1. Air Suspension Compressor Kit
  2. Firestone
  3. Single Path
  4. Wired Control
  5. 120 psi
  6. Analog Display
Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Light Duty Compressor - Single Function - 120 psi

Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Light Duty Compressor - Single Function - 120 psi

Item # F2538
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Air Suspension Compressor Kit
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Firestone 120 psi Air Suspension Compressor Kit - F2538
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Monitor and adjust your Firestone Air springs from within the cab of your vehicle with the push of a button. The Air Command establishes and maintains optimal air pressure to keep your air springs safely inflated. Includes a 120 psi air compressor. Call 800-298-8924 to order Firestone air suspension compressor kit part number F2538 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Firestone products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Light Duty Compressor - Single Function - 120 psi. Air Suspension Compressor Kit reviews from real customers.
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Firestone Air Suspension Compressor Kit - F2538

  • Firestone
  • Single Path
  • Wired Control
  • 120 psi
  • Analog Display

Monitor and adjust your Firestone Air springs from within the cab of your vehicle with the push of a button. The Air Command establishes and maintains optimal air pressure to keep your air springs safely inflated. Includes a 120 psi air compressor.


  • Monitor and adjust the pressure of your Firestone Air Helper Springs
    • Allows you to control the pressure from the cab of your vehicle
  • Provides equal air pressure to springs on both sides of your vehicle
    • Perfect for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, small pickups, and light trailer loads
  • Analog pressure gauge mounts under the dashboard in your vehicle cab
  • Light duty air compressor has a maximum of 120 psi
    • Can be mounted in any position due to its direct drive construction
    • Powered by 12V vehicle battery
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation
    • Optional mounting kit allows for a no-drill installation
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: all Firestone air spring products
  • Max air pressure: 120 psi
  • Compressor amperage: 10 amps
  • Duty cycle: 9 percent
  • Flow rate (based on 1/2 -gallon tank):
    • 0 - 30 psi: 17 seconds
    • 0 - 60 psi: 42 seconds
  • Cu ft/min at 100 psi: 0.32
  • 1-Year limited warranty

The addition of Firestone air springs to your vehicle's suspension provides a drastically smoother towing experience. However, your air springs will wear out much more quickly without proper and consistent inflation. Filling your air springs usually requires getting under your vehicle to run a compressor hose to your springs, but the Air Command system seeks to simplify this process by integrating all the necessary pneumatic components into your vehicle.

The PSI gauge mounts securely under your vehicle dashboard and provides a steady and accurate read of the air pressure within your air springs. If you would like to inflate or deflate the springs, the simple press of a button on the gauge will increase or decrease the pressure in your springs.

The included light duty air compressor installs under your vehicle's chassis in a well ventilated area free of dirt and debris. The direct drive design of the compressor allows it to be mounted in any position and is free from the inconveniences of moving belts and regular oiling. An optional mounting kit will allow you to install the compressor without having to use a drill on your vehicle (F2497).

Firestone Single Leveling

This particular Air Command kit creates a single leveling system, meaning it provides equal pressure to air springs on springs on both sides of your vehicle. For most standard towing applications, this style of leveling system will create a smooth ride while keeping your vehicle level and reduce stress upon the suspension. This kit, with its 120 psi compressor, is ideal for passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, and small pickups with modest towing needs.

WR17602538 Fire Stone Air Command I Ride Rite Air Bag Suspension Controls - Analog - Lite Duty Compressor - 120 Pounds per Square Inch - Single Function Leveling

F2538 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details F2538 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Light Duty Compressor - Single Function - 120 psi

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Firestone Air Command I Light Duty Compressor Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Firestone Air Command One Light Duty Single Function Compressor System with Analog Gauge. Part Number is: F2538.Now, the Firestone Air Command Light Duty Compressor System is going to be the perfect solution to have air onboard your pick-up for occasional hauling and towing use. It's going to provide an analog gauge here.Now, the compressor is capable of up to 120 psi, as you can see from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your cab, you can just either hit the switch down or up to inflate or deflate the air bags.We had a load in the back of our truck, and to get our air bags up to about 50 psi, it was well under 30 seconds, so it was nice that it was quick, it got them up to pressure very rapidly for us.It doesn't take up a lot of space either, with your standard duty or your heavy duty compressors, you are going to need more room, which they would probably mount in this area. But if you wanted a more customized kind of install, if you wanted to keep it a little bit more hidden, those are going to offer a little bit more of a challenge.Now, one thing to keep in mind with a light duty compressor, if you want to run an onboard air tank, it's recommended to do either a standard or a heavy duty. The light duty compressor really doesn't have the duty cycle of the standard or heavy duty. So filling that tank might be a little bit more of a challenge.Another thing I really like about the kit is that we have a pre-assembled and included relay harness.

Basically what this does is it powers the compressor directly from the battery. And the switch that we have inside of the truck tells our relay when to close and allow that power through, so we're not going to be running all that power through our switch and causing it to prematurely wear out.Now, this compressor kit works with all standard Firestone Ride Rite air bags. And also, any other air bag kit that includes the quarter inch MPT 00:01:54 fitting.Now, you'll want to begin your compressor installation with air bags already installed on your truck. And like we said, it's going to work with most common air bag manufacturers.Now, since this is a single path compressor, both air bags are going to run to one air line. So to do that, we came out of the top of our passenger side bag, went right up through the hole on top of the shock mount there.

We we're able to zip tie off to that. We went right over the top of the fuel tank, coming over here to the driver's side frame rail. For the driver's side, we just ran right up over the fuel tank, and followed our frame rail forward.Now, continuing to work forward, right here on the top of the frame rail, just in front of our driver's side tire, you can see where we've put in our provided T. That takes our passenger side air bag and it's going to join it in with our driver's side line.Also, right in this area is where we installed our filter. You can see we've got our coil in it there, and we've just zip tied our filter off up higher on our fuel filter neck.Now, from that point we've got our filter tube and our quarter inch air line.

We're running it right up along the frame rail with this large wire loom. And once we get to the front edge of the fuel tank here, that black vent tube, it goes over the frame rail, but our red air line that goes to our air bags is going to follow all the way along this wire lube, til eventually we run it inside the cab, which I'll show you in just a second.Now, we're inside of our frame rail here. You can see our evaporative emissions canister here. See our vent line runs right down, and it's going to go in the port on the end of our compressor. This pushes on there, the other end is just going to simply push on our filter.You can see this is where we've mounted the compressor also.

This is a nice protected spot inside of the frame rail. This is a box style frame, so you're not going to be able to use the fasteners that come with it, the nuts and bolts. So what we've done is just taken some number 10, self-tapping screws, used the washer.The big thing to remember when mounting your compressor is to have it in a safe location and you don't want to crush these bushings all the way. You just want them to come down to where they're a little snug.Now, from this point we've got another quarter inch air line. This is going to run forward overtop of our frame rail, just in front of this cross member. We're also going to have a red and a black wire that come off the compressor. You can see the two of them there.Now, you can use the provided ring terminal that was on the end of the black wire, and a number 12 self-tapping screw to secure it right here to the frame.Now, for the red wire coming out of the compressor, we're going to connect that to the orange wire coming from our relay. Now, that's going to run right overtop of our cross member here to the relay we've mounted just in front.Now, the red wire and the white wire that come out of the relay, we also want to turn them. You can see we've turned them here and we've run those forward.Now, this is where we brought our air line and our red and white wire over the frame rail just in front of that connection. Our relay is right behind it, right there.And then again, just join it in with our wire loom. You can keep it really nice and hidden. And then once we get to this point right here, on the floor board of the truck, you're going to see a grommet, it has this black cable coming out. Both of our air lines and our white wire, we run right up through there. You can see you just make a little slit, you'll be able to run that up through.And our red wire, which is our power wire for the compressor, we continued on up following that wire loom. Now, straight down to the right side of this booster right here is where we just poke that wire up in. So you'll want to reach in there and pull it up. And I've ran it right over the top. See how you can pull these wires out of the way I've ran it right over the top of that break booster. You can kind of see it hidden right in here.We follow right on down along, and then I just let it loop out underneath. See I've got my fuse holder zip tied off right here. So you take your cap off. You're going to have your 25 amp fuse located inside of there. Get that closed. And that's going to run right over here.And right underneath this cover, which you'll take off, you see these little notches, they're little clips in there that hold it in place. You just want to get it unclipped. Then we used an M-12 00:06:24 flange nut right there to go right down on that stud. Now if there's already a nut in place, you'll just remove it, put your ring terminal underneath it and replace your nut.Now, the grommet location we're bringing air lines and our wire up through, is going to be just inside the driver's door. Basically located right here on the floor board. What we need to do is get this trim panel out of the way. So use a trim panel removal tool. Go on the backside there. Just start gently pulling up to release the clips.Once we get this last clip right here, we're just going to pull backwards and we've got two more there on the front. Now, we can lift that carpeting up. We can see right here where our air line came through. Really good idea to get some silicone sealant around that once you've got your installation complete, that way you won't have to worry about moisture, dirt, or anything like that coming on.So we've run it right up along with the cable that originally came through that grommet. You see we've got it zip tied off in several locations to keep it in one package. And we've brought that right up behind our carpeting here.And if you look just inside of the break pedal, there's a little wire hanger right here. So with that cable inaudible 00:07:42 I ran my air lines right through there. It gives you great support. It's going to keep everything connected. You can see our white wire there.Now, one of our white wires that's coming out of the back of the gauge needs to get connected to our compressor wire. See here, we just used one of the provided blue butt connectors to make that connection. The other white wire we ran up and over, you can see it right here. And behind the bolt in the kick panel, which we'll show you in just a second.Now, the air line that we're going to run to the back of the switch, needs to be the one coming from the compressor. The other air line we run to the back of the gauge. That's the air line that comes from our air bags.Now, the other white wire from the back of the gauge, like we said, that's going to be the ground. You can see we've run it over top of the parking brake lever here. And we're able to use the bolt located right here behind that scuff panel, another 5/16" ring terminal. Just pull that bolt out, and get it secured. For that you'll need a 13mm socket.That completes our installation of the Firestone Air Command One Light Duty Single Function Compressor System with Analog Gauge. Part number is: F2538. On our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

Customer Reviews

Firestone Air Command I - Analog Gauge w/ Light Duty Compressor - Single Function - 120 psi - F2538

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Monitor and adjust your Firestone Air springs from within the cab of your vehicle with the push of a button. The Air Command establishes and maintains optimal air pressure to keep your air springs safely inflated. Includes a 120 psi air compressor.

- F2538

Great product easy to install and works great, I can adjust my airbags without having to get out of the truck. 589150

- F2538

Once I figured out that the parts actually did fit my truck, everything went well. Have had no problems so far. 706820

- F2266

Review from a similar Firestone Air Command I in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

I recently purchased this compressor kit along with the AirLift Loadlifter 7500 XL air springs for my 2015 Silverado 3500. Installation for both is pretty straight forward but it did take me longer than I expected (about 8 hours total). They definitely help keep the ride height at factory designed levels & the auto leveling feature with the air compressor is excellent. I definitely recommend the wireless remote for the do-it-yourselfers as install doesn't require piercing the firewall to run wires for a switch. The wireless remote gives a digital easy to read screen that you can adjust while driving even. Overall I give this product a 5 star rating. 715340

- F2490

Review from a similar Firestone Air Command I in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

I purchased a firestone F2320 kit with the air command I kit. When I did so they asked for completed pictures of the install. I have some low resolution shots here, should you want higher resolution or any other images, please let me know and i will send over whatever you need. Unloaded… the kit gave me 3" more height at 80psi. 109788

The product has been great. I never realized how bad the handling was prior to adding the bags. My vehicle was suffering from suspension fatigue prior to installation... now, the vehicle, dare I say, rides better than stock.
Jerry R - 12/12/2014


- F2232

Review from a similar Firestone Air Command I in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

Fairly easy to install 466321


Ask the Experts about this Firestone Air Suspension Compressor Kit

  • Purpose of Wires on Gauge of Firestone Air Command Compressor for 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500
    Adding a compressor to the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2609 on your 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 was a great idea, and I can help you with what those black wires are for behind the gauge of your compressor, though from the looks of it you have the Firestone Air Command II # F2178. If you take a look at the linked installation video as well as the linked video install, you can see that one of the two wires is for illuminating the gauge and the other is a ground wire. The installation...
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  • Mounting Location for Firestone Air Command I Compressor
    The compressor for the Firestone Air Command I # F2538 can be mounted outside of the cab but it needs to be in a location that provides ample air flow and is well protected from debris and moisture. Typically a good location is right inside the frame rail under the truck (see attached image). I have attached an installation video and the written instructions that you can also take a look at.
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  • Can a Air Spring Air Compressor be Used with an Air Ride Pin Box on a 5th Wheel Trailer
    You could use a compressor with the air bag that is in your air ride 5th wheel trailer pin box. But the heavy duty one, # F2097, is a bit overkill. You could go with a more basic set up such as # AL25850 and save some money. If you need one rated higher than 100 psi you could use # F2538 which is rated up to 120 psi.
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  • Recommended Airbag Kit for a 2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Edition
    I spoke to my contact at Firestone and they were able to confirm that the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F2598 will fit the Power Wagon edition of your 2015 Ram 2500. Unfortunately, Firestone does not test their airbag kits with Daystar products therefore, I cannot confirm fitment or if additional components are needed. In order to operate the airbags from inside the vehicle, I recommend using the Firestone Air Command I part # F2538.
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  • Recommended Compressor System for Firestone Air Bags on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma
    The light duty Firestone compressor kit # F2538 will work to adjust air pressure in the air bags for your 2007 Toyota Tacoma. However it will have to work harder and for a longer period of time which can lead to it wearing out quicker. I recommend going with the standard duty system, # F2158 for better functionality and longevity.
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  • Wireless Air Compressor System for Air Lift Ride Control on a 2003 GMC Yukon XL
    You are in luck because there are numerous air compressor kits that you can install along with air bags such as # AL59526 all with different features depending on what your preferences and needs are. You mentioned a remote system. There is a wireless system, # F2581, that allows you to be outside of the vehicle while you adjust the air pressure so you can monitoring the leveling effects. This is a dual path system. The dual path systems such as this one and # F2178 allow you to adjust...
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  • How To Help Prevent Sag While Towing with a 2019 Ram 1500
    In order to help prevent sag while towing with a 2019 Ram 1500 (4x4 or 4x2) you have a few options, the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs part # SSR-307-47 or the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F4130. The Coil-Rite Springs are nice because you can adjust them for varying loads whereas the SumoSprings are non-adjustable. The SumoSprings however are maintenance free whereas the Coil-Rite Springs are not. That said, the adjustability of the Coil-Rite Springs exceeds the...
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  • Is Aftermarket Trailer Hitch Safe to Use Over OEM Trailer Hitch for a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder
    Yes, even though the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver # 76031 only uses 6 bolts as opposed to the 10 bolts for the OEM trailer hitch it has gone through an extensive amount of stress tests to ensure that the 6,000 lb trailer towing rating is completely safe. I highly recommend going with this over the OEM for your 2017 Nissan Pathfinder so that you can add some extra components. For a cost-effective brake controller that is reliable I recommend the Tekonsha Primus IQ # TK90160....
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  • Firestone Air Compressor System with Gauge and Switch
    The Firestone Air Command - Heavy-Duty Compressor and 1/2-Gallon Tank # F2047 is designed for use in conjunction with the Firestone automatic leveling system and with the electric quad-gauge control for RVs. The # F2232 compressor does not included a gauge in the kit. The kit is designed to work with air suspension units with gauges already installed. We do carry Firestone air compressors the do include the gauge and switches. For a light duty single function compressor, I recommend...
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