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Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor

Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor

Item # AL25490
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Air Suspension Compressor Kit
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Air Suspension Compressor Kit AL25490 - No Display - Air Lift
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Call 800-298-1624 to order Air Lift air suspension compressor kit part number AL25490 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Air Lift products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor. Air Suspension Compressor Kit reviews from real customers.
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Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - AL25490

  • Automatic Leveling
  • Single Path
  • Air Lift
  • 100 psi
  • No Display

  • Compressor system automatically levels your vehicle using a unique non-contact magnetic height sensor, which allows the system to intelligently determine whether the air springs should be inflated or deflated
  • Automatically detects changes in the vehicle's load and will make adjustments to the air springs as needed
  • Single-path system inflates 2 air springs at the same rate and at the same time
  • Works on any roads, under any load conditions
  • Responsive and accurate to less than 1/16"
  • No air line or wiring needs to be routed into the cab of your vehicle, which eliminates drilling into the firewall
  • No gauges or controller to mess with
  • Kit comes with pre-assembled, weather-resistant wiring harness, height sensor, and 12V compact air compressor with 100 psi
  • Works with Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate, LoadLifter 5000, and Ride Control kits
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee

Note: Can only be installed on vehicles with leaf spring suspension. The sensor installs on the leaf spring or axle.

25490 AirLift Smart Air 2 Automatic Leveling Air Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor

Replaces 25415

Installation Details AL25490 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System Review

Hey there, heavy haulers. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Air Lift's SmartAir II Automatic Leveling compressor system. These are available in either a single sensor kit or a dual sensor kit. The difference being is the single sensor is designed for load leveling front to back, but not side to side, where the dual sensor kit is for front, back, and side to side.I've taken the vehicle outside now and I put about a thousand pounds of weight in the back. As soon as I go to turn the key on it's going to arm the system and it's going to check our level sensor, determine if it needs to, and it's going to air up the bags. Let's go ahead and do that now.

You can see here how far out of line our magnet is. It should be here, but it's now up here because of all that weight. I've now turned the key on. We're going to give it a moment here so the system can analyze the sensor's current position. And in less than two minutes, the system levels itself all the way back out, as you can see here on our sensor, without us having to do anything other than turning the key on our vehicle.As you can see there, this is going to save you time at the job site, as well as any errands that you just have to reuse with your truck running around.

No more finding that gauge or that tape measure, anything else. Hit the key and go. You'll notice here that while I'm working, loading and unloading the vehicle, the airbags aren't going to inflate themselves, our compressor's not going to kick on unless we had the key on. This is nice so we know that when we're working things aren't going to be changing around us.I've now removed all that weight and I turned the key on in our vehicle. You're going to see here after a few moments, after analyzing the sensor, it's going to start releasing air pressure from our airbags.

Now without having to do anything, our vehicle's back to its factory ride height. Go in, start the truck, and I'm going to hit the road.Now, there are other compressor systems out there. This is one of my personal favorites because of how easy it is to install. It's not the easiest. The easiest is going to be Air Lift's all in one system, the compressors all mounted together.

That thing just mounts up super easy to wire and you can control it from your phone or with a remote. But what I like about this system over that system, even though it's a little bit more to install, is that you don't have any remotes or anything. It just works automatically using the onboard sensor. I never have to worry about checking any measurements and making sure I'm at the right level, checking the pressure in my bags, making sure everything's good there. This takes care of everything for me.I also like that there's no remote. I don't have to fiddle with any apps or press any buttons. It just does its thing. Compared to some of the other value compressors out there, this one is fairly economical, but the installation is much easier than the value models. With those, you have to route airlines not only to your airbags from your compressor, but you also have to route them inside to the switch that's going to inflate or deflate them, and there's just so much hose routing required. You have to do a lot more modifications to the vehicle to get everything routed up.This is what our compressor system looks like when it's installed. It mounts onto the frame of your vehicle and comes with all the hoses and wiring harness necessary to get it up and running. The exhaust valve here will automatically release pressure when the sensor for the system detects that the vehicle has been unloaded after a load was previously on it. This will let the air out of your airbags, so to return to your factory unloaded ride height. In the opposite event where you we're loading up your vehicle from a previously unloaded state, the compressor would kick on and then inflate the air bags until the vehicle came back up to the proper ride height. The system's able to do all this using the level sensor that you'll install on the frame, as well as on your leaf spring. The sensor on your frame here is static and the sensor that's here on your lease spring has an adjustable magnet to set the unloaded ride height position. Once you've got it set, at this point the system acts completely automatic.If it's unloaded, it will be at this state. So when you put weight in it, what's going to happen is the frame will drop down, so our magnet will be up higher here. The sensor will detect this and then it will inflate the airbags until the frame rises back up, bringing our magnet down to the center position here. Again, it works just the opposite. If you take that weight back out, the vehicle will then want to lift back up, so this sensor would be up here. The magnet would be somewhere down here. It would detect that it's not at level and let air out until it returned to that position.What this means for you is you no longer have to worry about the state of your vehicle when loading and unloading it, since the system automatically does everything for you. Typically if you had airbags on your vehicle, you would need to find an air source, whether it's at a gas station or an air compressor at your house, and then you'd have to inflate your bags. There are plenty of compressor systems out there that can do this without you needing to find that source and having it on your vehicle. But with those, you still have to either use a remote or a manual switch to increase or decrease the pressure.When doing all of that, you still need a tape measure or something outside so you can verify that you've returned to your factory ride height after you've done all this. With this system, you need no tools and you don't even need to do anything. You just put the load in, it automatically brings it up. You don't have to check anything afterwards. You just get in the vehicle and go. Ultimately, this is going to save you a lot of time. It's a lot easier to load up the vehicle, just hop in and go. You don't have to spend all that time running around the truck, manually inflating it, or anything else. Just go, go, go.Another thing I like about this kit is that it provides T fittings in it so you can still have a manual inflation valve. Now, both of these valves here are the ones that came with the airbags that came with the vehicle. When you install your kit, you will only be able to have one of operational, since the bags are piped together with the airlines. But in the event that your battery goes dead, you have something that goes on with your system and you need to inflate it manually, no problem. We've got that back here to keep us covered.Now, you might be asking yourself, well, how accurate is this sensor with this magnet here It's not a hundred percent perfect. It's not going to line up exactly in the center of this every single time, but it gets pretty darn close. It's accurate within 1/16th of an inch. Which 16th of an inch, is very, very small.The airbags we have installed on our vehicle here is from Air Lift. It's the Load Lifter 5,000 set. This is going to be great for your heavy duty trucks. They have a maximum pressure of a hundred PSI, which is perfect because it matches the output of our compressor, which also has a maximum of 100 PSI. This means that our compressor's going to be able to get the full benefit that our airbags could offer.One of the things you want to keep in mind with this system is that the airbags are hooked together into one compressor, also that we only have one sensor installed and it's on our passenger side here. It doesn't matter if it's on your driver or passenger side. But since the sensor is only on one side, the system's really not designed to work with an uneven load. Because if I load down this side which has the sensor on it, this side's going to drop and it's going to try to inflate this side. Well, if I only loaded down this side, it would cause that side to raise up and it would work opposite.Additionally, the compressor doesn't have a way to inflate the bags independently, since the airlines are plumbed together. But no worries. If you do want a kit that is similar and functionality to this but also has side to side load leveling, you can purchase a dual compressor kit here at etrailer.com, which comes with multiple of the components needed here, so each side has its own compressor, exhaust, and independently ran lines so they can work independently from one another. What's also nice about this dual kit is that the manual inflation valves at the back will still also function independently for each side. Because you know sometimes when you're hauling some things you get some objects that are very large, some are heavy and some art. You might have a box full of pillows over here and refrigerators over here. With the system that is dual compressors, it could easily adjust for that so we can go back down the road level and feel safe.That completes our look at Air Lift's SmartAir II Automatic Leveling compressor system.

Customer Reviews

Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor - AL25490

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (21 Customer Reviews)

- AL25490

Installed on a 2018 GMC Serra 2500HD. This is a comprehensive kit, with install basically compromising three component systems. 1) compressor and the bleed down valve. These I installed on a bed bulkhead just above the front of the muffler. Drive line must be removed. see pic. 2) air bags. I think the instructions show the top mount 180 off. Watch the video, and see pics, easy to install. 3) Electrical, I started from the back with the sensor, compressor, drivers side frame rail following the stock wire loom, which i used to tie the air lift loom. Routed into the engine compartment and up to the fuse box where I used a switched misc fuse and the supplied mini blade spade adapter. passed the wire through a hole i drilled into the cowl side of the fuse lid. Lid has fuse diagram, mine was number 36. This is for the 3 amp inline fuse. Pos and Neg wires wired to battery. 4) air lines, I used the Schroeder valve bracket on the receiver hitch, air line driver side of the spare tire zip tied to frame, see pics. This took me a full nine hours to install, some wasted time trying to decipher the top mount orientation, which seems to be drawn wrong in the instructions. Watch the video online, helps a lot. I do not think that this was overly complicated, just take each system and install them and tie it all together. I had to do some adjusting on the sensor as initial 5 lbs pressure with the sensor setting caused the compressor to turn on and pumped to 11 PSI. I Just lowered the sensor till I had a pump pressure of seven PSI. Love it.

One of the best improvements to our 2018 GMC HD2500. We use a 8.5 Sand S camper, and the air bags and onboard compressor keep the truck at stock ride height, so no night time light to high problem. Compressor comes on with the key on whenever the sensor tells it to level. Havent touched it since it was installed, just the way I like it
Craig N - 08/27/2020

- AL25490

This airlift smart lift 2 is the best idea yet! I had the wireless one and the module went out. I looked for a replacement and finally decided to just air it up manually. Then this version became available. Just what I needed. The weak link in the wireless one system is no longer needed. Just load the truck and let the system take care of the rest. I love it. Thanks Air lift! Ps. The price match guarantee is a real thing. Thanks etrailer.com!

Still loving my air lift auto leveling system. Still working great. Great value. No need to worry about proper amount of air in the bags. It’s automatic. Thanks etrailer.com!
Tracy - 08/12/2021

- AL25490

I tow a 5th wheel camper & boat around the country in search of great fishing adventures. The Airlift is a necessity for my F-150 Ecoboost. I have met people on my travels that did not have the automatic leveling and they had regretted not getting it after seeing how my truck was self-leveling. It doesn’t matter if I am towing the camper or the boat or just running into town for groceries, my truck level is always perfect for the job at hand. If you’re towing heavy loads, the Airlift 5000 is excellent and I highly recommend the automatic “SmartAir System”. Don’t forget to order your Airlift kit with the Stainless Steel hardware option. I was able to install both kits by myself in a day. The online instructions were very helpful.

I still love it! We needed some gravel for the yard and I was able to carry 1 1/2 tons with no problems. Don’t forget to upgrade your tires & brakes if you’re going to do this.
Jeffrey - 02/11/2020

- AL25490

This lift assist works great. I did have to replace the air pump at 10 months old. The warranty covered it all... I have an older one on a PU and it still works great.

- AL25490

I like the system. Easy to install and very convenient. One problem though. The compressor turns on and off by a magnet being out of center with a sensor. When you hook up, the sensor drops below the magnet, the compressor kicks on and inflated the bags until the sensor is level with the magnet again then the compressor shuts off. If your load is too heavy, it will never level out and therefore the compressor will never turn off. My compressor burnt within a year of purchasing because of this. Airlift sent me another compressor for free, but it's only a matter of time until this happens again. Airlift doesn't have any data on maximum tongue weight with this system before you have that problem. But I can say from experience that it can't handle 9500 pound tongue weight.

- AL25490

Amazing shipping times and great produc t!

- AL25490

After 1 year I am happy to say it has not given a minutes worth of trouble. The truck hauls lumber and construction supplies almost daily and it just does what it is supposed to do without anyone having to do a thing. I have this same system on another truck that has been working for about 10 years now and it also has given no problems. I would not have an airbag setup without this auto leveling system.

- AL25490

The kit came with everything that I needed it was an easy install. The The compressor seems a little louder than it should be but I guess that is the design of it.

- AL25490

Great product if your looking for an easy way to keep your truck leveled. Like that the kit is fairly easy to install and I can hook up a trailer and the Smart Air system takes care of the rest.

- AL25490

e-trailer proved excellent customer support during a recent back-order. Updates were timely and I was advised that the items were now in stock and shipping. Excellent vendor...I will use again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

- AL25490

Works as designed

- AL25490

Product works great, instructions included were a little sketchy, and i was missing some parts, so be sure to verify package content before beginning install. cant wait to put it to the test and get my trailer hooked up.

- AL25490


- AL25490

Price was good free shipping and it arrived in two days the install was not difficult

- AL25490

- AL25490

- AL25490

- AL25491

Review from a similar SmartAir II in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

Works as described- I have this installed on my 2500 Chevy pickup to level while towing... it maintains the level stance even while towing heavy.

- AL25491

Review from a similar SmartAir II in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

- AL25491

Review from a similar SmartAir II in Air Suspension Compressor Kit

- AL25491

Review from a similar SmartAir II in Air Suspension Compressor Kit


Ask the Experts about this Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit

  • Presets on Air Compressor Remote not Responding Properly
    I reached out to Airlift about your compressor and how it is not responding properly to your remote control. I was able to confirm my thoughts that your manifold has gone bad on you. To correct your issue simply replace your manifold with part # AL72701 the Replacement Wireless Manifold for Air Lift WirelessONE Compressor System. This is a very straight forward replacement process and will plug right in to your current setup. You will simply have to follow the instructions to program...
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  • Can Air Lift Compressor be Used with Firestone Air Bag Kit
    Yes, Air Lift compressor kits work perfectly fine with Firestone air bag setups like the # F2582 that you have installed in your 2018 Ford F-150. So the Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System # AL25490 you referenced would fit and work great.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System Be Used with Rear Coil Springs
    The Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs part # AL25490 is designed for vehicles with leaf springs as that is how the lower bracket for the sensor is designed to be mounted. That said, this is not a custom fit kit so some ingenuity is going to be required regardless. If you really wanted to have the auto-level feature I am sure you could make your own lower sensor mount or find a different way to use the one provided. If not, the Air Command Compressor...
    view full answer...
  • Can The Air Lift SmartAir Magnetic Sensor Be Added To My Firestone Air Springs And Compressor
    I spoke with a representative from Air Lift and he did say that you would be able to add the sensor(s) to your existing pump setup. However, he did indicate that it would take more that just the installation of the sensor to make this work for you. He suggested that you get the Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System for Air Helper Springs - Single Sensor, part # AL25490, because you will have to use everything except for the air compressor to make this work in your system....
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Air Lift Air Bag Dimensions For Custom Brackets on Lowered 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    The Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs # AL57204 air bags have a designed height of 6". This is the distance that you will want in between your mounting flanges. I recommend using the Air Lift SmartAir II Automatic-Leveling Compressor System # AL25490 as this will adjust your air bags automatically to maintain your desired ride height without manual input. The system is accurate to within less than 1/16".
    view full answer...

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