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Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray

Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray

Item # RM-747
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This silicone lubricant is ideal for tow bars. Sprays on dry without attracting dirt and road grime that can cause binding. Safe on non-metal components. Also great for awnings, windows, folding steps, and general use around the home and RV. 1-800-940-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-747 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-747

  • Tow Bar
  • Sprays and Cleaners
  • Roadmaster

This silicone lubricant is ideal for tow bars. Sprays on dry without attracting dirt and road grime that can cause binding. Safe on non-metal components. Also great for awnings, windows, folding steps, and general use around the home and RV.


  • Sprays on dry without attracting dirt and road grime that can cause binding
    • Ideal for tow bars, awning arms, window tracks, folding steps, and general use
  • Reduces noisy squeeks and promotes longevity
  • Creates a water-resistant coating
  • Safe to use on non-metal components
  • Meets Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards

747 Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray Lubricant

Video of Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray

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Video Transcript for Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray Review

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we're gonna be checking out the Roadmaster LubeMaster heavy-duty RV silicone spray. So, this is going to be ideal for lubricating your tow bars, which is a really important thing to do. You know, you wanna make sure they're clean and properly lubricated. That way, you know, you're gonna get the best performance out of them. They're gonna last a lot longer, stay in better shape and be much easier to use.

You know, whenever you're doing your flat tow setup, the more streamlined it is, the easier it's going to be. You know, and having everything operates smoothly is gonna save you a little bit of time there. And a lot of times, believe it or not, you see this quite often. You know, we get a lot of questions, people asking about tow bar maintenance. You know, and just like anything mechanical, you know, if you maintain it, it's gonna work better.

It's just like a vehicle, you know what I mean If you neglect it, it's gonna give out on you. And the same holds true for a tow bar like this. So, you know, we see them come in quite often, actually. You know, a tow bar, they got a lot of miles on them. They really take a beating.

They're outside and everything else. And if you don't take care of it, eventually what can happen is the arms and the mechanisms and everything else become really hard to operate. Particularly, we see a lot of the arms here will just have so much stuff caked up on it and built up on it that you can hardly slide them in and out. And then when that happens, you know, it tears up your seals and your internal components. And then you're left with the choice, you know, do I replace some of the internal components A lot of times, you can get in there and a lot of stuff's messed up and then, you know, you end up having to get a new tow bar.

So, by doing a little bit of maintenance every now and again, it can really save you a lot of time and energy in the long run, whenever you're ready to actually use the tow bar. So, like anything, before you get to lubricating parts and everything like that, you wanna make sure they're clean. And what I would suggest doing is using the Roadmaster tow bar cleaner here. I've tried both of these products. And this tow bar cleaner works really good, believer or not. It is really strong stuff. And does a great job of getting your tow bar all shined up before you lubricate everything. So, what really separates this from a lot of other, you know, type of lubricants is the fact that it is a dry silicone. So, what that means is when you spray it out of the can and it goes on the surface, in a matter of seconds, it's gonna dry. 'Cause I know, personally, I would probably be tempted just to grab kinda your generic, you know, off-the-shelf brand or some type of lubricant and use that for the tow bar arms. The problem is they're not a dry type of silicone. So, what happens, when you spray that on, spray that other type of lubricant on, it doesn't really evaporate. When I say evaporate, like this, this is gonna leave behind a protective layer, okay, of lubricant. And the other ones, you spray it on there and it just stays wet. Well, the problem is with that, whenever something's wet and greasy, that actually is gonna attract dust and dirt and all kinds of different things. So, what's gonna happen, I'm gonna spray this on, hopefully we can get a good shot of it here. But when I spray this on, you're gonna see the wet part evaporate in a matter of seconds. So, really layer it on there. And just after a few seconds, it evaporates. But if you feel it, you can feel that it's slick and that there's a film on it. So, that's gonna be the main difference between this and some other, you know, generic, off-the-shelf-type of lubricants. So, I feel like we covered, you know, how is this gonna work with the tow bar and everything else like that. And here in a minute, you know, I'll show you actually how to clean and properly lubricate a tow bar. So, if that's something you're interested in, stick around, check that out. But with that said, though, you know, this isn't a, you know, this isn't just for tow bars. This spray has a lot of different uses. You can use it for a ton of different things. So, you know, having a can of this laying around in the RV, it's kinda just a good general purpose spray as well. You know, say if you got a squeaky step going into the door, go and spray some on it. A awning that might be getting stuck or hung up a little bit, it'll work for that. You know, door hinges. A handful of our customers said they use it on their, you know, their jacks underneath their camper or RV and things like that. And whether you're constantly using it and just wanna keep things loosened up, or, you know, since it does leave that protective film over things, you know, I feel like this would be a good thing to break out in the winter time, just before you're gonna store everything. And just kinda give, you know, those type of components a quick coating. That way, you know, that'll help you protect it against the elements while it's sitting. And, you know, you're gonna be able to open up your RV or whatever it is that you're doing with a little more confidence whenever the weather turns and it starts to get nice and you're ready to get out and have some fun. So, at the end of the day, you know, when it comes to trying to maintain things, what you put in is what you're gonna get out. You know, and if you actually do things properly and put a little bit of effort into it, you're gonna be much happier in the long run. And so, it really does make sense, spend a few minutes, clean your tow bar every now and again, and, you know, you'll be able to call it a day. It really doesn't take all that much time at all. So, if that's something you're interested in and in seeing how I did it, we'll go ahead and clean and lubricate this one together now. There is a recommended way on how to clean and lubricate your tow bar, so let's go ahead and just kinda run through this together. So, I have our tow bar cleaner here. Let's give it a shake to kinda mix things up. And what I'm gonna do first is just kinda spray the tow bar down. You know, give it a good coating and I'm just spraying it on everything. You know, and we'll just give it good wipe down to kinda get things started here. If it's real dirty, you know, you can probably let this soap for a minute or two and let things loosen up a little bit. Ours isn't too terrible, so I think we can get away with just spraying it down. Kinda tilt the tow bar up, and pull the arm out to lock it down. And what we're gonna do is spray in this area here. And what's gonna happen is, is this cleaner is gonna leak down into the internal part here. And that cap that we removed, you know, will allow stuff to get flushed out of the bottle. So we'll just really spray this good. And I'm gonna kinda cover this whole piece here. And what you can do is just work this arm in and out. And you can see, just by kinda doing that one time. You know, a little more dirt is accumulating and it's picking up dirt and kinda pushing everything, pushing everything out of the tow bar. So, after a few times, I'm probably just gonna wipe this clean. To lubricate the tow bar, I'm using our silicone RV lube. And this is pretty straightforward here. We're just gonna spray down all of our moving parts. So, I just spread the tow bar across here. And like I said, pretty straightforward. Anything that pivots or moves, we can go ahead and give a shot of our lube. And not a bad idea just to, you know, kinda actually move it around and really get that silicone into all of these components. So, that one feels pretty good. What I'll probably do here is move on to our arms and everything else here. So, with these, kind of the same deal. I'm gonna spray down into here. And just move this in and out. We'll just continue around our tow bar to all of our components here. Again, to the lock mechanisms and everywhere else. You're really not gonna hurt anything, so, you know, don't be shy with this. So, this also works for your base plate pins. Now, we don't have a Roadmaster base plate, but the same concept. And whenever you clean these, what it's gonna do is help protect it from corrosion and just make it easier to operate, you know. These are new, so, you know, they're pretty smooth right now. But what you wanna do is make sure they're clean. And essentially, the same deal here. By spraying on the lubricant, what it's gonna do is create a little barrier there and that's gonna help protect it from corrosion and things like that. So, honestly, now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably a really good thing that we're doing this with brand new pins, that way, they're protected. And, you know, we're not gonna have to try to fight them in the future and do this down the road. So, you know, every now and again, probably good to do. But doing it now, when they're new, will ensure they stay just like new. So, after you hit these, you know, let them dry for a second. This stuff dries really, really fast. Matter of fact, it looks like it's dry right now. Let's just go ahead and make sure they operate smoothly, which indeed they do. Now that we have everything cleaned and lubricated properly, we're ready to hook up and hit the road. Or we do recommend doing this before the off-season, you know. That way, you got everything cleaned, lubed, and ready to go for next year. Once you take your motorhome and everything else out of storage, you're gonna have some confidence knowing that your tow bar will be ready to roll. And that'll finish up our look at of the Roadmaster LubeMaster RV silicone spray..

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Customer Reviews

Roadmaster LubeMaster Dry Silicone Spray - RM-747

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (63 Customer Reviews)

This silicone lubricant is ideal for tow bars. Sprays on dry without attracting dirt and road grime that can cause binding. Safe on non-metal components. Also great for awnings, windows, folding steps, and general use around the home and RV.


This product is great for keeping my towbar clean and lubricated. There was a can in this coach when we bought it, 5 years ago. If you tow your vehicle behind you this stuff is great to have. Take care and have a fun journey. Danny O'Neal


Works as expected.


Delivery was quick. I had an issue with one of the items that happened in transit. George immediately sent out a replacement. Excellent customer service!


I was told about using a dry silicone lube for my trailer. As soon as I could I went to and found the product. Almost as soon as I pushed the enter button on my computer I received an email that my order was being processed and being sent. (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration)



The lube works great. I use it on my tow bar before I head out each trip


Great Product, It is hard to find a DRY Silicone spray that won't attract drit. This works great on a lot of motorhome parts. Buying it from etrailer is cheaper than most all RV part stores that I could find.



still working


Good service as always, thank you!


The one product that I have found that lubricates the arms of the tow bar. Also used for the hydraulic jacks.



Still the one product to go to for this application.


I own a small camper and wanted to keep it in good shape with Roadmaster heavy duty silicon rv lube which I saw on several Youtube videos. Searched many sites for best price and etrailer had the best price and free shipping with my order. Product arrived undamaged and earlier than expected. I will be doing future business with etrailer in the future. I'm one happy camper!


Almost ready for another can. Used the roadmaster dry silicone spray on many rv surfaces, wish I had applied it to the stabilization jacks last fall for added winter protection, certainly will this fall. Will certainly order another can for continued protection from water, sun and wind.


Etrailer is always good to do business with. Right parts and right price.


The product and pricing is very good. I highly recommend this spray.

The shipping however is ridiculously slow. I will in the future pay a little more someplace else to get my order in a reasonable time.


Really needed this product and the Roadmaster cleaner before departing for Alaska in a few days. Asked for expedite and got it! I was promised I would have both within two days of shipment..and got them in three. Thanks, etrailer, for the fast turnaround.


Use all the time on all exposed metal parts to keep things moving and protected, also the size of the can is pretty big still got almost halve a can left after all this time , good product.


Description said it was a 10 1\4 inch drop. Actually measures 10 inches. It will work as is but will put my height difference at 3 inches. With motorhome being higher. Other venders had 10 inch but ordered this one for the extra 1/4 inch.


Excellent dry lube for towbars and MH s lides


Excellent service, and excellent quality of parts. I’ve had no issues at all in the past year.


Never used product before so really can't give comparison to another product. It was easy to use and went on well. I expect it to do a good job.


Received order timely. Price was right, customer service excellent and follow up to ensure satisfaction.



Still doing the job.


The spray can arrived in a timely manner, however the can had no nozzle attached to it! I robbed a nozzle off of another spray can in order to use the product.


helps to get the fabric in.


Great service. Take advantage of the free shipping for orders over $100. They definitely have something you need. There informative videos are better than [other sites]


As usual my order was filled and sent with unbelievable fast delivery, very rare and definitely will do more business with this company


Gets the job done!



Received on time and have used this product before and works great

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