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Protect your gear and improve your truck's gas mileage with a custom-fit roll up or hatch style tonneau cover by extang, Access, Truxedo, BAK Industries or Craftec. These covers protect your truck bed from road debris and the elements while increasing towing performance and aerodynamics. Most covers provide a simple no-drill application which makes it easy to increase the appearance and functionality of your vehicle, and all tonneau covers offer either a roll-up or easy removal design to allow you to adjust for any of your hauling needs.

Many fits and profiles are available for many of the most popular trucks such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and GMC. Find the custom-fit tonneau cover for your truck by entering the year on the left.

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Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Enter the year, make and model of your truck above to find custom a fit tonneau cover. We offer tonneaus for all types of trucks including Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. They are available from the highest quality manufacturers, such as extang, BAK, Access, Truxedo, Bestop and Craftec.

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TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part number TX272001. Improve the look of your truck with this economically priced tonneau cover. It's going to keep your cargo and tools out of the elements. When you need to get in the back of your truck, or just prefer to have it open, you could simply undo the latches and then roll it up. It features two hook and loop keepers on both ends of the cover, that way we can keep it towards the bulkhead while we're on the road. It's a simple no-drill installation. It uses six clamps to secure it to your truck bed side rails. It features a dual latching mechanism with a built in tension control that keeps the cover tight in any climate.

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Installation - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

Today in our 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Series, we'll be installing the Truxedo truck sport soft roll up Tonneau cover. Part number TX272001. Improve the look of your truck with this economically priced Tonneau cover. It's going to keep your cargo and tools out of the elements. When you need to get in the back of your truck, or just prefer to have it open, you can simply undo the latches and then roll it up. It features 2 hook and loop keepers on both ends of the cover.

Extang eMAX Soft Tonneau Cover Review

Today we're going to review the Extang eMAX soft tonneau cover. Part number EX72475. The custom-fit cover was designed to protect the cargo and anything in the bed of the truck. Also, it keeps anything back there out of sight and out of mind. Now, eMAX is a tri-fold style tonneau cover. It folds up in three places. One.

BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Tonneau Cover Review - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to take a look at then show you how to install the BAKFlip FiberMax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover. This part number is BAK126120. Here's what our cover is going to look like installed. As you can see, we've got a really nice flush fit kind of set up here. We don't have one that's going to come all the way over the side. We don't have the one that's going to stick up or have the arches in it.

Extang eMAX Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Ford F-150

Today, this 2015 Ford F150, we're going to review and install the Extang Emax Soft Tonneau Cover part # EX72475. All right this is what a tonneau cover looks like when it's installed in our truck. Now this tonneau cover will protect anything you put in the bed from the elements. It's not going to be water proof but it will be weather proof enough to protect anything you put in the bed of the truck. Now Emax is a tri-fold style tonneau cover. It folds up in 3 places, 1, 2 another latch right here.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Review - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on this 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're going to be installing the BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover part number BAK26101. The BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover is the perfect solution to keep anything you have inside the bed of your truck safe from the elements. As you can see, the tonneau cover actually sits nice and flesh with the truck bed making it look like it's actually part of the truck. It has an aerodynamic design which will cut down wind drag and possibly lowering your gas mileage. Because of how it folds, you can actually gain access to certain parts of the truck to get whatever you need without folding the entire tonneau cover up towards the front. And if you needed access to all of your truck bed, this does fold up all the way to the front and is held in place by two rods. It also has these pads here that I'm sure that the tonneau cover doesn't damage the cabover truck once you have it folded up.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2003 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2003 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover. Part number BAK26102. Now you can see that we have our BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover installed. It's in the closed position. It's going to create security for your bed and your objects inside, because you cannot open it from the outside, the tailgate must be dropped first to unlatch it. If your vehicle's not equipped with a tailgate lock, we have one available on our website that would work just great. We have the Pilot Integrated OEM Tailgate Lock, part number LH-003.

BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Today on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 we'll be taking a look at and installing the BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Tonneau Cover, part number BAK126121. When you're ready to open up the back, you're just going to unlock your tailgate, open it up, and you'll have access to the latches on either side. You can see it's going to have that nice low-profile, sleek-looking design that's going to be tucked in between the bed rails. This is going to offer improved gas mileage and less wind drag. Made of the heavy duty aircraft steel and fiberglass construction. Having four fold-up panels, that's going to allow you to stow your items in the bed of your truck and have unhindered bed access.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Today on this 2015 Toyota Tacoma we're going to be showing you the BAKflip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover, part number BAK26406. Whether you're on the road a lot, carrying cargo, want to keep your truck bed clean or cover up the mess of your truck bed the Tonneau Cover is the perfect thing for you. This is a custom fit Tonneau Cover designed to fit your Toyota Tacoma specifically. Also the tri-fold design allows you to gain access to different parts of the truck bed without having to completely fold it up when necessary. This has an aerodynamic style which reduces noise and wind drag and it sits flush with your truck bed rails for a nice sleek look. The rails themselves are made from rust proof aluminum, it has a black powder coat finish which also resists rust and corrosion.

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Tonneau Covers Questions and Answers

  • Tonneau Cover Recommendation for a 2005 Ford F-250 Short Bed
  • The BAKFlip G2 part # BAK26303 that you referenced has been confirmed as a fit for your 2005 Ford F-250 with a 6-3/4 foot bed. What kind of boat rack are you referring to? Is it like a ladder rack that attaches to the bed rails? If so, as long as the boat loader attaches through the stake pockets and does not wrap around the bed rails this tonneau would fit and work well for you. If you wanted to email me back with a picture or more info on the boat loader I will do my best to find...
    view full answer...

  • Will TracRac SR and BAKFlip F1 Fit 2016 Ford F-350
  • The BAKFlip F1 Hard Tonneau Cover # BAK72310 will work with the TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack # TA21510-03 because the F1 installs inside of the bed rails rather than on top of the rails. The SR Sliding Rack installs on top of the bed rails, in the stake pockets. The tonneau will not interfere with the ladder rack. It is possible that the upright arms of the ladder rack may interfere when trying to fold up the tonneau. Using a quad fold tonneau cover like the F1 will increase...
    view full answer...

  • Access Vanish Tonneau Cover for 2016 Toyota Tundra with 5-1/2 Foot Bed and Deck Rail System
  • Yes, the Access Vanish tonneau cover, # 834532009435, will fit your 2016 Toyota Tundra with 5-1/2 foot bed and the factory deck rail system! We have several tonneau covers that will fit with the deck rail system. I have included a link to all of the options for you.
    view full answer...

  • Hard Tonneau Covers that Fit Both a 2005 Ford F-150 and 2014 Ford F-150 with 5-1/2 Foot Beds
  • There are some models of hard tonneau covers that will fit both the 2005 Ford F-150 and 2014 Ford F-150 with 5-1/2 foot beds. The one cover that fits both if the 2014 has the factory Trac system is # EX62780. The covers that fit both if the 2014 does NOT have the factory Trac system are: # BAK126309 # BAK26309 # BAK39309 # BAK72309 # BAKR15309 # EX62780
    view full answer...

  • What is the Cargo Management System on a 2013 Chevy Silverado 5-1/2 ft bed
  • The Cargo Management System is an option that GM offers for their trucks that includes tie-down rails installed on the walls of the truck bed to help secure cargo. If you are not familiar with the Cargo Management System, then it is likely that you do not have it on your truck. The Truxedo Tonneau Covers # TX270601 that you referenced would work on your 2013 Chevy Silverado whether or not you have the cargo management system.
    view full answer...

  • Does Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Allow Full Access to Utili-track System on a 2008 Nissan Titan
  • I spoke with my contact at the manufacturer. He stated that the Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, # 834532003341, will allow you full access to the Utili-track system in your 2008 Nissan Titan. This applies to the original Access covers, but not the low-profile or Laredo models. I have included a video review of the Access Original Roll Up Tonneau covers below.
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between the Truxedo Low Pro QT Tonneau Cover and Edge Tonneau Cover
  • I spoke with my contact at Truxedo and she informed me that TruXedo Edge Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover # TX884101 that you referenced is compatible with your 2013 Nissan Frontier crew cab with a 6 foot bed, factory rail caps and factory utili-track. The only issue you will have is with the sliding bed extender. She said that will not work with the # TX884101 and it will need to be removed for it to work. There are several differences between the # TX884101 and the TruXedo Lo Pro QT Soft...
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover Fits for 2006 Nissan Frontier with 5 Foot Bed and Utili-Trac System
  • According to my Truxedo representative, their TruXport Soft, Roll Up tonneau cover you mentioned, part # TX292301, would indeed be a fit for your 2006 Nissan Frontier. For a lower profile cover that only sits about 1/2 inch above the tops of the bed sides, Access offers their Vanish model, part # 834532007943 which is also compatible with the ulili-trak system. Both covers offer tension adjustment that allows you to remove any wrinkles that might appear in the cover.
    view full answer...

  • 2013 Toyota Tacoma 5 foot Bed Tonneau Cover Recommendation
  • I attached a picture that shows the clamp brackets of the TruXedo TruXport Soft Cover part # TX255801 that you referenced. If your bed liners comes up underneath the bed rail then you would just need to trim it so that the clamp can fit it.
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover for 2011 Nissan Frontier with Utili-Track Bed System
  • The mounting system of the Tonneau cover you referenced is not compatible with the Utili-Trak system on your Frontier. We do offer covers that will work for you. For a 5 foot bed, the Access Lorado Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part # 834532006830 would be ideal. For a 6 foot bed, part # 834532006885 would work. If your Frontier has the sliding bed extender, an adapter kit, part # 834532006946 would be needed.
    view full answer...

  • Tonneau Cover for a 2015 Ford F-350 Dually Long Bed with Toolbox and 5th Wheel Hitch
  • The best option to avoid interference with the hitch and toolbox in your 2015 Ford F-250 is going to be a roll up cover such as # TX269601. I have included a link to the roll up covers we have that fit your 2015 Ford F-350 with 8 foot bed. You want something that mounts on top of the bed sides so that the cross members aren't hanging down into the bed. Covers that are more low profile or hard covers that fold will have parts that stick down too far into the truck bed and would interfere...
    view full answer...

  • How is the Bestop Tonneau Cover # B1621101 Secured to a 2007 Chevy Silverado Truck Bed
  • If you scroll down on the product page for the Bestop Tonneau Cover, # B1621101, you will see a picture of the clamp mechanism. I have also included a link to the installation details for you to view. Basically, there are rails that go across and underneath the cover. These rails have a channel in them from which the clamp hangs. To secure the cover to the bed, slide the clamp all the way over to the bed rails, rotate the clamp lever that pulls the cover taught, and the cover is secure....
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover on 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/Stock Rails
  • Good news, the TruXedo TruXport # TX271801 will fit your 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 stock bedrails just great. The side rails for the TruXport will lay on top of your stock bedrail and a clamp will go around the two to hold them together. I've linked a photo for you to better see how the roll-up tonneau side rails mount to the bed frame with the clamp for your convenience.
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  • TruXedo Tonneau Cover Fits for 2002 Ford Ranger 6-Foot Stepside Bed
  • The options in a TruXedo Tonneau cover for your 2002 Ford Ranger 6-Foot Stepside Bed can be seen on the link provided. These include the cover # TX247101 that you referenced. Please note that the other cover you referenced # TX271101 is not a fit for your Ford Ranger; this cover fits GMC and Chevy trucks only. The photos we show are only for representation and do not necessarily depict the actual vehicle style that the product fits. You can be confident that the covers specified...
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  • Replacement Cover For Extang Tuff Tonno Soft Tonneau Cover For 2005 Nissan Frontier With 6 Ft Bed
  • The replacement Extang Tonneau Cover for your 2005 Nissan Frontier King Cab with the 6 ft bed is part # EX13995. This cover fits 2005 through 2015 Nissan Frontier and replaces the cover for the Extang Tuff Tonno Soft Tonneau Cover, part # EX14995.
    view full answer...

  • Is Weather-Stripping Necessary When Installing Tonneau Cover On 2015 Ford F-350 Truck
  • I spoke with my contact at Access about your 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck. When installing Access Original Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, part # 834532000159, their suggestion is to use the weather stripping that is included with the tonneau cover to keep out rain and dirt. They said they recommend using something like a steel wool or very light sandpaper on the bed-liner that will allow the weather-stripping to adhere. I have attached a link to an installation video for this tonneau...
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  • What is the Track System on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado
  • The track system for Chevrolet is called their Cargo Management System. It is a track system that can be installed as an option from the dealer. The tracks sit just below the truck bed rails on the inside of the truck bed and can support different accessories such as ladder racks and tool boxes. If you do not have any type of rails in the bed of your truck, then you probably do not have a track system. The Access Tonneau Cover, # A22020299, that you referenced can be used with or without...
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  • Replacement Tonneau Cover Recommendation for 2002 GMC Sierra Short Bed with Truxedo Cover
  • Most likely you have a Truxedo Lo Pro QT tonneau part # TX581101 and the correct replacement cover would be the # TX1117651. If instead you have the TruXport # TX281101 you would want the part # TX281101-CVR. The difference between the two cover is that the Lo Pro installs between the bed rails and the Truxport covers the bedrails.
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  • Replacement Tension Control for Truxedo Lo Pro Covers Recommendation
  • Yes, you will need Replacement Tension Control for Truxedo Lo Pro Covers part # TX1702992.
    view full answer...

  • Bestop Collapsible Bed Cover for Toyota Tacoma with 5 foot Bed
  • Bestop does offer a Collapsible bed cover for the 2005-2010 Tacoma with a 5 foot bed. The part number is B76308. The mesh kit mentioned does replace the windows and is transparent. The mesh kit is part # B76308. I will provide links to the product descriptions for each product below. The product description for the mesh kit shows a photo of the kit, so you can see what it looks like when installed in the bed cover. I will also provide links to the installation details for each product,...
    view full answer...

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