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Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Item # RVS-5350-W
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Backup Camera
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Rear View Safety Backup Camera - RVS-5350-W

  • Backup Camera Systems
  • Wireless Signal
  • 4.3 Inch Display
  • Dash Monitor
  • Standard Camera System
  • Rear View Safety
  • 120 Degrees

  • Rear View Safety backup camera system
  • 4.3" TFT LCD color monitor
    • Wireless connectivity allows for quick and easy installation
  • License Plate Backup camera with built-in sensors
    • 120-Degree viewing angle
    • Audibly alerts you of objects in path
    • IP68 Rated - keeps out dirt and moisture
  • 1-Year warranty

RVS-5350-W Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Video of Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera System Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Malibu

Today, on our 2015 Chevrolet Malibu, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera System with Built-in Backup Sensors, part number RVS-5350-W. Here's what our camera system's going to look like once it's installed. We've got the screen that's mounted up here on our dash that's going to connect wirelessly to the camera on the back through a transmitter that is wired and it's tucked underneath the dash. So that way, it's going to be nice and discreet and out of the way. You're just going to have the screen up here that's going to display the image of what's behind you and also, because of the sensors in the system, it'll give you a read out as to approximately how far behind you the item is. This camera system is going to do a really good job of showing you what's behind you, so that way, in case there's something that's low or short that's behind you that you may not be able to see, you will be able to see it with the camera. So here with the screen, you can see our red, yellow, and green bars, and then as we have someone behind us, as they come closer, you'll see the sensors begin to pick them up and give us the distance.

Because it's wireless, there aren't wires that you're going to have to run all the way from the rear of the vehicle up to the front and find a grommet in the firewall or the floor board of the vehicle in order to connect everything. Here's the camera and sensor setup that goes at the top of the license plate and the rear of the vehicle. You can see that we've got two sensors on either side with the camera there in the middle. The camera is adjustable. You can adjust it up or down depending on your needs. It does have some security features to help make sure that it can't be tampered with on the license plate, as there are two little plugs that will go into those openings, so that someone couldn't come by and take off your camera and sensors. This camera works great in order to help assist you with backing into a parking spot or backing up to anything such as a small trailer of any type of utility object like that.

It also gives you an audible tone. Now, let's go ahead and show you how to install it. First thing we'll need to do to begin our installation, is we'll need to remove our license plate. Now, we'll get ready to feed the wire that's coming from our backup camera and sensor assembly that's going to go at the top of the license plate. We can feed that wire through the small hole that's right inside this little recessed spot behind the license plate. Now in order to get this plug to fit through there, it is possible you may have to drill it out a little bit, but on this one, it fits right through. Now we'll begin to reinstall our license plate, and this time we'll be using the longer screws that come in the kit.

We'll carefully begin replacing it. We're just going to run those down most of the way, but not quite all the way. Now we'll take our brackets that come with the kit. On one side it's going to have a slot, and on the other, it'll have a hole. There's actually threads inside that hole, so that hole's going to be facing out away.

We're going to slide that slotted end down over the head of those screws. Then we'll tighten down our screws the rest of the way. You will want to be sure that when you tighten them down, you don't over-tighten them, so that you still got a little bit of play back here that you can pull that wire through with. Now, we'll take our camera, and we'll take the shorter screws and we'll feed them through, so then they'll thread into the holes on the front of those brackets. Then we'll go underneath and we'll pull our excess wire through. Now we'll take the section of our wiring harness that has the plug that will match up to the one coming off of our backup camera and sensors. It has the filter and fuse box built into it. We'll plug that in, we'll line up the arrow with the groove that's in there, and we'll put those together. Now I'm going to take electrical tape and wrap up this connection to help prevent moisture from getting in there and corroding that connection. Now I've taken that wire and the harness and routed it up along the top of the bumper rail over towards the drivers side. Now I'll take the transmitter that has the red and yellow wires at the end, and then at the other end we're going to have our red and black wires for power and ground, and we'll make the connections for the yellow and red. Then I'll tape those up as well. Now we can take our external buzzer that's going to go outside the vehicle, and connect it. Then we'll wrap this connection, along with the rest of the connections that we'll make outside the vehicle, with electrical tape. Now you'll want to find a good location to mount your buzzer. Where we're going to mount ours is right up here on the surface. You can see we've already drilled a hole in order to make it easier to get one of our screws started. Now in order to route our wiring up here into the rear so that we can gain access to the power wire for the reverse light, we're going to need to remove some of our paneling in here. So I've lifted our cover up, and now we'll remove our threshold. Start by pulling out towards the front of the vehicle, and then we'll begin working upwards. We'll pull that out and set it aside. Now we'll pull our paneling out here. We're going to have three push pin fasteners to remove. You can use a trim panel tool or a flat-head screwdriver or a pair of side cutters. We'll take our side panel here and just pull it down and out of the way. I took the wiring and routed it up along the side, and there's a grommet up there that I went through using a fish wire. Then I took that grommet out, cut a hole in it, then fished the wire through the center of that grommet. Now I'll need to connect our two wires. Our black one will go to ground and our red one will go to the power wire for the reverse lights. So that way, it only powers up the backup camera when the reverse lights come on. The first thing we'll need to do is identify which wire is the reverse light wire. This is the wiring harness that goes up to the trunk lid, so I test these and found that this green and white wire is the power wire for the reverse lights, so that's the one we're going to be tapping into. So now I'll need to use a butt connector and we'll need to splice this end to our reverse light circuit. We're going to cut this wire. Then I'll need to strip the ends back. Then on the one end, I'll take my red wire and wrap it around my exposed wire, then I'll slide that butt connector over and crimp it down. I'll take the other end of my green and white wire, slide it into the other end of that butt connector, and crimp that side down. Now I'll take a ring terminal, which you can also get on our site, and put it onto the end of my black wire. Then I'll take it, and we've got a grounding point right there that already exists on the vehicle, so I'm going to use a 10 mm socket in order to remove that nut, put my ring terminal down over the stud, then replace the nut. Now we can reinstall all of our paneling here in the truck of the vehicle. Then we'll go back and re-secure any excess wire that we may have underneath the vehicle. Now we'll need to figure out what location we want to mount our monitor. This one we're going to mount it right here at the base of the A pillar of the door, so what I'll do is I'll take a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and clean the area where I'm going to mount that, and I'll peel the cover off of the adhesive on the bottom of the monitor, and then I'll secure it in the location I just cleaned off. I'll hold some pressure down to make sure that it adheres well. Then I routed the wires down along the side. I popped the side panel off and it's held in with push pin fasteners. Then routed it down so it comes out by the fuse box that's behind that compartment. Now, we'll begin to make our connection at the fuse box in order to gain power. What you want to look for is a fuse that only is going to have power when the ignition on the vehicle is turned on. That way, it's not turning the system on for the backup camera when the vehicle isn't running. After testing them, I found that this 20 amp fuse here is going to be a good candidate because it only has power when the ignition is turned on. So I'm going to pull that fuse out, and I'm going to install this fuse tap. So I'll slide it over one of the feet of my fuse. Once you've got it pushed all the way down, this is what it'll look like, and it should clip right over the top of the fuse here. Then we can reinstall our 20 amp fuse. Now with the wires that come from our other transmitter and the wires that come from our power wire for our screen, we'll need to make sure that our reds both go to that power at that fuse, and then our blacks go to a ring terminal in order to ground them. So we'll start with our red wires. We'll twist the ends together and insert them into the end of a spade connector. Then we'll take the ends of our black wires, twist them together, put them into the end of our ring terminal. I went ahead and routed the black wires with the ring terminal across and used a self tapping screw to ground it right in there. Now wherever you decide to ground yours, you want to make sure that there's nothing behind it that could be damaged, such as wiring. Now we'll take our spade terminal on the end of our red wires and plug it onto that fuse tap that we installed on that 20 amp fuse. Then we can take our wires here and tuck them up out of the way. Now we can hook up our power wire for our monitor. Then we've got these two yellow connectors and we want to take the one that has A/V 2 on it and plug it in. Then we went ahead and secured any of our excess wire up and out of the way. Now we'll finish reinstalling all of our panels. With it all hooked up, let's test it and see how it turns out. There we can see we've got the image of what's behind us. That's going to complete our look at and installation of the Rear View Safety Wireless Backup Camera with Built-in Backup Sensors, part RVS-5350-W on our 2015 Chevrolet Malibu.

Customer Reviews

Rear View Safety Wireless License Plate Backup Camera System - Built-in Backup Sensors - RVS-5350-W

Average Customer Rating:  3.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)


Finished install 10-23-18 Fed Ex delivered new monitor as original had broken mounting tabs Thank you to Lisa who sent info to get replacement from manufacturer As i,m not a computer whiz it took 2 days for some one to send pics of faulty product to verify damage All fixed now and wife is as happy as she gets Again thanks Lisa D ! Product functions great


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