Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire

Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire

Item # SW1551

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Superwinch Electrical Components Accessories and Parts - SW1551
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  • Electric Winch
  • Electrical Components
  • Quick Connects
  • Superwinch
  • 6-10 Gauge Wire
Call 800-298-8924 to order Superwinch accessories and parts part number SW1551 or order online at Free expert support on all Superwinch products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Superwinch Accessories and Parts - SW1551

Superwinch Winch Wiring Quick Disconnects
  • Makes removing and replacing the winch easy!
    • Don't have to disconnect all the wires and re-run them next time you need the winch
  • Fits 6-10 AWG wire

1551 Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire

SW1551 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details SW1551 Installation instructions

Video of Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Superwinch Electric Winch SW1551 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number SW1551. These are the Super Winch Quick Connects. It's going to make removing and replacing your winch really easy. You don't have to disconnect all the wires and rerun them next time you need the winch. This offers quick connect and disconnect. That way you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect the switch or wiring harness to your winch.

These two units right here act as a plug. Once you have everything installed with the contacts and the wires, that way you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect your system. The housing is made from a polycarbonate material, very strong and durable, and corrosion resistant. It's going to come with the quick connect plugs and four contacts. These contacts are going to fit six to ten gauge wires.

Here on the housing it's going to feature mounting slots, that way you can attach these to your application. All you have to do is strip your cable to fit into the contact, into this portion here, and then you will need to crimp and solder the contact to the cable. This portion right here has a nice little hook on it, fits through the end here. Please note that each side is labeled positive and negative, so you want to make sure that you're running your wires to the correct locations, but it has a nice little hook on it that way once you install it in here, it's going to catch onto a stainless steel spring. That's what's going to hold the contact into the plug. Then you just simply repeat that process for all other connections.

Once you have all the wires connected you'd simply connect the two plugs together, and your connection's going to be made and now you can have everything installed when it comes to the wires. Again this system just allows easy installation and quick disconnect and connect when it comes to the switch or the wiring harness. That's going to do it for our review of part number SW1551. These are the Super Winch Quick Connects. .

Customer Reviews

Superwinch Quick Connects, 6-10 AWG Wire - SW1551

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

- SW1551

exactly what I wanted---great price---quick service 451743

- SW1551

thought would be bigger, but perfect for utv winch 325244

- SW1551

All installed and working well thx 312083

- SW1551

simple fast service, the product is installed and working great 296541

- SW1551

Excellent product. Never been disappointed by the products or service at eTrailer! 230758

- SW1551

The order was quickly shipped and arrived quickly 172662

- SW1551

Tried and proven over the years. Mobile home, boat & trailer, winch. Can be purchased elsewhere online a few bucks cheaper but etrailer fast shipping makes the difference. 161370

- SW1551

Was able to install this on my truck more because I am mechanically inclined, directions could use an upgrade but it really is not that difficult to figure out how to do it. They work great and I would buy them again and will if I need them 143933

- SW1551

Additional Contacts should be available. Once the wire has been crimped or soldered it is useless. The Lexan Housings are very substantial. 140705


Very Well. Are you marketing the connector with additional Contacts?

Herb G - 07/10/2015


- SW1551

Easy to put together. Good directions. Needed to drill out mounting screw holes for my application. Mounted to existing trailer bracket on rear bumper of pickup, to power boat trailer power winch. Put other connector on wiring that plugs into power winch. 124611

- SW1551

the plastic part is great the instructions suck and the connectors will need soldiered a crimp alone does not seem to hold. but other than that its a great product 60732


Ask the Experts about this Superwinch Accessories and Parts
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  • Charging Trailer Batteries While Towing Using the Alternator in a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The problem with charging trailer mounted batteries is that vehicle alternators and the wiring going through, say, a 7-Way trailer connector cannot push back the amperage required to charge up the batteries (or it would take an extremely long time). At best they can maintain the charge level in most cases. But there is a solution to that issue and it is actually similar to what you have suggested. What you need is a DC to DC charger. We do have one rated at 40 amps, # 331-BCDC1240D,...
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  • Recommended Battery Disconnect for Trailer Application To Prevent Power Drain
  • You have a couple of options for a battery disconnect I recommend. You can use Superwinch Quick Connect # SW2236 or # SW1551 depending on wire gauge to give you quick connect/disconnect. If you prefer a keyed disconnection switch you can use the Epicord Battery Disconnect Switch with Key - 50 Amp # 277-000096. This will isolate your battery to prevent power drain with the turn of a key.
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  • Charging Trailer-Mounted Accessory Battery Using Tow Vehicle Battery
  • Using the vehicle electrical system to charge a discharged trailer-mounted battery is not feasible due to the physics involved. The distance between the batteries along with the fact that the accessory battery is passive and will not be pulling any power through the circuit will prevent enough power from the tow vehicle electrical system from reaching the accessory battery and effectively charging it. A larger wire like the 8 gauge wire you mentioned would allow a 12 volt accessory,...
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  • Recommended Wiring for CTEK Charger and Wireless Brake Controller Compatiblility
  • The Tekonsha Prodigy RF Wireless Trailer Brake Controller # 90250 works as a 12V pass through so you will get the same voltage but your are correct about the amperage. The CTEK D250S Dual Battery Charger 12V- 20a # CTEK40186 could absolutely pull more amperage than what the Prodigy will allow through so you could splice into your wiring prior to the controller, but that isn't my recommendation. The best work around to ensure you have the battery charging you desire is to use the Superwinch...
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  • Quick Connects and Wiring Recommendation for Use with a 4,500 lb Winch
  • The Superwinch Quick Connects # SW1551 that you referenced are designed to be used on wire that is from 6-10 gauge. Since you have 6 gauge wire you would be just fine. This does not come with any wire, and to determine if your winch requires circuit breakers installed on the power line you will need to check the owners manual of the winch or the manufacturer. For a kit that includes the wiring you would want the part # SW1520. This kit also work with 4 AWG wire. For dust covers...
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  • Quick Connects for Power a Trailer Winch from a Vehicle Battery
  • There are some quick connect options for winches. We have # SW2236 for 2 to 4 gauge wire, # SW1551 for 6 to 10 gauge wire. We also have # DL24085 for 6 to 16 gauge wire and # DL24086 that accepts up to 10 gauge wire. I have included a link to our FAQ article on wiring an electric winch that should be helpful.
    view full answer...

  • How to Connect Wires to Superwinch Quick Connects
  • You are correct, when feeding your winch and power supply wiring to the included terminal contacts on the Superwinch Quick Connects like the 2-4 AWG Wire # SW2236, you will first want to strip 1/2 inch of casing from the leads. You will then crimp and/or solder the terminal contacts to the wires. Once the wires are in place, you will simply place the terminal contact in the housing (while observing proper polarity). I have attached a short video demonstration that further explains this...
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  • Charging 4 Deep Cycle Batteries Running a Power Inverter with Fridge Plugged in While Traveling
  • What you can do is connect the batteries that power the inverter directly to the starter battery on the truck or even an alternator in your 2018 Ford F-450. Keep in mind though that when multiple batteries are connected together it takes a long time to charge all of them up. Instead of using the batteries you could attach the inverter directly to one of the truck batteries so that it will get constant power without depleting the truck batteries. This will allow you to keep your 4 deep...
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  • Can an Electric Winch be Plugged into a 7-Way Connector on an RV
  • First you have to look at the amperage the winch draws and compare it to what the 12 volt circuit on the 7-Way connector is rated for. Winches can draw a lot of power and could easily over draw the 12 volt circuit on the 7-Way. Most 7-Way connectors are on a 30 to 40 amp circuit breaker or fuse. Even a small 1,500 pound winch can draw 70 amps or more. What I recommend is to use separate wiring and connectors for the winch to avoid over drawing the 7-Way. If the winch wiring is 6 to 10...
    view full answer...

  • Using Two Different Winches on the Same Winch Wiring Harness
  • It sounds to me like you have the Trailer and Vehicle Electric Winch Wiring Kit part # SW2008 already installed on your Chevrolet Tahoe that is currently ran to a Superwinch S4000. If you are looking to attach the Superwinch Winch 2 Go 4000 SR part # SW1140232 to this wiring harness kit, you can either use the pigtail the runs to the Superwinch S4000 or you can simply cut the clamps off the Winch 2 Go and attach a new set of quick connectors like the Superwinch Quick Connects part # SW1551...
    view full answer...

  • Will Superwinch 2-4 Gauge Wire Quick Connects # SW2236 Work on 12000-lb Winch
  • The Superwinch Quick Connects # SW2236 that you referenced will work with winches that have wiring in the 2-4 gauge range. The weight capacity of your winch is a function of both motor capacity/wiring gauge, and also its gear train. If your winch uses wiring in the 2 - 4 AWG range then you can use this connector # SW2236. We also offer part # SW1551 that fits wires from 6 - 10 AWG.
    view full answer...

  • Wiring and Quick Disconnects for Superwinch LT2000 Electric Utility Winch
  • The recommended wire kit for Superwinch winch # 1220210 is # SW1520. This kit includes the wiring and the quick disconnects. If you wanted just the quick disconnects you would need # SW1551. These are the same ones included with the previously mentioned wiring kit. I have linked installation instructions for you and a link to our help article on wiring an electric winch.
    view full answer...

  • Can 2 AWG Be Used on the Superwinch Winch 2 Go 4000 Part # SW1140222
  • The Superwinch Winch 2 Go 4000 1140222 comes with 6 AWG. Therefore the correct quick-disconnect terminal would be part # SW1551 which is rated for 6-10 AWG, not part # SW2236 which is rated for 2-4 AWG. In order to use the quick-disconnect terminal rated for 2-4 AWG, you would also need to change out the wires in the box that run from the ring terminals on the winch to the quick-disconnect terminal on the back of the box.
    view full answer...

  • Quick Disconnect Recommendation that Matches the Superwinch Winch 2 Go 4000 SR
  • The quick disconnect part # SW1551 that you referenced is the same connector that is included with the Superwinch Winch 2 Go 4000 SR # SW1140232.
    view full answer...

  • Are there Quick Connectors to Attach Solar Panels to Batteries
  • What you could do is use quick connects such as # SW1551. One of them you would wire to the batteries using 10 gauge wire such as # 10-2-1, sold by the foot, and the other one would wire to the solar panels. These connectors can accept wire as small as 10 gauge so anything smaller than that you would have to double up the wire before securing it in the terminals.
    view full answer...

  • Installing Winch on Car Dolly
  • You can certainly install a winch in the manner you describe using the Superwinch Quick Connect you mentioned. The necessary circuit breakers should have been included with your winch. The breaker is typically installed inline on the power wire leading to the vehicle battery. If you do not have a breaker, I might be able to find out which one you need if you could reply with the make and model number of your winch. I have linked you to our FAQ article that shows a few different methods...
    view full answer...

  • When Towing Honda CR-V Behind Motor Home and Running Lights On, it Interferes with Ham Radio
  • It sounds like the CR-V has a battery isolator installed that is tied into the running light circuit on the RV. This provides power and charge to the CR-V battery so it isn't dead when you go to drive it. The running light circuit on the motor home has to be connected to the lights on the CR-V but it doesn't have to be connected to a battery isolator. You could instead run the isolator input wire with its own separate connection from the CR-V to the motor home battery via a 40 amp circuit...
    view full answer...

  • How to Protect Superwinch Quick Connectors for Winch Wiring on a Truck
  • The Superwinch quick connectors # SW1551 themselves do not have any sort of cover to protect them from the elements. But what you could do is modify mounting box # RP74641 and that will help protect them. There is no one place that you have to mount the connectors. You can mount them in a place that works best for you. We do sell 10 gauge wire. I recommend # 10-2-1 since it is 2 wires in 1 sheath. It is sold by the foot so if you needed 20 feet you would put 20 in the quantity box.
    view full answer...

  • Quick Disconnect for 10 Gauge Ground Wire on 4- to 7-Way Trailer Wiring Adapter
  • It looks like you ordered # 30717 but what would have been ideal for your situation is # 37185 which would retain the 4-Way while adding a 7-Way so you would not have had to disconnect anything if you wanted to tow a trailer with a 4-Way. You have some options. You could have a separate disconnect set up for the ground wire, replace the adapter you have with # 37185, or use a 7- to 4-Way adapter such as # PK12716. For quick disconnects your best bet would be # SW1551 provided the...
    view full answer...

  • How to Winch a Boat and Trailer Down a 60 Foot Hill with 35 Degree Slope
  • We certainly have a large selection of electric trailer winches and everything else you would need to launch and retrieve your boat but I am a bit confused on how you are trying to accomplish this. Would it be possible for you to sketch a quick diagram to further explain how you will be launching/retrieving the boat. I am also confused by how you would use a trailer hitch mounted winch plate while the boat is attached. Can you please clarify this for me so I can provide a solid recommendation....
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for Maintaining 1999 Jayco Pop Up Camper's Battery While Towing
  • I have a solution for you to maintain your trailer's battery while towing, but we do not offer an aux socket adapter for your battery charger from Schumacher. There is not a great way to charge your trailer's battery while towing, but you can provide the battery a maintenance charge so the trailer battery won't drain while being towed. One way to provide a maintenance charge to your trailer's battery while towing is to use a 7-Way trailer connector and 7-Way vehicle connector to provide...
    view full answer...

  • Fuel Pump Kill Switch Theft Deterrents Recommendation
  • Sounds like you are trying to make a kill switch for your fuel pump as a theft deterrent. What I would recommend you do is instead of quick disconnects that could easily be reconnected if a thief were to find it, I would use a fuse holder like the part # FLX30357K as a kill switch. This way whenever you leave your vehicle you could pull the fuse and take it with you so that unless the thief happened to have fuses on him (he won't) he wouldn't be able to hotwire your vehicle. He also...
    view full answer...

  • How to Release Quick Connect Electrical Connections
  • Quick connects like the Dutton-Lainson Electrical Quick Connects # DL24086 that you referenced do not have a release latch built into them. Basically you just slide them apart. They can sometimes be difficult to get apart, but if you wiggle them while pulling on them they will release.
    view full answer...

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