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Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot

Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot

Item # DW04923-1
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Great Prices for the best wiring from Deka. Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot part number DW04923-1 can be ordered online at or call 1-636-306-4830 for expert service.
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Deka Wiring - DW04923-1

  • Wire
  • Jacketed Wire
  • 4 Wire
  • 14 Gauge
  • Deka


  • For use at 50 volts or less
  • PVC insulated jacket for abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Meets SAE J1128 specifications
  • Yellow, red, green, and brown color-coded wires

04924 DEKA Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - 1 Foot

Video of Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Deka Jacketed 4-Wire Installation

Today, on our utility trailer, we're going to be rewiring it using the Deka jacketed, 4-wire, 14-gauge wire, part number DW04923-1. A couple other items that we'll be using in today's installation is a wiring junction box, which is part number 38656, as well as some heat shrink butt connectors, part number DW05743-5 and part number DW05744-5. We'll also be using a few ring terminals, part number DW05702-1. This, right here, is what our jacketed 4-wire looks like. See there's a green, a red, a yellow and a brown inside of it. Now for today's installation, we'll only be connecting the green, the brown and the yellow in our junction box. Now our junction box is already mounted on the trailer.

We're just going to need to replace the wires to the proper studs in the junction box. To begin with, we'll need to go ahead and strip back a little bit of the insulation to gain access to our 4 wires. To do this, we'll simply just take a razor knife and trim some of the insulation away. Now that we have some of the rubber coating stripped back, go ahead and trim that off, then we'll go ahead and route our wire up into our junction box. Now we'll need to take our brown wire here, put a ring terminal on the end of it and we'll run that over here to the tail light stud here so we can round that something like that. Our right turn, we will take the green wire to it; and our left turn, we'll take the yellow wire.

We will not be using the red wire on this application. The red wire, we'll just go ahead and trim off and put down into the box. Go ahead and trim our brown wire to length, and then add a ring terminal. Then take our green wire and do the same process. Finally, repeat the same process to the yellow wire. Now that we have each of our ring terminals on, we can go ahead and install our wires on each of the proper studs.

Go ahead and put the brown wire, which is the running light circuit on. We'll put the star washer back in place, followed by the hex nut, and then we'll tighten it down. Then go ahead and add the green wire in, which is the right turn and brake signal. Finally, we'll add the yellow wire, which is the left turn and brake signal. Now that we have all our connections made, we can go ahead and put our cover back on our junction box. Put the 2 screws in and then tighten them down. Now we'll go ahead and use a few zip ties to help secure the wires as well.

We'll then take a pair of snips and trim off any excess zip tie to clean up our install look. Now we'll go ahead and take the rest of our wire and we'll route it back to the driver side rear of the trailer. Now this trailer already has some holes through the trailer itself, then we'll be able to route our wire through. Now we'll go ahead and install our tail light here, which is an Optronics tail light, part number STL29RB. To do this, we'll go ahead and slide these carriage bolts right here. We'll then slide it through the opening. Now because of the opening that's in this trailer, we're going to add a flat washer here just to give us a little more strength so it doesn't pull through. We'll then stick the lock washer and the hex nut on the stud. White wire here will come up to our ground. Put a little bolt through it, feed it through our hole. On this side, we'll put our lock nut, and then we'll go ahead and tighten it down. To make things easier with the wiring of this light, we're going to go ahead and make a jumper. This will consist of a portion of the jacketed wire, cut the length, which will be fed back under the trailer to be connected to the jacketed wire we ran from the front. There will be another jumper on the passenger side. The red and green wires will be cut as they are not needed on the driver side. We'll go ahead and take our wire strippers and strip back a little bit of wire. Now to make our wire connections, we'll be using some heat shrink connectors, then we'll connect the brown and yellow wire from the jumper to the brown and yellow wire from the driver side tail light. To make our connections, we'll be using the heat shrink blue butt connector. We'll first attach into our tail light wires, then connect the jumper wires. Now that our connections are made, we'll go ahead and take our heat gun and shrink the butt connectors down, sealing them off. If you don't have a heat gun, a regular lighter will work as well. But you have to be much more careful, as you can easily damage the wire using a lighter. Now we're going to go ahead and use a small section of half-inch diameter wire loom over the wires here at this connection to give them a little more protection. Now we'll go ahead and slide it up and over the wires. Go ahead and use a little bit of electrical tape to keep our wire loom in place. Then we'll take our other end, feed it through the hole in the trailer. Now we're going to go ahead and cut our wire here. We're going to need to make our connection in with this, as well as run our wire over to the passenger side. We'll go ahead and strip the sheathing back off. Now we will not be using the red wire again, so we can go ahead and trim that out of the way. Go ahead and cut off the excess here. Go ahead and strip all of our wires back so we can use our butt connectors to make our connections. We'll take our other piece of wire here, strip that back as well. Go ahead and cut the red wire off. Go ahead and strip our wires back. Now since this is going to be the wire that runs over to the passenger side, we can go ahead and cut this yellow wire off as well. Now we're going to add an extra piece of brown wire to this side, as there's going to be a marker light at the center of the trailer that will run off the running light circuit. Go ahead and strip our wire back as well. For this connection, we'll be using the larger yellow heat shrink butt connectors. We'll then switch back to the smaller blue butt connector and connect our yellow wires together. Now we'll connect all our brown wires together. Now we have the brown wire to the driver side tail light. The brown wire that will run through the center marker light, these two brown wires, this one here runs from the front of the trailer and this brown wire here will run over to the passenger side. We tied all four of those together. All that's left to do still is tie the two green wires together. Now with all of our connections made, we'll go ahead and use our heat gun and seal off all the connectors. Go ahead and take a little electrical tape, wrap up our wires, giving more and more protection. Go ahead and take a piece of half-inch wire loom. We're going to put it over the top of all of our connections as well. Now we're going to go ahead and use some tapping loom clamps and self-tapping screws. To secure our wires, we run it over to the passenger side. Now we'll go ahead and feed our wire here through the holes. Now we'll come out over by where the light will be mounted on the passenger side. Over here on the passenger side, the part number for the light is STL-28RB. It's the same as the driver side, except for it doesn't have the license plate light. We'll go ahead and install it the same way we did over on the driver side. Again, we're going to have to add a couple of extra flat washers to take up the gap. Because there's a pretty large cut already in this trailer. Then put the lock washer on, followed by the hex nut. Take this white wire with the ring terminal on the end, feed our bolt through it and then we're going to come up here, put it through the hole in the trailer. We'll then put our lock nut on the back side. Go ahead and take our wrench and tighten things down Next, we'll go ahead and strip our two wires here back a little bit. The brown wire is the running light circuit, so we will be tying it in with the brown wire in this four bundle. The green wire is the brake and the turn signal, so we'll be tying that end with the green wire on this side. We'll go ahead and trim our four bundle here back to about the right length. We'll then take our razor knife and remove the rubber coating. Now we will not need the red wire or the yellow wire over here on this side, so we're going to go ahead and just trim them off. Go ahead and cut these to the length. We'll go ahead and strip a little wire back, so we can add our butt connector in. Slide our butt connector on. Take our crimpers and crimp it down. Repeat the same process on the other wire. Take the green wire. We'll connect it to the green wire. Once those connections are made, we'll go ahead and get our heat gun and seal them up. Again, we'll take our wire loom and place it over the wires and secure it in place with a couple of zip ties. Now we'll go ahead and test out our lights to make sure everything's working. Now we're using a tester to test our lights. But if you don't have a tester, your tow vehicle will work just fine. We'll begin here with the tail lights. Everything looks like it's working okay. Now we'll move on to the brake lights. You can see, it's much brighter than the running light. Now let's go ahead and test the turn signal. Now we'll go ahead and test the driver side. Again, here's the running lights, here's the brake, and here's the turn signal. That will do for our installation of the Deka jacketed, 4-wire trailer wiring, part number DW04923-1. .

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Customer Reviews

Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot - DW04923-1

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (90 Customer Reviews)


First off, Etrailer is the only place I will buy from now on! Fantastic communication! Fast Shipping! Amazing Customer Service! As well as installation/review videos on YouTube. Well done Etrailer!
The Tie Downs installed perfectly on my 2011 Ford F150 Crew Cab 5.5' bed. The mounts are as solid as they come and I wonder how Brophy makes any money on their product.... the build quality is heavy but not bulky, very well engineered, and a classy look on your newer pickup. Instructions are clear and if you need a video of how to install, Etrailer has one on YouTube. The price does not match the quality of the product... it is superb for a fraction of the cost of other mounts. It holds my camper snuggly in place and looks great. It also makes your vehicle hold its retail value better because there is NO DRILLING REQUIRED!



Thank you for the reminder that there are still quality products out there for inexpensive prices as well as amazing customer service!

Rock Solid! I leave them on and when people ask, I send them to Thank you for a fantastic product and fantastic customer service!
Jeremy T - 06/20/2015


My project is now complete! We purchased all of the lighting needs from etrailer. They were more than helpful guiding us through the wiring process and providing the proper items needed!


GREAT alternative to running the messy 4 wire string on the tongue of a utility trailer without brakes. Paired this with the 7pin trailer plug and I couldn't be more happy. The tongue of my boat trailer has this one solid lead coming out of the tongue into the 7Pin plug. Looks very clean.


Found the pre made pigtail so didn’t use this wire but I have no reason to not give it a 5


Haven't used yet, seems to be what I need. Thank you.


After a year of use on a commercial trailer, the wire has held up well. It turned a seemingly constant maintenance chore into a forgotten memory. They haven’t tore it up yet, and I can move on to something else. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WIRE, especially going from the trailer to the tow vehicle. Get the metal plug, solder the connections, and enjoy many wiring issue trouble free tows.

A year later and they still haven’t torn it up. Still highly recommend using this wire.
Randy M - 06/11/2020


I used a 50 foot length of this bundled wire to completely rewire a boat trailer. Overall, the quality was very good. My biggest complaint (and why I'm not giving it an "Excellent" rating) is that the wires used in the bundle were coarse-strand wires, which made it a bit difficult to work with especially when trying to tap a wire off the main bundle. It would have been better if this had been fine-strand wires, with more strands to make up the 14 gauge wire.

Since the trailer's regularly submerged in water, wire taps were NOT an option; I ended up needing to use crimp connectors and heat-shrink tubing (which was another strong headache with this wire bundle), and combining two wires into one side of the connector (for example, branching off a running light feed from the main line going to the back) was a problem. If I were to do it again, I would use waterproof junction boxes, with this bundle as a main feed and individual wires coming out.

Overall, other than the coarse-strand wire, I was very happy with this!


Good flexible wire.


It has been over a year since I had rebuilt my trailers using parts purchased at etrailer.
This is the first time that I have been able to put any real miles on the unit and with 800+ miles the lights and everything performed flawlessly. I will not think twice of making additional purchases from etrailer.


All of the products ( trailer lights, wiring and reflectors ) are still functioning perfectly.
Most of all, the service and follow up from eTrailer is thorough and thoughtful


I have purchased from etrailer several times and I find the selection of parts very good

I think their attempt to help customers with video and a good tech department is very unique and beneficial

The quality of the lights I received is good but I do feel it was not the same quality as the original "Grote" brand lights my trailer came equipt with...
Also the quality of the rubber grommits was definitely thinner and not as robust as all the original grommits used on the trailer originally... these parts were made over seas and the oems were all American made...

This is not meant to be a "DONT BUY" I'm just stating the facts
the parts are not the same quality but the price was great and the parts did work just fine but just bear in mind there is a difference but for my used trailer rebuild they were just fine

the jacketed wire was top notch BTW

I would buy from Etrailer and these same parts again


The jacketed wire and junction box were exact to the description. I'm not aware of another resource as convenient and comprehensive as e trailer. With a car hauler, cargo trailer, boat, and travel trailer, my trailer service and maintenance task list is ongoing. E trailer has everything I need, plus a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fast shipping also. Thanks Caleb!


I am very pleased with the products I ordered. The ordered was processed quickly and received in a very shot time. The person I talked with was very helpful and my satisfaction was of paramount

Excellent quality product. Working out very well.
Doug - 09/04/2015


Product was just what I ordered, fast free shipping, and price was great!
I made a mistake and should have ordered: Deka Wire - Jacketed 4-Wire - 16/4 Gauge
Item # DW03240-1
But the : Deka Wire - Jacketed 4-Wire - 14/4 Gauge worked just fine.


High quality, very flexible, and I have not used it yet, but am planning on using it to bring light circuits to the back of my 5th wheel for attaching lights to my bicycle carrier.


This is a general review for etrailer. Over the past couple of years I have been ordering parts of various kinds from etrailer. I have been more than satisfied every time. Their products are good, their service is fast, and there is so much helpful information on the website that it takes the guess work out of ordering, and installing products after you receive them.

Etrailer is doing a great job as an on-line service. Keep up the great work.


Thanks so much for the quick response to my order ! I'm planning on putting a couple on the rear lights on my pickup , and I'm a firm believer in using quality wiring when doing this. The 14 gauge wire will make the job much easier to run the length of my truck and give a lot of protection from the weather. I will keep your company in mind if I find I need additional items for my project. Thanks again !


Excellent product used on a 16 foot trailer, replaced old wiring for a cleaner more trouble free system.


Just opened box seams to be everything ordered,will install lights over weekend an see if all work ,will let you know.1994 gooseneck be comning new.


Heavy duty cable to replace the typical flimsy trailer wiring connectors that I seem to continuously replace. Expect this to last a long time.


tired of buying local parts store junk wire 2-3 times last year I had to repair wiring the cheap wire kept corroding 6-12 ' fr0m splice, wire was green and crumbly. This appears to be the fix, good quality wire decent price fast shipping you can't go wrong.


Quick service, nice product. Awaiting install on a utility trailer.
The previous installed flat cable was always coming loose and hanging up on brush and debris, this jacketed cable should install easier and be better able to resist damage.


All the products that I have purchased went into building a 32' flat bed trailer,
witch all worked really well.


Great customer service...... After placing my order, Carol C followed up with an e-mail, to make sure I got my items, and that I was satisfied with them. The shipping time was fast, the prices were great, and I will order from , the next time.


Performs exactly as described and would highly recommend them for someone looking to give their trailer protection while operating during freezing temperatures. Easy to install and wire!

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  • Outer Diameter of Deka Jacketed 4 Conductor Cable # DW04923-1
    I ran out to our warehouse, and measured the outer diameter of the Deka # DW04923-1 Jacketed 4 wire cable. The outer diameter is .410 of an inch, just under 7/16 of an inch.
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  • How to Order Custom Length of Jacketed 4-Way Wiring
    We have the part # DW04923-1 which is a jacketed 4-way wiring sold by the foot. All you have to do is enter a quantity of how many feet you need into the quantity box and we'll ship you out that length of 4-way wiring.
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  • What Gauge Wiring Should I Use To Connect Two 12V Batteries In My Battery Bank
    We recommend using at least a 14 gauge wire with your 12 V battery bank. If your 13 A electric cables are 14 gauge or bigger you should not have any issues. If you do not have the correct size, you can use the Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge - Per Foot, part # DW04923-1. This is a 14 gauge wire we sell by the foot. I have included a product description link and a video installation of this wiring being installed below.
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  • How to Extend Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Harness 8 Inches
    The only way to make the Tekonsha brake controller wiring harness # 3016 longer would be to splice in some wire to the length needed. This harness has just 4 wires so you can use bonded 4-wire, # DW04923-1. It is sold in lengths of 1 foot.
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  • Wiring Needed to Tow Trailer Behind Trailer with Vehicle that has Second 4-Way Connector
    What you would need to make the adapter you want is 4-way jacketed wire sold by foot part # DW04923-1 (you'd need a quantity of 50) and then a 4-way on either side of that like what the part # 48195 offers and you'd be set. This will allow you to use the second 4-way trailer wiring connector you have at the rear of your vehicle.
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  • Recommended Wire Gauge to Wire 8 Marker Lights and 2 Taillights on a Homemade Camper
    You can use 14 or 16 gauge wire for your marker and tail lights on your camper. I recommend using the Deka 14 gauge jacket wire # DW04923-1 because it's insulated for abrasion and chemical resistance. Having more marker lights means more draw on your circuit, and the reason I would go with the 14 gauge wire is because it can handle more amp draw. You also may need heat shrink butt connectors like # DW05744-10 to join lengths together. I included an installation video and video review...
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  • Replacement 7-Way Trailer Wiring Junction Box Installation
    We can help you get your RV's 7-way wiring sorted out. The easiest way to go is to replace the whole junction box with etrailer # e99011 since this has a pre-wired 7-way. This means you only have to make the RV side connections. The wire gauge will be thicker for the 12V (black) and ground (white) wires which gets a few of those out of the way right off the bat. It sounds like you already tried testing the functions on the RV wires. This process is usually pretty straightforward. You...
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  • Recommendation for Higher Gauge Wiring to Use on Trailer
    I recommend taking a look at the Wesbar 4-Pole Flat Connector # W787274 for your trailer. This 4-Way flat, trailer-side connector includes 14 feet of jacketed, 14-gauge wires for easy installation. This thicker wire will definitely hold up better than the existing wiring on your trailer. If you just need jacketed wire and not the connector, you can use the Deka # DW04923-1. This 4-Wire, jacketed wiring uses 14-gauge wire and is sold by the foot, so you can order the exact length you are...
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  • Will Wesbar 4-Pole Trailer Connector be Long Enough for 10 Foot Trailer
    The best way to know if the 14 foot Wesbar 4-Pole Trailer Connector # W787274 is long enough for you is to measure. Hook your trailer to your truck and measure from the truck's trailer connector back to one tail light. You'll need some slack in the harness for it to work. You can always add wire if you need to, or for making the jumper connection, using # DW04923-1, which is sold by the foot.
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  • Can a Brake Controller Wiring Harness be Made Longer
    The brake controller wiring harness # 3040-P comes in just the one length. To make it longer you would have to splice in some wires. Wire bundle # DW04923-1 is 14 gauge and is sold by the foot. It is rated for up to 50 volts which is more than what the controller can produce.
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  • Availability of Bonded Trailer 4-Way Wiring
    We sell a bonded wire setup for trailer 4-way wiring by the foot as part # 16-4B-1. You would need to enter the amount of feet of wire you need as the quantity and we will ship you out what you need. The colors of the wire match traditional trailer 4-way wiring. White for ground, brown for running light, yellow for left turn/stop, and green for right turn/stop. The wire is 16 gauge. For a 14 gauge setup you would instead need the part # DW04923-1.
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  • Can Two 14 Gauge Wires Fit i nthe Same End on a Heat Shrink Butt Connector
    You would need a larger size heat shrink butt connector to fit two 14 gauge wires together in one end. The largest we have are for 10 to 12 gauge wire, # DW05745-10, and that size would likely work. There isn't a specific gauge wire used for the color of the insulation around the wire. In some applications where the red wire is for 12 volt power a larger gauge should be used. But in a 4-Wire set up on a trailer where the functions are running lights, turn signals/brake lights, and ground...
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  • Parts Needed to Rewire Trailer that Has Brakes
    First thing you'll want is a 7-way/junction box like part # 277-000141 which you'll mount near the front of the trailer. This covers the 7-way that runs to the vehicle and gives a place to run all of the wires for the rest of the trailer wiring. For 10 gauge wire to use for the brake output circuit and 12 volt accessory you'd want the part # 10-1-1 which we sell by the foot. And then for the lighting functions you'd want the # DW04923-1 which is also sold by the foot.
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  • How Do I Know If I Should Replace The Wiring On My Trailer?
    If the copper wire has turned black, it will mean one of two things. First, salt water somehow got through the insulation/jacket, causing it to severely oxidize. Second, it overheated and actually burned some of that jacket. In either case, I highly recommend replacing you wiring. Compromised wire like this can cause bad connections at best, and/or overheat again and possible catch fire, which would be catastrophically worse. Depending on how you have everything wired and how many accessories...
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  • What is the Wire Gauge Used in Hopkins Heavy-Duty Trailer Coiled Extension - 4-Pole Round
    The Hopkins Coiled Extensions with the Nite-Blow such as # HM47045 use 16 gauge wires on the inside. Trailer wiring harnesses usually use 16 to 18 gauge wire for lighting functions and heavier wire for components that draw more amperage. On a 4-Way, you should have left and right turn signals/brake lights, running lights, and a ground so 16 gauge wire will work fine. But if it is for something other than lights then you would likely need to make an extension. We have jacketed 4-wire, #...
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  • Adapter How to Make a 5-Way Round to 4-Way Flat Adapter
    We don't have an already assembled adapter for what you are looking for, but you can pretty easily make one with components that we sell. For the 5-way round for your tow vehicle you would want the part # PK11501, for jacketed wire you would want the part # DW04923-1 which is sold by the foot. Then for a 4-way flat connector that would connect to the 5-way on your trailer you would want the part # HM48030.
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  • Availability of 4-Way Connector and 30 Feet of Jacketed 4-Way Wiring
    For a replacement 4-way for the trailer side of the wiring you'd want the part # HM48192 or for the vehicle side part # HM48190. Then for jacketed 4-way wiring sold by the foot you'd want the part # DW04923-1.
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  • Bypassing Trailer Wiring After Squirrels Ate Through It
    It probably does run through the frame but to get a wiring diagram or other technical information you would need to contact the trailer manufacturer. The easiest thing to do is to just run a new wire or wires and bypass the old wiring. There could be further damage that is unseen. For brake wire I recommend # 10-1-1 which is sold by the foot. For the lights I recommend # DW04923-1 which is jacketed for additional protection from vicious North American Red Tailed wire munching squirrels...
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  • Running Wiring For Bully Light Bar At Back Of 40-Ft Fifth Wheel Trailer
    There are a couple of ways you can run the wires for the Bully Light Bar, part # BLS-1103. The easiest way would be to attach the light bar wiring to the wiring you have at the rear of your fifth wheel trailer. That is if you can access the wiring easy enough either by getting to the wires under your trailer or by removing the lights and getting to the wiring behind them. Another way would be to install a junction box like part # 38656 on your fifth wheel and attach the trailer wiring...
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  • How To Make 15' 4-way Trailer Wiring Harness With 14 Gauge Wiring
    We have the parts you are looking for, but none of our 4-way connector harnesses use 14 gauge wiring as 4-way connectors typically use 16 gauge wire. With that said you can make your own using the Deka Jacketed 4-Wire - 14 Gauge # DW04923-1 which is sold by the foot and 4-way connector # HM48192. To make the connections to the lights on the trailer I recommend using heat shrink butt connectors # DW05744-5. I included a few videos of the products mentioned for you to take a look at.
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  • How to Add 7-Way Wiring to Rear of Flagstaff 5th Wheel to Allow Towing Boat Trailer
    The 4-pole format of trailer wiring includes only basic lighting signals for stop, tail and turn lights; in order to have trailer brake power you will need to convert the wiring to at least a 5-pole (one more circuit for brakes) or to the popular 7-way format which has circuits for brakes, reverse lights and auxiliary 12V power. An article on wiring is linked for you and this includes details about the circuits found on each type of wiring format. If the taillight wiring in your Flagstaff...
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  • Converting 4-Way Round Female To 4-Way Round Male Connector
    To adapter in order to be able to convert a 4-way round female connector to a 4-way round male connector is by using the RoadMaster 4-Wire Connectors, part # RM-910030-4. This has both the female, and the male plugs separate. You would need to run the appropriate wires into the rear of each connector using wire like part # DW04923-1. This is jacketed 4-wire and is 14 gauge. This is sold by the foot. When wiring connectors, I recommend using a circuit tester like part # PTW2993 to make...
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  • Is a 7-Round to 4-Round Adapter for Trailer Lights Available?
    I can offer you a solution, though a 7-round to 4-round adapter is not available. What you will need to do is create your own by wiring a 7-round trailer end connector, # PK11700, and 4-round vehicle end connector, # RM-910030-1. I recommend going with the 14 gauge, Deka Jacketed 4-Wire, # DW04923-1, which is available per foot so you can get the amount you need. If you have an RV-style connector (which is often referred to as a 7-round), then the part you would be looking for is the Hopkins...
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  • Adding a New 7-Way Trailer Connector and Wiring to a Car Hauler Trailer
    You will likely need some additional wire to reach the lights when installing 7-Way connector # HM20087. If you just want 4-wire you can use # DW04923-1, sold by the foot, or # 16-4B-1, also sold by the foot. You will also need some butt connectors such as heat shrink version # DW05744-5. If you want all 7-wires you can use # DW04914-1 which is sold by the foot as well. Another option is a 7-Way that is considerably longer, # 50-67-008, which at 22 feet long is more than twice the length...
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