Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long

Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long

Item # BDW20207

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Accessories and Parts BDW20207 - Wiring - Bulldog Winch
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Call 800-298-8924 to order Bulldog Winch accessories and parts part number BDW20207 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Bulldog Winch products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Bulldog Winch Accessories and Parts - BDW20207

  • Electric Winch
  • Mounting and Installation
  • Bulldog Winch
  • Wiring
  • 24 Feet Long
  • 2 Gauge Wire

  • Wiring kit provides power connection at rear of vehicle for winch or booster cables
  • Quick connect to terminal end
  • Double power/ground wire with loop ends on battery side
  • Includes dust cover for vehicle side
  • 24' Long
  • 1 Gauge wires

20207 Bulldog Winch Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long - Rear

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Video of Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Bulldog Winch Wiring Kit Installation

Today we're installing our Bulldog Wiring Kit. Twenty-four foot, two gauge, rear wiring harness. Part number BDW20207. To start out our installation, we have our wiring harass set out. I got to straighten it out so I don't have any kinks or anything in it. Just want to figure out where I want to mount the end of our wire here.

I got my dust cover on it. We are going to end up mounting ours right here. We want to make sure if your going to mount it close like we are to any other surfaces. You got to have enough sticking out that your cap can go on as well. With this in place where I want to mount it, we've got our holes here for mounting it.

I'm going to go ahead and mark the holes on our sheet metal here, and go ahead and drill them. To mark my holes I'm just going to start drilling a little bit so it saves a little notch for me. So I've got my holes drilled now, I'll just put my bolts in place. Make sure everything's the way I want it. It's got my nut on here. Something to consider is these bolts do not come with the kit.

It comes with zip ties so you can zip tie it to whatever you need to. So if you do want to use bolts, you are going to have to go to the store and figure out what size you need. We have this dust cover, I do want to be able to connect it to the truck, so all they have to do is pop it off, and they can drop it. So I am going to use one of these metal lunes. Our bolt is long enough that I can stick it over that.

I'll put our loop in place, I'll stick it over our bolt, and just put another lock washer and nut on it. That will keep us from losing our dust cover here. With that in place, it's a perfect place for a dust cover to chill. So now I've routed my wire. I've come on the inside here, and followed my frame all the way forward. I tucked it up over our spare tire rack right here. I came out in the wheel well. You can see here it's run along the frame. I've run it up and over our bracket on this guy. I'm going to run it along our body frame mounts. I'll throw some zip ties in. Then I've got to come all the way up to our front tire wheel well. Where I'll have to run a pole wire though the engine compartment, to pull up our wires at this point. Alright, so I've run a pole wire. I just kind of tucked it from the engine compartment, down along the wheel wells. There's a plastic piece in the wheel well here. Come out right about the tire. What I'll do with this, is I'll tuck my wire through here. I'll tape it in place. Then I'll just pull it back up, and it should come right by the battery where I tucked it down. I want to get it away from the engine as much as possible. What I'll do before I disconnect my pole wire here. I'm going to go back underneath our battery panel back here if you can see that. There's enough space that I can stick my hands on the side closet to the fender. I'll just pull it up behind our battery just to keep it a little bit further away from our engine as much possible. Now that I've got this pulled up, I can cut my tape off. I'm going to go back over here by our tire, and take this behind our plastic wheel well. It will help keep the water and debris off of it. So this hole down here, I'm going to use a zip tie to hold our wires to it. It's at the bottom of our battery tray, right where the clamp is at. Now that I've got that pulled through, I'll figure out a place to mount our negative wire. It doesn't necessarily have to connect to the battery, it can connect to anywhere on the body. Whatever is the easiest for you. Then our power just goes straight to our battery terminal. I'm going to cut my negative battery terminal off here. May have to chunk at it. Get a little bit of it at a time. To get all the way through it. It is pretty thick. I'm going to do the same thing for the positive battery cable. I just want to make sure that I have enough to put our terminal on the end of it still, so it will connect to our post. Now I'll carefully use a razor, and trim back some of our insulation. You don't have to get a whole lot off. About a half inch is pretty good. Then our terminal end will slide over the end of that and grip that in place. Using your crimping tool, ours just happens to be hydraulic. They do make some that look like bolt cutters. If you them, that works just as well. Slide it over the end of our terminal here. When your doing this, you just got to make sure that you don't lose the wire out of your terminal while your crimping it down. That would be unfortunate. With that in place, I'm going to loosen up our terminal end here, and tighten it in place. I'm just going to snug that down until we get our other terminal in place, and then we can tighten it down. I've got my terminal in the clamp, and then, slide it over the wire. Ready to crimp it. For our negative end, I'm just going to use a factory bolt down here. This is a ten millimeter bolt. I'll use a wrench to get it on here. Just loosen it up. I put a star washer on there so that it would grip into our terminal, and into the fender. Gives us a better contact, a better ground, and then I just tightened it back in place. Will go to our back end and test our terminal and make sure we have power and ground. Our red one is on the bottom. Our black one's on top, so that's going to be our ground and power. I'll stick my ground side on the top one, because that's our black one. Now when I touch the tip, into our positive terminal here, The little red light should come on. That red light tells me that the ground is connected to a good solid ground point up front, and our positive is connected to our positive terminal on the battery. That's it for installation of the Bulldog Wiring Kit. Part number BDW20207. etrailer.com. Expert service. Fast shipping. Lowest prices. 800-298-8924.

Customer Reviews

Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long - BDW20207

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

- BDW20207

Product arrived on time as promised and I am very pleased with the quality of the materials used. I look forward to installing it this weekend. Thanks etrailer. 579603

- BDW20207

Product should work great. 515010

- BDW20207

Hi quality product, better than I expected. Also reasonably priced. It will be a quality accessory added to the vehicle and be interchangeable to the next vehicle I purchase. Thanks etrailer for making my shopping easier. AND Talk about quick service and delivery all 5 Star for me. I purchased both front and rear hook ups for my winch or other things that will need power and they are both just what the doctor ordered. 450524

- BDW20207

After a temporary "fubar" with my order, it finally arrived. I couldn't be happier with the quality & design of this kit. VERY well built. And the installation video was perfect for a DIY'r like me. Thank U etrailer. U guys really came through!!! 406079


AWESOME !!! Saved my butt 2x’s all ready. 2 days stuck in mud, digging, cudn’t reach winch w front mount. Pulled winch cradle off ft bumper. Moved to rear mounted Bulldog plug & receiver. Drug my big Dodge Ram up & out. Wud NEVER have worked wo that double Bulldog winch plug setup. THANK U!!!

Michael O - 07/15/2018


- BDW20207

Great product, worked perfectly. I installed a winch on my car hauler trailer with a tip up bed. The 24' wiring kit was the perfect length. I have a 4 door/ long bed truck and with the trailer bed tipped up the extra length was perfect to connect to the winch. The plug for the winch side was easily soldered onto my winch leads. Very happy with the product all around. 310148


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  • Recommended Wiring for Electric Trailer Winch
  • The Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW10029 will either connect directly to a trailer battery or you can use a wiring connection from your truck battery as you mentioned. For that application, I recommend the Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit - Quick Connect to Terminal End - 2 Gauge - 24' Long # BDW20207. I've attached a video of this installation to assist. This wiring will allow you to use your vehicle battery to quickly and easily power your trailer winch when needed and will allow...
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  • How Long is the Wire on the Fulton XLT 7K Winch and Wiring Needed to Connect to Vehicle Battery
  • The cables on the Fulton XLT Powered Winch # F500620 are about 67" long. Since you are wanting to run this off of the vehicle battery you will need larger gauge wire but but only from the vehicle battery to a quick disconnect like the Bulldog Winch Quick-Connect Set # BDW20133. You would then need enough 2 gauge wire to reach from your vehicle battery to the rear of your vehicle. We have the Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit # BDW20207 which comes with the quick disconnects, wiring, and zip...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Wire a Winch on the Rear of a 2016 Ford F-350
  • The Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit part # BDW20207 is exactly what you are going to need to power even the most heavy duty of winches whether that be on the back of your truck or tongue of your trailer. The set of cables are going to run from either battery to the rear of the truck. The kit then comes with a separate quick connect fitting that you will need to install on the wire leads for your winch. This will the allow you to easily connect and disconnect the winch from the truck and install...
    view full answer...

  • Wiring to Use an Electric Winch at the Front and Back of a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500
  • Glad to hear that you will be using the Draw-Tite # 65078 to mount the (discontinued) Superwinch Tiger Shark Off-Road Winch SW1595200 to the front of your 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500. To easily swap the Tiger Shark winch from the front of your Silverado to the back I recommend using the Bulldog Winch Front Wiring Kit # BDW20025 and the Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit # BDW20207. The front kit has 8' of wire while the rear kit has 24' of wire which should be more than enough for your...
    view full answer...

  • Solution for Connecting Trailer Winch to Tow Vehicle Battery
  • I have a solution for you to connect the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW10039 to your vehicle's battery, but it will not work well for you to connect the winch to the vehicle's 7-way connector. The highest gauge wire a 7-Way connector is compatible with is 10 gauge wire. A winch will use either 2 or 3 gauge wire for power. The best way to easily connect the trailer winch # BDW10039 to your vehicle's battery is to use a Winch Wiring Kit. With the winch's 12,000 pound capacity, you...
    view full answer...

  • Can Factory 7-Way on GM Truck Power Electric Winch
  • The 12V circuit on the factory 7-Way connectors for your GM trucks won't have enough power to operate your winch, especially when it is under load. The problem isn't just the circuit's rating but also the wire gauge that is used. Powering an electric winch will require much thicker gauge wires to prevent them from being damaged. To wire up your winch I instead recommend using a winch wiring kit like the Bulldog # BDW20207. This includes 24 feet of 1 gauge wiring along with quick connects...
    view full answer...

  • Can I Charge the Battery for a Winch On My Trailer From My 2016 Ford F-150 While Driving
  • I do have a few different options for you, but charging your trailer battery from the battery on your 2016 Ford F-150 while driving is not what I recommend doing. The 7-Way on your F-150 does not have the capability to charge a large enough battery to run your winch. The only kind of battery that it can charge is something like a small breakaway battery. You would have to find wiring that is big enough to carry that much power and run it straight to the battery on your trailer. The first...
    view full answer...

  • Amperage Rating for the Bulldog Winch Wiring Kit BDW20207
  • I spoke with my contact at Bulldog Winch and he said that the # BDW20207 is designed for a 12 volt system that sees intermittent 400 amp use. He said that if you are looking for an alternative application for this it would be easier if you gave us that info and we can see if this would work.
    view full answer...

  • What Gauge Wire is Needed for Trailer Winch
  • For a winch like the Superwinch S6000 Winch # CU854754 you will simply want to use the Trailer and Vehicle Electric Winch Wiring Kit # BDW20207. Since winches can vary on how much they can pull this also affects how much power they need. For a winch that is rated up to 4K it is recommended to use 6 Gauge Wire like what comes in the Bulldog Kit # BDW20304. Anything higher than 4K will need to use higher gauge wire like what is included in the Kit # BDW20207 that I mentioned. If you...
    view full answer...

  • Wiring Harness to Install SuperWinch Winch 2 Go on a Boat
  • Yes, the Dutton-Lainson Wiring Harness # DL24151 will work with your SuperWinch Winch 2 Go but as you pointed out in your second question it isn't the best solution for you. A better harness is the Bulldog Wiring Kit # BDW20207 that has a ground and power cable that are both 24 feet long.
    view full answer...

  • What Type of Battery is Needed for Powering Trailer Winch and Way to Charge it
  • You would want to go with a deep cell battery. Having a battery larger than you would need would be the way to go as having a battery that is similarly rated as the draw of the winch will drain it quickly. We don't carry any deep cell batteries but you should have no problem tracking one down. If you are wanting to put a larger deep cell battery in your trailer to power your winch and recharge it from the battery on the tow vehicle you will need to wire it directly with the Trailer Wiring...
    view full answer...

  • Does Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit # BDW20207 Come with Power Interrupt Circuit
  • The Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit # BDW20207 that you referenced does not come with a power interrupt solenoid. Warn might have their kits designed different from Bulldog due to different winch designs but for the winches this kit fits it's not needed.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Winch With Reverse Control For Loading And Unloading Large Vehicles
  • For your application, I recommend the Bulldog Winch Heavy-Duty Series Off-Road Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Fairlead - 15,000 lbs, # BDW10012. This has a strong 7.2 HP series wound motor. It has a free-spooling clutch that ensures fast rope payout and rudeces wear on the motor, but it also has an automatic racheting pawl brake. The Heavy-Duty Series winch ratcheting-pawl brake prevents unintentional rope payout. This brake - located inside the gearbox - is constructed of 2 spring-loaded...
    view full answer...

  • Does Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch # BDW15019 Have to Wire to Trailer Battery
  • The Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch # BDW15019 draws way too much amperage to be powered by the 12 volt power circuit of a 7-way. If you wanted to power it from the battery of your tow vehicle instead all you would need is the wiring kit part # BDW20207. No trailer winch would be able to be powered by the 7-way 12 volt circuit. Otherwise you would need to have a battery on your trailer.
    view full answer...

  • How to Choose Winch Capacity and Parts Needed for Quick Connect Winch Wiring
  • Long story short, that's not going to work for you even with a double line pull using a snatch block like the # CU881079. In reality, you need at least 1.5x the GVWR of your vehicle when it comes to winch capacity. The # BDW10044 I mentioned as a better choice would be the bare minimum you'd be able to get away with and still be able to recover your 2019 Nissan Frontier from a situation that required a winch. The 6000-lb capacity ComeUp # CU854768 is not going to work with your 4700-lb...
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire an Electric Winch on a Car Hauler Trailer
  • Unfortunately the ~16 gauge wires used on a 4-pole trailer connector would deliver only a fraction of the power required to run a winch. There are two basic alternatives, as you stated. You could run a cable from the battery back to the truck, terminating in a quick disconnect which would plug into a quick disconnect installed on the trailer mounted winch, using a wiring kit like # BDW20207. The second option would be to have a secondary battery installed on the trailer to power...
    view full answer...

  • Can 14/2 Wire be Used to Power Winch from Truck Battery
  • You will not want to use 14/2 wire to supply power to your winch as that is 14 gauge wire which isn't thick enough. Instead you will want to use a kit like part # BDW20205 or # BDW20207 which uses 2 gauge wire. Winches can pull upwards of 350 amps so it takes pretty heavy-duty wiring.
    view full answer...

  • How to Wire an Electric Winch on a Utility Trailer
  • I do have options for you but the 12 volt power supply in the 1 o'clock position on your 2011 Ram 1500's 7-way trailer connector will not be sufficient to charge a battery used to power an electric winch. You will instead need to run a battery charger from the vehicle's alternator to the trailer's battery using a battery charger like the CTEK D250S Dual Battery Charger part # CTEK40186. This charger will both charge and maintain the trailers battery. The other option you have would eliminate...
    view full answer...

  • How Does a Winch in a Utility Trailer Normally Get Powered
  • The Bulldog winch part # BDW15008 can be used in your utility trailer but it would draw more amperage than what your 7-way power circuit is rated for. Most likely your truck has a 40 amp fuse protecting it's 12 volt circuit and this winch draws up to 120 amps at capacity. So the solution is a wiring kit that can carry the higher amperage needed like with the part # BDW20207 which is a 24 foot long 2 gauge wiring kit that runs to the vehicle battery. This allows the winch to draw power...
    view full answer...

  • How Many Dust Covers Come with the 24' Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit
  • The Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit # BDW20207 only comes with one plug for the vehicle side. The idea is that if you have your winch installed it will be connected. Otherwise if your winch isn't mounted or in use then you would be using a cover like part # BDW20191 to protect the winch, which would in turn protect the connector. If you were wanting another dust cover for that quick disconnect then we have that available as part # BDW20158 on our site.
    view full answer...

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