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Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit

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Product Images

roadmaster accessories and parts  even brake 2nd vehicle kit
roadmaster accessories and parts tow bar braking systems even brake 2nd vehicle kit

In Use/Installed

2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster second vehicle kit rm-98400
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster second vehicle kit in use
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems even brake 2nd vehicle kit
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems in use
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster  rm-98400
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster second vehicle kit rm-98400
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems even brake 2nd vehicle kit
2012 jeep liberty accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems second vehicle kit in use

Customer Photos

roadmaster accessories and parts tow bar braking systems rm-98400
roadmaster accessories and parts tow bar braking systems even brake 2nd vehicle kit

  • Tow Bar Braking Systems
  • Second Vehicle Kit
  • Roadmaster
Towing more than one vehicle? The second vehicle kit makes it even easier to move the Roadmaster Even Brake from one vehicle to another. Call 800-298-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-98400 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-98400

Towing more than one vehicle? The second vehicle kit makes it even easier to move the Roadmaster Even Brake from one vehicle to another.

If you switch Even Brake between vehicles, this kit has the components necessary to make a second vehicle towable.
  • Includes break away kit (wiring harness, cable and switch), brake light relay and transmitter

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Video of Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit Installation - 2012 Jeep Liberty

Speaker 1: Today on this 2012 Jeep Liberty you'll be having a look at and being shown how to install the Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit. Part number RM-98400. We will be using the Roadmaster Brake Light Relay Kit for tow vehicles. Part number RM-88400. Now our Even Brake will install in the exact same manner as it did in our other vehicle. This will allow us the ability to swap this between our two vehicles without having to purchase another braking system.

We can quickly and easily swap between the two vehicles depending on which one we want to tow to our destination. We can set up our wireless receiver to work with our Even Brake unit on up to four different vehicles. That's great. We don't have to worry about setting this up every single time. We simply plug it into our 12-volt outlet and we're ready to go.When everything's operating normally, we'll have a green LED display over here to the right, which will tell us that everything's good to go.

When our brakes are being applied, we will have a red LED off here to the top left. It will show braking on the screen. After one successful braking, we can press the button on the left and we can see what the current battery voltage is in our Liberty. That way we can see how the battery's doing, make sure it's not getting run down, and we'll be able to have successful braking in the vehicle.In the unlikely event that our Liberty becomes disconnected from our motorhome, the breakaway switch will be pulled and the brakes will be applied inside the Liberty, bringing the vehicle to a stop. Inside the motorhome we'll get an audible alert with our flashing LED lights and a message on the LCD display that says tow breakaway, emergency stop.

This will help indicate you that you've had a disconnect issue or the breakaway pin was accidentally pulled, so you can bring your vehicles to a safe stop.Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed. We'll find ourselves underneath the dash on the driver's side of our vehicle. Underneath our dash we find this fabric panel that sits above where our feet rest while we're driving. We'll need to remove this. We have two plastic rivets.

The way these work, use a flat head screwdriver, twist out the center section, and come behind it and then pull out the entire piece. If you'll look right above our brake pedal, you'll see a bundle of wires going to a switch. This is our brake pedal switch. This is what we need to test to find out where the cold side is. What that means is there's no power going through it until we step on the brake pedal.We're going to test this with a multimeter. We're going to do what's called a back probe technique, so we don't damage the wires. We have our multimeter grounded to a bolt on the vehicle's body, and if we just insert this pin into the back of the connector, we're not piercing the wire at all, and it's not damaging any of the connection points. We have it back probed into one of our wires right now. This is the white wire with the green stripe. Don't confuse this with the green wire with the white stripe. This one has more white than it does green. You can test to make sure that we are only getting power to this wire. With our hand or foot off the brake pedal, you can see we're getting zero volts. When I press down on the brake pedal, we get 12 volts. That is exactly what we're looking for. That is the cold side of our brake light switch, so it's the white wire with the green stripe. That is the wire that we're going to be making our connections with.To make it easier to work with, we'll unhook our brake light switch. This red lock tab, which is right by my finger on the other side of this connector right here, we've slid that back, there's a black tab right here by my thumb, press this down and pull back on the connector to unplug it. Here's the white wire with the green stripe. Cut it right in the middle and strip back some insulation from both wires. Here's what our wiring harness looks like. I went ahead and replaced all of our butt connectors of heat shrink butt connectors that we have available on our website because they are better than the factory ones and I feel like they will give us a better connection. We have these available on our website. If you'd like to purchase them, these are for 14-16 gauge wires.Our green wire will go to our vehicle's brake light switch on the wire for the cold side that is closest to the actual switch itself. The spade connector will go to our transmitter. The black wire will go to the cold side wire that's furthest from the switch. The red wire will go to a fuse underneath the hood of our vehicle that only has power when the ignition is on. The white wire's our ground. For our application we will not be using this blue wire, so we can simply remove it.The butt connector here, off our green wire, this will go to the side of our wire closest to the switch that we cut. The black wire goes to the side furthest from the switch. Now we'll use a heat gun to shrink down our butt connectors. The reason you use a heat gun versus a lighter is because it provides you with a source of indirect heat versus direct heat and it won't damage the connector. We'll plug our brake light switch back in, we'll secure the lock tab.Okay we find ourselves underneath the hood now on the driver's side of the vehicle, right next to our master cylinder and brake booster. If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, you will not have this grommet, you will have to drill a hole elsewhere or pass through a different existing grommet. Right here we have a grommet which we can remove to pass our wires through to the engine bay. You just grab it, pull it out, and behind that you'll find a piece of foam, just poke your finger through and make the hole a little bit wider.Okay we went ahead and put our red wire through with our fuse holder, through the hole in the firewall, it's routed accordingly. It's right next to our fuse box now and this is where we need to make our connection. We'll lift up on these two tabs, tilt the fuse box forward, pull up and the lid will pop off. With our fuse box open, there's a fuse right here, kind of offset from the rest, closest to our driver's side, number M7, which is for our power outlet. It's exactly what we're looking for. This is a fuse that just has power when the ignition is on. We'll take a pair of needle nose pliers or a fuse puller, whatever you have, remove the fuse.Okay now we'll take our fuse tap and our fuse, combine the two by sticking one leg of the fuse through the slot in the top and we'll reinstall the fuse. Now we'll take our wire that I ran through the firewall, insert it onto the leg of the tap. Now we'll take a pair of side cutters here and make a notch so our wire has a place to pass through cleanly and doesn't get pinched. We'll drape it down and we can reinstall our cover. Now our white wire with the ring terminal, that's our ground. We're just going to ground this to the vehicle's sheet metal with the provided self-tapping screw. Right in this area here behind our brake pedal will be fine. Our relay we can plug into our socket. It's keyed so it only goes in one way, just line it up appropriately and push it into place. There you go.The first thing you want to do in order to get this installed is get your breakaway switch mounted. We already did that when we had our fascia off when we installed our base plate. The breakaway switch is right here. We just attached it to our base plate using a short bracket which we have available on our website as part number 18140. The wire for our breakaway switch goes behind our fascia, goes up, goes behind our headlight. There's a large hole behind the headlight where it passes up, goes around the side of our battery, and on through the hole mentioned earlier.Here's our breakaway switch cable. This is our wireless transmitter. We'll plug the breakaway switch cable into the wireless transmitter. The spade terminal on the green wire off of our brake light relay will plug onto this spade terminal here, number two, on our wireless transmitter. The white and red wires that come off our wireless transmitter, these will go through the same grommet hole in the firewall that we've been using for our breakaway switch and our brake light relay. Pull these wires the rest of the way through. We'll open up our fuse box again. If we use fuse number M11, which is this one right here, this one has constant power as well. Still a 10-amp fuse which is what we're looking for, we can take that fuse out.Now the 10-amp fuse I removed we'll put into our fuse tap on the bottom spot here. This will protect the original circuit, put another 10-amp fuse that comes with our kit on the top one. This will protect our wireless transmitter. We'll take our red wire that we brought through the firewall, strip off some more insulation, stick that inside of our fuse tap. Now we'll wrap up this butt connector with some electrical tape just to help protect it, even though it's enclosed in a sealed fuse box. We'll install the fuse tap into the spot where the fuse was, and then that gap that we made earlier for our brake light relay and pass it out through there. We'll reinstall the fuse box lid now.Okay our white wire, I'll strip off some insulation giving us a little bit more wire exposed. We'll take our blue ring terminal that comes with the kit, slide it over the wire and we'll crimp it. Now we have a couple options with this. We can attach it directly to our vehicle's sheet metal, or you just go directly to the negative terminal on our battery, which is what I'm going to do. I'll remove the 10 mm nut on our negative terminal, place the terminal over that, reinstall the nut, tighten it back down.Now we need to find a place to mount our wireless transmitter. Right here on the side of our kick panel will be a perfect spot. We'll just hold it in place and use some of the screws that come with the kit. Here's what the wireless transmitter looks like mounted. We also took the time to secure up any of our loose wires and the brake light relay itself with a couple zip-ties to keep it away from our feet as we're driving. We also took the liberty to secure up the slack in our breakaway cable, and then we put our wires, the red wires and the white wire in some wire loom that passed through our grommet. Now we'll put a slit in our grommet, cut into like that and we'll reinstall our grommet in its original position.Okay we went ahead and took some sealant, which we have available on our website, and went around the hole that we made in the grommet and sealed it up, so you don't have to worry about any moisture getting inside the vehicle. We'll reinstall the under dash panel. I've already made sure our seat is all the way back, so now I'll put it in place. Now we'll verify that we have no air in our system by pressing the air release button. Now I'll plug our cord in to our wireless transmitter.We'll plug this in to our 12-volt outlet in our vehicle. Okay with it plugged in, we'll now press the test button. We have a green light next to the test button. That means we're good to go inside the vehicle. We can hop into the RV now. We plug into our 12-volt outlet with our wireless receiver. Now to make sure that our receiver is paired with our Even Brake unit, we will hold down the dim button in the middle for six seconds. Now it's in learning mode. It should say learning ICX, which is your wireless transmitter number one. Hit okay. Then we'll go back to the Even Brake unit inside the vehicle and press the test button. After a few moments it will say test is good, system is ready. We'll have a green light over to the right and we know we're ready to tow.That completes your look at and being shown how to install the Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit. Part number RM-98400 on this 2012 Jeep Liberty.

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit - RM-98400

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (23 Customer Reviews)

Towing more than one vehicle? The second vehicle kit makes it even easier to move the Roadmaster Even Brake from one vehicle to another.

- RM-98400

by: Kenny J.09/07/2017

The written instructions were pretty good. I also used the 21 minute video on the etrailer site and it was great. Took me about 5 hours. I used a electrical knock out to place the two holes, 1 1/4", in the left and right frames. I. Really pleased with how things turned out. 429779

- RM-98400

by: Dean K.09/17/2015

The same product offered other places but at a lower price than most. It was slightly higher than the lowest price I found but with free shipping it beat everyone else by far. It arrived when stated. Communication between e-trailer and me was good. The instructions that came with the 2nd car kit was confusing but called Roadmaster direct and was helped to get the install done correctly. The product is of high quality. Good Job. 226036

- RM-98400

by: Earle10/21/2014

Just received and not yet installed. Instructions ok, but some of the wiring and connections are not included, a manufacturing deficiency, not etrailers. Also, mfg web site had very little info for my model of auto for locating brake switch wires. Have to find it on my own. 157092

- RM-98400

by: Clyde03/13/2017

Product was spot on instructions on brake light relay switch...had to download it from roadmaster ..etrailer shipped fast but used surepost but it was free.. also etrailer has some good videos of install. 352148

- RM-98400

by: Milton C. Moser II12/19/2013

I have not installed product as of yet but I am sure it will be great. I have purchased from etrailer before and have never been not satisfied. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and GOD Bless. Moe 110524

- RM-98400

by: Craig06/26/2015

Will be using on a 2014 Honda CRV. Product is as advertised. Great packaging and fast shipping at a low price. Can't be beat. Very satisfied. 207610

- RM-98400

by: Norman O03/14/2011

I recieved the 'second vehicle kit' promptly. It was instlled today and everything is working fine. Thanks for the quick turn around. 9271

- RM-98400

by: Matt P07/07/2014

Product was perfect and the service through etrailer was excellent. I will definitely use etrailer again. 139652

- RM-98400

by: Phillip M06/09/2015

Well packaged product for shipment. Arrived on time and was sold by etrailer at a good price. 201901

- RM-98400

by: Tom M.02/08/2012

The convenience of having 2 vehicles set up to tow is really handy and this kit does the trick. 31338

- RM-98400

by: Craig T03/23/2015

Received the product and instructions. Now I have to figure out how to install it 180431

- RM-98400

by: Don BInns04/17/2012

Quick shipping and exactly what I ordered and needed. Thanks for the service 37472

- RM-98400

by: Wiring harness06/03/2017

Order was received fairly quick. Haven't installed yet, but should work. 389076

- RM-98400

by: Kevin L10/10/2017

Thanks etrailer for a great product and great buying experience. 441463

- RM-98400

by: Mike Smith09/27/2017

Needed it right away and got it right away. Thanks etrailer. 437056

- RM-98400

by: RG04/30/2015

Fast and free shipment and the best price around on this item 189046

- RM-98400

by: Jerry Perkins05/03/2012

the kit was all there like it should be and happy with it 39314

- RM-98400

by: Charles05/03/2016

Item came in good condition and have not installed yet. 248210



Charles - 05/03/2017


- RM-98400

by: Gary02/06/2015

Great price and fast shipping. Thanks so much. 172658

- RM-98400

by: Ron M.12/17/2012

Easily installed with good instructions. 61660

- RM-98400

by: Sonny R10/22/2017

It looks to be exactly what I needed 444935

- RM-98400

by: fred maio05/04/2013

looks like just what I need 78956

- RM-98400

by: CT04/17/2015

Best service CT 185556


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  • How to Install the Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit # RM-98400
  • To use the Roadmaster Even Brake Braking System, # RM-9400, in your 2011 HHR, you will simply install the braking system using the installation instructions that came with the Even Brake system. The only difference in the installation is that you will use the 2nd Vehicle Kit, # RM-98400, instead of the parts that were included with the Even Brake system. The first step to install this kit is to find a suitable location for the breakaway switch and the ICX transmitter. The breakaway switch...
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  • I will be happy to explain the installation of the breakaway switch. First, mount the break away switch at the front of the vehicle, on the drivers side. Choose an area you can easily reach, with a surface of sufficient strength to hold the switch firmly in place, so that the break away pin (Figure 1) will pull freely from the switch. Mount the switch in a horizontal position, with the break away pin facing toward the motorhome. Ensure that the break away pin can be pulled freely away from...
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  • Programming a Second Vehicle Kit to a Roadmaster Even Brake System
  • Here's exactly what you will need to do to program ICX transmitter to the monitor of your Roadmaster Even Brake part # RM-9400. Press the Dim button on the motorhome monitor after plugging it in for about 6 seconds until the LCD reads, "receiver in learn mode." Release the Dim button and it should read "Learning ICX #1 --Advance OK." Select, "Learning ICX #2 Advance OK." Press the Test button on the Even Brake Touch pad control panel. It should begin a self-diagnostic test. Once...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT Sedan
  • I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster who stated that if the lower grille pieces are removable then that indicates it has grille inserts and you would use # 523137-1 that you have referenced. If your lower grille has 3 sections like in the pictures for the base plates then that is the correct set. To be sure though you can take a picture and email it to me and I can determine which would be correct. Your Falcon 5250 should have some Quick Disconnects, # RM-201, to go from the tow bar...
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  • Tow Bar, Base Plate, Wiring, Braking System to Flat Tow 2003 Subaru Impreza and 1998 Toyota 4Runner
  • I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster and Base Plate Kit, # 916-1 is the correct base plate kit for your 2003 Subaru Impreza. The Base Plate Kit, # 1148-1, is the correct kit for your 1998 Toyota 4Runner. The RoadMaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar, # RM-520, that you mentioned is a good, economical choice with many great features like a quick disconnect system, telescoping arms for easy hookup, and a full length steel cross bar to help support your vehicle frame. As for a towing kit, I recommend...
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  • How Does the Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking Send a Signal for Vehicle to Motor Home
  • The Roadmaster Even Brake, # RM-9400, uses a wireless transmitter in the vehicle and a receiver in the motorhome. The Receiver lets you know the Even Brake is working properly by lighting up when the brakes are being applied and also notifies you when the towed vehicle battery voltage is low. The second vehicle kit that you referenced, # RM-98400, provides the wiring and transmitter for another vehicle so you can use the in-cab monitor and the same braking unit for more than 1 vehicle. I...
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  • Parts Needed to Complete a Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking System
  • Since you are missing some of the major components of the Even Brake system, what you will need is the second vehicle kit, # RM-98400 to ensure that you have all of the parts needed to use the Even Brake. The transmitter alone is just one piece you will need. You will also need the breakaway components, some wiring, and the brake light relay.
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  • Will Installation of a Even Brake System on a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox Dinghy Affect the Brake Lights
  • For your 2011 Chevrolet Equinox, you will not have to worry about the brake lights from the towing vehicle interfering with the brake lights on the dinghy when the brakes and Even Brake system are activated. You will need to use a Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit, # RM-751439, for your vehicle. This kit will bypass the Equinox braking system making your wiring completely separate from the vehicle brake light system. You will still need to wire the Equinox for towing just like you did...
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  • Can an Even Brake Braking System be Installed on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee without the Break Away
  • Basically, it will not work if you do not install the brake away part of the braking system. They are required by law and the unit is supposed to show an error if the break away is not installed. The indicator that comes with the Even Brake # RM-9400 is there to show you that the brake pedal of the vehicle is actually moving. The handheld unit allows you to adjust power and tells you if there are any errors. These items do not affect the lighting system needed between the RV and toad. The...
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  • Will the Roadmaster Even Brake Work on a 2001 Chevy Tracker
  • If you already have a Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 and want to move it between 2 different vehicles then you would use the second vehicle kit # RM-98400. But if you do not have any braking system then you would not install RM-98400 and instead would get the Even Brake # RM-9400. If you go with the Even Brake then a 12 volt power port, # RM-9332, is recommended because the one in the vehicle, if equipped, will not be active when the vehicle is being flat towed.
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  • Installing Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit on 2014 Chevrolet Equinox
  • To install the Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit # RM-98400 on your 2014 Chevrolet Equinox, you will just need to use the Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit # RM-751439 and the 12 Volt Outlet Kit # RM-9332. The Stop Light Switch Kit will allow you to tap into your vehicle's brake-light switch so that the RV's monitoring system will alert you whenever the brake pedal of the towed car is being applied. I have attached an installation video on your 2014 Chevrolet Equinox for you to review....
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  • Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking System and Second Vehicle Kit Fit with 2014 Ford Edge SEL
  • The Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit # RM-98400 will work just fine on your 2014 Ford Edge SEL if you are using a previously purchased Roadmaster Even Brake System. The Jeep Patriot video on that page just shows one possible installation for reference, but it will work on your vehicle as well. If you were intending to purchase the braking system for your Edge and don't currently have one, then you will want the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional...
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  • Second Vehicle Kit to Install a Roadmaster Even Brake in a 2004 Chevy Avalanche
  • If you are looking for a second vehicle kit to use your Roadmaster Even Brake part # RM-9400 on a 2004 Chevy Avalanche the part # RM-98400 that you referenced would be the right kit. I attached an install video for this product for you to check out as well.
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  • Even Brake Supplemental Braking System Interferes with Home Security System
  • The Even Brake, # RM-9400, sends a wireless signal to the receiver in the motorhome hand held unit and that signal can interfere with other signals. It sounds like the unit is sending a signal either looking for the hand held unit or something similar. You will want to unplug the transmitter from the power source and Even Brake. With no power the unit should not be able to send a signal.
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  • Installation Of Roadmaster Even Brake 2nd Vehicle Kit For 2007 Chevrolet HHR
  • I have attached an installation video for the Roadmaster Even brake 2nd Vehicle Kit,part # RM-98400. This video explains how you run the wires for the breakaway kit as well as connecting the IXC terminal. When working with electrical connectors I recommend using dielectric grease like part # 11755. This keeps dirt and moisture out of the electrical connections and helps prevent corrosion. Although the vehicle is different, the installation should be similar for your 2007 Chevrolet HHR.
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  • Patriot BRK 2012 Breakaway Switch Routing Instructions
  • When running the breakaway wire of the Blue Ox Patriot # BRK2012 there are two methods: Method 1: Through the firewall 1. Look for a pre-existing hole in the firewall, if no hole exists, drill a ½” diameter hole. Insert a grommet into hole. Note: Make sure not to damage any components on either side of the firewall while drilling. 2. Find a path for the cable through the engine compartment to the firewall. Use wire ties to secure the cable. Make sure to avoid any hot or moving engine...
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