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Replacement Mounting Hardware for X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box

Item # TH04851

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Thule Accessories and Part
Thule Accessories and Part


  • Roof Box
  • Mounting Kit
  • Thule

Thule Accessories and Parts - TH04851


  • Fits Thule X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box and Sears X-Cargo Box
  • Includes complete set of hardware for mounting 1 X-Cargo Extreme Box
    • 4 Saddle quick releases (TH04106)
    • 4 Interior plates with 5 holes (TH03918)
    • 4 Reinforcing plates (TH10378)
    • 8 Carriage bolts (TH04852)
    • 8 Threaded knobs (TH04877)
    • 1 Sheet of vinyl hole covers (10171)

04851 Thule Replacement Mounting Hardware

Video of Replacement Mounting Hardware for X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Thule Accessories and Parts TH04851 Review

Today we are going to be taking a look at replacement mounted hardware for cargo boxes. This fits the tuly X cargo sport 20SV box in the Sears ex-cargo box. It is going to include a complete set of hardware for mounting one cargo box to your roof rack. Just to go over the different components that it comes with. It is going to come with 4 saddle quick releases. It is going to come with 4 interior plates with the 5 hole design.

It is going to come with the 4 reinforcing plates. You are going to get the 8 carriage bolts, the 8 threaded knobs and you are going to get 1 sheet of vinyl hole covers. You are also going to get a detailed installation instructional sheet. It is going to walk you through the entire process step by step to get the replacement hardware in place. When it comes to replacing the mounting hardware, basically what you are going to need to do is you are going to need by identifying the set of holes on your box that you will be using to mount the box to your roof rack. Then you will go ahead and assembly the saddle assembles on to the box.

You will want to leave them loose that way it is easier to mount to your roof rack. When you ready to mount the carrier to your vehicle's roof rack, just slide the saddle until it separates from the carriage bolts. And then the saddle will drop down. It will go around the bar and then you can tighten everything down. The vinyl mask hole covers; these are designed to be replaced over the remaining holes in your cargo box to prevent water or dirt from entering the carrier. The assembly is pretty easy to put together. The quick release saddle is going to go underneath your roof rack bar.

The reinforcing plate; this is going to on top of the roof rack bar. So your roof rack bar will be sitting between these 2 components. The interior plate is going to go inside the box. The carriage bolts are going to drop through the reinforcing plate, interior plate and the quick release saddle. And then on the under side you would simply tighten everything down by installing a threaded knob on each carriage bolt. So its really nice.

The quick release design is so you can slide the quick release saddle. That part will drop out. You can rotate it to the side, fit it around your bar very quickly. Bring it around and then tighten everything down with the threaded knobs. That is going to do it for today's look at the replacement mounting hardware for cargo boxes.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Mounting Hardware for X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box - TH04851

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (98 Customer Reviews)

- TH04851

by: Ken06/04/2015

This was excellent it made the trip to Disney world at highway speed. Couldn't been happier 200401


It was great. We have not used it since but it made that trip great. I will be looking to buy new clamps for the carrier due to the ones we had breaking but thankfully I have your site saved and upon our need for it I will be hitting you up for the clamps as well. Thank you.

Ken - 06/18/2016

- TH04851

by: Charles C.08/12/2013

Product arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as advertised. Thank you. 94610


Patrick, I retired from NASA and quality control is key to accomplishing our we used to say if you cant measure it, you cant fix it.Thank you for your follow up and by the way the product is working advertised. semper fi, ccOUT

Charles C - 03/03/2015

- TH04851

by: David G08/06/2015

Product arrived on time as promised. I just installed my Sears Sport 20 SV cargo box using this hardware and it fit perfectly. Great service and great product! 217310


Really enjoying the product. We took it on a long trip to Virginia from Boston and it performed flawlessly. Have your company keep up the good work!

David G - 08/17/2016

- TH04851

by: John04/17/2015

These were exactly what I needed since I lost my first set of attachment hardware for the X-cargo topper. Prompt service at a reasonable price marked by experience. JOHN 185890



John - 04/16/2016

- TH04851

by: Mike C.10/22/2013

Driving in New England for winter vacations has taken a toll on the hardware needed to secure the carrier to the top of the van. After this past winter, the road salt corroded the nuts and screws to the point where I could not turn the screws and had to cut them off. Looked for a replacement kit online and eTrailer had the perfect match. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars replacing the entire Cargo Carrier, I spent approx $40 for the hardware & shipping. The status emails from etrailer gave me comfort knowing my order was being prepared, shipped, and delivered. Easy to use website was also a benefit. Definitely will use them again. 104662

- TH04851

by: X cargo box install kit08/27/2014

This product is well made and would aga in 148859


The install kit is still in great shape and working good

X c - 08/27/2015

- TH04851

by: Keith G.05/02/2014

Product was as advertised and expected. Service/shipping was as advertised. Great experience and will use again as need arises. The hardware for my X-Cargo Extreme roof top carrier (from Sears) was accidentally left in a recent trade-in. I realized this a week before leaving on vacation. was the easiest (by far!) site to locate the parts I needed to mount my luggage carrier. They came through and shipped as promised and my roof top carrier was mounted last night and ready for my trip tomorrow! Many thanks for helping me out of a bind! 128651

- TH04851

by: AL Crowley08/03/2016

What a great product! I purchased a rooftop cargo box that had some horrible hardware store u-bolts and nuts. A quick internet search for original replacements lead me to etrailer. A few keystrokes later and the TH04851 was on its way. A few days later my package arrived. The instructions were easy to follow and took about 30 minutes to assemble. My cargo box is as good as new. I would highly recommend etrailer. Thank you! 278914

- TH04851

by: Richard M.07/19/2012

The replacement part packet for my car's turtle top carrier are identical to the original parts. Great! I needed the parts quickly since I was going on vacation. The etrailer employees emailed me about an hour after the order and let me know the order was received and being processed. A few hours later they told me my order had shipped. Wow! Outstanding customer service and communication to the customer! 48516

- TH04851

by: Chris D.01/23/2017

I purchased a roof top cargo box during a store closing and it did not come with a hardware kit. Unfortunately, the kit was not available from the original manufacturer. I found the installation kit on etrailer, but only after I ordered the kit with the roof bars so I could use the "free shipping" offer. Customer service contacted me and helped me consolidate my orders to get the "free shipping" offer. 334632

- TH04851

by: Robin Emswiler06/11/2017

Hello! The product arrived in a timely manner and in tact but the night before or road trip we went to install the cargo box on our roof and the holes for the screws didn't line up. We were in such a bind because we had to leave and we were closing on our house early the next morning that we had to just donate the cargo box to goodwill. I guess I would have tried to make sure it would work sooner:( 391931

- TH04851

by: Joseph R.06/26/2017

I have an older Sears X-Cargo (18 cubic feet) that needed new mounting hardware. This fits well, and has an additional part that improves the stability. Mine didn't come with those wide, flat plates. It makes the whole thing sit better on my roof racks. I have bought items from etrailer before and been completely satisfied with their service, selection, and price. 399118

- TH04851

by: Joe S08/11/2015

It worked for my Sears X-cargo 20 carrier. I've had the carrier for ten years, compared to the original equipment the bolts are different. Really, I only needed the two flat plates and two mounting brackets- so did not use the bolts. In any case, I should be able to use the carrier another ten years. 218373

- TH04851

by: Dave K05/23/2015

I haven't had the opportunity to put my car top carrier on the vehicle yet, but it looks just like the one offered by the original seller/manufacturer at half the cost! Plus, I had the opportunity to work with some very knowledgeable, friendly people. I am putting etrailer on my favorites page. 195027

- TH04851

by: irish929308/06/2016

I own the Sears X-Cargo Sport 20. The hardware that came with it wore out and was never that easy to use in the first place. I bought this kit to replace it and it is terrific! Much easier to work with -- and installing and removing the car-top carrier is a breeze. Definitely recommended. 280491

- TH04851

by: PJ11/16/2016

Although I have not opened the pack yet, upon inspection, it appears this is exactly what I needed. Quality seems great. Metal pieces are heavy duty and seem to be exact replacements. Thanks eTrailer for having the parts I need to put back the missing hardware on my rooftop carrier. 316991

- TH04851

by: Paul H12/19/2016

The etrailer site is the perfect choice for selecting your vehicle cargo and accessories. The site is simple to use, the selection and prices outstanding and competitive, and ordering and delivery were a snap! I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for these types of products. 326293

- TH04851

by: Mr. P07/10/2014

The mounting brackets seems to hold down my carrier fine. Just like my originals that I've lost pieces here and there over the years. If only they had a hook lever mount similar to Yakima carriers. However mine was a third the price, guess you get what you pay for. 140672

- TH04851

by: Yuri P.07/11/2013

I bought these brackets for my Sears X-Cargo Sport 15 and they fit perfectly! etrailer's customer service is superb. They were very responsive and to my inquiries and also ensured my package arrived on time as promised. Would certainly buy from them again. 89093

- TH04851

by: Justin M.07/25/2015

I had a sears x-cargo 28-7271 carrier. Was missing front and rear latches and some of the mounting hardware. This hardware was an exact replacement. Paid only for ups ground and arrived in 2 days to KY. Awesome service and great price. Highly recommended. 214451

- TH04851

by: John G07/14/2014

Perfect! This was the exact product that I needed for my 12yo car top carrier. The order was placed and it immediately shipped. This was so very important as I needed it immediately for our trip. Thanks so much for the wonderful service! 141227

- TH04851

by: Ray Ferguson07/19/2013

First class service beginning with the person taking my order, follow up emails on tracking and delivered exactly when I was told it would be delivered. Parts fit perfectly to my roof top carrier. So, job well done - 90489

- TH04851

by: Bill07/24/2012

I was pleasantly surprised by etrailer! They shipped the product on a Sunday, and it arrived 2 days earlier than expected. I received personalized emails updating me on status. I wish more online retailers operated like this. 49151

- TH04851

by: TH0485104/03/2015

I can't give a product review yet, I don't need the parts for another week, but I can say that shipping was prompt and I was surprised at how quickly I received what I ordered. Thank you for awesome service. 182920

- TH04851

by: Meranda M.05/22/2014

I bought a used cargo container with some missing hard ware and I ordered from this website and everything came in in great condition. It was exactly what I needed and it arrived in the mail pretty fast. 131933

- TH04851

by: robert03/22/2013

You guys were outstanding! The product quality was even better than expected, fit the carrier top perfectly, and was delivered very quickly. Very impressed with your service!! Highly recommend! 71849

- TH04851

by: Seth C07/11/2014

We bought a carrier at a garage sale and it was missing half the hardware. So thankful for this replacement kit; it worked like a charm. Shipping was fast and the price was very reasonable! 140861

- TH04851

by: Kirk C07/01/2016

The bolts are not long enough for the Nissan Xterra due to the thickness of the cross bar. According to sears website it should have worked. I however I needed the other bars and brackets. 267193

- TH04851

by: Krestin Olsen06/25/2016

Exactly what I needed for my X-Cargo topper, Model 28. Although a U-Bolt set would be nicer. (Of course after I placed my order, a rep called me with U-Bolt model that would have worked!) 264814

- TH04851

by: Ras will10/09/2014

Everything that was shown in the picture fits perfect, At first I had a bit of struggle putting it to gather but I follow The simple instruction and it was smooth sailing,great product. 155304

- TH04851

by: Ethan04/12/2017

Perfect replacement set for the old hardware of my Sears Cargo box Sport 20SV. I just need to add some felt onto the main metal plates to slide the box without scratching the cross bars. 366130

- TH04851

by: Frank Pena, Iowa ParkTx03/18/2016

It was a very user friendly website with excellent photos and description so I could tell it was the parts I needed. The delivery was prompt with nice tracking follow up. No problems! 241020

- TH04851

by: Bruce P.08/03/2016

I ordered keys and hardware kit for a Sears Sport SV 20 Luggage carrier. The parts were delivered within days and the merchandise was high quality. I highly recommend 279224

- TH04851

by: Bob09/01/2015

Very pleased with product. Good quality, sturdy. I used it to attach older model Sears X-cargo box to my cars rack. Had to adjust the installation somewhat but it worked fine. 223209

- TH04851

by: Jimmie04/13/2013

Great product, great price, and fast delivery. Better than spending 300 plus for another topper and sturdier than a make shift topper, made out of trash bags and cardboard ;) 75795

- TH04851

by: Jim B07/26/2013

Product came through as described and was of excellent quality. Customer service regarding ordering process was excellent as well from order confirmation through delivery. 91664

- TH04851

by: Everything I needed03/28/2015

All the necessary parts and came with the instructions too. No issues. Etrailer' customer service was awesome and we got the parts just in time for our vacation! 181274

- TH04851

by: Mike H12/16/2014

A bit tricky to get set up the first time. But a breeze to remove with the "quick release" feature. Overall, satisfied with the product and time of delivery. 165609

- TH04851

by: Jay T.06/22/2016

Fast and friendly service. Knowledgeable staff helped me with ordering a replacement hardware kit for my Xcargo sport 20sv. Arrived on time and fit perfect. 263932

- TH04851

by: Bryan B.01/09/2017

Great product! 100% improvement over original mounting kit! Great customer support from E Trailer! Sent E.mails when product was ordered and shipped. 331299

- TH04851

by: Alan M04/01/2017

Been looking for these brackets for awhile now Got a good price, checkout was fast and easy and quick delivery. Would def use etrailer again!! 361446

- TH04851

by: Sally S.07/06/2016

Needed extra clamps for our Sears overhead clamshell. Bolts were perfect, and arrived within a day or two. Highly recommended vendor. Thank you! 268613

- TH04851

by: Parts as described and fast shipping09/08/2016

Ordered replacement mounting bolts for my x cargo extreme roof top carrier. They were reasonably priced, easy to find, and shipped out quickly. 292569

- TH04851

by: James R.06/24/2017

The product was exactly what I needed and exactly what was described on the website. The expedited shipping arrived earlier than expected. 398484

- TH04851

by: Jason08/11/2014

Product was exactly the same that came with the cargo topper. Glad these are available so I didn't have to buy an entire new topper. 145648

- TH04851

by: Mike F08/19/2016

Have an older X-Cargo box made to use with straps.Had to modify box a little and drill holes.Mounting kit seems to work fine 285518

- TH04851

by: Jeff R.09/03/2015

This kit was easy to install and fit well and made installing and removing our cargo carrier a breeze. A great product. 223737

- TH04851

by: Jess R.10/19/2011

Just needed n extra set of clamps for my SPORT20 SV carrier. I purchased and they delivered exactly what I needed 25849

- TH04851

by: JAC04/13/2016

just what I needed to help in easy removal of my rooftop cargo box. Good quality, right price, fast delivery. 244149

- TH04851

by: Karin05/11/2017

We were in need of replacement parts in a hurry and with 2 day shipping we got exactly what we need. Thanks. 379092

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Ask the Experts about this Thule Accessories and Parts
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  • Replacement Key for a Sears X-Cargo Box and All Replacement Parts Available
  • We have replacement keys for your Sears X Cargo 20 series cargo carrier. In order to get the correct one you will need to know the key number of your current setup. If you do not have a key to get the part number off of, the lock on the cargo box should have a number engraved in it that you can use for the key number. Once you have the key number type into our search box the letters, THKEYN, followed by the 4 digits of your key number and the correct key will come up for you. For...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware for Sears X-Cargo Car Top Cargo Box
  • The Sears X-Cargo boxes were made by Thule and Thule does offer replacement alternative mounting hardware for this older box. You can likely use part # TH04851 that you referenced. This will allow mounting many of the 18-cu-ft Sears boxes to most factory and aftermarket roof crossbars. It uses regular bolts, not u-bolts, so you should not have to drill new holes.
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  • Replacement Lock Parts and Mounting Hardware for Sears X-Cargo Sport 20 Cargo Box
  • It sounds like you still have # SR00841 in place. So you would need # TH03808 for the inside of the box, and for a lock you would need # SR03807. These parts are not exactly the same as the originals but they are the only thing close to what was originally on the Sears X-Cargo Sport 20 cargo boxes. The mounting hardware should be # TH04851.
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  • Replacement Strap For Sears X-Cargo Box
  • We have replacement tie-down straps for Thule cargo boxes that may work for your Sears X-cargo roof box. They are part # 10169. These straps measure 3/4 inches wide and 115 inches long. These are designed to loop through the slots in the cargo boxes to secure your cargo inside your carrier. I have also linked you to our product page for cargo tie-downs you can check out. If you are looking for straps that secure the cargo box to your crossbars, the straps can be very difficult...
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  • Does the X-Cargo Replacement Hardware Kit Come with Installation Instructions
  • Yes, the Replacement Mounting Hardware # TH04851 that you referenced does come with mounting instructions. I pulled this product from our warehouse to confirm this and it does come with a set of instructions for the X-Cargo boxes. Check out the pic I attached that I took from the install sheet.
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  • Replacement Mounting Hardware for Older Thule/GM Rooftop Cargo Box Similar to # TH667ES
  • Thule has indeed produced cargo boxes on an OEM basis for other companies such as Sears and sometimes these have different hardware than the regular Thule products (to allow them to hit a different retail price point). Thule may also change their hardware during later production runs to new and improved types. The good news is that there are several options in mounting hardware for cargo box such as the similar Time Travel # TH667ES. We offer an EasySnap Mounting Hardware Kit, part #...
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  • Replacement Mounting Hardware for a Sears X-Cargo Roof Mount Cargo Box
  • To attach the Sears X-Cargo roof cargo box to a vehicle you will need to have a roof rack with crossbars that run from side to side on the roof of the vehicle. For a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring with naked roof you can use semi-custom roof rack # SR1002 and the bar spread will be 28 inches. For a 4-door sedan with naked roof you can use the same roof rack and the bar spread will be 24 inches. Bar spread is the center to center distance between the crossbars. This is important because...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Keys or Lock for Sears Sport 20-SV Rooftop Cargo Carrier Model # 04848
  • Thank you for providing the photo of your cargo carrier information. The Sears Cargo Carriers were manufactured by Thule and they offer replacement keys based on the reference number on the existing lock mechanism. Please advise the number stamped into the lock itself and I can then contact Thule to obtain the part number for the correct replacement keys. Usually Thule stamps the number on the lock face; please take a look at the linked part, # SR03807, for an example of such a stamped...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Key and Mounting Hardware for Sears X-Cargo Roof Cargo Box
  • I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time finding the parts you need! We can get you the parts you are needing. The Sears X Cargo roof cargo boxes were manufactured by Thule for Sears. According to my Thule representative, the # TH04851 mounting hardware kit you mentioned would be the correct hardware. To get your replacement key, you would need to order part # THKEYN2862.
    view full answer...

  • Installation Instructions for Replacement Mounting Hardware for X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box
  • I have included a picture that shows how the replacement mounting hardware # TH04851 goes together. I have also included a link to the right to another answer page that shows the picture of the instructions.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hardware Kit For X-Cargo Box 28-7271
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule and they told me that the Replacement Mounting Hardware, part # TH04851 is the correct mounting hardware you would need for your X-Cargo box 28-7271. This kit includes the complete set of hardware you will need.
    view full answer...

  • Mounting Hardware for a Sears X Cargo Roof Mount Cargo Box Model 300.72511
  • Yes, you will need replacement mounting hardware # TH04851 for your Sears X Cargo cargo box. This kit includes plates with holes spacing of 2 inches and other configurations. But they are not u-bolts. They actually are T-bolts that make installation a little easier than a u-bolt connections.
    view full answer...

  • Mounting Hardware Instead of Straps for a Sears X-Cargo Roof Cargo Box
  • Some of the Sears XCargo cargo boxes used a strap system to attach to a roof rack. Your box looks like it could be one of them because I do not see anything in the floor of the box that indicates it would use the u-bolt style mounting hardware # TH04851. The strap hardware can be difficult to find so you could use hardware # TH04851 but you would have to drill holes in the box to do so.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Installation Hardware Kit for Sears Sport 15-CAV Cargo Carrier
  • The correct replacement installation hardware for your Sears Sport 15-CAV cargo carrier is SportRack kit # SR05493. SportRack's parent company, Thule, was the actual original producer of the cargo boxes retailed by Sears and true to their tradition of taking care of their customers and respecting their investments in their products, Thule continues to offer replacement parts. They may differ slightly from the original parts but they are fully suitable. This kit includes u-bolts, knobs...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware Recommendation for a X-Cargo Sport 20 SV
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule and she informed me that you would need a Replacement Mounting Hardware for X-Cargo Sport 20 SV Box, part # TH04851, and that the EZ snap replacement hardware would not work for you.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware Kit For Sears X-Cargo Roof Box Model 300-7271
  • We offer 2 styles of mounting hardware that will work for Sears X-Cargo roof boxes. If the mounting kit for your roof box uses U-bolts, the replacement kit is part # TH05603. If you use the plate and bolt system to mount your X-Cargo box, the replacement hardware kit is part # TH04851.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hardware Recommendation for a Sears X-Cargo Sport 20 Cargo Box
  • All of the individual components of the # TH04851 are available separately. Here they are all: Saddle quick releases (# TH04106) 4 Interior plates with 5 holes (# TH03918) 4 Reinforcing plates (# TH10378) 8 Carriage bolts (# TH04852) 8 Threaded knobs (# TH04877) 1 Sheet of vinyl hole covers (# 10171)
    view full answer...

  • Mounting Hardware Recommendation for a Sears Sport SV-20 Cargo Box
  • The only mounting hardware I can recommend is the replacement mounting hardware kit # TH04851 that is listed as a fit for Sears X-Cargo and Sport 20 SV cargo boxes. I can give you some specs on the SportRack Replacement Mounting Hardware, # SR05493, but I cannot guarantee a fit with your Sear Sport 20 SV cargo carrier because the two items have not been tested together and this hardware was designed specifically for the SportRack cargo boxes. The u-bolts from the SportRack mounting...
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Thule Sears X-Cargo Car Top Carrier
  • According to my Thule representative, the # TH04851 Replacement Mounting Hardware you referred to is indeed the correct mounting hardware for your X-Cargo 7271 cargo box.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware Kit for a Sears Sport 20-SV, Model 30072000 Cargo Box
  • Yes, replacement mounting hardware kit # TH04851 is listed as a fit for Sears X-Cargo and Sport 20 SV cargo boxes. Thule, the manufacturer of both boxes and the hardware kit, do not specify model numbers as far as what the kit fits.
    view full answer...

  • Sears Sport Track SV-20 Hinges Recommendation
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule and was informed that for the Sears branded Sport 20-SV cargo box you would need to use hinge # TH14933. My contact also stated that both hinges should be changed at the same time for best performance. I have linked a video review of the hinge for you. We have also had some customers experience difficulty closing the box because the spring tension is greater in strut # TH14936 compared to # TH14933. Both of these have the exact same dimension but # TH14933...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Parts For Sears X-Cargo Roof Boxes
  • Depending on what you need, we do offer various replacement parts for Sears X-Cargo roof boxes. If you have a model 28 box we have a master parts bag of replacement parts, part # TH04870. If you need replacement mounting hardware for a Sport 20 cargo box you can order part # TH04851. We also offer several single parts you may want to check out. I have attached a link to our product page that has the X-Cargo box parts listed.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Key for Sears Sport 20 SV Cargo Box
  • For your Sears Sport SV cargo box and key 2862 you will need replacement key # THKEYN2862. Sometimes the new keys have a hard time fitting in the old locks. If this happens and you can't turn the key you will need to take a mallet and persuade the key all the way into the lock.
    view full answer...

  • Parts List for the Replacement Mounting Hardware Kit # TH04851
  • I spoke with my contact at Thule and she informed me that this Replacement Mounting Hardware Kit # TH04851 contains the following parts: 4 quick release saddles 4 box support plates 4 5-hole bracket 8 carriage bolts 8 wing knobs Check out the picture I attached that shows the entire contents of this kit.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Mounting Hardware for Sears XCargo 28 Roof Mounted Cargo Box
  • For the Sears XCargo 28 roof mounted cargo box, you'd need the # SR05493 U-Bolt Kit. This kit will provide the hardware needed to mount the box to the roof rack of your 2006 Grand Cherokee. For the replacement key, you'd need part # THKEYN2982. Thule doesn't offer the gasket as a separately available item, it's only offered with the # TH04870 replacement hardware kit. You'd be better off getting the weather-stripping gasket from a local hardware store.
    view full answer...

  • Sears X Cargo Carrier Mounting Hardware Recommendation
  • We can get you the parts you are needing. The Sears X-Cargo roof cargo boxes were manufactured by Thule for Sears. I spoke with my contact at Thule and the correct mounting hardware kit for the Sears X-Cargo Carrier would be part # TH04851.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Mounting Hardware and Lock Assembly for Sears Sport 20 SV Roof Cargo Box
  • The correct replacement mounting hardware would be the # TH04851. I'm not sure what you mean about the lock being 'cut off'. The lock on that box was set into the rear of the lid as shown in the provided photo, so I'm not sure how it could be cut off. Thule, who manufactured your roof box for Sears tells me that since the lock assembly was riveted into place, they don't consider it a replaceable part, therefore they don't offer a replacement.
    view full answer...

  • Will Thule Hardware Kit # TH04851 Fit X-Cargo Box On Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack
  • We do carry a hardware kit that will work for your X-Cargo box with your Rhino-Rack 2500 series roof rack with Aero crossbars. It is the Thule Replacement Mounting Hardware, part # TH04851. This kit comes with all of the hardware necessary to mount your cargo box. This kit is designed to fit crossbars that measure up to 4 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches tall. The Rhino-Rack Series 2500 crossbars you have measure 3-1/2 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches tall, so this hardware kit should be a fit...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Keys for Sears Sport 20 Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  • Yes, we can help you! Sears' cargo boxes were made by Thule/SportRack (which are sister companies) and the replacement keys for the Thule and SportRack-branded cargo boxes will also work on your Sears box. The part you need is # THKEYN2872. This is sold as a single unit, so if you'd like a spare please order two keys. Please note that the key photo shown on the product page is a generic photo; do not be concerned if its appearance is slightly different from your original keys.
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  • Can Mounting Hardware Kit # TH05603 Be Substituted For # TH04851 On Sears X-Cargo 20SV Cargo Box
  • Both kits you refer to are essentially interchangeable, assuming that your cargo box has holes for the attachment hardware that are 4 inches apart on center. The # TH04851 was developed as a 'quick release' option that wouldn't require that the attaching wing knobs be completely removed in order to remove the cargo box from the vehicle. The # TH05603 would need to be completely removed. I've confirmed this with my Thule representative for you. The only time warranty implications would...
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