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Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Item # K71-385-00
Our Price: $93.38
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Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
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Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle. Works with 3" diameter axles and double-eye leaf springs only. Great Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Dexter. Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part number K71-385-00 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - K71-385-00

  • Boat Trailer
  • Camper
  • Car Hauler
  • Snowmobile Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
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  • Double Eye Springs
  • Round Axle - 3 Inch
  • Dexter

Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle. Works with 3" diameter axles and double-eye leaf springs only.


  • Allows moving leaf trailer springs to top of axle
    • For use with double-eye springs only
  • Fits 3" axle
  • Sleeve bolts allow the setup to install level
  • Includes:
    • (2) Spring Seats
    • (8) 1/2" Nuts
    • (4) Steel spacer nuts
    • (4) 7" Long x 4-1/16" wide x 1/2" diameter U-Bolts
    • (2) Tie Plates

K71-385-00 Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Diagram

K71-385-00 Dexter Axle Over/Under Conversion Kit

Installation Details K71-385-00 Installation instructions

Video of Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Installation

Hey guys, Kevin here with "etrailer" and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion kit. One of the common questions we get here at "etrailer" is how can I raise the height of my trailer so that it can ride more level with my tow vehicle or so that I can add on some bigger tires Dexter's come up with a solution for this depending on the size of your axle and that is their over-under conversion kit which is going to swap your axle and your leaf springs so that you can lift up that trailer just a little bit. So here it is, our completed setup. We have our U bolts going through holding our axle to our leaf spring that is now on top sitting on our new spring seat. One other thing to keep in mind when you are trying to swap up to get those bigger tires is that you're gonna also need to double check the space you have with your fender and then also the body of the trailer itself. So as you see here, if we tried to really size up we really couldn't go with anything that's wider, we'd only be able to go with something that's just a little bit taller wheel wise.

And then on top of that you also are gonna be changing the center of gravity for the trailer. So as you start raising that trailer up it's gonna be a little bit less stable. So you're gonna wanna make sure that you go ahead and pick up one of more rides cross members which is going to mount on the center hangar and it's just gonna kind of give you some extra support, it's gonna run straight across. They also have ones that come with equalizers as well if you decide you wanna upgrade your suspension. So what this kit basically does is just flips your leaf springs up above your axle and what that's gonna give you is the diameter of your axle plus the height of your spring stack.

So you can look anywhere from three to five inches usually with one of these kits just based on what your axle is and then also the springs stack. So before picking out your kit, you're gonna wanna make sure that you measure the diameter of your axles. You can use a caliper to get 100% for sure measurement on it or you could really just take your tape measure up to it. It's really quite a difference between two and three eighths and three inches. So if you look at it, you can kind of really just eyeball it with your tape measure, that way you make sure you get the correct kit.

As far as installation goes, it is very messy. Your suspension, your leaf springs, your axles, all that is can be collecting all kinds of road rhymes. So definitely wear some gloves wear some eye protection if you get under here to hammer out those bolts or really do anything under 'cause there's a lot of mud and stuff that just gets up on there and it's gonna fall down and get in your face, it's gonna get all over your hands. But other than that it really just requires just a little bit of patience and a lot of planning to make sure that when you lift up your trailer that you're properly supporting the weight of the load. So the first step in our installation we're gonna have to remove our wheels.

I already have our trailer lifted up so I'm gonna use an impact gun if you want to go ahead and break off those lug nuts before you lift the trailer up just to make it a little bit easier 'cause then you don't have to worry about the tire kind of moving on you. So the next step is going to be lifting up your trailer. That way you have enough room so you can kind of drop your axles down a little bit because we are gonna have to take off our leaf springs so that we can flip them up to the top of the axle. Now when you do this you wanna make sure that you're looking by the frame and that you also have a bottle jack or maybe a floor jack, something like that that you can easily kind of slip in under the axle 'cause you are gonna wanna have to move that up and down just a little bit to kind of play around with the leaf springs and getting everything into place. So I find the forward jack usually the better option, but we're gonna go ahead and get this supported and then we can start taking out our leaf spring. So now that we have our axle supported, we can go ahead and start taking apart our suspension here, pulling out our leaf spring. And while we're doing this we're going to want to pull from our nut side. We don't want to try and spin the bolt side because that bolt actually has teeth in it and it bites into the shackles strap. And especially on this kit Dexter already has this kind of pressed into that shackles strap. So it's not gonna wanna move at all, it's gonna really fight you and we don't want to grind that out. We wanna make sure that those teeth stay bit into that shackles strap. So we're gonna make sure that we put our breaker bar on the bolt side so it doesn't move at all and we'll try and back that nut off. Now this isn't always easy, the suspension is gonna wanna move on you. This equalizers really just gonna wanna try and bend so you may have to really kind of fight it. There you go. All right, now I can. So typically you could have just pulled off just that one bolt if it wasn't already bit into that shackle strap in the back, but because it is we have to pull off both, we'll pull off this strap here and then we can just pop the whole assembly right out and take off our leaf spring. All right, now that I got those two nuts off I'm gonna go ahead and start breaking down our old U bolts. So we're gonna pull those nuts off, pull our U bolts outta the way while it's all attached just to make it a little bit easier. And then we can move up to that front hanger and pull off that last nut and start pulling out our leaf springs. Now it's definitely a good time to have on some safety goggles and some gloves with your suspension as you can see right here, pretty dirty. Definitely looks like they kind of went through some mud. Don't wanna get any of that on you. I'm just gonna break each of these off kind of evenly, that way it doesn't start leaning one way and make it too hard to get onto. All right, now we can go ahead and just throw our old U bolts and our plate away. We're not gonna be reusing any of this 'cause our kit is gonna come with everything that we need. All right, same thing again, we're gonna break off our front hanger now. All right, so now we can go ahead and pop off our shackle strap. Now would be a great time to replace your shackle straps and your bolts. Maybe switch over to a kit that has wet bolts so that you can easily grease them, keep your suspension running nice and smooth. But also more importantly just to kind of check that shackles strap. You don't want any play in the strap itself right now. This one is in decent shape. You know, it's fitting right up with our bolts, there's no real spacing in there, but over time especially in here, I've seen quite a few where the bolt starts to kind of round it out, make it an oblong hole in there instead or the shackle strap itself just kind of gets bent over time or just kind of rusted out. So now would be a great time to replace it if you plan to do that just because you got it all taken apart. But we can go ahead, pop out shackle strap and bolts and we'll come over to the other side with our hanger. Now we're over at the front hanger, this one you are gonna have to hammer out it does have those teeth in that bolt, I can show you once we get out and it's kind of biting into the metal on our hanger. So we'll just take our hammer. Love taps and we can slip it out. So right there's those teeth that I was talking about and since we're gonna be reusing this bolt instead of replacing it, I wanna make sure that when I put this back in, I kind of line those teeth up with the teeth marks that are in my hanger as well. That way I don't worry about grinding out the hole and then having that bolt slide around inside of our hanger. So now we can take a look at our kit. We're gonna have these new spring seats and that's what's actually gonna sit on the axle and then your leaf springs will sit on top of, it's gonna come with these bump stops. And what that does is it's just gonna screw on here and I wouldn't go too far into it just because we are gonna have to kind of back these back off 'cause this is gonna sit against the spring seat that's already welded onto your axle. And what that does is it just allows it to sit straight on there, it's not gonna start to kind of turn as the suspension kind of puts pressure on it so you won't have to worry about it moving back and forth and throwing anything off. But like I said, we'll only put it up just a little bit on here 'cause we do have to back it all the way back down to have it sit inside that spring seat. So now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna drop my axle down just a bit because I have to get my spring up above it. So I'll just be real careful, go nice and slow. You don't want to go too much and have your axle drop and touch the ground, there's plenty of space. All right, we'll try right about there. So now I'm gonna go ahead, I'm gonna take my spring seat I'm gonna set it down on here and we can kind of start hand tightening down those bump stops, don't use a wrench yet, we wanna make sure that we have this sitting correctly first, but I'm just gonna getting it started there. And then we can drop on our leaf spring and there's a little knot right there in the center of your leaf spring that's gonna sit right into that hole on the springs stack. Set that up in there and we're going to take our plate and it's got these little tabs we're gonna have those facing up. So we'll set that right on top and we'll have it going long wise along with our leaf spring and we'll take two of our U bolts, we're gonna pop those right on the axle and have them slip right up through our plate and take our included nuts and we'll just hand tighten those down for right now just to get it started and like to keep all the nuts real even on here that way you don't have to worry about it starting to turn one way and get kind of cockeyed on here. All right, I get that all hand tightened down and come back with our Torque wrench and torque these down to the specs that are also listed in your instructions that came with your kit. So we'll just keep going around like I said, just try to make it even as you go. Like I only went up like 10 to 20 pounds each as I wind and then just kind of worked it between each bolt just to keep everything even. Now I'm just gonna lower this a little bit trying to get these eyelets on our leaf spring lined up with our hanger and with our equalizer. Now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna hammer that bolt on our hanger here just to get that seated back into the hangar. I wanna make sure that we get that so the bolt head is nice and flush up against our hangar. Now that I got that on, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm just gonna hand tighten that on as much as I can and we're gonna switch back over and get our leaf spring attached to our equalizer. So one thing before we go ahead and stick in our bolts and our shackle straps. If you look at the equalizer right here there is no longer a bushing in there. So it probably had a nylon bushing in it and that completely wore away. And if you look at the bolt you can see the difference it made. This side was sitting in an equalizer and it was just rubbing metal on metal and getting rusted out versus this one where it still had that nylon bushing. So I'm gonna go ahead and order another bushing and we'll get that in place and put our bolts back in. All right, so now I get my replacement nylon bushing. Now when you're doing that all you need to do is measure the diameter in here. Typically it's gonna be 11 16ths and then a nine 16ths inner diameter for your bushings. And then you're just gonna wanna measure the length. So I already measured this, it's about an inch and three quarters so got exactly what I need and I can pop that in. This one's sliding in super easy, but typically I do run into issues where it doesn't wanna move. And what you can do is you can just take a bolt and kind of slide it on there and then kind of hammer it in gently so that you don't tear up the bushing as you're pushing it in or beat it down on the edge of it with a hammer 'cause you'd be hitting it with the bolt instead. But now that that's in, I can go ahead, and slide in our bolts and our shackle strap, put our shackle strap back in place. You may have to kind of, like just a little bit with this even back out just because our axle is kind leaning a little bit right now with my lift. Yep. So now I'm gonna jack this up just a tiny bit just to give a little bit of easier play in here. I may have to just kind of hammer that in a little. Yeah, I think I might want to comb down just a tiny bit. Well, this does take a little bit of just playing back and forth, it's not an exact science here. Now I've got it seated on the bolt, we don't want it sitting on those threads, we want it sitting on the actual bolt itself. And then we can go ahead and put on our nuts again and when we tighten these down we are just gonna get them snug 'cause the suspension does have to roll. If we over tighten this, these shackle straps are gonna stick and your suspension's not gonna move. And now it'd also be a good time to maybe replace your nuts if they're kinda rusted out like these ones are or just at least clean them up a little bit. I think I'm gonna come back with some spray and kind of get these little better looking. Now with all of our hardware tightened down and our nuts on our new over-under kit nice and torque down, we can go ahead and just keep doing this same process on each side of our axles. One other thing, just tech tip wise is if you have your brake lines in the way, so especially like electric brakes like what we have on here, this side has the brakes kind of running through the wires are running through the axle. So they're not really in the way, but on the other side they are kind of hanging down. I did have to just cut that just because the line was so tight they didn't really leave any slack at all. But if you have to do that you can cut it and then just hook it back up together with some heat treat bug connectors. All right, the last thing to do is just fully tighten up our bomb stops here. I'm using a 11 16th wrench and we're really just gonna get this kind of hand tight with our wrench. Don't need to go any further than that we aren't trying to really push that hard against this, but like I said before this is really just to kind of control any travel. We don't want to have our spring seat kind of roll on here at all. Now that we have each of our sides done we can go ahead and slap our tires back on. Now we have this install complete, we we're gonna wanna take this over to a weld shop and get that new spring seat tack welded onto the axle itself just to double check, make sure that it does not slide at all and that we don't have any issues. Well, I think that about does it for today's look at the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion kit. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching..

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Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit - K71-385-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (158 Customer Reviews)

Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle. Works with 3" diameter axles and double-eye leaf springs only.


I replaced my RV's axles to 6000# and used the conversion kit as part of that upgrade. I am very pleased with the product including the shipping and the installation.
The U-bolts were too short for the new leaf springs I installed. I had the U-bolts custom made at a suspension shop to replace the stock bolts.

Working as expected - very well.
Nick - 11/11/2022


The lift worked out perfectly,I had the place where I bought the trailer install them because I didn't have a welder to weld the saddle mounts to the axle and that's a must for a safe installation,also I had the place where I bought the trailer do it because they had the capability to align the axle perfect to the trailer after the installation.
The lift added approximately 5 inches to the trailer hight so I could install the off road wheels and tires.The lift didn't affect the handling of the trailer at all.


The lift worked as advertised. I also purchased rims , that really completed the project perfectly. Thanks for the great service .


Used two kits on a 10k equipment trailer, with 2, 6k lbs axles. The trailer is an Appalachian 16ft with drop down axles and scrapes coming in and out of my driveway badly. It’s used from equipment hauling to mulch and stone. I had to reuse the old plates. The ones provided were’nt wide enough to accommodate the springs by about 1/4- 1/2inch, although they seemed slightly more robust. I also added washers to the u-bolt nuts. Otherwise I would’ve rated it a 5. I followed the instructions and tack welded the new spring seats in place. Each trailer is different, so as a general kit, this worked very well and I would recommend it. This one actually gave me more clearance than I wanted. I didn’t actually measure spring seat to spring, but I estimate on a 3 inch axle it gave me 5-6 inches of lift. All said and done I feel comfortable that it will safely handle a 10k lbs load.


quick delivery, box arrived damaged missing a u-bolt and 2 nuts. i sourced a replacement locally. i found the directions to be a bit ambiguous but had a good idea how it went together.will likely need to cut off the excess bolt length above the axle after i road test the fit.looks sturdy

The kit should not have been missing any parts. I know you replaced the missing parts however I will have our customer service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/08/2022


This over-under kit made it extremely easy to move the axles on my Camper. The spring seats with the adjusting nuts made it easy to keep them aligned for welding. I reused my old tie plates because of my shocks I uses a price of 3x3x1/4 angle to bolt the shock to the tie plate. I had read that some people had problems if the had shocks. This gave my camper the extra ground clearance I needed.


The trailer manufacturer should have enough sense to offer trailers with different heights but they don’t. I appreciate your product. Was eeal easy to install. A drunck ape could have done it


This is the one you want, puts everything in place and keeps it there while welding


After watching an installation video on google I was able to install and weld this kit on 2 axles in 3-1/2hrs by myself. 2 jacks, jack stands, impact tools and a welder at home help.


The Dexter over under kit is top quality. The directions were easy to understand . The employee’s at eTtailer are very professional and helpful. I recommend eTrailer to anyone needing parts. They are very helpful.


Received the package on Friday afternoon. Reviewed the instructions and postings @ E-Trailer. Pulled the trailer up in front of the house at 0930 Saturday morning and drove it away about 4pm. The biggest time killeer was as others have mentioned getting the 11,000 pound trailer up high enough and safe enough to do the job. Thanks for checking up on me.


This Dexter spring kit worked great! I took more time and removed the axles to get a better position to weld spring perches. All parts worked as they should. Overall a great product!


Have not built a trailer in 30 years. This is apicture of the one i built for good friend. This turn out very nice, heavy duty . All suspension and lights came from E-Trailer . This is the best place to buy and get information. Thank you, Ed.


Product is of very good quality, it fit well and did exactly what it was supposed to do, well designed and fairly easy to install, I use my trailer more than most people do and I have been totally satisfied with the parts that I purchased, flipping the axles leveled the trailer right up & it pulls great


They work as advertised


I like the Product, but the packaging had problems.
Out of the 6 sets I bought 4 sets only had 3 Ubolts in the box.

Thank you for leaving a review and for bringing this to our attention. Our customer service team should be reaching out to you in the near future.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 11/12/2021


Quality product - fast shipping.


All parts fit with just minor grinding. Which was to be expected. But the part that I liked the most was the costumer service. I can’t remember the girls name. But it was the kit that I wanted and needed. But everything on the specs wasn’t exactly what I needed according to your website. And dexsters website directly. According to the website the u bolts were going to be to small for what I needed. Nothing was adding up. It was bothering the girl that was helping me on the phone that it wasn’t making sense. So she had a tech go into the warehouse and cut a box open to verify if the manufacturer was correct or not. Which it turns out that the manufacturer was wrong on the u bolts. They were the bigger ones that I needed. Once again I can’t remember her name. But thank u again for going out of your way to help me out. Great customer service.


Kit worked perfectly for my 25’ toy hauler. I tend to take it off road and boondocks so I needed the extra lift this provided. I’ve put several thousand miles on it so far with no issues.


Kit was packaged excellent. It lifted my trailer enough to help my clearance issue. The directions are good and products are well made. Easy to install with the right tools. Very happy!


It went together fine, lifted the trailer bed a good 5-6 inches off the tires and looks strong; time will tell. First picture is BEFORE, 2nd pic is AFTER


Always top Quality items.

Fantastic, very easy and great addition to my trailer
Taz D - 05/20/2022


Omg you guys are great. Perfect kit. I have a double axle Arctic fox great job thx. Got here when you said it would


I used two sets of these on a tandem axle utility trailer that I'm rebuilding. The previous owner had flipped the axles using the original spring seats which made the axle and brakes upside down. These worked well for reinstalling the axles correctly. The only problem that I had with these is one stud welded to each spring seat appeared to be closer to the axle then the other. The axle would contact the long nut on that side and prevent it from turning unless you installed the spring seat with the nut fairly close to its final position. I had wanted to install a jam nut behind the long nut to prevent it from backing off but the axle interference issue prevented that. I'll find another way to lock the long nuts from backing off. The set does have good quality components and makes it easy to get your axle position correct. I followed the recommendation in the instructions and tack welded the the spring seats to the axle.

I have had this kit on my trailer for about a year now and have had zero issues with the kits. For anyone looking to raise or lower a trailer this kit is an easy way to ensure that you get your spring seats lined up correctly.
Eric J - 07/23/2020


Contacted Jennifer at 4 PM on a Wednesday informing her that I ordered the wrong size axle spring conversion kit. I asked if she could do her best to get it to me as soon as possible. Whatever she did, it was on my porch by 8 AM the next morning. Job Well Done. Will use again

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  • Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Recommendation for Additional Ground Clearance
    Yes, you can use a Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 like you referenced to gain a little ground clearance. This product will allow you to move the axles of your trailer from above the leaf springs to below the leaf springs which will give you additional ground clearance. As long as you have a 3 inch round axle this product would work well for you. 3 inch axles are primarily used on 6,000 lb and 7,200 lb axles.
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  • Preventing Fifth Wheel Camper From Dragging When Entering Driveway
    Since the axle is already mounted below the springs, an over-under conversion kit like the # K71-385-00 would not be helpful. Going with taller spring hangers (see link) might be an option, however keep in mind that changing the suspension geometry of your fifth wheel trailer might alter its ride characteristics and make it more prone to trailer sway. Additionally, changing the height might reduce the clearance between the top of your truck bed side rails and the bottom of your trailer...
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  • Over Under Suspension Kit Recommendation for Trailer with 2-3/8 inch Axle
    Since your axle is 2-3/8 inch diameter you could use the Over-Under Kit, # K71-384-00 to move your axle to the other side of your leaf spring and get additional ground clearance. These kits can be installed without welding but the manufacturer strongly recommends having the new spring seat tacked in place on the other side of the trailer axle. When you have cupping wear on a tire it is from the tire bouncing on the road. You will want to check the air pressure in the tire and make sure...
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  • Do Spring Seats Have to Be Welded to Install Axle Over Under Kit
    Yes when you do an over-under kit you have to weld the seats to the axle for it to be installed properly. It is recommended to tack weld the new spring seats into place but a complete weld job is not required when installing the over-under conversion kit # K71-385-00.
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  • Torque Recommendation for the Nuts of U-Bolt Kit K71-385-00
    The torque for the U-bolts are a minimum of 30 ft-lb and a maximum of 40 ft-lb for the U-bolts that come with the part # K71-385-00 that you referenced.
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  • Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Fit Recommendation for 7k Dexter Axle
    Your Dexter 7k axles would be 3 inch diameter axles so the Over-Under kit part # K71-385-00 would be the correct kit to use for your trailer.
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  • Recommended Gooseneck Trailer Adjustment for Towing with a Ford F-250 with 4 Inch Lift
    If your trailer has an adjustable coupler and you have already tried adjusting it to the proper height for towing level, then you could install a cost effective over-under conversion kit on your trailer. Keep in mind that changing your trailer suspension will affect how it rides when it's towed by a truck without lift. It could also create sway while driving on the highway due to the increased center of gravity on the trailer. If you have 3 inch axles and double-eye springs, then I...
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  • How Much Trailer Height is Typically Gained by Installing Axle Over Under Kit
    Over under kits can basically be installed on any axle as long as the axle diameter matches what the kit is designed for. The part # K71-385-00 would work if the axles on your trailer were 3 inches in diameter. Since your trailer weighs 14,000 lbs you most likely have bigger axles though. If you wanted to measure your axles and then email me back with that dimension. Typically the additional height you gain is the diameter of the axle plus the thickness of the leaf springs.
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  • Install Instructions for an Over Under Kit on a Camper Trailer
    I attached a picture that details how to install an over-under kit like the # K71-385-00 that you referenced. You would need to disconnect the wires that run to the brake assemblies but they would easily reconnect when you are done. Its not a difficult process, but if you have basic tools and jack stands you shouldn't have a problem. However, it is recommended that you tack weld the seats in place.
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  • What is Height Gain from Installing Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit K71-385-00
    When installing an over-under kit like Trailer Spring Conversion Kit # K71-385-00, the height gain will be close to the sum of the axle diameter plus the height of the spring stack. So for this kit which fits 3-inch axles, add the 3-inch axle diameter to the height of your leaf spring stack.
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  • Can Square Axle Trailer Have Axle Moved Below Leaf Spring
    Moving your axles below the leaf springs will certainly give you additional height on your trailer. I can also tell by the picture that you have plenty of room between the tires to go with a taller wheel/tire setup as well. Since you have square axles that don't have a spring seat it would be just a matter of moving the axle below the leaf spring and having the u-bolts face the opposite direction. To pick out new wheels and tires would require knowing what bolt pattern you have on your...
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  • How Much of a Lift Will a Trailer Axle Over-Under Kit give a Trailer
    Doing an over-under kit like the part # K71-385-00 that you referenced will raise your camper the diameter of your axles plus the thickness of your leaf springs. So if you go out and measure those two things on your trailer you will know how much of a lift you would get.
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  • Increasing Ground Clearance on Trailer with Drop Spindles
    Since you have a drop axle, you could change it over to a straight spindle axle in order to gain 4 more inches of ground clearance. In order to get a new axle, some measurements of your current axle are needed. You will want to measure hub face to hub face, measure center of spring seat to center of spring seat, and find the axle capacity. The manufacturer name and part number are also helpful. Hopefully, the white sticker in the middle of your axle will have most of this information....
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Over-Under Kit Components and Installation for 2004 Forest River Sierra
    If your axle is a 3 inch round axle, you will want to use the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00. This conversion kit is for use with double eye springs. The springs do not need to be moved, they will stay installed in the original location. The kit does not come with new shock absorber mounts. The spring perch that comes in the kit will need to be tack welded in place. The new spring perches do not have provision for attaching the bottom end of the shock...
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  • Over Under Axle Kit for Dexter 3,500 lb Axle
    A 3,500 lb Dexter axle will have a 2-3/8 inch diameter. The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00 is designed to work on this axle diameter so it should work just fine to give you additional lift on your trailer for larger tire/rim clearance. This should give you a lift that is 2-3/8 inches plus the thickness of your trailer leaf springs tall. I would think you would have more than enough clearance to go to a 14 inch trailer rim.
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  • Can Over/Under Conversion Kits be Used with 2 Inch Wide Trailer Leaf Springs
    The over/under conversion kits such as # K71-385-00 do only work with 1-3/4 inch wide double eye springs. In order to raise the height of your trailer with its wider springs is to use taller spring hangers. I have included a link to our hanger main page for you.
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  • How Much Lift Does an Axle Over Under Kit Provide a Trailer
    For over under kits like the Dexter # K71-385-00 they will raise the suspension the diameter of the axle added to the thickness of the leaf springs. This kit is for 3 inch round axles so you would add 3 inches to the thickness of the leaf springs and you'll get the amount of lift you'd receive.
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  • Raising the Height of a Carry On Utility Trailer with 1-3/4 Inch 2,000 Pound Axle
    We only have over-under kits for 3 inch and 2-3/8 inch axles but nothing for a 1-3/4 inch axle. What you could do is get longer hangers. However, because suspension is meant to travel up and down adding hangers that are 2 inches longer for example does not mean you get 2 inches more height. Keep in mind that by increasing the height of the trailer you make it more susceptible to sway since the center of gravity is changing. If you need more height because the ball mount is too high then...
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  • Options for Adjusting Trailer Height on a Gooseneck Livestock Trailer
    Mounting your axle under your leaf springs will lift your trailer more than 7 inches (4 inches for your axle diameter plus 3 inches for the thickness of your leaf springs and spring seat). Since you have a livestock trailer, that would not be the best option to level out your trailer. The first step that I would take is to check the coupler on your gooseneck trailer. Most gooseneck trailers have adjustable couplers that allow you to adjust the height of the trailer at the gooseneck hitch....
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  • Installation of Dexter Kit # K71-385-00
    I have checked the installation instructions for the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-385-00, and according to Dexter they strongly recommend tack welding the spring seats in place. Please note that this kit is intended for use with a 3 inch diameter axle and one kit is required per axle. If you have a 2-3/8 inch diameter axle then the # K71-384-00 kit is recommended.
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  • How to Tow a Trailer Level Using a Ford Super Duty with a 6 Inch Lift
    If you need the trailer to be higher to be able to tow the trailer level because of the lift on your truck then there is a much easier and safer solution than changing the suspension on the trailer. You just need a ball mount with the correct drop to tow the trailer level. I have included a link to an FAQ article that explains how you will need to measure. Once you know what drop you need you can browse our selection of ball mounts. I have included a link to them for you. I do not recommend...
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  • Tips on Leveling a 5th Wheel Trailer Towed by a 2012 Chevy Silverado Dually
    First, before changing the suspension on the trailer, you can adjust the height of the pin box on the trailer and the height of the 5th wheel hitch up and down. If making these adjustments is not enough then I recommend moving on to an over under conversion kit like # K71-385-00. Using a kit like this does raise the trailer however it also makes the trailer more susceptible to sway. The ride will also feel different although in a dually I am not sure how much you will notice the ride....
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  • Will an Over-Under Conversion Kit Fit a Trailer with a Square Axle
    The over under conversion kits like # K71-385-00 only work on round axles. What you can do depends on why you need to raise the trailer. If you need more clearance under the trailer you can replace the leaf spring hangers with longer ones. You have to increase the height equally for all hangers. For example if you go up 2 inches on the front hanger, all hangers must also go up 2 inches. Raising the height of the trailer can change the ride quality and will make the center of gravity higher...
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  • How Should a Flat Bed Gooseneck Trailer Be Pulled When Empty on a Flat Bed Truck
    Even when the flat bed trailer is empty it still needs to be kept level. When the trailer is level it will have even weight on each of the tires therefore not wearing them more than necessary. As a side note, when you leave your gooseneck trailer high in the front it can cause some sway issues. Sway is not as big of an issue with gooseneck trailer, however, it is something to keep in mind. If your trailer is level when it is loaded and the issue that you are having is the nose is high...
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