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Replacement Gear Kit for Bulldog Sidewind Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity

Item # BD500212

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Product Images

bulldog accessories and parts trailer jack camper gear
bulldog accessories and parts gear gears bd500212
bulldog accessories and parts gear gears
bulldog accessories and parts trailer jack camper replacement gear kit for sidewind jacks w/ 12 000-lb capacity
bulldog accessories and parts gears bd500212

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bulldog accessories and parts trailer jack camper gears bd500212


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  • Camper Jack
  • Gear Parts
  • Gears
  • Bulldog
Replacement gear kit fits Bulldog sidewind jacks with a 12,000-lb capacity. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bulldog accessories and parts part number BD500212 or order online at Free expert support on all Bulldog products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Replacement Gear Kit for Bulldog Sidewind Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.

Bulldog Accessories and Parts - BD500212

Replacement gear kit fits Bulldog sidewind jacks with a 12,000-lb capacity.


  • Replacement gear kit fits Bulldog sidewind jacks with 12,000-lb capacity
  • May be needed to install Bulldog powered-drive kit (BD1824200100) on your jack


  • Large gear dimensions:
    • Height: 1.43"
    • Outer diameter: 3.42"
    • Inner diameter: 0.875"
  • Small gear dimensions:
    • Height: 1.25"
    • Outer diameter: 2.50"
    • Inner diameter: 1.00"
  • Two hex nuts/washers dimensions:
    • Height: 0.50"
    • Outer diameter: 1.5"
    • Inner diameter: 1.00"
  • Washer dimensions:
    • Outer diameter: 1.75"
    • Inner diameter: 0.875"
  • Long roll pin dimensions:
    • Length: 1.50"
    • Diameter: 0.30"
  • Short roll pin dimensions:
    • Length: 1.25"
    • Diameter: 0.25"
  • Spring dimensions:
    • Length: 4.47"
    • Large end outer diameter: 1.45"
    • Tapered end outer diameter: 1.17"
    • Inner diameter: 1.00"

500212 Replacement Gear Kit for Bull Dog - 12,000 lbs

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Video of Replacement Gear Kit for Bulldog Sidewind Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rebuilding a Bulldog 12000-lb Capacity Jack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the rebuild process of the bulldog square 10,000 pound lift, 12,000 pound static capacity jacks. Now these you'll most often see on the front of very large utility trailers and even some fifth wheel campers. There are several kits available to help you along with your rebuild process. Here we'll have our internal screw, thrust washer, bearing, and pens. This is part number BD500217. Just the bearing itself is part number BD001015.

And we're also gonna have our gear, bushing, and spring replacement kit. Now that gear kit is part number BD500212. There are also two types of handles available, one being the vertical, which you see here. This part number is BD015181. We also have a horizontal option available, I'll explain to you the difference in those in just a minute. That part number is BD800090. The first thing we need to do is remove the cap located here on top.

That's gonna be a five sixteenths inch socket or bit driver. So it's just gonna come out, and we'll have one of those on each side. Once we pull that off, you'll see inside we're gonna have a lot of grease and hidden in there will be a few gears. At this point we need to get in here and just get this grease out. We're gonna be replacing it.

You just need basically a universal grease, it doesn't have to be anything high-temp or anything like that. Just get as much of it out as we can. It's gonna give us a good look inside. What we'll need to do is slide the spring over just like that, and you see how that pin slides out That's the pin that holds the shaft in place side to side. So we'll remove that and set it aside. It's gonna allow us to pull the shaft out and we'll just kind of compress our spring a little bit, be able to pull that out.

With that out of the way, you see that gear's gonna come out. Set it aside, inside out each outside tube there you're gonna have the bushes. Pull those out. Then the main gear on the bottom, we should just be able to lift straight up on that and we can remove it. You also see the pin for that right below it. And here we'll see washer, we can take out. Now that's gonna be all the components that're in the gear and spring kit, so if that's all you need to replace, you just put those back in at this point and your job's gonna be done. If you need to go further that, if you need to get to the bearing or if you need to get to the screw, now we need to separate the outer tube from the inner tube of our jack. So lift up on that, it's gonna give us access here. Here you see the bearing, again that's the part that is available individually or as the entire screw kit, so we'll set that aside. Here's our thrust bearing, now our pins. These are just gonna slide out by hand. All of this comes apart really without too many tools. And at that point, we're able to lift that screw mechanism right up and out. Now we would bring in a replacement, as you would see put a little bit of grease on it, our replacement would drop right down in. Then we'll need to place our pins back in. Then you can take your replacement thrust bush and put that down on there, our bearing's gonna sit on top. Now it's important to position the bearing so that this opening is facing downward. That's gonna help protect it from any moisture and help any rain that might get in there run off. Once we've got this in place, it's time to put our outer tube right back on. And as we do it, we'll see the screw come through the top. Now your washer that you took off the bottom of the other thrust bearing, that goes on. Now the larger of the pins that're included in the gear and spring kit needs to slide through the whole that we've got in the top of the screw. You just kind of want to center that on your screw and then you'll be positioning your large gear right down on top of that. You want that pin to sit in those two slots. Now we'll be bringing the handle bushings through each side just like that. Now our gear for this side is gonna sit down in there, gonna make sure those teeth line up. And then we need to slide in the crossbar where the main handle is. And you just want to make sure the hole, see that smaller hole It's gonna be offset to one side. Make sure that's on the same side as your gear. Now before this fully passes through, we want to get our spring in place, so you bring your new spring in. And we need to kind of get that compressed so it'll slide over the end of that gear and then line up with our handle bushing on the other side. Then we just push this clear through. Now if we compress our spring, we just want to line up that hole with the hole in our gear, place our pin in, and then you see how that spring kind of goes along that bottom side All we'll have to do is push this down until the top side clicks in. Just like that. And you can see at that point, we're back fully operational, it's just time to fill this up with some grease. Now you can do that now since you have access, or you also have the two grease circs on the side, definitely recommend doing it beforehand though. Now we'll just take again a little bit of all-purpose grease, this is a high-temp grease, it doesn't have to be. Want to make sure we get plenty in our gears there. The good news is, you're not gonna be able to over grease it so get plenty in there and that should keep everything lubricated. At this point, we can put our cap back on. Now depending on your situation, you may have a pair of these with a bar running between. You'll want to put your bar on going over to the slave jack. We do have two different handle replacements available. This one's a vertical handle replacement, which means the connection point here is gonna be vertical. It's gonna be up and down. So to replace the handle, that's gonna be placed on there. So we've got a bolt with a flat washer, we want to slide that through. Flat washer on the other side, and then this lock nut, you just want to get it down so it makes contact with the outside. So that's gonna allow us to rotate our jack up and down, and then to store it, since what happens is you're gonna pull out and then allow that to rotate down. Now a vertical handle position is going to allow us to bring the handle over to the front side of our jack, and we can use a handle keeper part number BD500312. You can weld it on. Now if you want this to be on the side of the jack rather than in front, we need to switch over to the horizontal handle. Instead of these begin up and down, they're gonna be side to side which would then allow us to tuck our handle alongside of the jack. And that'll complete our rebuild of the bulldog 10,000 pound lift capacity jack. We hope this'll show you that with just a few parts and a few tools, you can rebuild your bulldog jack rather than having to do a complete replacement.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Gear Kit for Bulldog Sidewind Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity - BD500212

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Replacement gear kit fits Bulldog sidewind jacks with a 12,000-lb capacity.

- BD500212

by: Ryan N12/14/2016

It works as it should. 324830

- BD500212

by: Ernest C.09/26/2014

Website was great. Easy to use and full of useful information. Processing was quick and order arrived promptly. I was kept informed all the way through. Will definitely reuse and recommend. 153194

- BD500212

by: RON F06/22/2017


- BD500212

by: bruno08/16/2017

prompt delivery. Still waiting for customer to come in for installation. 421164

- BD500212

by: Bill V07/07/2015

Excellent Product. Very fast shipping. I will buy from etrailer again. 210007

- BD500212

by: Lee Ice04/27/2012

great service great price thank you we will do bz again-lee 38582

- BD500212

by: Melissa11/11/2016

Part is perfect. Worked great. Just what I ordered 315715

- BD500212

by: Ryan04/13/2013

The new gear works good. Thanks 75720


Ask the Experts about this Bulldog Accessories and Parts
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  • Instructions for Disassembling a 12,000 lb Bulldog Jack
  • I attached a picture that details how to disassemble the Bulldog 12,000 lb jacks.
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  • Are There Replacement Parts for my Frozen 12,000 lb Gooseneck Bulldog Jack
  • The gooseneck trailer jacks are repairable. It is hard to say exactly what is wrong with your jack and how difficult it would be to repair, but we sell replacement parts that could fix your jack. We sell a Replacement Screw and Nut Kit, part # BD500217, as well as the Replacement Bulldog Sidewind Gear, part # BD500212, that you referenced. I would recommend that you take yours off and take it apart carefully and see if you can find what is causing the jack to be frozen and then replace...
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  • Can The Bulldog Square Jack, # BD182500, Be Rebuilt And Are Replacement Parts Available
  • We do sell replacement parts for the Bulldog Square Jack - Fixed Leg - Sidewind, # BD182500. We have the Bulldog Replacement Sidewind Gears, # BD500212, which are the gears located at the top of the jack that the sidewind crank would be connected to. We have a replacement nut and screw repair kit that is for the nut and screw that is located at the bottom of the jack. This is the screw that will raise and lower the leg. The available kit is for jacks manufactured after 2003. The part...
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  • Replacement Parts for Bulldog Square Jack
  • The replacement parts we have for the Bulldog Square Jack # BD182500 are a Replacement Gear Kit # BD500212 and a Replacement Screw and Nut Kit # BD500217. These are the two most likely aspects of the jack to be causing your problem. I have attached the only two diagrams we have related to this trailer jack. The inner tube is held to the outer tube by the screw and nut assembly.
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  • Are the Spring Returns of Bulldog Jacks Repairable if the Spring Return Function Stops Working
  • It sounds like you have a spring return Bulldog landing gear jack that has a broken spring and now won't retract when you activate the release lever. I spoke to my contact at Bulldog and he said the springs aren't repairable so you would need to replace the jack with something like the part # BD182701.
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  • Bulldog Jack Gear Compatibility With Stallion Brand Jack And Electric Conversion Kit
  • The Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit for Single-Speed Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity # BD1824200100 will allow a single speed jack with 12K capacity to become a powered drive jack. The Replacement Gear Kit for Bulldog Sidewind Jacks w/ 12,000-lb Capacity # BD500212 may work with your Stallion brand spring loaded drop leg jack, but I can't confirm it will work without replacing the screw and nut kit # BD500217. I know customers have changed this screw and nut assembly on a stallion jack without...
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  • Repair Kit for 12000-lb-Rated Bulldog Square Tube Jack
  • The Bulldog Replacement Sidewind Gear Kit # BD500212 that you referenced is the correct repair kit for your Bulldog square tube jack according to my contact at Bulldog. The top cap you can use is part # BD017802. After you repair the jack you will want to apply some general purpose grease and extend and retract the jack fully a time or two to distribute the grease before installing the new top cap.
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  • Replacement Parts For 12,000 lb Jack
  • We don't have any Trailer Tough brand jacks, however, the Replacement Screw and Nut Kit for 12000-lb Capacity Bulldog Jacks, # BD500217 may work. If you trade out the gears # BD500212 and bearing # BD001015, you will basically have a new jack on the inside. You could also just replace the entire jack with the Bulldog Side Wind Jack Assembly - 12,000 lbs # BD182513, however this jack does not have a drop leg. If you want the hand crank you will need # BD015181.
    view full answer...

  • Heavy-Duty 12000 lb Bulldog Jack Replacement Cross Shaft and Bushings Recommendation
  • I have an option for you, but I spoke to my contact at Bulldog to try and get a replacement cross shaft for you and he said they are not available. He said that you will just need to get a 12 inch long section of 1 inch cold rolled steel and then drill a .4 of an inch on either end of the rod 1-1/4 from the ends and then a 1/4 inch hole near the middle of the shaft but not completely centered. To get an idea what I am talking about check out the picture I attached. The Replacement...
    view full answer...

  • Is Gear Kit Needed to Install Bulldog Powered-Drive Kit for 12,000 Pound Trailer Jacks
  • The Replacement Gear Kit # BD500212 is only needed with the Powered-Drive Kit # BD1824200100 if the jack was manufactured before 2006.
    view full answer...

  • How to Install the Replacement Gear Kit # BD500212
  • There is an initial pin that holds the shaft at the top of the jack into place. You will simply need to use a flat head screwdriver to compress the spring that is covering up that pin and the pin should fall right out. From there it is just a matter of pulling the internal gears and equipment out so that you can replace it with the Replacement Gear Kit # BD500212. I have attached a video of this process being done that you can use as a reference. This will then enable you to install...
    view full answer...

  • How to Access the Gears for the Heavy-Duty 12000 lb Bulldog Jacks
  • To access the gears inside of the heavy-duty Bulldog jacks, like part # BD182415, you simply remove the screws that are holding on the plate covering the top of the jack. Once that plate is removed, the gears, pins and handle should be exposed. We also offer the Replacement Screw and Nut Kit, # BD500217, for the heavy-duty 12,000 lb capacity Bulldog jacks. I have attached two photos that show the inner workings of the heavy-duty Bulldog jacks for you to check out. The cross shaft...
    view full answer...

  • Inside and Outside Diameters of Bulldog # BD500212 Replacement Gear Set
  • The # BD500212 Bulldog Replacement Sidewind Jack Gears are compatible with Bulldog-branded sidewind 12K capacity jacks. The larger of the two gears has an OD of 3.42 inches and an ID of .875. The smaller gear has an OD of 2.50 inches and an ID of 1 inch.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Inner Diameter of Replacement Bearing for Bulldog Square Jacks, # BD001015
  • I spoke with my contact at Bulldog regarding the Replacement Bearing for Bulldog Square Jacks, # BD001015. He stated that the inside diameter is 0.876 inches. This is 1 thousand of an inch larger than 7/8 inches. The outer diameter is 2 inches. We carry several other replacement gears for Bulldog jacks including # BD500106, # BD5002581360, # BD500156, and # BD500212.
    view full answer...

  • Can a 10K Bulldog Drop Leg Trailer Jack be Trimmed to be Shorter
  • The issue is that there is a screw inside the jack that turns in either direct to raise or lower the jack. It threads through a fixed nut. At the very top of the screw the threads are all mashed up so that the leg can't just fall out. Basically there isn't a way to take the legs out without having to cut open the jack and then it is pretty much useless because it will have lost its capacity. Could you go with a 7,200 pound jack? Drop leg jack # BD180354 is rated for 7,200 pounds at will...
    view full answer...

  • Bulldog 12k Jack Recommendation where the Pull Pin is on the Same Side as the Crank Handle
  • What you would need is a Bulldog Square Jack # BD182804. This jack has the handle on the same side as the pull pin for the jack extension and should be exactly what you need. I attached a review video for this product for you to check out also.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Purpose of the Spring Inside of a Bulldog 12K Square Jack
  • The spring that comes with gear set # BD500212 for Bulldog 12K jacks is a compression spring. It keeps tension on the upper gear to help keep in place and aligned. I have included a picture that shows where the inner pieces go inside the jack.
    view full answer...

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