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Ford Tire Chains

We offer a wide range of snow chains. Choose the design that is right for your Ford and your budget.

  • Thule - premium brand easiest to use tire chains
  • Glacier - economical tire chains that are perfect for emergency use
  • pewag - the widest variety of chains available from cable style to heavy-duty off-road snow chains
  • Michelin - lightweight, easy to handle polymesh chains offer a smoother quieter ride
  • Titan Chain - chains for excellent traction in everything from deep snow to off road applications

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Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Tire Chains Videos

Glacier V-Bar Snow Tire Chains Review - 2008 Ford F-250

Today on our 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty with tire size LT245/75R17, we'll be installing the glacier tire chain, part number PWH3810SC. Now, this specifically designed V-style links provide extra grip for superior traction in snow and ice. To install these chains, all we need to do is get them out of the packaging and lay them out on the floor to make sure we get any tangles out of the chains. We can then place the chains on the tires, making sure that the hooks of the cross chains face out. You also want to make sure that the cams are on the outside of the tire. Now, here are the connections at the bottom of the tire.

Thule XG12 Pro Snow Tire Chains Review - 2008 Ford F-250

Today on our 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty, we'll be installing the Thule XG12 Pro Tire Chains, part number TH01594250. Now, all we need to do to install these chains is to remove them from the packaging and lay them out on the ground to make sure we get any tangles out of the chains. We'll then slide the boot cable behind the tire and around to the front side of the tire. Now, with the cable around, we'll grab both ends of the boot cable and we'll work our way up the tire and connect the two blue ends together. We can then drape our chains over the tire, making sure that they center on the tire tread. Here on the outside of the tire, we'll connect the red chain link and the red hook together.

Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Tire Chains Questions and Answers

  • Are Cam Tighteners for Titan Snow Tire Chains # TC3831CAM Included in the Box
  • The Titan V-Bar Link Snow Tire Chains # TC3831CAM come with the crescent-shaped cam tighteners built into the chains themselves, and the L-shaped tightening tool that is shown in the linked video is also included with each set of chains. This particular set of snow chains features V-Bar links for grip on snow and ice and is rated for driving speeds up to 30 mph. They are suitable for highway and off-road use. These chains will fit a range of tire sizes from 275/65-20 through 385/65-10 but it
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  • Tire Chain Recommendation For 2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • I spoke with my contact at Titan chains and they told me that their chains are made in China. We do offer tire chains that will fit your 20000 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4X4, but are not made in the U.S. Tire chains are based on your tire size. If your tires are 215/85-16, I recommend the Thule XG12 Pro, part # TH01594245. These are self-centering and self-tensioning dual-sided, D-shape links, which are designed for a smoother ride while still gripping in snow and ice. Thule chains are made in It
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  • Installation Instructions for Titan Tire Chains # TC2228CAM
  • I have the following installation instructions for Titan tire chains # TC2228CAM: Prior to use pre-fit tire chains to vehicle tires INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Caution! Install tire chains in a safe place. Park vehicle away from traffic. Set parking brake and turn off engine. Remove chains from bag. Lay chains out flat and remove any tangles or twists. Drape tire chains over the drive axle tire of the vehicle with curve side of cross chain hooks facing away from the tire side wall.
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  • Will Glacier V-Bar Snow Tire Chains PWH2828SC Fit a 2007 Ford F-250 with 265/70-17 Tires
  • The side chain length on the Glacier V-Bar Snow Tire Chains # PWH2828SC is 80.60 inches but remember that the side chain rides on the sidewall of the tire where the circumference is less. The cross chains are 15.12 inches long. If you were to lie a 15.12 inch long piece of string across the tire so it hung down evenly on each side you could figure out the circumference of the tire at the point the side chain would be on the sidewall. I do not think fit will be an issue though since these chai
    view full answer...

  • What Snow Chains Will Fit 1999 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Dually
  • If your tires are the 235/85R16 size then the Glacier Twist-Link Snow Tire Chains you referenced, part # PWH4221SC, will fit your dually truck. These low-carbon steel drive-on twist link chains are intended for on-road use only. Each of the two chains in this set will span both tires on either side of the axle. For reference I have included a link to our main page for snow chains for the 1999 Ford F-350 where you can select your tire size to see all compatible chains.
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  • Snow Chain Recommendation for 1999 Ford F-350 Power Stroke With Dually 235/85R16 Tires
  • The Glacier Twist-Link Snow Tire Chain # PWH4221SC is a confirmed fit for your 1999 Ford F-350 Power Stroke with dually 235/85R16 tires. The nice feature of these tire chains is the cam tighteners where you just twist the cams to pull the chain taut around your tires. As always, please check your owners manual and abide by their tire chain guidelines. I have attached a FAQ article covering tire chain basics.
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  • Should 1 Set or 2 Sets of Tire Chains be Used on a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle
  • For the best performance and traction in snowy and icy conditions, I recommend installing tire chains on the front and rear tires. I also recommend checking your owners manual for any restrictions or limitations that the vehicle manufacturer may have on the use of tire chains. If you choose to use 1 set of chains, you can install them on the front or the rear. They are typically used on the rear wheels, but you can also use them on the front tires for better steering and braking performance.
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  • Tire Chains for a 2000 Ford F-250 with 285/75R16 Tires
  • The only on and off road snow chains we offer for tire size 285/75-16 are the Glacier chains, # PWH2828SC. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. Be sure to consult the vehicle owners manual for information on the use of chains on your specific truck. I have included a link to our FAQ on tire chains as well. Current pricing can be seen by clicking on the link to the chains below. If you are not going to need any off road chains then for a good set of chai
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  • Snow Tire Chain Recommendation for 275/70-18 Tires
  • We do have tire chain options for 275/70-18 tires but none of the Thule chains will fit. The chains that offer the best grip and longevity for your tire size are going to be Pewag chains # PWE3229SC. Be sure to consult the vehicle owners manual for information on the use of chains. I have included a link to our FAQ article on chains for you to view.
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  • Recommended Tire Chains for 1999 Ford F250 Super Duty
  • If you are purchasing the chains for emergency use only, and they will sit in your tool box more often than not, an inexpensive set of chains like the Glacier Chains # PWH2228SC would be a good choice. The chains are constructed of low-carbon steel and offer a 90 day warranty. If you consistently find yourself in situations where chains are needed, you would want something more durable like the Pewag # PWE2228S. These chains are constructed of corrosion-resistant nickel manganese alloy steel
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  • Tire Chain Recommendation for a 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty with 275/60-20 Tires
  • First, you will need to consult the vehicle owners manual on recommendations for tire chains. It may indicate there why you cannot use chains with 20 inch rims. Usually when chains cannot be used it is a clearance issue around or on the back of the tire. The chains may interfere with a component on the vehicle. If you determine that you can use chains, I have included a link to the chains that will fit the 275/60-25 size. Most of the chains require 28mm of clearance, like # PWH3227SC, which i
    view full answer...

  • Why Does My 2002 Ford F-350 Dually have Poor Traction in the Snow
  • When it comes to driving in the snow, the more pounds per square inch of tire you have the better you will get around. So a really skinny tire that concentrates the weight of your vehicle to the ground will get better traction than a really wide tire. Consequently, when you have a vehicle with a dually rear axle you are spreading the weight out between two tires and therefore decreasing the traction when compared to a single rear wheel axle. So, the fact that you have a dually truck is mainly
    view full answer...

  • Recommend Snow Tire Chains For Gravel Road on 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • We have 2 sets of snow chains available that will fit your LT275/65R20 tires on your 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty. The first set is Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners, part # PWE3229SC. The second set is Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains, part # PWE3229S, which is similar to part # PWE3229SC, but do not feature cam tighteners. I would recommend Pewag All Square Snow Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners, part # PWE3229SC, for ease of adjustment with cam tighteners. You wi
    view full answer...

  • Off-Road Rated Snow Tire Chains Recommendations for a 1999 Ford F-350 Dually
  • The Glacier Tire Chains, # PWH2437S, that you have referenced would be a good choice for your 1999 Ford F-350 Dually. The best place to put tire chains is on the main drive wheels. If your truck is 4-wheel drive, the main drive wheels are more than likely the rear wheels. You can still put them on the front as well, but installation on the main drive wheels is where they will be most effective. If you decided on a set to fit around both wheels on one side, I recommend the Glacier Tire Chains
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  • Tire Chain Options for a 2003 Ford F-350 Dually, Dual Rear Wheels
  • The Glacier Mud Service Snow Tire Chain for Dual-Wheeled Trucks - 1 Pair, # PWH4412S, are for one set of dual wheels. For all of the available tire chain options for your 2003 Ford F-350, you can search by the year, make, and model, or by tire size. I have included a link below to all of the available chains for a 2003 Ford F-350 with Dual Rear Wheels. I have also included a link to a tire chain FAQ article below that includes information on selecting the best tire chains for your applicatio
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