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Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars
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Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars

Item # RR95AB
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This holder system lets you mount a shovel, paddle, or fishing rod directly to your Rhino Rack Pioneer platform, Vortex crossbars, or Heavy Duty crossbars. Spring loaded clamps are easy to open and close. Includes built-in locks. 1-636-306-4830 to order Rhino Rack accessories and parts part number RR95AB or order online at Free expert support on all Rhino Rack products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Rhino Rack Accessories and Parts - RR95AB

  • Roof Rack
  • Utility Holder
  • Rhino Rack

This holder system lets you mount a shovel, paddle, or fishing rod directly to your Rhino Rack Pioneer platform, Vortex crossbars, or Heavy Duty crossbars. Spring loaded clamps are easy to open and close. Includes built-in locks.


  • Durable holders let you secure a shovel, spade, paddle, axe, or fishing rod to your Rhino Rack platform or crossbars
    • Help keep your vehicle's interior clean by securing dirty equipment to the roof
    • Work with Pioneer platform racks, Vortex crossbars, and Heavy Duty crossbars
  • Spring loaded clamps quickly open and close
    • Clamps securely lock in place with ratcheting system
  • Rubber inserts inside clamps provide a solid grip and help protect your gear
  • Built-in locks deter theft
  • Black powder coated aluminum is rustproof and lightweight
  • Easy installation with included hardware


  • Quantity: 2 holders
  • Equipment diameter range: 7/16" to 1-15/16"
  • Weight capacity: 17 lbs
  • 3-Year limited warranty

RSIT Rhino Rack Stow It Holder for Shovels, Fishing Rods, Paddles, and Axes

Installation Details RR95AB Installation instructions

Video of Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino-Rack Platform or Crossbar Stow It Utility Holder Review

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the rhino rack store it. It's gonna be good for stowing your utilities that you want to take with you like a shovel or we're gonna use a paddle later on. It holds all those items that have like a rounded handle that'll fit in there. It just easily unhooks like this. You release the shovel or whatever you're carrying with you and use it.

And to put it back in here. Just ratchets right back into place and you can lock it. It's that easy. Let's check it out. Taking a closer look, you can see how it opens.

We've got the two buttons here to push on each side push on them, pops open and the close it you push down and it just ratchet in place. I liked the pops, just knowing that it's clicking in. Every time you push down a little further just really lets you verify that by hearing it while you're feeling it and pushing it down to the locks here at the end that's gonna on both of these. So you can lock them both up and that way nobody can mess with your stuff when you're not there. It fits into the T-track.

We're using it on a pioneer rack today. So we're using the T-track here. You can also use it on HD bars. You have different hardware. You do install there, but they will work on there and you can install them at an angle.

That way you get a little more space to load it up. The Stoics do come in pairs. So you want to carry your paddle and the shovels. You have to order another pack of them, but you'll get both of them in there that way you're able to do so. Look at the inside, you can see rubberized here. It's got plenty of padding. I can push down on it. That way when you put your accessory in there and bring it down it does still hold it nice and tight but it's not gonna damage anything. Here on the outside it's got a black powder coat aluminum, which is good 'cause you can really feel the construction of that aluminum is gonna be nice to have that metal there. You have the plastic buttons, you're on the side. Unlatch it, I'm impressed with the metal. It feels good. Cause you know, you're gonna leave this up here especially if you have it on one of these pioneer rags you're probably gonna leave it on here. Not that it's hard to take on and off or anything but you're probably gonna get up here leave it with your shovel or your paddle. So you wanna know that it's gonna be fine. And these elements and the aluminum Ambler powder code are gonna be just fine. Let's go over some measurements and make sure it's gonna work for you. So we're gonna go from the top of the pioneer wreck the top of the stoic, it's about three inches. Now that can change depending on the diameter of the handle that's in the holder. So what I mean by that is if this was smaller you could probably ratchet down a few more and then this would bring this down. But we're, since right now is three inches. Speaking of the diameter of the handles what kind of accessories is gonna be able to work with Well, it works with a small of handles of 7/16". And up to as big as 1-15/16" of an inch. Also all together it can hold up to 17 pounds, but just keep that in mind when you're loading your accessories up here. Overall, I think it's a really useful thing to have. You can see, I can shake the whole camper with it. There's no rattling here, which I would be worried about. You know, if you're putting like something heavier like a shovel, you don't want it to come down and hit anybody on the head or anything but it's on there nice and tight. And it doesn't take that much to install it. Check out how we did it. Now, first I'm installing it is getting them a range where you want them. We're gonna put the first one here. Obviously you got this installed already. It's nice and secure. So come over here, just a couple of planks over and install this one there. Now you want to make sure the key side is facing out. Cause that's what you're gonna have to on lock. When you need access to whatever utility device your putting in here. Go over the top and show you the hardware. Now we have the shorter of the screws because we're using it on this pioneer rack. Now, if you're using on the HD bars you would have used the longer hardware. So what we're gonna do is drop this bolt and washer down in there. The washer of doesn't fit in that hole there as you can see, it doesn't drop right in. You've had to push it just a little bit to make sure it goes to the bottom. It helps if you have had that hole lined up at the bottom. So just kind of on the back out and I'll try it again. And kind of get the washer started. There you go. And then come back with a bolt and then push it all the way down so you can see it coming out of the bottom. I was gonna give a few turns, put this block In the place. we use the tool because the boat trying to spend at the top that, and I can hold it steady and rotate the block. Just a few turns. So it stays up there on their own. Then drop it in the T-track and bring it up front. Because that's, what's gonna lie with that along with his salt. And I just used the tool that it came with, the further tighten it down. That was on there. Nice and tight. So this is how we had it installed. So it's flat on the pioneer rack. Now there is another option. I'm gonna show before I fully tighten it down. As you can put the mountain hardware here and kind of install it at an angle like that. Now it's might not be super useful on our pioneer rack but if you we're to put it on some roof bars you can do it that way. And just puts that more of a stream angle. There's more open area to go ahead and put your accessory. Now with these installed I can shake the whole camper back and forth. It's gonna be nice and tight on our pioneer rack. All we need to do is add the shovel. So I'll put it in their face down just to give us that extra space, push on the clamps. Now it's installed. Again, you can shake the whole camper back and forth. There's no rattling or movement here. It's nice installed. It's not going anywhere. Today, me and Auden had been working with the rhino rack. So it works for any utility tools. If you wanna put in there and carry it with you. We've got to install it on a pioneer platform rack today. It also works with the HD bars, fits in the T-track up here, slides into place. It's nice and sturdy. I can shake the whole camper back and forth with it but just the handle of this shovel. So, you know, it's nice in there. There's not rattling around here anywhere. Seems like it works pretty good. I've done a few other installs like the extract kind of shovel holder and stuff. That's the only really thing that I have compared to other than I guess a couple of the generic ones but it seems to work really easily. I'm impressed with how easily it slides in those tracks. You just started out with the, I don't have the arm wrench on me right now, but it comes with its own tool. You just tighten down there. Only takes a couple of earns. It's tight. So I think, I think it's good. It's gonna hold your paddles or shovels or what else what else Fishing pole. All those tools you might need with you. I think it's more for off-roading though because of the shovel, like digging yourself out. If you get stuck in the mud or whatnot. Outside use the shovel on the snow, show that. Interviewer These actually this thing kind of took the place of a few. They're kind of like trying to cut down on some skews. So they had some other, I don't know if he messed around with them all like the ones that kind of had knobs on them where you kind of snuck it in there and then you just twisted the knob to tighten it down. It's just something that they had. But this seems like it's like way more convenient. Just being able to just snap it down and click it into place. I was gonna see like, if you just kind of like walk us through it real quick, just like pop it open and show it real quick. Yeah. You push these two plastic buttons on the side that pops open the top, you remove your shovel or accessory. Do you want to take a look at the inside and see the rubberized inside that way you know, whatever you put in there it's not gonna get damaged by this clamping down on it because it does ratchet down. interviewer Right. But it won't damage handle or anything. Interviewer Yeah. So how is that inside there Like that rubber stuff. Like, I mean, it's shovel a paddle and axe, whatever. I mean, that seems okay. But I was thinking about the when you put an efficient pole in there, does it seem you're gonna just give me a pretty sturdy and safe in there. You thinkYeah I think so, It's a soft rubber, this part, like so this part softer here on the side, I guess protection clamping down on it but this is a more hardened rubber. So it's gonna be able to hold that nice and firm. Cause it goes down there, I can lift that up. You can see there's not a lot of space in there. So I think that would maybe not the cause it tapers off a fishbowl. Right. So it's thinner at the end. So probably definitely this annual habit this one probably just keeps it in place. Okay. Yeah. That was the only thing I would have been maybe concerned about is putting your freshman pole up there but I don't know if somebody, I don't know if somebody really loves their fishing pole I don't know if they're thrown on top of the roof or not. Who knows, but might be something they really care about if they spend a lot of money on it. Yeah probably. Maybe they've got one of those tubes put up here instead. Interviewer Right. Get out. Because I was thinking like what you're saying earlier that, you know, this is good for like, off-roading like over landing especially, I mean that's the Ryan RX business. Like, I mean fishing kayak and camp and all that stuff. I mean, did you guys kind of after messing around a little bit, did you see any other use for maybe of stuff that we hadn't mentioned for stuff to put in there maybeNot so much think of any outside the box kinda thing. They like the fishing pole was the most outside the normal use. I mean, I pick tools that you'd want to take with you. I mean, you could do a rake I guess. But that's fine with a shovel or not. I don't know what else you could put in here. Yeah. Something like that. Those are all handle things. Interviewer Right, anything with a handle. So I guess, and the other thing is I'm pretty sure it's only compatible with Rhino rack stuff. I don't think you'd want to be trying to throw it in the tracks on a Yakima platform or something like that. No, right. Yeah. Interviewer I probably wouldn't wanna do that just to be safe, but. And so as far as like the, the claims themselves they feel pretty durable. I think they're aluminum and like coated. So it should be holding up and looking nice for a long time. Yep. Yeah. You can definitely feel it on this and now I've on it in the video. I don't know if he could tell it from there, but it doesn't have that cheap plastic feel where you're like Oh how like how many storms or colds is this gonna go through to where it just chips away or start breaking. The only thing that's plastic is the button on the side but they're in there. They're mostly covered. They're not that exposed. So I don't think you'll have any problems with that. Yeah. I mean, for the price of this I hope you get what you pay for kind of thing. But that's, that's the case with all of these accessories. I mean, I think if you're getting one of these platforms I mean, you got to get ready to spend some money. If you want to kind of deck it out. I think accessories and seconded out and make it look cool. Interviewer Yeah, I think that's a big part of it. Just have all these extra things on top of that. I was actually gonna ask you some of the locks those work pretty smooth too Yep. You got the key We got two keys. Both of them obviously. And I think the barrel you can actually think the barrel out. So I think so. I think in the instructions it has like where you can take the borough. So I guess if you wanted to key all this stuff alike on your roof if you want it to, you couldYeah. It's got one Oh six on it. So I guess they tell you exactly which twice before. Right, and it's pretty cool. I like it. Yeah. I was impressed with it. I think the other, did we do a sh was it like an in trailer thing where it was like a rubberized thing and you asked around the shovel like mandated dealing with a bunch of competence. I'm glad it wasn't one of those things that has those kinda rubber arms. Like that's gonna fall until we we're kind of happy. So the fact that this ratchets down so well it makes me feel a little bit better about putting heavier things, like something with a shovel head on it or something up here and not worrying about falling on somebody. Interviewer Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. All that stuff. It's definitely a lot better than what they had before for sure. Because the other one was kind of knobs and you'd had to tighten it down and pretty much I don't think there's a lot of security with that one either as far as I remember, but yeah. I mean, is there anything that, like any issues that you ran into with it or anything we haven't talked aboutNo issues, but it does tilt back. So you could Mount it with this side down. I don't have the tool to loosen. I don't think on me. Let me see if it's in my pockets. I found it. Just a little Allen key. Yep, Allen key. Get out of there. That's what it looks like outside the teeth track different hardware. If you we're to put it on the roof bars it would be longer bolt for that a little bit shorter here but you can Mount it here instead. So it sit like this give you more angle and this would open more giving you more area to put your stuff in. Interviewer Okay. Do you see that being any preference as far as like what you just said or would one work better we're on versus the roof rackI think it depends on what you put it on. I think Auden and I decided that it would work better like this, if it was on roof bars cause this would have more room to move. It's not like it is here and this one works better for the platform. Interviewer Okay. That's cool. I didn't realize you could actually have a couple of different matting options there. This is definitely a lot better than what they had before. Yeah. It seems like they definitely put thought into it. Interviewer Yeah. Interviewer It seems like the install is easy. It's more or less kind of just like anything else. You've put the nut on there. Screw it down. You're good to go. Yeah. The only slight difficulty to close the washer going through the rubber far here but it doesn't take much more than just the push it through. The washer just doesn't quite fit through the hole. So you have to push it a little bit and make sure you don't lose it in there, but very very minor complaint. Interviewer You got to have the spending money for it. It's probably worth getting if you've got one of these platforms for sure. Yeah. Yeah. That'll look cool. Just to have a shovel here, even if you never use it. Interviewer The past couple of days and I had a front so I could use it for a corn scoop that's for sure. Yeah. I mean going back and forth from the farm that would actually be, I appreciate it you guys. Cool, have a good one. I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars - RR95AB

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

This holder system lets you mount a shovel, paddle, or fishing rod directly to your Rhino Rack Pioneer platform, Vortex crossbars, or Heavy Duty crossbars. Spring loaded clamps are easy to open and close. Includes built-in locks.


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  • What is Needed to Replace Standard Key on Rhino-Rack Stow It
    All you need to do is swap out the standard key for the MasterKey on the Rhino-Rack Stow It Utility Holder # RR95AB. What you'll do is put the key in the Stow it, and then use the Allen key provided and put it in the hole on the bottom of the Stow It and then remove the lock. This is shown at the bottom of the instruction manual for this product (linked below). Then, you can use the Rhino-Rack MasterKeys in their place: - Rhino-Rack Masterkey Lock Barrels # RRRK083-2
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  • Is The Rhino Rack Stow It Utility Holder Compatible With Yakima Trays and Crossbars?
    Yes, the Stow It Utility Holder # RR95AB can be mounted in the t-slots on the Yakima LockNLoad Platform Roof Tray # Y05045. It will also work on the Yakima HD Crossbars # Y01158 as both systems are using the t-track mounting system.
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  • Parts Needed to Replace Rhino Rack Stow It Locks So Parts Are Keyed Alike
    I have a solution for you, but Rhino Rack parts like the Rhino Rack Stow It Utility Holder for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars # RR95AB do not come keyed alike out of the box. However you can add matching locks using a replacement lock pack like the Rhino-Rack Masterkey Lock Barrels - Keyed Alike - Qty 4 # RRRK005-4 or # RRRK001-8 (Qty 8). This comes with a complete set of locks and the keys to give you all matching locks for your Rhino Rack accessories.
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