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ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2

Item # 297-19DR
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ATV-UTV Tie Downs
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ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2 0 - 1 Inch Wide 297-19DR
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The built-in shock absorbers on these tie-downs ensure the straps stay tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load. 1-800-940-8924 to order ShockStrap atv-utv tie downs part number 297-19DR or order online at Free expert support on all ShockStrap products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2. ATV-UTV Tie Downs reviews from real customers.
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ShockStrap ATV-UTV Tie Downs - 297-19DR

  • Cam Buckle Strap
  • 851 - 1200 lbs
  • Trailer
  • Truck Bed
  • 11 - 20 Feet Long
  • 2 Straps
  • ShockStrap
  • Manual
  • S-Hooks
  • 0 - 1 Inch Wide

The built-in shock absorbers on these tie-downs ensure the straps stay tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load.


  • Shock absorbing cam buckle tie-down straps let you secure cargo in your truck bed or trailer
    • Great for securing snowmobiles, canoes, kayaks, and more
  • Built-in shocks absorb impact to ensure constant tension, even if your load shifts
    • Urethane-based material stands up to extreme temperatures, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals
    • Sturdy Grade 8 bolts and nylock nuts hold shocks in place
  • 3/8" S-hooks with wide openings allow hassle-free connection to anchor points
    • Rubber coating on hooks prevents scratches and scuffs on your gear, truck, or trailer
    • Retention clips keep the hooks connected to anchor points
  • Cam-lock buckles hold straps tight over your load
    • Aggressive serrated teeth ensure strong grip
  • Soft loops provide another tie-down method to protect sensitive surfaces from damage
  • Safety straps ensure that cargo remains secure in case of shock failure
  • Corrosion-resistant yellow zinc chromate coating on hardware holds up to hot, cold, and wet weather conditions
  • Durable polyester webbing is UV resistant and withstands abrasions and water absorption
  • DOT approved


  • Dimensions: 1" wide x 19' long
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 500 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 1,500 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 cam buckle straps
  • 2-Year warranty

Note: Tie-down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). The weight of the secured cargo must not exceed the combined WLL of the straps being used. For example, if you are using straps with a WLL of 500 lbs each to tie down a load weighing 1,000 lbs, then you need at least 2 straps to safely secure that load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Downs

shockstrap installed

These one-of-a-kind cam buckle straps from ShockStrap are great for nearly any application, from securing cargo on your vehicle for your next weekend vacation, to strapping down your favorite toys on your trailer. The 19' length on each of these straps is perfect for securing a canoe or kayak to your roof, or for tying down a snowmobile or jet ski in your truck bed or trailer.

Unlike traditional straps, which don't stretch or contract, these tie-downs are uniquely designed with built-in shock absorbers that allow the straps to maintain constant tension on your load as you travel. This is great for snowmobiles, which have suspension systems that can compress and rebound when you travel rough terrain.

Built-In Shocks

built-in shock

The webbing of standard straps can't stretch or contract to absorb impacts. As a result, standard tie-downs might become detached from their anchor points, or they may become slack around your gear as the load shifts.

But these cam buckle straps feature built-in urethane shocks that are designed to absorb impact and allow give. This ensures the tie-downs stay taut and won't loosen over time. The built-in shocks help to keep them from coming loose or failing, which could result in lost or damaged toys.

In addition, the shocks ensure a longer life for the strap webbing. If you use these tie downs on a snowmobile, for example, the constant compressing and rebounding of the snowmobile's suspension during travel can wreak havoc on ordinary straps. The webbing is likely to experience more wear and tear as it rubs along your gear. But the shocks absorb these jolts so that the webbing of the tie-downs stay put instead of wearing over the edges of your equipment.

How to Use the ShockStrap Cam Buckle Straps

To use a ShockStrap cam buckle tie-down strap, first depress the cam buckle lever and feed the webbing through the cam buckle. Next, attach one of the durable S-hooks to a desired anchor point. Then stretch the strap over your cargo and secure the other hook to a point on the opposite side of your truck or trailer.

Once the hooks are in place, disengage the cam buckle, pull the webbing taut around your gear, and activate the shock. To activate the shock, tighten the strap a bit more, stretching the shock until light is visible through the bolt holes. In warm climates, the shock can stretch up to 2", while in subzero climates you may only get about 1/2" of give.

Finally, after tightening the webbing and stretching the shock, make sure your cargo is completely secure and then tie off any extra slack.

soft loop

Soft loops, which are on both sides of the straps, can be used to tie down a piece of equipment that may otherwise be difficult to secure. So instead of using the hooks, which may scratch or scuff your toys and might be difficult to run through or around other cargo, you can easily cinch each tie-down around your gear. Just wrap a soft tie around the axle of your UTV or around the handlebars of your motorcycle, and then secure the tie-down to your anchor points as usual.

Strong, Durable Construction

The sturdy, UV-resistant polyester webbing of these tie-down straps have a high tolerance for abrasion and water absorption.

The shocks are made of urethane, which can withstand elements such as sunlight, saltwater, moisture, oil, fungi, and most chemicals. They also function in nearly any temperature, holding up to hot and cold weather conditions without losing elasticity or becoming unyielding or brittle over time.

The cam buckle straps also feature Grade 8 bolts and nylock nuts to keep the shocks in place. The rust-resistant, yellow zinc chromate coating on the buckles and the hooks holds up to the roughest weather conditions. The oversized, 3/8" hooks also feature a protective rubber coating to prevent scratches and scuffing on your cargo or your vehicle while in transit.

These cam buckle straps aren't limited to just tying down cargo for travel. You can use them to secure your camping gear or tent to the ground, or to tie your cooler down to your ATV or raft.

A safety strap is also built into each tie-down to provide peace of mind should something happen to the shock. These safety straps ensure that if a tie-down is used improperly, overloaded, or unduly stretched, your cargo will remain secured.

19CSRP2PK Shock Strap Cam Buckle Tie Down Strap w Built-in Shock Absorber - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Red - Qty 2

Replaces ShockStrap 19BR and 19CSRP

Video of ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for ShockStrap Tie-Down Straps Manufacturer Demo

Fred: Hi, this is Fred and Tris for the Shockstrap. Today we're going to do a pull off and show you exactly how we work compared to our competition. And again, Shockstrap itself, once you've stretched it and engaged it, that bottom hook doesn't come loose as you'll see shortly. And one of the things that we compare ourselves to our competition, a lot of folks like to see the size of the hooks. As you can see, most big box stores, this is what you get, and ours obviously is oversized. That comes into play when you've got a big quad, a side by side or even motorcycle handlebars.

The little hooks just don't typically go around them. So what we did on our machine, so that we literally could show you a direct comparison side by side, we had some little half inch pipe welded on here just to make it blatantly obvious how it works. We've got it tight, and the first thing we're going to do, and then we'll talk about a few other things, but Tris, let's just go ahead and act like we're hitting a washboard road, it's honestly a speed bump it could happen, and see what happens. You ready That . I know that looks too easy. Right there with you folks, but if you knew how tight this was.Tris: There we go.Fred: Literally, that is a guy thing where you're ...

we've got this tight on purpose. Actually, if you look at ours you're going to see a gap here, we hardly have ours stretched at all, but we really wanted to show you hitting the bumps and what happens. I don't want to belabor the point, most of you know, if you've had straps that they can come loose or come off. And again, most of you know, that if you have our straps, it's got a two year warranty, but we have customers out to 10 years on them now. And, once you engage them, that hook doesn't come loose.

As a matter of fact, Tris has one from 2006, tell them about it Tris.Tris: Had an individual come into our booth at a trade show and say, "I think you guys would be interested in this, bought this in 2006 and when I use it on my snow machines and on my quads, when I'm not using it I throw it in the back of the pickup, so in the winter it's buried in the snow, and in the summer the suns beating down on it", he says. So, here's an example of one that's seven years old and now it still works. We put it on the machine and it does everything that a brand new one will do.Fred: It is amazing, he gave us a pair of those, in fact we gave him two new ones to trade him. He didn't even want to trade those out at first. He literally was saying, "But they still work".

We had to say, "Buddy, you're not going to get five more years out of them, so please let us have them", real story. In fact, I had one recently a lady named Diane from California, her husbands a long-haul trucker, and she does travel with him and he's always trying to teach her how to tie knots and said, "Fred, I'm not a knot tier, I will never be a knot tier, I use your straps I just set them, they work, we go down the road". Recently she say, "I needed to buy more, in fact he's the one that asked me to buy more". I quizzed her a little further, I said, "But I thought he was a rope guy". She goes, "You know what, he wants three 19 footers for himself, so I think you just won him over". It's always nice to have those stories, and Tris was in Miami recently at another dealer and this is another funny story.Tris: I walked into this shop, it was a motorcycle and four-wheeler shop and I asked the owner of the shop if he had time to watch a video and I had to Shockstraps in my hand. And he saw what I had and he says, "I don't need to watch any video" and he says, "How many cases of those straps do you have with you, I've been looking for them and I can't find them".Fred: He has been a dealer years ago and we got him back very quickly. So, the other thing that I didn't mention as I was showing you the competition, if you ever get the chance when you're going to go buy straps, look at our packaging and look at theirs. If you flip theirs over on the back, it typically says right on there in black and white on the bullets, every 30 to 50 miles pull over and adjust the tension on the strap. That's true, there is no doubt, they do come loose, or quite frankly they may be off. You won't see that on ours folks. That bottom hook never comes off. Tris, let's just pull this again just to show people. You may see it flex, as you can see, obviously the Shockstrap working, but that bottom hook just stays tight doing exactly what it's meant to do. There's always tension on that bottom hook. So, we told you about real customers. We certainly told you we have a two year warranty, we haven't mention that it's 6 foot, 10 foot, and 19 foot, and black and red. It's all in the stretch, Shockstrap. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

ShockStrap Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps w Shock Absorbers - 1" x 19' - 500 lbs - Qty 2 - 297-19DR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (22 Customer Reviews)

The built-in shock absorbers on these tie-downs ensure the straps stay tight around your cargo so that even toys with bouncing suspensions stay put. Rubber coated S-hooks prevent scratches. Aggressive teeth offer strength. 1,500-lb Max load.


These are excellent tie downs just exactly what I needed to tie my zero turn mowers down.


The best tie down I have ever used


I have some of the heavier, ratcheting straps from the same company, and they have been great to use. These straps are well-made, but they don’t tighten that well, and they’re not as effective in keeping the load stable. They are nicely made, but less effective so I would up for a ratcheting Strap from the same company. My intention was to use them for a lighter duty strap to hold down kayaks and canoes on my boat trailer, but they are challenging to snug up with the strap.


I ordered the wrong Shockstrap. By mistake, I ordered the "cam" buckles - I thought I was ordering the Shockstraps that have the rachets for tightening, not the cams. I don't use them.


These shokstraps are a great invention. I really like them. I used these small ones to secure my wife's mobility scooter on a hitch rack and on a small utility trailer. They attach and hold very well. They were used on a 1300 mile one-way trip with the trailer and a 450 mile one-way trip with the hitch rack. They also release easily when the time comes to unload. I highly recommend them.


This is the 1st time I ordered from etrailer & what a great experience! I needed multiple items quickly to be able to tow a car trailer to relocate my daughter. I had a question on the hitch setup. I called in, spoke with Greg & he gave me all the correct info so when my order arrived all the parts were perfect & the fit out was extremely easy to my truck! I needed the order shipped promptly, it was & actually arrived a day early! I will be ordering from etrailer again!


I ordered those these for my husband for Christmas. They were out of stock but I was kept well informed about there arrival date. He is a big boy so a note for Christmas did not bother him. Lol We had ordered the heavy duties ones about a year ago to hold down the 4-wheelers. But they are made for heavier loads and really didn’t preform the way he had hoped. Due to weather conditions we have not had an opportunity to try out the smaller shockstraps but over all are very pleased with them.


I love these straps. They make it easy and fast to secure my atv. At first I kept checking them like regular straps, they have not come loose on me at all as long as i pull it tight. The shock allows my atv to move as needed but the straps never lose their grip.


These tie downs work exactly how I wanted them to. I needed a tie down that will hold my bikes on my camper bike rack. Their doing that perfectly.


Just want to give you some info about two quads on a trailer and a 40 mile dirt road from hell. The road was supposed to be very trailer compatible. 10 miles in one quad with "shock straps" and one with standard straps were checked. The shock strapped quad was fine and still holding tight on the trailer, while the standard strap quad was loose unstrapped and bouncing into the other quad.

Re strapped the loose one and on the way again, thought it was our fault for it coming loose. Checked again within two miles and loose again, after 10 times checking over the next ten miles it was loose or undone each check.

Finally pulled one quad off and used the shock straps to hold just one down and rode the other out the next 20 miles so the truck, trailer and quad on the trailer could get out in one piece. With the shock straps on the one quad it stayed strapped down for the next 20 miles with no issues!
Well my hunting partner is a believer and I ordered him 4 straps and me some more too, I don't want to be caught without them.

Thanks for a great product
Scott, from Nevada


The BEST tie downs on the market, bar none. I can haul cargo without a worry at all. Thanks also for the exceptional customer service and follow-up one year later. Who else does that ??


I like ShockStraps. I have been using various sizes for 5 years to tie my trailer or pickukp loads down, including my 4 wheeler. They work well. etrailer has been a great supplier for my hauling needs.


1st time i used this company product was priced fair shipping cost was ok product was shipped in a timely matter product was in new condition when i opened the box i have not used the product yet but looks good with all this being said i would use them again thanks


These are the best straps that I have ever used no need for rachet straps as these stay secure even on bumps.


Great plug n play harness. I have bought 2 and very high quality. I’ll be purchasing yet another one soon.


I could not be happier with these straps! I used them to move my motorcycles 1,800 miles and they were solid as a rock the whole time. I cannot recommend them enough!


So far love my shock straps. Everything I'd heard is true. Great product


Straps are great they hold the motorcycle really good


Great service excellent site!






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