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Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs

Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs

Item # AKBRKR-M10
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Replace the worn or damaged magnet on your electric trailer brake assembly. Fits 10" assemblies with a 3,500-lb axle rating. Includes magnet, clip, and spring. 1-800-940-8924 to order etrailer accessories and parts part number AKBRKR-M10 or order online at Free expert support on all etrailer products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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etrailer Accessories and Parts - AKBRKR-M10

  • Trailer Brakes
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • Brake Magnets
  • etrailer
  • 3500 lbs
  • 10 Inch

Replace the worn or damaged magnet on your electric trailer brake assembly. Fits 10" assemblies with a 3,500-lb axle rating. Includes magnet, clip, and spring.


  • Replacement magnet fits 10" trailer brake assemblies designed for 3,500-lb axles
    • Compatible with brake assemblies from most manufacturers, including AxleTek, Dexter, Lippert (LCI), IAC, and AL-KO
  • Oval design
  • Dimensions: 2" long x 3-1/8" wide x 1" tall
  • Magnet, retaining clip, and spring included

13-818 AxleTek Replacement Brake Magnet Kit for 10" Brake Assembly - 3.5K lbs

Video of Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Electric Trailer Brake Magnet Kit Replacement Review

Hey guys, Kevin here with etrailer and today we're gonna be taking a look at etrailer's line of replacement magnet kits for electric trailer brake assemblies. Each of these replacement brake magnets fit a specific brake assembly. So you are gonna wanna know exactly what size brake assembly that you have before you go ahead and purchase that replacement magnet. This specific one is designed for 10 inch brake assemblies, which are typically gonna be on your 3,500 pound axles. So if you don't know exactly what size brake assembly you have, one good bet is to look at the capacity of your axle and that will typically get you in the right direction of what your brake assembly is. Now, typically this isn't a part that you would normally want to replace.

Essentially, if this is kind of worn out then your whole assembly is typically also worn out itself. This would be a good time to take a look at your brake shoes, look at your pads, just see how worn in they are. In our case today, it wasn't an issue with the brake assembly because this is all brand new. It just happened to be just how they ran that wiring for that brake magnet at the factory causing an issue where it was shorting out. To begin our installation we'll have to get to our brake assembly and to do that we will first need to remove our wheel which we've already gone ahead and done.

Then we're gonna pull out our pin and take our castle nut off. Then we can start working out our outer bearing. Usually you can just pull on that, that'll kind of give you enough pressure to pop it right off. Set that down on a nice clean towel. And work the rest of our hub off.

Taking a look at our brake magnet, we can see kind of where it failed. Down here on the actual magnet itself, it's starting to flake off. You can see that it started to heat up and it really started tearing into the magnet. If we look at our wiring though, that's the major cause here. This was sitting here rubbing against our brake shoe and just eating up the wire, then the wire was shorting and overheating.

On the back we're gonna have this little clip. We're gonna go ahead and just pop it off. Just kinda sit here and slowly work it out 'cause we're gonna have to reuse it. I'm just using a flathead screwdriver. (metal clanging) And once we have that out, we can pop our wiring through. So I've gone ahead and I cut that wire and worked out our little gasket that we had there. I'm gonna slip that aside for now. And now I'm gonna go ahead and just pop off these three clips and then the one that's inside of our brake right in here. And go ahead and just get that off real easy right there. Make sure these are loose. Start pulling our wiring back. (metal clanging) And we'll also remove this spring. So your new brake magnet is not gonna come with these little clips that go along the brake shoe so we're gonna have to reuse those. And as you can see with this one, they way, way over-tighten that down so it actually cut into the wire itself. So that could be another reason why this magnet failed. So we're gonna just try and work our screwdriver in there and just pry it up a bit and get it off. On your spring, you're going to have a little portion where it's kind of bent down, got that 90 degree angle that's what's gonna clip into this little hole right here and hold this spring in place. So we're gonna try to get that on here. So I'm gonna take that back part, slip it through, popped right in no problem for us. Then we can go ahead and slip on our new brake magnet. Push that in a bit and we'll stick on our center clip. Now they do give you a new one with this kit. This is the only clip that you will get. So like I said, make sure you hold onto those other ones. I'll just push that in place and that's gonna keep our magnet from being able to pop off. From there we'll go ahead and we'll sneak our wiring back and just up around and replace our clips on. And I'm just gonna put 'em in the same spot where we already had our clips and sneak our wiring out the back. Get rid of some of that excess. Go ahead and slip on all of our clips. And this time we're not gonna go nearly as tight as the previous one, just so we don't have any issues. Slightly squeeze that down just until it's kind of touching, we still want this to be able to move just a bit. Go ahead and tuck that in place and put our clip back on. And just keep repeating that process as we work our way back. I'm gonna go ahead and replace my gasket on here. Push that back in place and then I'm gonna strip the casing back on this just a little bit 'cause we're gonna using heat shrink butt connectors to attach to our wires coming from our junction box. Put on some heat shrink butt connectors. Definitely recommend going with heat shrink just because these are gonna be out and exposed to the elements. You don't want a chance of any water getting in there and corroding it and then your brake's not working. And it doesn't matter which wire you hook up to which. So we can go ahead and we'll probably just slip this top one in and crimp it down. And repeat that with our other wires. Shrink down our heat shrink butt connectors. You can use a heat gun like I'm gonna do today or if you just had a lighter, you can go ahead and use that as well. (heat gun whirring) Next I'm gonna go ahead and just kinda zip tie this up just a little bit. I'm gonna leave enough so that when the axle kind of moves, you know, it's not gonna get pinched on anything but I also don't want it hanging too low where it's gonna get caught on anything. Now that our brakes back in place, we can go ahead and reassemble our hub. Just push that on, we'll place on our outer bearing. And we can just use our castle nut to kind of drive in our outer bearing. We're just gonna go until that's tight and then we'll back it off so we can get our pin in place. So got no movement out of the hub. A little tight from just my hands, so we're gonna back that off just a bit. Right about there. Still no play. So now we can stick in our pin. And then we'll just bend that back in place. Now we can go ahead and throw on our wheel. (tire clanging) Replace our lug nuts and then the cap over our spindle. Well, I think about does it for today's look at etrailer's line of replacement magnet kits for electric trailer brake assemblies. My name's Kevin, thanks for watching.

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Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs - AKBRKR-M10

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (93 Customer Reviews)

Replace the worn or damaged magnet on your electric trailer brake assembly. Fits 10" assemblies with a 3,500-lb axle rating. Includes magnet, clip, and spring.


Can't speak to the part, the rating is purely etrailer.
Customer service was a joke when this thing didn't show when expected.
"I don't know sir, it could take up to 2 weeks." Really? I ordered a repair part, there was no mention of 2 weeks when it was ordered, otherwise I'd have went a different route. They sell parts here, you'll get it when you get it, if that's good enough for you, you're in the right place. Disappointed.


Never used them as I ended up needing a complete "Kit". Do you take back opened box parts?

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


For these magnets it has been too long from the order was placed that I can offer a return. We have a 60 day return window on unused parts.


The correct magnet at a great price. Nice it comes with a new spring and retainer, and the wires are at a good length to work with. Shipping was very reasonable and fast - thanks!



The trailer brakes are still doing well and the magnets work as designed. I really am happy with the magnets!


Great information on your website to help with determining the right part for your trailer. The parts shipped quickly and had them installed on my trailer in no time. The parts are an exact match for my 2017 Grand Design trailer. They work perfectly and I will be using etrailer when I need to replace or upgrade my brakes in the future.


sales chat was helpful in verifying this was the correct part I needed for an old homemade trailer, shipping was swift, installation fairly straightforward


All worked great- good products.Really the best.


Great Price. Quick Shipping.


Great product for an awesome price and fast shipping.


Exact replacement for bad magnet. Fitment good as original.


It was exactly what I needed to get my brakes back in working order. I was worried because I had 10” hubs -1.5” brakes which are no longer available. Based on info provided by other questions and answers it was an identical replacement.


Products are what your order, plain and simple. Caller operators are very helpful.




Packaging was damaged upon arrival, part missing inside package, quick and excellent customer service sorted the issue right away.


I've purchased lots of small items from etrailer for many years. I always get the parts quicker than I get the opportunity to work on something. The fact that I can find the parts, with good descriptions, and photos, and compare items late in the evening, and order them at my convenience is a giant plus for me. The icing on the cake is their very competitive prices.
Bought parts for electric brakes on an equipment trailer I'm rebuilding this time.

Mr. C.


Replaced the trailer brake magnets on my equipment trailer a year ago. Continue to work good. Now I can move my equipment to job sites as needed.


Packaging was broken with parts floating around in box. Blame postal service for this not etrailer, but could have used smaller box and better insulated. Product and info requested excellent as always!


Replaced original brake magnets last year with these because the original one were causing an overload error code. These have performed perfectly. These were great for the price and working with retailer is always a pleasure.

Allen S.


The brake magnets are still working as they should. They seem to be a great product for the price.


great service, keep you abreast of status ,keep up the good work


All parts arrived quickly and fit perfect! I bought a used car trailer few months ago and brakes quit working. Pulled drums and needed new magnets, it was missing spring on one side, prior owner must have got some bad service. E-Trialer hooked me up with all the parts, also ordered hub seals and grease and repacked bearings. Thank you !!!


The magnet kit was exactly what I needed (along with a separate order for the brake shoes and a springs kit). I had searched all over my local area, even going to several RV and Trailer parts stores, but they couldn't get me the parts I needed.
With just a little searching on, I got everything I needed, including new cotter pins!
I have already completed one wheel, completely replacing all the brake parts on my 1995 Wilderness Travel Trailer, and all the parts fit perfect - just like new. The parts came with instructions and warnings, and with the springs kits, I had everything I needed to get just-like-new brakes. made it very easy!
But why replace the shoes and parts rather than buy a whole new brake assembly? On some trailers, like mine, the brake assembly is welded to the axle, and would require completely new axles (at $2200) to replace the brake assembly. So the only option, in some cases, is to replace the shoes and other hardware.
One point of warning - the recommendation that comes with the parts is that you replace ALL MAGNETS and ALL SHOES on ALL WHEELS at the same time, otherwise you risk uneven braking. I didn't know this when I made my first order, so I had to order additional parts. But hey, if you are going to all the trouble to replaces the shoes and magnets and re-grease the bearings on one wheel, you might as well do all four right?


The replacement brake magnet was fine, that just did not turn out to be the problem. A complete brake assembly replacement and drums turned was the fix. Parts also from etrailer, and it works great.


I ordered the 10" drum trailer brake replacement magnets and they not only fit and worked perfectly, but arrived before I had expected. etrailer has always stocked everything I've needed and at a great price. Their customer service and 'after sale follow-up' is the best I've ever experienced.
A great company to deal with.
Jon B.


Product was an exact fit. Magnet works in either polarity making install a snap. Trimmed excess wire and connected with heat shrink crimp connectors inside the drum.


Needed trailer brake parts and etrailer had the best description of the products and prices. I like the fact that the parts are very well explained with dimensions so that you can order the proper part the first order.

Good shipping, hassle free transaction.


The hub and magnet developed a deep groove on the original equipment so needed a replacement. Since the brakes were still good all around, I went this route instead of a full brake assembly replacement. Installed ok.


This product is still working well after a year of desert living. We use the trailer weekly, and the brakes still work just fine, even with all the dust, sand, and in rainy season, mud. We do clean the trailer regularly at a car wash to prevent dirt build up.

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  • Replacement Electric 10" Brake Shoes For a 2000 Scamp 19' Everlands
    I reached out to Scamp for help to find your exact brakes, unfortunately due to the age of your 2000 Scamp 19 Everglades they did not have the exact information or parts available and the only thing that they could tell me is your trailer uses 10" brakes. I recommend pulling apart one of your hubs first to check that the Replacement Shoe and Lining Kit # AKBRKR-S-10 and Magnet Kit # AKBRKR-M10 are the correct. This will also be a good time to also inspect your bearings, drums, grease...
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  • What is Difference Between Trailer Brake Assemblies KB10E-06 and KB12E-06
    The KB10E-06 # AKBRKR-M10 and the KB12E-06 # AKBRKR-M12 are similar magnet designs but they are intended for different applications/sizes of brake assemblies. The # AKBRKR-M12 is for 12 inch assemblies and the # AKBRKR-M10 is for 10. The temptation is to use the bigger magnet on the lower rated assemblies but doing so does not give you more powerful brakes, it actually will just make for harder to adjust brakes as it the magnet will be too sensitive.
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  • Should Brake Magnet Chatter if Retaining Clip is Broken
    Regular "chatter" is not a common problem and since the magnet is damaged I strongly recommend replacing it with the Replacement Magnet Kit for 7" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies # AKBRKR-M7.
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  • Brake Magnets Needed
    Basically every company who makes trailer brakes has their own brake magnets. Dexter is one of the leading manufacturers which is probably why you have found a lot of their stuff. Attached is a link to our selection of brake magnets for you to filter through. Two of our most popular options come from AxleTek (rebranded as etrailer) and are parts # AKBRKR-M12 for 12" brakes and # AKBRKR-M10 for 10" brakes. Each assembly comes with 2 wires connected to it, one for power and one for ground....
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  • Should There Be Power on the Ground Wire for a Brake Magnet
    There should only be power entering the brake magnets, not leaving them through the ground wire. I would first start off by regrounding each brake magnets to a new bare metal surface separately of one another and as close to the brake assembly as possible. Once the above has been completed and the problem still persist then it may be time to replace either the magnets or the entire braking assembly. In order to offer replacement brake magnets I would need to know the brand of brakes you...
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  • Will Rust Buildup Prevent Brake Magnets from Functioning in Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies
    Excessive rust would definitely weaken the pull of the magnet, so I would recommended replacing the magnets on your trailer if they are severely corroded. If you have power going into the magnet and it is not engaging at all, this again would be an indicator that the magnet needs to be replaced. I would recommend cleaning your hub drum also when you are checking the magnets--some light sandpaper would work well. I have provided a link below to the trailer magnets we currently carry,...
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  • Can Trailer Brake Assembly Magnets be Grounded to Trailer Frame
    You should be able to ground the brake magnets to the frame of the trailer and have them work fine. Or you can try running a jumper wire back from the ground wire of the magnet back to the main ground of the trailer frame. If you are getting 12 volts into the magnets but they aren't working the problem is that the ground wire isn't properly grounding.
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  • Noise from Newly Installed Electric Brake Magnets and Drums on Travel Trailer
    Thank you for your recent purchase from etrailer of brake magnets and hub/drum assemblies. New components will often result in a different sound than what we are accustomed to but there are a few things you can check. If you are referring to any humming type of sound from the magnets this is normal. If the brakes otherwise operate properly and you are hearing scraping sounds this may simply be due to the new parts needing either some break-in or adjustment. If the brakes are making noise...
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  • Recommended Brake Magnet Sets that are Compatible with 10 x 2-1/4 Inch Brake Hubs
    The brake magnet that will work with your ALKO 10 x 2-1/4 inch brake hubs, that I recommend is the # AKBRKR-M10. Included with this brake magnet is the retaining clip and spring. The way the brake magnet works is when power is fed to this magnet it's magnetized and will come out and stick to the inner surface of the hub and drum assembly, which will in turn pull the brake arm. Self adjusting will have additional components that keep proper tension on the shoes so you don't have to manually...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Brake Wiring on a Trailer
    The two wires coming from your brake assemblies on your hub are for the brake magnet. One wire is ground and one wire is for power from the brake controller. It doesn't matter which wire goes to what in this situation. Take a look at the video at the 5:45 mark about how to wire up the trailer brakes I included for you too.
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • How to Wire Electric Trailer Brake Magnets to 12 Volt Brake Output and Ground
    No, it does not matter which wire from the magnet is attached to power or ground. Just make sure one wire is properly grounded and the other wire is attached to the electric brake output circuit from the trailer connector. I have linked a video that details replacement and wiring of a trailer brake magnet that should be helpful.
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  • Could Bad Brake Magnets Be Causing Heat Buildup In My Trailer Hubs
    It's possible that the heat buildup is being created by a worn out magnet on your brakes dragging on the drum surface; if you've inspected and greased the bearings and it's still happening this seems to be the most likely culprit. Turning the drums could be one way to solve this, but you could also change the brake magnets. You may want to test them out and inspect them; I've linked a helpful video and article we did on testing brake magnets if you're not familiar with the process. If...
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  • Electric Trailer Brakes on a Jayco Trailer Lock Up Frequently
    Most trailer brake magnets for 10 and 12 inch brake assemblies should draw 3.2 to 4.0 amps at 12 to 13 volts. On a 7 inch assembly it would be 3.0 to 3.2 amps. Since the magnets you have are drawing up to 5.0 amps there is something not quite right with the magnets and they will likely need to be replaced. I have included a link to our help article that explains how to test brake magnets and a link to the magnets we carry.
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  • Replacement Brake Magnets, Bearings and Seals for Al-Ko 3500-lb 8490 Hubs
    We do carry a range of replacement trailer brake magnets and you can use the link provided at right. The best and easiest way to find replacement bearings and seals is to obtain the part numbers from the original parts. My research on your Al-Ko hub 8490 did return results but I could not confirm the bearing set or seals that fit the spindles for this hub. The linked photo shows the typical appearance and location of these part reference numbers. You can search our site directly with...
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  • Which Wire On the Trailer Brakes is Power And Which One is Ground
    Yes one of the wires will be used for the ground connection. When connecting the wires from the trailer brakes it does not matter which wire you use for the brake feed or ground, the magnet works either way. Just be sure that the wires are clear of any moving parts and that the brake feed is attached to one of the wires and that the other is attached to the trailer frame for a good ground.
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  • Brake Magnets for Bigfoot Trailer
    The correct brake magnets for your Bigfoot trailer are going to depend on the size of your brake assemblies and weight capacity of your axle. For example, Magnet Kit # AKBRKR-M10 is for 10" brake assemblies with a 3,500 lb axle rating. I have linked our page with each of our brake magnets for you to take a look at.
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  • How to Test Brake Magnet Amperage on a Trailer with 4 Brakes
    There are a few different tests that can be done to check the brake magnets individually and as a whole on your trailer. I would first recommend checking the magnets for wear before going on to test for proper amperage. If the magnets show abnormal wear or if you can see the windings beginning to show through the friction surface of the magnet then they will need to be replaced. Testing the magnets as a whole will involve using a multimeter, that can read up to 20 amps, to test the amperage...
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  • Brake Magnet Replacement Recommendation for a 2007 Dutchman Camper with 10 in Brake Assemblies
    Yes, the fact that your brake assemblies are 10 inch diameter assemblies the Trailer Brake Magnet # AKBRKR-M10 that you referenced would work for you. I attached a replacement video of a similar item for you to check out also.
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  • How to Determine What Size Brake Assemblies You Have
    The easiest way to determine exactly what brake assembly you have is to take the hub and drub off of your axle an measure the diameter of the inside of the drum and then measure the depth. This will tell you what size brake assemblies you need. I attached a picture that shows these two dimensions. Between the two sizes you listed I would imagine that you have the 10 inch by 2-1/4 size since we do not carry any 10 inch by 1-1/2 inch assemblies.
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    Image 1 for
  • Replacement Brake Magnet Kit
    I would be happy to help you. We have several options like the Replacement Magnet Kit for 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 3,500 lbs item # AKBRKR-M10 for 10" brakes. Or the Replacement Magnet Kit for 12" Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies - 5,200 lbs to 7,000 lbs item # AKBRKR-M12 for 12" brakes. I have linked our entire selection of replacement magnets. If you would like me to make an accurate recommendation please email me back with more information on your current brakes and what...
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  • What Would Allow Homemade 7-Way Trailer Connector to Be Detected by Integrated Brake Controller
    To get the tester you made to be recognized by your 2015 Ram with an integrated controller you will need to install a brake magnet on the circuit. The controller you have is looking for the specific load that a brake magnet would put on the circuit to sense a trailer connection. The part # AKBRKR-M10 would work well for this.
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  • Are Electric Trailer Drum Brakes Polarized
    You asked a good question. No, electric drum brake magnets are non-polarized, meaning that either of the two leads can be used for grounding to the trailer frame or for connection to the trailer brake controller circuit. This is why brake assemblies and replacement magnets have the same wire color for both leads. You'll want to use 10-gauge wiring for connecting the brake assemblies to the trailer's brake circuit. We offer part # 10-1-1 which is sold by the foot.
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  • Replacement Magnet for 10 Inch Brake Assembly on 3,500 Pound Axle
    We actually do have replacement brake magnets available! If you have 10 inch brakes like the Electric Brake Kit # AKEBRK-35 that you referenced then the correct replacement magnet kit is the part # AKBRKR-M10. This is compatible with assemblies from Dexter, AxleTek, Lippert, and AL-KO as well. I have attached a short video review on this kit that you can also take a look at.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Brakes That Do Not Activate
    The first and easiest part to troubleshoot will be the wiring. I would start by using a circuit tester like part # PTW2993 on the brake output pin on the trailer connector while activating the manual override on the brake controller to see if you are getting any output at the connector. If you are getting power at the connector then I recommend testing the wires just before the brake assembly to ensure that the power is reaching the brakes. If there is no power then there may be a wiring...
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