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Protect your gear and improve your truck's gas mileage with a custom-fit roll up or hatch style tonneau cover by extang, Access, Truxedo, BAK Industries or Craftec. These covers protect your truck bed from road debris and the elements while increasing towing performance and aerodynamics. Most covers provide a simple no-drill application which makes it easy to increase the appearance and functionality of your vehicle, and all tonneau covers offer either a roll-up or easy removal design to allow you to adjust for any of your hauling needs.

Many fits and profiles are available for many of the most popular trucks such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and GMC. Find the custom-fit tonneau cover for your truck by entering the year on the left.

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Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

Enter the year, make and model of your truck above to find custom a fit tonneau cover. We offer tonneaus for all types of trucks including Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. They are available from the highest quality manufacturers, such as extang, BAK, Access, Truxedo, Bestop and Craftec.

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Extang EnCore Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Today on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Series Crew Cab, we'll be doing an installation on the Extang Encore Hard Tunnel Cover, part number EX62450. The Extang Encore Hard Tunnel Cover is perfect for keeping your cargo and the inside of your truck bed dry. The folding design allows for partial or full-bed access. Simply pull on the cable release, fold it and fold it again. Make sure to secure your buckles on both sides and then you've got partial access. If you wish to have full-bed acesse, pull under We'll fold the two panels up first.

Craftec Hatch-Style Tonneau Cover Installation - 2008 Nissan Frontier

Today on our 2008 Nissan Frontier we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Craftec Hatch Style Low Profile Tonneau Cover in black, part number 654334. This Craftec hatch style tonneau cover will help protect your cargo from the elements, and can deter theft of items from your truck bed. This cover blends the lightness of a soft cover with the strength of a hard tonneau with it's aluminum frame. The gas struts makes it easier for 1 person to operate and remove it. It has a sleek design and looks as though it was factory installed. It can boost gas mileage by up to 10% by reducing wind drag, and it sits about 3/8 of an inch above the truck bed. The distance from the floor of the bed to the bottom edge of the tonneau cover with the tonneau cover closed and the tailgate open is about 18 1/4 inches.

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 Ram 1500

Today on our 2016 Ram 1500, we're going to take a look at and also show you how to install the Tonno Pro Tonno Fold. This is a soft, vinyl, folding tonneau cover. Its part number is TP42-201. Now, even with our cover being so cost-effective, they haven't slouched on any of the materials they've used. What the vinyl material is is a 24 ounce material that's the highest grade vinyl in the industry right now. It's double-sided marine grade.

Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 Ram 1500

Today on our 2016 Ram 1500 we'll be taking a look at the Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, part number TPLR-2020. The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Soft Tonneau Cover is a low profile design and sits about an inch and a half off of your truck bed rails. Another great thing about this cover is that it can be used in all different types of weather, from extreme cold to extreme heat. The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Soft Tonneau Cover is made out of 24 ounce marine grade vinyl. The cover comes with moisture wicking stitching which will help prevent any moisture from leaking through the stitches. The hook and loop fasteners helps keep your cover tight. The great thing about our Roll Up Tonneau cover is that we have full access to our truck bed when in the roll up position and it's quick and easy to roll out. The rails are made out of 60/63 aluminum with a powder coat finish and the bows roll up with your cover.

Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 Ram 1500

Today we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Cover, part number TPHF-251. The Tonno Pro aluminum folding Tonneau cover is a perfect solution to help conceal any valuables that you may have in your vehicle's truck bed. It also has a vinyl cover over the top that will help prevent any weather from getting inside your truck bed. The hard folding aluminum with the vinyl cover is strong and durable and the vinyl cover here helps to cover up any hail damage or damage from heavy snow. The vinyl is a 24 ounce marine grade cover with moisture wicking stitching that's going to help prevent any moisture from leaking into your truck bed. The 60 63 aluminum frame has the aluminum that provide extra protection. The easy clamps make for a quick installation and removal and there is no drilling required. The weather tight rubber seals withstand cold, heat, and keep moisture out of your truck bed.

BAKFlip VP Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab we'll be installing the BAKFlip VP Hard Tonneau Cover. Part number bak162121. The BAKFlip VP is a Hard Tonneau Cover with a Soft Tonneau Cover look. The four heavy duty aluminum panels are vinyl covered and sit inside your bed rails. It's low profile, it only sits on top of your bed rails about 5/8ths of an inch. It's going to provide a more smoother, quieter ride that may improve your fuel economy.

RetraxPRO MX Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2005 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2005 Toyota Tundra, we're going to be taking a look at Retract Pro retractable MX hard tonneau cover, Part Number RT80822. This tonneau cover is really good if you're looking to keep things in the bed of your truck secure. Things like luggage or sporting goods, but also maybe you've got a fifth wheel hitch that you'd like to keep secure in the bed and you don't want it to be visible by everyone. This is going to do a really good job of covering those things up and keeping them safe. It's also very good because it's easy to operate and it doesn't take a lot of effort. You can use just one hand and lock it into whatever position you need to have it locked in. As you can see, it keeps a very nice flush clean look.

BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Series Crew Cab, we'll be installing the "BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover." That's part number BAK26120. Add a stylish look and keep your gear dry with the BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover. Though it's not 100% waterproof, the rubber seals surrounding the tonneau cover and the built-in drainage system will help keep out water. It has a low-profile design, it looks like it's factory-installed and it mounts just inside to your truck bed side rails. It features a tri-fold design. Simply pull on the cable on either side to raise up the panel for partial bed access or full access. When using partial bed access to this panel, you'll want to be sure and secure your safety straps.

TruXedo Lo Pro QT Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Ford F-150

Today on our 2015 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab, we'll be installing the Truxedo lo-pro QT soft roll up tonneau cover, part number TX597701. Add a stylish look while keeping your gear dry with the Truxedo lo-pro soft roll up tonneau cover. It has a low profile, aerodynamic design that sets less than 1 inch above your truck bed. It conveniently rolls up and stores behind the cab of our truck. To do so, we'll drop down our tailgate, simply pull on the latch here on the drivers side, it releases it and then we can begin to roll it up. Once we get to the end, we'll take our straps, bring it up and catch it on the loop up front.

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