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Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Item # K71-384-00
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Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
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Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only. Great Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Dexter. Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part number K71-384-00 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension - K71-384-00

  • Boat Trailer
  • Camper
  • Car Hauler
  • Snowmobile Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
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  • Round Axle - 2-3/8 Inch
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Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only.


  • Fits 2-3/8" axle
  • Allows moving trailer leaf springs to top of axle
    • For use with double-eye springs only
  • Sleeve bolts allow the setup to install level
  • Includes:
    • (2) Spring Seat
    • (8) Nut
    • (4) U-Bolt
    • (2) Tie Plate
    • 4 Nut couplings
  • U-bolt length: 5-1/8"

K71-384-00 Dexter Axle Over/Under Conversion Kit

Video of Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit Installation

Hey, guys, Kevin here at trailer and today I'm gonna be showing you how to install the Dexter Over-Under Axle Conversion Kit here on our enclosed trailer build. So we get this question all the time: How can I boost the height of my trailer so that I can get it level with my tow vehicle, especially with newer trucks Seems like Ram keeps making their trucks taller and taller so that they can't, you know, no one can't get their fifth wheel in there without actually hitting the bed rails. So let me show you this conversion kit that we have, on our enclosed trail. So with our tire off now, I can show you what our assembly looks like here. As you can see, the U-bolts are facing up. When we put this conversion kit on, it's going to have our U-bolts facing down.

And then we're gonna be dropping our axle down here, increasing our ride height. But the first thing we need to do is measure our axle. So we're gonna try and find the diameter of the axle so that we can get the correct kit. So looking at it. It looks like we're at two and three eighths inch.

Now, this kit does come with two and three eighths inch and a three-inch diameter kit. That really is gonna go with the size of the U-bolts and then the spring seats. All right, I want to give you some measurements here. Let's see where factory ride height is. So from the ground to the wheel well, we're sitting at 29 and 1/4.

And the ground to the body, we're sitting right at 12 and 3/4. Okay, so now we got our kit installed and the axle flipped under our leaf spring. Let me give you a ride height. So now from the ground to the wheel well, we're sitting at right about 34 and 1/4 inches. And then let me also give you one for, ground to the body.

Sitting right at 17 inches. So it's gonna give us some extra space, handle all those clearance issues that we've been having. So the installation difficulty of this kit is going to vary trailer to trailer. Obviously, with our small enclosed trailer here, it really wasn't that difficult. But if you have a giant fifth wheel, maybe you have a 40-foot fifth wheel with all kinds of weight. Whole lot of axle trying to jack it up, it's gonna give you a little bit more of a challenge. So you're gonna wanna take that in mind while you're doing this. Other than that, just bolting on the parts, really isn't that difficult. It's really just a lot of set up for a couple of changes. So your Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit is going to come with, two spring seats, your nut adjusters, your nuts, your U-bolts, and your U-bolt plates. So first step of this installation is gonna be removing your tires. So you wanna do that while the trailer is still on the ground. So now I got the nuts off, and take up my wheel. I'll set it to the side. I did jack up this trailer, now that I have the nuts off, and then I added four jack stands. You're gonna make sure the new place, and even amount of jack stands along your trailer just so that you can support it without having a worry about it coming down on top here. Obviously, if you have a bigger trailer, go ahead and use more. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. As you can see, our U-bolts in our U-bolt plate is pretty rusted up here. So I'm gonna spray some penetrating oil on here just so that we can get our bolts off. I'll let that set in just a little bit, and then we're gonna take these nuts off. All right, we got our first U-bolt out. I try to go back and forth on each of these just so that the U-bolt doesn't try to tension one way or the other. All right, now that we got our second U-bolt off and our U-bolt plate down. We can go to the other side, do the same thing. So the next step we're gonna do is we're going to, support our axle here cause right now it is free-hanging since we don't have the bolts holding it to our springs. So what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna stick a jack right in the center, to just support that weight. So, as you can see, if I lift it up this is just free. You don't want that falling down on you while you're working. There we go. And then we're gonna take this bolt off right here. So we're gonna be dropping off the bolt from the front of our leaf spring. So that's gonna be going towards the nose of your trailer. All right, now that we got that out, we're going to pull out our bolt. This can be a little stiff here just because it's got some weight pressing down on it. Our bolt's actually on here pretty good. We are going to actually just thread our nut back on just a little bit. So that we can hammer on our nut, not damage our bolt here. And then we're gonna pop it out that way. Alright, so next, I'm gonna take a punch, and we're just gonna hammer this, bolt out a little bit. So we're gonna get to a point where the punching hammer isn't really gonna be effective here. And we're just gonna get under and socket it ,the rest off the way out. All right, so now that we got our bolt out. I'm just gonna pop the, spring down out of the hanger. May have to loosen this bolt just a little bit. So that it will hang freely. Just like that. So now we can remove our axle, and move, hang our springs back up and redo our whole setup with the conversion kit. So now we have our axle loose and our leaf springs loose. We're going to pull our axle out. We can get our leaf springs back in place, and then work on bolting our axle. So now we have the axle off, we can put this back in place. I do wanna mention that I did loosen up these bolts just to kinda move this in a little bit. Just so that we can get lined up right. Now we can sled our bolt through. And you are gonna have to kinda hammer it back into place cause it is sticking up just a bit. And then we can thread on our nut. So the next thing we're gonna do, is sled our axle back over into place. And we're gonna take our spring seat, and our adjustment nuts here. I'm gonna slide these on. They don't need to go all the way down. We're just getting them on about halfway just so that we can see exactly where we need to be. So the spring seat is actually gonna sit right here. And then we're going to tighten it down, put up a little bit more. So we'd set this on here. We'll get this level. And then tighten these down using a wrench so they put pressure on here, the bracket on our axle. Alright, so we're gonna just tighten these just so that the spring seat is level. We don't want this actually pushing up off. We want the spring seat actually making contact with the axle. And one other thing I do, want to note is that Dexter highly recommends coming in afterwards and tacking this on both sides so that you don't have any chance of the axle moving it all and getting off level. I already went ahead and put the other side up just so that it was a little bit easier on video to show you me putting this side on. But what you can do also, just stick your chunk of wood, some kind of black, anything that you got. Just to kinda get it up level. And now we're going to, set this on here. So there's gonna be a little, my nipple thing right here and the other side that you're gonna poke onto. It's gonna line that up, there you go. And then you can ,use something to hold it up in place. We're gonna set our plate on here, Just like this. If you set it this way, your bolts aren't gonna line up and you're gonna be hitting, your brake from, or your flange for your axle here. So now we will take our U-bolts. We're going to put them through the axle like that. And then up through our plate. All right, before our U- bolts, we're going like this. Now we're gonna be flipping them upside down this way. So we're gonna get under the axle. And then open into our plate. And then we will put our nuts on. It's gonna get inside through both sides going, then we can tighten it down. Alright, now we can go ahead and tighten these down. So right now I'm just doing this with our regular circle wrench. Just to get it, kind of hand tight. But then we are going to do this, to check what you can find in your instructions. And you do wanna do these evenly. So that you're not pulling on one side too much and throwing it off. So here's our completed conversion kit. Basically, if you look at, our side by side of our axle to start with. From now, we basically completely flipped our system here. The bend of the U-bolt used to be up here and now it's down here. So you're going to gain the diameter of your axle as well as your leaf Springs. So that you can get your trailer sitting a little bit higher so that you can handle all those clearance issues that you might be facing. All right, now that we got our system in place. We can put our wheel back on. So as you can see, now that we have the trailer lowered back down. It's sitting on the wheels. We have clearly a bigger difference here. So we have a way higher ride height, But really that's it for this installation. My name's Kevin. Thanks for watching guys..

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Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit - K71-384-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (373 Customer Reviews)

Moves your trailer's leaf springs to the top of your axle with this kit. For 2-3/8" diameter axles and works with double-eye leaf springs only.


Our trailer was so low...that it could not make it up a low curb and some driveways - especially when fully loaded. Went with the Dexter axle flip kit. The Dexter bracket and base plate pieces are worth the extra $20-$30 compared to other similar kits - they make fitment easier, eliminate any guesswork on placement, and decrease installation time because of it.

Took 2-3 relaxed pace hours for us to do single axle install.

Tools required were ratchet/wrench set (13/16 deep socket worked for us for most of the bolts), cheater bar (for working those rusty bolts off), drill, angle grinder (cutter disc for oem u-bolts and leaf spring bolts that are rusted or welded in place, stripper disc for cleaning area around new bracket for welding) welder, floor jack and jack stands.

We had to remove the leaf springs, as the wheel mount brackets would not fit through the openings. Was hoping we wouldn’t have to, but it was pretty simple to do. We jacked the trailer up. Removed the wheels. Removed the axle. Cleaned the axle area where new brackets go. Set the height and placement of the new Dexter brackets. We left the OEM brackets on the axle and placed the Dexter ones in the exact same position 180 degrees on the other side. Welded them on. Reinstalled leaf springs. Reinstalled axle, reinstalled wheels. Then voila!

We added 6 full inches of height. Super awesome.


The kit got here before the date listed that was good. All the parts were there. The instructions could use some pics or diagrams of how the parts should be arranged. The bad the plate sent with the kit was way to narrow for the springs so had to use the plate for the old setup which is fine I guess it was heavier duty anyway. But if I am buying new parts I would like to use the parts I paid for. Over all it did the job. The holes in the new plate was at least 1/4" off for the u bolts to go through. Again no way would it work. Have not towed the camper yet but looks solid. One thing more I read that you could weld the one part onto your axle. Would not recommend that if your wires are like mine they run through the axle to the other side which is kind cool but if you heat that metal up you could melt the wires and cause problems with your brakes. I would be careful. I did not weld it looks stable as is and I plan to take this camper off road.

You mentioned that the plate bolt holes did not match up to the u bolts and I wanted to see if you would be able to send a picture?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/25/2022
Hello Jenny, I will attach a pic of the parts I could not use. As you will see the space between the holes are call it 1.75 inches it is even different a little between top and bottom holes but just a 0.0625 or so. I did not get the calipers out and both plates are the same and my spring is 2 inches wide defiantly not going to fit. I really did not want to take the tire off and take pics of the trailer axle as the bottom view did not show much. Hope this helps and if you really need it I will take the tire off so I could show you the old plate.
-- comment by: Jim - 04/25/2022
I believe I have figured out what happened. This conversion kit is meant to be used with double eye springs which are 1.75 inches wide and if you have 2-inch-wide springs then you have slipper springs. This would account for why the plates did not line up the way they normally would.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/25/2022


Very happy with the parts and instructions on the installation.

I was able to use (4) jack stands to support my 2019 Clipper 106 Sport. Once I was able to drop the leaf springs, the axle slid right out. I DID tack weld the new parts as recommended. Very straight forward install and shouldn't bottom-out in the future.


Great conversion kit, easy to get the plates lined up perfectly. I welded the new saddles onto the axle and welded the nuts to the bolts so there is zero chance of anything moving. Having the plates held in perfect position while welding made it simple. Solved the "dragging wheels problem" without having to cut off and reweld the fenders (which had been welded without enough clearance to the tires at the factory.)

1 year later and the axle flip is working great, zero problems. Glad I did it!
Soggy - 06/22/2021


My order arrived on the date they said it would. It was an easy installation, even for this 76 year-old. The hardest part was getting up and down with my bad knees. After the installation I had to start placing 3 Yellow leveling block under each stabilizer jack. And I will need to purchase a new Hitch because my camper is now sitting nose low. That was all expected! etrailer is the best! I've ordered many items for my camper from etrailer over the years and have never had a problem.

Couldnt be better! I just returned from a week long Boondocking camping trip. The extra height allowed me to travel the back roads worry free.
Don - 05/22/2022


Consulted with Jessica concerning the correct kit, and the torque values. She was extremely professional and courteous. She even called me back after the original conversation to get additional information to me. I wasn’t expecting the kit to arrive until Thursday evening, December 8th. but it arrived Tuesday morning, Dec 6th. Installation was easy and quick. The project is now complete. etrailer was excellent, with an excellent product. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation. A first class operation. Thank you Jessica.


Needed to lift my 2015 Pacific Coachworks trailer as it dragged the hitch and bumper . Easy install DIY for me as I am Handy. Took the entire day, taking my time for measurements. Had to jack up the trailer quite high, 2 feet lots of cribbing. I had a wire feed welder and tacked the brackets to the axle. Gained over 4+ inches. Never drags anywhere now even offroad. Tows no different, with my Fastway e-2 10k hitch. Before and after pics.


We modified a client's newly acquired Flagstaff pop-up to better handle off-road camping. This kit made the process simple, reliable and inexpensive. We opted to remove the original spring perches and weld on new (and shock mounts) but the kit allowed for simple bolt on.
The customer had us winterize the camper, as part of the service we checked tires, bearings and axles....the U-bolts and mounts all looked fantastic.


High quality product. Straight toward install and has held up very well. Installed in a driveway in a few hours. I installed this kit on my 1974 komfort camper last year and have put highway and dirt road miles on it since. I take it elk hunting and get into some tight rough situations and haven't had any issues. It gave the camper just the right amount of clearance and it pulls level behind my Tundra with a curt anti sway stabilizer hitch. Before this kit my campers ground clearance was awful and I was always worried about puncturing my holding tank. This product fixed that problem.


This worked great to increase clearance on my camper. I'm pretty sure I would have ripped off my tank drain if not for the over/under axle kit when I pulled my camper onto some BLM land out in Utah. Straight forward to install and works great.


So far so good. It took a little over an hour to install. Alignment looks good, hopefully it pulls straight without tire wear!


This kit does exactly what it advertises. Gave me 4 1/2 in of lift. It is very straightforward to install. The only difficult part was getting the trailer up on jack stands. Make sure you do it on level ground, it makes jacking it much easier. I also had an issue with not having enough spacer nuts. I actually bought two kits and both only had 2 nuts and 4 are needed. There is no packing list so use the picture in the etrailer ad. etrailer was great about making it right.


Simple to install. Nice to have the spacers for alignment.


This was great! My camper was really low in the back when pulling it behind my 4WD Silverado. Took a few hours but was pretty easy to install this. It would have been nice to have pictures with the instructions, but it wasn't too tough to figure out.


I ordered this kit to keep my 19' Coleman tent trailer from dragging the rear bumper on direveway approaches. Install was super simple, finished everything in about 40 minutes. I gained about 5 inches of added height. I chose to not tack weld the perches in case the next owner doesn't like the height. No problems with a few thousand miles of rough roads. Highly recommended.


Perfect fit! I put this kit on my K-Z sportsmen classic camper. Like I said it was a perfect easy fit. Jacking the camper up took the longest. The kit says you can just bolt it on but we welded to be extra safe. I also went from an 13inch tire to a 14inch tire. Also upgraded to a load D tire. With the tires and axle flip I gained 6 extra inches. It now fits my truck perfect and the better tires made it way more stable. Would highly recommend. I was also quoted $130 for a similar kit by my local RV service garage. Buy this to save the money. Even if you get this and need to pay someone to do the recommended welds it’s going to save you money. I’ll include some before and after pictures.


Working great on my RV trailer. Gave me enough lift to get into those tough to reach places for a week of hunting big game without wrecking my RV trailer. Pretty easy to install. Did it in my driveway with help from my hunting partner in about 4 hours on two axles.


The kit worked great.It raised my cargo conversion about 4" for clearance.I had a local welding shop weld the saddles and make some 1" square stock brackets.I attached small bump stops on the brackets to limit the suspension travel.Perfect solution.

One year on and the lift kit was a great choice.
Daniel - 08/07/2022


It's been over a year and the axle is doing its job. My trailer is higher and clears my driveway. I'm very pleased with this purchase.


Working perfectly for my application some times just a bit too high to get the buggy on larger tires a plus for off road

been working out perfect with the added ground clearance have no issues weather off-road or snow
Dan - 11/14/2022


EZ to install. Made a huge difference on clearance. I used to drag my jacks but no more. Much better off-road. I also purchased new 15” tires and wheels from etrailer. Old ones were 13”


Excellent kit well made parts . The directions in the box were through but without pictures were somewhat confusing. The etrailer installation video answered all my questions. A picture is worth a thousand words. I installed 2 kits on a tandem axle 29ft camper with Lippert 3500lb axles. Start to finish about 2.5 hours. The kit raised the camper about 6 inches. This should help greatly with "tail" dragging entering and exiting the highway.


This kit worked great. I gained about 5 inches clearance. The camper seems to tow alot better with the trailer frame inline with the truck frame. I would recommend this kit if your in need of more clearance.


Added 5 inches to my fifth wheel and easy to install.

The lift is still in place and working perfectly. Everything I needed to get a low 5th wheel to an acceptable height to pull behind my 1 ton.
Todd - 10/05/2022


Always a pleasure doing business. 2nd item ive purchased. No complaints. Customer service is awesome. Will make more purchases in the future

Axle over under kit is holding up very nicely. No issues after a year
Rion - 01/23/2023

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See what our Experts say about this Dexter Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

  • Can Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 Be Used with Slipper Springs
    Unfortunately the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-384-00, is specified by Dexter for use only with double-eye springs. It is not suitable for use with slipper springs. One option you could consider is to replace the spring hangers on your trailer with longer ones. This will have the effect of lifting your trailer frame relative to the axle. Do please note that this will also raise the center of gravity of the trailer and alter its handling to some degree....
    view full answer...
  • Is It Required The Spring Seat Be Welded to Trailer Axle
    It is highly recommended that the spring seat be at minimum tack welded to the axle. There have been issues that have resulted from the seat not be welded to the axle. If you do not have access to a welder, I recommend taking the trailer to a local shop, possibly an auto repair shop, to have the seats welded to the axle.
    view full answer...
  • How Much Does a Trailer Axle Over-Under Kit Change the Height of a Trailer
    When install an over-under conversion on a trailer you will end up raising (or lowering if that is the goal), the trailer the thickness of the axle, the spring seat, and the thickness of the leaf spring used. Since those factors can vary widely I don't have an exact number I can give you.
    view full answer...
  • Option for Raising Suspension of Trailer with Slipper Springs
    Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-384-00, is specified by Dexter for use only with double-eye springs. It is not suitable for use with slipper springs. It is considered by our technical friends at Dexter to be unsafe to use a conversion kit on a slipper spring since one end of it is simply suspended, rather than bolted to a hanger or shackle strap. One option to consider is to replace the spring hangers on your trailer with longer ones. This will have the effect...
    view full answer...
  • What Types of Places will Install a Trailer Over-Under Axle Kit
    Trailer shops that work on trailers would have not problem installing the over under kits or even a fabricator in your area that has experience with trailers. The install is pretty cumbersome but not overly difficult so even a decent mechanic who is willing would work just fine too.
    view full answer...
  • What are the Bolts on the Spring Seats for on Dexter Over Under Conversion Kits
    There are nuts on the bolts attached to the spring seats in over/under conversion kit # K71-384-00. The nuts are to adjust the spring seats so that they positioned properly (parallel with original spring seat). And they also transfer road shock/brake torque from the new spring seat to the factory spring seat.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Dexter Over Under Conversion Kit for Coleman Mesa Pop-Up Camper w/ Slipper Spring Suspension
    By 'open eye', do you mean slipper springs? There's an eye at the front of the spring, but the other end of the spring is curved and fits in a clip welded to the underside of the trailer frame or rests on a tube or bolt on the spring hanger. According to Dexter axle, it's unsafe to use the over/under conversion kit with slipper spring suspensions. It's intended for double eye suspensions only. If you're wanting to raise the ride height of the camper, a combined approach of taller spring...
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  • Using Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 with Slipper Springs On Pop-up Camper
    Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-384-00, is specified by Dexter for use only with double-eye springs. It is not suitable for use with slipper springs. One option to consider is to replace the spring hangers on your trailer with longer ones. This will have the effect of lifting your trailer frame relative to the axle. This will also raise the center of gravity of the trailer and alter its handling to some degree. I have provided a link to our main product page...
    view full answer...
  • Is It Common to Have Axles Hung From Leaf Springs
    It's not uncommon at all. The placement of the springs above or below the axle depends on many factors, including the desired ride height/ground clearance of the trailer and the amount of clearance between the top of the tires and the underside of the fenders.
    view full answer...
  • How Much Does a Trailer Axle Over-Under Kit Raise a Trailer
    When you use an over-under kit like the # K71-384-00 you will end up raising the trailer the thickness of the axles and leaf springs. I attached a picture that shows this. You will need to measure the thickness of your springs and axles to know how much your trailer would get lifted.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Why Cant Trailer Axles Just Be Flipped Over Instead of Installing New Spring Seats
    That's a very common question that we get. The problem is that axle manufacturers put a bow into their axles so that when you put a load on them they flatten out and the wheels of the trailer end up aligned properly. If you were just to flip the axles the wheels would end up pointed out at the bottom and would wear the insides of the tires. That is why you have to move the spring seat to the opposite side of the axles when doing and over-under conversion.
    view full answer...
  • Can a Trailer Over-Under Conversion Kit be Used on a Trailer with Slipper Springs
    One of my coworkers found out that the Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-384-00, is recommended for double eye leaf springs only because it is a bolt-on kit. Slipper springs require the spring seats to be welded to the axle. You could use this kit if you weld the spring seats in place. If you go this route, I recommend having a qualified welder complete the installation to make sure the spring seats are welded properly.
    view full answer...
  • Will Using the Dexter Spring Conversion Kit Provide Additional Clearance for ATV Trailer Fenders
    Yes the Dexter Trailer Suspension Over - Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00 that you referenced will provide additional clearance for loading your ATVs on your single axle trailer. This kit is a bolt on kit but Dexter strongly recommends tack welding the spring seat. This kit is intended to be used on 2-3/8 in diameter axles, please make sure this is compatible with the diameter of your existing axle. Using this kit will change the geometry of your trailer slightly. It will provide...
    view full answer...
  • How Many Conversion kits Are Needed For Tandem Axle Trailer
    The Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, part # K71-384-00, you referenced is intended for one axle, so you are right that you would need to order a quantity of 2 for a tandem axle trailer.
    view full answer...
  • Can I Use a 2-inch Square Block Between Spring Seat and Spring for Additional Trailer Height
    While a 2-inch block would provide additional trailer height, I cannot recommend doing so because it will result in less suspension travel or deflection. Changing the height of a trailer can affect the center of gravity and cause the trailer to have more sway in wind or when large trucks pass. To change the height you will have to remove the existing hangers and replace them with longer hangers. This could involve grinding off the old hangers and welding new ones in place. The best and...
    view full answer...
  • Over-Under Axle Conversion Kit for 2-3/8-Inch Trailer Axle
    For your 1983 Shasta single-axle travel trailer you have identified the correct over-under axle conversion kit to fit its 2-3/8-inch diameter. This kit will provide approximately half of your desired height drop since its effect will be a function of axle diameter, which is 2-3/8-inches. Your trailer must have double-eye springs, not slipper springs, in order to use an over-under kit.
    view full answer...
  • How to Determine the Diameter of a Trailer Axle
    Measuring a round axle can be difficult. You would need a set of dial or digital calipers to get an accurate measurement. Using a tape measure would not be accurate enough. Calipers are available at discount tool shops. Nicer ones can get a little costly. But if you don't need precise measurements of things often an inexpensive analog model will work just fine. Sometimes you can go by the axle capacity but not always. Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity 1,000-lb - 2,000-lb...
    view full answer...
  • Should the New Spring Seats be Welded in Place on the Dexter Over-Under Conversion Kit
    It is strongly recommended to at least tack weld the new spring seats in place. With the load and forces that trailer suspension is subjected to, simply bolting the spring seats in place would not be the most secure type of attachment.
    view full answer...
  • Will Installing Higher Rated Leaf Springs on a Trailer Give it More Capacity.
    If you add higher rated leaf springs on your 22 foot trailer the suspension will have a higher capacity, but trailer capacities are more than just based on the spring rating used. Your capacity will only be as high as the weakest component in the setup. Other things to consider are, axle ratings, hub capacity, and frame capacity. Your best option would be to use 3,500 lb axle rated leaf springs since that is the capacity of your axles. I attached an FAQ on trailer springs for you to check...
    view full answer...
  • Axle Over-Under Conversion Kit for 2-3/8 Inch Diameter Axle
    The # K71-384-00 is indeed compatible with a 2-3/8 inch axle. The new spring seats don't necessarily need to be completely welded in place, but I'd recommend tacking them, at least. The existing spring seats would be on the wrong side of the axle, and you wouldn't want to actually turn the axle over, because it would have your wheel camber going the wrong way.
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  • Solution for Axle Stuck to Leaf Spring During Over-Under Conversion
    Your question came in totally blank, all I got were a couple pictures of a drop spindle axle on top of a leaf spring with the U-bolts removed. If you are having difficulty separating the leaf spring from the axle you might try some penetrating lube like WD40 and a mallet to try and break the two apart from each other. Corrosion may have built up between the two parts and now they are stuck together. You might also try and get a pry bar between the spring seat and the spring to see if...
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  • If a Trailer Has the Leaf Springs Above the Axle Can it Be Lifted Further
    Lifting a trailer too much will also raise the center of gravity on the trailer which can cause sway and/or other handling problems. If you move your axle below the springs that should give you a decent amount of lift. If your current 13 inch wheels and tires would clear with this setup I would recommend you stick with that size. You can install taller hangers to lift the trailer even further, but I would be pretty cautious doing that since you already plan on raising the trailer with...
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  • Can Dexter Over Under Conversion Kit be Used on a Lippert Brand Axle
    The axle manufacturer should not be a factor for using the over under conversion kit # K71-384-00. You just need to have 2-3/8 inch diameter round axle and double-eye leaf spring suspension to use this kit.
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  • Installation Instructions for Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit # K71-384-00
    Thank you again for ordering with, we appreciate your business. I have attached a scan of the installation instructions for the Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-384-00.
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