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Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks

Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks

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Rear View Safety Accessories and Parts - RVS-Tailgate

  • Backup Camera
  • Backup Camera
  • Tailgate Handle Camera
  • Rear View Safety

  • Rear View Safety backup camera for pickup trucks
  • Mounts to tailgate handle for a clean factory look
  • 170-Degree viewing angle
  • Night vision
  • IP68 Rated - keeps out dirt and moisture
  • Shock resistant with 10G impact rating
  • Includes all wires, connectors, and mounts
  • 1-Year warranty

RVS-Tailgate Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks

Installation Details RVS-TAILGATE Installation instructions

Video of Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rear View Safety Backup Monitor Installation - 2012 Buick Enclave

Shane: Shane here with Today we're going to be going over the RVS, rear view safety camera set up. This system typically is just going to come with your monitor. You're going to have to get your rear camera and your two side cameras if you decide to put those on.Another thing is typically we put these on campers or RVs. Because they're so big, it makes it a lot easier to either see past the camper or to see a couple of lanes over. The reason we put it on this car is the owner of the vehicle has a hard time turning his neck, so he wanted something that he can see a couple lanes over when he's either changing lanes or getting ready to turn, to give him that extra view that he needs because obviously he cannot turn his head.The camera set up, the RVS screen is going to be a 5.6 inch screen.

It's going to be LCD. It's going to be colored. It's also going to have a speaker on it that allows you to . If you're getting close to something, it will beat like a normal backup camera. It's also going to have grid lines that you can turn off and on.We have a camera set here, we have a camera over there, and we also put a camera in the back.

For this particular setup, we had to change the camera that goes in the back to an actual tailgate camera from a truck because of where we had to mount it.Our two side cameras, they're going to be aluminum housing, completely waterproof, and what they are, they're going to be fish eye screens or fish eye cameras, so the distance that you're going to be able to see is amazing. You can almost see straight out from the side where this camera is pointed.As I mentioned, we had to put a tailgate camera on this because of where we had to mount it. Typically the camera that you would buy with this, with the rear view camera, it actually the post has to be mounted in an upright position. Mounting it here, it would not work that way, so we just switched it out for the tailgate camera. Again, fish eye camera.

You're going to be able to see really wide back here, so three or four cars beside you in the back. You're going to get plenty of distance, plenty of sight. You're not going to have to worry about it.Just to give you an idea of how much you can see with this camera, I'm standing about level with the camera. Not only can you see up the side of the car, but if you notice this third trailer over, from this camera I can see this left edge or this left side of the trailer all the way down to that parking lot over there. That's how much distance you're going to get out of your side view cameras.

They are going to have a driver's side and a passenger side also, so you make sure when installing them there's going to be sticker on the back. You just want to make sure you're putting them on the correct side.As you can see, I'm standing right here next to the car. As I mentioned before, you can see the edge of that third trailer. I'm going to go ahead and walk over there.Right here, I'm standing right even with the wheel on the front of the car. I'm approximately three lanes over. This is straight out from that camera, so you can see the amount of space that you have or site distance you have in those side cameras.You can see here, I'm directly behind the car. You can see the grid lines. As I walked closer, you're going to hear the beeping on the screen.We're going to have a 5.6 inch screen. It is going to have a sunshade on it. This shade is removable. You can change your camera brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, volume. That's going to be the volume for your speaker. You can flip it, and the V1 and V2 is it actually your other two cameras on the driver and passenger side of the car.If you have it set up with your blinker, you won't have to mess with this button. When you turn on your blinker, it's automatically going to come on. The way we have it set up when you put it in reverse, reverse automatically comes on. Turn on your blinkers, that camera automatically comes on.You can also set that up a different way where you just plug the blue wire in the system to a power wire that's powered when you turn the key on. That means that the camera screens are going to automatically come on. It's going to show this view all the time.Your grid lines can be turned off if you want to turn them off. These are your grid lines. You can turn them off where you don't have them if you decide to install it that way where this screen is always on.As far as the installation process, it's pretty simple. Everything's pretty much going to plug in together. Your side camera, you're going to have to drill a small hole depending on where you want to put them on the vehicle. You're going to have a flat washer, lock washer, and a nut that you'll put on the back when you run the wire through, and that's going to hold this camera onto the car.On the back side, there's going to be a little piece of sticky tape, double sided sticky tape. It's actually going to be kind of a rubber sealer that when you stick it on there, it's going to seal around that hole as you tighten it down.The wire that comes here needs to run inside the vehicle. The back camera, wherever you decide to mount that, you're going to have a cable that connects to it that you have to route from back there up to underneath the dash of the car. Same thing with your passenger side camera. You're going to route it and route it inside the vehicle through a grommet.Once you get all of your wires ran to the front of the vehicle or to the floorboard of the vehicle, you're going to have four wires. You're going to have a white wire, brown wire, blue wire, and a red wire with a fuse on it. The red wire with the fuse has to go into a 12 volt power that's only powered when the key is on. If you run that wire straight to the battery, it's going to run down your battery, because the camera's always going to stay on. We ran ours right over to the center counsel there and found the lights in the center, found the wire that turns them on when you turn the key on.The blue wire, if you decided to hook it up to your reverse light signal, you're just going to find the wire that when you put the car in reverse, that wire comes on. If you don't, you can tie that to the red wire and hook to your 12 volt power. That's what's going to keep the camera on all the time. So then you can turn your grid lines off and they won't have to be on.Your other two wires go to your driver and passenger side turn signals. You, have to find the left turn signal and right turn signal and you're just going to tie those wires into those other two wires.Other than that, everything else just plugs together. Directions are fairly clear on what plugs go with what plugs, and most of them are colored. Blue plug is going to be your number three camera. Then you're going to have a brown and white, which is going to be one and two, goes to driver and passenger side. Blue one always goes to the rear camera.Your screen's going to come with a couple of different mounting plates. You can mount it directly to the dashboard, but you will have to drill a couple screws into it, which I don't like doing. You can mount it to your headliner. It's also going to come with this sticky plate here or this plate here that mounts right on the back. It's going to have a red piece of paper on it. You peel that off, and you can see here I have it stuck right to the glass.All in all, I think this system works out great. It's pretty simple, straightforward installation, whether you're putting it on a vehicle or on your camper or RV to give you that added site distance and extra safety that you need when you're going down the road.Again, I'm Shane. That's going to do it for our look at RVS rear safety camera set up.

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Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks - RVS-Tailgate

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)


Added a back up camera to a 2001 F250 (had upgraded the radio to one that takes video input) functions well and still working after 1.5 years...



Another year by and camera is still working great. Still 5 star!


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  • How To Confirm Fit of Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks
    The Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks part # RVS-Tailgate is a universal backup camera designed to work with pickup trucks. It can be made compatible with any truck tailgate. It does require drilling to mount but aside from that there will be no other modifications. I don't have specifics for any one particular application but if you can use a drill it will fit.
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  • Cable Length of Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-Tailgate
    The camera cable of the Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-Tailgate is 13 inches and it attaches to a 13 inch extension so for a total of 26 inches.
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  • Will the Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-TAILGATE fit a Modified Ford F-150
    Yes, the Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-TAILGATE would work great for your application. It features a 170-degrees viewing angle, night vision, and can be mounted to many different surfaces due to the small size of the camera. Installation instructions have been linked for you to reference.
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  • Stud Mount Size and Cable Length of the RVS-TAILGATE Camera
    I reached out to my contact at Rear View Safety and was able to find out the measurements you requested of the # RVS-TAILGATE. The mounting screw diameter is 3/16 inch and the length is 1/2 inch. The cable is 13 inches long and connects to the 13 inch extension for a total of 26 inches. The connector does fit through the same mounting hole.
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    Image 1 for
  • Third Brake Light Camera for 2015 Chevy 2500 HD and Factory Monitor
    For the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, the Custom Third Brake Light Camera for 8" Factory Monitor - Night Vision # 3460010 is intended to work with the factory tailgate camera. It sounds like you already spliced into the factory system for your aftermarket tailgate camera. If you want to splice this in for a different configuration, you can still use the switch to toggle between cameras and tap into your reverse light or running light circuit for power.
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  • Is There a Replacement Tailgate Handle with Camera Available for a 2007 Ford F-150
    No, unfortunately there is not a replacement tailgate handle with camera for your 2007 Ford F-150. However, we do have the Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-Tailgate which mounts to the tailgate handle. You would also need a compatible monitor to use the back-up camera. - Rear View Safety Color Monitor # RVS-6139N
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  • Backup Camera For 2017 Chevy Silverado With Factory Monitor
    The Rear View Safety Tailgate Handle Backup Camera part # RVS-TAILGATE is more of a universal design so it does not hook up to any existing factory monitors because it comes with it's own monitor. The only option we carry that will work with your factory monitor is GCH Bed Cargo Camera part # 3460010 if you have the 8" monitor. It mounts to your existing third brake light to allow you to see 150 degrees behind you. If you have the 7" factory mirror you would need part # 3460011 which...
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  • Recommended Camera For 2017 Ram 1500 Factory Reverse Camera System
    It sounds like you are looking to add a second camera, so in order to do so you will need to add a Rear View Safety Multiplexer Box - 3 Channel # RVS-501N to switch between your cameras as I don't believe your system has multiple camera options. For a camera, I recommend the Rear View Safety Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks # RVS-TAILGATE. You will also need the Rear View Safety Camera Cable - 21' Long - Double Sided Female Connections # RVS-882. I am not familiar with the inputs so you...
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  • Replacement Rear Camera For Rear View Safety 918 Camera on a 2017 Ram ProMaster 1500
    The Rear View Safety Backup Camera # RVS-Tailgate looks to be the best replacement for the RVS-918 camera you have on your 2017 Ram ProMaster. Your camera is no longer available from Rear View Safety. The camera I have linked above has the same 5 pin connector as your camera. It may even be able to be mounted to the same bracket with some slight modification.
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  • Backup Camera System for a Ford F-150 with License Plate and Tailgate Handle Cameras
    I believe I have exactly what you need to add the desired backup camera(s) to your Ford F-150. For starters, you will need a monitor and for that I recommend the Rear View Safety Backup Monitor part # RVS-6139N. The monitor does come with a universal mount but we also have the Rear View Safety Swivel Mount part # RVS-1420 and the Rear View Safety Flush Mount part # RVS-421 available if you want a cleaner look. Then for the camera, we have options that will mount in the tailgate handle...
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  • Tailgate Handle with Backup Camera for a 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    I have the perfect option for you to obtain a locking tailgate handle with backup camera on your 2015 Toyota Tacoma. For this, you will first want to use the Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock with Handle part # PAL8540 which uses the same key as your ignition and doors. It also has the ability to unlock and lock with your key fob. This handle is black but we also have color matched options if you can provide me with the color of your truck. Now, I am not sure if you need a backup camera...
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  • Recommended Back-Up Camera Compatible with 2018 Ford F-150 Tailgate and Monitor for 5th Wheel
    It sounds like you want to use the factory monitor which is where things get a little more difficult, but there is a way. You can use the Truck Bed Cargo Camera for 8" Factory Monitor - Switch Kit # 3460001 to get the factory wiring connection and switch that aren't available anywhere else. Then use the Rear View Safety Adapter Cord - 5 Pin Male to RCA Male # RVS-RCA5-AM, the Rear View Safety Female Power Cable Item # RVS-RCA-P, and the Rear View Safety Camera Extension Cable - 26' Long...
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