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BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth

BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth

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Monitor your towing weight using your smartphone. Bluetooth receiver pairs with companion app to display tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight of your load. Receiver plugs into the OBD-II port on your vehicle. Lowest Prices for the best tongue weight scale from CURT. BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth part number C51701 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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CURT Tongue Weight Scale

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Monitor your towing weight using your smartphone. Bluetooth receiver pairs with companion app to display tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight of your load. Receiver plugs into the OBD-II port on your vehicle.


  • Scale monitors your towing setup's important load measurements
    • Calculates tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight
    • Lets you know if you need to adjust your load before you tow or haul
    • Eliminates the need for separate or commercial scales
  • Weight distribution feature lets you verify weight distribution system is set up properly
    • See how weight is distributed across axles so you can make adjustments when needed
  • Receiver unit wirelessly transmits towing information to your smart device
    • Connects via Bluetooth for operation
    • Displays weight information through mobile app on your smartphone
  • Fast, plug-and-play installation makes setup a breeze - no tools required
    • Plug unit into the OBD-II port on your vehicle
    • Download free app to your phone and then calibrate
  • Preset calibrations let BetterWeigh automatically pull vehicle specifications using VIN
    • 5-10 Minute guided manual calibration process available for vehicles made before 2008 or vehicles with modified suspension


  • Application: vehicles 1996 and newer
    • Weigh GCW feature requires an automatic transmission
  • Smart device OS requirements:
    • Apple (iOS): 10.3 or higher
    • Android: 6.0 Marshmallow and higher, Bluetooth enabled
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Will not work on diesel trucks manufactured before 2004 due to OBD-II regulations.

The days of weighing your trailer with a bathroom scale and construction site materials are long gone. Measuring pin weight and payload no longer requires a visit to a crowded weigh station. Avoid the hassle and get all of the needed weight measurements sent directly to your smartphone. This little device does the work for you to provide peace of mind and promote safe hauling.

BetterWeigh is a compact device that easily plugs into your vehicle's OBD-II port and uses vehicle-specific data to measure and monitor your tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight in real time. Whether you're pulling a trailer behind your truck or you've loaded down your SUV's cargo carrier, it's important that you don't exceed the weight ratings of your vehicle or hitch. And BetterWeigh makes it easy to avoid doing so.

Simple, Guided Setup

Setting up BetterWeigh is easy. First, plug the unit directly into your vehicle's OBD-II port, which is typically found beneath the steering column. Open the free BetterWeigh app on your compatible smart device and follow the step-by-step instructions for pairing BetterWeigh to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Next, the app will prompt you to scan your vehicle's VIN to search BetterWeigh's vast preset calibration database. Many vehicles made in 2008 or later will have preset calibrations. If no preset calibrations are available, the app will guide you through a brief manual calibration process to ensure accurate weight readings.

Manual Calibration for Older or Modified Vehicles

Vehicles older than 2008 or those with modified suspensions may have to be manually calibrated. Follow the guided, in-app instructions to manually calibrate BetterWeigh to your vehicle.

First, enter in your vehicle's curb weight. This can be found on the sticker on the inside of your door or in your owner's manual.

Next, you'll want to find an empty parking lot where you can perform 15 to 20 test runs. For each run, accelerate to 15 mph at varying throttle - this will ensure accuracy under different conditions. Manual calibration only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

How BetterWeigh Works

OBD-II ports became standard in most vehicles in 1996. This port makes it easy to access your vehicle's computer for diagnostics and emissions testing. The amount of vehicle data available via the OBD-II port has increased over the years, allowing BetterWeigh to tap into the specific data needed to determine weight. Sophisticated algorithms, along with an on-board accelerometer, are then used to calculate real-time weight with superior accuracy within 5%.

How it Works

Let's travel back to high school physics class for a moment. As you may recall, Newton's Second Law of Motion states that the force of an object in motion is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration. So, to determine the mass of an object - in this instance, your rig - we just have to take the force and divide by acceleration.

Acceleration is easy enough to determine thanks to the triaxial accelerometer built into the BetterWeigh. Determining the force is a bit more complicated. Basically, BetterWeigh pulls data about your transmission from your vehicle's computer and then uses a customized torque converter model to determine the powertrain effort.

Once the overall mass of your setup is determined, the BetterWeigh will convert this to a weight. Then, to determine your trailer's fully loaded weight, the unit subtracts your vehicle's weight from the weight of the overall setup.

Weights Measured by BetterWeigh

Tongue Weight

It's important to monitor tongue weight and adjust your load when necessary to ensure that you stay within the rated capacity for your setup. Simply put, too little tongue weight can cause trailer sway and too much tongue weight can cause your tow vehicle to perform poorly. You may have difficulty steering, gaining traction, or braking when driving a setup that has too much weight pushing down on the rear of the vehicle. Ultimately, towing with an improper tongue weight can cause you to lose control of your vehicle or cause your trailer to separate from the vehicle. Tongue weight should be approximately 10% to 15% of your gross trailer weight (GTW).

Pin Weight or Vertical Load

If you're towing a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer, BetterWeigh will calculate the pin weight or vertical load. This is the downward force exerted by the trailer onto your truck bed. Like with tongue weight, knowing this measurement helps you to ensure that your trailer is properly loaded. An improperly loaded trailer is the number 1 cause of sway. Maintaining a proper pin weight will limit trailer sway and improve handling. This weight should be about 20% to 25% of your GTW.


Payload is important to monitor as well. This is the weight of both the cargo and passengers in your vehicle. Do not exceed your truck's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

The BetterWeigh measures payload in real time, so you can see how every piece of cargo affects your load. This is great for estimating load charges or determining if your truck bed camper is overloaded.

Gross Combined Weight

BetterWeigh measures your rig's gross combined weight to ensure that you're not hauling more than your vehicle and hitch are rated for. To do this, the unit subtracts your vehicle's curb weight from the overall weight of your setup to provide the weight of your trailer.

Knowing your gross combined weight is also helpful to determine whether you can drive over bridges with weight limits.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution feature measures weight across your vehicle's axles to verify whether your weight distribution system is set up properly. An unbalanced load or improperly installed system can cause dangerous sway conditions.

BetterWeigh does the work for you so you don't have to use a tape measure and do manual calculations when setting up your weight distribution hitch.

51701 Better Weigh Wireless Trailer Tongue Weight Scale, Payload and Pin Weight Scale

Replaces HG103 Haul Gauge Tongue Weight Scale

Item # C51701

Installation Details C51701 Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth - C51701

Average Customer Rating:  3.9 out of 5 stars   (72 Customer Reviews)

Monitor your towing weight using your smartphone. Bluetooth receiver pairs with companion app to display tongue weight, pin weight, payload, and gross combined weight of your load. Receiver plugs into the OBD-II port on your vehicle.

- C51701

I have a 2014 f150 4x4 and a 2017 31' Rockwood camper. When I would pull it I would have a bad sway problem. My hitch is an EZ-Hitch and I went through all of the directions and thought my measurements and settings were the best. Boy was I wrong. I purchased better weigh and went through all the steps which was very easy. My settings were way off. After setting to the camper for a test drive and it had taken care of the sway problem. Attached are snap shots of my settings before and after.

- C51701

I had a chance to install the Better Weigh in the OBD port on my old Escalade EXT (Avalanche, LOL). It's definitely a bit time consuming and I think best done in a quiet, flat shopping mall parking lot early on a Sunday morning. The disconcerting thing was I got two different weights when I calibrated two different times with my travel trailer hooked up. I switched road surfaces from bumpy gravel to smooth pavement and I will chalk it up to that. I like knowing that I am within tow ratings. I found the brake controller and weight distribution functions a little confusing so I just kept my settings the same on the current trip until I have more time to dig in and learn how to use that. Overall, I think the Better Weigh is a pretty good value as long as it's relatively accurate. Going to scales or buying a scale capable of weighing trailers both get pricey.

After a year I can’t say I am convinced the Better Weigh was a good purchase. I’m glad I have a better idea of the weight, but in the area where I live it’s difficult to find an empty parking lot to use it accurately. Definitely cannot do it on busy city streets.
Gary - 05/19/2021

- C51701

It has to be recalibrated every time I turn off the ignition it doesn't store information. Recalibrating it is time consuming, and not very efficient although it is accurate. For my application I wouldn't purchase it again

The BetterWeigh app stores the vehicle VIN and any calibrations. If you move the BetterWeigh to another vehicle, you will have to go into Settings then to Change Vehicle and it will erase any custom calibrations. Since you have a 2004, vehicles older than 2008 or those with modified suspensions, may have to be manually calibrated instead of using the apps pre-calibrations.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/22/2021

- C51701

Works as advertised right out of the box. Great to know your payload and / or trailer tongue weight for safe towing/hauling. No more scales!

Working well. As stated, great for tongue weight and especially for setting the trailer brake gain. My tow is a 38’ formula Fastech 382 with trailer and load coming in about 14,500lbs so trailer gain is critical and easy with this equipment!
Steve - 07/22/2021

- C51701

This could be a great product, unfortunately the accuracy is poor and inconsistent. I was most interested in the tongue weight feature. Our travel trailer has a dry tongue weight of 680 and the vehicle has a max tongue capacity of 720. We have a weight distribution hitch but wanted better precision so I can know where to load my weight, impact of a full water tank, etc. Unfortunately I get variations of over 100Lbs when following a consistent process for weighing. I also get over 1000Lbs variation when doing the trailer weight calculation on a 6000Lbs trailer/5000Lbs vehicle combo. We did find this to be very useful when loading a Bobcat on flatbed trailer to make sure we located it properly for the right tongue weight balance. Precision was not as critical for that job. So if you are looking for ballpark numbers +/- 10% it works nicely. If you are expecting greater accuracy, this probably isn't the right solution for you.

- C51701

Seems to work. It would be better if the weight readouts were digital not dial indicated. Haven't had a chance to use actually use out on the road towing my fifth wheel.

- C51701

Have difficulty setting up still haven't been able to used it since upgrading to my Samsung s21 phone not been happy

Maybe deleting and redownloading the app in google play will reset the settings with your new phone. Plug in the better weigh into the diagnostic port typically below the steering wheel and the app should guide you through to set up your VIN. See if any other Bluetooth connections are present in the vehicle as it will not work if other things are synced. If you have any other specific questions, please let me know and I will try and help.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/23/2021

- C51701

It was not consistent/reliable. One time the truck weighed 6100lbs (approx correct), the next time the truck weighed 7000lbs (not even close). Trailer tongue weight similarly unreliable. Removed it, put in on a shelf and purchased a physical scale to weigh the trailer tongue

- C51701

I calibrated the tool as instructed on my smartphone and proceeded to attempt to record a baseline weight for my 2015 Toyota Sequoia. After about 1-1/2 hours and over two dozen tries, the weight being displayed was well over 3,000 pounds underweight. I didn't even bother to go forward with calculating trailer weight. I have come to the realization that this device is not quite ready for primetime. No reason why the consumer should jump through so many hoops to record an accurate weight of tow vehicle and trailer. Just as easy to hook up my rig and drive to a truck stop to weigh my vehicle and trailer. I was very excited about employing the BetterWeigh to calculate my trailer weight, but I was extremely disappointed at the complexity of the process and inconsistency of the data output from the BetterWeigh. I believe that the engineers behind the BetterWeigh need to go back to the drawing board and further develop the design before introducing it on the market. I would request a refund, but I figured that I was taking a risk on the technology from the get-go and would simply chalk up the purchase to a lesson learned. I would not recommend this product.

- C51701

Instructions on setting up for a5th not clear at all 5th hitch was great

- C51701

Sorry but I am not impressed. It tells me my tongue weight is 940#’s. I have weighed and had it checked. It is 640#’s. I set my weight distribution up according to the instructions you provided. I found better results setting it up the old way, measuring everything by hand. The app says something along the lines of new updates coming. Nothing new since I bought it a year ago.

- C51701

Wish that I had returned this within the return period. Calibrated the scale 3 different times and could never get the same weights twice. Very difficult to calibrate, had to start and stop the truck while towing my trailer over 8 times before it would calibrate. I ended up buying a hydraulic scale that fits between the king pin and truck bed to get a consistent king pin weight. I do not recommend this product.

- C51701

Very pleased with this product, surprisingly so in fact. There is a bit of a learning curve to the app and it is more difficult than I thought it would be to find a flat road in my area. However, it was easy to use after I had everything dialed in. Definitely recommend. The downside is I discovered my tongue weight exceeded my tow vehicles capacity and ended up buying a new tow vehicle.

- C51701

I was hoping this product would be more useful than it has been for our travel trailer. The concept is good, but the accuracy and repeatability has been disappointing. I switched to a hydraulic tongue scale.

- C51701

Overall I was impressed with the capabilities of this device. However, I was not able to use it on my tow vehicle. I have a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ. The problem is that it has Magna-ride and automatic load leveling shocks. I have passed the device on to a friend. Hopefully he will be able to use it.

- C51701

It works great I have tested it against several actual scales and is very accurate . Is it red a bit heavy when I 1st got it but it turns out I just had a slow transmission link once I topped everything off like it should be reeds perfect

- C51701

I’m still getting used to this product. But so far, it is easy to use and seems to be fairly accurate. I plan to check the weight of my 5th wheel With the Betterweigh and compare that to the scales.

- C51701

Little fussy to set up, but totally manageable. Wish it was more accurate on the tongue weight, that is the main reason I got it. Pulling a travel trailer with an average half ton PU, wanted to keep an eye on truck load and hitch load. Still end up guessing. Can easily be several hundred pounds off.

- C51701

Not a good fit for my equipment setup. With a GVWR 30000lb the device never gave an accurate weight. Had to resort to using the weighing scale.

- C51701

I tow a motorcycle trailer and a 5,000# boat with my 2019 Ford Expedition MAX. The BetterWeigh device works as advertised and helps me more safely tow my toys.

- C51701

I got my Betterweigh Tongue & Payload Scale today 12JAN21 just as etrailer advised me of when I placed my order. I have ordered with etrailer before and got what I ordered on time, so good on you etrailer. I also have had great customer service with my orders from etrailer. I’ll be using the BW Mobile Tongue & Payload Scale tomorrow 13JAN21 when I hook up my travel trailer to head out for a road trip on 14JAN21

- C51701

The product works well enough, and if U had a car for which the calibrations were programmed or downloadable, I might have given it 5 stars. But I found that I couldn't get data for my VW Touareg, and the calibration can be a bit awkward (and I am not sure that I trust my calibration to any precision). Other "non standard" tow vehicles in the US may have the same issue. I may eventually buy conventional scales.

- C51701

I have not been impressed. It says it is accurate within 5% but does not give an actual weight rating (but rather a graphic scale that is not precise) so there is no way to judge this accuracy. It also does not maintain previous results (e.g., weight of truck) for calculation of other weights (weight of trailer, tongue weight, etc). Therefore there is A LOT of hooking up the trailer and then unhooking to get other calculations. Used it twice and got different results (although the truck/trailer and contents did not change). Will likely return this product.

- C51701

I have used etrailer many times in the past always excellent service and product, I look to using them in the future,

- C51701


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  • Correct Blue Ox TrackPro Weight Distribution For 800 lb Tongue Weight
    The correct Blue Ox TrackPro weight distribution for your camper that has a GVWR of 7,815 lbs is going to be the option for the tongue weight between 800 lbs to 1,000 lbs. The reason for that is the weight distribution hitch you want is one that is rated for the tongue weight of your fully loaded and ready to go trailer, and since loaded tongue weight is generally in the 12 percent or so range, I'm guessing the trailer was not fully loaded. In regards to the correct shank, that will...
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  • What Capacity Jack is Needed at Minimum to Support 3,100 lb Boat and Trailer
    A trailer jack only needs to support the tongue weight, which for a boat trailer is something like 5 to maybe 10 percent of the weight of your loaded trailer, because so much of the weight is at the rear of the trailer. To be absolutely sure you will need to know your tongue weight by using a scale like the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale # C51701 but we can make a good guesstimate. With a 3,100 lb boat, since the trailers themselves are usually fairly light you can...
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  • How to Eliminate Sag When Towing With 2015 Ford Expedition With 2-Wheel Drive
    We have a way for you to eliminate the sag when towing with your 2015 Ford Expedition (though I should note it is impossible to increase capacity), but I checked with every manufacturer for suspension upgrades and there is nothing that fits a 2-wheel drive '15 Expedition. So that means what you will need is a weight distribution hitch, which will eliminate sag and give you the added benefit of controlling any sway. In order to choose the best weight distribution system you will first...
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  • Can Curt Better Weigh Tongue Weight Scale # C51701 be Used with Weight Distribution
    Yes, the Better Weigh # C51701 does work with weight distribution and even offers a way to see how much tongue weight is being offset with the WD system so it would be a great choice for your towing setup. I attached a review video for more info as well.
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  • What Brand of Vehicles Will the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale Work On
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale part # C51701 will work on any vehicle made on or after 1996 sold in the USA. The brand such as Ford, Toyota, BMW etc. does not matter since all vehicles made on or after 1996 sold in the USA would have been required by law to come with an OBD-II port which is essentially a way to read the vehicle's computers.
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  • Will the Haul Gauge Work with Factory Auto Leveling Air Suspension
    The Curt BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth part # C51701 will work on your Ram 3500 air suspension. For it to be as effective and accurate as possible with the factory air ride you will need to switch the leveling system into "tire-jack" mode. This mode essentially shuts the system off then with the system switched off you can go through the full process of obtaining your various weights. After you've got everything properly balanced weight wise...
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  • Does Curt BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale Work on Vehicle With Upgraded Springs
    You can certainly still use the Curt # C51701 Better Weigh tongue weight scale, but because the suspension was modified you will need to manually calibrate the unit. The easy to use set-up app will guide you though this short process. I've linked to a product demonstration video featuring the Curt # C51701 Better Weigh Tongue Weight/Payload Scale.
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  • Can BetterWeigh Moblile Towing Scale Display GCWR So I Stay Under 26,000 Pounds?
    As I follow your description, your truck has a GCWR of 30,300# so it is possible (when properly set up) to exceed the desired 26,000# when combining the truck weight + cargo, and trailer weight + cargo. This is also called the Gross Combined Weight Rating, GCWR. After you install and calibrate the BetterWeigh # C51701 mobile towing scale, you can check the “tow weight” (which is the GCWR) at any time. Keep in mind that this towing scale's margin of error is +/-5% and it is difficult...
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  • Can BetterWeigh C51701 be Used on Vehicle with Suspension Enhancement Air Bags
    Yes, the BetterWeigh part # C51701 can be used on vehicles with suspension enhancement like yours but you do need to run it through a manual calibration and you'd be set. It's a very short and easy process that the # C51701 will guide you through.
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  • Can BetterWeigh be Used on Truck with Suspension Enhancement
    Yes, the BetterWeigh part # C51701 can be used on vehicles with suspension enhancement like yours but you do need to run it through a manual calibration and you'd be set. It's a very short and easy process that the # C51701 will guide you through. To calibrate, go to Settings (gear symbol) -> Calibration -> Suspension Weighing. The app will guide you through a 2 minute process where you open the tailgate and sit on the back of the truck. From other users we have learned (to be accurate)...
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  • How Does HaulGauge Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale Work?
    The Better Weight Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth # C51701 simply reads your vehicle information and lets you know the parameters outlined by the manufacturer for safe towing of your specific vehicle. It then calculates weights based on force divided by acceleration. I've attached a photo to help with the manufacturer's explanation. BetterWeigh measures weight by monitoring powertrain effort and vehicle acceleration. Powertrain effort is calculated from...
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  • Should Tongue Weight be Measured When Choosing Weight Distribution
    I definitely recommend finding your trailer's tongue weight when choosing a weight distribution system. You need to have the trailer loaded like it will be when you're towing it and you also need to add in any weight you put behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle because this counts as tongue weight when it comes to weight distribution. Since you don't have a scale that measures high enough I recommend the BetterWeigh from Curt, part # C51701. It plugs into the OBD-II port and uses...
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  • Will BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight Scale Work on Vehicle with Aftermarket Modifications
    I reached out to my contact at Curt regarding the Mobile Tongue Wight and Payload Scale # C51701 and he said the aftermarket suspension and larger-than-stock tires on your FJ Cruiser will not present any issues. The BetterWeigh does plug into the OBD-II port to read vehicle data but it can be manually calibrated to account for aftermarket components like what you have. This will allow it to give you accurate readings based on your specific vehicle configuration. I have attached a short...
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  • Using BetterWeigh Scale For Determining Gain on Electric Trailer Brake Controller
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth # C51701 will help you determine the tongue weight and towing weight of your trailer which can help with determining the gain you desire for your brake controller. The "proper" gain is dependent on your personal preferences but this will give you some insight for the more technical aspect of trailer braking gain and boost levels.
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  • Can BetterWeigh be Used to Make Sure Vehicle Towing Capacity Isnt Exceeded
    The BetterWeigh part # C51701 that you referenced will allow you to know exactly how much tongue weight and total trailer weight you'll be towing so that you can safely stay under your towing capacity. Hopefully your plan is to tow with the trailer below the max weight you listed of 10,500 lbs as we can't recommend you exceed your Tundra's towing capacity even if it's only by 400 lbs. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well.
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  • Does Weight of Weight Distribution System Count as Tongue Weight When Picking Out System
    This is a really good question! So we've posed this to the manufacturers of the weight distribution systems we carry and they have told us that the weight of the weight distribution system does not get factored into the tongue weight figure you use to determine the correct system. This is due to fact it basically becomes a part of the hitch so it does not add to anything. So with just the trailer tongue weight when loaded and the weight of cargo behind the vehicle rear axle you'd be able...
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  • Does The BetterWeigh Tongue Weight Payload Scale Measure Weight On The Tow Vehicle Axles
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale part # C51701 will weigh the truck without the camper connected and with the camper connected to tell if you are going over the gross combined weight rating of your vehicle with the trailer attached. It will also tell you the payload weight in the vehicle (the weight of both the cargo and passengers) and the tongue weight. However, the BetterWeigh does not determine physical weights on the axles. It does have a weight distribution feature...
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  • Can BetterWeigh Be Used on Truck with Air Bags or Auto Level Suspension
    Yes, the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale # C51701 will absolutely work on your 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 that's equipped with air bag suspension. The BetterWeigh will use information from the Sierra's module and VIN but you are also able to make manual adjustments/calibrations to accommodate features like this. When initially calibrating the unit you will just want to drop the air bags down to their lowest level (typically 5 to 10 psi) or turn the auto-level feature off...
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  • Does BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale Work With Splitter
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale # C51701 will not work with a splitter for your OBD-II; you can see this addressed at about the 3:30 mark of the linked video review. The scale only needs to be plugged in temporarily before your trip so you can unplug your mileage tracker and then plug it back in after using the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale # C51701.
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  • Will BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight Scale Work on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee With Auto Leveling
    The main weight feature of the Curt BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II # C51701 will work on your 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with auto leveling. However, according to Curt you do need to turn off the auto-leveling feature of your Grand Cherokee: "The other functions (Payload, Tongue Weight, Pin Weight, and Weight Distribution) use vehicle pitch, so they will not function properly unless auto-leveling is turned off. This is usually done in the vehicle’s console...
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  • Using Multiple Vehicles with the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale
    I actually just spoke with BetterWeigh about this exact scenario for a different customer for the # C51701 and they told me that easiest way to do this is to have a phone/device for each vehicle so that you limit the amount of programming for each vehicle. The BetterWeigh app stores the vehicle’s VIN and any calibrations. If you move the BetterWeigh to another vehicle, you will have to go into Settings (gear symbol) -> Change Vehicle. This will erase any custom calibrations and find...
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  • Does Curt BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight & Payload Scales Require Plugging into OBD-II
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD-II # C51701 does require the use of your OBD-II port; and though there is no way to get around it, this scale it is still going to be usable for you. The reason is you only need to plug the BetterWeigh scale into your OBD-II before you set off. You will be able to get your tongue weight and payload and then you can unplug it from your OBD-II and plug your performance monitor back in and you'll be set.
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  • Will Curt BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale Drain Tow Vehicle Battery
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II # C51701 can be left on your tow vehicle but there is a little bit of a constant power draw. When I reached out to Curt my contact said it is similar to the constant draw of a brake controller so the only time it would actually drain your battery is if your tow vehicle was to sit for weeks without being used.
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  • Will The BetterWeigh Work With Diesel Vehicles
    The BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II - Bluetooth part # C51701 works with Diesel vehicles that are 2004 or newer so it is not a fit for the 1999 F-350 diesel. We do carry the Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale - 2,000-lb Capacity part # 5780 which I know is not as cool as the BetterWeigh but works to read the tongue weight of your setup.
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  • How To Calculate Total Tongue Weight
    If 380 pounds is the tongue weight of your trailer, then you are correct. You add the tongue weight of the trailer to bike rack and bikes, and that total is your total tongue weight. Make sure you are within the tongue weight capacities of both your hitch and your 2005 Dodge Dakota. If 380 pounds is your hitch or vehicle capacity, you would subtract the bike and bike rack weight. 380-(75+45)=260 pounds of capacity left. Trailer Tongue Weight + Bike Rack Weight + Total Weight of...
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  • Can BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight Scale part # C51701 Be Used with Suspension Enhancement
    Suspension enhancement like the Timbren kit you have installed on your 2019 Ford F-250 will affect the numbers of the BetterWeigh # C51701. According to them a manual calibration would be required with this setup and that the Timbren would need to touch axle plus a set weight to calibrate. Here are the instructions they gave us for how to do this: BetterWeigh measures pin weight using the pitch of the vehicle. Because your suspension is not stock, a short calibration will be required....
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  • Device to Measure Tongue/Pin Weight Of Trailer Before Hitting Scales
    I have just what you are looking for in the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale for OBD II part # C51701. This device will use vehicle parameters to calculate the trailer tongue/pin weight as well as several other metrics. Therefore, you can get your load just right before you enter the scales. Please note, your vehicle must have an OBDII for this unit to work. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any sort of online calculator for the above but even if there are some available...
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  • Can BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale part # C51701 Work on 2019 Ram 1500
    Yes, the weight function of the BetterWeigh Mobile Tongue Weight and Payload Scale part # C51701 will function just fine with your 2019 Ram's auto-leveling air suspension. The other functions (Payload, Tongue Weight, Pin Weight, and Weight Distribution) use vehicle pitch, so they will not function properly unless auto-leveling is turned off. This is usually done in the vehicle’s console by putting the vehicle into “tire jack mode,” which must be turned off before driving.
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  • Can BetterWeigh C51701 Be Used With Camper in Truck and Towing Trailer
    You can use the BetterWeigh part # C51701 to determine the weight of your camper and know if you are exceeding the payload. And then once you use it for that you could then connect your trailer and it would tell you the overall weight of the trailer, truck, and camper. It was designed for applications like yours so it depends on what you are trying to determine with the # C51701 but it definitely still could be used. If you had a specific application you were interested for this let...
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  • Can Curt C51701 Better Weight Tongue Weight/Payload Scale Weigh 1996 Jeep Cherokee
    Yes it can. As long as the vehicle in question is a 1996 or newer with an OBDII port, the Curt # C51701 Better Weigh will work for you. However, if you've altered the suspension from stock, or for vehicles older than a 2008 model you'll need to manually program the unit. If you need to manually program it the smart phone app will walk you through the process which will take 5-10 minutes. I've linked to a video showing how the Better Weigh works.
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