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Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners

Item # 16900

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curt accessories and parts  fifth wheel rail sound dampeners
curt accessories and parts sound dampeners

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curt accessories and parts fifth wheel 16900

  • Fifth Wheel
  • Sound Dampeners
  • Curt
Call 800-298-8924 to order Curt accessories and parts part number 16900 or order online at Free expert support on all Curt products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Curt Accessories and Parts - 16900

Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners

  • Fits between 5th wheel and mounting rails
  • Eliminates common rattle while you are driving
  • Qty. 4

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Customer Reviews

Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners - 16900

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (47 Customer Reviews)

- 16900

by: John W03/09/2016

Great service and fast shipping. I have a home office and was working on a Sunday afternoon. I received a call from George to inform me of the status of my order. I thought I was the only one working on Sunday lol. I was sure wrong. I am very impressed with their customer service. I will browse their site and will buy from them. 240339


I still love it. It is working great. Your service was as great as the product.

John W - 09/25/2017


- 16900

by: Cliff6706/02/2016

Was a tad shocked when the item arrived due to the size as I was expecting something thicker after all the reviews about trouble installing pins after installation of rubber pads, that aside I am happy with it as I don't hear the fifth wheel while going down the road but as for longevity we will have to wait and see. If your 5th wheel clanks going down the road you need this product. 256083

- 16900

by: Lana White04/06/2015

Cannot believe we ordered this just last wed. And it was delivered this Monday morning. So excited to get it on the truck and see how it pulls the gooseneck trailer. Will send pictures when we get it in. Thank you for such a fast delivery. And no damage to box. Kathy want to say thank you. You answered everything. You were a big help. Lana 183564

- 16900

by: Lyndon C08/18/2012

As already mentioned they do initially make it hard to put hitch pins in. I had to use a rubber mallet. I think once they get bedded in it will be easy though. Does isolate hitch from rails nicely. It's a thin but dense rubber and at least when initially installed has taken whatever slight play the hitch had in the rails right out. 52176

- 16900

by: M Hansel08/05/2017

I was trying too eliminate the clanking of my hitch, so I ordered these Curt rubber spacers, and after waiting for the order, they don't work. The problem is that when they are installed they raise the base and you are unable too slide the pin in too secure the hitch too the rails. Waste of my money since I purchased 2 set's. 415573

- 16900

by: Richard05/16/2017

They worked good for a few weeks. After that, 1 was still in place, 1 was loose in the bed of my truck and 2 are MIA. These are not durable at all. Can't say much for the noise dampening....they didn't last long enough. It's like they get what you pay for. Lesson learned!! 381281

- 16900

by: Leon05/14/2012

These pads are great.....But a bit of a pain in the butt to install the first few times. They make the pins fit TIGHT. But after a few times hauling the 5ver, they've squashed down some and it is finally easy to remove the pins for hitch removal. 40517

- 16900

by: John T10/25/2013

Parts are great. Had problems with the cheaper way of shipping. Leaves e-trailer by ups and then delivered by the u.s .p.s. They don't deliver to my address in my town just to Po boxes. But i caught it before it was returned. Over all went well 105133

- 16900

by: 407 Driver09/01/2017

So far, so good. Installed them yesterday. They certainly tightened up the connection between my rails and the hitch. I have not towed my camper yet but they cannot help but reduce the rattling at the hitch. I hope they hold up. 427581

- 16900

by: C. Mike12/06/2016

I actually could not get my hitch pins to go into place with these washers/spacers in place. To be honest, I did not spend a lot of time trying to push down on hitch to make them work, because I was in a hurry. 322598

- 16900

by: Leon G12/20/2011

The first installation of the fifth wheel hitch with these pads is a little tight. I'm sure once the weight has been on them a while it will be much easier to install/remove the pins. Other than that...awesome! 28412

- 16900

by: Kalan T07/04/2017

So glad they had these...somehow between the time I put the hitch away for storage and the time I got it back out I lost 2 of my originals. These are a perfect replacement 401575

- 16900

by: Jon08/06/2015

This item is orignal part I needed to take metal to metal noise and slack from my curt 5th wheel rails. Delivery was fast. I will definitely use again 217212

- 16900

by: Scott H.09/15/2016

Simple product. Should help some of the issues. Not sure how long the thin rubber shim will last with all of the weight sitting on them though. We'll see. 295205

- 16900

by: Tim Y.12/01/2014

Simple order with great results. Best price I could find for hitch rails. Shipment was fast, faster then I thought I would have for this time of year. 162832

- 16900

by: Dan G.08/20/2014

Works well. Takes the clanking out of my Reese hitch. I have to replace them every season, but they are inexpensive so no biggie. 147661

- 16900

by: Aaron B05/02/2013

The dampeners are a little thinner than expected but the tight hitch fit to my rails made them just right. Quick shipping, thanks. 78725

- 16900

by: Jerry b.07/14/2016

Shipping was fast and these will help with noise and wear on 5th wheel mounting rails. Tracking of shipping was so easy . 271772

- 16900

by: Ron K03/15/2017

Appears to be thick enough to quiet the rattles between hitch and rails. Fit is very tight which is good. Fast shipping. 353064

- 16900

by: Jeff R09/09/2011

Nice once you get them on - but they make for a very tight fit the first time you mount them and try and put the pins in. 23704

- 16900

by: Joe D12/17/2014

Have not used these items yet. will install and take a trip in a couple of weeks. hope they cut the noise down. 165961

- 16900

by: Kyle03/15/2014

Harder than I expected them to be. Guess that is a good thing considering upwards of 15k lbs torquing on them. 120845

- 16900

by: doug beckwith08/06/2017

one trip down to AZ and back and two of them ripped in half. They were still in place just ripped. 416626

- 16900

by: lockcop04/11/2017

etrailer comes through once again! Part shipped fast and was correct, just like it should be! 365861

- 16900

by: Bruce P.06/10/2013

The fifth wheel sound dampeners were easy enough to install , and are quite effective . Thanks 83973

- 16900

by: Randy01/27/2013

I replace these at the beginning of each season. It seems to help reduce some of the "clank". 64237

- 16900

by: Ben B.03/22/2017

Great products, as described, delivered in excellent condition, sooner than expected. 357020

- 16900

by: John R02/13/2017

Great product. Efficient service. Highly recommend etrailer for your RV needs. 341428

- 16900

by: Dan B03/08/2012

Quicker service than I ever expected, and all the correct items. Fantastic. Thanks 33341

- 16900

by: Joe D.09/25/2017

Installed these with no issues. I have no problems inserting the pins. 436113

- 16900

by: Scott S.03/21/2012

Excellent product, great price, great customer service and fast shipping. 34653

- 16900

by: George J08/07/2017

Good service is the reason why I buy from every time. 417229

- 16900

by: Scott M.05/19/2017

All good.Service is great. Never had a bad experience . 382781

- 16900

by: Paul S07/29/2015

Great product, good price and fast shipping! Thank you 215270

- 16900

by: Wes S01/21/2017

Installed easily. Haven't had a chance to try them yet 334329

- 16900

by: Jeff b02/12/2017

Worked great , took all the rattle out of the hitch. 341213

- 16900

by: Robert B09/12/2016

Works great!! No more noise?? Very easy installation 294061

- 16900

by: Dave S06/06/2016

Exactly as descibed. Ordered these as a spare set. 258085

- 16900

by: jack05/13/2013

fit was proper and is doing the job pre scribed 80016

- 16900

by: Kerry11/04/2017

They help and for the price why wouldn't you? 448871

- 16900

by: Rod R.04/03/2017

Product Good and Shipped/Received on ti me. 362165

- 16900

by: Kurt G09/14/2016

Just what we needed to stop the rattlin g. 294818

- 16900

by: Monte05/03/2016

Bought these for my son's 5th wheel hit ch 248217

- 16900

by: eddy10/22/2014

Was as advertised fast delivery thanks 157368

- 16900

by: Bill M07/01/2016

They function as intended. 267024

- 16900

by: Dave10/29/2016

Works as advertised. 311837

- 16900

by: toby h03/13/2017

very fast delivery 352268


Ask the Experts about this Curt Accessories and Parts
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  • Reducing Rattle and Noise from 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch While Driving
  • This is normal behavior for a 5th wheel trailer hitch. Considering the amount of weight involved and all of the steel components there is going to be some noise. Where the hitch fits in the rails has to have some play. If it was tight you would not be able to easily get the hitch in and out of the rails. There really is no way to completely stop this from happening. You can try using sound dampeners, # 16900, to fit between the hitch and rails. They are made to stop rattle and might...
    view full answer...

  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Making Noise Burning Starts and Stops
  • What you are experiencing is normal for just about all 5th wheel trailer hitches, especially sliders. You are likely hearing the slider clunk in the rails but some hitches have some head movement too and it is not outside the realm of possibility that it too is making noise. Felt padding is not likely going to do much since the forces involved is several thousand pounds pushing around on the hitch. Using an air ride pin box on the trailer will reduce the chucking but you are still...
    view full answer...

  • Finding Replacement Parts For a Curt 5th Wheel
  • Good news, I can help you find the replacement parts for your Curt 5th Wheel. As long as Curt sells a particular part as a replacement we should be able to get you the part for your Curt Slider # C16536. We have several replacement parts already listed for the Curt Q20 # C16130 and will continue to grow as demand and availability of the item is requested. The Curt Q20 you purchased has a warranty, but we know that it doesn't cover normal wear and tear. We try to connect the...
    view full answer...

  • Excessive Noise When Using Curt A16 Fifth Wheel Hitch On 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
  • There is not an actual adjustment that can be made on the A16, part # C16621. The hitch has a pivoting head that is cushioned so a bit of movement may be present when towing. If you can find the source of the noise it can help. It may be caused by the slider or by the jaws on the king pin, or the large pin that is in the middle of the hitch. You may want to check out the Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners, part # 16900. These are neoprene pads that fit between the hitch and the rails...
    view full answer...

  • Reducing Noise from B&W Patriot Slider 5th Wheel Hitch when Not Towing a Trailer
  • Fifth wheel trailer hitches, especially sliders such as # BWRVK3270, can make some noise when there is no trailer connected just like you said. Since a slider has extra components and other moving parts there are a lot of places for potential movement. To reduce the noise between the hitch and the rails it mounts to you can use sound dampeners # 16900. They will go between the hitch and the rails and will reduce the sound at those points. Movement in the slider parts or other hitch...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Curt Fifth Wheel Sound Dampening Pads 16901
  • We do carry the part you are looking for. For the Curt Sound Dampening Pads you would want our part number # 16900 which are basically the same thing.
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Where the Sound Dampeners fit Very Tight
  • You will want to put the rubber spacers on the mounting tabs of the Curt Hitch part # C16536 before you drop the hitch into the rails that are installed in your bed. The first few times you install the hitch the cushions will make the pin pretty tight, but after a few times they will install a bit easier. Some people like to replace these every year, for that you would want part # 16900.
    view full answer...

  • 5th Wheel Slider Hitch Makes Excessive Noise when in the Towing Position on a 2014 Ram 2500
  • I am not sure which 5th wheel trailer hitch you have. It sounds like a Curt hitch with a round tube slider. Sliders are going to be noisy since there are more places on them for movement compared to a fixed hitch. In addition, on 5th wheel hitches that have a head that pivots on a center bolt, there is usually some back and forth movement at the head hitch is normal. There are supposed to be rubber O-rings at the ends of the round tubes the hitch slides on, front and back, so 4 total....
    view full answer...

  • Sound Dampener Pad Recommendation for Curt Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • A small amount of play between the fifth wheel rails and the mounting tabs of the fifth wheel hitch is normal. Curt does offer sound dampener pads part # 16900 to help reduce some of the sound from the movement.
    view full answer...

  • Which 5th Wheel Bracket Kit is Best for 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab Short Bed
  • If you want to re-use your existing base rails in the 5th wheel set up in your new 2013 Silverado 2500HD you will want to use Reese Quick-Install Custom Bracket Kit # RP50066. This will work with your existing base rails. The other bracket kit you were reviewing, Reese # RP56001, is intended for extended-length base rails such as Reese # RP30153. Your existing base rails will not fit these brackets. The Reese Custom Bracket Kit # RP50066 includes hardware for installation on the frame...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 5th Wheel Hitch Sound Dampening Pads
  • We do offer part # 16900, which is a set of four sound dampening pads for use with a 5th wheel hitch. The pads fit between the hitch and the base rails to help reduce much of the common rattle in such installations.
    view full answer...

  • Pads To Reduce Rattle Noise From 5th Wheel Hitch And Rail Contact
  • For the pads between the hitch and rails of your 5th wheel setup, I recommend the Curt Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners # 16900. These pads are designed to eliminate common rattle when driving.
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Play Between Curt Hitch Legs and Curt Bed Rails
  • This is normal behavior for a 5th wheel trailer hitch. Considering the amount of weight involved and all of the steel components there is going to be some play. In fact, where the hitch fits in the rails has to have some play. If it was tight you would not be able to easily get the hitch in and out of the rails. You can try using dampeners like part # 16900, to fit between the hitch and rails. They are made to stop rattle and might be all you need.
    view full answer...

  • Can the Curt Above-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Part # 16055 Install Both Ways
  • Yes, the Curt Above-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Fifth Wheel Rails part # 16055 can be installed where the offset is closest to the cab or where the offset is closest to the tailgate. In order to reduce rattling, I strongly recommend using the Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners part # 16900 between the gooseneck hitch and base rails. You may also want to consider using the Curt Safety-Chain Loops for Gooseneck Hitches on 5th Wheel Rails part # C16000 as some states require that safety...
    view full answer...

  • Will Reese Titan 20K 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch 30867 Fit Older Reese Base Rails
  • Thank you for the photo of your 2001 F-350 long-bed dually and its installed Reese 5th wheel hitch. Since your installation uses industry-standard above-bed base rails you can install any industry-standard 5th wheel hitch, including the Reese Titan 20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # RP30867. You may care to use Fifth Wheel Rail Sound Dampeners # 16900 and hitch lock # TR63254 for your new hitch install.
    view full answer...

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