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Truck Bed Tents Videos

Camping the etrailer Way

You know ETrailer for our expert service, fast shipping and low prices for all your towing and hauling needs. Did you also know that we can outfit your camping trip as well We've got this car all packed up for the weekend. We're going to take it out and show you how to camp the ETrailer way. We've gone ahead and loaded up our Thule crossover back packs with all the clothes and supplies we'll need for the weekend. ETrailer offers a variety of Thule packs and luggage designed to be durable and comfortable to use. We'll be sleeping in the RightLine Gear Pop Up tent. This tent comfortably sleeps two and literally pops up to be ready in seconds with practically no set up. RightLine also makes tens that attach directly to your SUV for easy access to your cargo and power supply.

Rightline Truck Bed Tent Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Rightline truck bed tent. It's going to be available for your full-size long bed, full-size standard bed, full-size short bed as well as your mid-size long bed, mid-size short bed and your compact size as well. This tent covers the entire bed of our truck. It's going to keep us off the cold, wet ground. It's the perfect sleeping solution for anywhere you can park. It comfortably sleeps two adults with a vent on either side for ventilation and a sky view so you can sleep under the stars. It's a special fire resistant fabric that's going to block your campfire sparks as well as your UV rays and protect against the elements.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent with Rainfly Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Rightline Gear SUV tent with rainfly part number Rl110906. With our rainfly on and everything tight and secured, our tent is ready to go and now we're going to show you some of the neat features of this Rightline Gear SUV tent. One of the great features of this SUV tent is that it connects directly to our SUV, minivan, or crossover to add more camping and sleeping space. There's also an included rainfly to help cut down on the heavy rain, dew, and condensation on those cool mornings. Specially treated fabric and sealed seams add more protection from different elements. Weatherguard water proofing helps guard against rain and snow.Thecloth of this tent is fire resistant to help guard against campfire sparks. It also has UV protection built right into it to help prevent from fading. The bathtub style floor on the main tent repels water at the tent base.

Rightline Pop-Up Tent Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Rightline Gear Two Person Pop-up Tent. Part number RL110995. A couple of the great features of the Rightline Pop-up Tent is how easily it sets up and breaks down. In order to do this, it uses flexible fiber glass framing. It springs open instantly into a tent shape and folds compactly for storage. It's simple for one person to put up alone and it's also easy for kids to set up by themselves. The water resistant fabric in the sealed tent seams helps to protect you from the rain and snow.

Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent Manufacturer Installation

I am setting up my new truck tent that I am getting from RightLine Gear. It is the new Campright Truck Tent that can be purchased online or many of your retail sporting outlets. Before you order one online or get from your local store, the first thing you want to do is you want to measure and make sure you got the right size. The important measurement here is to measure it from the front of your truck bed to the inside of the tailgate when it's closed. On the box, you will find a sizing guide and that is also available online. Looking at this one here, looks like I have got the right tent.

Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent Manufacturer Review

Well, here we are in the inside of the CampRight truck tent and I'd like to show you a few of the handy features. First of all, you got this convenient hooks that you can attach a lantern to or anything else that you'd like to hang over your head for easy access. Ventilation is very important when you're camping in the tent and there's plenty of it here with the sky view vent, with no-see-um mesh, with the two-side windows, you got all of ventilation and fresh air to great outdoors. You notice here an interior access sleeve, this connects through to the sliding window of your truck so you have complete access to the cab of the truck. In addition to that, you've got storm covers and this is rolled up here and clipped, so it's convenient. You've got storm covers over the doors and the windows and there's plenty of room here because the tent goes over the top of the tailgate.

Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent Manufacturer Installation - Chevrolet Avalanche

To set up the CampRight Truck Tent, put the tent over the whole bed of the truck and the tailgate sleeve, where the door is, over the tailgate of the truck. Then, move to put each of the poles into there corresponding pole sleeves. Here we have gray matches up with gray, green pole matches up with green, and so on. Once you've done that, you want to put each of the black straps under the side of the truck like so, just since then tied enough to keep them in place. Then, you'll go to the other side of the tent and put the pole into it's corresponding pole pocket from back over here and raise the poles. Gray poles first followed by green and red.

Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent Manufacturer Review - Chevrolet Avalanche

The CampRight Chevrolet Avalanche Truck Tent by Rightline Gear lets you camp wherever your Avalanche will take you. It's really one of our more special tents because the front of the Avalanche opens up so you have complete access to the entire inside of your vehicle. Just simply remove the three-piece tunnel cover., fold down your bench seat and the mid-gate and remove the glass there and you can go all the way into the front of your cab. You'll see that this truck tent has our standard sky view vent for more ventilation and sleeping under the stars. We have two side windows here and the rear door has also has a zipper screen only option.

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