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Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter Kit for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4

Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter Kit for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4

Item # Y01168
Our Price: $139.95
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Adapter kit lets you install a Yakima OverHaul HD or OutPost HD truck bed ladder rack system on your Toyota or Nissan with factory utility tracks. Includes corrosion-resistant mounting hardware. 1-800-940-8924 to order Yakima accessories and parts part number Y01168 or order online at Free expert support on all Yakima products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter Kit for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Yakima Accessories and Parts - Y01168

  • Ladder Racks
  • Bed Rail System Adapter
  • Yakima

Adapter kit lets you install a Yakima OverHaul HD or OutPost HD truck bed ladder rack system on your Toyota or Nissan with factory utility tracks. Includes corrosion-resistant mounting hardware.


  • Adapter kit lets you install a Yakima truck bed ladder rack system on your Toyota or Nissan with factory utility tracks
    • Works with OverHaul HD (Y01151) and OutPost HD (Y01152) - both sold separately
  • Maintains the maximum load capacity for both the OverHaul HD and OutPost HD
  • Simple installation with included corrosion-resistant mounting hardware


  • Application: Toyota and Nissan trucks with utility tracks
  • Quantity: 4 utility track adapters
  • Dimensions: 15" long x 4" tall x 1-1/2" wide
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8001168 Bed Track Kit 1 Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4

Installation Details Y01168 Installation instructions

Video of Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter Kit for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Yakima OverHaul HD Adjustable Truck Bed Ladder Rack Installation - 2022 Toyota Tundra

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with "etrailer." Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Yakima Overhaul Adjustable Ladder Rack and seeing how it installs on our 2022 Toyota Tundra. So the way this mounts up is actually using our existing utility track system on our Tundra. So if you've got another Toyota truck or a Nissan truck this kit's gonna come with the adapter pieces to allow this to work with that track system, makes the install process very easy and maintains the full weight capacity. And like I mentioned before this is a height adjustable system, so from the top of the bed rail to the top of the crossbar it can be adjusted anywhere from 19 all the way up to 30 inches of height. We've got our set at 25 right now which gives us just enough clearance over the top of the cab.

Now I mentioned weight capacity before and it's tested for on-road or off-road use. So whether you're planning on using this maybe on the job site carrying lumber or ladders or maybe on the recreational side you've got a tent up there or some rooftop accessories, it's going to be able to handle 500 pounds on road or 300 pounds off road. Both of those are pretty solid ratings and the overall construction here is very solid as well. Everything mounts up in a sturdy way with that track system and I'm not worried about it going anywhere whenever we're going down the road. Whenever you are loading up stuff, if you need to utilize tie-downs, there's loops on the inside of the uprights as well as on the ends of your crossbars here.

All metal tie-down points they're very sturdy and gives us plenty of options to secure whatever we put up here. The threaded holes on the sides of the uprights here gives us additional mounting points for extra accessories. Lots of those we offer here on our site so if you're interested in that you can check those out here. For these kits there's something to keep in mind with your crossbar length because there's a couple different options. We have the 60 inch crossbars right now.

You can get this exact same kit with a 68 inch crossbar or a 78 inch crossbar. Whichever one you choose is gonna kind of depend on what you're using this with. For your Tundras, I would maybe go with the 68 or the 78 inch kit. You're gonna get a lot more overhang with those but it's gonna offer you more room for adjustment. You can see with the 60 inch bars that we have on today there's very little overhang and if we we're to lower this down to its lowest height setting I'm not confident that it would work super well or that we'd be able to just given the limited amount of room to actually adjust on this crossbar.

This would work better for a Tacoma or a smaller truck. So it's just something to keep in mind. All the kits are gonna function the exact same way. You just have that different option for the crossbar length depending on what you choose. The ladder rack also locks to the vehicle so no one can mess with it when you're not around. You obviously need the tools to attach it or remove it but you can also lock it up so that these clamps and the bases are locked in place. You've got one of those locks for each of the crossbars making sure that the whole system is secure. As far as mounting different accessories goes you can use the T track on top to slide your accessories in. Just know that you'll have to cut that weather stripping to length if you want to fill in the remaining gaps after you've slid the accessories in. The other option you have is just a standard clamp around accessory. And the good thing about these HD bars is that they're pretty close to a normal size crossbar and most clamp around accessories should work just fine on here. That can't be said for a lot of other HD bars because they get very big and bulky and sometimes they're odd dimensions but these ones are very standard. If you don't wanna leave the ladder rack on all the time it's pretty easy to remove the uprights from the bases. You can just loosen up the bolts on the side. This is the non locking one for this rear crossbar here and once both sides are loosened up enough to let the uprights out, you can just lift it up and away from those bases. So getting it set up is pretty straightforward. Getting it taken off the truck is also very straightforward and then you're just left with the bases mounted to your rails so it's ready to go for next time. You don't have to do any more additional setup besides just dropping it back in, tightening it up and locking it up. Speaking of that setup process, let's walk you through the installation now and we'll also show you how you can make your height adjustments there. Now our truck today has the utility track rails so we're gonna be using the adapter kit that's included in this kit. For that, we need to get it installed first though. We've got this backing plate that the mounts will thread into and to get it installed, we need to remove the end cap from the utility rails just by pushing that tab in and pulling it out and then getting these tie-downs removed if we have them. Now, with this being as long as it is, we're not gonna be able to just fit it in the track because it's coming in at a weird angle. So for our application we've got a T 30 torques bit. We're going to remove the rear three screws. That'll let us flex out the rail just a little bit and get that mounting plate in. (drill whirring) Once that's been removed, we can flex this out just a little bit, enough to let us slide this mounting plate in the track rail and then we can reinstall those screws. Just make sure everything is secured properly. (drill whirring) Now we can set up the bases for the actual uprights of the ladder rack. It's going to have two slotted holes that we will drop our larger bolts in the kit plus these square block washers, drop that into each of the slotted holes and then on the underside there, this is all the pre-assembly we need to do before getting it set up. Take the larger brackets from your adapter kit, drop the threaded bolt down from the top with the teeth facing out towards us and then underneath we'll have this lock nut that we will thread in place. It's kind of awkward to get this done but I found it best to hold the nut up in place and hand tighten it from the top on that bolt. Eventually it'll kind of stop out with it being a lock nut. That's good enough. Repeat that process on the other bolt. Before we get everything set up on top of the bed rail I want to do a little bit of pre-assembly on the screws we'll use to mount that base to that backing plate in the track rail. So this is the assembled finished product. What that's going to consist of is our screw, a lock washer, a flat washer and then the silver plate with the teeth facing up that'll face in towards the other teeth we left facing out and kind of bite in together. Then we can set the base up in place and get these threaded in. Now there's a variety of different holes to choose from on the section with the teeth, not the bottom one, not the one above that, but this middle one right here. That's the one we're gonna be going through for our Tundra today. And if you've got a different truck maybe you've got a Nissan Titan or a Pathfinder and you're watching this video just consult the instructions for which hole that you need to use because this does work for a variety of different trucks. Again, we're just doing this loosely by hand for now and we can make some adjustments once it's all set in place and holding itself up. With everything loosely assembled it should all slide if you kind of grab by these brackets. It all should slide as one singular unit. At this point if you know what accessories you're gonna be using and what you want your crossbar spread to be or roughly the area you're shooting for you can measure between the two bases or between where the crossbars are gonna be. For us today we're not really going for any specific accessory so I'm just gonna generally set mine in place where I think it's going to fit the best and then I'll take a measurement between the two bases and make sure that I match that measurement when I do the other side. We already did our front crossbar and got that one mounted up using the cap as a reference point to make sure it was running perfectly perpendicular to the bed. At this point, when you're happy with it you can just go back through and tighten down all of those bolts that we left loose. With the base solidly in place you can take your upright and slide it into the base. Now in our case, ours isn't loose enough. Just loosen that bolt on the outside that'll allow the base to drop in and then we can just tighten it up with the same tools we've been using so far to make sure that the upright doesn't go anywhere. From here I'm gonna loosen the four screws on the upright to adjust the height. Once I've got it where I want it, I'll tighten it down and repeat all of these steps from the track rail to the mounting plate and the uprights on the other side. The height here is really gonna depend on your application and where you want it. For ours today, I set it at the 25 inch mark. There's markings on the inside of the rail to let you accurately choose your height setting between the different uprights, and again, depending on your application, you might want extra cab clearance. You might not need any cab clearance. It really just depends on what you're using this for but just know that you can change it down the road if you want to. With the uprights firmly in place and set to their proper height, we can get the crossbar in place. To do that, we're gonna have two more plates that need to go in the track on the underside of the crossbar here. To get to that track we have these end caps that are held in place with a small screw within the track. Again, we're using the same tools that are provided in our kit and although this can be a little tricky to get out you can usually get it out just with a fingernail or by flipping it over and then sliding both of these plates into the track. I always like to go just towards the middle and then replace that end cap and bring it to the top of the uprights. So we want the underside of the track face down with those plates facing the uprights and just get it roughly centered. If you look underneath there's gonna be more markings underneath to let you know what measurement you're at. It's pretty hard to see though, honestly and especially in the shop where we're at. I can't actually read the numbers with the light pointing down at me, so I'm just gonna mostly eyeball it and get it roughly in place. You could also, if you wanted to just measure the overhang on both sides to get something a little more accurate. So I found that the next step here, it's useful to just use the tool to guide that plate back and forth. And what you wanna do is just get it lined up. There's two threaded holes in that plate that will align with two non threaded holes in the top of the upright so you can use that tool to poke through, make sure that the threaded holes are aligned and then follow that up with the screws, the lock washer and the flat washer in our kit facing up and threading into that plate to hold the crossbar down in place. Since we did all of our positioning side to side I'm just gonna go ahead and fully tighten these down as I go and we'll repeat all of this on both sides of the crossbar. The final step is to take our locking cores just attach them to the bases. It's important to note there's only two of these bases that have the locking tab so it's a good idea to have one for each crossbar. So we've got one at the front and one at the rear. And that'll do it for our look at the Yakima Overhaul Adjustable Ladder Rack System on our 2022 Toyota Tundra. Overall, I think it's a really solid fit. The look of the ladder rack is just really nice. I think it fits well with the Tundras aesthetic. I personally would go with the 68 or the 78 inch crossbars just to give us more room on the height adjustment but also extra room for accessories. I think overall it would fit a lot better but whichever one you end up going with it's gonna be a very functional and versatile ladder rack. Thanks for watching.

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Customer Reviews

Toyota/Nissan Utility Track Adapter Kit for Yakima OverHaul HD and OutPost HD Truck Racks - Qty 4 - Y01168

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)

Adapter kit lets you install a Yakima OverHaul HD or OutPost HD truck bed ladder rack system on your Toyota or Nissan with factory utility tracks. Includes corrosion-resistant mounting hardware.


To be honest, the delay in getting the parts,due to the supplier being out of stock, etrailer, managed to track down the required parts and I am one happy yakker.Big thanks to all concerned.


Have 2022 Toyota Tundra short bed with a Diamondback SE cover with the Yakima rack installed on the Diamondback cover. I normally take the cover off for summer and lost parts from that adapter kit I purchased last year. So ordered the replacement kit here. Install this on the bed track and everything works fine.


Love purchasing items from etrailer. How to Videos are top notch. Instructions in the kit I bought was different than video. I should have watched video first and I wouldn’t have struggled with the paper instructions.

Will continue to make purchases from etrailer.

Purchased the Tacoma mounting kit for my used Yakima OH Rack. Fits perfect.

Photo is just the cab side on, it looks so cool for now. Lol


The truck rack adapta kit to make my existing Yakima over haul rack fit on my new Tundra arrived ahead of schedule. As soon as I get the pollen washed off my truck, the neighbor is going to help me get the base plates installed. I do not put the towers on until I am about to haul my kayaks as with the towers on, I can not go through the car wash which rather defeats the purpose of an unlimited car wash subscription. LOL.


Easy website to navigate with quick shi pping!


etrailer was great. Good price, fast shipping. Yakima builds solid stuff for sure at a solid But really, why Nissan and Toyota together when I only have one of these trucks.


The product arrived yesterday. It contains very heavy metal parts. Both ends of the box had been torn open and when I lifted the box from the ground, pieces came flying out. I’m surprised there was no tape to hold the seams. My reason for 3 stars is only due to poor shipping prep done by etrailer.


Great customer service and quick shipping on this hard to source product.


This Kit is really easy to install. The hardest part was in loosening the T30 star head bolts on the Tacoma bed track itself. My drill couldn't break open the tight fit. I went to Home Depot and bought a T30 Torx drive bit socket and was able to break them loose by hand with a socket wrench and then finish unscrewing the bolts with a drill and a T30 bit. After that, everything went smoothly. The Yakima videos are really helpful along with the full set of instructions. Oh yes and etrailor is the best!


Purchased for a 2019 Tacoma trd offroad.

Absolutely love the rack system. We also attached a cargo basket up on the crossbars. Very useful, greatly increases our cargo capacity for camping trips.


Solid kit, easy install.

I'm a first
time etrailer customer and I really appreciated the updates on the shipping status provided by etrailer, they even close the loop to ensure it was recieved our item without issues.


I am absolutely delighted with your service. I was unable to find what you supplied from any other source. I don't know how you came up with the product, but the CoVID pandemic pretty much destroyed the normal supply chain. While it took a bit longer for you to find than I would have preferred, you did good! And it turned out you were the only show in town. Thank you!!!


The service I received was great. An etailer rep kept me updated regarding my purchase.


My order arrived before the expected date, always received updates about the status of my order.


these have been out of stock forever. get ‘em while you can!


Worked as advertised. Easy install. As usual, the videos from eTrailer are very helpful.


The shipping information during transit was sketchy.


A fantastic company! Very responsive and professional - highly recommend.


Fit was perfect!


Not only did they have the part I needed. They shipped 3 days fast then estimated. Thank you very much.



Perfect service, wished I’d just used them from the getgo.





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