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Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.

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lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring dielectric grease for electrical connectors 2 oz.
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring dielectric grease for electrical connectors 2 oz.
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring dielectric grease for electrical connectors 2 oz.
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring dielectric grease for electrical connectors 2 oz.

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accessories and parts lubrimatic dielectric grease 11755
accessories and parts lubrimatic wiring in use
accessories and parts lubrimatic 11755

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lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring 11755
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring 11755
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring 11755
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring 11755
lubrimatic accessories and parts wiring dielectric grease for electrical connectors 2 oz.


  • Wiring
  • Dielectric Grease
  • LubriMatic
Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube. Call 800-298-8924 to order LubriMatic accessories and parts part number 11755 or order online at Free expert support on all LubriMatic products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

LubriMatic Accessories and Parts - 11755

Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube.

  • Helps prevent electrical failures caused by corrosion and moisture
  • Water resistant formulation sheds moisture and will not wash away
  • Protects bulbs, sockets, t-connector plugs and trailer connectors
  • 2 oz. Bottle
  • Dropping Point: >550 degrees F

Using electrical contact grease increases reliability and the life of the connection by preventing corrosion and sealing the connection.

11755 Lubrimatic Electrical Contact Grease

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Video of Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz.

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for LubriMatic Accessories and Parts 11755 Review

Today we're going to review part number 11755. This is the Lubrimatic Dielectric Grease for electrical connectors. This is a 2 ounce tube. This will help prevent any electrical failures caused by corrosion and moisture. It is a water resistant formula that will shed the moisture and it will not wash away. It is used to protect bulbs, sockets, T connector plugs, and trailer connectors. It comes in this 2 ounce bottle.

It does have a dropping point of 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically using this dielectric grease will increase the liability and the life of the connection by preventing corrosion and sealing that connection. I got an example here of a 3-prong plug that would go into the back of a light on a trailer. Basically all you have to do is take some of the grease, put it right on there. That would seal it from any type of moisture or corrosion. That should do it for the review on part number 11755, the Lubrimatic Dielectric Grease for electrical connectors in the 2 ounce tube. .

Customer Reviews

Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, 2 oz. - 11755

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (267 Customer Reviews)

Protect your electrical connections with this specialized formula that combats corrosion from water damage. Electrical Contact Grease comes in a 2 oz. tube.

- 11755

by: GM06/23/2017

What can I say but this was the easiest trailer hitch install I've ever done. OK, this was the third one (85 S-10 blazer, 96 Astro van, and this is the third). Our 03 Envoy (traded it in for the Equinox) and 02 2500HD (still have) both have factory hitches. It was delivered by UPS ground late afternoon and by 6:30 I had it installed. Jacked up the rear of the Equinox, placed two jack stands and followed the instructions. I will say Watch The Video for the install and it is that easy. I chose this hitch as it required no grinding or enlarging of the holes as the other hitch (Curt model). The video was spot on. I did apply some antisieze on the bolts as I always assume I will need to remove it at some future time. There was written instructions that I did look through but they matched the video. I did not use a strap to hold the exhaust as the video and the instructions showed. I used a bungy cord and adjusted it for a similar drop as a strap. I wanted to do this as I felt I may need to drop exhaust even more than the instructions as I installed this by myself. If you have an available friend it will make it easier to hold the hitch in place and start a nut on each side rather than using both hands and one leg. Working with etrailer was easy. This order was delayed by another item I had bundled together with it. The email communication from etrailer was appropriate and let me know what was going on. The delay was not a real issue as we special ordered this car and it took about 6 weeks to arrive. We keep our vehicles forever (still have the S-10 and the Astro) and I look forward to this hitch providing us years of trouble free service. I was quite impressed with the craftsmanship on this hitch, the welds were perfect. The entire hitch except where the receiver goes in is hidden behind the rear valence. Thank you etrailer! 400538

- 11755

by: Ray12/18/2014

My F150 had an OEM 4 pin trailer plug and hitch. The 118242 - 7 pin connector with wiring harness is the ticket. The hardest part of the install was dropping the spare tire. The plugs connect directly to the factory plugs and the harness length is the correct length. The 3035-P brake controller connector harness was just as easy. Plugs right in to the OEM plug next to the ECM connector and the other end into the brake controller. The PK12711U-26 - 7 pin bracket and hardware kit fastens directly the OEM bracket that is on the hitch. My truck had an OEM 4 pin trailer towing set up with the hitch. The OEM hitch had the bracket welded on it to attach the 7 pin mounting bracket to it. These kits make this install very easy and professional looking. If I have one complaint, the hardware kit to attach the 7 pin connector bracket is set up to fasten the bracket directly to the bumper with 2 - self tapping screws provided in the kit. The kit also includes 4 #12 machine screws with toothed washer nuts to attached the 7 pin connector to the bracket. This is fine if your truck hitch doesn't have an attaching bracket welded to it. The kit should included in it 6 #12 machine screws and nuts along with the 2 self tapping screws. Since my OEM hitch actually had a bracket welded to it to attach the 7 pin bracket to it, I had to use two other #12 screws and nuts to attach the 7 pin bracket to the OEM bracket on the hitch. Not a big deal, just a thought. It took me about 2 hours, start to finish to install the 7 pin connector, trailer controller, and add the two relays in the OEM relay/fuse box under the hood. I highly recommend these kits. 322337

- 11755

by: Bob S07/14/2015

It's grease, lol 211739


It is still still slippery as all get out.

Bob S - 07/13/2016


- 11755

by: Gene R12/13/2016

Absolutely Superb Service! On the 23rd of September at 10:10 a.m., I ordered a brake controller and several other items from the website. By 12:16 p.m. of the same day, I received a notification from etrailer that the order had shipped. The complete order arrived at about noon on the 26th. Ordering on the website was easy. All items were described very clearly and pictures were provided for them. The service at etrailer is absolutely superb. I would recommend this company, without hesitation, to anyone needing trailer parts or accessories. 324674

- 11755

by: Boondocker712/21/2011

Dielectric grease is the best lubricant for your electrical contacts on fuses, plugs, etc. Once the contact has been cleaned and dielectric grease applied the contact's will not corrode nor does it inhibit or degrade the flow of electricity thru the contacts. This grease is also very water resistant. This product is a full 2oz which is unusual as most auto supply shops etc. only carry the smaller, much smaller sizes.......and I alway's seem to run out. Etrailer was very quick with delivery of the alway's. 28508

- 11755

by: Mark R.10/27/2016

Being a new boat owner I was quickly overwhelmed by what I didn't know. Re-wiring, re-lighting my trailer was my first project. etrailer has a wide range of products, but most important to me, was their added product information and instructional information which helped me make the right selections to get this done. Add to that is their very competitive prices. etrailer will be my go to source for my future trailer needs. 313877

- 11755

by: Jpeek01/02/2017

It came in a very nice, large tube. I apply it and it looked the same as like products . There is no reason to think it won't do the job. I will be putting this boat into salt water and even it that plug dose not go directly into the water ; it will be subjected to the mist, normal rain and road water. I will fllow up should it faail but I really don't expect that. Again thank you for the suggestion to use this, Joe Peek 329372

- 11755

by: KV in AZ06/20/2016

I recently purchased a 1998 vehicle and narrowed down a few electrical issues to corroded connectors. Cleaned them up, slathered this stuff on, and now the connections are not a problem and should be protected from further corrosion. I lubed up my trailer harness connectors and battery terminals on my vehicles too...should help in preventing the negative battery terminals from crusting up. 262742

- 11755

by: Don M08/06/2017

This saves a lot of the headaches here in New Hampshire. Trailer plugs and lights are destroyed fast by road salt. Have caps on your plugs so dirt doesn't stick when not in use and so you don't get grease smeared on your leg. If you use crimp connectors, squirt some of this in before inserting the wire and then cover the outside with heat shrink tubing for a great weatherproof connection. 416664

- 11755

by: S Lewis02/06/2017

All ordered items worked great. Love the LED tail lights. Didn't have any problems fixing the trailer thanks to the many technical articles I found on etrailer. Not sure what happened with UPS shipping since I got notified that the parts had shipped on Saturday but didn't get them till Wednesday evening (paid extra for 3 day shipping), but definitely recommend ordering from etrailer. 341396

- 11755

by: John Colbert10/04/2016

Perfect product for my needs. I got a 7 pin 5th wheel wiring kit to put the trailer plug in the bed of my Ford 350. I also got dielectric grease, the kit came with some grease but I was afraid that it would be an insufficient amount, I was wrong but I can use it for other electrical attachments. Very pleased with the service, speed of shipping and customer attention. 303391

- 11755

by: Robert03/29/2017

The t-one harness for my Mazda pu truck was just what I needed to haul a 4 point trailer.The transistion wire harness from a 4 point to a 7 point made it a lot easier to haul a trailer with a 7 point hookup.The installation was very easy for both.I have no doubt this way will solve easy hookup from 4 or 7 point hookup.I am well covered for either. 362771

- 11755

by: Tom W07/18/2016

Does a great job of providing a good electrical connection. Especially important to use on all trailer connections to towing vehicle. 273336

- 11755

by: Ed C., SoCal12/15/2016

Good product, glad I bought this with my trailer harness kit. Made a good contact on an otherwise old dirty connection. Now I'm putting it on other connection points to insulate the connector from weather and lube the fitting for easier disconnects. FYI this tube for the money goes a long way, use just enough to dab on the contacts. 325411

- 11755

by: J.Fred Indorf11/07/2016

As a owner of a auto repair shop i have used this site to help customers find the right trailer hitch for there car and for me ones that are mostly bolt up to car and makes it easy for me the installer and the customer. as a busy shop in Briarcliff I always recommend excellent quality and workmanship 317838

- 11755

by: Brad S.10/08/2016

Perfect and ideal. Too bad it don't come in a small 99 cent packet like auto zones bulb packets, because I'll never use this all. 304647

- 11755

by: james Wyatt08/07/2017

I have just completed purchase of complete system to tow a Jeep Wrangler with my motorhome.Never had I had the pleasure of working with a company so devoted to customer satisfaction. Every email and phone call was great. My wife was even more impressed. The service after the sale has been terrific Thanks Customer fo life 420268

- 11755

by: Dr K04/26/2017

I've been looking for something like this for YEARS. I needed it for my brake controller install but also used it on a high-end computer speaker system where the DIN connectors didn't make good contact so it was always "noisy" expecially if the wire was touched. This conductive grease did the trick and quieted down the system. 372480

- 11755

by: Mike Pazsint07/08/2014

Great amount of grease for the price. Tips: Use the end cap on your 4-pin wiring connector to keep dirt and such from getting collected by the grease when the wiring harness is not in use. Also use a snack bag and rubber band to wrap the connector on your trailer when it is not in use to keep gunk out. 140125

- 11755

by: Alan11/17/2017

Keeps contact pins dry and corrosion free, eases connector insertion and extraction. Dielectric grease is essential for any wet wire tasks. I use this on all my electrical work. Ever have a plug extremely hard to pull out of a receptacle? Try some of this on pins and contacts. 452864

- 11755

by: Harold B04/29/2017

Really an amazing outfit. The web page provides all the detail needed to make the right choice on parts so its right the first time. The staff are friendly and caring and the delivery was spot on. etrailer is how web shopping ought to be done. They truly set the standard. 374921

- 11755

by: Neal R.09/29/2016

I placed two orders with Madison in the last few weeks. She was pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me select the right parts, and they all arrived in good condition before I expected them. I recommend this supplier, and hope I get Madison on my next call! 301490

- 11755

by: Ron B.09/20/2012

I always use dielectric grease on all my plug connections to solve the corrosion problem. I live in Ohio and the salt on the ATV trailer does ruin cheaply done wiring connections. Worth the time and effort to not have to trouble shoot problems later in the wiring. 55251

- 11755

by: freezer10/02/2011

I had three vehicles with hitches in the past that all had green 4 pole trailer connectors from corrosion. So far, this grease has kept that from happening. It is much easier to get the harnesses together and apart now, too. Well worth the money. 24958

- 11755

by: Ryan C.11/20/2012

I used this product when installing a new trailer tap connection to the existing vehicle connection. I also use it on all my trailer connections to keep water out and eliminate corrosion. This is a very good product for this type of application. 59811

- 11755

by: Lenny B.08/16/2013

Prompt deliver, accurate description, best price. Used the product on the lighting connections on my motorcycle and battery and starter terminals on the car. Not the clear dielectric grease I'm use to seeing, but it fits my needs perfectly. 95479

- 11755

by: Curt B.06/07/2017

I've been using this product for many years. Put it on any electrical system to cut down on corrosion. I put it on Bulb sockets, Battery terminals, all of my R/V plugs and sockets. Works great. Thank you for another GREAT product etrailer!! 389994

- 11755

by: HERBERT01/20/2014


- 11755

by: Donald L.10/17/2017

This product is merely dielectric grease but necessary for protecting your electrical leads. I ordered it so I could avoid running back and forth to the store to pickup little additions to the installation of my brake controller. 443431

- 11755

by: Joe Carbone04/18/2012

We are high end appliance repair company and use this product on some of our wall oven electrical connections. Great product and etrailer was a great company to deal with. Super quick shipping and availability of the product. 37573

- 11755

by: Tim B10/16/2016

You've got to have it. 307637

- 11755

by: Rob Rod03/28/2014

Not much to tell - I used this grease for what is intended and just hope it does what it is supposed to do. All of my other purchases from "etrailer" were exactally as advertised so I tust that this will be the same. 122713

- 11755

by: Ron G.09/13/2013

I use this product on my all electrical connections, on my RC helicopters, Harley Davidson, Car, and trailer. The order processing, shipping, and customer service at "etrailer" is the best by a country mile. 99872

- 11755

by: WB05/28/2014

i ordered several related products, one of which isn't available locally (7-wire molded trailer wire plug). as always, etrailer was fast and accurate with my order. i will certainly use this site often. 133102

- 11755

by: Pete V10/01/2016

Exactly what I needed etrailer had. Fast delivery everything I ordered was in great condition. Great service. Have ordered from etrailer several times, always on time and is exactly what was ordered. 302708

- 11755

by: electrical grease09/14/2011

only had it for a few days, but it looks like electrical grease, seems to be otherwise OK - used it on the HONDA Element wiring kit and on quite a few connectors on my HONDA GOLDWING Gl1800 connectors 23968

- 11755

by: Mark W07/30/2012

I've never used a product like this before, but I do notice that the wiring and plug connections on which I have used it are still shiny and clean. I am hopeful it will extend the life of my wiring. 49918

- 11755

by: Luke H.03/03/2017

There are cheaper options out there but you get quite a bit of grease for the money. This is a must for new install of trailer lights/tow kit install and also a great preventive maintenance task. 347927

- 11755

by: John M05/23/2014

Arrived on time. Put the trailer hitch and wiring on next morning without a hitch. Pun intended ! Etrailer your company is awesome! Will do business again for sure! Thanks for the great service. 132159

- 11755

by: Ed K.12/16/2010


- 11755

by: Dave F.09/19/2017

This item not only prevents oxidation of the contacts on your trailer plugs, allowing good electrical connection to be maintained at the plugs. It also allows ease of disconnecting the plugs. 434200

- 11755

by: Chris L.07/14/2017


- 11755

by: Pete G06/19/2017

All items shipped and delivered a day sooner than the expected delivery date. The videos on the web site were a big help during my installation. I would order from again!!! 397993

- 11755

by: Anna09/28/2017

Protects the electrical connectors from oxidation during storage and from water during usage. Only time will tell if it works as designed in the long run. But its exactly as desired. 437256

- 11755

by: Ray B01/23/2017

Hard to say something bad about dielectric. It either works or it is yuck. It was nicely packaged and a nice addition to the trailer connections to keep them as clean as possible. 334664

- 11755

by: V Wardlaw05/11/2011

I received my product in a timely manner. The product works very good. I've used it on several electrical connections such as vehicle tail lights and trailer lights. Works Great. 13581

- 11755

by: Anthony P07/12/2017

I love this site. One stop shopping, knowledgeable customer service and they treat you like you spent thousands of dollars even if you only spent a few bucks. Great company. 404871

- 11755

by: Devin F11/09/2012

Shipping was extremely fast, the only problem I had was the color wires coming out of the plug were not hooked to the correct pins that is typically used for trailer wiring. 59128

- 11755

by: Terry S11/23/2016

I could not believe how quickly I received my order. I order online all the time, this was the quickest turn around I've experienced. Order was complete and I'm exstatic. 320882

- 11755

by: Austin_Dave02/19/2013

A good inexpensive way to help prevent corrision from water & other contaminants on your trailer electrical connections & makes it smoother to to attach and detach them 66963

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  • Best Placement in Truck Bed for Fifth Wheel 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • The best spot to install the Trailer Connector is on the bed sidewall on the drivers side, between the wheel well and the tail gate. We have an installation video showing this Draw-Tite Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring Harness # 20110 being installed on a 2002 Ford F250. You might want to consider using some dielectric grease, part # 11755 on the connections to provide protection from moisture. If you click the provided link, you can see an install video.
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  • Running Lights Work But Brake Lights and Turn Signals Do Not Work on Coleman Camper
  • The best way to start troubleshooting your truck and trailer is to disconnect the two and test each one separately. If you have access to a different tow vehicle or trailer you can test using one of these to isolate the problem to either your truck or camper. Inspect both the vehicle and trailer connectors for signs of dirt, discoloration or corrosion. Even very slight greenish or whitish discoloration on the connectors can interfere with signal transmission. You can try cleaning the...
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  • Recommended Trailer Wiring For 2017 Toyota Highlander To Tow Camper With 7-Way Connector
  • If you have the factory tow package and have a converter under the dash of your 2017 Highlander the wiring harness I recommend is the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 56042. This simply plugs into the factory tow package wiring harness located behind the driver side trim panel in the rear cargo area. If you do not have a toe package and converter, I recommend the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 118449. The connection points for this are located under the spare tire...
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  • Trailer Running Lights Not Working When Connected to 2006 Chevrolet Silverado
  • Step one in troubleshooting your trailer running lights is to isolate the problem to either the tow vehicle or the trailer wiring. You will need a circuit tester such as the Quickee #3808 or equivalent. I suggest you review the included article on troubleshooting trailer wiring as this provides a lot of useful guidance on the steps to identify the source of the problem. Start by disconnecting the trailer from the tow vehicle. With the Silverado lights on, test the pin on the truck 4-way...
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  • Can a Taillight Converter Module Go Bad After Working Properly for Months
  • It is possible for a taillight converter module to go bad. If your circuit testing shows correct signal inputs to each input pin of the module, but no output from the module, then the module could be blown. Please refer to the trailer wiring troubleshooting guide attached. This page offers information about the likely causes for a failed module and how to isolate the problem. Any one of a number of issues can cause failure of a module. If the module suddenly stopped working and there...
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  • How to Clean a 7-Way Trailer Wiring Connector
  • There are several items you might want to try using for removal of corrosion in your 7-way trailer connector, like part # HM48480. White Vinegar A wedge shaped, slip on pencil eraser or art gum eraser Pipe cleaners PB Blaster If the corrosion is light, apply white vinegar with a pipe cleaner followed by scrubbing with the eraser to do the trick. If the corrosion is a bit heavier spray the connector down with PB Blaster first let it sit for a while and repeat. Once the connector...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch For 2017 Toyota Highlander
  • We do have a Draw-Tite trailer hitch that is a confirmed fit for your 2017 Highlander. I recommend part # 75896. This is a Class lll hitch and it has a 2-inch receiver opening. If you plan on doing some towing you might be interested in etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts; one with a 3/4 inch rise or 2 inch drop and one with a 2-3/4 inch rise or 4 inch drop. It also includes a 1-7/8 inch ball, 2 inch ball, hitch pin with clip, and a storage bag. If the...
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  • Wiring Harness Needed for Installing a Truck Camper in the Bed of a 2011 Ford F-350
  • To run wiring into the bed of your truck for attachment of a truck camper, fifth-wheel trailer or gooseneck trailer the correct wiring harness is the Draw-Tite Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck 90 Degree Wiring Harness with 7-Pole Connector, item # 50-97-410 that you have selected. This harness connects inline with the OEM 7-Way wiring harness present at the back of the truck and will allow you to retain the use of the bumper mounted 7-Way connector. Using some dielectric grease, item # 11755,...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch and Wiring Harness for a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
  • There are trailer hitches we currently offer for your 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. The two are Curt Class-III part # C13172 and # C13171. The one I recommend is part # C13171 because you don't have to trim your fascia. It is custom fit for your 2015 Jeep Trailhawk and has a gross trailer weight of 5,000 pounds and maximum tongue weight of 750 pounds. Please revert to your Owners Manual for the maximum towing and tongue weight capacity and you will always go with the lowest rated component. The...
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  • Recommended Trailer Wiring Harness For 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Without Factory Tow Package
  • We do have a trailer connector for your 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee without the factory tow package. You will need to look under the rear inner bumper and should find the round trailer connector on your Jeep. You can then use part # 74682. It simply plugs into the connector you find. This will give you a 4-way and 7-way trailer connector at the rear of your Jeep. This connector comes with the mounting bracket and hardware needed. I have attached a product review video you can check out....
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  • No Trailer Connection on Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller 90195 on a 2000 Toyota Tundra
  • I would start by inspecting the connector on your trailer and the vehicle to make sure there is not corrosion in the connector which could be causing a bad or weak connection. If there is corrosion in the trailer side connector, you would need to replace it with 7-way Connector, part # A7WCB. For the replacement vehicle side connector, you would need Adapter 4 Pole to 7 Pole, part # 30717. For future use, I would recommend using Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, part # 11755,...
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  • One Side of Trailer Brakes Work But Other Side Does Not But Uses Same Wire
  • It sounds like the left side may have a bad ground in the system or a loose ground. I would check over the complete wiring system and make sure all grounds have a good metal contact and no rust. Also check the wires to make sure the protective coating is not worn and that there are no bare wires exposed. The connector from the vehicle to the trailer could also be corroded, you will want to check inside the connector to make sure. If there is not corrosion, it would be a good...
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  • Do Trailer Brake Magnets Have Wire Polarity
  • The wires from the # BP01-110 brake magnets have no polarity. Simply attach one to the wire carrying the brake output voltage, and ground the other wire to the trailer frame. You may also need some electrical tape, part # PTW502, and dielectric grease, part # 11755 helps to keep your wire connections free of moisture. I am including links to some installation videos on electric brake installation that should be helpful for you.
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  • Wiring an In-Bed Northland Camper Using Camper and Truck Existing Wiring in a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
  • My recommendation would be to determine how your camper is wired and install a RV-Style trailer 7-pole connector on your camper wiring. Then use your existing 7-pole connection at the rear bumper of your truck to install an in-bed connection point to supply power to your camper. To begin I suggest determining how your camper is currently wired. To do this you will have to apply 12 volt power to the lines that you have mentioned that are coming out of the camper in the front left corner...
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  • How to Stop Corrosion in The 7-Way RV Style Connector
  • Your best bet to eliminate corrosion in your 7-way connector is to use some Dielectric Grease for Electrical Connectors, item # 11755. Use this on the wiring connectors inside the connector when installing the connector and occasionally on the connection between the truck and trailer and your corrosion issues will be behind you. The corrosion you are experiencing is from moisture in the air and is prevelent with the RV connectors. The presence of constant 12 volt power creates an atmosphere...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation For 2014 Ford Escape Titanium With No Tow Package
  • From the research I did, I found that the towing capacity of your 2014 Ford Escape is 3,500 lbs. That number may be dependent on the engine or drivetrain on your Escape. You will want to check with your dealership to make sure you have that capacity for towing. For your Escape Titanium I recommend part # 75751. This is a Class lll trailer hitch and has a 2 inch receiver opening. We also offer a ball mount kit that I recommend. It is part # 989900, and comes with 2 hitch balls, 2...
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  • Recommended Brake Controller And Wiring For 2017 Ford Transit T350
  • The Prodigy P3, part # 90195 is a nice brake controller and will work great for you and your 2017 Transit. There is no plug-in adapter available so you will need to do some hardwiring to install the brake controller. I recommend the # ETBC7 installation kit. You plug it into the 4-way on your Transit and complete the wiring as shown in the attached drawing. When completed this will give you a working 7-way and 4-way connector at the rear of your Transit. The # ETBC7 comes with a circuit...
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  • Recommended Trailer Wiring Harness for a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe with Factory Tow Package
  • For the 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe with the factory tow package, you would need the Custom Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 118258. The harness would plug into the connector that is located underneath the vehicle inside the lower body panels on the driver side next to the muffler. I would also recommend a mounting bracket, part # 18144 or part # 38095, and it would be a good idea to use dielectric grease like part # 11755 between the connectors. The grease will protect the plugs from moisture...
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  • No 12 Volt Power Reaching Trailer Connector on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
  • In later model years (2007-2011) Chevrolet did not complete all the trailer wiring connections, but this should not be the case in your 2003 Silverado. If your 7-way has worked previously then there is a chance the connector is corroded or damaged, or that the factory wiring has failed. Check for signs of whitish or greenish discoloration on the contacts and apply an electrical contact cleaner as needed. Inspect the connector for damage and to ensure all wiring to the connector pins...
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  • Troubleshooting Non-Functioning Running Lights on Trailer
  • When all lights on a trailer work except for the running lights this often has to do with a grounding issue. If a ground wire on the vehicle or trailer is loose or attached at a rusty or painted surface it may be able to pass enough current for some lights but not others. Turn and brake lights do not remain on continuously like running lights do. This is why that lighting function, with it's higher current demand, tends to be where a weak ground connection shows up. This issue has an...
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  • 7-Way Trailer Connector Needed for 2015 Ford F-150
  • I recommend using the Hopikins Adapter 4- to 7-Pole and 4-Pole # 37185. This connector will work with the existing 4-way connector on your vehicle. Using this adapter, you will be able to tow trailers with 7-way connectors or 4-way connectors. There are a few additional parts we used when installing this connector. When connecting to your existing 4-way connector, dielectric grease # 11755 will help to protect the connection. We recommend securing this connection with a zip tie and...
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  • Fuse Position to Activate Accessory Power and Brake Control Power on a 2008 Chevy Avalanche
  • If my memory serves me right the fuse positions for the auxiliary power posts under the dash on a 2008 Chevrolet truck or SUV are the closest two square fuse slots in the front end of the power distribution box, see photo link. The best way to test those power posts is to use a circuit tester, item # 3808 if needed. Ground the lead from the tester and touch each power post independently. If the tester lights then the fuse is in the proper location. If not a square fuse should be inserted....
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  • Wiring the Hopkins 7-Way and the Colors Dont Match Those on My Trailer
  • There are more commonly used colors which is what is on the Hopkins 7-Way, # H20046. Wire color configurations typically vary by age of the trailer and type of the trailer. For example, an RV manufacturer tends to use different wiring than the manufacturer of livestock trailers. You will always want to wire by function and not by color. The use of a circuit tester like # 40376 will help with this process. I have attached a wiring help article which may be of help to you. Keep in mind...
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  • Troubleshooting Trucklite Model 60 Tail Lights On Trailer
  • The 3-function light we offer that would be a replacement for the Trucklite model 60 is the Optronics Sealed 3-Function Light, part # ST70RB. This light require the 3-Wire Pigtail for Sealed Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Lights, part # A45PB. When installing this light the pigtail would be wired as follows: white would be attached to a clean, bare metal surface for the ground. The red wire is attached to the turn/stop circuit, and the black wire is attached to the tail light circuit,...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch For 2012 Ford Escape
  • We do offer several hitches that are confirmed to fit your 2012 Ford Escape. Of all the hitches we offer I recommend the Hidden Hitch, part # 87626. This hitch is a Class lll hitch with a 2 inch receiver opening. When I checked out the photos of the hitches we offer that fit your Escape, it appears this hitch may be the least conspicuous. Due to the design of the vehicles it is many times difficult to find a hitch that is really concealed. I have attached a photo of this hitch mounted...
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  • Brake Controller Installation in 2014 Ford Edge SEL With Factory Tow Package
  • We can help you with selecting and installing a trailer brake controller in your 2014 Ford Edge SEL with factory tow package. Since you already have a working 4-pole trailer connector you will just need the controller itself plus the # ETBC7 installation kit you referenced. Your 4-pole will plug right in to the 7-way included in the installation kit and establish the ground. I recommend the Prodigy P2 proportional brake controller # 90885 from Tekonsha. This is among the most reliable...
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  • How to Connect Factory Wiring on 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD to Pollak Twist-In 7-Way # PK11916
  • Your 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD will have a wiring harness with round connector in place under the rear bumper whether or not it came equipped with a factory tow package. This round connector will plug in to the back of your Pollak Twist-In 7-Way, part # PK11916. Please refer to the attached photo and the linked article concerning brake controller installation in a 2008 GMC Sierra. Both illustrate the underside of the vehicle rear bumper area and the approximate location (above the spare...
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  • Recommended 4-Way And 7-Way Wiring For 2006 Ford E-250 Van
  • If there is no trailer connector on your 2006 ford E-250 van, I recommend the Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, part # C56020. This is a quick and easy installation on your van. This plugs directly into your existing wiring and requires no cutting or splicing. I have attached an installation video of this wiring on a 2006 E-250 you can check out. You will then want a 4-way to 7-way like part # 30717. This will attach to the 4-way connector and along with the noted wiring in the attached...
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  • What Is Needed To Add Electric Brakes To Enclosed Cargo Trailer With Torsion Axles
  • In order to add brakes to an axle that does not have brakes you will need a few things. I have attached a helpful article that explains what is needed to add electric brakes to an axle you can check out. The first thing we need to know is the weight capacity of your axle. This can normally be found on a plate or a sticker on the axle. If you do not have a brake mounting flange on the spindles, those will have to be welded to the spindles. This should be done by a professional welder...
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