera mirror today. Will be a while until I can install it but everything looks great and exactly as described. High quality at an unbelievable price! Thanks to the great pre-purchase technical product support I got from Micheal H, I'm confident everything will go smoothly when I actually install this unit in my Tundra. Thanks again Etrailer for a excellent buying experience. I will definitely shop here again! 325375


Ask the Experts about this K Source Backup Cameras and Alarms

  • Availability of Backup Trailer Camera Compatible with OEM Monitor in Ram Truck
    We do have a large selection of observation/backup camera systems that are designed to be mounted to a trailer, however these are all standalone systems that are designed to work with their own monitors. We do not have any trailer mounted camera systems that will hook up to the OEM monitor in your 2012 Ram 3500. To avoid having to put an additional monitor in the cab of your truck, your best option will be with something like the K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8. The monitor...
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  • Extension Cable for K-Source Vision System KSVS-8
    We do have the 12 foot extension you are looking for for the Reverse Camera part # KSVS-8 that you referenced. For that you would want the part # KSVS8-12.
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  • Wired Backup Camera with Large Monitor
    The aftermarket backup and observation camera systems we offer are free-standing systems. They are not designed to integrate with factory/OEM fixtures. You can see all of our camera systems on the linked page. These include wired systems and wireless systems too. For a wired system that offers a large (7-inch) display I suggest the RVS # RVS-770613-213.
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  • Installation of K-Source Vision System Backup Camera on the Rear of Travel Trailer
    The K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 can be installed on the rear of a trailer with the rearview mirror monitor in the cab of your tow vehicle. You will need to create a way to connect the two together. One way to do so is to use part # RVS-213-613. You need to cut off each end of the cables to hardwire one end into the wiring of your trailer and the other into the wiring of your Ram. Another option is to use the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Trailer Tow...
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  • Extension Cable Availability for the K-Source Vision System # KSVS-8
    The 12 foot camera cable extension you are looking for is part # KSVS8-12, this will work with the K-Source Vision System # KSVS-8 that you referenced and will give you a 12 foot extension cable.
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  • Will OnStar System Still Work if K-Source Rearview Mirror with Backup Camera is Installed
    If your OnStar system is built into the rearview mirror on your vehicle then yes, that functionality will be lost if you install K-Source mirror and backup camera # KSVS-8. But there are other backup camera options that have separate monitors so you can have both. Or you could use the Rampage wireless camera # RA7710 if you have a smart device that runs iOS or Android. I have linked a video review of this camera and included a link to our backup camera main page for you.
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  • Recommended Rearview Mirror Backup Camera for 2000 Chevrolet C-3500
    The K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror # KSVS-8 referenced in your question will work great in your 2000 Chevrolet C-3500 as long as you have a wedge mount style for the attachment point on your existing rearview mirror. This is the standard attachment style, but I have included an image that shows what this looks like so you can ensure that it is what you have in your truck. The rear camera on this unit will give you a good view for backing up with or hooking up...
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  • Availability of the 12 Foot Extension Cable for K-Source Vision System VS-8 # KSC12
    I have contacted K-Source the manufacturer of the 12 foot extension cable that you reference, and the 12 foot cable that was used in previous productions of the back up camera is no-longer available. However, there is a replacement item for 12 foot cable that is only compatible with the current production of the K-Source Rear View Monitoring system # KSVS8-12.
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  • Location of Reverse Light Fuse in 2013 Ford Explorer When Installing Back up Camera
    The backup camera cable that comes with your K-Source Vision System, part # KSVS-8, is 18 feet long. This should be plenty of cable to hook up your backup camera at the rear of your 2013 Ford Explorer. The best way to locate the reverse light fuse in your Explorer's fuse box is to check the fuse diagram on the inside of the fuse box panel or to consult your owner's manual. When tying into the reverse light fuse and the heat ignition power source you will need two Fuse Circuit Tap Kits like...
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  • Does K-Source Back Up Camera KSVS-8 Include a Back Up Alarm
    I'm not sure what you mean by an alarm... The K-Source # KSVS-8 doesn't include anything that would beep as the vehicle is reversing but you could certainly add something like that if you wish. We carry several different reverse alarms that would sound a loud beep when the vehicle's shifted into reverse. I'd recommend part # PK41820, which has a 97 dB alarm. Installation would be simply, the alarm would mount behind the rear bumper somewhere with only two wires to install. The red wire...
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  • Can Rear View Safety Backup Camera Mirror KSVS-8 Display Temperature and Compass
    I wish I could say yes, but the mirror face of the # KSVS-8 does not have the ability to display that info so it wouldn't carry over. One option you do have is the Rear View Safety G-Series Backup Camera System - 5" Android Operated Display # RVS-776718-5 which has an Android powered screen that you could program to display that info.
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  • Will K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 Fit a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
    I am happy to report that K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 is not vehicle specific so you can use it on your 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have linked a video showing an example installation on a different Dodge vehicle. The installation will be similar on your Grand Caravan.
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  • Does the K-Source Rear View Camera # KSVS-8 Have a Day and Night Setting for the Mirror
    The contrast, color and brightness automatically adjust on the 3.5 inch LCD screen of the K-Source Vision System - Rear-Mount Camera and Rear-View Mirror Display Monitor # KSVS-8, but as far as the mirror portion is concerned it does not have a dimmer setting for use at night that you would use to make headlights behind you less bright. The reason for this that the monitor inside the mirror would make that impossible, I spoke to my contact at K-Source to confirm this. I attached an...
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  • Can I Install The K-Source Vision System Backup Camera With Onstar On My Current Mirror?
    I reached out to my contact at K-Source and their Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision, # KSVS-8 is not compatible with Onstar. If you were to install this system, you would have to remove your Onstar capability. I recommend using a system with a separate monitor, like the Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors - 2-1/2" LCD # HM60195VA if you'd like to keep your Onstar ability.
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  • Rearview Mirror Mounted Backup Camera Recommendation for Towing Setup
    For a rear view mirror mounted backup camera the K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision # KSVS-8 that you referenced would be a great option. The camera mounts to the license plate bracket and the monitor in the rearview mirror so it will provide you with a great view behind you as well as provide you with a very clean looking install. The night vision will also help you backup in the dark as well.
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  • Using K-Source Rearview Camera System # KSVS-8 Connected to In-Dash Screen on 2013 Ram 1500
    If the on-dash screen on your Ram has input jacks, and you could somehow modify the jacks on the K-Source camera so that they are compatible, there's always a chance it might work. However, by altering or splicing the wiring, you'd be opting out of any warranty coverage. The kit is designed to work using the rearview mirror as the monitor, and I nor K-Source can recommend modifying it. I'd recommend checking with your Dodge dealer for the camera and associated cables, although you'd...
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  • Backup Mirror and Camera System for a 2014 Ford Fusion
    The backup camera system that I recommend going with is the Rear View Safety Backup Camera System # RVS-778718N. This camera system will replace the current rearview mirror on your 2014 Ford Fusion and the camera will install on the license plate. Rear View Safety is one of the leading brand names in camera backup systems and this kit allows you to connect up to 2 cameras. I am also attaching a video of this system being installed on a 2005 Ford Escape for you to use as a reference during...
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  • Can the K Source Backup Camera # KSVS-8 be Wired so that it is On All the Time
    To install the K Source Backup Camera # KSVS-8 at the rear of your trailer is going to require you to use the extension cable part # KSVS8-12 so that you can get the camera to reach the back of the trailer. This will have to be used like trailer wiring in that it will need to be connected every time you go to tow the trailer and disconnected when you disconnect the trailer. The wiring to activate the monitor would need to be run to a 12 volt power source and switch instead of the reverse...
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  • How to Dim Mirror on K-Source Camera and Rear-View Mirror System Part # KSVS-8
    The K-Source Camera and Rear-View Mirror System, part # KSVS-8, has a manual brightness control located on the right-hand underside of the rear-view mirror housing. A manual on-off switch is also located on the front of the housing. In a separate email I have forwarded the installation and operation instructions for this item. Please note that the manufacturer requires professional installation to validate the 90-Day warranty.
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  • Will K-Source Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Fit a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
    I don't see any reason why the K-Source rearview mirror backup camera # KSVS-8 can't be used on your 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The camera has a little bracket that will allow you to sandwich it between a bolt or screw and the vehicle and the mirror itself is designed to fit most mounts. I don't foresee there being any issues.
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  • Can K-Source Vision System Backup Camera Be Mounted on Rear of Travel Trailer
    The K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 can be installed onto the back of a travel trailer. You would also need to get part # RVS-213-613. This will be the connection between your car and trailer. Since it is not designed to work with the K-Source, instead of plugging each end in you will cut the connections off and hardwire one end into your ar and one into your trailer's wiring.
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  • K-Source Backup Camera System Compatible With 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
    The K-Source Vision System Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror and Night Vision # KSVS-8 is not vehicle specific, so it can be used on any vehicle including your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. When you install this system, the camera power wire is connected to your reverse light wire so that it turns on when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. This is the standard wiring, so it will absolutely work in the manner you asked. I've attached a video of this install so you can see it. Even...
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  • Will K-Source Vision System Backup Camera Work on a Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S with Manual Transmission
    No worries! K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 uses the reverse light circuit to power on when your Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, or Toyota 86 is placed in reverse. It does not matter if the vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission since it is using the reverse light circuit.
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  • Would K-Source Backup Mirror Fit a 2014 Volvo XC90
    To determine if the # KSVS-8 will fit your 2014 Volvo XC90 you will have to look at your factory mirror. If it is held on with a little screw and then slips off a plate that is glued to the windshield then you have a wedge mount style and this mirror will fit. See attached picture. Additional brackets would not be required.
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  • Installing a K-Source Vision Backup Camera on a 2014 Kia Soul
    Installing the K-Source system is generally the same from vehicle to vehicle in that you need to install the mirror, run wiring to the rear of the vehicle and install the camera and video connections. However, the amount of work that is needed to install the kit on each vehicle will be different. Interior body panels will have to be removed, wiring will be cut and spliced in the vehicle's wiring, and you may have to modify or cut exterior body parts to install the camera. The manufacturer...
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  • Parts Needed to Install the K-Source Vision System on a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500
    All you should really need to install the K-Source Vision System # KSWS-8 that you referenced would be what comes with the product, the K Source 12-Foot Camera Extension Cable # KSVS8-12 and the Firestone Fuse Circuit Tap Kit # F2526 and you should be good to go. The price for these products are on the product pages.
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  • Will K-Source Vision System Camera/Rear-View Mirror Display Monitor Fit a 2006 Toyota Tundra SR5
    First, you can use the video, linked for reference, as a guide. In principle the installation is the same on a 2006 Toyota Tundra, but there will be some differences such as where and how you can run wires and wire color. For fit you will have to look at your factory mirror. If it is held on with a little screw and then slips off a plate that is glued to the windshield then you have a wedge mount style and this mirror will fit. If you have to turn the mirror 90 degrees and then pull...
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  • Replacement Backup Camera for Damaged OEM Camera on 2007 Honda Odyssey
    We do offer many choices in backup camera systems that you can view on the linked page, but all of these are complete free-standing systems that include a monitor. None is designed as an OEM replacement to work along with factory-installed items. Some include a review mirror assembly as the display, such as the K-Source # KSVS-8.
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  • Backup Camera Recommendation that Can be Used for Hitch Alignment
    The camera angle of the K-Source Vision System Backup Camera # KSVS-8 that you referenced can be pointed pretty far down but it really depends on the location of the license plate relative to the hitch, if there's a portion of the bumper that would get in the way, and the length of your ball mount etc. If you check out the picture I attached you can see the camera pointed down pretty far which would capture the hitch ball on the monitor but it looks like the step bumper would interfere....
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