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Replacement TruXedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for 6-1/2' Beds -1-5/16" Wide

Item # TX1115174

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Product Images

truxedo accessories and parts  replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide
truxedo accessories and parts fasteners
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide
truxedo accessories and parts fasteners tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts fasteners tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide

Customer Photos

truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide
truxedo accessories and parts fasteners tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers tx1115174
truxedo accessories and parts tonneau covers replacement shur-bond velcro brand fastener for 6-1/2' beds -1-5/16 inch wide


  • Tonneau Covers
  • Fasteners
  • Truxedo
Replaces the Velcro Brand fasteners on TruXedo Lo Pro QT or Original Edge tonneau covers. Call 800-298-8924 to order Truxedo accessories and parts part number TX1115174 or order online at Free expert support on all Truxedo products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement TruXedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for 6-1/2' Beds -1-5/16" Wide. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Truxedo Accessories and Parts - TX1115174

Replaces the Velcro Brand fasteners on TruXedo Lo Pro QT or Original Edge tonneau covers.


  • Replaces the Velcro Brand fasteners on TruXedo Lo Pro QT tonneau covers
    • Also can be used on TruXedo Original Edge tonneau covers with the included drive rivets
  • Works on 6-1/2' long truck beds or can be cut down for shorter beds
  • Slides into rail for easy installation


  • Dimensions: 80" long x 1-5/16" wide
  • Includes 2 Velcro Brand fasteners and 3 drive rivets for Original Edge application


  • This fastener replaces the hook piece which attaches the tonneau cover to the truck rails. The mating loop piece will already be on tonneau cover.
  • Included drive rivets are for Original Edge application only.

1115174 Replacement Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonno Covers - 6-1/2' Beds - 1-5/16" Wide

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Video of Replacement TruXedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for 6-1/2' Beds -1-5/16" Wide

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Truxedo Accessories and Parts TX1115174 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Replacement Truxedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fasteners for six and a half foot beds. These strips are going to replace the Velcro Brand fasteners on your Truxedo Lo Pro QT, and the original Truxedo Edge Tonneau Covers. They slide easily into the rails for an easy installation, so no adhesive backing, they just slide in. They're going to provide a nice, tight, secure fit. Again, a quick and easy install. You will notice that in the packaging, you're going to find three drive rivets. These are included.

These are only to be used when installing the Shur-Bond strips on the original Truxedo Edge Tonneau Cover, so you do not need to use these for the Truxedo Lo Pro QT. Each strip is going to measure eighty inches long. The overall width is one and five sixteenths of an inch wide. The actual Velcro portion measures one inch wide. You're going to get two Velcro Brand fasteners, both are included, and please keep in mind that the fastener is designed to replace the hook piece, which attaches the Tonneau cover to the truck rails. The mating loop piece, the piece that mates to this, is already attached on your Tonneau cover. That's going to do it for today's look at the Replacement Truxedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fasteners..

Customer Reviews

Replacement TruXedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for 6-1/2' Beds -1-5/16" Wide - TX1115174

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (249 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the Velcro Brand fasteners on TruXedo Lo Pro QT or Original Edge tonneau covers.

- TX1115174

by: Jerry S.11/14/2013

Received the item promptly and had it installed in about 10 minutes. The installation instructions indicated that there should have been a couple of screws or keeper posts to install after removing the existing ones. There were none in the package, but since mine had the older roll pin style keepers I just tapped them down, then back up from the under side after installing the hook and loop strips. Works like the original. 107407


After a year, the replacement parts are working like the originals. As mentioned above, the Velcro-like hooks can degrade in sunlight so keeping the cover closed when possible will probably extend their life.

Jerry S - 11/14/2014


- TX1115174

by: Kendall S06/16/2017

Ordered replacement Velcro for my TruXedo topper, after a e-mail to customer service to verify part number. My order arrived in 2 days with standard shipping, replacing the Velcro on the bed rail took about 5-6 minutes. Each piece of Velcro is a couple inches long than the rail so you can trim to fit exactly as you want. Product is working great, it's allowing me to really pull the top cover tight again and secures it just like when it was brand new! So, if you want to stop your cover from flapping in the wind as you go down the highway, order the Velcro replacement! 394888

- TX1115174

by: Paul R.06/02/2015

Maybe 10 minutes to install. Easy to follow instructions and part description in ad is exactly what you will receive. Great product, good price, fast shipping equals one totally satisified customer. 199781


After a year the velcro did not hold the cover down. Im not sure if it is the replacement strips failed or the cover . I hope to resolve this issue so I can sell the used tonneau cover. I did buy a new replacement cover for long term fix.

Paul R - 06/01/2016


- TX1115174

by: Eric R.02/24/2017

Easiest install I've ever done. Took me less than 5 min on each side to do. Only had to trim a little bit to fit my bed. So far this is holding the cover down great. Used to flap in the wind on one side but now is solid. Attached are photos of the old and new product next to each other and then the finished product. Thank you! 345192

- TX1115174

by: Paul A07/01/2016

Very happy with this replacement Velcro. The old strips on my Lo Pro QT just didn't hold anymore and my cover flapped all the time when driving. These replacement strips are a completely different hook and loop design that I hadn't seen before, but works incredibly well. These strips were a perfect fit into the channel on my side frame, and about 6" longer than necessary for my 6 1/2' bed F150. Instructions indicate that they may need to be trimmed, and they were easily cut to length with my pocket knife. As I said, this hook and loop design works incredibly well. Once the cover is pressed on to the new strip, it holds tight. Rolling up the cover doesn't take much more effort than before, but trying to peel the cover straight off the side rail is pretty difficult. The cover is tight and flat again like it is supposed to be, with zero flapping on the highway. I'm very happy. 267056

- TX1115174

by: Velcro strips03/24/2014

Got the right velcro strips, took 15 minutes to install,awesome service got them way before I was promised to get them. Awesome 121865


the strips are still performing awesome. Would do again in a heartbeat

Velcro s - 03/24/2015


- TX1115174

by: Bob E06/02/2014

Great instructions, easy to remove old fastener and easy to install new fasteners. All told took about 15 minutes to do the replacement. 133812


Still going strong!

Bob E - 06/02/2015


- TX1115174

by: Walt04/24/2015

Product was great. Installed today very simple. Great instructions. 188077


The product is great I made a good choice.

Walt - 04/26/2016


- TX1115174

by: Silverado 0312/03/2012

Easily installed and replaced. works great. 60553


This product is still working like the day it was installed

Silverado 0 - 08/06/2014


- TX1115174

by: Dirk K.06/19/2014

The Velcro Brand Fastner was easy to install. I didn't use the instructions because they wanted me to drill out the roll pin. I took a punch and drove the roll pin down far enough to slide the velcro strip out. Then I slid the new velcro strip in the channel. Cut off the extra velcro strip. Punched the roll pin back up and installed the end cap. Took about 15 minutes for installation. So far they are holding and working great. Next test is driving on the Interstate with strong winds to see if they hold. Thanks again Dirk 136552

- TX1115174

by: Dallas03/03/2014

Due to the nature of how I use my tonneau cover and the material that the hook side of velcro is made from it is bound to wear out in the sun. has the best costomer service and price I could find on replacment. I have purchased two sets of these from because of the quick reponse time and great costomer service. Easy to replace/install only takes a screw driver, utility knife, and ten minutes. Once my current set wears out I will be going back to for more. 118222

- TX1115174

by: Dan F.05/04/2015

Product received was different tan the original but fit for my application. Had issues finding the right one via the website but was resolved after calling company directly and with their assistance we found the right replacement Velcro strip. I was a little disappointed in the cost to return the first order. Strip received is much more flexible than the original strip. I believe it will still work. I guess only time will tell as I have only had the replacement installed for 3 days. 189671

- TX1115174

by: Alan R10/06/2015

Great communication, extremely fast shipping and I was able to install the Replacement Truxedo Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener for 6-1/2' Beds -1-5/16" Wide - TX1115174 in less than 5 minutes. I could tell my velcro was worn out when I pulled this product out of the box. I haven't been on my long haul to/from work yet (200 mile round trip), but I'm willing to bet this new velcro will keep my Lo Pro Truxedo in place. Thanks etrailer! You've got a customer for life!!! 229330

- TX1115174

by: Michael Hacker03/31/2015

Found the bottom Velcro strips i needed for replace my worn out ones. It was for my Truxedo bed cover. Couldnt find part anywhere else. New upgraded heavy duty part and works great. Easy install too. Thanks again for easy fast shipping and having part i needed. 182032

- TX1115174

by: Mike M07/19/2017

Well, to start, the customer service is top notch. George J update my shipping for free and I received my package ahead of schedule. The only down side is that the Velcro was not package like you see it on in the picture... It was kind of just crammed in a bag. Now, keep in mind that this didn't do any damage to the Velcro but it did put a bit of a ?? In my head upon opening the package. All in all, I will definitely be shopping here again. 408035

- TX1115174

by: David T03/30/2017

great product. far superior to the factory velcro that came with the low pro qt. extremely easy to replace as well. just pull the end caps off with you first gers. remove the screw at the front of the rail and remove the old velcro. I sent the new straps, cut to fit and replace the screw and endcap. simple. The shipping and tracking info provided was also great. I will use etrailer again. great product and great service 360472

- TX1115174

by: david12/09/2014

Fasteners came quickly, I have installed one side as of this writing (rain) and plan to install the other side shortly. The one side fit well. I did have to do a slight mod, my top is the one that flips up near the cab so I had to cut the strip and drill a hole for the set screw, which I knew I was going to have to do before I purchased. Product is working great, holding down better than I remember new. thanks 163868

- TX1115174

by: Jeremy F06/14/2016

These replacement velcro strips were exactly what I needed. The original plastic hooks had weathered and become brittle which caused them to break off. These strips were perfect replacements for my truxedo lo-pro qt 6.5 foot. They did need to be trimmed as they are a little longer than needed but they were easily trimmed with scissors. The hold on these new strips is fantastic! I would recommend these to anyone. 261209

- TX1115174

by: C E09/27/2015

Product arrived as scheduled. Install took about ten minutes as one of the old velcro strips on the vehicle was stuck otherwise it would have been a five minute job. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to order these replacement velcro strips. Required a measure and cut on each strip but the new product went in smoothly and appears to be in excellent working order. In my opinion this was a solid purchase. 228028

- TX1115174

by: Tom VS06/20/2015

This product was a perfect replacement for the Velcro on my Truxedo low pro QT cover i have on my F150. It came with the two strips of velcro and 3 new rivots. Install time was probably about five minutes. I did not use the new rivets, I just pounded the old ones down with a hammer and back up after installing the new Velcro. I also had to trim just a few inches off of each Velcro strip. Couldn't be happier. 205905

- TX1115174

by: Cody L10/09/2017

When your velcro strip no longer holds your tonneau cover down any longer this is the way to go not only is this velcro strip inexpensive it is way better then the stock strip it holds so much better and is far more heavy duty I predict it will last a lot longer also would highly recommend this part it is also very very easy to install took me about 10 minutes to replace old strips !! 441061

- TX1115174

by: Papa03/31/2017

2008 F-250 CC short bed. The original Truxedo LoPro velcro in the side rails was wearing out. It hardly held the cover down if it was wet. These replacement velcro strips fit the rails perfectly and only required a little trimming for the length. Great solution that will keep the tonneau cover going for a few more years. Quick shipping as usual from etrailer Thanks! 360990

- TX1115174

by: Dan G.03/16/2017

I was fighting with my tonneau cover always blowing in the wind and coming up in high winds. Then I found the Shur-Bond Velcro Brand Fastener at Installed in just minutes and I have not had any issues with my cover flapping in the wind or blowing up. Great product and would recommend it to anyone that has a tonneau cover. Year later and still holding strong. 353292

- TX1115174

by: Steve W.11/05/2015

These replacement straps worked awesome 10x better Velcro then the original straps! Saved me the cost of buying a new cover. I couldn't find any manufacturer information on my cover so I measured how wide my straps where and matched them up. I had to trim about 1/8" off the new straps, but with a good pair of sheers it only took me 15 minutes and the job was completed. 231476

- TX1115174

by: Jake05/22/2014

I installed the velcro strips on my 2012 Nissan Frontier with a 5-foot bed in about 5 minutes. I removed the stop screws in the rails, pulled out the old pieces, slid in the new pieces and cut them to size in no time at all. I was worried I was going to need to order a new tonneau cover and these strips made mine work like new. Completely satisfied. 131814

- TX1115174

by: Jeff10/26/2016

Great product,my truxedo taino cover still stays tight, and it's been a year.Velcro very strong !!!! S trongly recommend this for a replacement part . 311014

- TX1115174

by: Mike C.02/27/2017

Replaced the original warn Velcro strips for my LoPro cover with the Shur-Bond product and it was a quick and easy upgrade. They work great. 346345

- TX1115174

by: Marc03/08/2017

I browsed the site, saw what I wanted, ordered it. The product shipped very fast. I received the product the same day that it showed up on my statement. The part was exactly as it was described and what it was supposed to be. I am extremely happy with and would recommend them to anyone needing any product that they carry. 350028

- TX1115174

by: Jon Williams05/11/2015

This is a great product as everyone has said. I received it fast from etrailer and installed in mere minutes. I rolled down cover and tried pulling up on it and I was worried I would rip velcro off of cover. If your cover is flopping around in the wind going down the road as mine was the is the product to solve issues. 191880

- TX1115174

by: jerryscott03/26/2013

hey you guys are great I tried to buy these from dealers who just wanted to sell me a whole new bed cover when all I needed was parts thanks for the great price and the parts were easy to install and made my old cover like new if I need anthing else or know someone who needs parts ill certainly recommend your company 72556

- TX1115174

by: jeff09/05/2017

easy to cut down to fit my rails, had to grind the cut edge to slide in, but was fast and easy with a bench grinder.....took about an hour but went smoothly. used a strip of loop velcro to help pull down through grooved rail. FINALLY found something to fix my cover that REALLY WORKS. Thanks etrailer!!!! 428914

- TX1115174

by: Zach01/27/2013

I recently bought a 2005 Chevy Colorado from a dealership. The truck has a few flaws and the worn out velcro on the tonneau cover was a big one for me. I bought the velcro on and got the package in just a few days. The installation was a breeze and now the truck looks great. Thanks! 64264

- TX1115174

by: Joe W.09/15/2017

Very fast shipment of a quality replacement part!! My old Velcro wasn't holding the sides of my cover down any longer and this was the cure for that issue. Actually took me longer to roll the cover up and back down then it took to replace the Velcro strips. Very satisfied and highly recommended 432877

- TX1115174

by: Gary W.01/25/2017

Received as promised in normal 4 day delivery. Followed the supplied directions for any helpful hints. Slid out the old, slid in the new. Cut to fit. So far it's been a week and seems to be holding very well. I see a lot of trucks with floppy covers. I'll be sure to pass this on. 335352

- TX1115174

by: Phillip J.06/20/2016

A lady form etrailer call me to ensure the delivery address for my account. We had just moved and that was the address I used. That is great work to prevent my supplies from being delivery to differnt Great working with you, fast and accurate on order and delivery 263014

- TX1115174

by: Jake T10/11/2016

I purchased this to replace the previous Velcro strips on my 2010 Ford F150 5 1/2 ft bed. The new strips were easy to trim to fit the short bed and so far has worked great. My cover no longer blows in the wind and stays tight. I would highly recommend this to others. 305565

- TX1115174

by: Richie04/21/2015

Perfect replacement for my Truxedo Lo Pro tonneau cover. Website was a great help with all the information provided. eTrailer shipped them the day that I placed the order and everything came just as expected. Easy to install and great customer service follow-up 187048

- TX1115174

by: Duane P.12/05/2016

Product was shipped same day as ordered and delivered ahead of schedule. Product is as described and works as intended. I have used this same product in the past and it just needed to be replaced from a lot of use and wear. Great service and shipping. 322298

- TX1115174

by: Adam12/06/2014

My order arrived mcuh faster than promised and in great condition. It was eaasy to install and was exactly what I needed to get my cover back in working condition. I was very happy with my order and would be happy to use etrailer again in the future. 163493

- TX1115174

by: Dan12/03/2015

Received the replacement velcro strips . I have the 5 1/2 foot bed, just trimmed the pieces the same length as originals, slid them into the tracks, reinstalled the screws, done in about ten minutes. cover stays put just like new again. 232906

- TX1115174

by: Allen A.04/10/2017

5 minute installation, great price, from a reliable vendor. I had a great experience ordering this product from I would recommend this product and vendor to anyone looking for replacement truck or towing accessories. 365142

- TX1115174

by: S Beman03/29/2016

This product worked perfectly and was extremely easy to install. I have a short box and just cut the two pieces to length during install. The material seems far superior to the original so hopefully this will last a lot longer! 242321

- TX1115174

by: Gary A.07/23/2015

Got what I ordered and it was exactly what I needed. It was a quality product that was very easy to install. Thanks, would definitely look to order parts from you again and would recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. 213997

- TX1115174

by: Andy N06/24/2016

- I received the Velcro strips yesterday in the mail, and they worked out great. My old strips had been worn and wouldn't adhere to the cover. With these new strips, my cover is a good as new. Really happy with the new strips. 264407

- TX1115174

by: Leo G10/11/2016

I feel this producr is better than described. It took me 8 minutes to change the velcro strips on my bed rails. The replacement part is 4x better than the original. Thanks for a great product at an awesome price. 305472


Perfect! Easy install and it has stood the test of time.

Leo G - 10/11/2017


- TX1115174

by: EJ08/04/2016

The install took only 20 minutes including the removal of the old worn out strips, one of which was stuck in the channel due to dirt and had to be "rednecked" out. The top is now "tight as a drum." I am impressed. 279689

- TX1115174

by: Casey D.07/18/2016

The product was great! Was easy to install. Very snug fit for on my truxedo lopro rails. Had to cut to length for my tacoma six foot bed but was very easy with a utility knife. I look forward to many years of use! 273494

- TX1115174

by: Larry w11/27/2016

This was a perfect replacement for my 2003 Chevy 1500hd truck truxedo tonneau cover. All I had to do was trim it to length. Total replacement time was 10 minutes. Fast shipping I received it in less than a week 320035

- TX1115174

by: Steve G.09/21/2017

A much needed refresh to a 10 year old tonneau cover. Just 10 minutes to install and as good as, if not better than, new. etrailer shipped quickly and packaging excellent. Great experience all-the-way around. 434809

- TX1115174

by: Pat C.06/15/2014

While not an exact replacement, this product fixed our 2008 GMC Canyon tonneau cover with a bit of modification. Cut to length, cut to width, nip of the outside row or 2 of pegs, slides right into the rail. 135619

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