Replaces a damaged fan motor on your RV range hood or roof vent. If replacing an older model motor, a new fan blade (sold separately) is also required. Fits Ventline P, S0721, B, and T Series range hoods and Ventadome or Vanair roof vents. Call 800-298-8924 to order Ventline accessories and parts part number BVD0218-00 or order online at Free expert support on all Ventline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement 12V DC Motor for Ventline, Ventadome, and Vanair Fans. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Replacement 12V DC Motor for Ventline, Ventadome, and Vanair Fans

Item # BVD0218-00

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Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part

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Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part

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Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part
Ventline Accessories and Part


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  • Roof Vent
  • Ventline

Ventline Accessories and Parts - BVD0218-00

Replaces a damaged fan motor on your RV range hood or roof vent. If replacing an older model motor, a new fan blade (sold separately) is also required. Fits Ventline P, S0721, B, and T Series range hoods and Ventadome or Vanair roof vents.


  • Replaces 12V DC fan motor for your RV range hood or roof vent
  • Fits:
    • Ventline P, S0721, B, and T Series range hoods
    • Ventadome or Vanair roof vents
  • Includes wiring and mounting hardware


  • Motor length: 1-1/2"
  • Motor output: 1.2 amps at 13.6 volts DC

This fan motor can replace older, obsolete motors. However, older fan blades won't fit on the new motor; so, if you are replacing an older motor, you should order a new, compatible fan blade with your replacement motor. To determine whether you have an old or new motor, measure the length of the motor from end to end (excluding shafts and mounting hardware, measuring just the case.) If the motor measures 2", it is an older motor, and the fan blade should be replaced with the motor. A new motor measures 1-1/2" in length.

The following diagram shows the placement of the motor in Ventline roof vent model V2119:

diagram of placement of vent motor

The following diagram shows the placement of the motor in Ventline roof vent model VP-543:

diagram of placement of vent motor

BVD0218-00 Vent Line Replacement Kitchen Hood or Roof Vent 12V DC Fan Motor

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Video of Replacement 12V DC Motor for Ventline, Ventadome, and Vanair Fans

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Ventline Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the vent line replacement 12-volt D/C fan motor. Part number BBD0218-00. To help us out with our install, we're going to be using a female spade terminal connector, part number DW01899-1. This is going to be a direct replacement for the fan motor on your Ventline Ventadome, and Vanair roof vents. Model numbers V2094, V2119, and finally VP-143. Over time, fan motors can burn out.

This will allow you to replace the van motor without replacing the whole assembly. If you're replacing an older model fan motor, you may need to pick up a new fan. You can find that with part number BVD0215-00. It's a one-point-two amp, 13.6 volt D/C motor, and it runs off your RV's power. I've got a vent assembly here today. We'll go ahead and show you how to replace the van motor.

All you're going to need is a Philip's head screwdriver, and some crimpers. Inside your RV, all you need to do is remove your screen, we've got these little tabs that we can push out on, and it just pops up. We'll set that aside. Then, we can just pull off the fan. It's pressure-fit, so you may have to give it a good tug. It can help to maneuver it back and forth as you're pulling on it, then it just pops off.

Then we can just remove the two screws holding our motor in place. Then, we can remove the motor from the mount. We'll bring it around and turn it over, and then disconnect our wires. Now, you may or may not need to replace your wires, but if you do, the kit comes with two. On one end, we've got three sauntered spade terminals that connect to your motor. On the other end, the black wire, you'll need to provide your own female spade terminal.

To replace the wires, you can either leave this tray assembly in place, or you can take it off, which will make it a lot easier. If you end up taking it off, you'll need your Philip's head screwdriver. Let's go ahead and take that knob on off. With it loose, just pull up, set that aside. For our tray here on each one of these ends, all we have to do is kind of squeeze it together and it pops right off. We've got some teeth that it connects to on either side, and we can simply turn it over and it's a lot easier to work with. Now, for our switch, one wire will be connected to our RV's power. The other wire is the one that runs to the motor. This is the one that you'll need to replace. Add on the new spade terminal, crimp it down, and then reconnect it. The white wire is run to the ground in our RV. You might have to disconnect it to replace it. Now, let's put the motor back in. Now, if your model is a little bit different than ours, it comes with a mounting plate and some hardware, but we won't be needing that. We'll just take our new motor, then we'll want to connect our wires. It's got a red dot here for the power side, which is going to be our black. Clip It on, like so, and then we'll do the same for our ground. Then, we can take the motor, we'll line it up with the holes here. Then, we can either reinstall our old screws if they fit, or take our new screws and put those in. Now we can reinstall our fan. Now, the fan just simply pushes in place. Before we install our screen, it's a good idea to test it out. Works great! With our screen back in lace, we're all set. That's going to complete our look at the Ventline replacement 12-volt D/C fan motor. Part number BVD0218-00.

Customer Reviews

Replacement 12V DC Motor for Ventline, Ventadome, and Vanair Fans - BVD0218-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (180 Customer Reviews)

Replaces a damaged fan motor on your RV range hood or roof vent. If replacing an older model motor, a new fan blade (sold separately) is also required. Fits Ventline P, S0721, B, and T Series range hoods and Ventadome or Vanair roof vents.
- BVD0218-00

by: James10/01/2015 has the fan motor and fan blade that local retailers do not, and they provide excellent support which, in this case, was crucial. They looked at the photos I sent of the old motor and disintegrated fan from my 30-year-old1985 Lance Model 300 8'6" camper and decided the BVD0218 motor and BVD0215 fan would work; we could not ID the old motor manufacturer, so it was anybody's guess - my old motor may have been for a Jenson, but the replacement cost twice as much, expensive for potluck. The parts arrived lickety-split and I was able to find instructions for the install (I know nothing about electrical); the template was a brain-teaser until I came upon an explanation of how to screw the template into the old motor's holes and drill through the template's new holes. In all it took about 2½ hours including set-up and clean-up mostly because the mounting bracket from the old motor did not work with the new motor. When the template was placed over the old bracket to show where to drill the new holes, the template's new screw holes were in the middle of a large opening in the middle of the old bracket – sucking air. Rather than make an entirely new bracket I opted for modifying the old bracket by grinding into the back of the opening far enough to accommodate the much smaller new motor and have metal on each side for the new screw holes (see diagram). That done we replaced the wires leading from the old motor with the wires from the new motor using crimp connectors and turned on the switch – the new motor ran just fine (the crimp connectors were something of a small adventure as we do not have a crimping tool; had to use ordinary pliers, place a wire between the cutting edges at the bottom of the pliers jaw and squeeze just so much – too much and we’d cut through the connector, which we did once). Attached the fan and reassembled the vent and tested again and then cleaned up everything. Can’t imagine how the work would have gone if some hired handyman had done it. After it was all over we were feeling pretty chipper for a while, having installed my very first (and hopefully last) electric exhaust fan. The first photo illustrates the juxtaposition of the old bracket and the template. The next photo is of the instructions from Ventline I downloaded from The last two photos are of the old motor and fan. 228709


Fan motor still quietly humming along. Looks like eTrailers sold a lot more of them since I posted in 2015.

James - 09/30/2016

- BVD0218-00

by: Charles C09/20/2013

The kit had been opened and resealed with tape but all parts were inside. I had talked with Ventline about buying my 5th wheel new in 2007 and the fan blade had deteriorated. They told me I needed the new BVD0218-00 motor and BVD0215-00 fan blade. Turns out the motor in the RV was BVD0218-00 and only needed a replacement fan blade. I should have taken the motor off and looked at it to begin with. I now have a spare motor should I need it in the future. 100752


Thank you Patrick, my exhaust fan is humming right along. I have bookmarked for future use.

Charles C - 10/08/2014

- BVD0218-00

by: Gatos407/14/2016

We ordered 3 vent fan blades, 2 fan switches, and 3 fan motors for our travel trailer. One set was to replace an existing vent fan motor and blades. The repair was straightforward and required no additional parts. The other two sets (blades, switch, and motor) were new installation in existing vents in a 2005 camper. We were happy to be able to find parts at that would fit the crossbars and vent screens currently in place so that we didn't have to change those out. We did have to go to an automotive supply store for wire connectors so that we could connect the new fans to the wiring in the ceiling. Our only concern is that the new motors attach to the mounting bracket with only one screw, and then the bracket attaches to the crossbar with only one screw. On the fan where we replaced parts, both the motor and the bracket are attached with two screws. We hope that the new fans will help us manage the interior temperature of the camper more easily. 271770

- BVD0218-00

by: Steve L.08/18/2015

product assistance through Michael H. was excellent. He answered all my questions which ensured that I ordered the correct replacement parts. Products were as advertised with clear instructions and was very easy to install. This was my first experience with Etrailer and am impressed with service,product and shipping. 220055


I have purchased several items from E trailer and have been PLEASED with them all.You have good service and tech assistance when necessary.

Steve L - 08/23/2016

- BVD0218-00

by: Jim C.06/19/2017

I ordered this fan motor for my 5th Wheel bathroom fan and when I received it the package was open and it looked like it was used. I called and asked for a new unopened item and stated my case also sent a pic of the one they sent. The 1st person I talked with asked for more pics ,???, you can only take so many pics of a 2 inch by 1 inch motor. Then after I pointed that out they evidently passed the issue off to a tech to see if they thought it looked used. COME ON. It was an open package and the motor was all shiny on one end and all scratched up on the other. I had to call again to ask for a new unopened item this time the Rep I talked to sent one out and sent a prepaid label to send the other one back. So I get this second item and it is OPEN package with the motor in nearly the same condition as the last one. I said Heck with it, I installed it anyway but will not do business here again. 396245

- BVD0218-00

by: Daniel Z08/05/2014

Great Quality Great instructions Great SUPER FAST Shipping!! Easy to Install!!! Thank YOU!!! 144426



Daniel Z - 08/05/2015

- BVD0218-00

by: Dave09/22/2015

This motor, fan, and wire assembly fit exactly as the original and was easy to replace. exactly as described. 227000


so far it has operated flawlessly. I do run it on an auto control so it gets a workout and has worked with no problems.

Dave - 09/21/2016

- BVD0218-00

by: uglifish07/02/2014

This motor fit perfectly in my shower exhaust fan and installation was a snap. 138786


It stopped working and I had to replace it. It should have lasted longer than a couple of months.

uglifish - 07/03/2015

- BVD0218-00

by: Luis D.07/09/2014

product was easy to replace and every think fit like a glove. etrailer was fast and efficient. 140336


The fan is still working flawlessly and I use it every day

Luis D - 07/09/2015

- BVD0218-00

by: Domenic M.10/21/2016

The bathroom exhaust stopped working on our RV last time out so I ordered a new motor (and fan since I damaged it during disassembly). The motor (and fan) is a perfect fit, order was received when promised and best price! (Nearly $50 locally vs $XX... delivered) Only complaint is there was an excessive amount of room in the box with very little "stuffing" and the motor tore loose from the package inside the box. Very minor issue since the product was not damaged but I believe it was luck that prevented the motor from damaging the (plastic) fan. With more secure packing for shipping, I would definitely give 5 stars, thanks etrailer. 309484

- BVD0218-00

by: Dave W10/08/2016

I wanted a vent fan for my small RV bathroom, but didn't want to compromise the currently waterproof seal of the existing roof vent. So, I bought these pieces and made up a new plate to mount the motor to the existing metal crosspiece. I got power from the nearby ceiling light and mounted a pull chain switch in the ceiling. Not the easiest job in the world, but it beat tearing the old vent off the roof. Re: the components - I only used the motor and wiring harness. The motor is surprisingly powerful, given its size and does a nice job spinning the fan blade. I think it will move quite a bit of air. 304621

- BVD0218-00

by: ken06/24/2015

the motor was the exact replacement,and all i had to do was install two new screws 206936


working great ,no problems

ken - 06/23/2016

- BVD0218-00

by: PAUL09/01/2015




PAUL - 10/02/2016

- BVD0218-00

by: Bounder05/03/2015

Fan blade and motor were as described and delivered in a timely manner. The only problem I had was that as part of replacing an older motor, it was necessary to use a supplied template to drill new holes for the new motor. This template was supposed to come with 'thread cutting' screws that were to be used to attach the template to the existing motor frame in order to facilitate the drilling. The screws supplied were not 'thread cutting', and were useless. Fortunately, I had some good quality screws of my own, and using these, the job was complete in less than a half hour. 189534

- BVD0218-00

by: Kevin K.10/31/2013

I am surprised by how much smaller this motor is than the one it is replacing. It makes me wonder about its durability. We'll see. The old motor lasted 14 years. The template provided made installation easy, though if I had followed the directions rigidly, the final drilled 1/8" diameter holes would have penetrated the inner diameter of the mount bracket on my vent, requiring re-fabrication of the bracket. As it was, the 3/32" diameter pilot holes were sufficient for mounting the new motor. All's well that ends well. 105918

- BVD0218-00

by: Matt H10/20/2014

I have to say, I was skeptical about ordering something online because I usually just go to the local RV store and get what I need there. That being said, parts like a fan motor they would have to order anyway so I took a chance and ordered it myself from e trailer and was pleasantly surprised !! The saleslady was extremely helpful, and very thorough as there are 6 different motors for my fan. In the end I got the right fan motor and had a great experience and I would definitely order from them again. 156976

- BVD0218-00

by: Ed P.08/13/2012

The picture of the motor and componets is correctly displayed as to what I received. At first I thought the metal plate was for a different mounting bracket as the mounting holes are spaced different for the replacement motor. This could not work as there is no hole for the motor shaft so I figured that the plate is for a hole drilling template to be able to properly drill two small holes in the vent cross bracket for attaching the new motor. I'm not sure what the extra screws were for. 51526

- BVD0218-00

by: Allen S.07/24/2016

The original bathroom vent fan in my new to me 1994 Jayco 224SL had been working fine until one day when I turned it on and the fan blades self destructed and pieces went everywhere. The old fans have changed and I needed both a motor and new blades. This motor assembly and the BVD0215-00 replacement fan blade were easy to install. The price was right and everything arrived quickly. I also ordered two new roof vent covers (BV0554-01) to replace the originals that were brittle. 275771

- BVD0218-00

by: MikeD06/20/2017

My 2016 Adventurer truck camper bathroom vent had no model number, just the manufacturer: Dexter Axle/VentLine. But etrailer had pictures that perfectly matched the vent, so I was pretty confident this was the right replacement. And so it was. Once again, etrailer's extra information paid off. This replacement was about 30 minutes work, one phillips screwdriver, it just plugged into existing wiring, and my RV's bathroom vent fan was working once again. 396847

- BVD0218-00

by: Mike G.05/03/2014

Tried to get the fan motor locally but no one had it and could not order it. They tried to sell me a larger motor that would require me to modify the fan. I googled the part number and found it at The price was excellent so I ordered it. My order was processed quickly and I received it within a week. I just installed it today and the fan works great again. I will use again and will recommend them to my friends. 128708

- BVD0218-00

by: Marc G04/30/2017

3rd order in 3 weeks and all have come quickly and we're correct; haven't put the spare tire cover on yet but should be as described; the fan motor in the order was simple to install and worked well; somewhat concerned with a single screw mounting set up opposed to the two screw mounting of the older motor that was removed but it seemed to mount snugly enough; time will tell; the replacement fan blade presses right on and worked well. 375353

- BVD0218-00

by: Larry H02/25/2017

the product came exactly as ordered along with a short video via email on how to install the fan motor the service person I was in contact with by the name of Jennifer was terrific very helpful in completing the order with me she was knowledgable professional and a great asset to will certainly purchase any products from etrailer again thankyou to all etrailer staff for the great service you provided Larry H 345905

- BVD0218-00

by: Jim Sherrow07/09/2014

It was the exact replacement motor for stove exhaust hood. I had trouble finding a replacement until I found etrailer on the web. The price was also much less than I thought it would be. I have replaced this motor once before from an RV parts store in Florida and the etrailer motor was half the price. And the delivery time was fast. I will use them in future when I need a part. I am very pleased with etrailer. 140220

- BVD0218-00

by: Ron P11/22/2016

I ordered this item to replace the motor on my bathroom exhaust fan in my 2012 open range travel trailer. I ordered the motor from etrailer because of their excellent service in the past and pricing I received the motor in record time. It was exact replacement and took only about 10 minutes to complete the job thanks to etrailer for their excellent customer service. AAA plus company 318891

- BVD0218-00

by: Eric P08/28/2016

Not only was the page easy to find in a Google search. The product I needed was found without a bunch of bouncing around. I ordered the motor and left on a short 4 day vacation. The motor was in my mailbox when I returned and it fit perfectly in place. Highly recommend etrailer to any who need RV parts. I will be using them for any need I have. 288579

- BVD0218-00

by: John W.03/17/2015

Mini motor installed exactly as described, hopefully it doesn't burn out as the $6 Radio Shack motor did, in a week. Delivered quickly even though I opted for the cheapest delivery method, which I presume was USPS because I couldn't track it as indicated in the etrailer email I received to let me know that it had shipped. Thanks for the product! 179192

- BVD0218-00

by: Jaybee12/12/2013

I ordered this motor and fan to install in the bathroom of my RV. This motor is much smaller than the one I replaced. It runs quieter and seems just as powerful as the old outdated one. Motor and fan were easy to install thanks to the excellent communication and instructions provided by etrailer. The included template was a tremendous help. 110049

- BVD0218-00

by: Daniel Greenwood06/09/2015

I received my bathroom overhead fan motor the other day and installed it, works great! I was worried it would not be the correct one as the motor had an updated part number but it was fine. First time dealing with is a homerun for me! Thank you!!! 201912


Did you install from the exterior of the trailer or from the inside? Thanks, Bill

-- comment by: Bill - 12/27/2015

- BVD0218-00

by: king cadillac12/27/2011

Had to relace fan motor for an RV. Fan assy. no longer available. Ordered the fan motor and blade and rebuit the assy. I had. Fit great ! 28754

- BVD0218-00

by: Ken H.08/29/2013

Received the motor a day before it was projected to arrive! It was a perfect match to the 10 year old motor I replaced. Installation was a breeze; the screw holes matched up perfectly. Had the old one out and the new one in in less than 15 minutes. I highly recommend this motor for all Ventline Vent motor replacement projects. 97586

- BVD0218-00

by: Phil M.09/13/2013

I have an older model Ventadome so needed to use the "drilling template". The hole orientation for the new motor mounting places one hole half into the shaft opening. It worked out OK but would have better if the template holes had been rotated slightly. Other than that, install was a snap and runs very quiet. Pleased overall. 99870

- BVD0218-00

by: JW03/23/2017

I ordered this, the Ventline replacement fan blades, and Ventline old style roof vent for my latest travel trailer. I put the exact same parts on my previous trailer two years ago and everything worked perfectly. That is until the flood. Etrailer had the best prices two years ago and still does. Shipping is still fast. Thanks. 357704

- BVD0218-00

by: Turlock2A06/04/2015

Perfect! I finally got the right product, because of eTrailers superior description, measurements and pictures. Got the wrong size from another website and the run-around from Camping World. I installed the fan motor and blade today and they work great! I'll be buying from eTrailer every time I need RV parts! 200558

- BVD0218-00

by: Mike05/19/2014

My son installed this from the top side since he is lighter on a 1995 Dutchman classic 30 w/ ventline. We had to drill a motor shaft hole in the mounting bracket and replace the ends since the wiring did not match the existing blades. Motor runs quiet and new fan blade works well on it. Verdict: works but needs mods. 131178

- BVD0218-00

by: Cecil05/26/2017

I ordered this motor as a replacement for the original that lasted about two years running at least eight hours a day to cool the inside of my van. This was a direct replacement and has been working fine for a year now. I've always had good service with etrailer and will continue to do business with them in the future. 385200

- BVD0218-00

by: Sue R.08/29/2016

We haven't tried to install this fan motor yet. But it looks like it has all the parts necessary and appears to be identical to the fan we are replacing. If we have any trouble, we're sure we can rely on etrailer to assist us. I see the instructions are posted below this review, so thank you in advance for that. 288905

- BVD0218-00

by: Blake11/09/2016

The fan motor I bought was an exact match for the one I replaced. It went in easily and works perfectly 315117

- BVD0218-00

by: John P.06/13/2012

Thank you very much for the prompt service, The product fit and work great. It was the most pleasure doing business with your company, and the friendly and concern person I spoke with, and was able to understand that person. I would definitely recommend you product and your company. John P. 43958

- BVD0218-00

by: Ken E.04/21/2017

Motor works fine. The only minor adjustments I had to make were drilling new mtg holes. 370621

- BVD0218-00

by: Thurman A.01/31/2017

After I figured out the instructions it was a piece of cake to install and works great. I didn't think the template for drilling the new mounting holes was clear and I saw other reviewers that were more confused than I. Once I figured it out it was obvious and worked like a charm. 337174

- BVD0218-00

by: Steve L05/12/2011

Website was user friendly and easy to use. Parts were correct and good quality. All though there was a delay in shipment from the factory I was kept informed by etrailer and they expedited shipment to me as soon as they received the parts. I would not hesitate to use them again. 13686

- BVD0218-00

by: Dave D07/03/2017

product arrived quickly installed quickly works great. easy on my wallet 401316

- BVD0218-00

by: Chris10/03/2014

We needed a couple of replacement skylight/vents. etrailer provided detailed product information allowing us to select the correct replacement. The customer service agent was excellent to work with and understood exactly what we needed. Etrailer, you did a great job. 154325

- BVD0218-00

by: Lee C.03/30/2017

It was so easy to find the exact item I needed on your web site, customer service was great, and follow up on the order was nice as well. Will be back for sure the next time I need something and standard shipping was very fast!!! Keep up the good work. 360576

- BVD0218-00

by: Jim06/12/2016

I can't I placed my order on a Sunday morning, and by Sunday afternoon it was on it's way!!! What an incredible turn around. My order was small and cheap, but important to me nonetheless. I never missed a beat thanks to their fast service. Thanks! 260703

- BVD0218-00

by: Ed10/21/2013

Though it looked the same as i wanted to replace, it was smaller and did not fit. Had the web site shown several similar motors I would have been able to make a better decession which to buy. Thank you for fast processing and great service. 104592

- BVD0218-00

by: Johnny B.04/17/2017

Had to order this along with the replacement fan blade for my bathroom because old motor was incompatible with the new blade. Was easy to setup and worked fine after install. Doesn't create a whole lot of noise either which works for me 368765

- BVD0218-00

by: Jack04/27/2016

Product worked as advertised in small area used the template that was provided to drill new holes for the new motor. Installed the fan that I bought to go with it as advertised and it worked great. I put it in in the bathroom ceiling vent. 247145

- BVD0218-00

by: Tony C.03/31/2017

I ordered replacement parts for bathroom vent fan. The website was easy to use. Order process was efficient and good communication during the shipping process. I received the parts and they were the exact parts. Installation took 15min. 360947

- BVD0218-00

by: Bob K.03/17/2015

You have never failed to have even the most offbeat parts that I'm looking for! You're my go-to company and it saves me a lot of time browsing the web. Fast service and very competitive pricing too. Thanks, George and company! 179111

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Ask the Experts about this Ventline Accessories and Parts

  • Replacement Fan Recommendation for RV Bathroom Vent
  • I am impressed with all of the information you gave me. We don't always get such thorough questions. But to answer your question, yes, the part # BVD0215-00 would be the correct replacement fan for your RV vent. Had you needed the motor as well you would want the part # BVD0218-00.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Switch and Fan Blade for the Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor
  • The switch is not included with the replacement fan motor # BVD0218-00. You can use switch # BL0108-00. For a fan blade there are 2 options that fit the motor depending on the type you need. First we have the replacement fan for Ventline Ventadome vents, # BVD0215-00. And we have the replacement for Vanair vents, # BVD0217-00.
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  • Installing the Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00
  • The Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00, is a replacement for specific Ventline Ventadome or Vanair RV roof vents. The specific model numbers are V2094, V2119 and VP-543. If you have a different model this motor will not be compatible. The rectangular metal piece you see in the pictures is actually a drill template for the existing motor mounting bracket because the holes needed by the old motor will not match up with ones needed by the new motor. I have included a link...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Push Button Switch for a Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent
  • Thanks for sending us a picture! You can order the push button switch the same way you bought your replacement fan. The push button switch you need is part # BV0199-03. This switch will control your fan motor # BVD0215-00 you recently purchased. The replacement 12V fan motor part # BVD0218-00 you referenced will work with multiple Ventline Ventadome and Vanair roof vent models. Part # V2094SP-28 and # VP-543SP just to name a few. It will also work with Ventline Ventadome part numbers...
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  • Fan Motor Stopped Working on Ventline Trailer Roof Vent Fan
  • I spoke with my contact at Ventline about the play in your fan's motor. He is unsure what caused the play, and he said that the motor cannot be fixed. To replace the motor in a Ventline Ventadome or Vanair roof vent, you will want to use the Ventline Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor # BVD0218-00.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Ventline Powered Vent Motor Stopped Working After 9 Months
  • First you have to make sure you are using the right motor for the vent in your RV. There are various motors and using the wrong one might be the issue. For example, motor # BVD0218-00 works with Ventline Ventadome and Vanair roof vent models V2094, V2119 and VP-543. It produces 1.2 amps at 13.6 volts DC power. If you have a larger Northern Breeze vent with a single speed it would use motor # VD0337-00. For variable speed Northern Breeze vents you would use # VD0337-01. Also make sure...
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  • Can a Fan be Installed in a Roof Vent that Does Not Have a Fan
  • All of the fans and fan motors that we offer are replacement items for roof vents that came with fans. The replacement motor that you referenced is an older style motor that was designed to fit Elixir, Jensen, Hengs or Ventline Power Vents. At this time we do not have a compatible replacement fan. If the roof vent in your trailer did not come with a fan, then you may be able to add a fan, but you will likely have to fabricate a mount for the fan in the vent. You will also want to make...
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  • Ventline Blade Replacement Recommendation for a V2094 Roof Vent
  • The replacement fan blade for a Ventline Roof Vent V2094 is the part # BVD0215-00 as long as it's the newer style vent. This fan blade won't fit older, obsolete motors. If your Ventline roof vent has an older motor, it will have to be replaced along with the fan blade. To determine whether you have an old or new motor, measure the length of the motor from end to end (excluding shafts and mounting hardware, measuring just the case.) If the motor measures 2", it is an older motor and should...
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  • Replacement Fan Blade For Ventline Ventadome Roof Vent On 1986 Airstream 345 Classic Motorhome
  • We do carry a couple replacement fan blades for Ventline Ventadomes. The first fan blade I recommend is part # BVC0466. This is designed to fit 12V Ventadomes with a .125 inch diameter shaft. This fan blade measures 6 inch diameter. The other fan blade we offer is part # BVD0215-00. This fan blade is designed to fit newer Ventadome roof vents like part # V2119-603-00 and part # V2094SP-28.
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  • Availability of Ventadome Replacement Fan Blades For a Trailer Vent with Electric Fan
  • We currently offer 2 replacement trailer fan vent blades. First is the Replacement Fan Blade for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vents, # BVD0215-00. It is designed to work with Ventline Ventadome roof vent models V2094 and V2119 (newer models only). It is compatible with Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor for Ventline Ventadome and Vanair Trailer Roof Vents, # BVD0218-00, that you have referenced. The second is Replacement Fan Blade for Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent, # BVD0217-00,...
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  • Replacement Range Hood Vent Motor for PH-4
  • For the P series of range hoods the replacement motor is supposed to be the part # BVD0218-00. But based on what you said yours looks like you most likely need the part # BVD0278-00. The replacement switch would then be the part # BL0108-02.
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  • Replacement RV Fan Motor Recommendation for Motor with MC385MG VD218 Written On It
  • Motor # BVD0218-00 would be the correct replacement for what you have. The motor comes with new wires, a bracket, and hardware. If you needed the fan blade you would also want the part # BVD0215-00 and for the switch part # BL0108-00.
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  • Replacement Ventline Vent Motor and Fan Blade for 12 Volt Powered Trailer Vent
  • Based on the numbers provided and the description of the parts fan motor # BVD0218-00 is the correct replacement motor. The numbers you see on this fan are different because Ventline updated the motor but it still fits the same vents as the old motor. And for the 6-blade fan use # BVD0215-00.
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  • Replacement Roof Vent V2094 Motor Recommendation
  • The correct replacement motor you would need for your V2094 Vent is the part # BVD0218-00. It sounds like you have the older version of this vent so you would also need to upgrade the fan blade as well with part # BVD0215-00.
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  • Replacement Roof Vent Motor Recommendation Marked 13.6 Volt 1.2 Amp
  • Motor # BVD0218-00 would be the correct replacement for what you have. The motor comes with new wires, a bracket, and hardware.
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  • Availability of Replacement Motor for Ventline Vanair # VP-543SP Powered Roof Vent
  • If the part number of your Vanair vent is # VP-543SP, we do indeed have a replacement fan motor, part # BVD0218-00. You can see current pricing by clicking the provided link.
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  • Replacement Cover And Motor For Ventline VP Vent Fan On 1992 Airstream
  • We offer one round vent, part # VP-543SP for a camper. The opening for this vent is 6-1/4 inches. The replacement lid for this vent is part # BVA0502-03, and the replacement motor kit that is designed to fit Ventadome or Vanair roof vents is part # BVD0218-00.
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  • Replacement Venline V2094 Fan Blade Recommendation
  • The replacement fan blade for a Ventline Roof Vent V2094 is the part # BVD0215-00 as long as it's the newer style vent. This fan blade won't fit older, obsolete motors. If your Ventline roof vent has an older motor, it will have to be replaced along with the fan blade. To determine whether you have an old or new motor, measure the length of the motor from end to end (excluding shafts and mounting hardware, measuring just the case.) If the motor measures 2", it is an older motor and...
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  • Recommended CSA Approved Replacement Motor For Ventline 12-Volt Roof Vent
  • We have just what you are looking for. The diode you found is actually a thermal coupler that is requires for vent fans used in Canada. The replacement motor with the coupler you need is part # BVD0218-00C. For fans that do not have to be CSA approved the replacment motor is part # BVD0218-00.
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  • How to Replace Electric Motor In a Ventline Roof Vent
  • You will likely need access to the top of the vent to replace the motor on your Ventline roof vent. This means you will have to carefully get to the roof of the trailer for access. After that it is just a matter of taking out the pieces in the way, including the fan blade, removing the motor and putting the new one in its place. After you have made the necessary electrical connections you would just need to reverse the process to put it all back together. I have included a picture that...
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  • Replacement Motor Options for Bathroom Vent in a 2005 Dutchmen Trailer
  • Without knowing more information on what vent you have in the bathroom of your 2005 Dutchmen trailer it would be pretty hard for me to determine what would be the correct replacement motor you would need. I attached a link to the right that has all of the replacement motors we offer. See if you can find a brand on the vent and maybe get a look at the motor and then check out the link to see if we have what you would need.
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  • Replacement Vent Cover, Motor, and Van Blade for Ventline Vent V2094 in a 1995 Holiday Rambler
  • It looks like your Ventline vent is the old version of V2094. For a replacement blade you will need # BVD0215-00. But this blade will not fit the old motor so the motor will also need to be replaced with # BVD0218-00. For a cover you can use # BV0554-01 if the vent was made before 2008 (which your should be since it is for a 1995 Holiday Rambler) or # BVD0449-A01 for a wedge style.
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  • Replacement Ceiling Fan Motor Recommendation for Roof Vent of 2013 Lance Truck Camper
  • Based on the numbers provided and the description of the parts fan motor # BVD0218-00 is the correct replacement motor. The numbers you see on this fan are different because Ventline updated the motor but it still fits the same vents as the old motor. And for the 6-blade fan use # BVD0215-00.
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  • Replacement Trailer Vent Fan, Motor, and Switch
  • Motor # BVD0218-00 should be the correct replacement. The motor comes with new wires, a bracket, and hardware. The screws that hold the motor to its bracket can be accessed by removing the fan blade. It should just pull off of the motor shaft. You would have to also remove the screen. To remove the screen you may have to remove the ceiling garnish and frame from the inside. It appears you need fan blade # BVD0215-00. For a switch you can use # BL0108-00.
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  • Should Fan Blade Be Replaced with Motor Replacement
  • It is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the fan blade if you are changing over from an older model motor to a new one because the old blade will usually not fit the new motor correctly. If you have the Ventline Ventadome, you will need this Ventline fan blade # BVD0215-00. If you happen to have the Ventline Vanair, you will need Ventline's fan blade # BVD0217-00. The motor comes with mounting hardware and will mount to your current setup with the supplied hardware, in some...
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  • Do the Screws that Hold the Motor for Ventline Vent V2094SP-28 Install from the Top or Bottom
  • The motor for the fan in Ventline vent # V2094SP-28 attach from the bottom or inside of the trailer. The replacement motor is # BVD0218-00. I have included a diagram of you showing how the parts go together on that vent.
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  • Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor # BVD0218-00 Installation Instructions
  • I have attached the Replacement 12-Volt DC Fan Motor, # BVD0218-00, installation instructions for you. To replace the vent motors on your 1986 Airstream 345 you will need to use the drill template which is shown in the attached picture. Just mount this template to your motor bracket using the existing holes and then drill through the remaining two holes in the template.
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  • Fit and Compatibility of Ventadome Blade and Motor on Roof Vent
  • The fan blade # BVD0215-00 you were looking at will fit Ventadome roof vent models V2094 and V2119 (newer models only). This fan blade has a 3/32 inch diameter bore. The fan motor # BVD0218-00 you were looking at will fit models V2094, V2119, and VP-543. If you could tell me which model of Ventadome roof vent you have I would be more than happy to help you figure out if this is the right blade for your vent.
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