Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs

Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs

Item # 23-105-09

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Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs Brake Assembly 23-105-09
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Product Images

  • Trailer Brakes
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • Brake Assembly
  • Dexter Axle
  • 12 x 2 Inch Drum
  • LH
  • Manual Adjust
  • 6000 lbs
12" x 2" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 6,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt or standard 5-bolt pattern. Fits 14-1/2" to 16" wheels. Call 800-298-8924 to order Dexter Axle accessories and parts part number 23-105-09 or order online at Free expert support on all Dexter Axle products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

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Dexter Axle Accessories and Parts - 23-105-09

12" x 2" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 6,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt or standard 5-bolt pattern. Fits 14-1/2" to 16" wheels.


  • Electric brakes are easier to install and offer more user control than hydraulic brakes
    • Requires only an electric brake controller (sold separately) - no actuator or hydraulic lines necessary
  • Adjuster plugs (included) cover access holes to keep dirt and grime out of the assemblies and off of the shoes
  • Mounting bolts sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: most standard hub-and-drum assemblies, including Dexter, Lippert (LCI), and AL-KO
  • Configuration: left hand (driver's side)
  • Dimensions: 12" diameter x 2" wide
  • Mounting flange bolt pattern: AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt or standard 5-bolt
  • Wheel size: 14-1/2", 15" or 16"
  • Axle rating: 6,000 lbs
  • Limited 5-year warranty

023-105-09 12" Dexter Electric Brake Assembly, LH - 6,000 lbs - 4-Bolt or 5-Bolt Flange

Video of Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Electric Brake Assembly Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flanges for the right hand side and 6000 lbs axles. It is also available for the left hand side as well as a set.So here's what our electric brake assembly's going to look like once we have it installed. So, obviously, we have the wheel and the hub removed so you can see everything but the entire assembly's going to be a lot easier to install rather than having to just replace the shoes. We're not going to have to worry about dealing with the springs and remembering exactly how everything goes together because it's going to go on as a whole assembly.Our brake assembly's going to be a 12 by 2" brake assembly so it's going to fit wheels from 14-1/2 up to 16". It is designed to work with 6000 lbs axles. Now most hub and drum assemblies are going to be either using or a 4 or a 5-bolt design.

Now our brake assembly here can use either, so either way, if you have 6000 lbs axles with 12" brakes, these are going to be a perfect replacement. Now on the bottom of our assembly, if we come behind the magnet, we see that we're going to have this wheel. That's to adjust our brakes so we can make sure that the tension is proper on there.Now, I went ahead and pulled these two plugs out of the backing plate and it's going to give us an access spot so we can take an adjuster and get it in through our assembly and either tighten or loosen the brakes as needed.So whether you're replacing the brakes on your trailer because they're worn down or if you're upgrading to adding brakes to your trailer, these brakes are going to be a lot easier to install than hydraulic ones. With hydraulic brakes we're going to have to worry about running lines, having an actuator and a lot more. These, all we're going to have to do is mount them up, we'll have two wires that will hook into our wiring on our trailer and then we see a brake controller in our tow vehicle.But now that we've seen what our brakes look like and gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get them installed.

To begin installation, you're going to want to lift your trailer up, use some jack stands to support it so we can remove the tire. Once we have the tire removed, we're going to need to remove the grease cap on the end of the hub here. Typically, we'll take a hammer and we can just kind of tap it and we can take that cap off, but we don't want to damage it so I'm going to take a flat blade screwdriver and try and get that edge to come up a little bit. We're just going to work our screwdriver and pop the cap off.Behind the cap we'll have our castle nut and we should have some kind of keeper, maybe a tab like this or you may have a cotter pin. Either way, we're going to need to remove that keeper and move it out of the way of our castle nut so that we can loosen it up.

Once that tab is out of the way of the castle nut, then we can loosen it up and try to remove the castle nut. We'll pull the nut off and we're going to start pulling either the ring or cotter pin or whatever is holding it in place, we'll pull that off. Then, if you want, you can actually grab the whole hub and drum assembly and very carefully slide it out and that'll bring all the bearings and washers and everything else out and we can grab them before they hit the ground. The bearing may not come out that easily. Then we can pull the entire hub assembly off.With the hub removed, you'll notice that we're going to have a few nuts that are holding our brake assembly in place.

We're going to want to remove these using a 9/16 socket to pull those nuts off. We'll break them loose. Chances are most of them are not going to come off. A few of them might. That's because these are going to have a head on the back of the bolt so we may need to get a 9/16 wrench to hold the studs still.We want to remove the brake assembly but keep in mind there are wires that are going to it. So, we can cut the wires. I like to leave myself as much as possible so I'm actually going to cut them up here. I'll swing our brake assembly out of the way so we can get access to the wires on the backside. Now the reason why I like to leave myself as much as possible is because if our new brake assembly has shorter wires or anything that way, we know we have enough. We'll cut it and we can get rid of the old brake assembly.So we can grab our new brake assembly. Before I put it in place, I'm actually going to make my connections for my electrical. That way it's a little bit easier and I don't have to crawl on the ground to make these connections. So, I carefully set my brake assembly down and then I'm going to strip back the end of each one of our wires. You're going to want to grab some butt connectors. I'll slide it over our wire and we can crimp it in place. I'll do that for each one of the wires coming out of the axle.We can take our wires coming out of our brake assembly now and it doesn't matter which one we use, we just want to hook one wire to each one of these. Make sure it goes all the way into our butt connector and we'll crimp it down. I'll use a heat gun to shrink down my butt connectors but if you're using an open flame like a torch or a lighter, just be extra careful not to burn or char the wire or the connector.We're going to take our brake assembly and we're going to just line it up with the bolts in the back making sure that they all go through. I also want to be mindful of the wires. Since we do have a little bit of excess, we just want to make sure they don't get stuck on that mounting plate back there. Push all of our bolts through and put the ones back in if they fell out and we can loosely put all the hardware back in place. Just get it started by hand so we don't have to worry about the brake assembly falling down. We'll come back with a 9/16 wrench and socket and snug it all up.Now, whether we're replacing the hub or putting the same one back on, we want to make sure that we clean all this area really well. That's where our hub is going to be riding on and we don't want all this dirt, debris and other stuff to be on there. So clean it off really well.So we can grab our hub and drum assembly now and then we can just reassemble everything the way we took it off.That will finish up your look at the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flanges for the right hand side and 6000 lbs axles.

Customer Reviews

Dexter Electric Brake Assembly for 4 Bolt or 5 Bolt Flange - 12" - Left Hand - 6,000 lbs - 23-105-09

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

12" x 2" Driver's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 6,000-lb axles. Mounting flange has AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt or standard 5-bolt pattern. Fits 14-1/2" to 16" wheels.

- 23-105-09

Fits Hayes hard to find off four pattern! The 328949

- 23-105-09

Was able to find a Electric break product with four whole mounting screws. Other companies do not have! Easy ordering and shipping right on time . Keep up the good work! 267798


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  • Replacement Brake Assemblies For Al-KO Or Hayes 4-Bolt Flange
  • The closest brake assemblies we offer to the dimensions you said you have are part # 23-105-09 for the left hand, and # 23-106-09 for the right. The 4-hole bolt pattern is 3-1/4 inches for the top two holes, 2-1/2 inches for the lower two holes and the distance top to bottom is 3-3/8 inches. I know the measurements are off by 1/8 inch versus your measurements but I am sure these are what you are looking for. These are designed for either AL-KO/Hayes 4-bolt or standard 5-bolt flange...
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  • Mounting Hole Pattern for Dexter 12 x 2 Electric Drum Brake 23-105-09
  • Most of our 12 x 2 electric drum brake assemblies like Dexter left/right kit # 23-112-113 use a 5-bolt mounting pattern but the Dexter brake kit # 23-105-106-09 has both 4-bolt and 5-bolt mounting holes. I went to our warehouse and measured the spacing of the 4 bolt holes. You can see this center-to-center hole spacing in the photo I prepared for you. Please note that we do have a brake in a similar size, 12-1/4 x 2-1/2, for a 7200-lb axle that uses a 4-bolt pattern. This is brake...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Trailer Brakes to Replace Hayes/AL-KO Brakes on a Homemade Trailer
  • It sounds like you have the brake mounting flange for Hayes/AL-KO brakes. The standard 5-bolt brake mounting pattern on # AKEBRK-6 will not work. We do have brakes that have that mounting pattern though. You will need # 23-105-09 for the left and # 23-106-09 for the right. I have included a picture showing the hole spacing of these brakes for you as well.
    view full answer...

  • 12 Inch x 2 Inch Electric Brake Assembly with 4-Bolt or Standard 5-Bolt Flange
  • The bolt hole patterns for # 185150 and # 185100 did change at the end of 2015. You'll need to pick up the following 12" X 2" brake assemblies which have the 4-bolt pattern that you are looking for as well as the standard 5-bolt flanges. Left side # 23-105-09 Right side # 23-106-09 Please check out the attached demonstration videos.
    view full answer...

  • Need 12 x 2-Inch Electric Trailer Brakes with 4-Bolt Mounting Flange
  • We do offer 12 x 2-inch electric brake assemblies with a 4-bolt mounting flange. Dexter parts # 23-106-09 and # 23-105-09 are right- and left-hand brake assemblies that have dual mounting hole patterns, both 5-hole and 4-hole. These brakes are rated for use with 6000-lb axles.
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  • 12 x 2 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes with a 4 Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • The 4-bolt brake mounting pattern is fairly rare in a 12 x 2 inch assembly. We have some options though; for 6K axles we have # 23-105-09 for the left and # 23-106-09 for the right. The 4-bolt pattern on these assemblies is offset meaning the bottom 2 holes are closer together than the top 2 holes. If that is what you have then either set listed above would work. I have linked videos on each of these types of brakes for you.
    view full answer...

  • Diagram Recommendation for Trailer Brakes
  • I attached two diagrams that show how a trailer typically wires up as well as how the wiring usually runs to trailer brakes.
    view full answer...

  • Brake Assemblies and Hub/Rotors for a AL-KO 6k Torsion Axle
  • In order to pick out the correct hub assembly for a trailer you are going to need know a few key pieces of information. The first thing you will need to know is the bolt pattern of your hubs. Since you said you have a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern that narrows down the results. Next thing you will need to know is what spindle you have on your trailer. In order to do that you can either get the inner and outer bearing numbers from a hub or use a dial or digital caliper to get exact measurements...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Electric Brakes for a 1980 Dugan Stock Trailer
  • The brakes in the picture look like they have the offset 4 bolt pattern that Hayes/AL-KO brakes use. On that bolt pattern the top two holes are spaced further apart than the bottom 2 holes. If they are 12 x 2 inch brakes then we have some with that bolt pattern: # 23-106-09 for the right side and # 23-105-09 for the left. We do not have just the magnets for your existing brakes though.
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  • 4-Hole Spacing Measurements on Dexter 12 x 2 Inch Electric Trailer Brake Assemblies
  • The mounting holes (4 hole pattern) on Dexter brake assembly, # 23-106-09, are 3.09 inches on center for the top two holes and 2.55 inches apart on center for the bottom 2 holes. Top to bottom they are 3.40 inches apart on center. The holes can accommodate a 7/16 inch bolt size. So it appears to be a match with the mounting plate you have. The matching left hand assembly is # 23-105-09.
    view full answer...

  • Brake Assembly Recommendation for 6,000 lb AL KO Trailer Axles
  • The Dexter Electric Brake Assembly # 23-106-09 is similar to the # 23-106 except it is designed to fit both 4 bolt AL KO style bolt patterns as well as the standard 5 bolt patterns seen on most other brands. Since you have Al KO axles you'd most likely need the # 23-106-09 for the passenger side and then the part # 23-105-09 for the driver side. You would want to check though. Look behind the trailer wheels at the brake mounting flange. If it's 4 bolts with the upper bolts being spaced...
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  • Converting Military Surplus M101A3 Trailer Surge Brakes to Electric or EOH Brakes
  • It is possible to install electric trailer brakes or an electric-over-hydraulic (EOH) braking system on a trailer that has surge brakes, like your M101A3 single-axle trailer. Installing electric drum brakes will be simpler and less costly that going with an EOH system. The linked articles explain the process for each option: electric, EOH drum and EOH discs. EOH disc brakes will give you the best stopping power but this option is also the most involved and carries the highest price tag....
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 12 inch Trailer Brake Assembly with 4 Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • It's a bit of a long shot but we do have one 12 inch brake assembly that uses a 4 bolt mounting style. It's the part # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09. I attached a picture of the dimensions of the bolt pattern for you to check out. We have heard back from customers that this did fit older trailers so hopefully it fits yours.
    view full answer...

  • Available 12 x 2-Inch 6K-Rated Electric Trailer Brakes with 4-Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • All of our 12 x 2-inch 6K-rated electric trailer brakes are shown on the linked page. Most of these use the 5-bolt mounting pattern but a few Dexter products include holes for BOTH bolt patterns, both 5-bolt and the 4-bolt Hayes/AL-KO pattern, parts # 23-105-09 (left) and # 23-106-09 (right). We also offer them as a set, part # 23-105-106-09.
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  • What is the Difference Between Dexter Trailer Brake Assemblies # 23-105-09 and # 23-105
  • The difference is the mounting pattern. The Dexter # 23-105-09, brake assembly that you have referenced will mount to either an AL-KO/Hayes 4 bolt or a standard 5 bolt mounting flange. The # 23-105 just fits the standard 5 bolt pattern. Otherwise the specs are the same: 12 inch by 2 inch 6,000 pound axles Manual adjust Left hand side
    view full answer...

  • 6,000 lb Hub and Drum Assembly Compatible with Dexter 12 Electric Brake Assembly
  • Yes, the Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # AKHD-655-6-EZ-K is compatible with the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly # 23-105-09 because it is 12" diameter x 2" wide, as is the brake assembly so they will fit together perfectly. The brake assembly you referenced is just the left hand side and the right hand side is the Dexter Electric Brake Assembly # 23-106-09 or they can be purchased together as part # 23-105-106-09. These brake assemblies will require five of the Brake Mounting Bolt # 7-5...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Trailer Brake Assembly # 23-105 and # 23-105-09
  • Trailer brake assembly # 23-105-09 is specifically designed to fit AL-KO/Hayes axles which are not as common as other axles. Brake assembly # 23-105 fits Dexter axles and other more common axles. If you have an AL-KO/Hayes axle, then I would go with them.
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  • Replacement Brake Assemblies for 2002 Cougar 276 5th Wheel with 3500 lb Axles
  • A 3500 lb axle would typically use a 10 x 2-1/4 inch brake assembly. You can check this by measuring your existing hub/drums. The inside diameter and depth of your drum (see photo) will be needed to choose the correct replacement brake assembly. You will also need to make sure that the brake assembly you choose has a bolt pattern that matches the brake mounting flange. For a 10 inch assembly, your mounting flange should have 4 holes laid out in a square pattern. If you discover that...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Electric Brake Assemblies for AL-KO 12 inch by 2 inch Brakes with 4 Bolt Pattern
  • We have a set of brake assemblies fit to replace your 12 inch x 2 inch AL-KO electric brakes. The Dexter # 23-105-09 left-hand side, # 23-106-09 right-hand side. These brake assemblies are rated for 6,000 pounds per pair. The # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 will mount on either the 4-bolt AL-KO/Hayes or standard 5-bolt flange.
    view full answer...

  • How To Determine if Dexter 12x2 Electric Brake Assembly # 23-106-09 Will Fit 1982 Silver Streak RV
  • The same answer would apply. The brake assembly # 23-106-09 is designed to fit a Hayes/AL-KO or Dexter axle with either the 4-bolt or 5-bolt mounting flange. These are 12 x 2 inch brakes. To measure the drum you will measure the inside diameter. It should be 12 inches. Then measure either the width of the old pad or the width of the surface it would contact on the inside of the drum. That should be 2 inches. These brakes are designed for 6,000 pound axles but could also be used on a...
    view full answer...

  • Voltage at Brake Magnets is 8 Volts with Brake Controller Set to Maximum
  • It should be getting close to 12 volts if the power output is set to the maximum on the brake controller. Some brake controllers will not work properly if they are titled or turned to the side or if it has a leveler knob that is not level. Check those things first since they are the easiest. First, sever the blue wire behind the the brake controller a few inches and use your meter to test the end coming from the brake controller. With the output set to the maximum it should read at least...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 12x3 Inch Electric Trailer Brakes for a Parker Grasshopper Grain Trailer
  • As you have found, 12 x 3 inch brake assemblies are not available. It is possible though that your drum will accept a different size. If you can measure the width of the inside of the drum (where the pads make contact with the drum) you might find that 12x2 assembly like # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 will fit as long as the bolt pattern has the two lower bolt holes closer together than the top 2. And these assemblies are also designed for 6K axles. But I think that what is going to end...
    view full answer...

  • Can Brakes be Added to the Second Axle of a Tandem Axle Trailer
  • Yes, you can add additional brakes to the non-braking axle of your trailer if the axle has brake mounting flanges welded to it. If the axle does not have brake mounting flanges when they will have to be welded on. This is a precision job that requires a special jig and someone with experience in welding on brake mounting flanges. I have included a link to the brake mounting flanges we carry. I have also included a link to our help article on adding electric drum brakes to a trailer....
    view full answer...

  • Recommended 12 x 2 Inch Brakes for Older Flying L Gooseneck Horse Trailer w/ 4 Bolt Mounting Flange
  • When it comes to brakes for your boss's older Flying L gooseneck horse trailer, I believe that I have exactly what you are looking for, # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 for a 6,000 lb axle. I have included a picture which includes the mounting hole measurements for these brakes. Although these measurements are very close to those that you have provided, I recommend measuring one more time to ensure that they will work for you. As for hubs with a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern, you can use Trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Can Trailer without Brakes Have Brakes Installed
  • We do have the parts you'll need to add brakes to your trailer that does not have any currently. It will require you to know what spindle dimensions you have currently to be able to pick out the hub drums and then from there pick out the correct brake assemblies. I attached a guide for adding brakes to a trailer for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • Will Dexter Brake Assemblies 23-105 and 23-106 Replace Kelsey Hayes RH602041 LH602042
  • Most likely the # 23-105-09 and # 23-106-09 would work well for you, but you need to verify one more thing. Does the current brake assembly you have attach to the axle with 5 nuts? If so, then you have the standard bolt mounting pattern these two would fit well. These are 6k capacity assemblies as well.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement 12 inch by 2 inch Brake Assemblies for 6k Axle that Use 4 Bolt Mounting Pattern
  • We have the brake assemblies you are looking for. The only 6k rated 12 by 2 inch assemblies we offer that have the same unique 4 bolt mounting patter are the # 23-106-09 for the right hand side and part # 23-105-09 for the left hand side.
    view full answer...

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