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curt accessories and parts tow bar wiring 2-to-3 converter c56196
curt accessories and parts tow bar wiring 2-to-3 converter vehicle to tail light


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Curt Accessories and Parts - C56196

Used when a motorhome is towing another vehicle by way of a tow bar. If the towing vehicle has a 2-wire system and the vehicle being towed is on a 3-wire system (the vehicle has amber turn signals, separate from the brake signals), the vehicle to vehicle taillight converter will need to be used. This item cannot be installed backwards (the input going to the output side) to convert a tow vehicle down.

Note: The tail light isolating diode system (38955) will need to be used with the converter (C56196) to prevent power feedback.

56196 Curt Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter

C56196 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details C56196 Installation instructions

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Video of Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter

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Video Transcript for Curt Accessories and Parts C56196 Review

Today we're going to review part number C56196. This is the Curt Vehicle-to-Vehicle Tail Light Converter. Now this converter will adapt vehicles with the combined stop and turn light wiring, which is normally your 2-wire system, to separate turn and stop light, which is a 3-wire system. It's basically used when a motor home is towing another vehicle by way of a tow bar. Basically, if your towing vehicle has the 2-wire system and the vehicle being towed is on the 3-wire system, where the vehicle usually have amber turn signal separate from the break signals, this vehicle-to-vehicle tail light converter will need to be use. This converter cannot be installed backwards, meaning the input going to the output side to covert a tow vehicle down.

One note, though, they do recommend, when installing this, to use the tail light isolating diode system. We sell that separately on our website as part number 38955. It is listed on this product page as a related product. That will need to be used with the converter to prevent the power feedback. The maximum amperage on this unit, for the stop and turn lights, is 2.1 amps per circuit and for the tail lights it's 5 amps total. You see it comes with a nice set of instructions with details on how to make your connections.

Basically, what you would do is, on this side, the input side; it's even stamped on the converter input. It even describes what the wire is for. Basically your white wire will be ground, your yellow will be for your left side stop and turn. They're combined. The green will be for your right side stop and turn.

It will be combine. Then it will convert it down to the middle wire, which is the red break wire, which your break lights will be separate. Then the yellow will be your separate left turn. Then your green will be your separate right turn. That should do it for the review on part number C56196.

This is the Curt Vehicle-to-Vehicle Tail Light Converter.

Customer Reviews

Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter - C56196

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (30 Customer Reviews)

- C56196

by: Steve M.09/13/2016

Does exactly what it says, converts from combined turn signal/brake light to separate turn signal and brake light circuits. I am using it to pull a Bushtec motorcycle trailer (with separate brake light circuits, 6-conductor flat connector) with a motorcycle (with combined signal and brake light circuits). I just hooked it up in conjunction with a circuit isolator I already had wired in to a 4-condoctor flat harness tonight and it works. So now I have the 4-conductor connector for a rack I use instead of a trailer sometimes and the 6-conductor connector for the Bushtec trailer. The only drawback I have found is the third brake light on the spoiler of my trailer dims if I am braking and signaling a turn at the same time. It does this each time the signal flashes. But for the price, I'm happy with it. 294423

- C56196

by: Mike06/05/2017

Does what it says it does. Internally, it uses a relay that triggers when both turn signal inputs are activated, so there is a pulse on the output when hitting the brakes, or when the cautions are activated. I used this to install turn signal / marker light combos on my trailer. This stops the brake light functionality from lighting up the turn signal portion of the marker lights, but there is still a brief pulse or strobe when the brakes are hit, or the cautions are activated. I would have personally used a mosfet in this unit instead of a relay, as the switching and signal processing would be orders of magnitude faster with no pulse or strobe effect. So, it does separate out the brake lights from the turn signals, but not 100%, more like 95% 388962

- C56196

by: wayne b07/07/2014

1 Tail Light Converter - C56196 : i was a little confused, but finely figured it out. 2 Tail Light Isolating Diodes (Qty 4) - 48955 : i was told i would need these (their for towing a vehicle, not a trailer) etrailer salesperson should had known that(they were told) wasted money, cost to ship back 139740

- C56196

by: Garry e07/10/2015

Easy to wire and install. Works as promised. Made a trip down to the coast today worked great with no problems 210843


great product

garry e - 07/24/2016


- C56196

by: Jerry04/18/2015

I recently purchased a new CanAm Spyder and had a trailer hitch installed to pull my small camping trailer. The Spyder output cable has combined brake and turn signal connections while my trailer has a separate turn signal and brake hookup. After calling Etrailer and speaking with Rick about my problem he suggested I use the C56196 converter. This small unit was exactly what I needed and it works perfectly. 186172

- C56196

by: Fred G.03/27/2017

This is a well made product. I failed to order the required diode kit for the application I was using it for, so it did not work right away. I have ordered the diode kit and fully expect everything to be great. The customer service is extremely good and friendly. They really want to make sure customers are taken care of. 359181

- C56196

by: Jack09/14/2017

I called to ask a some questions and the company was very helpful. We discussed the application I wanted to use the part for and recommended a different part that fit my needs better. The shipping was very fast also. I have not installed the part but, the instructions are clear and I will be putting it to use very soon. 432278

- C56196

by: Brian A.05/19/2015

This convertor did exactly what I wanted it to do. The wires were clearly marked which made for easy installation. I rewired my trailer and wanted to put yellow turn signals on along with the red brake lights. I was able to use a standard 4 wire plug to my vehicle and the convertor did the rest. 194298

- C56196

by: Stephen08/02/2016

As always, shipping was faster than quoted. Excellent. Ordered on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. I used this to isolate the brake/turn signal for installation of a third brake light on a teardrop camper. Easy installation, clearly marked wiring. Worked as expected. 278744

- C56196

by: HH08/17/2017

It works as described under normal circumstances, but I have one problem with the hazard flashing. Using it makes the brake lights light up on my trailer and not the turn signals like on the car. I still have to do some research on that issue. 421306

- C56196

by: Karla H07/06/2015

Product works great! Shipping however...It required a signature from the post office and I wasn't home during the days or able to make it to the post office before closing time. It was nearly returned. Major hassle for me to get package. 209693

- C56196

by: Bob S.07/05/2017

Works like charm. Easy install. This application was used for my chevy avalanche to meet the foreign countries specifications on lighting requirements. Simple wiring solution to split the turn signal from brake light signal. 401969

- C56196

by: Jay D.09/06/2014

I bought this product 2 years ago and installed it on a portable wire harness for transporting oversize loads and is still going strong. I just purchased a backup but doubt I will need it. GREAT PRODUCT! 150263

- C56196

by: Charlie H06/23/2014

Product works as advertised. I used this to isolate additional turn signals on my vehicle and it works wonderfully. Quick delivery and painless installation; can't ask for much more. 137186

- C56196

by: Ea06/05/2016

The purchase was very easy. After the post office did not deliver my first order I reordered and paid extra for UPS shipping. UPS left the package at my door and everything is good. 257536


Installed on my Yamaha Venture. Everything is working after the first year.

Earl - 06/12/2017


- C56196

by: Jack B.09/04/2014

Easy to install and worked as advertised. Installed on 2014 Honda CRV. All diodes and converter were installed inside tail lights vs. removing inside panels. Saved hours of work. 150113

- C56196

by: Jim S10/13/2017

The Curt 56196 works. Use this device to provide separate L Turn / R Turn / Brake output from typical 1950s 4-pin trailer wiring, still in use over half a century later. 442494

- C56196

by: Mike08/17/2016

I needed to wire my camper to my GMC Terrain. The wiring harness I bought works perfectly. Now I have brake lights, running lights and turn signals. 284754

- C56196

by: Steve M08/20/2016

I installed this on my tow car behind the motor home. Product was exactly as advertised. Very easy to install. Worked great. Thank you 286038

- C56196

by: Art F05/02/2017

Always have parts in Stock, good prices and always there for you. Return to all the time. Thank you again! 375219

- C56196

by: Henry F10/07/2013

Excellent product used to properly power a third brake light on a pick up truck cap. Works perfect easy install. 102856

- C56196

by: Rick04/13/2017

The product worked very well. Was able to adapt the trailer wiring to the motorcycle wiring very easily. 366691

- C56196

by: Gil J02/21/2012

You can never go wrong buying from eTrailer. Product arrived quickly and does what was expected. 32095

- C56196

by: Gerrit D P10/10/2017

Installation of the hitch took me about 10-15 min. Good fit, good design and great price. 441171

- C56196

by: Davy08/08/2014

Worked on first try-used it for a third brake light on my travel trailer 145209

- C56196

by: J Brown09/19/2016

have not used this one, last ones used was what was needed 296347

- C56196

by: Mark B.06/20/2016

Product work exactly as described. No p roblems. 262666

- C56196

by: Randy W07/09/2014

Did the job.. Works great.. Enough said! 140266

- C56196

by: Michael S04/06/2017

Fast delivery as always. 366180

- C56196

by: HUNTER04/30/2015



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  • Isolating Brake Light Wire Signal for Additional Brake Light on Trailer
  • In order to isolate the brake light signal on your trailer when the stop and turn functions are on the same wire, you will want to use a tail light converter. I recommend the Tow Ready Tail Light Converter # 118158. This converter will install on the trailer's lighting system to allow you to add a single LED brake light, functioning like a CHMSL, on your trailer. The brake light signal can be isolated on the trailer, so you will not need to touch the vehicle's wiring in order to isolate...
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  • How to Separate the Turn Signal from Stop Lights on Trailer Wiring
  • Most trailer's are wired up so that the turn signals and the brake lights are carried on the same circuit. So what you are experiencing is normal, but there is a way to do what you are trying to accomplish. You will need to use a signal converter like # C56196. When you wire this to the trailer wiring you will get the stop light circuits separated from the turn signals. I attached a diagram that shows how it will install.
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  • Recommended Ball Mount and Hitch Ball for European Trailers
  • Thank you for your service. I would be happy to make some recommendations for you. An American style ball mount will work fine when we pair it with a 50mm Hitch Ball on a local trailer in Germany as long as you have a U.S. style trailer hitch on your vehicle with a 2 inch by 2 inch receiver. The look is different, but the function is the same. I'd suggest the MaxxTow Adjustable-Height Ball Mount, # MT70067. This will give you up to a 10 inch drop or a 8 inch rise to allow you to...
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  • Will Curt Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter # C56196 Cause LED 3rd Brake Light to Blink
  • The Curt Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter # C56196 that you purchased (along with some additional trailer lighting) separates the combined stop/turn signals fed to it into discrete stop and turn signals that can be fed to the individual lights. Since your toy hauler has incandescent lights on it the addition of a LED third brake light should not pose any issues related to current demand. This vehicle-to-vehicle converter connects at the toy hauler lights at the rear of the trailer....
    view full answer...

  • How to Add a Third Brake Light to a Trailer
  • For adding a third brake light only to your trailer I recommend converter # C56196 because the Tow Ready one could have problems with an LED light. Converter # C56196 does the same thing; it takes combined turn signals/brake lights and separates them. In order to add a third brake light I recommend also using diodes, # RM-690 for one, to prevent any backfeeding or bleed over. You would splice a diode into the yellow and green wires on the converter. Then splice the yellow wire to the...
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  • Separating Out Combined Turn Signals and Brake Lights to Use Light Bars with Separate Signals/Brakes
  • Both your 1998 Chevy C/K series pickup and 2011 Ram 1500 have combined tail light wiring systems. This means the turn signals and brake lights are on the same circuits. In order to get your light bars with separate turn signals and brake lights to function you just need to separate out those circuits on the vehicle using a converter such as # C56196. I have included a link to a video review of this converter for you. If the trucks have trailer connectors you can splice into the combined...
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  • Options for Wiring Up Third Brake Light on Trailer Camper Shell on Toyota Tacoma
  • I wish it was just as simple as connecting to the 4-way circuit's but the problem is that there isn't a dedicated brake signal on your 4-way since the turn signals are combined on the brake signal circuit. You can try tapping into the third brake light signal of your vehicle as that will be your best option. Also, at the brake pedal there should be the same circuit available. You may need a circuit tester like part # 3808 for this if you do not have one. Or you can use a circuit converter...
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  • How to Make a Quick-Disconnect Tail Light Converter For A Motorcycle Trailer Pulled by a Jeep
  • There is a way for you to be able to pull your trailer with both your 2003 Honda Goldwing GL1800 and your 1997 Jeep Wrangler. The first thing that is going on between these two vehicles is that the trailer is wired for a separate turn signal system where the brake lights and blinkers are on separate bulbs, whereas your Wrangler is wired to pull a trailer that uses a combined circuit where the blinkers and brake lights are on the same bulb. There is a converter that will allow you to...
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  • Wiring a Camper Shell Third Brake Light on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado
  • I've never heard of an actual third brake light connector on a camper shell to plug in on a truck and we don't carry any parts to do that. The light generally needs to be hardwired into the truck's brake light circuit. The issue with this on your 2017 Chevrolet Silverado the brake light and turn signal circuits are combined on one wire. So if you just wire it in the camper shell's brake light will also flash with the turn signals. To solve this issue we recommend using a vehicle to...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Tail Light Converter For Trailer With Separate Wiring And LED Lights
  • I recommend the Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter, part # C56196 for your 2015 Highlander and trailer. The # 118158 will not work with the LED lights on your trailer. You will need to do some modifying of the trailer wiring to get this all to work. First, you will need to cut the trailer connector off and use a 4-way connector like part # HM48110. Connect the green wire to the green wire on the C56196 input, yellow wire to yellow input wire and white wire to white wire on the...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Converter for Separated Trailer 3rd Brake Lights
  • Your plan to use the converter will work if you use the Curt Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter # C56196. You will not need to use diodes, but you may need to use the Putco LED Light Bulb Load-Resistor # P230004A to keep the LED light from hyperflashing.
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Curt Tail Light Converter # C56196
  • Without more information, it would be difficult to say where the problem lies. If you are talking about the lights on your trailer, it could be due to the amount of lights you have on the trailer. Since any system and converters like part # C56196 have limits, there could be too much of a current draw causing the issue. If that is the case you might consider reducing the amount of lights you have on your trailer or changing to LED lights which require less current. If the lights all...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Tail Light to Tail Light Converter # C56196 Work with LED Trailer Lights
  • The converter # C56196 will work with LED lights. However because LED lights draw less power you may see some bleed over (the lights faintly lit when they should not be) but it will not be as if the lights are full on and it will only really be noticeable at night.
    view full answer...

  • Rewiring a Car Trailer with Separate Turn Signals from Brake Lights
  • I can definitely help get you on track, but since wire colors on trailer wiring aren't always standard to a color code you will have to wire everything by function instead. Also, since he wants separate blinkers from stop lights he will have to install a converter for that like the part # C56196. I attached a chart that shows how this will wire to the trailer. The other picture I attached shows how a 7-way is typically wired on a trailer. The turn signal/brake wires will run from the...
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  • Turn Signal Converter Recommend 2016 Ford F-450 Cab and Chassis for Wiring Up Separate Brake Light
  • You will need a signal converter like part # C56196. This will convert the combined turn light signals of your 2016 Ford F-450 and will separate them out so that you can run taillights on your truck bed that will be separate. On the box there will be a guide that shows where each wire will be ran. Once wired up properly the red wire on the output side of the box will carry a dedicated stoplight circuit.
    view full answer...

  • How to Isolate the Brake Light Circuit on a 2013 GMC Terrain with Combined Tail Lights
  • What you could get is a tail light converter like our part # C56196. What you would need to do is tap into the tail light wiring of your 2013 GMC Terrain and then you will have a dedicated brake light circuit for you to use. You would run the green wire of the input side of the # C56196 to the right stop turn of your vehicle. The white wire to a ground, and the yellow wire to the left stop and turn circuit. Once this is all hooked up the red wire on the output side will be a dedicated...
    view full answer...

  • Will 4-Pole Trailer Connector Carry Signal for Hazard Lights
  • The signal for the hazards is carried on the right and left turn circuit, which is the green and yellow wires on the 4-pole flat. When the vehicle hazards are switched on, the hazards on the trailer will flash as well. If you click the provided link, you can see our trailer wiring FAQ article, which you might find helpful.
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  • How to Wire up the Streamline LED Trailer Light # STL89RCB as Third Brake Light for Trailer
  • The Streamline LED Trailer Stop, Turn and Tail Light # STL89RCB will work for you as a running light and third brake light. You will also need a turn signal converter though to be installed on your trailer light circuits. For that you will need the Curt Converter part # C56196. Right now your taillight signals are combined, which means your blinkers and stop lights are on the same circuit. You need to separate these signals to power a third brake light. You will need to install the #...
    view full answer...

  • Installing 3rd Brake Light On Motorhome
  • To add a third brake light like part # 47-54-001 on your motorhome you will need a couple things. If you do not have LED lights on your motorhome you will need a converter like the Tow Ready Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter, part # 118158. You will need a circuit tester like part # 3808 and test the wires going into the back of your 7-way. Find the wire that has the left turn signal and brake and sever it behind the 7-way. Connect it to the yellow input wire on the 118158. Repeat...
    view full answer...

  • How Can I Install Trailer Identification Lights With Little Clearance
  • The 3 LED Identification Light Kit for Trailers # MCL22RK3B have a 3 wire connection. This is because they are intended to be used as running lights and to light up brighter as brake lights. Because trailers use combined wiring, meaning the brake and turn signals are on the same circuit, if the wires are connected as brake lights, they will work as turns signals as well. Avoiding this is when you would need the Curt Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter # C56196. Another option,...
    view full answer...

  • How to Convert a Trailer With Separate Brake/Turn Signal Wiring to work with A Combined Tow Vehicle
  • You are going to need to use a taillight converter to convert the separate taillight signal of your trailer to the combined signal of your tow vehicle. For this you will want to get a Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter # C56196. You will want to cut off whatever trailer connector is on your trailer and then wire up the right turn signal to the green wire of the output side of the # C56196, the brake light signal to the red wire of the output side and the left turn signal to the...
    view full answer...

  • How to Tow a Trailer with a 5-Way Round Connector with a Bike With a 4-Way Flat
  • Why is an interesting question for your situation. But most likely I would say the reason would be so that you could tow the trailer with your motorcycle? Since 4-way flat connectors are much more popular than 5-way rounds I would recommend you remove the 5-way and install a 4-way flat to match the one on your bike. For a 4-way you would want the part # 18004. Now since most likely your trailer has separate turn signals from the brake light you will need to use a taillight converter...
    view full answer...

  • Using a Trailer LED Strip Light to Install a Third Brake Light
  • We don't have a light designed without the turn signal feature however the Optronics Thinline LED Tail Light # STL59RB can be installed and used as just a brake light. You'll need to use the Curt Converter # C56196 to separate the turn signals from the brake lights and then just cap off the green and yellow wires on the output side. The red wire on the output side of the converter will then be connected to the red wire on the light.
    view full answer...

  • Both Turn Signal Lights on my PT Cruiser Blink Continuously when Turning Left or Right
  • The potential issues with your 2002 PT Cruiser signal lights continuously blinking could be a ground problem or bad converter. First, I would double check all of your electrical connections to ensure secure connections. Secondly, test the wires going into your converter box and wires coming out for the correct signals. A circuit tester # 3808 will be beneficial when checking your wiring ground. See picture to the right. Input: Right turn and stop = green wire Ground = white wire Left...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Converter To Separate Vehicle Wiring For Trailer Lights
  • To convert the combined signal from the vehicle to a separate on the trailer so that the brake signal is separate form the turn signal I recommend a converter like part # C56196. You would also need a trailer side 4-way connector like part # 18004. I have attached a drawing of the wiring you can run using the # C56196 converter. The converter is a different model but the wiring is run the same. The only issue with a converter is if you have LED lights on your vehicle and you have incandescent...
    view full answer...

  • How to Convert a Trailer with Combined Taillights to Separate Taillights
  • If you are planning on converting your trailer from having a combined tail light system where the turn signals and brake lights are combined to a separate system where the turn signals and brake lights are on separate bulbs this Vehicle to Vehicle Tail Light Converter, part # C56196, should do the trick. This will wire to your trailer onto the tail light circuit between the 7-way and the tail lights. From the 7-way you will run the green (right turn/stop) wire to the green wire on...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Wiring Harness for a Transit Bus and Trailer with LED Tail Lights
  • We do have a converter that will work for you but Curt converter # C56196 will not work. It is meant to take a combined lighting system and make the turn signals and brake lights separate. You need one that works opposite of this. Harness # 119178KIT is what you will need. It takes the separate brake light and turn signals on the vehicle, in this case a transit bus, and combines them for use on the trailer which has combined brake and turn signals. I have included a link to the installation...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Add LED Third Brake Light to Trailer Wiring
  • Are you trying to install a complete second set of trailer lights or just an LED brake light on your trailer? For adding a third brake light only to your trailer I recommend converter # C56196. This will allow you to separate out the brake light signal so that your third brake light would only illuminate when the brakes are applied. It will wire directly to your current trailer wiring and would not require a second trailer connector. For a 17 inch light bar we have the part # STL80RB...
    view full answer...

  • How to Make an Adapter to go From a 4-way Flat Vehicle to a Separate 6-Way Round Trailer
  • So it sounds like your trailer has separate circuit tail light harness meaning the brake lights are separate from your turn signals and your motorhome has a combined circuit 4-way. I believe the easiest way to accomplish towing this setup would be to wire up a tail light converter like the Curt adapter # C56196 to separate your tow vehicles tail light signal. The method I will recommend for this will basically give you an adapter to allow your trailer to be towed by motorhome, but...
    view full answer...

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