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Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack Uprights - Aluminum - 500 lbs

Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack Uprights - Aluminum - 500 lbs

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Accessories and Parts Y01152 - Towers - Yakima
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Heavy-duty ladder rack uprights let you mount 2 Yakima HD crossbars to your truck bed. Mid-height uprights provide a sturdy platform. Easy on/off installation to bed rails with BedGrip clamps. Included locks secure uprights to your vehicle. Call 800-298-8924 to order Yakima accessories and parts part number Y01152 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Yakima products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack Uprights - Aluminum - 500 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Heavy-duty ladder rack uprights let you mount 2 Yakima HD crossbars to your truck bed. Mid-height uprights provide a sturdy platform. Easy on/off installation to bed rails with BedGrip clamps. Included locks secure uprights to your vehicle.


  • 4 Heavy-duty ladder rack uprights let you mount 2 Yakima crossbars to your truck bed
    • Pair with 2 Yakima HD crossbars (sold separately) to create a complete truck bed ladder rack
  • Mid-height uprights provide a low center of gravity to ensure a sturdy base
    • Allows for easy access to gear when loading and unloading
  • Channels on inside and outside allow accessories to be mounted directly to the uprights
    • Perfect for Yakima TopGrip paddle holders (Y04086 - sold separately) or similar gear
  • SideBar rails (Y01153 or Y01154 - sold separately) provide more carrying space for off-road accessories
  • Integrated tie-down points make it easy to secure gear
  • QuickChange installation system allows rack to be installed and removed in minutes
    • BedGrip clamps secure to truck bed rails on most common truck beds
    • Bed track kit (Y01168 - sold separately) lets you mount the OutPost to your Nissan or Toyota's utility track system
  • 2 Locking covers with SKS (same key system) locks secure the uprights to your truck
  • Tonneau cover adapter kit (Y01155 - sold separately) lets you use the OutPost with your Retrax XR tonneau cover
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with powder coat is durable and rustproof
  • Signature bottle openers allow you to enjoy a cold one after a long day


  • Weight capacity:
    • On-road: 500 lbs
    • Off-road: 300 lbs
  • Upright height: 13"
  • Dimensions: 16-3/4" long x 16-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" wide
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8001152 Yakima Out Post Heavy Duty Mid Height Truck Bed Ladder Rack Uprights - Aluminum - 500 lbs

Item # Y01152

Installation Details Y01152 Installation instructions

Video of Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack Uprights - Aluminum - 500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Yakima OutPost HD Mid-Height Truck Bed Rack Review

Hey guys, today we're going to take a look at the Yakima Outpost HD mid-height truck bed rack. This rack is going to allow you to get cargo or other accessories on top, over your bed, and create more space on the inside for other luggage or gear. What sets this ladder rack apart for a lot of others is that once you install it the first time, it can be taken off and put back on within minutes. All we've got to do is come to these bolts right here, I'm going to loosen them up, on all four of the outposts. Once you have all four of those bolts loosened, you can literally just pick up the racks, leaving the plates on the side rails, and that's going to give us full access, so we have no height restriction if we want to load anything else up.And you can just leave all four of the base plates installed for those times when you might want to haul some taller items and then reinstall the ladder rack when you're done. Each base plate's going to be held in by two of these under-rail clamps that comes and sits under our rail and comes out and up through here.

We have a bolt that comes through the top of our plate, and once you tighten it down on both sides, it's going to be very sturdy. And also we'll see our lip right here, that holds in our outposts when they're installed. Once we get our outposts down onto the base plates, we just push this in, and it locks down. Then we tighten down this bolt all the way, and then we get our included tool to tighten it down more, and it's going to be locked in. Now the flip backs are going to be taking up a good amount of space on your side rails.

They are going to sit in about 3" from the edge of our side rail. It's also going to be taking up about 1-1/2" on the inside of our truck bed, so just keep that in mind when deciding if you're going to travel with the flip backs still installed.This a fixed height truck bed rack, meaning that we can't adjust it up or down. It's going to sit at about 13" above our truck bed rails. We're also going to have to pick up the HD bars separately, and those are available here at etrailer. And Yakima did this so this you can customize your rack.

You can get the length crossbar that you want.With this system, you are going to have a couple of tiedown points aside from the ones inside your truck bed. We have one on the endcap of our HD bar, and another one on the inside of the outpost along with a bottle opener right under it. You will have both of these tiedown points on all four outposts. We're also going to have a lot of T-tracks to be able to mount a lot of other accessories. We have one on the outside of our post, and we also have one on the inside.

That's going to be on each upright. We're also going to have one on the top of our HD crossbar and one on the bottom. There's a lot of room to put whatever accessories you might want to be hauling.The T-track on the top of the crossbar is going to have a rubber strip that helps cut down the wind noise and drag, so if you ever want to mount something inside the T-track, you just remove the strip and then cut it to length for whatever accessory you might want to be mounting up there, and then reinsert the strip.The rack does have a weight capacity of 500 lbs. but if you are going offroading, it will lower it down to 300 lbs. You just want to keep that in mind. It'll also work great as a platform for the Yakima Skyrise rooftop tent. Just see etrailer. Let's go ahead and unload our rack so we can take a closer look at it while it's empty. It's very durable aluminum construction, with a black powder coat finish. That's going to help resist rust and corrosion, and it also features a limited lifetime warranty. It comes with two locks, one for each setup, so that you can help deter theft from your ladder rack. It's very easy to use, just insert your key, unlock it, and take the lock off. However, if you do have the Retrax XR tonneau cover, you could do away with the foot patch right here. And you could purchase an adapter kit sold separately here at etrailer, to attach this post directly to the T-slot on the side rail of your Retrax. Just see etrailer for that adapter kit.Now that I've gone over all those features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Before we get it installed, I just want to show you everything that's going to come in your kit. You've going to have the proper tools and all the hardware to get it all installed without having to go to your toolbox. One quick note, we already went over this, but you want to make sure that you get one of these locking plates for each setup, meaning you want to put one towards the cab, and one towards the tailgate to make sure you can lock both ladder racks down. And also you want to make sure that these elongated holes are all in the corners of your truck bed. It's going to allow you to get your ladder into the farthest corner you can get it of your truck bed, because you'll have that adjustability. When installing your plates, you want to make sure that you get your square washer, the thick one, put it on the bolt, and the bolt goes through, down in the channel, right there.Then your hook comes up once you have the plate on the side rail, and it threads onto the bolt. You can see it has a J-hook right here. What should happen is this part's going to stay on the inside of your truck bed, while this side comes up and under your side rail. Now we've gone ahead and measured out from the stake pocket just as a reference point. You want to make sure you get the same measurement on the driver's side that you get on the passenger side for both setups. Now what we're going to do is we're going to grab one of our bolts. Just stick it through. And you see where we have the elongated hole towards the corner. We're going to grab this hook, and it has a nice rubber coating on the top, so it's not going to harm or damage our truck bed. It's going to come up under our side rail, and now we're just going to thread it onto that hook.Once you get both hooks just hand tightened, you also want to make sure that you're not running into any obstacles on the underside of your bed rail. If you do run into anything, you can just adjust the hook inside the track right there. Once you get it making solid contact with the under side rail, like I said, get it as tightened as you can with your hand, and then we'll grab our included tool, tighten it down the rest of the way. While you're doing this, you want to make sure you're pushing the plate up against the side rail, to make sure you can get this as flush as you can with the side rail. Doesn't have to be too tight, just snug. And then you repeat this process for the other three plates.Right here I want to explain why this elongated hole is pretty useful. You can see in our truck bed right here, we have this bowed outside, so we wouldn't be able to get a clamp up and in there. But we can still get our ladder rack all the way to the front with that elongated hole. We can just slide the clamp over here, and then it has space to come up and under. But because we want to get certain accessories up there, we're going to go ahead and scoot it this way. We already have it measured out for what we want. So just for our reference point again, we're going to go from the bulkhead to the edge of our pack. Once we have that, we'll repeat this process with the bolts and the hooks.Now we can get our outposts in place. You do want to make sure you have them in the correct orientation, so for the two that are towards the tailgate, you want to make sure that the support post is towards the tailgate and at the front you want to make sure that the support post is on the opposite side towards the cab. Now as you saw when I put it in, you just put that outside in, and then it sits right down, and we're just going to push that clamp up, hand tighten this bolt, and then we'll take our included tool, tighten it down all the way. Again, with all the tightening down that goes on, you just want to make sure it's snug, don't over-tighten it at all.Now that we have the base plates and the outposts installed correctly, we're want to repeat this whole process for the other side. Before we put our HD bars on, we need to get our two brackets into the T-slot right there. To do that we need to take off the endcap. We'll take this included tool that comes with your HD bar, take that bolt all the way off. Reach in there and pull the bolt out. In some cases it might be easier just to turn it over, the bolt falls out. Now we'll pull the endcap off, and we're going to slide the first one in. This one's got to go all the way to the other side, so just push all the way over. And then the second one is just going to sit on this side. We'll put the endcap back on along with the screw. Now it's good and ready to get on top of our outpost.The bracket piece is going to sit right on top of the outpost right here, those two little holes. So your screws can come up from the underside. In my opinion, the easiest way, I'm pinching the bracket inside the track and I'm pushing it in place and setting it down. If your bracket isn't quite lined up, you can just take any type of small tool like this and push it until it hits that stop on the other side. Now it's going to help with being lined up correctly to insert our hardware. We have a bolt right here, we want to make sure we get a lock washer, then a flat washer. We'll come up, begin to thread it with our fingers. Just get it hand tight for now. Then we'll do the same for the other bolt. Now because it's in a tight spot, if you need to, you can get your included tool so that you can get some leverage if your fingers can't quite fit, and tighten it down that way. Get it threaded this way.Before we tighten down your bars, you want to make sure your crossbar overhang is the same on each side. To do that, you can just use the measuring tape that Yakima engraved on the underside of the HD bar. You just want to make sure the same measurement up to the edge of the outpost on both sides, and that'll give you a correct crossbar overhang. Then tighten them both down. Once you've completed this, just repeat this process for the other side. Now all we've got to do is put our locks on. Pretty easy. Just insert in onto the notch, lock it up, and you're good. Now you're ready to load up your favorite accessories and then hit the road.That's going to complete our look at the Yakima Outpost HD mid-height truck bed rack.


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