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Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake & Brake Pro

Item # RM-650898

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roadmaster accessories and parts  replacement breakaway switch for even brake & pro
roadmaster accessories and parts electrical components rm-650898
roadmaster accessories and parts tow bar braking systems replacement breakaway switch for even brake & pro

In Use/Installed

2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems in use
2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster electrical components in use
2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster electrical components rm-650898
2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems rm-650898
2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster tow bar braking systems replacement breakaway switch for even brake & pro
2011 chevrolet avalanche accessories and parts roadmaster electrical components rm-650898

  • Tow Bar Braking Systems
  • Electrical Components
  • Roadmaster
Call 800-298-8924 to order Roadmaster accessories and parts part number RM-650898 or order online at Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake & Brake Pro. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Roadmaster Accessories and Parts - RM-650898

  • Included:
    • Breakaway switch for Even Brake

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Video of Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake & Brake Pro

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Replacement Breakaway Switch Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche

Today on our 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche we're going to be installing the Roadmaster Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake and Brake Pro, part number RM-650898. In addition to the breakaway switch we're also going to be installing the Roadmaster Breakaway Harness for Even Brake Braking Systems, part number RM-650900. Here's what our new breakaway switch looks like. It does come with a bolt and a nut to secure it, as well as a rubber grommet if you would need to drill a hole through any sheet metal to route the wiring. Here's what the harness looks like that we're going to be installing today. The ends, as you'll notice, match up with our breakaway switch. They just plug in like that. The other end will be routed into the cab of the vehicle where it'll tie in with your braking system. On the front of this vehicle there's not many locations that you won't have to drill or cut through the painted portions of the front fascia.

We're going to go ahead and put our breakaway switch in this general area here. It'll be out of the way of the removable arm, yet low enough that we won't be in the way of the safety cable from the base plate. It'll also give us straight pull forward if it would ever need to be pulled due to breakaway situation. We have our breakaway switch here and I took a bracket that came with our face plate kit and I kind of bent it to make it fit how we're going to mount things. Again depending on your exact location that you choose to mount your breakaway switch may determine what sort of bracket you use or what modifications you might have to make. We're going to go ahead and use the bolt and the nut that come with the kit to attach our bracket to the breakaway switch.

Tighten it down enough to hold it in place. We'll be able to feed it through the hole here and it'll end up in there something like that. This will allow us still a straight pull for the breakaway switch to be pulled out. Now with our breakaway switch installed we're going to go ahead and drill a hole through the portion of frame to attach the bracket to it. Let's take our paint marker to mark where we need to drill. To connect our bracket to the frame we're going to be using a hex bolt, a washer and a flange nut.

You will need to supply these additionally. Go ahead and install that through the frame. Then we'll put the flange nut on. Go ahead and tighten down everything by hand for now. We can go ahead and make some final adjustments and then finish tightening down the hardware. Next we'll need to go ahead and take our wiring harness, we'll plug in into the back side of the breakaway switch.

Once we have it plugged in we're going to go ahead and take a little bit of electrical tape to wrap up our connection and help protect it from the elements. I'm going to go ahead and wrap up the two wires that come out of the back side of the breakaway switch as well, just to give them a little more protection too. Now that we have out connection made we'll need to take the wiring harness, we'll need to route it up into the cab of the vehicle where we'll store it up underneath the dash on the driver side. Now when routing the wire or the cable, you want to make sure that you stay away from areas that have sharp edges, any moving parts or areas that may become hot as all of these could easily damage the wire. We'll also be using a few zip ties along the way to help us in securing the wire. Now we've routed the wire up and there's a large grommet right down there on the firewall where the main wiring harness goes into the cab of the vehicle. That's where we're going to end up routing our wire into the cab through. Before we do that we're going to go ahead and trim off any excess zip tie that we may have used to secure the wiring. Next we're going to go ahead and take our razor knife and we're going to put a cut here in the rubber grommet so that we can pull our wire through. We'll then need to go on the inside of the vehicle and put a cut on the grommet as well. We've gone ahead and threaded a pull wire through the rubber grommet where we put a slit on both sides. Our pull wire that we're using is just an old piece of air line tubing, but you can use other things as the pull wire. You just need something that's rigid enough that you can push it through the rubber grommet. Now we'll go out underneath the hood, we'll take the wiring harness to the other end of our pull wire, where we'll pull it through the grommet into the cab of the vehicle. We'll then go ahead and secure up any excess wire here so that whenever we're not using our braking system it'll be up out of the way. Make sure you leave enough wire so that when you are ready to use your braking system, you can simply pull the breakaway wire down and plug it into the breakaway system. We can then trim off any excess zip tie. That'll do it for the installation of the Roadmaster Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake and Brake Pro, part number RM-650898 in conjunction with the Roadmaster Breakaway Harness for Even Brake Braking Systems, part number RM-650900 on our 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche. .

Customer Reviews

Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake & Brake Pro - RM-650898

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (19 Customer Reviews)

- RM-650898


This is a new switch, carefully packaged, and complete. My purchase was easy and delivery was fast. etrailer's order status link was helpful with package tracking. This is the second purchase I have made from etrailer and I will continue to be a loyal customer. 149672


No problems whatsoever.

Steve - 09/02/2015


- RM-650898


I had purchased and had installed the Roadmaster Brake Pro system on my '00 Nissan Frontier about 10 years ago. I recently traded that vehicle in for a '12 Frontier, but before I did that, I removed the Brake Pro and tow hitch components. I installed all of these components on my new truck, but found that the orginal breakaway switch no longer worked reliably. Roadmaster doesn't sell repair components directly to consumers, but a web search led me to etrailer. The component that they provided was easy to install as a replacement and works perfectly. 63966

- RM-650898


I have ordered many products from etrailer and their customer service is 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. I ordered my products on the weekend and they were delivered on a Wed. I also later found cheaper prices on a few of the items and submitted the info for the 110% lower price guarantee and received the refund within a few hours. These folks are just plain great! 450641

- RM-650898


Michelle was great helping me with my order. She knew exactly what I need to setup my Honda CR-V as a towed vehicle behind my motorhome. She explained all the needed parts and was very polite. Thanks Michelle 396408

- RM-650898


The item is exactly as described and was shipped promptly and received in good condition. It was packaged well so that would it would not be damaged during shipment. I would definitely use again 327038

- RM-650898


Worked and installed easily per the directions. Wired it up through a flat-4 trailer-type connector, along with power, to the Roadmaster ICX transmitter unit--makes for easy install/removal. 73627

- RM-650898


This replaces my original unit for Even Brake. Old unit mounted under front bumper corroded and shorted causing my brakes to lock up. These should be inspected regularly. 307405

- RM-650898


Good quality. Great price. Delivery on time as agreed. Have placeed other orders because the service was on track & the how to videos are spot on! Thank you 284563

- RM-650898


Bought this as a back-up/replacement to use for my Roadmaster Supplemental Braking System. It came quickly and was just what I needed. 155704

- RM-650898


Product great got what I ordered service was great when needed will use you people again 329524


Everything is great just havent needed anything will contact you people when something is needed

Ray S - 01/04/2018


- RM-650898


Took about 10 minutes to install and connect. Great product. 308912

- RM-650898


Exactly what I wanted. Great service from Wayne. 139177

- RM-650898


Not installed yet, but it should work f ine. 149950

- RM-650898


Product is great and was shipped on tim e. 362952

- RM-650898


Product arrived on time and works great. 188817

- RM-650898


Looks good haven't installed yet 377760

- RM-650898


good product and good price 122565

- RM-650898


excellent product 462570

- RM-650898


excellent 342317


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  • Installing Replacement Breakaway Switch for Roadmaster Even Brake and Brake Pro Braking Systems
  • I will be happy to explain the installation of the breakaway switch. First, mount the break away switch at the front of the vehicle, on the drivers side. Choose an area you can easily reach, with a surface of sufficient strength to hold the switch firmly in place, so that the break away pin (Figure 1) will pull freely from the switch. Mount the switch in a horizontal position, with the break away pin facing toward the motorhome. Ensure that the break away pin can be pulled freely away from...
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  • Replacement Breakaway Switch and Cable for Roadmaster Brake Pro 9300 Braking System
  • There is a specific breakaway switch for the old Brake Pro 9300 units. For that you will need # RM-650898. If you also need the cable it is # RM-650899.
    view full answer...

  • Even Brake Supplemental Braking System Error Message Tow Break Away Emergency Brake Applied
  • The message that is appearing on the hand held monitor for the Even Brake, # RM-9400, could be occurring from 1 or more of 3 possible causes. First, the breakaway switch itself might be going bad. The only way to determine this is to replace it using # RM-650898. Before doing that there are a couple of other things you can check. If the key in the vehicle is loose it can cause this error message to pop up. Make sure the key is secure in the proper flat towing position for that vehicle. Finally,...
    view full answer...

  • Transmitter and Receiver Recommendation for a Roadmaster Even Brake System
  • Yes, the RoadMaster Even Brake Transmitter and Receiver # RM-9430 that you referenced would be the correct kit you would need to give you a transmitter and receiver for the used Even Brake System part # RM-9400 that you have. The breakaway system of the system will need to be properly installed before the Even Brake will be functional. If you are missing that you would want part # RM-650898. For a harness you would want part # RM-650900.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a Replacement Pull Pin for Roadmaster BreakAway Systems
  • We do have the replacement pull pin for Roadmaster BreakAway systems. You will need part # RM-200200-20. This is one replacement pin with a ring on the end. We also have a complete replacement break away switch for Roadmaster break away systems, part # RM-650898.
    view full answer...

  • Breakaway Parts for the Roadmaster BrakeMaster Supplemental Braking System
  • If you need the cable, we have # RM-8603. For the breakaway and pin itself use # RM-650898. If you can tell me which BrakeMaster unit you have and what parts you need from the breakaway portion I can determine if those parts are available.
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2007 Honda CR-V
  • We can get you the items you need to go along with your Falcon 2 tow bar and Even Brake system to get your 2007 Honda CR-V ready for flat towing. A good starting point is a review of your CR-V owner's manual to see if Honda recommends any special preparation steps or if certain versions are excluded from flat towing. You may also care to review the linked article that covers each of the components required for safe and legal flat towing. These include the tow bar, safety cables, a...
    view full answer...

  • Is a Breakaway Kit Available for Roadmaster Brake Pro?
  • The Roadmaster BrakePro actually came with a number of parts that were dedicated to a breakaway system which it seems like the seller should have mentioned. There are replacement parts available, and what you would need is the Roadmaster Brake Pro Transmitter and Receiver # RM-650990-10 along with the Brakeaway Kit for Roadmaster BrakePro # RM-98162.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Breakaway Setup for a Roadmaster Brake Pro on a 2004 Saturn Vue
  • Good news, I have just the thing you will need for your 2004 Saturn Vue. You will want the Second Vehilce Brakeaway Kit for Roadmaster BrakePro # RM-98162. This will include all the brakeaway parts needed to hook up a second, or new vehicle with the Roadmaster BrakePro. It is also known that your vehicle will require you to pull fuses to flat tow; if you want to avoid having to pull fuses you can use the Roadmaster Fuse Bypass # RM76511. In addition to Supplimental Braking,...
    view full answer...

  • Even Brake Breakaway Switch Wiring to Transmitter
  • The # RM-650898 is designed to wire to the black and white wires of the transmitter you sent in a picture of. It's odd yours had the connector cut off though. Essentially the switch connects the two wires which will activate the trailers brakes so if you touch them together now they should lock up.
    view full answer...

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