Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 24'

Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 24'

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Kodiak Accessories and Parts - 24TA-BLKIT
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  • Trailer Brakes
  • Hydraulic Drum Brakes
  • Disc Brakes
  • Brake Lines
  • Kodiak
  • Brake Line Kits
  • 24 Feet Long
  • Flexible Brake Hose
  • Tandem Axle
Brake line kit lets you run brake fluid from your surge brake actuator to your trailer brakes. Great for disc brakes and torsion axles. Includes 24', (2) 7', 3-1/2', and (2) 1-1/2' flexible hoses, plus fittings and hardware. Call 800-298-8924 to order Kodiak accessories and parts part number 24TA-BLKIT or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Kodiak products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 24'. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Kodiak Accessories and Parts - 24TA-BLKIT

Brake line kit lets you run brake fluid from your surge brake actuator to your trailer brakes. Great for disc brakes and torsion axles. Includes 24', (2) 7', 3-1/2', and (2) 1-1/2' flexible hoses, plus fittings and hardware.


  • Brake hoses and fittings let you run brake fluid from your surge brake actuator to your trailer brakes
    • Designed for use on tandem-axle trailers with drum or disc brakes
  • Flexible design makes hoses perfect for use with foldaway trailer tongues, disc brakes, and torsion axles
    • Rubber hoses meet DOT and SAE standards and are easier to install than rigid steel lines
  • Brass, male, swivel flare nut fittings on ends of each hose have deep threads
    • Deep threads improve connection to help prevent leaks
    • Swivels allow flare fittings to turn without the hose twisting
  • Open area on flare fittings lets you use a line wrench for better grip
    • Minimizes the risk of stripping threads
    • Fittings are double-crimped onto hoses
  • Corrosion-resistant, brass fittings connect hydraulic lines
    • Female inverted flares (FIF) at each port
  • Heavy-duty loom clamps secure hoses to your trailer's frame
  • Kit includes:
    • (1) 24' Long flexible brake line
    • (2) 7' Long flexible brake lines
    • (1) 3-1/2' Long flexible brake line
    • (2) 1-1/2' Long flexible brake lines
    • 1 Cross fitting
    • 1 Tee fitting
    • (22) 1/2" Loom clamps


  • Hose inner diameter: 1/8"
  • Fitting size: 3/16"
    • Thread size: 3/8"-24
  • 3-Year limited warranty on hoses and fittings

Hydraulic Brake Line Installation for Tandem-Axle Trailers

Tandem Axle Brake Line Kit

  • (A) 24' Long flexible brake line (BH-3MFS-24)
  • (B) 7' Long flexible brake lines (BH-3MFS-7)
  • (C) 1-1/2' Long flexible brake lines (BH-3MFS-1-5)
  • (D) Tee fitting (BH-T-3FIF)
  • (E) Loom clamps (A0500)
  • (F) Cross fitting (BH-X-3FIF)
  • (G) 3-1/2' Long flexible brake line (BH-3MFS-3-5)

Flexible Rubber Brake Hoses

Kodiak brake hoses are made of rubber, making them a practical choice for a variety of applications. Because you can easily bend them, rubber hoses are simpler to work with than rigid stainless steel brake lines. This flexibility makes rubber hoses great for use with foldaway trailer tongues because they are less likely to kink or break when bent. In addition, rubber hoses allow for a wide range of motion so articulating parts can effectively function. These qualities make rubber hoses better suited than steel lines for trailers with torsion axle suspension systems and trailers that have disc brakes.

Stainless steel brake lines have braided exteriors, which can not only wear against exterior surfaces, but also against the interior lining of the hose if dirt gets underneath the steel braid. And if the braid on a stainless steel line tears, it can cut into the hose lining. The exterior surface of these hoses is solid rubber, so there are no crevices for debris to enter.

Durable Fittings with Deep Threads

Kodiak Hose Flare

Kodiak brake hoses have corrosion-resistant brass fittings with stainless steel flares. These fittings have a gap built into them that allows room for a line wrench - also called a flare nut wrench - to slide over the line and down to the nut. This type of wrench grips the nut better than a standard open-ended wrench so there is less chance of stripping the threads as you tighten down the nut.

The stainless steel that is used to create the flares on these hoses is stronger than brass. As a result, these fittings are more durable than ones made entirely of brass. The stainless flares are primarily designed to keep the fittings from splitting when you tighten them down, but they offer absolute rust protection as well.

Kodiak's fittings have deeper threads than many other fittings on the market to provide a higher thread engagement. Deeper threads offer an advantage when used with fittings that have the same thread depth. These Kodiak fittings will work with most fittings on the market, but when they're used with other Kodiak fittings, the result is a stronger connection with fewer leaks.

BH-3MFS-24 Kodiak 1/8" ID Rubber Brake Hose - 3/16" MFFN with Male Swivels - 288"

BH-3MFS-7 Kodiak 1/8" ID Rubber Brake Hose - 3/16" MFFN with Male Swivels - 84"

BH-3MFS-3-5 Kodiak 1/8" ID Rubber Brake Hose - 3/16" MFFN with Male Swivels - 42"

BH-3MFS-1-5 Kodiak 1/8" ID Rubber Brake Hose - 3/16" MFFN with Dead Swivels - 18"

BH-X-3FIF Kodiak Forged Brass Cross Fitting for 1/8" Diameter Brake Hose - 3/16" Female Inverted Flare

BH-T-3FIF Kodiak Forged Brass T-Fitting for 1/8" Diameter Brake Hose - 3/16" Female Inverted Flare

A0500 Metal Loom Clamp - 1/2"

Video of Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 24'

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kodiak Trailer Brakes 24TA-BLKIT Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Kodiak 24 foot long tandem axle hydraulic brake line kit. These brake hoses and the fittings will let you run brake fluid from your surge brake actuator to your trailer brakes. This one is designed for use on tandem axle trailers with drum or disc brakes. It is a flexible design which makes the hoses perfect for use with fold away trailer tongue, disc brakes, and torsion axles. The rubber hoses will meet the DoT, Department of Transportation, and SAE standards, and are easier to install than the rigid steel brake line. This kit includes everything shown here on the table. It includes one 24 foot long flexible brake line, two seven foot long flexible brake lines, one three-and-a-half foot long flexible brake line, and two one-and-a-half foot long flexible brake lines.

Also one cross fitting, one tee fitting, and 22 of the half inch loom clamps to attach your hoses to your trailer. On the hose ends, the brass nail swivel flare nut fittings here on the end of each hose. They have nice deep threads to them. The deep threads will improve you connection to help prevent any leaks. The swivel will allow the flare fittings to turn without the hose twisting. If you'll notice on the hose itself, it uses stainless steel flares here on the end to help resist corrosion and they're stronger than brass to reduce any splitting. When you go to tighten it down and slide the fitting up you'll notice there's an open area right here.

This open area on the flare fittings will let you use a line wrench for better grip, minimize the risk of stripping the threads. Also if you'll notice right here the double crimp brass farrows. They securely clamp the fittings to the hose. These fittings right here, they're corrosion resistant brass fittings that will connect the hydraulic lines. They do use female inverted flares at each port on them. The clamps again, they're heavy duty loom clamps.

They will secure the hoses to your trailer's frame. A few specs on this, the inner diameter of these hoses is one-eighth of an inch. The fittings size is three-sixteenths of an inch and the thread size is thee-eighths of an inch by twenty-four. That should do it for the review on the Kodiak 24 foot tandem axle hydraulic brake line kit.

Customer Reviews

Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 24' - 24TA-BLKIT

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (18 Customer Reviews)

Brake line kit lets you run brake fluid from your surge brake actuator to your trailer brakes. Great for disc brakes and torsion axles. Includes 24', (2) 7', 3-1/2', and (2) 1-1/2' flexible hoses, plus fittings and hardware.


This hose kit was installed on a gooseneck equipment trailer used to haul a mini excavator. I was a little hesitant about using all rubber lines due to previous experience with a squishy brake feel on a vehicle due to a bit of swelling in the line absorbing some of the pressure. This just isn't a concern for trailer braking because the actuator pump will simply pump a little more fluid to compensate for any flexing or swelling in the rubber. After using the trailer brakes a few times, I am unable to detect any delay or weakness that might come from the lines flexing or swelling. These rubber lines are much easier to route and secure than steel lines too. All of the fittings fit nicely and the brass should have no corrosion concerns. The only reason I took off one star is that the two hoses that go across the trailer to the passenger side caliper needed to be about 4 inches longer to route them along the trailer frame under my deck. I had to do a sloppy routing to leave enough slack for suspension movement. This isn't likely to be a problem on camper trailers, but my tall deck equipment trailer sits on 12-inch I-beams so it's a long way up to the underside of the deck and then back down to the other caliper. The only thing not included in this kit is the screws or bolts needed to connect the padded clamps to the trailer frame. That's not really a negative thing because not everyone will use the same type of fastener to attach these to their trailer. 619482


These lines are great. I'm so glad I didn't use steel lines. I could have used a shorter kit but everything coiled up and is out of the way. Again, thanks Geoff 592996


this kit is perfect, did not have to worry about kinking hard lines, flare tools, etc. No noticeable difference in braking perfermance. 510559


Great replacement for the stock steel lines. Salt water rusted the old and this replacement fixed the reusting issues. Just be sure to order the correct kit size wise, Price was affordable too. Thanks etrailer! 290494


Still looking good with NO rust issues!

James D - 09/02/2017



Fast shipping and very easy to install. This is my first time ever installing brakes on a trailer, and instructions were very easy to follow. The entire project was done in about 4 hours, including 2 trips to the store for supplies I should have had ahead of time (marine grease, brake fluid and bolts). 490768


seems to be a simple straight forward kit to replace the rusted lines I have. There was a delay in shipping but have now received everything and am waiting on getting past this holiday to install them. 208855


Products arrived quickly. Heather at customer service was great to deal with (item was backordered). Will definitely buy from here again 381899


Looks good, I'll begin the install in a couple of days, I'll send a picture when complete. I'll also need to order a set of 12" brakes after I confirm the size 650209


Just right 585293


I placed my order and was notified that all of what I had ordered was not available at the time . So E - Trailer informed me they would send what was in stock and ship the rest without charging me extra. But what I really like is the service, keeping me posted on my parts . The wheels and rims were perfect. The break lines are amazing. Got away from metal and went to rubber. The hydraulic brake actuator a perfect fit . Everything is of great quality and working like a champ. 578542


great product, high quality 498503


Hoses seem to be good quality, the hose Looms are made of poor Quality Steel not high enough standard for saltwater use 496601


Added this hose kit, to my installation process, easy to use. 442602


Ordered on Monday, received on Saturday, installed Sunday. The hoses are very flexible and are high quality. Stainless clamps, brass "Ts" and nice hose ends. Replacing all brake components on my 1990 EZloader trailer. 361937


Great product, was delivered quickly, will shop here in the future! 352894


I've ready a few negative reviews for etrailer and to each their own, but I personally have had nothing but excellent service! I've ordered on 3 separate occasions, 2 of which my products were delivered on time and intact, the 3rd purchase I didn't end up needing. I called etrailer, spoke with a gal who was cool with the return, I just shipped it back, minus I believe a few bucks for restocking. I will definitely order my trailer parts from them in the future! 331822


Carla M. worked with me to make sure we had all the right parts for my boat trailer. I am quite happy with her help. 326315


They sent me what I ordered and got it here overnight. Outstanding. 227367


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  • In order to change from an 7,000 pound axle to an 8,000 pound axle you will need to replace the entire axle with an 8K model. You will not be able to add any parts to your current axle to upgrade it to an 8,000 pound capacity. We do not currently have any 8,000 pound axles available but you will want to find one that features the same hub face and spring center length to what you currently have. Then in order to convert from electric drum brakes to electric over hydraulic disc brakes...
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  • Recommended Electric Over Hydraulic Trailer Brake Conversion for Dual 10K Axles
  • The Disc Brake Kit # K2R1058D13 by Kodiak is the brake set that you will need to use for your 10,000 lb Dexter Torsion axles. When it comes to hardware, like the brake line, I recommend going with the Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit # 24TA-BLKIT which will wear better than other traditional brands. These lines are very flexible so the line is easy to maneuver under the trailer. The only downfall is that you cannot cut the line due to how hard and risky it is to do yourself. All you have...
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  • Switching from Electric Drum Brakes to Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes on Trailer w/7K Lippert Axles
  • I did some checking and your 7K Lippert axles use inner bearing 25580 and outer bearing 14125. We have 7K brake kit options that use these same bearings and have the same 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern as your existing hubs. The most basic kit is # K2HR712. The parts have a raw finish which means no corrosion resistance. The next step up from there is # K2HR712E which has an e-coat finish which is like a powder coat and offers minimal corrosion resistance. What I recommend is the next step...
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  • Recommended Complete Disc Brake Conversion System For 10,000 lb Dexter Axles
  • To replace your leaking seals, you will want the Unitized Oil Seal # 10-51. This is a confirmed fit for your hubs. I've attached a video of an oil seal installation on a similar hub to help. For your disc brake conversion, you will need to use the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly - 9,000-10,000-lb Axles - 8 on 6-1/2 - Oil Bath # 8-288-3UC1 and then the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 11" Rotor - 8 on 6-1/2 - Raw Finish - Leaf Spring - 10,000-lb Dexter # K2R1058D11E compatible with these hub assemblies...
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  • How to Determine if Kodiak Disc Brake Kit K2R35DKG Will Fit a Trailer
  • As long as your axle has 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern idler hubs plus a brake mounting flange the Kodiak Disc Brake kit part # K2R35DKG will fit it. Look for a plate behind the spindle with 4 bolt holes in it for the flange. As long as the hubs of your trailer take L44649/L68149 bearings the bearing kit part # BK2-100 will fit them. As long as the trailer has a 3 inch wide frame channel the Demco part # 8608611 will fit. The tandem brake line kit part # 24TA-BLKIT will work with the...
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  • Will Kodiak Disc Brake Kit K2R1258L12 Fit a 12K Rockwell Axle on PJ Trailer
  • I am assuming that one of the axles has brakes and the other does not. If that is the case and the axle that does not have brakes has idler hubs then you can use Kodiak kit # K2R1258L12 provided that the hub has an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and brake mounting flanges on the axle. You will also need some addition brake line and related parts such as what is included in kit # 15SI-BLKIT. Or it may be more beneficial to go ahead and replace all the lines with a tandem axle kit # 24TA-BLKIT.
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  • Recommended Parts For Adding Disc Brakes To Tandem Trailer With 6,000-lb Axles
  • We have all the parts you need but they do not alll come in one kit. I will make some recommendations that will work for your 6,000-lb axles. First, you can use the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K2HR526D. This includes the hub and rotors for one axle. You will also need a bearing kit, part # BK3-100 for each wheel. Since the lug nuts, part # CE11051 are not included, you can purchase them separately. For a grease cap you can use part # F001520. For a 24-ft long brake line kit...
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  • Recommended Tandem Axle Brake Line Kit For Trailer With 16 Foot Run to First Axle And 8 Foot Width
  • We do have a brake line kit that will meet your needs for a 16 foot run and 8 foot width runs. I recommend the Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 18', # 18TA-BLKIT. This is a flexible brake line kit, so the excess line can have slack or be coiled depending on your specific trailer needs. When you click on the link for this part, scoll down and you will see the diagram of how this kit is run with the fittings and lengths of line.
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  • Drum Brake Replacement Assemblies for Use with Titan Actuator
  • Thanks for the photo and tape measure. That makes it fairly easy to help you get what you need. You need 3500 lb single servo brake assemblies. My recommendation is the Hydraulic Brake Kit - Dacromet - 10" - Left/Right Hand # AKFBBRK-35-D. The Dacromet is for increased corrosion resistance. You could alternatively use the Hydraulic Trailer Brake Kit # AKFBBRK-35 for a standard protection against corrosion or even upgrade to the Demco Galvanized set # 18788-87 for superior rust...
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  • Can Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit # 24TA-BLKIT Handle 1,600 psi Brake Actuator
  • Yes, the Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit # 24TA-BLKIT that you referenced can handle 1,600 psi like what disc brakes are rated for. This will work great with the HydraStar 1,600 psi actuator part # HBA16 that you also referenced.
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  • Brake Line Kit Compatible With Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator And Disc Brakes
  • The HydraStar Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi, # HBA16 is compatible with the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 13" Hub/Rotor - 8 on 6-1/2 - E-Coat - 7,000 lbs # K2HR79E. The Kodiak Hydraulic brake line kit for tandem axle you asked about # 18TA-BLKIT will absolutely work with these two components, but you may want a longer kit for your application. These kits will also work: HydraStar Hydraulic Brake Line Kit - Tandem Axle - 30' Long, 1/4" Main Line # HS496-252 Demco...
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  • Parts Needed to Convert Electric Brakes to Hydraulic Drum Brakes on Kaufman Trailer
  • We do have everything you need to convert the electric brakes on your trailer to hydraulic drum brake assemblies. I have attached a great article that will walk you through everything that is needed to make this conversion. For the brake assemblies themselves, we do have one kit available in the 12-1/4 x 3-3/8 size you are needing for 10,000 pound axles. The Dexter Hydraulic Drum Brake Kit # 23-410-411 includes both the Left Hand and RIght Hand assemblies and features a 7 bolt mounting...
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  • Brake Line Kit Recommendations for Dexter Disc Brake Kit # K71-635-93
  • For a tandem axle brake line kit that will work great with the Kodiak kit part # K71-635-93 you referenced I recommend the flexible hose kit part # 20TA-BLKIT. This has a main feed length of 20 foot. Or for a 24 foot long version you'd want part # 24TA-BLKIT. I prefer the flexible line kits as they are much easier to deal with and install. If you need a different length or have a different number of axles I attached a link to all of the flexible brake line kits we offer as well.
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  • Recommended Complete Kit for Electric Over Hydraulic Upgrade to Old Hydraulic Drum Brake Trailer
  • To convert your trailer to the Electric Over Hydraulic system, all you will need is to add the HydraStar Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator w/ Breakaway and 7-Way RV Harness - 1,200 psi # HS381-9066 and then add a compatible electric brake controller to your truck. I recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195 for that controller because it has an integrated electric over hydraulic function that has proven to work well. There may be a simple wiring adapter for your truck and this controller....
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  • Replacement Master Cylinder for Atwood Actuating Coupler for Drum Brakes
  • For your Atwood Brake Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Drum Brakes - Black - 2" Ball - Bolt On - 6,000 lbs # AT82543, the master cylinder you need is the Replacement Master Cylinder for Atwood Trailer Brake Actuators - Drum 85841 (which has been discontinued). So you will want to check to see if it is the actual cylinder or just the gasket that needs replaced. Let me know as I'm happy to assist.
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  • Parts Needed to Convert Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes on a Heartland Razor with Lippert 6K Axles
  • All of the things you mentioned (axle diameter, spindle size, bolt pattern) play a role in determining the axles weight capacity. If you are unsure of your axle capacity, the easiest way to tell would be to crawl under the trailer and look for the information tag placed on the axle. However, I spoke to my contact at Lippert Components (LCI) and they were able to match NV 143877 with a 6,000 lb axle. I am not really sure what you mean by "hybrid axle" but we do have the disc brake kits...
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  • Do Trailer Brake Lines Need to Run On the Inside or Outside of a Trailer Frame
  • If you can route the brake lines of the part # 24TA-BLKIT on the inside of your trailer frame that's what I would recommend since it will give the lines the most protection as possible. Otherwise running them on the outside is fine too, but just try to set the lines up so that they are out of the way of moving parts.
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  • Recommended Brake Line Kit for Use With Titan Model 60 Brake Actuating Coupler
  • The brake line kit that would be best for you will depend the number of brake assemblies, the length of the trailer and whether the brakes are drum or disc. If you have a single axle trailer using drum or disc brakes, and the distance between the actuator and the rear axle is less than 18 feet, the Kodiak # 18SI-BLKIT would work great. The flex hose is easy to work with, and you'll have no worries about a kinked brake line. For a tandem axle trailer with an actuator to rearmost axle...
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  • Choosing Replacement Trailer Brakes, Hubs and Actuator for 1978 Calkins Tandem Axle Boat Trailer
  • You'll want to check a few details on the trailer so you can select compatible replacement parts. First, you want to confirm the axles' rated capacity; this should be noted on a sticker or plate on the axles themselves. Based on the info you provided it may be that you have two 3500-lb axles. Your brakes and hubs must match the axle rating. Next you'll want to take note of the size of the current brakes. You need to confirm the diameter and depth. You also want to note their mounting...
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  • Flexible Brake Line Needed for Titan Replacement Master Cylinder Assembly # T2374600
  • If you are just looking to replace the brake line from the master cylinder to your steel brake lines, you can use Titan Hydraulic Brake Line with Fittings, # T0980100. If you would like to replace all of the lines from master cylinder to brakes, take a look at Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit, # 24TA-BLKIT. I have included a snapshot to illustrate what is included in the kit. As you can see in the picture, you will have enough brake line to go 27-1/2 ft back from the master cylinder which...
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  • Installing and Bleeding New Hydraulic Brakes Lines on Trailer With Titan Actuator
  • I can help you install new hydraulic brake lines on the trailer. The Titan Zinc-Plated Actuator part # T4750620 is a surge brake actuator so you need hydraulic brake lines. The kit you need depends on how long the trailer is that you are installing the lines in and how many axles the trailer has. The Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit part # 24TA-BLKIT is for a 24 foot tandem axle trailer. To install the lines you want to drill a hole near where the Titan Coupler installs so that you can...
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  • How to Select New Disc Brake Components for EZ-Loader Boat Trailer
  • We do offer some disc brake kits that include calipers, hub/rotors, brake lines and fittings, such as kit # T4843100 from Titan, shown on the linked page. But this and others also include a coupler, which you may not need. To see complete kits like this select the Disc Brake Kit option using the filter on the page. If you want a totally new system without concerns that there could be hidden damage somewhere, then a complete kit might be the way to go. Having the entire braking system...
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  • Brake Lines for a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler with Disc Brakes that Weighs 15,000 Pounds
  • As you convert your 5th wheel toy hauler to disc brakes, you will have at least a 1,600 pound psi rating. The brake line kit I recommend is the Demco hydraulic brake line kit for tandem axle trailers # DM5425. This kit will provide lines and fittings needed to run brake fluid from surge brake actuator to trailer brakes. This kit is also the most popular one we currently offer. Please view the installation video I included as well.
    view full answer...

  • Complete Hydraulic Drum Brake Kit for Boat Trailer With 3,500 lb Axles
  • I would need some more information before setting you up. What is your axle's weight capacity? Do you have an idler hub or hub and drum? What size are your wheels? I'm going to send you a link to a couple of help articles on what you'll need to add brakes and if you can get back to me with more info I'd be more than happy to help.
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  • Availability of Boat Trailer Brake Line with Male Fittings
  • You can click on the linked page to see our brake lines and brake line kits for boat trailers. You'll first select either disc or drum brakes using the filters on the page. We offer brake lines on their own, such as the 1-foot line # BH-3MFS-1 from Kodiak that uses 2 standard male flare nut fittings or their 6-foot # BH-3MFS-6. Lengths up to 24-feet are offered, part # BH-3MFS-24, and these are also available in kits like # 24TA-BLKIT which is for tandem-axle drum brakes. We do not offer...
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  • Parts Needed to Add Electric-Over-Hydraulic EOH Brakes to a 14K Trailer
  • Thank you for the information and the pictures! We have exactly what you need to change your current hub and drum assembly to an Electric-Over-Hydraulic (EOH) disc brake setup. The most popular disc brake kit that we have to offer if the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2HR712D which comes with a 13" rotor that has an 8 on 6-1/2" bolt pattern and is rated for 7,000 lbs. The dacromet finish on this kit gives it the best protection out there especially for freshwater and saltwater use. The...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended 6000 lb Surge Brake Actuator For Disc Brakes
  • Your current actuator, similar to the Atwood Brake Actuator w/ Manual Lockout - Drum Brakes, will not work with disc brakes. Disc brakes require much more pressure than drum brakes so you need a different actuator to handle that application. For a compatible actuator, I recommend the Titan Zinc-Plated, Leverlock Brake Actuator - Disc - Adjustable Ball - Bolt On - 6,000 lbs # T4745720. This can be used with standard brake lines for drum or disc like # 24TA-BLKIT or # 18SI-BLKIT.
    view full answer...

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