Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID

Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID

Item # DW05705-1

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Deka Accessories and Parts - DW05705-1
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  • Wiring
  • Wire Connectors
  • Ring Terminals
  • Deka
  • 12-10 Gauge
  • 3/8 Inch
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Deka Accessories and Parts - DW05705-1

Ring terminals are used for all types of electrical work where wires need fastening

  • For use with 12-10 gauge wire
  • Stud size: 3/8"
  • Vinyl insulation sleeve is yellow

(1) 05705 Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID

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Video of Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Deka 12-10 Gauge Wire Ring Terminal Review

Today in this old trailer, we're going to review and install the Deka 10 to 12 Gauge, 3/8" ID Ring Terminal, part number DW05705-1. The ring terminal is designed to fit over battery posts or even junction box terminals for securing your wire. Now, our ring terminal is a pretty basic instruction. We've got a metal ring that goes into the plastic sheathing, and then inside the plastic, about halfway, is the metal where we'll crimp down to secure the wire. We'll look at the side profile here of the ring terminal, and you see it's got a little step about halfway on the plastic. We want to crimp the half that's closest to the end of the ring portion of our ring terminal as that's where the metal is on the inside of the plastic to give us a nice secured connection. Our yellow ring terminal, we'll just slide up and over the wire, and you see just a little bit of the copper sticking out there, and then we'll crimp it down.

I like to give it a tug just to make sure we got a good connection. You can see we smashed it out pretty good, so we know we've got a good secured connection. It's not going to come loose on us. That will do it for our review and install of the Deka 10 to 12 Gauge Ring Terminal, part number DW05705-1. .

Customer Reviews

Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID - DW05705-1

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- DW05705-1

Got the job done 100%. 251147

- DW05705-1

connectors and breakers to hook up my brake controller arrived in order, installed easily, and lasted 1 year so far... 483583

- DW05705-1

What do ya say? They work. 440107

- DW05705-1

Every item I have ordered from you worked great. The price was right and shipping was speedy. 428176

- DW05705-1

Good prices for the products I ordered. Better than other websites that I looked at and they came in a timely fashion. 382605

- DW05705-1

Great service as always!! Fast delivery! Etrailer has it all covered with product and install information, they make it easy!! 337462

- DW05705-1

everything one could hope a transaction would be. 253980

- DW05705-1

EVERYthing was just as ordered. I am still installing sso have yet to try it workiing 51772

- DW05705-1

Great Quaility 8008


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  • 7-way trailer wiring includes a +12V auxiliary power circuit that can be used for a range of purposes from powering an electric jack to topping off a trailer-mounted battery. This circuit is handled by the contact at the 1:00 position as you look at the vehicle's trailer socket. The ground is at the opposite pin, the one at the 7:00 position. Please refer to the linked photo. For an easy way to access this power circuit to operate your fuel pump you could wire in a 7-way plug like #...
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  • Converting 4-Way Trailer Wiring To 7-Way for Tekonsha Prodigy Wireless Brake Controller Use
  • Yes, you can utilize her current 4-way adapter and then add the 10 gauge wire and 40 amp circuit breaker to give her a 7-way with the functions she needs. You can get everything you need in the # ETBC7 wiring kit. I've attached an article and a video to assist. If you prefer to piece things together, you can get wire # 10-1-1 sold by the foot, circuit breaker # 9510, ring terminals # DW05705-1, and Hopkins Adapter # 37185. With either option, you do not need to connect the brake...
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  • Recommended Junction Box Installation For LED Lighting And Break Away Kit
  • I'm happy to help. You can use the Trailer Wiring 7-Way Upgrade Kit # ET7WK to connect your trailer lighting. You can use the attached diagram to help you with color and function on the trailer side. I recommend using the 12 Gauge Black Primary Wire - per foot # 12-1-1. You can use ring terminals # DW05705-1 and butt connectors like # DW05745-10. You can use 16 gauge wire like # 16-4B-1 along with ring terminals # DW05737-1 and butt connectors # DW05744-5. Your side markers should...
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  • How To Ground Trailer Tail Lights Without a Ground Wire To a Wooden Surface
  • The Standard Trailer Light Kit with 25' Wire Harness part # TL29BK as I am sure you noticed grounds via the mounting hardware therefore there is not a singular ground wire. In order to attach this light to a wooden surface you will need to run a ground wire yourself up to the trailer tongue using the mounting studs on the back with ring terminals part # DW05705-1 and wire part # 12-1-1. The other option you have is to use the Peterson LED Light Kit for Trailers part # V944 which does...
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  • How to Hardwire a 12 Volt Accessory Outlet in a Truck Bed
  • Only a 7-way trailer connector will have a 12 volt power wire ran to the connector. A 4-way trailer connector will not have a constant 12 volt power wire. As long as the 12 volt power wire running to the 7-way trailer connector is rated for the amperage required for your 12 volt accessory outlet then yes, you can use this wire for powering the circuit. Depending on how the vehicle is set up, your trailer connector may or may not still have power while the vehicle is off. To test this...
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  • Installing GCH Truck Bed Cargo Camera # 3460010 on 2018 GMC Sierra 3500
  • The third cable you mentioned for the Truck Bed Cargo Camera # 3460010 will indeed plug in between the camera and module cables also included with the kit. The red and black leads are for the camera's power and ground. The module also includes extended leads for power and ground. I have labeled the picture you attached accordingly. The ground leads (black) from the module and camera need to be attached to a bare metal surface using ring terminals like # DW05705-1 and a screw. The...
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  • How to Add Always-On 12V Power Feed to 7-way on 2015 Toyota Tundra
  • Since your truck is wired to shut off the 12V trailer power feed when it is not running (to save your truck battery) you will just want to install a separate 10-gauge power wire and 40-amp circuit breaker between your battery and the power wire on the trailer connector. You can use wire # 10-1-1 and breaker # PK54540. You will also need ring terminals # DW05705-1. The linked wiring article will help you confirm which 7-way wire to connect to. Keep in mind that the connected trailer...
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  • How to Extend Short Ground Wire on 4-Pole Wishbone Harness
  • Wishbone 4-pole harnesses like # A35W42B, # A20WB, # W002230 and # A10-4225VP usually do have a short ground wire because most trailer frames are steel and they conduct well enough that a ground wire attached near the tongue will provide sufficient ground even for lights mounted all the way at the back of the trailer. On the other hand if you have an aluminum frame trailer that does NOT conduct electricity nearly as well as a steel frame then you might need to extend that 2- or 3-foot...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller Onto a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Without Factory Tow Package
  • I can help you install a brake controller like the Tekonsha P3 on your 2015 Jeep Cherokee. For Brake Controller recommendations, I really like the # 90195. This brake controller is a proportional controller, which means whatever pressure you press the tow vehicles brakes it will apply the same pressure and intensity to the trailers brakes. It also has a customizable full display screen which provides you with a full error messages instead of codes that need to be deciphered. First...
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  • Connecting Electric Trailer Jack Directly to 12V Battery
  • To hook up a trailer jack to a 12 volt battery you need to make the connection from the jack's power wire to the positve post on the battery using a ring terminal, like part # DW05705-1. If you don't already have a battery on the trailer you can add one. You'll need to power it by connecting it to the trailer connector's 12 volt power circuit. You can use part # ET7WK if you need to add a 7-way on the trailer. You'll also need a 7-way connector on the tow vehicle, which I can help...
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  • What are the Dimensions of # 12-2-1 Jacketed Brake Wire
  • I went to our warehouse and pulled some of this Jacketed 2 Wire, part # 12-2-1, to measure for you with a pair of digital calipers. The width of the 2 wires with the jacket measures .364 inches. It measures .209 inches thick. Each individual wire when removed from the jacket measure .122 inches thick. I have also attached links to some of the connectors that can be used with this wire. For wiring brakes on a trailer, I would not recommend using 12GA wire. Instead I would recommend...
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  • 2-wire to 3-wire Converter for Trailer Lights
  • The Tow Ready Converter # 118158 will work well for your application. This converter needs to be installed downstream, so to speak, of your trailer connector. This converter box is not designed to be exposed to the elements, so you will want to mount it somewhere on the trailer where it is protected. You could also use a fuse box, like # PK52248, to protect the converter. If the ground wire from your trailer connector is already grounded to the trailer, the converter's ground wire can...
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  • Parts Needed to Allow Tow Vehicle Battery to Charge Trailer Battery While Driving
  • You may be able to use the existing 12V feed at the back of your truck to charge your trailer battery while driving but you will need to install a battery isolation solenoid to disconnect this line when the tow vehicle is off. Otherwise your trailer battery could drain the battery in the tow vehicle. You will also want to ensure that you are using a wire gauge heavy enough to pass the charging current to the trailer battery; 10-gauge would be the minimum. You can use part # TR118665...
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  • Recommended Circuit Breaker and Wire Gauge for Wiring 7-way Trailer Connector
  • For a circuit breaker, I recommend using a 40 amp circuit breaker, like the Pollak 40amp In-Line Circuit Breaker # 9510. The wire that runs to the battery will connect to the gold post, and the line that connects to the junction box will connect to the silver post. Usually, 10 gauge wire is used for the 12V power. I recommend using # 10-1-1. This 10 gauge wire is sold by the foot. To make connections with this wire, you will want to use 12-10 gauge wire ring terminals # DW05705-1 or...
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  • Installing a Brake Controller Onto a 2015 Jeep Cherokee With Aftermarket 4-way and 7-way Installed
  • I can help you finish up the installation of your brake controller on your 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited. I really like the Tekonsha P3 # 90195. This brake controller is a proportional controller, which means whatever pressure you press the tow vehicles brakes it will apply the same pressure and intensity to the trailers brakes. It also has a customizable full display screen which provides you with a full error messages instead of codes that need to be deciphered. If you go with the...
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  • Trailer Warning Lights Flash in Vehicles Message Center
  • The trailer warning lights flashing in your message center sounds like either a ground issue on the trailer or a corrosion problem between the trailer connectors. I would first start off by disconnecting the trailer connectors and using a bit of electrical spray to clean the pins. Once done, I would also use a bit of dielectric grease like part # 11755 between the two connectors before mating them back together to prevent future problems. Before you move onto the trailer wiring, I also...
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  • Adding an Auxiliary Power Circuit to a 7-Way Trailer Connector on a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • First, use a circuit tester like # ALL640595 if needed, to test the 7-Way trailer connector. The 12 volt circuit will be in the 1 oclock position. If the trailer side connector pin that corresponds with the 12 volt circuit is connected to the battery on the trailer, then you will not have to change or add anything. If it is not, you can either connect the battery to that circuit or use the auxiliary pin in the center. Again, use the circuit tester to test the center pin. It may be connected...
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  • How To Install a 7-Way on a 1996 Chevrolet Suburban
  • The blue brake output and orange 12 volt power wires are already ran on your 1996 Chevrolet Suburban however, as you suspected they are not yet connected. The rearmost point of the wires near the trailer hitch will need to be connected to the 7-way. Once the rearmost point of the wires are secured to the 7-way you will then need to connect the forwardmost point of the wires to the brake controller and 12 volt power. The forwardmost wires will end in a gray connector under the brake booster....
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  • Converting 4-Flat to 7-Way on 2005 Toyota Sienna to Use Prodigy RF Trailer Mounted Brake Controller
  • If you elect to go with the Tekonsha Prodigy RF Brake Controller, item # 90250, on your trailer, instead of installing a brake controller in the cab of your 2005 Toyota Sienna, you will not need all of the items and wiring in the Electronic Brake Controller Wiring Kit, # ETBC7. For the Prodigy RF to function properly all that is needed is the constant 12 volt power supply from the vehicle battery. You would need the following items: # 37185 7-Way and 4-Way adapter, plugs into your...
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  • Trailer Tail Lights Pulsate When Running Lights Are Activated
  • The issue you are having with your lights pulsating is because of a bad ground. This usually happens when multiple signals are applied at the same time because the increased power draw then becomes too much for the ground to handle. In order to fix this issue I recommend using a junction box like part # 38656. Once you have this installed you can then run the grounds for all of your lights and the trailer connector to the ground terminal inside the junction box, then to a single point on...
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  • Instructions for Completely Rewiring a 14 Foot Tandem Axle Dump Trailer
  • Rewiring your 14 foot dump trailer is pretty straight forward. I would start with a 20 ft. Wishbone 4-Way Trailer Wiring Harness, # A20WB, to provide wiring for the stop turn and tail lights on your trailer. We have a video detailing how to install this type of harness for you to review, see link. Next, I would use the RV-Style Trailer Connector, # PK12706, and remove the 4-Way connector from the 4-Way harness and install the wires in the proper locations in the 7-Way connector. Our...
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  • Parts Needed To Install Brake Controller On 2008 Honda Odyssey
  • I will be glad to help you out with that. You have the Primus Brake Controller, part # TK90160 so that is taken care of. If you have a 4-way connector on your vehicle you will need the Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller, part # ETBC7. This will connect to your 4-way connector and with additional wiring give you both a 4-way and a 7-way connector. I have attached a link to an installation video that shows a brake controller and the # ETBC7 controller being installed...
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  • EOH Brakes on New Trailer not Working With 2016 GMC 3500 With OEM Brake Controller
  • Since you have already tested the trailer brakes with a few different trucks by different manufacturers (2 of which have been used with an Electric Over Hydraulic (EOH) system), the problem should be with your trailer. The reason that they most likely recommended checking your trucks is that we have seen issues with OEM brake controllers from manufacturers working with EOH systems. What you will first want to check is the connectors on both your 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 and your trailer....
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  • Wiring a Stand Alone Battery for Portable Power Supply for a Horse Trailer With 6 or 7-Way Connector
  • I think I can help you out here, but you would need to build the adapter as you have suggested. I do not know of a power supply connector assembly for a stand-alone battery at this time. I would start with an appropriate length of 10 gauge double bonded wire, # 10-2-1, to go from the 7-way or 6-way trailer connector to the area where the battery will be stored. Do not store the battery inside the horse trailer or directly on the ground. Next, wire a vehicle end connector that is compatible...
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  • Wiring Harness for Trailer Brake Controller on a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • If you do not already have a trailer brake controller for your 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan, then I recommend going with the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195. Not only is it easy to install, it also uses an LCD screen for an easy-to-read display. The Prodigy P3 comes with a pigtail wiring harness that you can splice into your Grand Caravan wiring as follows: Black - 12V power White - Ground Red - Cold side of stop light switch Blue - Brake controller signal to 7-Way If you have not already...
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  • Is it Possible to Hook Seven-Way Directly to a Battery to Power Concession Trailer Lights?
  • It is possible to use a 7-way vehicle end connector such as # PK12-707E to hook up to a stand-alone battery for your lights. You would need to connect by using 10 gauge wire, # 10-2-1, and if you use a deep cell battery as you suggested, a pair of ring terminals such as # DW05705-1 would secure your wiring to the battery. For a more permanent setup, you can mount a battery box such as # DW03188 (the exact size would depend on the dimension of the battery) on the trailer so you do not...
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