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Replacement Sidewind Handle Kit for Fulton XP15 Series Marine Jacks

Replacement Sidewind Handle Kit for Fulton XP15 Series Marine Jacks

Item # F0933305S00
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Replaces the sidewind handle for your Fulton XP15 series marine jack. Crank handle, pin, and bushing included. 1-800-940-8924 to order Fulton accessories and parts part number F0933305S00 or order online at Free expert support on all Fulton products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Sidewind Handle Kit for Fulton XP15 Series Marine Jacks. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Fulton Accessories and Parts - F0933305S00

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Replaces the sidewind handle for your Fulton XP15 series marine jack. Crank handle, pin, and bushing included.


  • Replaces the sidewind handle for your Fulton XP15 series marine jacks
  • Designed for use with Fulton marine jack models XP15 0101, XP15W 0301, XP15L 0101, XPD15L 0101, HD25000101, and HD50000101
  • Kit includes crank, pin, and bushing


  • Fulton XP15 marine jacks: XP15 0101, XP15W 0301, XP15L 0101, XPD15L 0101, HD25000101, and HD50000101


0933305S00 Fulton Handle Kit for Marine and Recreational Jacks XP15 Series

California residents: click here

Video of Replacement Sidewind Handle Kit for Fulton XP15 Series Marine Jacks

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Fulton 2500HD Trailer Jack Rebuild

Today we're going to be taking a look at how to rebuild the Fulton 2500-HD Marine Style Square Tube Jacks. Now these jacks are not that inexpensive and it's nice that we have a lot of individual components here so we can replace whatever is broken. We don't have to worry about going out and re-buying a completely new jack. We'll start here at the top, you see we've got a black cap that's held on by two screws. We offer that right here as a replacement part. That's going to be part number F0917504. Also, we're going to have our handle kit here.

It's got a flanged bushing and then there's a pin located inside that goes to the gear. Our handle is part number F0933305S00. Again, it's going to be our handle, our flange bushing and our pin. As we work our way down just a little further we're going to have our gear kit. Now our gear kit has some nice extra components.

It's got the extra bushing, threshed washer that's going to go down on top. It's got the spacer that's going to go between our gear. It's going to have the base pin, it's going to have the handle pin and then our lower and our side gear and it also comes with two new of the flange bushings just in case we need them during that rebuild. Now once we get below that, we're going to have our bearing. You'll see this is kind of a sealed bearing on the top. It's got a cap on it.

You want that to be facing up and that actually helps to make the water shed off of the bearing and that's going to ride on top of this threshed washer here, or threshed bearing there. You can see it's going to turn really nice and smoothly and that basically alleviates all of the friction that we have in our jack and it's going to help it to operate really nice and smoothly. There are going to be four bolts that hold the jack into place with a backing plate. If you've had any damage at all done to those, we do sell those as a replacement part as well. That part number is F500286. The first step is going to be get our cap off, that's going to sit over top of the gears and the bearings located inside. Use a quarter inch socket or bit driver or even a flat blade screwdriver if you want and once we have one backed out on the side, we'll kind of push up on that side, you can see the other one is just going to fit around that grease cert.

Inside there you'll see our gears, you're going to see the grease that came on it from the factory. We're going to wipe all of that out of the way and show you how to rebuild this. Now when you put everything back together, just want to make sure you use a good all purpose grease. It doesn't have to be a high temp grease or anything like that but you do want to make sure that it's good all purpose grease. Now with most of our grease out of the way, if we turn our handle, you're going to see two half moon cut outs. We've got one there and if I move the handle you can actually see the pin move up and down there. And then directly on the other side we'll have our other one. What I'm going to do is use a five-thirty-seconds punch. We'll line it up with that pin and I want to drive that pin down, once we have it started, we'll tilt it and then kind of drive it right over on that angle. We'll know it's fully out when we can move this handle up and down. Lift our handle out there. Now at this point if we're just replacing the handle, we can put that new one back down in. We'll line up our holes, put our pin back in and replace our cap so it's pretty straight forward. Now we're going to go a few steps further so let's rotate it over here. You'll see our gear laying here on the bottom. We'll take that out. Now both of our gears are going to be the same, for the bottom we're going to use the enclosed area for the pin to sit in and for our handle, we're going to use the pass through area. That base pin is just a little bit bigger but the gear is just going to sit right down on top of it. You can also see we've got that bushing there, which is one of the replacement parts and you've also got this small washer. Now this you're going to reuse. It doesn't really experience any wear. Just lift up on that base gear there. You can see it's going to come right off, again just the same thing as what the side gear was. Of course, these are brand new parts we're pulling out here. Your grease probably is going to look as nice and if you're replacing parts, one of them is going to show signs of failure. These are brand new, we're just going to replace them and put them right back in and put some new grease in and we'll be ready. You can see that base pin right here. We also have that as a replacement. That just floats, it just sits in the middle here. Now we're going to slightly pull the inner tube, the inner square tube which would be kind of what your drop leg is attached to and we're going to separate it from the outer tube. You see how that screw as I pull out on that, it's going to slide out. It's going to allow that plate to drop down. We're going to set it aside. On top of that plate, there's that flat washer and remember that's going to come in the gear kit replacement if you need to replace that. Then right down there we have that threshed washer and also our bearing. Now we can lift up our outer tuber here and that'll give you a good look at actually how the mechanism works. You see there's this screw and that just pushes down or pulls up on that leg causing it to go in and out of the jack so it's really, really hard to mess this up. This is a super strong screw where typical points of failure are going to be either the bearing or the gears or something like that. So let's go ahead and make sure we get some grease around screw there and we can start putting this thing back together. You're going to start by placing the threshed washer down on the screw and follow that up with our bearing. Now it's time to put our top plate in. One slot on the jack is going to be much wider than the other. We want to put the thicker part facing outward. You can see that thinner part, that's going to face inward. Just get it slid into position and you can see it's going to engage on that side. We can start the outer tube right back down over the inner tube and if we watch inside there, we'll see the screw is going to pass right through that plate. Now we're going to take our washer or threshed bearing and place that down on it. Once that's in place, we can slide that larger diameter pin in. Now this is just what they call like a floating pin so it's not going to take a bunch of force to get it in place. You just want it to be pretty much equal on each side that we can see exposed. Now we'll take one of our gears, we want to use the enclosed portion. We don't want to use the full pass through opening. We want to use that one and we'll slide that down and on, being sure that that engages the pin and you should notice that it's engaged because it doesn't turn freely. It has some tension to it. Put some more grease down in there. You remember we had our bushing, had that little washer on it so we can that put in position. Make sure that washer stays lined up. The grease is nice because it helps hold it in place and we're going to start to slide our handle through and as we do we want to have our gear kind of lowered down so it's lined up with our bushing. It's going to slide right on through. You can see kind of part of that hole there. We'll just rotate our jack so we can see half moon in the gears is going to line up with the hole that's in the handle. Now we just need to replace that pin that we drove out earlier. All right, we just want our pin to be about equal on either side. Doesn't necessarily have to be square but you do want it to be engaged fully so you have some tension on that pin. Now another little helping of grease, we'll work that around our gears there. Now one side of our cap needs to go around that grease sert. Other side, push down in. Now we can just reinsert that self-tapping screw. That's all there is to it. It only takes a few minutes and a few inexpensive parts and we can go through a complete rebuild process on a jack rather than actually having to purchase a brand new one. That will complete today's rebuild of the Fulton HD 2500 Marine Jack.

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Customer Reviews

Replacement Sidewind Handle Kit for Fulton XP15 Series Marine Jacks - F0933305S00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (103 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the sidewind handle for your Fulton XP15 series marine jack. Crank handle, pin, and bushing included.


Got me exactly what I needed to get going! And a video showing me how to reassemble it, too. Thanks!


Quick shipping ANF order perfect





I may have an older Fulton Jack but I had to modify the gear that the new locking pin fits through. The new pin was obviously bigger than the old pin. It would be nice to have a new gear included. The old smaller pin broke and the handle departed the jack on my way home from the lake. The larger pin shouldn't break--so good fix.


OEM replacement got my boat trailer back in action thanks to in part to prompt shipment.

Thanks etrailer!


Another easy fix for me from e trailer. Not thinking I hooked my trailer to a bumper hitch for a quick move of the trailer. The bumper hitch put my tongue jack close to the truck. Backing up I broke off my crank handle on the bumper. Ordered a new replacement handle from e trailer. Arrived as scheduled today. I installed it in 15 minutes and it works great. The price was the best I had found also. I will always use e trailer for all my parts as usual.

Dave P.


Still going strong as new.


Thanks for the speedy delivery. When we got home and went to put the boat in the garage we noticed we lost the sidewind handle to the jack. As my husband got the boat set up in the garage (on blocks), I immediately got on the internet and found what I needed at your site. I bought it with ease, and received the handle kit in a couple of days. Thanks so much. It got mounted with no effort at all. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks !!!!!!

Teri K.


It is still working great!! Thanks


etrailer did a very very good job getting it to me in a timely manner as always .I should know because this my second or third time I've ordered this same item. I can tell you this don't back or turn to sharp if you or driving a golf cart you will wipe out the crank ever time.

Thanks etrailer
Ronald S

Ronald S.


it is working real good as always .


product worked fine. There were no specific instruction for installing these parts. Not as easy to install and there were extra parts for round verses square frame jacks. Again specific installation instructions for these parts are needed. Erica got me the right parts thank you.

Alan C.


New jock great tebuild parts were not as eazy to install. Instruction could be better.


The handle arrived quickly and as advertised. It installed easily according to the instructions and is working very well.


It worked perfect


Easy to install - sturdy as my last handle. The only complaint is that the instructions that came with it were the instructions to mount the trailer jack, not to replace the handle. But after removing the cap it seemed pretty simple, and sure enough it was. Just be sure to have some extra grease with you just in case you rub too much off of the gears with your hands/tools while installing the new handle and pin.


I have 2006 Fulton Magnum Series Jack. This handle fit like a glove. Awesome customer service!

Joe B.


Awesome! Just like the day I bought it.


Had a broken handle replace it with a new one looks good


I turned too tight & broke the old handle off. I had resolved myself to thinking that I would have to buy a new jack. While online with Etrailer I found this repair kit. I order it & it was shipped same day. I got it installed & it works great. It saved me $100+. I wish the instructions had been a little better for those of us that can't remember how the old parts were installed.


I have ordered products from e-trailer before. They have consistently done an excellent job of describing the item, providing tracking information, and having great prices. They are the first place I look for any item that I think that they might carry.


I ordered the Replacement Sidewinder Handle Kit from George, and the entire ordering process went smoothly. Confirmation of the order was prompt, and the tracking information was provided. In short, navigating his website was easy , and his followup communications were superb. I would definitely order from George again.


This is exactly what I needed. Installation, however, was not a breeze. I did get it installed.

Great customer service in identifying the part that I needed!

Theodore K.




Great product


It was a little tricky discerning exactly which jack handle would fit my Fulton trailer jack, but the price was right, the delivery came promptly, and I'd definitely do business with etrailer again!


I received the order in a timely fashion.
took a chance and ordered the closest replacement part, as they no longer carry my part. It won't work, not their problem.
BUT, the internal plastic bag had been opened prior to shipment, and part of my order was missing. I'm in limbo, they have an accounting problem, life goes on. That's my comment.


Having never worked internally on my marine jack I was reluctant to work on it. Coming home from a trip, the original handle just disappeared. I ordered a replacement handle rather than spend the money for a new was so simple. Instructions were provided, simple fix and easy to do. It took less than 10 minutes...thanks.


Needed a replacement handle for my trailer jack, this was exactly what I needed. Thanks etrailer for supplying this for me. Shipped fast, and packaged well. Will purchase from etrailer again.


I received my part within a few days. I installed the handle the day after receiving it. It fit perfectly. Thanks Natalie for the help. I will be calling back when I need parts again.


Received the handle about 5 hrs. after your e-mail saying it had been delivered. Had it installed in 15 to 20 min.. The pin that came with the new handle was not very tight in the handle. The old pin was tighter so I used it. I question if the hole in the handle might be larger than it should be. Old pin was not very tight. hope it stays in okay. I will have to give you a 4 because I think the handle is not top quality. Your service and price were very good. Possible problem might not be your fault. Would have to blame it on the Mfg. I will give you another try if I need anything else. Bob


It was great to be able to fix my tongue jack, rather than having to buy an entire jack.

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