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Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks - 1,200 lbs and 1,500 lbs

Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks - 1,200 lbs and 1,500 lbs

Item # MJ-1000B-GR
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MJ-1000B-GR - Gear Parts etrailer Accessories and Parts
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Replaces the gears and roll pins on your etrailer or Ram swivel marine jack with a round tube. Designed for MJ-1000 Series jacks. Call 800-298-1624 to order etrailer accessories and parts part number MJ-1000B-GR or order online at Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks - 1,200 lbs and 1,500 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Replaces the gears and roll pins on your etrailer or Ram swivel marine jack with a round tube. Designed for MJ-1000 Series jacks.


  • Replacement gear kit works with etrailer and Ram marine swivel jacks that have a round tube
    • Designed for 1,200-lb and 1,500-lb MJ-1000 Series jacks
  • Kit includes 2 gears and 2 roll pins
  • 12 Teeth per gear

MJ-1000B-GR Replacement Gear Kit for Ram Round Marine Swivel Jacks

Video of Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks - 1,200 lbs and 1,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rebuilding Your Trailer Jack

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the rebuild process for the etrailer, or Ram brand 1,000-pound lift capacity marine jacks. Now, there are a couple of different components for the jack that we have available here at etrailer, just depending on what your needs are. Here, we've got part number MJ-1000B-HD. That's going to be the handle and the handle pin. The cap replacement is going to be part number MJ-1000B-CP. We've got the internal bearing.

This is what's going to reduce the friction between the screw and the top plate on the jack. We'll show you how that goes. This is part number MJ-1000B-BR. Then, we've got our gear kit. Now, our gear kit's going to have a side gear and a base gear.

We've got a replacement handle pin, the base gear pin, and the keeper ring that's going to go around that handle gear to keep our pin in place. Now, for the gear kit, that's going to be part number MJ-1000B-GR. Now, we'll start by removing the cap, which we'll have to remove this little Phillips screw that's here on the side. We'll pull out on this upper edge, then lift up. You can see there's a little tab that goes in that hole there. If you're just replacing your cap, if the jack's working fine, but you want to keep it working that way, we'll just pop that back on, put your screw back in place, and you're job's going to be done.

Now, we're going a few steps further here. You'll see inside the jack, there's going to be a lot of grease and stuff in there. I want to get that cleaned out. At least we'll be able to see our pin location there. What you're looking for to find your handle pin.

It's going to be that little indention, this little half-round indention. There's going to be one on each side. Next is going to be the removal of that snap ring. It fits right in that groove, all the way around our handle gear. It's easier to see here rather than on the jack, but I just want to start at one end and pop it over to the back side, and then work around. It's going to then be between the outer housing of the jack and the gear. You see there's where the end of it is, so we try to get our pick in there. You could also use a small screwdriver, then we'll lift out on that, enough to get it, like we said, up on that back side. We should be able to turn our handle. We pop that off. We'll see now, it's just going to hang out there a minute while we get our pin out. Once we get that grease out of the way, you'll see the end of our pin is right there. We're going to take a 5/32 punch and drive that out toward the bottom. Now, once your pin's fully through, you'll see your handle be where it will float, so now we just want to lift up on that. If we're just doing a handle replacement, we'll slide that back in. We'll put out new pin in. We'll be set, but again, we're going to show you how to rebuild the entire thing here. There's going to be a spacer right here. Pull that out. This gear is kind of sandwiched in there, so we'll lower that down, set it aside. The clip, you see it fell out with this. There's our little spring clip. Then, these are bushings, with a washer on it, where these bushings fit up into those square holes. There's going to be one on each side there. We'll get that set over here to the side. Now, for our base gear, it's just a matter of lifting straight up on that. That's going to come out, all this grease. You'll see below that, there's going to be a little floating pin. You're going to lift upward on that. Then we should be able to bring that out of the very small hole right here, on top of the jack. Then, you also see a thin little washer on the bottom here. Now, these washers are not included, so you want to hang on to these. We can get these put back in. Now, if we pull the innertube on our jack down slightly, we can take out the keeper, and then you'll see inside it there, our bearing stays right underneath that keeper. Now just separate it. Got our bearing there, so we'll pull our old bearing off, put our new bearing in, and slide it right back together. As we slide that together, we want to drop in this top plate. It's going to go through the larger gap, and it's going to come out of the smaller gap there on the bottom. You'll see the screw itself. that comes right through that. Replace that washer back on. We've got our base pin there. That needs to go, again, through that same hole we took it out of. See, that's going to slide in pretty freely. You want to rotate that so it sits side to side, rather than up and down. You want about equal amounts sticking out of each side. Now, you'll see on our base gear here, it's designed to capture that pin, or prevent it from sliding in and out of the screw, so we just want to be sure when, we put that back in place, that we line that up. You can pretty much tell, because typically, the screw comes up here flush with the top of the gear, or pretty close to it. Just like that, you'll see there'll be a little recess, but not a great deal. Now we're ready to slide in the bushing for our handle. Slide our handle in just far enough to get our washer on. Let that rest there for just a second. For my handle gear, I like to get the snap ring started first. I'm going to place it on there, and then kind of work it around about three quarters of the way, or so. It should hold there, that way, once we have our pin in place, we just really have to tamp that down, rather than trying to work it all the way on, and all the way around, which can kind of be a pain. Now, this needs to slide in so it engages that base gear, so then we can slide our handle through it. Then, we've got our spacer to go in. Slide our handle on through there, then what we're looking to do is just line up the hole that's in our handle with our indention that was in our gear. See there You can see right through it. Then we'll take our handle pin, and we'll get that slid in. Then we'll tap that in. That needs to go in far enough so that we can get the snap ring around the outside. Now, we'll grab our pick. Work around to that edge where that ring is, and then just slowly rotate our handle, while applying a little bit of pressure, and it'll snap in just like that for us. Now, to protect the gears in our jack here, we want to fill this up with a nice, high-quality grease. You saw how much was in it before. You want to get at least that much back in there. Then, rotate the assembly to make sure it engages, fully coats our gears. You can see it's right back, really nice, smooth operating. Now, our cap's going to slide down, then push the top in, and then we'll just replace that little screw. That's it, just a couple parts, a few hand tools there, and you can rebuild your jack rather than having to do a complete replacement.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks - 1,200 lbs and 1,500 lbs - MJ-1000B-GR

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the gears and roll pins on your etrailer or Ram swivel marine jack with a round tube. Designed for MJ-1000 Series jacks.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Arrived fast. Was very good quality for the price and it fit perfectly. I am still using the jack today and its given me no problems. Plus one year later they ask for a review? How cool is that? Gives me a long time to try out the product and give an honest review! 5 STARS ALL DAY!

- MJ-1000B-GR

the gear kit I purchased is just what was ordered and delivered to me in a short time. Your website makes it easy with very good product descriptions to find the parts I need. Thank You...

- MJ-1000B-GR

- MJ-1000B-GR

- MJ-1000B-GR

Fits fine in my trailer jack. For the $, this is a GREAT value even with the shipping to Alaska.

- MJ-1000B-GR

- MJ-1000B-GR

Received package quickly after placing order and everything is as advertised. I have used etrailer for other purchases and that went equally well. I would recommend etrailer to any of my friends.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Even though my order was very small, this company contacted me by email to let me know there was a delay. Amazing customer service

- MJ-1000B-GR

Rapid assistance by knowledgeable rep. parts ID'd, ordered, and delivered in a flash! All parts fit together well.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Good pricing on parts. Video was very helpful for repairing my trailer jack. Great service, received the parts a day earlier than promised. Will definitely buy parts from again.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Watched u tube video, everything came apart and back together like it said! Was delivered on time. No regrets!

- MJ-1000B-GR

Exact replacement parts. Fast shipping. Great experience.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Accomplished what needed to be done

- MJ-1000B-GR

Perfect fit and excellent product knowledge from everyone at etrailer...thanks

- MJ-1000B-GR

fast delivery and wide selection at reasonable prices.

- MJ-1000B-GR

Exact fit....

- MJ-1000B-GR

Great product and video


Ask the Experts about this etrailer Accessories and Parts

  • Will Replacement Gears for Ram Jack Fit Fulton Jacks
    The Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks # MJ-1000B-GR will not fit Fulton jacks, although they do look similar. This gear kit is only designed to fit MJ-1000 Series Ram or etrailer jacks. The Replacement Bevel Gear Kit for Fulton Jacks - 800 - 1,200 lbs # F0933302S00 is the correct kit for Fulton jack models TJ503/C, TJU503, PMJ53, TJ507/C, PMJ75, CS750, GR700/TJ712, XP10/6/W/WC and XP100. As you said you may also want to replace your jack entirely...
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  • Replacement Caster Wheel Jack to Fit Mounting Plate for Shelby Model 5856A
    We no longer have repair parts for the Shelby 5856A caster wheel jack but we do know from customers that have installed it that the Fulton Round Snap-Ring Swivel Marine Jack # FTJ120W0301 fits the mounting plate for the Shelby. This jack features a lift capacity of 1,200 pounds, an outer tube diameter of 2 inches, and a snap ring pilot hole of 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Gear kit # MJ-1000B-GR that you referenced only works with the Ram MJ-1000 series jacks.
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  • Replacement For Handle "Bushing" on Etrailer Marine Jack
    For the etrailer # MJ-1500B-DWL Marine Trailer Jack, if the "bushing" you are referring to is a small fitting that has a 1/2" round hole on the inside and is square shaped on the outside to fit in the square hole in the jack tube, then you can use the Fulton # F0933301S00 Replacement Handle Kit which includes that part. That part is not available seperately. If you additionally need the replacement cap on top of the jack you can order the etrailer # MJ-1500B-CP cap. Annually you should...
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  • Rebuild Kit for the RAM Round Swivel Marine Jack Part # MJ-1500B-DWL
    It sounds like you have the Round Swivel Marine Jack part # MJ-1500B-DWL which is the only 1,500 lb dual wheel, round trailer jack that I am aware of. If this is the case then you will want to use the Replacement Sidewind Handle part # MJ-1000B-HD and the Replacement Gear Kit for etrailer and Ram Round Swivel Marine Jacks part # MJ-1000B-GR. I have attached a rebuild video for you as well.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Parts for etrailer Round Swivel Marine Jack # MJ-1206B
    We do indeed have replacement parts available for your etrailer Round Swivel Marine Jack # MJ-1206B. These include the Sidewind Handle Knob # MJ-1000B-KB, Caster Wheel # JWK-6P, Gear Kit # MJ-1000B-GR, and Bearing # MJ-1000B-BR. I have attached a great video that demonstrates how to rebuild this type of jack, during which you can see how everything comes apart and how internal components are replaced.
    view full answer...

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